Time For Horse Slaughter Dealers (“Suppliers” and “Opportunists”) to Operate Legally

As stated in an earlier post that explained what we feel the real issues with commercial horse slaughter are, with “suppliers” having no incentive to stop producing too many horses, and stop using training methods that are geared toward success in whatever endeavors the horse is to be used for, but are not geared toward longevity too (to name but a few reasons “suppliers” dump horses into the slaughter pipeline); here are some rules and regulations that should be required if the commercial horse slaughter industry continues in the United States.

If horse slaughter continues, here is a list of requirements that would close a lot of loopholes for people in the slaughter business so they would NOT be able to continue to operate unethically and illegally and for FREE, and it will also keep people who are not dealers and don’t regularly sell horses into the slaughter pipeline to have to end up paying and being regulated as if they do.

And whether horses are shipped 50 miles, or 500 miles, or 5000 miles to slaughter (and is something the pro-horse slaughter faction loves to point out as being oh-so-much more humane having slaughterhouses that process horses here in the US when the FACT is that having horse processing plants here will save the opportunists MORE money by them not having to pay to ship horses as far perhaps, and/or not having to deal with getting horses over International borders) is not the point because there is A LOT that occurs BEFORE the horses are shipped, accidents often happen in trailers when horses are crammed into them within 1-10 miles of leaving the feedlot because the horses are still fresh and fighting for positioning in the trailer, and many times, horses get injured in the first 5-10 minutes in the trailer with horses they don’t know, and of mixed sexes, ages, and hierarchy/behavior levels.

So the reasons horses that are in the slaughter pipeline are subjected to cruelty is because of people lacking in empathy and compassion, not possessing a conscience, and being more interested in saving and/or making money with horse slaughter.

These laws, rules, and regulations will also help protect our wild horses, both Federal/BLM and State, who are in grave danger of being shipped to slaughter by the hundreds of thousands because they are untainted, pure meat unlike most of the domestic horses that go to slaughter who at the very least are vaccinated and dewormed, but more often than not are given various drugs and medications during the years they are used by humans for various endeavors.

Rules and regulations may be difficult to enforce, however, if we taxpayers demand that they be followed, perhaps with our majority numbers we could keep the horse slaughter industry here in the United States shut-down, and also stop the shipping of our American horses to other countries for slaughter, or we can force them to spend money in order to operate legally and with rules and regulations as MOST businesses are required to do.

Quite frankly, as a business owner myself, and in speaking with other business owners who operate legally, we’re beyond tired of horse slaughter dealers (and a horse slaughter dealer in my experience is anyone who directly or indirectly sends 2 or more horses to slaughter every year, and it is NOT accidently when 2 or more horses from the same source and origins end up in the slaughter pipeline and usually go to slaughter) operating outside the law in terms of business licensing, maintaining commercial vehicle AND business insurance, getting finger printed and background checked like I have to do for my property preservation business, etc, because when we consider that even used car dealers are required to be background checked and finger-printed, and there are many other businesses that require the owners and employees to be finger printed and background checked, why should horse slaughter dealers not have the same requirements considering their horses are going into the human food chain and are often full of poisonous and prohibited drugs that cause illness and death in people.

These rules and regulations would also protect horse owners who would never in a million years ship a horse to their horrific death by slaughter from being forced to abide by the same rules as proposed by the NAIS (and now other programs because of the extreme resistance by anti-slaughter horse owners to the NAIS being implemented) for food chain animals as those who deal directly or indirectly in horse slaughter and are horse slaughter dealers:

  1. Anyone who deals in horse slaughter, be it a breeder (a supplier), a kill buyer (an opportunist), a feedlot (opportunist), an owner (supplier), a transporter (opportunist), a slaughterhouse owner (opportunist), a trainer (supplier), a sale yard/auction (opportunist), etc, will have to secure and pay for a Horse Slaughter Dealer’s License, complete with background checks, finger printing, fee’s, etc if documentation shows that more than 1 of their horses has gone into the slaughter pipeline and is slated for and/or is slaughtered.

Seriously, when I sold 3 cars and a horse trailer in a month several years ago because we didn’t need the vehicles anymore, I was contacted by entities (the county I live in regarding a business license, and also the taxation board) that said I needed to get a Car Dealer’s license even though I really was a private party seller.

So why shouldn’t people dealing and making a living with horse slaughter have to secure a Dealer’s license, complete with an IRS filing, and have all of their own rules, regulations and requirements separate from the rest of us horse people who don’t deal in slaughter?

Also, many people involved in horse slaughter are convicted felons, are often on parole, have warrants out on them, have issues with their drivers licenses (suspended, revoked, need an SR-22 filing, etc), so many people will NOT get finger printed and/or have background checks performed because they are afraid they will end up in jail, and thus, they would be eliminated from dealing in horse slaughter just to make a few bucks as a “nickel and dimer” kill buyer/horse trader.

  1. Anyone dealing in horse slaughter will be required to carry COMMERCIAL liability business insurance with at least 1 million dollar liability limits, AND will also be required to pay for and carry COMMERCIAL vehicle insurance with the higher limits.

MOST of the people involved in slaughter use their regular stock or horse trailers for towing horses around locally (before the horse is shipped to a slaughter facility and usually transported with 10 or more horses), however, if an at-fault accident occurs and their insurance carrier finds out the accident occurred while their vehicles were being used for business/commercial purposes, any claims will be denied/declined by the claims adjuster.

We know from having ties to the insurance industry for nearly 30 years, and just buying a horse at the kill sale which will be shipped to slaughter and driving them to the feedlot in the smaller stock trailer, or driving horses to the kill sale in a regular trailer with the owners pickup truck (so not the big commercial livestock 30+ horse trailers with a semi truck pulling it) and/or the feedlot in order to sell them for slaughter is considered by the insurance company to be business/commercial use of the vehicle if it is investigated and found to be a business the individual is operating using statutory vehicle insurance instead of commercial insurance (rates are A LOT higher for commercial), then the claim will be denied.

  1. Because the stakes are a bit higher when it comes to horse slaughter and shipping possibly tainted horse meat and sickening and/or killing people, anyone dealing in horse slaughter will have to carry General Liability Insurance to cover possible claims, and also prosecution for dealing in tainted horse meat.

Once again, those people who are 100% against horse slaughter should NEVER be held accountable and/or liable for horse slaughter dealers being negligent and shipping horses with drugs, additives, and other substances in their systems.
However, as it is now, all American citizens will be held accountable for any lawsuits because there are NOT special rules, laws and regulations pertaining to horse slaughter dealers in a broader range.

  1. For the breeders who regularly “breed and then dump” horses at the kill sales, sell directly to the feedlot’s, and/or ship directly to slaughter, they will be required to microchip and/or freeze or hot brand their horses to be able to identify them when they go to slaughter.

When one of their horses goes through sales, feedlots, etc and ends up at the slaughterhouse, the horse will be held, the breeder will be contacted and will be required to provide an entire record from birth of the horses vaccination records, drug records, dewormer and supplements records, other “additives” records, etc. Every person that has owned that horse between the breeder and when they end up at the slaughterhouse will also be required to provide documentation/records on the horse as well.

If these records are not provided, the horse cannot be slaughtered and must be humanely euthanized at the slaughterhouse and disposed of at the sellers’ expense.

  1. Also for the breeders, they will have a quota of the number of horses they can produce every year (like what they have in many European countries, where they breed higher quality horses because they are breeding for quality instead of quantity) and if they go over their quota, they will be taxed/fined for every horse over their quota.
  2. Anyone dealing in slaughter horses will have their own required Bill of Sale stating that the horse is either free of drugs, vaccines, dewormers, additives, etc, or they are not, and they will be required to sign with copies going to the State they reside in, the Buyer, one for them, and a copy goes to the Federal government.

This will enable a horse’s ownership, drug, substance, and additive record to be more precisely traced. And although I do know people are always yapping about “less government”, I’ve also noticed that these same people always want less government when it doesn’t benefit them (as in them being in business directly or indirectly as horse slaughter dealers, but are not currently required to be licensed and insured as such), but more government when it does (thus the re-opening of United States slaughterhouses that process horses that we taxpayers are forced to pay for USDA inspector’s).

This slaughter Bill of Sale will also differentiate the people who deal in horse slaughter from other horse people who do not, and will also keep the anti-horse slaughter people from being subjected to rules, laws and regulations like the NAIS that not only cost us money, but also infringe on our private non-business/non-slaughter ownership of horses when we are not putting any horses into the food chain with drugs and other additives in their systems.

Those of us who are in fact anti-horse slaughter should NEVER be targeted just because other horse people choose to deal in horse slaughter.

  1. The SELLER of the horse going to slaughter (so not the slaughterhouses) will also pay an inspection fee at the slaughterhouse so that we taxpayers don’t have to;
  1. Anyone sending a horse to slaughter will be required to pay for a blood test to test for drugs and other “additives” in the horses system, and the horse will be held until the results of the blood test come back.
    If the horse is found to have drugs or other additives in their system and paperwork has been signed saying they were clean, not only will the seller have to pay for humane euthanasia and disposal of the horses body AT the facility they are at, than the person performing the fraudulent actions will be:

*First time offense-fined;

*Second offense-fined and suspended from selling horses to slaughter for 1 year;

*Third offense-prosecuted as a repeat offender in fraudulent activities, possibly jailed, and their licensing is permanently revoked as a Horse Slaughter Dealer.

When people finally realize the FACT that the horse slaughter industry is NOT driven by the “backyard horse owners or breeders” and IS ALL ABOUT people with multiple horses (SUPPLIERS) like mass production breeders, owners of a lot of broodmares, stallions, young horses, show horses, racehorses, etc, trainers of a lot of horses often for racing and/or futurities, ranchers with a lot of horses of varying uses, etc,  they don’t want for whatever reasons selling them at sales, to kill buyers, to feedlot’s, and sometimes directly to the slaughterhouses just so they can SAVE the thousands upon thousands of dollars it would cost them to humanely euthanize their unwanted horses and dispose of the bodies, that is when we begin to become a fair and honest society who holds others accountable for their actions when they are cheating.

Many people get angry at the sale yards, the kill buyer’s, the feedlot’s, the transporter’s, and the slaughterhouses, but the FACT is that these individuals and businesses are nothing more than OPPORTUNISTS as we see in most any business or industry, however, the opportunist’s cannot stay in the business of horse slaughter if the suppliers aren’t supplying as many horses because it’s costing them to dispose of horses if these rules are implemented, and if they were having to PAY for licensing, insurance, inspections, blood tests, etc, to dispose of horses they don’t want instead of it being FREE as it is now, they would “self-police” because of the cost, and thus, less horses being produced, used-up and thrown away, etc.

Smack the SUPPLIERS in the wallet, and we would see the numbers of horses going to slaughter drop dramatically, and without the supply of horses, we would not see slaughterhouses that process horses opening here in the United States because it would not be a money-maker for the owners, and opportunists would get out of the business of slaughter if there was more scrutiny and cost associated with shipping horses to slaughter out of the country.

There is also the stigma associated with dealing in horse slaughter, so many of these same suppliers who fly under the radar whereby many of their friends, acquaintances, and associates do not even know they sell their horses that end up going to slaughter from the kill sales and the feedlot’s they are sold from and to, will stop dealing in horse slaughter in any way if they have to become legally licensed, finger-printed and background checked and will go on public record as dealing in horse slaughter even if it is indirectly.

It’s ALL ABOUT MONEY, making and/or saving it, so smack the suppliers and the opportunists in the pocketbook and I believe we’d see a radical decrease in horses going into the slaughter pipeline destined for an inhumane death from commercial horse slaughter, whether in a foreign country, or right here in the United States of America.

Wild Horse Eradication and How It Connects to Non-Enforcement of Anti-Horse Slaughter Laws in the US

This blog post is in response to this article/post on another blog located here: http://rtfitchauthor.com/2015/01/29/study-livestock-grazing-on-public-lands-cost-taxpayers-1-billion-over-past-decade/

When we add up the costs of:

  1. The shortfall on the collection of grazing fees from the private businesses that don’t always pay;
  2. Doing what is called “sanitizing” every year before cattle and sheep are turned out to graze whereby any animals that are predators to the cattle and sheep and/or that compete with cattle and sheep for water and forage are killed using various methods including shooting, poisoning, burning dens of babies, and a few other equally nasty and cruel methods (and we do know responsible hunters, so those are not the people we’re talking about here) and if wild horses and burros were not legally protected (for the time being that is) they would do the same to them too;
  3. Repairing the damaged range that is damaged by cattle mostly and not wild horses (we live out surrounded by public land with cattle and wild horses on it, and own horses and had a pet steer, so we can concisely state which species is more destructive to their environment, whether contained or out on the open range, and it is not the horses);
  4. The cost of warehousing 55,000+ wild horses, and paying for the broken-down and “operating for failure” adoption program so it can be said by the government “no one wants to adopt these horses because we have tried”.

And all of this at tax payers expense that adds up to 3/4 to OVER 1 BILLION dollars ANNUALLY.

Here are a few articles that address tax payers monies spent on livestock grazing on public land, with no return to us by-the-way because only 2-3% of the beef raised in the US come from Open Range cattle ranching operations, and also the history of livestock grazing on public land:




Enforce What Needs to Be Enforced FIRST:
Instead of being so scattered and all over the map, one solution, that perhaps will not look like it pertains to the wild horse eradication issue but it REALLY does, to slow down the eradication of our countries wild horses and burros seeing as the end goal for them by our government is disposal through commercial slaughter as “pure meat”, is to get the nationwide law in place regarding banning commercial horse slaughter here in the US (in place for right now regarding commercially slaughtering horses here), and also ban the shipping of horses over our borders for slaughter.

However, there is a problem for us getting that done because even with states like California that have banned the commercial horse slaughter trade as of November 3, 1998, (here is the link to a handy Timeline of horse slaughter facts on a commercial horse website: http://www.horsechannel.com/horse-resources/horse-slaughter-timeline.aspx) it is “business as usual” with kill buyers in CA operating freely at every sale as posted publically by several donation-funded horse rescues before, during, and after every sale they attend throughout California every month in Mira Loma, Turlock, Petaluma, Ontario, Lancaster, and a few more obscure sales that occur where horses do not always go through so horse rescues don’t always attend them.

Several of the donation-funded “retail-welfare horse rescues” collect donations by the thousands of dollars every month which they post they use to “outbid the kill buyers”, and also do what many of the animal-control-officers-turned-“rescues” call “compassion pulls” of horses they collect thousands of dollars in “pity donations” to rescue the “old crippled horse” to keep them away from the kill buyer, (but that “crippled horse” would NOT be allowed in the sale in the first place so they’re lying about the horse being crippled but their naïve followers don’t know this and never bother to research any of this stuff), they take back to their public facility whose physical address they refuse to post anywhere, and they kill the horse without showing any vet reports concerned people requested they show publically where their vet they said evaluated the horse writes the horse must be killed.
They then also refuse to show euthanasia reports/billings and body disposal billings either.

