Remember, Talk is Only Playing, Its Actions That Bring Change

Remember, Talk Is Only Playing; Its Actions That Bring Change

 Very LONG post ALERT: Because of the dire situation these horses are in, please read the entire post and perhaps you will have some suggestions, or maybe you can help.

The following is a report on the desperate situation of 60 formerly wild horses coming from a sanctuary in Nevada to a California auction.

Here is the link for a rescuer in California briefly discussing this situation:

However, this is NOT just a dire situation for these horses. It is a story of tragedy for any horses that find themselves used and dying by slaughter for purposes of satisfying peoples greed, and also to further the agendas of some individuals who have “sold-out” the horses and instead relentlessly pursue their bottom-less pit of need for money, power, control, and glory.As long as there are naïve, uninformed and misinformed people who listen to their lies, it won’t stop unless or until those who know the truth unite, form a group, and work toward enforcement of the 1998 law in California regarding the banning of horse slaughter.

These would be people that are anti-commercial horse slaughter with NO exceptions, and possess unconditional love for horses, honesty, honor, integrity, and compassion do the hard work necessary to force changes and expose the sociopaths who care only about themselves, and not about the lives of innocent animals that give their lives in order for opportunists and criminals to attain that which they covet over the lives of horses.

Our followers and friends will understand the emotion in this post, and our detractors who are simply background noise like pesky mosquitoes buzzing around, will call it a “rant” and a diatribe; and for those people, we ask “WHAT exactly are YOU doing to HELP these sanctuary horses, and what are you doing to STOP the commercial horse slaughter trade in California which is illegal?”.

If in fact the horse rescues attending auctions/sales that feature horses in them are being truthful that kill buyers are there bidding on and buying horses, then those individuals are breaking the law by buying horses they intend to ship to slaughter and they need to be investigated.

If on the other hand the horse rescues that attend the auctions and sales that feature horses are publically posting they “outbid the kill buyer to rescue a horse” and no kill buyers were present at the sale, then the horse rescue is breaking the law and committing fraud and misrepresentation of the facts in order to collect donation money from kind-hearted donors who are trying to do a good deed and help rescue a horse, and the horse rescue needs to be investigated.

Either way, the lack of enforcement of the 1998 law creates a scenario whereby kill buyers are operating from sale yards according to the horse rescues, and horse rescues are collecting donation money to keep horses away from the kill buyers who should not even be operating anywhere in the state of California.

So although we would rather stay uninvolved in order to avoid problems and attacks from vindictive, nasty people in public horse rescue, this information needs to be written in the hopes of CA horse rescues not just “saving” a few horses at California horse sales, but instead, our hope would be that through knowledge offered and contained in this article, people will strive for enforcement of the 1998 law banning horse slaughter that will save thousands of horses lives. And although some, perhaps many people will go on the attack on us again, with much reflection for the past 2 days about posting this and stepping outside the milling crowd again, this isn’t just about the 60 sanctuary horses, and with our faith in God who “has our backs” as we do his work for the animals, we are not going to stay quiet when we should be bold as He wants us to be.

It is our hope that all horse lovers will read this and at least think about what we’re coming to as a society. California slaughter laws are being blatantly and publically broken on a regular basis according to several of the horse rescues who regularly attend sales in California where they write they are “outbidding the kill buyers”. Horses die horribly because people who could do something about it, look the other way, or benefit from it like many of the California donation-funded horse rescues that attend every monthly auction at various sale yards in California where they report on their Facebook pages, blogs, and websites that kill buyers are freely plying their trade, creating the threat of horses going to slaughter that should not exist in California.

What is the point of having a law that protects horses from the cruelty that is production-line commercial horse slaughter if they are going to be disregarded by everyone?