That’s the reason it is called “the rescue racket”; because fraudsters are making money off of animals, and in the case of California horse rescues, some of them make money from the threat of horses going to slaughter if bought by the evil “opportunist” kill buyers even though these “retail rescues” are nothing more than “opportunists” themselves, and if the LAW were being enforced, there would be no kill buyers or their middlemen operating at the sales either.

Rescues like these hurt the whole donation-funded rescue community, and there are a number of reasons nothing is said by people in the public, by other donation-funded and self-funded rescues, by whistleblowers, etc.

The issue is finally being looked at by a few investigative reporters who really do want to find out how this whole “retail rescue racket” works, and how it hurts animals, allows laws to be broken by people on all sides of the issue, and while allowing “suppliers” of horses into the slaughter pipeline to keep supplying with no controls.

 Looking “Down the Road” at The Big Picture:
So looking at the “big picture” future plans and goals by our opposition and not just what’s in front of our faces currently, what we really need to do to HELP protect wild horses and burros from capture in the first place, and if captured, protect them from the end goal of slaughter, is in California, we NEED someone, anyone, who will do the real work of starting a movement of like-minded people who truly are 100% anti-horse slaughter, who also don’t make money from horse slaughter like the “opportunists” who are the sale yards, the kill buyers, the feedlots, the slaughter-bound horses transporters, the slaughterhouses, AND these “retail-welfare horse rescues” who use the threat of horses going to slaughter to get in free donation money they live off of.

Money corrupts, but at least with the first afore-mentioned “opportunists”, we know what their goal and intent is; to MAKE money.

With donation-funded horse rescues however, there are many more gray areas that until Accountability and Full Disclosure Checklists/Questionnaires are widely circulating that will ask pertinent and important questions we won’t truly know what their model of rescue is, are they really 100% anti-commercial horse slaughter, how do they feel about ALL horses, including wild horses that many horse people and horse rescues feel are without value because they don’t understand them, don’t think they are worth anything, they feel they are too in-bred to be trainable, etc.

Get enforcement of that law, shut down the sales like the VERY popular one in Mira Loma, CA that at least 3 donation-funded horse rescues attend where they are always posting publically how they “outbid the kill buyers” (so basically they are witnessing crimes being committed by those operating freely in the illegal horse slaughter industry at every sale, but they don’t do anything to stop it because that’s how donation-funded retail rescues make their money), but what they don’t say is how they outbid private buyers, and also other horse “rescues” they are competing with (we have screenshots of the “outing” of one another) for the really nice horses who are good for “adoptions for a fee” (SELLING), and although this auctions representative has written publically that they do NOT have kill buyers operating out of their sales, since the horse rescues post publically that they “outbid the kill buyers at each and every sale, SOMEONE is lying, so investigations by the Attorney General’s office in CA, and also the CA Dept of Agriculture NEED to be opened to figure out what scams are being run, whose involved, whose lying, audit the financials of the sale yards, the horse rescues, any known horse traders registered with the state of California as “Dealers”, which are often kill buyers too, etc.

Historically, most of the horse rescues that attend the California sales do not seem willing to strive for enforcement of the 1998 law. This is most likely because it creates more work and spending of money, their own and donated money, that they don’t want to spend, and it does NOT pay well at all.

Horse rescues in the business of making money from FREE donation money from kind-hearted, but gullible and naïve people don’t want to, and will not work toward enforcement of the law because they depend on free donation money they ask for and receive to do “crisis rescuing” at the sales where horses should NOT need rescuing from kill buyers because kill buyers and the horse slaughter trade is NOT supposed to be operating in CA since 1998.

A whole different subject is the crummy phenomenon of people who are “addicted to crisis rescuing”, which many in the bored public “regular person”-sector craves, and they are literally fixated, obsessed, and addicted to this type of rescuing rather than donating to rescues that do “no fanfare” rescuing, and provide sanctuary and hospice care for animals no one else wants because they have physical and/or behavioral/psychological issues that render them un-useable but the animals are not wanting to be killed and dead. The horse traders posing as “rescues” saw this opportunity of creating a crisis, with all of the accompanying excitement, drama, and with a “deadline”, and have turned it into a thriving business (it also happens in variations in other species-specific areas of “rescue”) in order to not have to go out and get real jobs, and rescue using their own hard earned money, with “some” help from the public instead of living off of donation money as many who call themselves “rescues” do now.

Accountability and Full Disclosure and Laws NOT Being ENFORCED:
As long as donation-funded “retail-welfare rescues” are operating with no accountability and full disclosure, THEY make ALL rescues suspects in “turning a blind eye” to laws being broken, they make all rescues suspect in fleecing the public out of donation money and material goods, and if an anti-horse slaughter law is not being enforced in one of the most liberal and animal loving states in the country (CA) that is not dominated by the livestock industry, what chance is there for getting anti-horse slaughter laws passed in more conservative states that ARE dominated by the livestock and farming industries that look at horses as just another food-chain animal when their use-and-purpose for them is done, and WHAT chance is there for a NATIONWIDE ban on commercial horse slaughter dealings that would block that avenue of disposal of 60,000+ of our countries wild horses, and also our burros, once our government convinces the “misinformed, naïve general public”, who are not generally very “horsie” or involved in horse issues (I know, I know, 8% of the American public are against horse slaughter, but that’s based on them taking a short poll of1 minute or less, so their involvement is not high, and their minds can be changed depending on the presentation of the questions) that that is the only solution for our precious wild horses?!?

What say we get the hard-fought-for-and-time-and-money-consuming law, that some people in ’96 and ’97 thought was worth them working their asses off to get it on the ballot in the first place, ENFORCED and show we mean business about ANY of our American horses going to slaughter ANYWHERE.
And once we can get existing laws ENFORCED, get more anti-horse slaughter laws in place, and keep shutting down the horse slaughter industry state-by-state until it becomes the law of the land, exactly what in the hell is our government going to do with all of those wild horses and burros they are capturing if their goal of simply shipping them to slaughter is NOT available?

Maybe, just maybe, they’d have to sit down with experts in various fields of study and really talk about and implement primary management of our wild horses and burros on their legal, rightful, and native range.

At the rate we’re going however with anti-horse slaughter laws not being enforced all but 1 time in over 16 years in a state that is much more liberal and animal loving than ANY of the open range states, and also most of the mid-western states that are also dominated by the livestock industry which are VERY powerful lobbies in Washington D.C. where most of the important decisions are made, our wild horses and burros appear doomed to being captured, and then ultimately shipped to horrendous and cruel commercial slaughter, but it wouldn’t have to be that way if people weren’t so short-sighted, and also if they made damn well sure that laws like the one in California were ENFORCED before focusing on other things, and then thousands upon thousands of horses “slip through the cracks” every year because no one bothered to make sure the LAWS are being ENFORCED before scurrying onto something else.

We’ll keep posting public pleas for help on getting this enforcement (and we’re “working people” who don’t have the luxury of other people paying our bills for us, so “extra time”, that quite frankly people in California should be handling, is something we don’t ever have a lot of) but if investigative reports are completed, there are going to be A LOT of questions from the public, and also from government agencies of exactly WHY actual horse rescues in CA didn’t do a damn thing regarding blowing the whistle on illegal activities at sales and elsewhere in California regarding the illegal horse slaughter industry, so it continues to roll right along.

No one should be one bit surprised when they are audited, investigated and exposed for the shady, and also illegal activities they are engaging in, and they should be ashamed of themselves for participating in the illegal horse slaughter industry in CA as “enablers” and “opportunists” at the very least, and common criminals at the worst, and their “do nothing unless there’s something in it for me” attitude has cost many thousands of horses their lives at horrific, cruel, and illegal commercial slaughter, when it didn’t have to be that way at all if rescues and rescuers rescued from the heart, and not only if their wallets and egos are enriched instead.

The “Big Picture” Regarding Commercial Horse Slaughter and OUR Countries Wild Horses

A Post on Another Blog:


Our Perspective related to this blog post looking at “the bigger picture”:

Ole Olson is nothing more than an “opportunist” taking advantage of an opportunity that is available to him.
I’ve spoken to him a few times at one or the other of the weekly livestock “kill” sales in Fallon, Nevada when I would go there to buy/rescue horses, and its apparent that just like opportunists in many areas of life, without the “suppliers” supplying the horses for him to buy and ship to slaughter, he’d either look for another opportunity, or since he’s pretty old, he’d probably just retire.

As long as the law regarding the horse slaughter trade in California being illegal since November 3, 1998 isn’t being enforced, what chance is there getting anyone to pay too much attention to this happening in states where it is legal?

The law in CA being broken at every sale in CA is in fact being used by several donation-funded horse rescues that make thousands of $$$ in donations every month to go to the sales like Mikes Auction in Mira Loma, CA and “outbid the kill buyers”, they then take the horses donation money bought (and they are not required to give a line item accounting of where the money is spent), they “sort them” just like at feedlots, and then they sell (“adopt for a fee”) horses with value, and then often “put down” (kill) or “disappear” horses to places that are known to a few (we almost have documentation of a horse rescue in CA funneling horses back into the slaughter pipeline “through the back-door” to in-state and out-of-state kill buyer’s), and since many in the horse loving public find it difficult to care that much about wild horses, range horses off of ranches, reservation horses, etc going to slaughter from states where the commercial horse slaughter industry is not illegal, it doesn’t factor into their “saving” of horses because “they’re just wild horses”, so we need to save horses that can be “used” for something (its called “de-valuing”, and it happens all the time in animal rescue), and rather than get the law in CA ENFORCED, we’ll support the rescues who do nothing toward enforcement, but they do rescue ‘good horses’ and “not so much” those wild horses no one can deal with”.

There are hundreds of quotes from several horse rescues in CA where they write they “outbid the kill buyers” or “we bought a horse off the meat truck in the parking lot at the sale”, so basically they are witnesses to crimes being committed at every sale in CA (Mikes Auction, Turlock, Petaluma, Lancaster, Ontario) and they do NOTHING about it because the donations they collect before each and every sale to go “rescue” horses that shouldn’t need “rescuing” is a very large part of their income.

If more people would inundate the AG’s office in CA, and also the CA Dept of Ag with complaints regarding the obvious, blatant, and public law-breaking by kill buyers according to the public posts on CA horse rescues FB pages and blogs that happens at every sale, the AG’s office and the CA Dept of Ag would have no choice but to send in undercover investigators to watch the happenings.
One of the horse “rescues” even has their founder in a video stating that “that guy in the cage (sale ring at Mikes Auction in Mira Loma, CA) IS the kill buyer” (and from having gone to those sales when I still lived in CA back before the 1998 ban on horse slaughter was in effect, that guy IS probably the kill buyer even though Shaun the representative for Mikes Auction writing on their FB page cited the CA law and wrote they have no kill buyers at their sales…..yeah, right Shaun, so whose lying, you or the horse rescues that attend your sales?) but yet she and her rescue, the rescues they “partner” with, and other rescues throughout CA who use the threat of horses going to slaughter illegally do NOTHING to help with ENFORCEMENT of the laws because that would cut-off a big portion of their money stream which they use to stay in operation seeing as most of the horse rescues in question in CA do not have primary participants who have jobs outside of rescue, and that is why these types of rescues are called “retail-welfare rescues”.

Accountability and Full Disclosure Checklists/Questionnaires will be circulating soon. Donation-funded rescues who are honest and forthright will have no issue with filling them out if someone sends one to them and returning them to the sender to be verified and fact-checked.

The swindler donation-funded rescues however will probably either ignore them, they may try to cyber-bully the sender, and perhaps they may even round-up their cult-like “enabler” followers to do some illegal false reporting (that the FBI has gotten wise too by-the-way) and have the sender of the checklist swarmed and mobbed and having to deal with tax-payer funded government agencies so that that person will stop asking questions, or they may try to befriend and smooze the sender of the checklist to show them “how much they care about animals”, while still not answering some simple questions.

So as long as there are donation-funded horse rescues and rescuers making money from the threat of horses going to slaughter from one of the very few states (that is also more liberal and horse loving than most of the more livestock-oriented states) where the commercial horse slaughter industry is illegal but the law has ONLY been enforced 1 TIME in over 16 years even though we know from public postings by horse rescues that kill buyers are operating freely at every sale, and these rescues are witnessing crimes and “enabling” them so they can get their “piece of the pie”, the horse slaughter trade in states that are far more livestock industry controlled, where horses are treated the same as “food-chain” animals when the use-and-purpose for them is done, and who are totally anti-wild horse and burro will never pass laws banning the commercial horse slaughter industry.

The solution is to separate the real horse rescues who are 100% anti-commercial horse slaughter and are also pro-management of wild horses and burros primarily on the open range/public land from the “donation-funded retail-welfare rescues” who actually make money based on threats of horses going to slaughter unless they “outbid the kill buyers”, or in the case of state wild horses being captured and/or reservation horses being “rescued” whereby the “rescue” gets in thousands of $$$ in donations, buys bunches of horses, and then after the “rescue”, the public doesn’t keep track of what the rescue is doing with the horses that donation money bought, and quite often, many of the wild or reservation Mama mares have their babies stripped off them, and the mares are sold back into the slaughter pipeline through the local livestock “kill” sales, or sold directly to the feedlot, and off to slaughter they go.

Horse rescues can say what their position on issues are, but then their actions, or lack of action, shows differently, so accountability and full disclosure has become a necessity and not just a choice anymore.

And by-the-way, “rescuing a horse” from slaughter only to de-value them and kill them using other methods is a play taken directly out-of-the animal control, peta, and hsus playbooks, and is a slippery slope regarding the “de-valuing” of life, which in 1930’s Germany led to Hitler’s T4 Program of euthanizing their own citizens that had “issues” and/or that were not “useful” anymore.

It’s explained in this lengthy blog post how to slow down the “suppliers” of horses into the slaughter pipeline so that the “opportunists” (and unfortunately, some donation-funded horse rescues are also considered “opportunists” too) in the horse slaughter industry would go out of business for lack of horses to ship:


For this to work however, we’d have to get all the donation-funded and self-funded horse rescues, horse rescuers, advocates, horse lovers against horse slaughter, etc on the same page.

THAT will not happen as long as there is free donation money to be made generated by the threat of horses being slaughtered (and also the lovely accolades some of these women in rescue, and a few men, live on), there is no accountability and full disclosure regarding where the donation money is going, where are all the horses that are being rescued with donation money going, if they are being killed, WHY were they killed, where is the euthanasia report, etc, and too many horses will continue to be produced, too many will be wrecked in training, too many will be used-up and thrown out like broken furniture, and the cycle will keep repeating with hundreds of thousands horses going to slaughter, whether legally, or as it happens in California, ILLEGALLY, with NONE of the horse rescues sending in complaint after complaint, along with their followers complaints, to the AG’s office, and also the CA Dept of Ag.
A few people caring enough to send in screen shots of rescues posting about “out bidding kill buyers” at CA sales is not going to get much attention and/or action.
However, thousands of complaints being sent in with screenshots of the horse rescues who attend the sales writing they are “outbidding the kill buyers” WOULD get ATTENTION and ACTION, especially if the media got involved.

And once the anti-horse slaughter public actually saw the CA law being ENFORCED and sale yards were shut down, fined, prosecuted, kill buyers were investigated, fined, prosecuted, and maybe even jailed, THAT would lift the morale of the anti-horse slaughter advocates out of the doldrums we’ve been floating in, we would gain strength, and go state by state if we have to in order to get anti-horse slaughter legislation, laws, and bans in place, and THEN, what the hell does the BLM think they are going to do with all those wild horses they’re capturing at an accelerated pace if commercial horse slaughter is no longer an option for 1. making money selling “pure untainted meat” to foreign countries and 2. for disposal of over 60,000 horses, and also burros to other countries that eat burro meat?

Hmm, they may just have to sit down and speak with those of us who have skills in various aspects in the horse world with equine behavior, hierarchies in bands, the horses physiology, and psychology, they’d have to suck-it-up and listen to people with the numbers and dollars and cents skills pertaining to this issue, they’d have to speak with biologists and environmentalists who are not horse experts but are in fact experts in their field of study regarding the public range our wild horses and burros have roamed on for centuries, they’d have to listen to people with solid veterinary skills not slanted against wild horses and burros, etc.

As it is now, as long as an anti-horse slaughter law is not being enforced in one measly state like California that is a lot more liberal and horse loving than many of the western and mid-western states where the livestock industry and horses being treated just like food-chain animals rules, our wild horses and burros will continue to be eradicated because the end goal is to use commercial slaughter as a means of disposal, and too make a bit of money from the pure meat, but without that option (commercial horse slaughter done here in the US, and also making it illegal to ship horses out of the US for slaughter either), they will have to rethink the eradication, and maybe it ill be private business industry that’s trying to take over our public land with FENCES who will be eradicated instead

Animal Enterprise Terrorism (AET); Accountability and Full Disclosure Coming to a Donation-Funded Rescue Near You

Animal Enterprise Terrorism aka “rescue raids” and “seizure scams” done by “retail rescues” “partnering” with animal controls throughout the country:


They are happening in epidemic proportions around the country according to Dr. Don Henneke in a statement he released before he passed away in 2012.
Dr. Henneke is the inventor of the weight assessment scale for horses used by veterinarians and horse “rescues”, and often misused according to Dr. Henneke:


It is unfortunate that many of the donation-funded animal rescues, whom are basically “retail rescues” (also known as “welfare rescues” because they operate, and their primary players live off the kindness and generosity of others) use seizure scams to bring in thousands upon thousands of $$$ in entirely free donation money panhandled from kind-hearted but gullible and naïve people from around the country, and also other countries, which is what these animal traders/brokers/dealers/”flippers” posing as animal ‘rescues’ live off of since most of the primary players in the “rescue” do not have jobs outside of rescue because “rescue is their job” (basically they are “too good” to work doing work outside of rescue, but many people realize they are just plain lazy and that’s the reason they have volunteer-‘slaves’ doing all the daily work for them).

They also use “seizure scams” as a way to “freshen up their merchandise” (and they dispose of “old and/or “outdated merchandise” animals that aren’t ‘selling’/’adopted for a fee’ by KILLING or “disappearing them to death”) of entirely free animals they take from people with the help of tax-payer funded government agencies like animal control/services that they “partner” with, and have to convince gullible people that animals need to be “put down” at their “rescue” facility without any vet reports stating that NEEDS to happen, or animals are simply “disappeared” “somewhere”, to make room for the new merchandise they are bringing in they will be “adopting-for-a-fee” (SELLING).

Before doing “rescue”, and also while doing “rescue” and BEFORE registering anywhere as a “rescue”, many of the “founders” and their cohorts/primary players in “rescue” were/are collecting unemployment benefits, disability payments for supposed “disabilities” even though they are able to train horses for the public, train dogs, handle various types of animals, but they are supposedly too disabled to even work a desk job where they are on disability leave from, and not “well enough” to go back to full time work…..really?

Sounds like a scam to some/many people who have been following the antics and criminal behavior of these “rescuers” for a few years as they go from being “tapped-out” and broke to moving to nicer facilities, having nicer vehicles bought for them by naïve but kind-hearted people.

People who are watching and investigating the “swindler donation-funded retail rescues” who are fleecing the animal loving public are accumulating more and more evidence in the scammers own words, and in photo and video documentation of the scams they run, and this information is being sent on to law enforcement agencies who are investigating these so-called “rescues”.
ANY and ALL of the rescues these swindler rescues “partner” with are also suspect because of their association with known scammers, and they too are being investigated.

Its because of people like this in “rescue” that many people that own animals will NOT ask for help (and that’s a favorite of the mobs of people that are ramped-up is “why didn’t they ask for help?”…..THIS is why….) even if they need it because if one of these “retail-welfare rescues” get their hooks into them and ramp-up a “mindless social media madness mob” to go on the attack for them, these people will NOT get any help, they instead will be attacked, be dragged through the mud, have all of their animals seized, they may have their children taken by CPS, and they are often jailed.

And when they are released, and the people wouldn’t have been asking for help if they had extra money for an attorney, (another interesting fact is that many of the prospective “targets” for “seizure scams” are also researched to an extent when neighborhoods are “trolled” by the “rescues” looking for their next victim, to see if they would have the means to “fight back”, hire an attorney…..many of the “seizures” are planned attacks, and we’ll have more on that later outlining who this scam works), the victims of “seizure scams” usually end up with PTSD from the viciousness of the attacks on them by so-called “animal lovers”, they definitely cannot afford an attorney to go on the offense because they had to have a public defender when they were on the defense. so they tuck their tail, relocate, and try to stay off anyone’s radar.

The good news is that as these greedy scammers posing as rescuers in their quest for money keep attacking more and more people, whether animal owners, or other rescues, with their army of “true believer” cult-members, it is being noticed by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies who are fielding thousands of “false reports” by people who are just following the orders of their “favorite rescue” who has them breaking the law by false reporting, and when the chips are down, they will throw all but their closest friends “under the bus” to save their own skins from prosecution, and some would throw their own kids to the wolves if it meant avoiding jail time.

Because of these “posers”, there are people from all over the country working on Accountability and Full Disclosure Checklists/Questionnaires so that BEFORE they get involved in a seizure, THEY must disclose to Animal Control, law enforcement in the city or county the seizure will take place in, the D.A.’s office, etc:

1.  Who they are, produce a resume and references that can be fact-checked and verified;

2. Their finances and financial history;

3. What will happen to all of the animals they steal (oops, seize);

4. Will they as a 1st course of action actually HELP animal owners right at their own property and then re-evaluate in a month, 2 months, etc until the animal owners are back on their feet, or perhaps not, in which case the animals may need to find new homes.

5. Are they also willing to publically post ALL the vet reports for ALL of the animals they seize and/or rescue using donation money?

6. Will they post daily photos and videos of the animals they seize and/or rescue using donation money?

7. If they “have” to “put down” or euthanize an animal, will they publically post the vet report that states it is the only course of action?

8. If they do “euthanize” an animal, will they post the euthanasia report, the billing for the euthanasia, and also the billing for the disposal of the body? This is necessary especially for horse rescues because some “rescues that aren’t” have a very bad habit of giving away or selling horses into the slaughter pipeline, and until all the paperwork being sent to authorities can get them prosecuted, we need to block this avenue of disposing of “broken un-useable merchandise” that happen to be horses that were supposed to rescued and safe, and not discarded and dead.

So many more questions, and so few answers are forth-coming from the “retail-welfare rescues” operating throughout the country that it is necessary to force accountability and full disclosure to separate the real rescues from the scammer rescues that pop up every day around the country because its “easy pickin’s” of free money from kind-hearted, but gullible animal lovers who are “addicted to crisis rescuing” where there is “no time to be asking all these questions (so the scammer rescues say) when lives need to be saved NOW”.

As it is now, there are many, many questions the “retail-welfare rescues” will not answer when asked by the donating public, so many concerned animal lovers who really do care what happens AFTER donation-funded rescues “rescue” animals are pushing AG’s offices to make Accountability and Full Disclosure Checklists/Questionnaires a requirement to weed-out the scammers in animal rescue so that the real rescues who have no problem being accountable and filling out whatever paperwork they need to can do their good work without fear of attack by scammer rescues and their legions of cult-members who are brain-washed by master manipulator “opportunists”, of honest rescuing of animals, and also helping animal owners keep their animals who may just need a little help because they fell on hard times but do not deserve to have their family members who happen to be animals stolen from them, put into new homes, and many are simply killed because they are “broken merchandise” of no value once their “pity/sympathy donation-value” has been exhausted.

There are also Accountability and Full Disclosure Checklists being completed that are for use by prospective donors, followers of a donation-funded rescue, etc that can be sent to the rescue to fill out and return that go to their “transparency” in rescue, and their willingness to disclose information that is being asked for, not just what they carefully choose to post publically which is usually strategic marketing.

So stay-tuned and the Accountability and Full Disclosure Checklists and Questionnaires will be available to the public shortly.

Accountability and Full Disclosure Checklists and Questionnaires – Time to Make It A Requirement?

An experts opinion regarding seizures of horses, but the “seizure scam” is similar with most any kind of animals:


So where are the vet reports, blood work, and other tests and such that were run BEFORE the horses were removed from the premises at the link to a story about a seizure at the bottom of this post?
Also, where are many photos of the facility they were seized from, many photos and videos of all of the horses before they were removed, etc?
And WHY wasn’t a 1st course of action to offer help with the horses right at the facility/property they were at, and if the owners didn’t want the kind of “power and control-freak” “help” some of the “rescues” that do “crisis rescuing”, that by-the-way brings in thousands upon thousands of donation $$$, are offering, why aren’t the horse owners simply being monitored by the government animal services agencies with daily or weekly visits to check on the horses, with the rescue ready to step in if it becomes necessary to seize animals?

Before he passed away, Dr. Don Henneke, the inventor of the weight assessment and condition scale for horses that MOST rescues use, or misuse often according to Dr. Henneke, issued a statement regarding the seizures of private owners personal property horses happening in epidemic proportions around the country.

Going forward, Accountability and Full Disclosure Checklists and Questionnaires for primarily donation-funded animal rescues (including if they are adoption-based), sanctuaries, hospices, humane societies, spca’s, animal controls, and animal shelters is a necessity whose time is well past due.

For far too many years, especially since free donation money fundraisers became so much easier, far reaching, and free for any size organization or entity with “real time” social media coming online heavily with Facebook, Twitter, etc, and rescues, organizations, entities, animal services, and individuals being able “reach out” and have donations sent to accounts they set up in just a few minutes, and which can disappear or change just as quickly so the money is gone.
“Crisis rescuing” also has a history of having excellent pay days of donations coming in fast-and-furious because many people are “addicted to crisis and drama rescuing” and aren’t interested in supporting rescues that do “no fanfare” rescuing, and perform the daily maintenance and care for animals with no where else to go because of “issues” they have.
Unless these rescues have wealthy founders, the participants in these rescues normally have jobs “outside of rescue” in order to support their rescue efforts and their animals, and donations are generally used for more critical things that they normally can’t afford, or have to save up the money themselves to buy things.

And for far too many of these organizations and government animal services entities, seizures are a very good money-maker from thousands of dollars in asked for and received entirely FREE -money donations flooding in.

Unfortunately, many of the seizures are actually what the FBI calls Animal Enterprise Terrorism (AET), aka “seizure scams”, but until an animal owner has one perpetrated on them by someone who has an agenda, you are their “competition” in rescue, they are trying to destroy you for whatever shallow and/or vile reasons they have, or any number of other reasons besides animal neglect or abuse someone wants to use the power of the mob to come after you about, you won’t have a clear understanding of what that is like, and how mind-boggling terrifying it is to have people attacking, most of which you don’t even know.

Most donation-funded rescues also NEVER do seizures with their own money, and animal controls work through being paid by tax payers footing the bill, so the 1st course of action is rarely, if ever, to really help the animals and their owners right at their own property, and then re-assess after a month, 2 months, etc, and after issues are dealt with that will point to neglect and/or abuse, or perhaps instead, it is illness, acute and/or chronic disease, an animal is perhaps feral, wild, dangerous to handle, so their management is difficult at best, but the owner doesn’t want to kill them just because they are difficult, or maybe even impossible, to handle without restraint equipment that is expensive (yep, we’re saving money for a $12,000-$15,000 hydraulic squeeze chute for horses so we don’t have to use a makeshift “squeeze chute” anymore that makes safety for wild, difficult-to-handle horses and handlers much more difficult), and instead they provide a home for an animal that literally has no where else to go.

And usually when donation-funded “retail rescues” say they offered “help”, what they often did (audio and written documentation of this) was an extortion attempt of whats called “cherry picking” and trying to get entirely for FREE the good, sellable animals -called “adoption-for-a-fee”, but make no mistake, its “selling”, and that they still collect thousands of dollars in “crisis donations” and also “sympathy/pity donations” for animals that need some care, but that have great re-sale value, and often in a much shorter time-frame.

And Heaven help the animal owner who doesn’t take the kind of “help” (extortion) being offered by the “rescue”, (who more and more often have founders and primary players who were animal control officers, or have ties to animal control, so they know how to “act” and manipulate very well indeed, but donation-funded rescuing pays so much better than being an ACO ever could, plus they get all the hero-worship and accolades, which stokes these narcissistic peoples overly-inflated egos instead of them being treated like used car salesman when they were an ACO) because they will be terrorized with “social media madness mobs” calling every agency in the country on them, including Child Protective Services (CPS) if they have children (and A LOT of “false reporting” takes place, which is illegal, but the people being attacked are being terrorized so there is no chance they can have “false reporters” investigated because they are far too busy dealing with so many other things), as many media outlets as can be gotten interested in a sensationalized, crisis-laden, drama-driven, and often false story of animal hoarding and child abuse, neglect, cruelty (and sometimes they don’t even have the species of animal, or any children either, that they are being accused of neglecting, abusing, or being cruel to), and which really “sells” to the bored-by-the-daily-grind public.