In most states in the US, there are no bans regarding the purchase and shipping of horses across state lines and across borders with the intent and purpose of them being commercially slaughtered.
In those states, horse rescues outbidding kill buyers is a reality at low-to-mid level auctions. So any horse kept from the kill buyers are true “rescues” and “saves”, and those horse rescues and private rescuers are to be commended for being at the sale and having to make the heartbreaking life and death decisions while looking into the eyes of horses who have already given up because of the stress and trauma they have already experienced.

However, in states where the voters have spoken and they have said “we do not want the commercial horse slaughter industry operating in our state”, then it is up to the warriors in horse rescue to make sure they are doing everything in their power to help with the enforcement of the law/s.

  • When people are indifferent to laws being broken pertaining to thousands of horses dying by commercial slaughter, when many are feeling helpless regarding doing anything about it, when people are afraid of being attacked by mobs whose goal is to “shut them up and destroy them” for speaking up about this travesty, or when people don’t act for whatever “reasons” they may have, horses continue to be treated like objects, merchandise, pawns on a giant chessboard that keep businesses allowing illegal activities on their premises to continue to operate, and that according to some of the horse rescues attending the sales, kill buyers and other people involved in illegal horse slaughter dealings are operating unfettered by scrutiny, investigation, and prosecution.
  • Of grave concern are those whom are supposed to be protecting horses from shipping to slaughter out of California.
    Horse rescues watch and enable those committing crimes and breaking the law pertaining to horse slaughter, which enables them to pull in free money via donations using the threat of illegal horse slaughter and horses dying horribly by slaughter to do it.The only horse rescues that watch as crimes occur are those that are donation-funded who attend the sales where according to their public postings, these illegal activities play-out at every sale, and because these horse rescues are primarily donation-funded, it is how they make a large portion of their income of donations they do not have to account for, even when asked to do so by donors and others in the public. Nor do they have to account for where every single horse they buy using donation money are located either.
    They count on their followers short memories and short attention spans to forget about the horses that are supposed to be “safe”, but many of the horses with “issues” and deficits affecting their adoptability are not safe at all; blood money acquired by the use of laws being broken in the name of “rescue”.
  • Primarily self-funded rescues who take in few, if any donations, never do this for the simple reason that they use their personal money to rescue and provide safety for animals, and laws being broken and horses under the threat of going to slaughter not only costs them their personal money to buy horses to save them from that fate, but also hurts them deeply when they cannot afford to save them all from the ILLEGAL commercial horse slaughter trade in California.
    Why don’t the legitimate rescues that are NOT benefiting in terms of making money and receiving accolades from the illegal horse slaughter industry in California “speaking up”? Simple, because they don’t want to be attacked, bullied, and destroyed by the cult-like followers of the “rescues” who satisfy their minions “addiction to crisis rescuing” and “belonging”, and in return, the rescues that use horse slaughter as a threat that fleeces people out of thousands of dollars in donation money get blind faith and an army to defend their fraudulent activities.
  • The beauty of this scheme for dishonest rogue donation-funded rescues is that there are no legal requirements for them to have to account to the public here and what donation money is spent on, and also exactly where all of the horses “rescued” are located, and if they are alive or dead. They can ignore and/or refuse to answer questions posed by the public, and often do just that because there are no requirements thus far that cover rescues accountability to a more detailed degree.Real rescues rescue animals without a lot of fanfare, photo-op’s, staged photos using animals and people as “props”, glory-seeking, accolades, and big egos.
    They simply do what they always do; mostly spend their personal money rescuing animals, they go without the nice facilities, fancy trappings, and other pretty but not vital material things.
    And since animals don’t care about material things, their animals may not live in luxury, but they are alive and living with other animals that were facing the same fate they were.

    These animals and their human counter-parts are warrior survivors because every being wants to live no matter the issues they have, where they live, and hope is only extinguished when they are dead.

    If like-minded people don’t unite and go forward with HELPING with laws being enforced when they witness a crime (“kill buyers” operating out of public auctions/sales in CA) that affect living creatures who are the true innocents, we as a society are doomed to falling into the abyss of apathy, indifference, corruption, fear, and the “me, me, me, and only me” scenario that is playing out and dominating the world.