Some animal “rescues”, who are clearly traders/dealers/brokers/”opportunists” seeing the opportunities presented in emotion-driven public social media animal rescue, collect thousands of dollars in donations to “help” such-and-such animals” that someone owns, and the ‘rescue’ isn’t registered anywhere as a non-profit, and never has been, with some people actually collecting disability, doing other activities “under the table”, etc, and they don’t want the IRS taking a closer look at them when they file for a 501c3, even though they were “founded” years earlier, did a bit of rescuing, but when “social media animal rescuing” hit-the-scene”, they are taking advantage of screamin’ good opportunities.

And like panhandlers everywhere, they are not embarrassed one bit about always asking for free money because for people like this who are “opportunists”, their bottom-line is all about the money first and foremost, and the accolades, glory, and hero-worship are the icing on the cake.

When “rescues” aren’t registered anywhere, the IRS considers this personal income to whomever’s account it goes into, and if they are not a registered “not-for-profit” with the state, or “pending”, or already are a 501c3 tax exempt organization approved by the IRS, personal income tax needs to be paid on any donation money.

Some of these “rescues that aren’t” have been riding the tidal wave of no accountability being asked for by the public, by the agencies they work with that are tax-payer funded, by anyone pretty much.
They also count on the publics indifference, apathy, or perhaps just not having the time or the inclination to fact-check and verify information. Many people in the public also do not want to appear confrontational by asking questions and/or they do not want to be involved with the rescue other than sending donations.
Some of these “rescues” have never been registered anywhere, but have “pending” on their 501c3 status posted publically on their websites and/or Facebook rescue pages, which is illegal because it is misrepresentation. Quite frankly, if filing with the state as a non-profit entity, and also with the IRS for a 501c3 tax exempt entity was not something that was necessary, why in the world would anyone pay the money to jump through the hoops? THAT does not make sense, but some “rescues” have been known to write things to prospective donors that the 501c3 filing is “only apiece of paper” (documented as factual).
Additionally, some rescues have changed names because of “issues”, or they’re in revoked or suspended status with the state and/or the IRS, but these rescues are counting on a revolving door of followers and donors on the Internet where very few people will actually check their status and ask for documentation, but the majority of people will NOT ask for anything.

What also happens more often then the public knows about is that a call is put out for “crisis donations” to do a seizure, but the rescue doesn’t help the animals, or the owners, they don’t seize any animals, and they don’t take any that are offered that are adoptable…..but they do however KEEP the several thousand dollars in free money they received to “help” the animals they didn’t help at all (and put their name “on the map”, which also is a goal in addition to the free donation money they don’t have to account for……).
Anyone know what these tactics are called?

Thus far, there is no accountability of showing financials for targeted/designated fundraisers by animal rescues when they scream for “crisis” and/or “sympathy/pity” donations ANYTIME they do seizures, or even rescue just a few animals from sales, animal controls, abandoned animals, owners not being able to keep their animals and the animal is good for re-sale so they take them in but ask for money to care for them (and reject the animals they can’t pull in donations on, exhaust their donation-value, and then kill them, or the old, un-useable animals that are not worth anything.
We’re certainly not saying the only good rescue is one that “self-funds” and supports themselves by working in jobs “outside of rescue” even though they would love to have “rescue as their job”. However, in order to separate the swindlers in rescue from the honest-to-goodness real rescues that are primarily donation-funded, there MUST be accountability, full disclosure and real “transparency” instead of just words and “the only things you need to know are what we tell you”.

This more in-depth accountability is currently voluntary, but it may need to become a requirement to weed out the “players” and “opportunists” in animal rescue who are only accountable and “transparent” when things are looking “fishy” and people are asking questions, so they “throw people a bone” to pacify them, and so they can say “see how ‘transparent’ we are?” to their gullible and naïve followers.
Sure, they are rescuing some animals, however, when they are “taking out” their “competition” for donation money that are real rescues often taking in the animals they will not, that puts us in the realm of “retail rescuing” and is not good for all of the animals that need rescuing, or for those who rescue them.

Another issue is that donation-funded rescues are also not required (yet) to publically post vet reports and vet bills on all animals seized, or bought/rescued at sales, “pulled” from animal controls, etc using donation money (and when people “Follow” some of these “rescues” FB pages, they portray their vet as being at their facility all the time, almost like they live there, so why are there not vet reports for every horse or other animals looked at by the mobile vet?), the posting of euthanasia reports and the reason for euthanasia that a vet is willing to put in writing at the risk of jeopardizing their license if they write false information vet and euthanasia reports, and the billing for the euthanasia, and also the whereabouts of every, single animal seized and/or rescued from anywhere using donation money.

Furthermore, donation-funded rescues are not held to account for WHERE every single animal they rescue and maintain using donation money is 1 month after acquiring them, 2 months, 6 months, a year. Most of these rescues have stringent, legal adoption contracts and agreements, so that information should be at their fingertips in their office many of them are always talking about that they have.
They should have lists of the whereabouts of all of the animals in their files, where they are, who adopted them, who has them if at another rescue and/or being fostered at another location, whether the animal is alive or dead, and if dead, why were they put down, how were they put down, where are all vet reports and euthanasia and body disposal reports and bills, etc.

And very important is currently there is not much, if anything at all, regarding background checks and information that can be verified as true regarding ALL of the participants from the rescue, humane society, spca, animal control, etc.

The way things are handled now is like showing up for a job interview and saying “I don’t want to give you information on me and my rescue, or me and my past history and employment, or ?, but take my word for it, everything I tell you is true, so you don’t need to fact-check or verify anything”.
Unfortunately, this appears to be how a lot of “reporters” and “journalists” handle writing their “stories” too; by just being given a press release the rescues marketing and PR people wrote and/or taking notes that are directly “from the horses mouth” rescue founder or the rescues public and media representative.

In the past, and currently, everyone in the public, in the media, which have gotten really sloppy at fact-checking and verifying information they put in articles they write, (very bad for them if it actually helps organizations and entities to commit fraud and collect a lot more free donation money than they would if information was verified before publishing), etc just need to “take their word for it” regarding the people doing the seizures and/or rescues/purchases on behalf of donors.
If people who are attacked, mobbed, and investigated are cleared, when they want their animals back and are unable to find them, or have them returned, because they have been “adopted for a fee”, disappeared, or confirmed dead, not only are the rescues who participated with animal controls and other tax-payer funded agencies in jeopardy of having a civil suit filed against them, reporters and journalists who do sub-standard reporting and publish equally inaccurate articles and stories that are more fiction than fact, and donors, and followers who libeled and defamed people in public comments and posts from afar, and also volunteers who participated in the actual seizures are putting themselves in a position of being sued for libel, defamation, and other illegal activities that could cost them a lot of money even though “we were just trying to help, and thought the rescue was telling the truth about what was happening”.

More and more people who are the victims of Animal Enterprise Terrorism attacks aka “seizure scams” aren’t just walking away anymore, and are in fact filing lawsuits in greater and greater numbers, and there are now attorneys who specialize in this type of animal law of animal owners going on the offense and at the very least teaching people a lesson to not just jump on any bandwagon that comes rolling by, or join a mindless “social media madness mob” that may seem exciting, dramatic, and doing “a good thing” but in the end were just a mob of ignorant “sheeple-people” led by a master manipulator who happens to have “a rescue”.

For the majority of the donation-funded rescues, no one is privy to their backgrounds, their histories, is the “rescue” really a registered “not-for-profit”, and also a 501c3 tax exempt organization with the IRS, or “pending” and has already filed and is waiting on their approval letter as they post publically that they are, but some are not even “pending” at anything non-profit, but collect unaccounted amounts of donation money.

Investigations have factually documented and uncovered collusion between some rescues, government tax-payer funded agencies, law enforcement, etc in more than a few cases when FOIA documentation was requested and received, that “partner” in seizures and/or “rescues”.

So when the public falls for the sensationalism of these seizures that if it weren’t for rescues asking for, and collecting thousands of dollars of “crisis” and “sympathy/pity” donations that makes donors feel like they’re really doing something, and also getting to be involved in the drama at the expense of the animals and their owners in many cases, most of the rescues would NOT do any seizures because:

1. they either don’t have the money to do them because they often do not work in jobs “outside of  rescue” (many collect disability, even when they train horses, train dogs, work with big cats, etc and don’t appear to be disabled at all. They more-or-less don’t want to work boring, everyday jobs where they don’t have the proper control and power, and don’t get the respect and accolades they feel they deserve);

2. if they do have their own money, they won’t spend much, if any of it, on doing seizures, or rescuing all but a very few animals in a several year period of time because THAT is THEIR money, even when it really isn’t.

People are working on accountability and full disclosure checklists and questionnaires for donation-funded rescues, and other organizations and entities that are primarily donation-funded because without them, “rescues that aren’t” aka “retail rescues” aka “welfare rescues” will continue to pop up all over the country in greater and greater numbers because of the lack of required transparency.

Most real rescues that are not “show-boaters” and don’t do “crisis rescuing” with all of the accompanying fanfare, drama, and sensationalism as what we see in so many “retail rescues” styled after reality shows that are NOT showing “reality” at all, and will not participate in “seizures” as a 1st resort because they really would rather keep the animals with their families, unless the animal owners doesn’t want to, or needs to relinquish their animals, and they prefer to really find out what exactly is happening with the animals right where they live.

As Dr. Henneke states in the public statement at the link at the beginning of this post, moving already sick, old, or debilitated animals stresses them, especially if they are sick, in debilitated condition, or do actually need more and/or different feed.

And while rescues that rescue and help this way may ask for donations in order to “help” both the animals and the owners, since the animals are staying right where they live, accountability is much more forth-coming because there is more scrutiny, no one gets dragged through the mud and trashed unnecessarily and falsely (and its because of these swindler “rescues” that do “seizure scams” that animal owners who do need help are too scared of asking for help because they fear attack, seizure of animals, possible arrest, and their lives being destroyed just because they trusted a rescue enough to ask them for help and got attacked instead), “staged photos” and “photo-op’s” don’t occur making the owners look like crap, and veterinarians actually examine animals and do vet reports, do bloodwork, and if animals do really need to be put down, vet reports are available and the owner is often on-board with the necessity for euthanasia instead of it being the “de-valuing” of an animal by a retail rescue just because the animal has “issues” that make them un-useable and unadoptable.

When there is little or no accountability and full disclosure for donation-funded rescues, sanctuaries, hospices, humane societies, and spca’s (and even animal controls and animal shelters who receive donations, grant money, and sometimes even illegal “kickbacks” from the “rescues”) it makes animal rescue ripe for swindlers and fraudsters under the color of rescue to commit fraud, attack other people, and attempt, and often succeed in extortion and/or seize private owners animals from them for free.

It then also allows for the de-valuing of animals with issues once they are away from scrutiny of the owner, the public, the authorities, the donors, and only are seen by those “in” with the rescue whom often have to sign legal “confidentiality agreements” whereby they can be sued if they speak about the happenings at the rescue (and what’s up with the PUBLIC donation-funded animal rescues, who post all the time that they have an “open-door policy” and are “transparent”, not posting the physical address of their rescue facility? It looks like they’re afraid someone may get photos and videos of their facility, and also see the comings-and-goings of questionable vehicles that people can get descriptions of, and also their license plate numbers so they can be traced and/or followed) which renders them un-useable, that after their “sympathy/pity” and/or “crisis” donation-value is exhausted, and then they are “sorted” (rescues call it “evaluating”, but make no mistake, with some of the “rescues that aren’t” it is sorting the useable/sellable “merchandise” from the damaged un-useable/un-sellable merchandise in “retail rescuing”.
Then the damaged animals with issues are often killed in various ways and it is called tear- and emotion-jerking manipulative words like “the last act of kindness”, when its killing plain and simple, even when the animal does not want to die, but they are an un-useable money pit, and an inconvenience for swindlers to keep alive.
The useable, non-damaged or somewhat fixable (called “rehabilitating”) animals that were gotten for free are sold, but its called “adoption-for-a-fee so it sounds much nicer and more like “rescuing”.

A group of people from around the country, and also in Europe are working on Accountability and Full Disclosure Checklists for donation-funded rescues and other organizations and agencies which will help weed-out the “bad apples” in rescue and animal services.

It not only hurts the animals to be bartered, traded, sold, and killed when some “rescues” “freshin’-up” the merchandise in “out with the old, in with the new rescuing”, they de-value animals that have been at the rescue too long, or have issues that newer, better animals that also have more value don’t have that is getting more and more popular for those retail rescuers who merchandise animals.
It also hurts the smaller rescues who can’t compete with the moderately-to-larger sized rescue-machines that are more aggressive in their approach to “rescuing”, and also more aggressive toward their “competition” of other donation-funded rescues, but also “take out” any other rescue that may be getting donations in an area they feel is “their market”.
They amass bunches of followers who do “social club”-style rescuing, where smart marketers “sell” people on the “team” aspect and end up with an entirely FREE workforce. Many of these people are “sold on the glittery dream” of rescuing, but are merely cogs in the wheel being used, and if they ask questions, make noises like “something’s not right”, or threaten to blow the whistle on dirty dealings, things can “head south” for them very quickly and they are often ostracized, bullied, sometimes stalked, false reporting takes place, so people simply tuck their tail and slink away happy to be rid of the drama, the ugliness, and also the fear that accompanies being in the midst of “true believers” who are nothing more than “enablers”that help disguise the “rescues that aren’t” who fleece the public, while hiding behind their army of minions doing their bidding.
And sadly enough, this even includes them watching and benefitting from the illegal commercial horse slaughter industry in California that has been banned since November 3, 1998, but is “business as usual” with kill buyers operating around the state at sale yards, feedlots, and other places in California.

These “retail rescues” crying “send us donations so we can ‘outbid the kill buyers at the sale and ‘save’ more horses” even when they keep bringing in more and more horses to their mysterious facility location, and they won’t account for the other hundreds of horses they’ve already rescued and where they are.
The important question to ask the horse rescues in California that attend the sales all the time would be “why are you witnessing crimes being committed at every sale you attend and not instead gathering your army of “followers” together and working toward, and helping with the California Attorney Generals office and the CA Dept of Agriculture and getting the LAW enforced?”.
While many people already know why those “retail rescues” horse rescues in California that are donation-funded and adoption-based don’t help with enforcement ($$$ and accolades that they won’t get if they do the hard time and money consuming work of helping with enforcement), if more and more people began asking the questions, and also began sending in thousands of complaints to the two government agencies listed above that are vested with the enforcement of the anti-horse slaughter in California, and then if the media and investigative reporters got involved, there WOULD be enforcement in spite of the fact that the “retail rescues” that are “opportunists” taking advantage of the illegal (opportunity) threat of horses being bought by kill buyers and going to slaughter in Mexico and/or Canada if they don’t ask for and use donation money to rescue them.
A lot of money and time was spent on getting that 1998 proposition 6 on the ballot by people who were staunchly committed to ending commercial horse slaughter dealings in California.