    The negatives of human nature disregard our beautiful human qualities of love, compassion, empathy, honesty, fairness, honor, and most of all, God instilling in us the ability to CARE about a law put in place to protect horses from those who will send them to a ghastly death unless we all step-up and do something about it.

    RESCUE ALERT – 60 sanctuary horses need your HELP now!:

    All Wild Horse Lovers, Wild Horse Advocates and donation-funded and self-funded horse rescues, please SHARE far-and-wide.

    These once wild horses are being transported from a beautiful sanctuary/facility in Gardnerville, Nevada to a low-end to mid-level sale at Mikes Auction in Mira Loma, CA.
    According to 3 or 4 donation-funded horse rescues also operating from this sale yard, they post publically on Facebook and other media sites after each sale they attend that horse slaughter “kill buyers” are operating from this sale yard at every sale where horses are auctioned. The commercial horse slaughter trade has been illegal in California since November 3, 1998, so why aren’t these horse rescues doing anything to help in getting the law enforced?

    This sanctuary used to be an upscale multi-million dollar Tennessee Walking Horse training/breeding farm, and has for several years been a Mustang Sanctuary.

    Whether this sanctuary had a change of board members, a change of ownership, or unconfirmed information in Northern Nevada indicates the owner has passed away, leaving money in a reserve account designated for providing for the horses for the rest of their lives, but that money is nowhere to be found………, THIS is a tragedy of heart-breaking proportions for captive wild horses that are supposed to be SAFE for the rest of their lives and peacefully residing at this facility in herd groups. The stress they will be subjected to unnecessarily with a haul down to SoCal, and the threat of them going to slaughter is beyond imagination.
    This is a very real threat for the wild horses with no training and/or that have physical and/or behavioral issues that preclude them from being either useable by private buyers, or as adoption candidates for adoption-based rescues.

    Basically they are horses that are difficult to handle by even the most experienced horse handlers, but the question would be “do they deserve to die because of it”?
    They were living their lives in a sanctuary, but now they should die by slaughter, or by any means, just because they are wild or have “issues”?

    There actually was a trainer at this facility, so word is that some of the horses are trained to at least a lesser degree such as halter trained, ride green, ride, but may have some training issues, etc. However, there are probably horses in the mix whom are still wild and difficult to handle like what very few sanctuaries take in, but they do not deserve to die just because they cannot, or will not “do” anything for people.

    It is because of these types of horses that are unadoptable because of various issues and need sanctuary that we, and also other people who care about these kinds of horses,  bought larger acreage where they can roam in herd groups with no expectations placed upon them of “doing” anything for anyone.

    And while some may be what are called “estray” (domestic horses that *may* have been turned loose by their owners), some may also be Titled BLM Mustangs that are now privately owned and not under federal protection by the BLM.

    Many of the others are probably Virginia Range Wild Horses, that are NOT considered “estray” because they were never domestic horses.
    “Estray” and “feral” are words which are by design “de-valuing” to create an image in the public’s mind of scrawny, scruffy, ill-bred, ill-conformed horses that are “dinks” and untrainable.

    The fact is that Virginia Range Wild Horses are considered historic, and have roamed in the Virginia Range area of Northern Nevada for many decades, and for over a hundred years.
    There are many professional photographers who have taken truly beautiful and awe inspiring photographs of Virginia Range Wild Horses roaming free in Northern Nevada.

    These horses are truly beautiful, intelligent, sturdy, hardy, demonstrating the true physical and natural psychological nature of horses.

    Most VRWH’s, as well as captured federal BLM wild horses, are trainable horses if they are captured (“capturing”: an entirely new topic and issue for another article at another time), and even the confirmed, and usually older horses over 10 years old or so that are called “I’d rather not” horses, which only means they’d “rather not” be trained to ride, would “rather not” be the cute, cuddly captive wild horse, etc, are fascinating and inspiring to be around for true horse lovers who wish to learn about true horse nature……

    Don’t sell these horses short because what people can learn from simply watching them interact in a “friends and family” herd group is monumental if someone really wants to learn about equine behavior.