So it is disrespectful of horse rescues to make thousands of dollars in free donation money from the illegal threat of horses going to slaughter, and also saying basically that “it happens, and there’s nothing we can do to stop it”…..what a bunch of BS that is, and anyone who believes that line is earing triple thick rose-colored glasses.

Accountability and full disclosure checklists and questionnaires would separate the real rescues from the “rescue racket” scammers that abound, who are nothing more than horse traders posing as “rescues” and “rescuers”.

Playing to peoples emotions, even while having a “revolving door of followers and donors” works brilliantly when a marketing campaign can reach around the world in second via social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and other sites.

These checklists will be very simple to fill out and answer the questions for the legitimate and truly transparent rescues and animal service agencies who are not “into” rescuing and doing seizures in order to make a living from donations and grant money, and also to receive accolades, glory, and idolizing from the naïve and gullible public that feeds the “hero-complexes” they suffer from.

True animal lovers and rescuers do “no fanfare rescuing” and don’t need accolades to rescue animals with their own money, and also using donation money if people choose to send it to them for the everyday, mundane rescuing these folks do day-in-and-day-out, month-after-month, and year-after-year.
They would have NO PROBLEM filling out and returning an accountability and full disclosure checklist/questionnaire to the sender so all of their answers could be fact-checked and verified as true and not embellishment and lies.
They would also have no problem posting all of their vet reports, euthanasia reports, videos and photos of animals being examined by their vet/s, (especially for horse rescues where most exams and many procedures are done at the rescues facility), photos and videos of all of the animals rescued and maintained using donation money being rehabbed, euthanasia reports, (instead of taking their word for it like many “retail recues” expect people to do and they better NOT get pushy about asking questions and receiving answers “or else” some bad things could be coming down the pike headed straight for them), veterinarian services billings, body disposal for horses that are euthanized, etc.
Real rescues also have no problem publishing lists of exactly WHERE all of the animals rescued using donation money are, and will say if they are dead, and if necropsy’s ere performed, they will publically post the results.

So stay-tuned and watch for the accountability, full disclosure, and transparency checklists and questionnaires showing up online in the near future…….THEN we’ll just have to see if people really do care who the real rescues are, and in whose hands are the animals lives being entrusted into?

No one is saying the seizure done in the story at the link below is a scam because this rescue has a history of crossing all the “t”s and dotting all the “i”s when they participate in seizures.

However, if there were already accountability and full disclosure checklists and questionnaires available, prospective donors could be sending them to this rescue, and if the rescue is on the total up-and-up, which probably they are because their positive reputation proceeds them for many years, then no one would have to wonder about a thing, right?


Commercial Horse Slaughter: Charge the “Suppliers” for Dumping and Run “Opportunists” Out of Business

A bit of information in this blog post will lead to the next blog post addressing “Commercial Horse Slaughter and Its Ties to Opportunistic Horse Rescues”.

Understanding the Issue:
The vast majority of people who are in favor of commercial production-line horse slaughter normally fall into only two categories, with infrequent variations: there are the people who are devoid of empathy and/or compassion, and when they are done with the “object” that just happens to be a living, breathing creature who feels pain, and possesses emotions too, they ship them off to slaughter without a second thought, just like throwing away a piece of broken furniture, or a broken TV that holds no entertainment or useable value (de-valuing”) to them anymore in the disposable society in which we have been living for many decades now.

Then there are the people who make money from the commercial horse slaughter industry after people have dumped the horses into the horse slaughter pipeline.

There are people who either save money through the use of the entirely free disposal system that is commercial horse slaughter (“suppliers”), or they make money from commercial horse slaughter (“opportunists”), and sometimes people are both suppliers and opportunists.

So this is an informational article from the perspective of our interaction in many areas of the horse industry, beginning in approx. 1969 for me personally.

A future blog posting will discuss one addition to those who benefit as “opportunists” from commercial horse slaughter (and are sometimes also “suppliers”. which is at the very least unethical, and possibly criminal) – several of the donation-funded, adoption-based horse rescues operating in California where the commercial horse slaughter industry has been banned since November 3, 1998, with ONLY a 1 time enforcement of that law which occurred in 2014.

While collecting data in the past year or so for other future proceedings, the issue of donation-funded horse rescues, many of which are only able to stay in business through the kindness of sweet, but gullible souls and their donation of money and other material goods, came on our radar through the observation of the “rescue” that perpetrated what the FBI calls an Animal Enterprise Terrorism (AET) attack on us, and their solicitation of funds on a consistent basis to “outbid kill buyers” at the sales they attend.
However, it became abundantly clear very quickly from seeing public postings, and the obvious “tells” learned from my experiences with the horse industry, with sales, and dealing with horse traders, dealers, kill buyers, and feedlots dating back to 1972, that what was/is happening in California amongst rescues that “partner” with one another, and also rescues who go it “solo” and are engaged in the “competition for donations” with other horse rescues, that this “rescue racket” being run by “retail rescues” is reminiscent of the movie “The Wolf of Wallstreet”, (which is fascinating to watch the “cons” being run, but in a stomach-turning kind of way: http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2013-11-07/jordan-belfort-the-real-wolf-of-wall-street), but it is a betrayal of horses by those who are supposed to be rescuers making sacrifices for the protection of horses, instead using the horses they are supposed to love to enrich themselves.

Very much like what some people watching the California donation-funded horse rescues antics call the “The Really Shallow Housewives of California Horse Rescue” which is dramatic, cut-throat, exciting, but in real life, is just a sad commentary of master manipulators satisfying the people emotionally who are “addicted to crisis rescuing”, instead of humble, behind-the-scenes “no fanfare rescuing”, that many rescuers are obsessed with, and is a scam perpetrated by women, with a few men thrown in for some testosterone and to make the rescue look a little more “legit”, and not only like a den of peri-and post-menopausal ladies with churning hormones, playing to the emotions of others and living off the free money donations of kind-hearted people.

These “rescues that aren’t” exploit horses who are under the threat of going to illegal, but unenforced, commercial production-line dismemberment slaughter from California, and they operate using others peoples money to further their attainment of more money, material possessions, etc.
And when assertively questioned, or actively challenged, they attack other people who don’t have the benefit of free money being given to them, and who work for a living instead, so most people back down from attacks and walk away with their tail tucked because they don’t have the time, nor the funds to spar with these weasels.

Sickening activities by manipulators, and the overt and obvious manipulations of swindlers with their “marks”, but it happens everyday in animal rescue, and it happens using the exploitation of horses under the threat of going to slaughter illegally from California to continue to rake in the $$$ from a threat that shouldn’t exist.

More on this later, and information of what “regular people” can do to help protect horses from kill buyers and others in the commercial horse slaughter industry, and also horse rescues who use them as pawns to attain money, possessions, glory, and their ego-strokes they can’t live without.
And while I would normally suggest these women become competitors in equestrian events of some kind to build up their self-esteem and get their ego-strokes, many of them would not be successful because they aren’t knowledgeable in any of the competitive events, so competing would only serve to illustrate how little they know, and would make them look bad to their cult-followers who know less than they do……kind of a lose-lose scenario for sure……LOL

The Player’s in the Multi-Billion Dollar Commercial Horse Slaughter Industry:

Let’s get started………

”Suppliers” are people who save money from the availability of commercial horse slaughter that they use as an entirely FREE disposal system for horses they don’t want any more for whatever reasons.
And contrary to propaganda set forth by horse slaughter proponents, the “backyard” owners and breeders cannot, and do not, supply the commercial horse slaughter pipeline with the main bulk of horses going to slaughter.

One of the most used lies by the pro-horse slaughterist’s is this little gem:

“Slaughter supporters say regulated abattoirs in the US would be more humane than trucking horses to unregulated plants in Mexico. They argue the lack of slaughter facilities in the US has been behind a rise in horse neglect.”

The VERY interesting fact however that proves this is a lie is that almost the same numbers of horses went to slaughter out of the country after the US slaughterhouses that processed/slaughtered horses were shut down in 2007, but what didn’t change is that the suppliers of horses into the slaughter pipeline (mass production breeders, trainers who train for success, but not success AND longevity, owners of many, many horses, ranchers, the racing industry, etc) still DO NOT have any rules and regulations monitoring them and their activities that allow them to produce, use-up, and dispose of for FREE so many horses, and didn’t slow them down one bit on their unregulated practices.

As anyone who knows this issue knows, it is NOT the typical backyard breeder and/or backyard horse owners who are the primary suppliers of so many horses into the slaughter pipeline because if that were the case, when the economy tanked, we would have seen a spike in the numbers of horses going to slaughter as the backyard folks couldn’t afford to keep their horses, and then we would have seen a decline of horses shipping to slaughter because these people would NOT have been getting more horses they couldn’t afford to take care of.

Instead, the numbers of horses going to slaughter stayed relatively level from 2007 to the present time, so it IS those people, businesses, factions, sectors of the horse industry who have always been the suppliers, who continued to supply even with a “down” economy, and it was NOT the hobby horse/backyard horse people, the hobby/backyard breeders and the regular horse owners that may have 1 horse, or may have more, but they don’t have horses passing through their hands on a regular basis, or in any great numbers.
If we look at the numbers going to slaughter in foreign countries from the US annually, it is staying relatively level and consistent at 160,000 +/- horses a year, with many of them being younger, healthy, or reasonably healthy horses that often have served their purpose for the breeders, trainers, and the owners who pay the bills for board, training, etc and cannot, or will not, keep paying for horses that can’t be used, or don’t perform.
Most of the “backyard” or “hobby” owners of horses will either try and sell their horses for a reasonable amount above kill price in states where the horse slaughter trade is thriving, they keep their horses from the time they acquire them until they pass away or need to be humanely euthanized, they will humanely euthanize their horse if they absolutely can’t keep them, they will give them to a rescue or sanctuary/hospice and “hope for the best” in terms of what is going to happen to them, or they will find them a good home that unfortunately because of horse slaughter existing sometimes turns out to be “not so good” and the horse is instead sold into the slaughter pipeline because to unscrupulous people, a free horse= free $$$.

The Real “Suppliers”:
Mass production “foal mill” breeders who individually produce sometimes 100’s of foals annually just to get the small handful of horses with potential, and are usually breeders of Quarter Horses, Paint Horses, Thoroughbreds, Appaloosas, and Arabians, with not many of what are called the “specialty breeds” such as Gypsy Vanners, Lusitano’s, Friesians, many of the warmblood breeds such as Dutch and Swedish Warmbloods, Hanoverians, Trakhener’s, etc, dumping their unwanted horses through commercial slaughter because specialty breeders breeders are not producing even near the numbers being produced by the breeds mentioned that most often are shipped to slaughter.

These suppliers dispose of the horses with issues, their surplus youngsters that haven’t sold and they can’t rationalize spending more and more money on them because they are already losing money as long as the horse is in their possession/ownership, their breeding stock of mares who are barren, stallions that are impotent, or sometimes just because a particular lineage is being phased-out. And on large acreage ranches in Open Range states where ranchers horses are turned out grazing, along with the cattle, in “breeding remudas” of stallions, mares, foals, and other youngsters, if it is a drought year, or years, and the horses would have to be rounded-up and brought in and “hayed” (instead of grazing, they are fed hay which costs more even if the ranch grows their own), or if the ranch is needing to downsize, they often haul the horses straight to the feedlot that has a contract with the slaughterhouse, and by-pass the livestock “kill” sale entirely.
Same for Indian “reservation horses” too, but the “reservation horses” are usually more of a “mixed bag” of different types of horses, whereas the horses off the ranches are generally super nice looking and well-bred Quarter Horses and/or Paint Horses.

Next are the trainers in some events and disciplines where high $$$ futurity purses are offered, who train for success only and not success and longevity. They start horses as long yearlings and early 2-year-olds in heavy, repetitious training to get them ready for the big $$$ 2- and 3-year-old futurities in racing, reining, reined cow horse, cutting, and pre-green hunters. And now even some of the competitive dressage horse trainers, as opposed to those that are classically trained and perhaps not geared as much toward the International competition levels, are being started younger and younger.

The goal is to train them to be competitive, win the money, sell them before the abusive, repetitious training on their too-young bodies and minds catches up with them (especially for geldings=no breeding capabilities, or those mares and stallions who don’t have as much value as breeding stock), and for more well bred horses that are mares and stallions, generally people aren’t as worried about physical issues that drugs are used to hold them together to finish being a competition horse, because they are destined for the breeding shed/farm where being unsound isn’t an issue that affects their breed-ability as long as they aren’t “3-legged lame”, but down the line when they aren’t useful anymore, they are in danger of being shipped to slaughter.

Then there are the owners who are suppliers who want them started young to either make the money at the futurities, sell them as winners, or find out if they don’t have what it takes and/or break-down in training, so they are dumped into slaughter.

Opportunists- In It to Make Money:

We won’t spend much time on this group because the bottom line for them, and why they are so easy to understand, is because it is all about making a living and making money from an opportunity that is available to them.
Opportunists include horse traders/dealers, sale yards/auction houses, kill buyers, feedlots, transporters of slaughter-bound horses, slaughter-house workers on the production-line/dismemberment-line, (although, they are usually very poorly paid doing a high stress and higher level of danger job), any other slaughterhouse employees, and of course the owner/s of the slaughterhouse/s.

With opportunists, they would not be making a living and making any money without having the first group, the “suppliers”, supplying the horses into the slaughter pipeline, which is what creates the opportunity for the “opportunists”.

And with the emergence of horse rescues as “opportunists” that are entirely, or almost entirely donation-funded “retail rescues” that have multiplied exponentially since “real time” social media like Facebook  came online, they can and do reach out with entirely free marketing and solicitations for donations to donors anywhere in the world.
More on this in a future blog post where we will outline how the scam works, and what people can do to expose and weed-out the “retail rescues”.

Saving $$$; the Name of the Game:
The first group certainly doesn’t make money from horse slaughter; however, they save many thousands of dollars annually by having an entirely FREE killing and body disposal system with horse slaughter.

If they in fact had to pay for HUMANE euthanasia, (which a well-placed bullet to the brain by an experienced shooter is also considered humane by many people, but opinions do vary) and disposal of the body (because lets face it everyone, people disposing of bunches of horses can only bury so many before they have to pay to dispose of the bodies), suppliers would have incentive to change their breeding practices from ‘quantity over quality’ to how it should be which is “quality over quantity” as we still see with many of the “specialty breeds” where we don’t see bunches of those horses going to slaughter (and a few statistics indicate that as much as 70% of the horses going to commercial horse slaughter are Quarter Horses).

Trainers would train for success AND longevity (if they are practical and smart) instead of just for success as they do now in several disciplines, with horses on toxic drug cocktails to hold them together long enough to finish their competition career and win as much money as possible and/or get their names out there as champions, which then increases the price tags on their offspring.
And then back to the breeders again when they wouldn’t have so many breeding stock horses if when their use for them was over they had to humanely euthanize them and pay to dispose of the bodies.

And contrary to the propaganda set forth by the pro-horse slaughter extremists, horse slaughter is NEVER humane because horses, unlike other types of livestock, have entirely different anatomy, physiology, and behavior from other animals thought of as the “typical” commercially slaughtered animals such as cattle (and before anyone gets their panties in a bunch regarding me “down-playing” cattle, pigs, sheep, chickens, etc and their experiences and treatment in the commercial slaughter and factory farm industry: it is because of the lack of regulation and abuses that I became a vegetarian many years ago, I also don’t eat cheese, have phased out ice cream, don’t drink milk, and I also don’t eat eggs anymore either, which is too bad because I really love eggs….), i.e. horses are “flight or fight” animals and they always try to flee from danger first and then fight by striking, biting, kicking, and bashing into the “predator” with their head, necks, and bodies if they cannot flee, cattle are “huddle” animals and tend to hunker down when in danger as if they were “huddling” amongst a herd of cattle, horses have long mobile necks that when in terror or under attack, they fling their necks up and down, side to side, trying to escape the “attack” or hit their opponent or the “predator”, whereas cattle have much shorter, not nearly as mobile necks which makes them easier targets for the captive bolt gun, horses also offer a narrower target for application of the captive bolt gun because of their narrower foreheads, cattle have wider foreheads/targets, and horses brains are set farther back in their skull than cattle, making the stunning into unconsciousness long enough for them to be bled-out (animals are not shot and killed for slaughtering in commercial production-line slaughtering because their heart stops pumping when killed, and they bleed out faster if their heart is still pumping, even though if they are shot and their heart stops, being hung upside down will still cause gravity to drain the blood from a cut-throat, just not as quickly as when the heart is still pumping too), even if it was just a well-placed bullet to the brain, and then disposal of the body, these cheap-skates would have to spend thousands upon thousands of dollars every year for some sort of humane euthanasia and body disposal.

Furthermore, if slaughter was the answer for so-called unwanted horses, why were just as many horses going to slaughter in Mexico and Canada as when we had legal horse slaughter in the US? The FACT is that it is NOT the “backyard” owners and/or breeders who are flooding the market with so many horses, it IS the sectors of the horse industry that I’ve named above who are producing and disposing of just as many as they have always produced before the economy was down because they have no monetary incentive to stop what they’re doing.

I in fact know of many, many “backyard” horse owners and breeders who do not have horses anymore and/or have stopped breeding horses, so why are just as many going to slaughter over our borders?
It’s because the breeders are producing just as many as before horse slaughter was banned in the US in 2006, and the trainers are starting horses far too young in repetitious training because of those big money purses in the futurities, ruining just as many as before.

And for those who are not emotionally attached to the issue of horses being commercially slaughtered, think about this: since we know that only the people named above benefit from horse slaughter in some way that either makes them money and/or saves them money, aren’t the tax payers who don’t benefit one iota from horse slaughter pissed off that we all have to pay for these “user-losers” in their businesses and other equine endeavors to save and/or make money?

For instance, anywhere a slaughterhouse is located, the crime rate for violent crimes such as rape, murder, assaults, armed robberies, etc, rises, so that means that the tax payers always have to pay more for more law enforcement, jails, prisons, etc.

There is also the environmental pollution issues attached to slaughterhouses, and the decrease in property prices in any towns and cities that have slaughterhouses present (Google Kaufman, Texas and mayor Paula Bacon for some of her first-hand experience on this).

Then we have the transport vehicles using the highways that we all pay for, and there is also the increase in fatality collisions with passenger vehicles and slaughter-bound-horses transport vehicles.

There is also factual evidence that some, perhaps many of the people who are in favor of and/or participants in the commercial horse slaughter industry lack the chemicals in their brains that enable other normal people to feel empathy. They just don’t get it because they don’t know what it feels like to be empathetic towards an animal and/or a person. They’re like robots in terms of feeling empathy, and horses and other animals (and yes, other people too in many cases) are only objects to them, just like a stick of wood or a piece of furniture, to be used and then discarded.

Additionally, some people become what is known as “habituated”. Habituation simply means that experiencing, or witnessing things that at first might shock you, then become less shocking as you experience and/or witness them again, and if the experiences and witnessing continues to happen to an individual, as a defense mechanism, they become “habituated” to it so they don’t go nuts, suffer from severe depression, have health issues associated with stress, anxiety, etc instead.

And finally, many people who are involved in the killing of animals indirectly (and some suppliers do experience feelings of guilt from their involvement in disposing of horses to slaughter but they do it anyway, while other suppliers couldn’t care less what the horses go through), and also in the actual killing of animals at slaughterhouses, and also not-surprisingly at animal controls with high kill rate facilities, also suffer from PTSD, which almost entirely disables some people from working and/or even functioning well in their everyday lives, while with others, they go the other direction and become even more inclined toward indifferent, dissociative behavior regarding killing animals, and exhibit violence, rage, etc toward other people because of their PTSD.

The long-term solution to the “problem” is to ban horse slaughter entirely and only then will we see these “suppliers” stop breeding so many horses, and also throwing away the ones that just aren’t working out for them for whatever reason.

Trainers that train undeveloped youngsters far beyond their physical and mental limits would also have a choice to make in terms of training only for success as many of them do now, or training for success and longevity where the horse stays sound physically and mentally into more advanced years, and when they are “done” with them, the horse would have a better chance at another “career” (in the case of former racehorses for example), with the same “career” with another owner, or perhaps humane euthanasia might be the choice even though it costs, but wouldn’t cost nearly as much as it would if the trainer had to pay for 25 horses being “put down” because of abusive or faulty training practices instead of just 1 or 2 that have issues that make them no longer useable.

And for those who say “what about the neglect and cruelty cases?”, the response is that if we can rein-in what the FBI calls Animal Enterprise Terrorism (AET) attacks aka “seizure scams” perpetrated on people who do ask for help with their horses and other animals and instead, the “help” is having their horses and other animals seized by “retail rescues” who operate primarily from free money donations from other people (aka “enablers”) seized, they are torn to shreds in the media and to the public by the “rescues” in order to ramp-up thousands upon thousands of dollars in “pity/sympathy” and/or “crisis” donations, which is a huge source of income for “rescues” that do a lot of seizures (unfounded, bogus seizures are known as “seizure scams”, and thousands upon thousands of FREE money donations are collected by these “opportunist” rescues that enable them to do illegal seizures and run this scam), and then we have the attacks not based in fact that tax payers money is spent investigating (more on all of this in future blog posts because this is quite an intricate ploy, scam, and swindle in too many cases), then real rescues who really are there to help could be available to either help people with their animals right where the animals reside, and then they could collect donations to help a struggling animal owner get back on their feet, while also keeping their family members which happen to be animals, or in the cases where the owner does not want to keep their animals, the rescue can collect donations, take in the animals, evaluate them, find or provide sanctuary/hospice for some, and adopt-out horses and other animals that are candidates for great new homes.

If the people who currently use the entirely free disposal system that is commercial horse slaughter had to instead pay for humane euthanasia and also for the disposal of so many bodies instead of getting FREE disposal, than their greed-and-practicality-instincts would kick-in and they’d have no choice but to stop it, or else lose their shirts, and a lot of other material things they can’t live without because they are plainly just superficial individuals that only care about “me, me, me”, but portray themselves as the “victims” (as they wring their hands and cry crocodile tears as we have seen many of these sociopathic people do) when anyone calls them on their BS.

A Short Term “Solution”; Not Ideal, But Better Than Nothing:
The other “solution” which is not a long-term solution, nor does it address the multitude of issues connected to commercial horse slaughter, but would certainly cut-back on the numbers of horses going to slaughter furnished by the suppliers that keeps the “opportunists” in business is to have rules and regulations that most every legitimate industry has……….well, except for commercial horse slaughter that is.

More on particular rules and regulations in a later post that are not outrageous, but are instead practical, common-sense regulations that pertain to those involved as suppliers and/or opportunists in the commercial horse slaughter industry, and will protect horse owners who are anti-commercial horse slaughter, and also who do not participate in the horse slaughter industry in any way, from having rules and regulations placed upon them that pertain to food-chain animals, that cost them money, that restrict the freedom they now experience to travel freely with their horses to horse shows, events, camping, trail riding, etc.

With all that said however, introducing rules and regulations for those who deal in commercial horse slaughter directly or indirectly will in all probability make suppliers and opportunists alike portray themselves as the victims yet again of those mean old people who think that commercial horse slaughter is ghastly and uncivilized, but if we can’t get rid of it yet, we will work toward it costing those who deal in it instead of it being entirely free to throw horses away, and also to protect horses and the public from undue harm from the lack of scrutiny and regulation for those who make money from it.

Also discussed in up-coming posts will be WHY donation-funded, adoption-based horse “rescues” in California have been refusing to work toward, and help with and assist, in the enforcement of the 1998 law banning the commercial horse slaughter industry in CA, and why that hurts thousands of horses, mules, burros, and ponies, and other donation-funded and also self-funded rescues, sanctuaries, and hospices.

The simple and easy asking of questions whose answers can be fact-checked and verified should never be underestimated as a very powerful “tool for gaining the truth”.

Furthermore, acceptance by the followers of a donation-funded, and not self-funded where other people are not paying for euthanasia they may not agree with, animal rescue of the killing of a rescued animal without people demanding factual proof in writing by the rescues veterinarian of the killing as a “necessary evil” or even a “necessary kindness”, and not simply being done for convenience, out of selfishness, not wanting to spend money on an un-useable, unadoptable horse, or all of these things, condemns us as a society to the future acceptance of any kind of killing of animals and/or people, whether they want to die or not, and when its our time to die by another’s hand, we will be getting exactly what we deserve for our indifference, apathy, and acceptance when others died before us and we asked no questions, and turned a blind eye to stopping it.

Whose Telling the Truth, and Whose Breaking the Law?


The following is a direct quote from Mikes Auction posted on December 11, 2014:

Mike’s Livestock Auction –“Please read my entire post before replying to me- In regard to those venting about the upcoming horse sale. Thank you so much for your opinions, but they are greatly misinformed. Approximately 50% of our horses go to very well funded rescues, while the other 50% go to private individuals like you and I. 0% go to slaughter. 0% are sold outside of auction once consigned. We are not horse traders, we are a auction house. Lastly, never was it stated that these horses are from a rescue, as I stated above I’ll release more info as the date nears.
In case you are unaware, we are located in California and have a law called PROHIBITION OF HORSE SLAUGHTER AND SALE OF HORSE MEAT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION ACT OF 1998. I’ve attached the bill to the end of my post to help in your education. While what has been said might be true about some auctions and some private buyers (i don’t dispute there are some bad cases out there), it’s not true about our auction. I truly know our auction gives horses as good, if not a better chance than any other method at placing a horse in a home with people that will love and cherish it. We also give horses who are in bad situations or at risk of being in a bad situation the opportunity to be connected with rescues, and people who will properly care for them. I don’t believe I will change your opinion over Facebook, and can hardly compete with the misinformation, and broad generalizations that shape the opinion of so many. I mean look at the above post, people are outraged without knowing any real facts beside what i’ve posted. You are invited to come on down and see our sale in action. Come on down and see the scores of awesome buyers, and rescue organizations who take these horse home day in and day out. -Shaun

*SECTION 1. TITLE This act shall be known and may be cited as the Prohibition of Horse Slaughter and Sale of Horsemeat for Human Consumption Act of 1998. SEC. 2. FINDINGS AND DECLARATIONS The people of the State of California find and declare: (a) The horse is part of California’s heritage, having played a major role in California’s historical growth and development. Horses contribute significantly to the enjoyment of generations of recreation enthusiasts in California. (b) Horses are not raised for food or fiber and are taxed differently than food animals. (c) Hundreds of thousands of California horses have been slaughtered for food in order to provide a gourmet meat to foreign markets. (d) Horses can be stolen, or purchased without disclosure or under false pretenses, to be slaughtered or shipped for slaughter. These practices have contributed to crime and consumer fraud. SEC. 3. PURPOSE AND INTENT The people of the State of California hereby declare their purpose and intent in enacting this act to be as follows: (a) To prohibit the sale of horsemeat for food for human consumption in the State of California. (b) To prohibit the slaughter of California horses to be used for food for human consumption. (c) To recognize horses as an important part of California’s heritage that deserve protection from those who would slaughter them for food for human consumption. SEC. 4. Section 598c is added to the Penal Code, to read: 598c. (a) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, it is unlawful for any person to possess, to import into or export from the state, or to sell, buy, give away, hold, or accept any horse with the intent of killing, or having another kill, that horse, if that person knows or should have known that any part of that horse will be used for human consumption.

*snipped text – the complete text regarding this law can be read here:

Like · Reply · 23 · December 11, 2014 at 5:24pm

And here’s a quote from one of the “very well funded rescues”, that Shaun on behalf of Mikes Auction says frequents Mike’s Auction, that posted on their rescue page on Facebook in January 2015:

“As always, we only upbid known KB’s, or traders with feedlot/slaughter association.”

This is just one of hundreds of posts made by the well-funded rescues that frequent Mikes Auction.

So the question is, whose lying about kill buyers operating, or not, at auctions and sale yards in California?

Mikes Auction has been a sale yard amongst many that have had kill buyers at their place of business since the 1980’s when there was no laws regarding the horse slaughter trade in California.
They appear to be saying the right words in their quote above, but talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words.

On the other hand, some of the rescues operating from sale yards like Mikes Auction went very quickly from “rags to riches” in the space of 1 year, and a large portion of the donations for the horse rescues that attend sales are for “crisis rescuing” at the sales and the rescues needing money to “outbid the kill buyers” that according to Mikes Auction do not exist at their sales.

What we will say to both Mikes Auction and the donation-funded horse rescues that attend the monthly sales is that not everyone is as naïve and gullible as some of the “true believers” watching what they believe is a real life battle between good and evil.

There are many people in “rescue-land” who have been “in the trenches” in the horse industry and the rescue world, who watch, who read, who ask questions that they expect logical, honest answers to.

Then they put the pieces of the rescue-land puzzle together based on experience and with the information they have gathered, and when intelligent people get conflicting information that just doesn’t make sense, they often just withdraw from helping rescue horses entirely, and they are a huge loss to horses really needing rescuing and help.

But sometimes, through a kind of miracle of coincidence and circumstance, they unite with other people who think the same way they do. Then no one is walking away, and instead and on behalf of the horses being used as pawns in the “greed and glory game”, they work toward “cleaning house”, removing those who are all about making money, having their egos pumped up by naïve “true believer” rescue-cult followers, and if truth be told, are not really against horse slaughter at all and “wish” slaughter houses would reopen in the United States again because we are “light years ahead of how its done in Mexico” (?!?!).