    Dirty Dealings and Predatory Behavior:
    People who are savvy to the world of sales, horse traders, dealers, middlemen, kill buyers, feedlots, slaughter horse transporters, etc, find it curious that Mikes Auction had changed the wording of the horses being sold on January 18, 2015 on their Facebook page from “60 sanctuary horses” to “horse ranch dispersal. Including up to 60 horses” going through a special sale on Sunday, January 18, 2015.

    They were probably getting some “heat” from horse lovers (both wild and domestic), anti-commercial horse slaughter advocates, etc, regarding them, according to several horse rescues that frequent their sales, allowing the ILLEGAL horse slaughter trade to operate from their business.
    This simply looks like the typical attempt of sale yards which are allegedly allowing illegal activities to occur on their premises to misrepresent, disguise, and deflect the attention from exactly who these horses are……horses from a Mustang Sanctuary who were supposed to be safe and happy for the rest of their lives, but now in danger of shipping to slaughter from a state where the horse slaughter industry of shipping horses to be commercially slaughtered for human consumption has been illegal for over 16 years.

    The activities by kill buyers operating from this sale yard are well-documented and posted publically by donation-funded horse rescues who also attend every auction at this sale yard that features horses.

    These illegal activities are happening right under the noses of horse lovers, anti-commercial horse slaughter advocates, and with the help of “enabler” rescues who use the threat of “kill buyers will buy the horses if we don’t, so we need your money so we can “rescue” horses so they don’t go to slaughter”.

    Tragically, these are horses coming from Nevada where the commercial horse slaughter industry of shipping horses out of the state and country for slaughter for human consumption is legal, to a state where it is SUPPOSED to be ILLEGAL since November 3, 1998.

    However, no one, not even the horse “rescues” who attend each and every one of the sales up and down the state of California, are trying to help the AG’s office and the CA Dept. of AG ENFORCE the LAW so that NO horses will face horrific death by COMMERCIAL horse slaughter that CANNOT be made humane when done by commercial, production-line/dismemberment slaughter.

    The rescues that regularly attend these sales that call it “rescuing” are misrepresenting what it is; it is bidding against other people and BUYING the horses if they are the high bidders.

    It’s an AUCTION that other people attend who are not kill buyers, dealers, traders, or middlemen/women, but because these auction houses/sale yards are allowing kill buyers to operate illegally from their businesses according to several rescues that have been attending their sales on a consistent monthly basis for many years, THAT is the main reason ANY and ALL horses are in jeopardy of being illegally shipped to slaughter.

    When are “boots on the ground” and/or someone/anyone who are living in and/or operating a horse rescue in California going to HELP the AG’s office and the CA Dept. of Agriculture ENFORCE the 1998 LAW?!?!

    The questions interested and concerned people should be asking are;

  • WHY aren’t the horse rescues who are “in the trenches” so-to-speak that attend these sales every month for the past several years HELPING the California Attorney General’s office and the CA Department of Agriculture get written, photo, video, and audio documentation of these KB’s illegally operating?They could also organize some of their CA followers who want to help with the enforcement of the law to follow known kill buyer’s vehicles with horses on-board after the sales to their feedlots or their hide-outs where they store horses until they get a load together to ship to slaughter. They could then follow the haulers as they make their way out of the state, or the country, hauling horses to slaughter.

    A group called Animal Angels, and also people from local Humane Society’s, have gotten information that was used by AG’s offices and the CA Dept of Agriculture to open investigations on at least a few occasions from a few different sale yards.

    If these organizations can do it using far fewer resources than horse rescues who have large followings on social media, imagine what would happen if every anti-commercial horse slaughter person, or the followers of horse rescues that are absolutely anti-commercial horse slaughter with no exceptions, were educated on the law, and were aware and alert, and could send information to the correct authorities for investigations?