Sale yards and some donation-funded horse rescues are nothing more than “opportunists” taking advantage of an opportunity to make money, and also gain other things too.
Sale yards, kill buyers, horse traders and dealers, and horse rescues being in collusion where “one hand washes the other” is nothing new, and has been going on as long as there have been sale yards and commercial horse slaughter, and money to be made.

Mikes Auction has been in business long enough to know who the kill buyers are. Generally kill buyers come from families with generations of family members supporting horse slaughter and making money from it.

Mikes Auction also knows they are operating out of their auction. This is again validated by hundreds of comments made by the “well-funded rescues” Shaun on behalf of Mikes Auction speaks about.

However, if Mikes Auction is allowing kill buyers to operate from their sale yard, they are breaking the law and are “aiding and abetting” the criminals in the commission of a crime.

If on the other hand Mikes Auction is not willfully allowing kill buyers to operate from their sale yard, then the horse rescues collecting thousands of dollars in donations every month and “real time” at the sale yard to keep horses out of the evil clutches of kill buyers that Mikes Auction claims don’t exist there are misrepresenting, committing fraud, and are being unethical with their lies regarding “rescuing” horses.

We will not state our opinion based on experiences with various sales yards in a few different states (including Mikes Auction) with, and without laws governing horse slaughter.

However, kill buyers are operating from Mikes Auction according to several horse rescues who use the threat of horses going to slaughter illegally to rake in thousands of $$$ in donations.

So don’t the horse rescues attending those sales month after month, who also know exactly who the kill buyers and other slaughter actors are, have an ethical and moral responsibility when they witness the commission of a crime to report it?

Instead of asking for and collecting free money donations that contributes greatly to their “very well funded rescue” status, shouldn’t they instead be working toward and helping the agencies who are responsible for enforcing the law pertaining to the horse slaughter industry ban be doing just that……HELPING instead of enabling kill buyers to operate illegally and unfettered?

Either Mikes Auction is lying about kill buyers operating at their sale yard, and they are trying to cover their behinds with their quote above.

Or the various horse rescues that are funded with “crisis donations” they ask for, and that are sent to them to “rescue” horses from being bought by the kill buyers operating illegally from Mikes Auction, are misrepresenting and committing non-profit fraud regarding the need for donations to buy horses so the kill buyers don’t buy them.

Always follow the money trail and it will lead straight to the culprits who are benefitting from horses going to slaughter from a state where the horse slaughter industry is effectively illegal.

Please see our blog post about the 60 sanctuary horses going to an auction being in jeopardy of going to slaughter from California where horse slaughter dealings have been illegal since November 3, 1998: https://4graceandtruth.wordpress.com/2015/01/17/remember-talk-is-only-playing-its-actions-that-bring-change/

Remember, Talk is Only Playing, Its Actions That Bring Change

Remember, Talk Is Only Playing; Its Actions That Bring Change

 Very LONG post ALERT: Because of the dire situation these horses are in, please read the entire post and perhaps you will have some suggestions, or maybe you can help.

The following is a report on the desperate situation of 60 formerly wild horses coming from a sanctuary in Nevada to a California auction.

Here is the link for a rescuer in California briefly discussing this situation:

However, this is NOT just a dire situation for these horses. It is a story of tragedy for any horses that find themselves used and dying by slaughter for purposes of satisfying peoples greed, and also to further the agendas of some individuals who have “sold-out” the horses and instead relentlessly pursue their bottom-less pit of need for money, power, control, and glory.As long as there are naïve, uninformed and misinformed people who listen to their lies, it won’t stop unless or until those who know the truth unite, form a group, and work toward enforcement of the 1998 law in California regarding the banning of horse slaughter.

These would be people that are anti-commercial horse slaughter with NO exceptions, and possess unconditional love for horses, honesty, honor, integrity, and compassion do the hard work necessary to force changes and expose the sociopaths who care only about themselves, and not about the lives of innocent animals that give their lives in order for opportunists and criminals to attain that which they covet over the lives of horses.

Our followers and friends will understand the emotion in this post, and our detractors who are simply background noise like pesky mosquitoes buzzing around, will call it a “rant” and a diatribe; and for those people, we ask “WHAT exactly are YOU doing to HELP these sanctuary horses, and what are you doing to STOP the commercial horse slaughter trade in California which is illegal?”.

If in fact the horse rescues attending auctions/sales that feature horses in them are being truthful that kill buyers are there bidding on and buying horses, then those individuals are breaking the law by buying horses they intend to ship to slaughter and they need to be investigated.

If on the other hand the horse rescues that attend the auctions and sales that feature horses are publically posting they “outbid the kill buyer to rescue a horse” and no kill buyers were present at the sale, then the horse rescue is breaking the law and committing fraud and misrepresentation of the facts in order to collect donation money from kind-hearted donors who are trying to do a good deed and help rescue a horse, and the horse rescue needs to be investigated.

Either way, the lack of enforcement of the 1998 law creates a scenario whereby kill buyers are operating from sale yards according to the horse rescues, and horse rescues are collecting donation money to keep horses away from the kill buyers who should not even be operating anywhere in the state of California.

So although we would rather stay uninvolved in order to avoid problems and attacks from vindictive, nasty people in public horse rescue, this information needs to be written in the hopes of CA horse rescues not just “saving” a few horses at California horse sales, but instead, our hope would be that through knowledge offered and contained in this article, people will strive for enforcement of the 1998 law banning horse slaughter that will save thousands of horses lives. And although some, perhaps many people will go on the attack on us again, with much reflection for the past 2 days about posting this and stepping outside the milling crowd again, this isn’t just about the 60 sanctuary horses, and with our faith in God who “has our backs” as we do his work for the animals, we are not going to stay quiet when we should be bold as He wants us to be.

It is our hope that all horse lovers will read this and at least think about what we’re coming to as a society. California slaughter laws are being blatantly and publically broken on a regular basis according to several of the horse rescues who regularly attend sales in California where they write they are “outbidding the kill buyers”. Horses die horribly because people who could do something about it, look the other way, or benefit from it like many of the California donation-funded horse rescues that attend every monthly auction at various sale yards in California where they report on their Facebook pages, blogs, and websites that kill buyers are freely plying their trade, creating the threat of horses going to slaughter that should not exist in California.

What is the point of having a law that protects horses from the cruelty that is production-line commercial horse slaughter if they are going to be disregarded by everyone?

In most states in the US, there are no bans regarding the purchase and shipping of horses across state lines and across borders with the intent and purpose of them being commercially slaughtered.
In those states, horse rescues outbidding kill buyers is a reality at low-to-mid level auctions. So any horse kept from the kill buyers are true “rescues” and “saves”, and those horse rescues and private rescuers are to be commended for being at the sale and having to make the heartbreaking life and death decisions while looking into the eyes of horses who have already given up because of the stress and trauma they have already experienced.

However, in states where the voters have spoken and they have said “we do not want the commercial horse slaughter industry operating in our state”, then it is up to the warriors in horse rescue to make sure they are doing everything in their power to help with the enforcement of the law/s.

  • When people are indifferent to laws being broken pertaining to thousands of horses dying by commercial slaughter, when many are feeling helpless regarding doing anything about it, when people are afraid of being attacked by mobs whose goal is to “shut them up and destroy them” for speaking up about this travesty, or when people don’t act for whatever “reasons” they may have, horses continue to be treated like objects, merchandise, pawns on a giant chessboard that keep businesses allowing illegal activities on their premises to continue to operate, and that according to some of the horse rescues attending the sales, kill buyers and other people involved in illegal horse slaughter dealings are operating unfettered by scrutiny, investigation, and prosecution.
  • Of grave concern are those whom are supposed to be protecting horses from shipping to slaughter out of California.
    Horse rescues watch and enable those committing crimes and breaking the law pertaining to horse slaughter, which enables them to pull in free money via donations using the threat of illegal horse slaughter and horses dying horribly by slaughter to do it.The only horse rescues that watch as crimes occur are those that are donation-funded who attend the sales where according to their public postings, these illegal activities play-out at every sale, and because these horse rescues are primarily donation-funded, it is how they make a large portion of their income of donations they do not have to account for, even when asked to do so by donors and others in the public. Nor do they have to account for where every single horse they buy using donation money are located either.
    They count on their followers short memories and short attention spans to forget about the horses that are supposed to be “safe”, but many of the horses with “issues” and deficits affecting their adoptability are not safe at all; blood money acquired by the use of laws being broken in the name of “rescue”.
  • Primarily self-funded rescues who take in few, if any donations, never do this for the simple reason that they use their personal money to rescue and provide safety for animals, and laws being broken and horses under the threat of going to slaughter not only costs them their personal money to buy horses to save them from that fate, but also hurts them deeply when they cannot afford to save them all from the ILLEGAL commercial horse slaughter trade in California.
    Why don’t the legitimate rescues that are NOT benefiting in terms of making money and receiving accolades from the illegal horse slaughter industry in California “speaking up”? Simple, because they don’t want to be attacked, bullied, and destroyed by the cult-like followers of the “rescues” who satisfy their minions “addiction to crisis rescuing” and “belonging”, and in return, the rescues that use horse slaughter as a threat that fleeces people out of thousands of dollars in donation money get blind faith and an army to defend their fraudulent activities.
  • The beauty of this scheme for dishonest rogue donation-funded rescues is that there are no legal requirements for them to have to account to the public here and what donation money is spent on, and also exactly where all of the horses “rescued” are located, and if they are alive or dead. They can ignore and/or refuse to answer questions posed by the public, and often do just that because there are no requirements thus far that cover rescues accountability to a more detailed degree.Real rescues rescue animals without a lot of fanfare, photo-op’s, staged photos using animals and people as “props”, glory-seeking, accolades, and big egos.
    They simply do what they always do; mostly spend their personal money rescuing animals, they go without the nice facilities, fancy trappings, and other pretty but not vital material things.
    And since animals don’t care about material things, their animals may not live in luxury, but they are alive and living with other animals that were facing the same fate they were.

    These animals and their human counter-parts are warrior survivors because every being wants to live no matter the issues they have, where they live, and hope is only extinguished when they are dead.

    If like-minded people don’t unite and go forward with HELPING with laws being enforced when they witness a crime (“kill buyers” operating out of public auctions/sales in CA) that affect living creatures who are the true innocents, we as a society are doomed to falling into the abyss of apathy, indifference, corruption, fear, and the “me, me, me, and only me” scenario that is playing out and dominating the world.

    The negatives of human nature disregard our beautiful human qualities of love, compassion, empathy, honesty, fairness, honor, and most of all, God instilling in us the ability to CARE about a law put in place to protect horses from those who will send them to a ghastly death unless we all step-up and do something about it.

    RESCUE ALERT – 60 sanctuary horses need your HELP now!:

    All Wild Horse Lovers, Wild Horse Advocates and donation-funded and self-funded horse rescues, please SHARE far-and-wide.

    These once wild horses are being transported from a beautiful sanctuary/facility in Gardnerville, Nevada to a low-end to mid-level sale at Mikes Auction in Mira Loma, CA.
    According to 3 or 4 donation-funded horse rescues also operating from this sale yard, they post publically on Facebook and other media sites after each sale they attend that horse slaughter “kill buyers” are operating from this sale yard at every sale where horses are auctioned. The commercial horse slaughter trade has been illegal in California since November 3, 1998, so why aren’t these horse rescues doing anything to help in getting the law enforced?

    This sanctuary used to be an upscale multi-million dollar Tennessee Walking Horse training/breeding farm, and has for several years been a Mustang Sanctuary.

    Whether this sanctuary had a change of board members, a change of ownership, or unconfirmed information in Northern Nevada indicates the owner has passed away, leaving money in a reserve account designated for providing for the horses for the rest of their lives, but that money is nowhere to be found………, THIS is a tragedy of heart-breaking proportions for captive wild horses that are supposed to be SAFE for the rest of their lives and peacefully residing at this facility in herd groups. The stress they will be subjected to unnecessarily with a haul down to SoCal, and the threat of them going to slaughter is beyond imagination.
    This is a very real threat for the wild horses with no training and/or that have physical and/or behavioral issues that preclude them from being either useable by private buyers, or as adoption candidates for adoption-based rescues.

    Basically they are horses that are difficult to handle by even the most experienced horse handlers, but the question would be “do they deserve to die because of it”?
    They were living their lives in a sanctuary, but now they should die by slaughter, or by any means, just because they are wild or have “issues”?

    There actually was a trainer at this facility, so word is that some of the horses are trained to at least a lesser degree such as halter trained, ride green, ride, but may have some training issues, etc. However, there are probably horses in the mix whom are still wild and difficult to handle like what very few sanctuaries take in, but they do not deserve to die just because they cannot, or will not “do” anything for people.

    It is because of these types of horses that are unadoptable because of various issues and need sanctuary that we, and also other people who care about these kinds of horses,  bought larger acreage where they can roam in herd groups with no expectations placed upon them of “doing” anything for anyone.

    And while some may be what are called “estray” (domestic horses that *may* have been turned loose by their owners), some may also be Titled BLM Mustangs that are now privately owned and not under federal protection by the BLM.

    Many of the others are probably Virginia Range Wild Horses, that are NOT considered “estray” because they were never domestic horses.
    “Estray” and “feral” are words which are by design “de-valuing” to create an image in the public’s mind of scrawny, scruffy, ill-bred, ill-conformed horses that are “dinks” and untrainable.

    The fact is that Virginia Range Wild Horses are considered historic, and have roamed in the Virginia Range area of Northern Nevada for many decades, and for over a hundred years.
    There are many professional photographers who have taken truly beautiful and awe inspiring photographs of Virginia Range Wild Horses roaming free in Northern Nevada.

    These horses are truly beautiful, intelligent, sturdy, hardy, demonstrating the true physical and natural psychological nature of horses.

    Most VRWH’s, as well as captured federal BLM wild horses, are trainable horses if they are captured (“capturing”: an entirely new topic and issue for another article at another time), and even the confirmed, and usually older horses over 10 years old or so that are called “I’d rather not” horses, which only means they’d “rather not” be trained to ride, would “rather not” be the cute, cuddly captive wild horse, etc, are fascinating and inspiring to be around for true horse lovers who wish to learn about true horse nature……

    Don’t sell these horses short because what people can learn from simply watching them interact in a “friends and family” herd group is monumental if someone really wants to learn about equine behavior.

    Dirty Dealings and Predatory Behavior:
    People who are savvy to the world of sales, horse traders, dealers, middlemen, kill buyers, feedlots, slaughter horse transporters, etc, find it curious that Mikes Auction had changed the wording of the horses being sold on January 18, 2015 on their Facebook page from “60 sanctuary horses” to “horse ranch dispersal. Including up to 60 horses” going through a special sale on Sunday, January 18, 2015.

    They were probably getting some “heat” from horse lovers (both wild and domestic), anti-commercial horse slaughter advocates, etc, regarding them, according to several horse rescues that frequent their sales, allowing the ILLEGAL horse slaughter trade to operate from their business.
    This simply looks like the typical attempt of sale yards which are allegedly allowing illegal activities to occur on their premises to misrepresent, disguise, and deflect the attention from exactly who these horses are……horses from a Mustang Sanctuary who were supposed to be safe and happy for the rest of their lives, but now in danger of shipping to slaughter from a state where the horse slaughter industry of shipping horses to be commercially slaughtered for human consumption has been illegal for over 16 years.

    The activities by kill buyers operating from this sale yard are well-documented and posted publically by donation-funded horse rescues who also attend every auction at this sale yard that features horses.

    These illegal activities are happening right under the noses of horse lovers, anti-commercial horse slaughter advocates, and with the help of “enabler” rescues who use the threat of “kill buyers will buy the horses if we don’t, so we need your money so we can “rescue” horses so they don’t go to slaughter”.

    Tragically, these are horses coming from Nevada where the commercial horse slaughter industry of shipping horses out of the state and country for slaughter for human consumption is legal, to a state where it is SUPPOSED to be ILLEGAL since November 3, 1998.

    However, no one, not even the horse “rescues” who attend each and every one of the sales up and down the state of California, are trying to help the AG’s office and the CA Dept. of AG ENFORCE the LAW so that NO horses will face horrific death by COMMERCIAL horse slaughter that CANNOT be made humane when done by commercial, production-line/dismemberment slaughter.

    The rescues that regularly attend these sales that call it “rescuing” are misrepresenting what it is; it is bidding against other people and BUYING the horses if they are the high bidders.

    It’s an AUCTION that other people attend who are not kill buyers, dealers, traders, or middlemen/women, but because these auction houses/sale yards are allowing kill buyers to operate illegally from their businesses according to several rescues that have been attending their sales on a consistent monthly basis for many years, THAT is the main reason ANY and ALL horses are in jeopardy of being illegally shipped to slaughter.

    When are “boots on the ground” and/or someone/anyone who are living in and/or operating a horse rescue in California going to HELP the AG’s office and the CA Dept. of Agriculture ENFORCE the 1998 LAW?!?!

    The questions interested and concerned people should be asking are;

  • WHY aren’t the horse rescues who are “in the trenches” so-to-speak that attend these sales every month for the past several years HELPING the California Attorney General’s office and the CA Department of Agriculture get written, photo, video, and audio documentation of these KB’s illegally operating?They could also organize some of their CA followers who want to help with the enforcement of the law to follow known kill buyer’s vehicles with horses on-board after the sales to their feedlots or their hide-outs where they store horses until they get a load together to ship to slaughter. They could then follow the haulers as they make their way out of the state, or the country, hauling horses to slaughter.

    A group called Animal Angels, and also people from local Humane Society’s, have gotten information that was used by AG’s offices and the CA Dept of Agriculture to open investigations on at least a few occasions from a few different sale yards.

    If these organizations can do it using far fewer resources than horse rescues who have large followings on social media, imagine what would happen if every anti-commercial horse slaughter person, or the followers of horse rescues that are absolutely anti-commercial horse slaughter with no exceptions, were educated on the law, and were aware and alert, and could send information to the correct authorities for investigations?

    SUCCESS in enforcement of the 1998 law would be the result of this “thousands of people illegal horse slaughter watch movement”, that’s what!

    Additionally, with the skillfulness some of the public donation-funded horse rescues have demonstrated using, and often emotionally manipulating people with, through the use of social media, and also regular media, it’s hard to imagine that these rescues wouldn’t have the negative, and legal spotlight pointed directly at the sale yards, kill buyers, middlemen/women, slaughter transporters, veterinarians issuing health certificates on slaughter-bound horses, etc in a matter of a few weeks.
    It is not hard to imagine that they could curtail the commercial horse slaughter industry in CA dramatically, if not shut it down completely.
    Even getting license plate #’s and vehicle descriptions at the sale yards to send to the border crossings into Mexico, and also to the CA, NV and AZ Department of AG offices would be better than “enabling” these kill buyers that the horse rescues “out” as illegally operating from sales in order for the “rescues” to collect free donation money based on the threat of horses going to slaughter if they don’t outbid the “kill buyers” who will ship horses to slaughter if not “rescued”;

  • WHY hasn’t the AG’s office investigated all of the sale yards in CA where rescues publically post on their FACEBOOK pages ALL THE TIME, and after each and every sale, that they “outbid the kill buyers” using who knows how much in donated money to buy yet more horses, that quite frankly shouldn’t need rescuing, when they haven’t even adopted out the dozens or hundreds more they’ve “rescued” in recent months, or the past 1-2 years, and attentive and concerned horse lovers want to know where all of those horses are currently;It is doubtful that the CA Dept of AG would ignore help from private citizens, horse rescues, and anyone with factual information to help with investigating the sale yards, known kill buyers, horse traders, horse dealers, and nickel-and-dimer operators (some which now also operate horse rescues believe it or not) who act as middlemen/women for the kill buyers, haulers who transport horses illegally out of CA to other states where they are then funneled into the slaughter pipeline (“back-doored”), and also veterinarians who are doing the health certificates on horses going straight from CA to Mexico for horrifically cruel slaughter;
  •  WHY aren’t the horse rescues being investigated who have a documented history of attending the horse sales who use the threat of kill buyers buying horses to ship to slaughter (illegally) unless the rescues “outbid the kill buyers” using other people’s money? They pull in thousands of dollars in donations to “rescue” horses that would not need rescuing if the laws were being enforced.
    Isn’t it a horse rescues ethical and moral responsibility to report crimes when they observe them? – i.e. kill buyers bidding on horses at sales and the rescues “having to” outbid them in order to prevent horses from being shipped to slaughter illegally by said kill buyer’s.Then there is also the question of WHERE exactly are ALL of the horses these “opportunist rescues” (aka “welfare rescues”) buy using donated funds once they have been “sorted” for adoptability. If they have “issues” that make them unadoptable with or without a fee, and they also have exhausted their “donation-value”, exactly WHAT are these rescues doing with them?

    The question must be asked again and again until donation-funded horse rescues answer the questions. And if they refuse to answer the questions publically, then complaints need to be sent to the states AG’s offices so they can investigate and get answers that the public is unable to get.

    Many of these donation-funded, adoption-based rescues appear to keep “rescuing” more and more and more horses, so WHERE are all of the horses they have rescued, seeing as the horses posted as “adopted” and the horses that had to be “put down”, and the horses that are still at the rescues facility often do not add up to the numbers they have rescued using donated funds, and are also continuing to ask for funds to maintain them.
    A well-organized, transparent, donation-funded rescue would have lists, photos, and documentation verifying where all of the horses they have rescued are located.
    They would also have, and be willing to share with the public, vet reports for all of the horses they state were examined by their veterinarian, euthanasia reports for horses they “had” to have “put down”, the vet bills, etc.
    The numbers do NOT add up with many of the donation-funded horse rescues regarding horses they have rescued, and are also maintaining, using donated funds, and that needs to change…..

    The WHITE ELEPHANT in the room that no one talks about in California rescue circles is WHY isn’t the LAW being enforced which bans the commercial horse slaughter trade in California?

    All of the Nevada horse rescues, rescuers, and advocates we know would LOVE to have that law here because by God, we would make damn well sure it were enforced.

    Proposition 6 on the ballet in California in 1998 banning the commercial horse slaughter trade for horses slaughtered for human consumption was voted into law on November 3, 1998.

    It BANS the horse slaughter trade in California, which includes the shipping of CA horses over state lines, or country borders to commercial slaughter for human consumption:


    However, it has only been enforced 1 TIME in over 16 years, even though according to donation-funded horse rescues acting as representatives/agents for their donors in buying/saving horses, and who make a living attending the livestock/horse sales, report that they are constantly having to “outbid the kill buyers” to “rescue” horses using donation money.

    Here is one of the very few articles regarding the one and only enforcement of the 1998 law which occurred in 2014:

    A Forever Home?:
    These sanctuary horses being torn from their peaceful sanctuary where they have lived with their herd-group families is a tragedy of EPIC and CRITICAL proportions because they were supposed to have found their forever home and sanctuary.

    Anyone with an ounce of compassion and empathy is experiencing utter sadness from just the thought of these gentle souls losing the serenity of their families, and quite possibly losing their lives from cruel and inhumane commercial production-line slaughter because of human failings such as greed, selfishness, apathy, indifference, and a vacancy and emptiness where people’s hearts and souls should be………many of us horse lovers are in tears over this travesty.

    But if these horses as their final gift to humans who have thrown them away as a society are the catalyst through this heartbreaking and avoidable event that ILLUMINATES the vast LACK of ENFORCEMENT of a law on the books in California for over 16 years, then perhaps now that the white elephant in the room has been exposed and made visible to all, it’s time for horse lovers who are anti-commercial production-line dismemberment horse slaughter, and other people who think its BS that horses are dying tragically and inhumanely when there is a law in place to stop it, to HELP the agencies vested with enforcing the laws do just that; investigate and enforce the 1998 LAW, and then thousands upon thousands of horses will not meet their deaths via COMMERCIAL production-line horse slaughter which is not geared toward killing horses humanely, and cannot be made humane because of the inherent physiological, psychological, and behavioral nature of horses.

    One other critical issue to note is that some horses that ship to slaughter ARE stolen horses, some were given to what owners thought were “good homes”, but instead, the horses were sold into the slaughter pipeline.

    Then there are also the other elements of people in the horse industry who use horse slaughter as an entirely FREE disposal system with absolutely no regard to what the horses go through once they enter the slaughter pipeline, which often begins with them being hauled to auctions where kill buyers and middlemen/women operate.

    Finally, we won’t apologize for being emotional and ticked-off about this because thousands upon thousands of horses have been horrifically and commercially production-line slaughtered coming out of California since the LAW banning it passed in 1998, and they should not have died that way.

    Some of us who have moved from California, when horse slaughter was still legal, to other states where it is still legal. Before our moves however, we used to attend sales like Mike’s Auction to buy riding horses, but while there, we also bought/rescued horses that had “issues” such as Wobblers Syndrome, Navicular Syndrome, were stifled, had bone spavins, back issues, calcification in their knees (“popped knees”) “blown-out” arthritic hocks at a young age, had Cushing’s Syndrome with acute and reoccurring laminitis and chronic founder issues, and also horses that had un-correctable and dangerous training issues, and on and on, and we simply took them home and let them hang-out with other horses until the horse told us they were “ready to go” and we would have our vet out to humanely send them to The Rainbow Bridge.

    Now we are NOT living in California anymore, and are not able to get the attention of the California agencies that investigate and enforce laws because we are NOT residents of CA.

    However, now that these are Nevada horses going from a state where the commercial horse slaughter industry is perfectly legal to a state where it is illegal, we are devastated, and the fact the law has not been enforced all but 1 time in over 16 years is inexcusable.

    And then there are the whistle-blowers that want to speak up about who is operating illegally in the commercial horse slaughter industry in California.

    They have facts pertaining to the commercial horse slaughter trade in California, but they don’t say a word, or report crimes, for fear of having an Animal Enterprise Terrorism (the term used by the FBI) attack perpetrated on them, because they fear being emotionally, psychologically, and perhaps also physically bullied.
    They are afraid of people “false reporting” to government agencies such as the police, the sheriff’s office, animal control (AC), Child Protective Services (CPS), and any other entities, agencies, or organizations that ignorant, nasty people can think of to call, that investigate them like they are the wrong-doers instead of the other way around, and who fear a multitude of nasty things that can and do occur when people expose other peoples dishonest, unethical, immoral, and often criminal behavior of those who are operating in the illegal commercial horse slaughter industry in California.

    The good news is that there IS POWER, STRENGTH, and SAFETY in NUMBERS, so a group is being formed where honest, ethical, caring horse lovers who are tired of not being able to help keep horses from going to commercial/production-line horse slaughter from states where it is against the law, to PROTECT one another from vicious assaults just because people do not want their commercial horse slaughter gravy train and/or “ego-and-glory boosting” vehicle to stop……

    Currently, when people who are ethical, honest, and are true horse lovers speak-up regarding unethical, dishonest, and illegal activities pertaining to commercial slaughter in the horse industry and the horse rescue world, they are subjected to attacks by “social media madness mobs” that are whipped-up within hours by those in rescue that benefit in some way from horse slaughter, and whose goal is to shut people up.

    Many of these unethical and immoral people are extremely skillful with social media and emotionally manipulating people with innuendo and lies to do their dirty work for them……….

    With a whistleblower group to act as support, and that will have the influence and power that comes with large numbers of like-minded people coming together to help with enforcement of laws protecting horses. The sharing of vital and factual information forwarded to enforcement agencies will flow unobstructed by cyber- and in-person bullying and attacks, especially when legal action is an option for those being terrorized by others.

    Stay tuned for more information on this group because it will allow whistle-blowers that deal in facts to speak up with less fear of retribution and attacks.

    Nevada Rescues, Rescuers, and Advocates Doing Their Part:
    Nevada rescues, rescuers, and advocates have their hands full trying to keep up the pace of rescuing captured state wild horses, and also rescuing/buying horses that simply need help so they don’t ship to slaughter from weekly livestock “kill” sales and horse feedlots that are operating within the law because commercial horse slaughter dealings are not against the law in Nevada.

    Even with that however, there are Nevada horse rescues willing to band together to help buy and rescue those sanctuary horses, but that isn’t going to happen if the sellers won’t respond, and it shouldn’t have to happen if the 1998 law in California banning the commercial horse slaughter industry/trade was being enforced.

    Heartbreaking enough that these beautiful and innocent horses are being torn from sanctuary and their families they have been peacefully living with. But even worse is that unless bought by 100% legitimate, accountable, and fully transparent horse rescues that will publically post where all of the horses they rescue are a month, 6 months, and a year after buying/rescuing them, or unless horse people not engaging in the commercial horse slaughter industry still operating in California will buy them, many of these horses will be dead by commercial slaughter in Mexico and/or Canada, and THAT is UNACCEPTABLE to those who possess empathy and compassion, and who also believe that laws protecting people and animals from criminal activities that cruelly cost them their lives should be ENFORCED……..

    For more information of who to call to offer help to regarding enforcement of the 1998 law, for information regarding filing complaints, or even to voice your opinion regarding this article, you can email wbachs42@gmail.com.

    As always, the choice is yours. Let your conscience be your guide……..