    SUCCESS in enforcement of the 1998 law would be the result of this “thousands of people illegal horse slaughter watch movement”, that’s what!

    Additionally, with the skillfulness some of the public donation-funded horse rescues have demonstrated using, and often emotionally manipulating people with, through the use of social media, and also regular media, it’s hard to imagine that these rescues wouldn’t have the negative, and legal spotlight pointed directly at the sale yards, kill buyers, middlemen/women, slaughter transporters, veterinarians issuing health certificates on slaughter-bound horses, etc in a matter of a few weeks.
    It is not hard to imagine that they could curtail the commercial horse slaughter industry in CA dramatically, if not shut it down completely.
    Even getting license plate #’s and vehicle descriptions at the sale yards to send to the border crossings into Mexico, and also to the CA, NV and AZ Department of AG offices would be better than “enabling” these kill buyers that the horse rescues “out” as illegally operating from sales in order for the “rescues” to collect free donation money based on the threat of horses going to slaughter if they don’t outbid the “kill buyers” who will ship horses to slaughter if not “rescued”;

  • WHY hasn’t the AG’s office investigated all of the sale yards in CA where rescues publically post on their FACEBOOK pages ALL THE TIME, and after each and every sale, that they “outbid the kill buyers” using who knows how much in donated money to buy yet more horses, that quite frankly shouldn’t need rescuing, when they haven’t even adopted out the dozens or hundreds more they’ve “rescued” in recent months, or the past 1-2 years, and attentive and concerned horse lovers want to know where all of those horses are currently;It is doubtful that the CA Dept of AG would ignore help from private citizens, horse rescues, and anyone with factual information to help with investigating the sale yards, known kill buyers, horse traders, horse dealers, and nickel-and-dimer operators (some which now also operate horse rescues believe it or not) who act as middlemen/women for the kill buyers, haulers who transport horses illegally out of CA to other states where they are then funneled into the slaughter pipeline (“back-doored”), and also veterinarians who are doing the health certificates on horses going straight from CA to Mexico for horrifically cruel slaughter;
  •  WHY aren’t the horse rescues being investigated who have a documented history of attending the horse sales who use the threat of kill buyers buying horses to ship to slaughter (illegally) unless the rescues “outbid the kill buyers” using other people’s money? They pull in thousands of dollars in donations to “rescue” horses that would not need rescuing if the laws were being enforced.
    Isn’t it a horse rescues ethical and moral responsibility to report crimes when they observe them? – i.e. kill buyers bidding on horses at sales and the rescues “having to” outbid them in order to prevent horses from being shipped to slaughter illegally by said kill buyer’s.Then there is also the question of WHERE exactly are ALL of the horses these “opportunist rescues” (aka “welfare rescues”) buy using donated funds once they have been “sorted” for adoptability. If they have “issues” that make them unadoptable with or without a fee, and they also have exhausted their “donation-value”, exactly WHAT are these rescues doing with them?

    The question must be asked again and again until donation-funded horse rescues answer the questions. And if they refuse to answer the questions publically, then complaints need to be sent to the states AG’s offices so they can investigate and get answers that the public is unable to get.

    Many of these donation-funded, adoption-based rescues appear to keep “rescuing” more and more and more horses, so WHERE are all of the horses they have rescued, seeing as the horses posted as “adopted” and the horses that had to be “put down”, and the horses that are still at the rescues facility often do not add up to the numbers they have rescued using donated funds, and are also continuing to ask for funds to maintain them.
    A well-organized, transparent, donation-funded rescue would have lists, photos, and documentation verifying where all of the horses they have rescued are located.
    They would also have, and be willing to share with the public, vet reports for all of the horses they state were examined by their veterinarian, euthanasia reports for horses they “had” to have “put down”, the vet bills, etc.
    The numbers do NOT add up with many of the donation-funded horse rescues regarding horses they have rescued, and are also maintaining, using donated funds, and that needs to change…..

    The WHITE ELEPHANT in the room that no one talks about in California rescue circles is WHY isn’t the LAW being enforced which bans the commercial horse slaughter trade in California?

    All of the Nevada horse rescues, rescuers, and advocates we know would LOVE to have that law here because by God, we would make damn well sure it were enforced.

    Proposition 6 on the ballet in California in 1998 banning the commercial horse slaughter trade for horses slaughtered for human consumption was voted into law on November 3, 1998.

    It BANS the horse slaughter trade in California, which includes the shipping of CA horses over state lines, or country borders to commercial slaughter for human consumption:,_Prohibition_on_Slaughter_of_Horses_for_Human_Consumption_(1998)

    However, it has only been enforced 1 TIME in over 16 years, even though according to donation-funded horse rescues acting as representatives/agents for their donors in buying/saving horses, and who make a living attending the livestock/horse sales, report that they are constantly having to “outbid the kill buyers” to “rescue” horses using donation money.

    Here is one of the very few articles regarding the one and only enforcement of the 1998 law which occurred in 2014:

    A Forever Home?:
    These sanctuary horses being torn from their peaceful sanctuary where they have lived with their herd-group families is a tragedy of EPIC and CRITICAL proportions because they were supposed to have found their forever home and sanctuary.

    Anyone with an ounce of compassion and empathy is experiencing utter sadness from just the thought of these gentle souls losing the serenity of their families, and quite possibly losing their lives from cruel and inhumane commercial production-line slaughter because of human failings such as greed, selfishness, apathy, indifference, and a vacancy and emptiness where people’s hearts and souls should be………many of us horse lovers are in tears over this travesty.

    But if these horses as their final gift to humans who have thrown them away as a society are the catalyst through this heartbreaking and avoidable event that ILLUMINATES the vast LACK of ENFORCEMENT of a law on the books in California for over 16 years, then perhaps now that the white elephant in the room has been exposed and made visible to all, it’s time for horse lovers who are anti-commercial production-line dismemberment horse slaughter, and other people who think its BS that horses are dying tragically and inhumanely when there is a law in place to stop it, to HELP the agencies vested with enforcing the laws do just that; investigate and enforce the 1998 LAW, and then thousands upon thousands of horses will not meet their deaths via COMMERCIAL production-line horse slaughter which is not geared toward killing horses humanely, and cannot be made humane because of the inherent physiological, psychological, and behavioral nature of horses.

    One other critical issue to note is that some horses that ship to slaughter ARE stolen horses, some were given to what owners thought were “good homes”, but instead, the horses were sold into the slaughter pipeline.

    Then there are also the other elements of people in the horse industry who use horse slaughter as an entirely FREE disposal system with absolutely no regard to what the horses go through once they enter the slaughter pipeline, which often begins with them being hauled to auctions where kill buyers and middlemen/women operate.

    Finally, we won’t apologize for being emotional and ticked-off about this because thousands upon thousands of horses have been horrifically and commercially production-line slaughtered coming out of California since the LAW banning it passed in 1998, and they should not have died that way.

    Some of us who have moved from California, when horse slaughter was still legal, to other states where it is still legal. Before our moves however, we used to attend sales like Mike’s Auction to buy riding horses, but while there, we also bought/rescued horses that had “issues” such as Wobblers Syndrome, Navicular Syndrome, were stifled, had bone spavins, back issues, calcification in their knees (“popped knees”) “blown-out” arthritic hocks at a young age, had Cushing’s Syndrome with acute and reoccurring laminitis and chronic founder issues, and also horses that had un-correctable and dangerous training issues, and on and on, and we simply took them home and let them hang-out with other horses until the horse told us they were “ready to go” and we would have our vet out to humanely send them to The Rainbow Bridge.

    Now we are NOT living in California anymore, and are not able to get the attention of the California agencies that investigate and enforce laws because we are NOT residents of CA.

    However, now that these are Nevada horses going from a state where the commercial horse slaughter industry is perfectly legal to a state where it is illegal, we are devastated, and the fact the law has not been enforced all but 1 time in over 16 years is inexcusable.

    And then there are the whistle-blowers that want to speak up about who is operating illegally in the commercial horse slaughter industry in California.

    They have facts pertaining to the commercial horse slaughter trade in California, but they don’t say a word, or report crimes, for fear of having an Animal Enterprise Terrorism (the term used by the FBI) attack perpetrated on them, because they fear being emotionally, psychologically, and perhaps also physically bullied.
    They are afraid of people “false reporting” to government agencies such as the police, the sheriff’s office, animal control (AC), Child Protective Services (CPS), and any other entities, agencies, or organizations that ignorant, nasty people can think of to call, that investigate them like they are the wrong-doers instead of the other way around, and who fear a multitude of nasty things that can and do occur when people expose other peoples dishonest, unethical, immoral, and often criminal behavior of those who are operating in the illegal commercial horse slaughter industry in California.

    The good news is that there IS POWER, STRENGTH, and SAFETY in NUMBERS, so a group is being formed where honest, ethical, caring horse lovers who are tired of not being able to help keep horses from going to commercial/production-line horse slaughter from states where it is against the law, to PROTECT one another from vicious assaults just because people do not want their commercial horse slaughter gravy train and/or “ego-and-glory boosting” vehicle to stop……

    Currently, when people who are ethical, honest, and are true horse lovers speak-up regarding unethical, dishonest, and illegal activities pertaining to commercial slaughter in the horse industry and the horse rescue world, they are subjected to attacks by “social media madness mobs” that are whipped-up within hours by those in rescue that benefit in some way from horse slaughter, and whose goal is to shut people up.

    Many of these unethical and immoral people are extremely skillful with social media and emotionally manipulating people with innuendo and lies to do their dirty work for them……….

    With a whistleblower group to act as support, and that will have the influence and power that comes with large numbers of like-minded people coming together to help with enforcement of laws protecting horses. The sharing of vital and factual information forwarded to enforcement agencies will flow unobstructed by cyber- and in-person bullying and attacks, especially when legal action is an option for those being terrorized by others.

    Stay tuned for more information on this group because it will allow whistle-blowers that deal in facts to speak up with less fear of retribution and attacks.

    Nevada Rescues, Rescuers, and Advocates Doing Their Part:
    Nevada rescues, rescuers, and advocates have their hands full trying to keep up the pace of rescuing captured state wild horses, and also rescuing/buying horses that simply need help so they don’t ship to slaughter from weekly livestock “kill” sales and horse feedlots that are operating within the law because commercial horse slaughter dealings are not against the law in Nevada.

    Even with that however, there are Nevada horse rescues willing to band together to help buy and rescue those sanctuary horses, but that isn’t going to happen if the sellers won’t respond, and it shouldn’t have to happen if the 1998 law in California banning the commercial horse slaughter industry/trade was being enforced.

    Heartbreaking enough that these beautiful and innocent horses are being torn from sanctuary and their families they have been peacefully living with. But even worse is that unless bought by 100% legitimate, accountable, and fully transparent horse rescues that will publically post where all of the horses they rescue are a month, 6 months, and a year after buying/rescuing them, or unless horse people not engaging in the commercial horse slaughter industry still operating in California will buy them, many of these horses will be dead by commercial slaughter in Mexico and/or Canada, and THAT is UNACCEPTABLE to those who possess empathy and compassion, and who also believe that laws protecting people and animals from criminal activities that cruelly cost them their lives should be ENFORCED……..

    For more information of who to call to offer help to regarding enforcement of the 1998 law, for information regarding filing complaints, or even to voice your opinion regarding this article, you can email

    As always, the choice is yours. Let your conscience be your guide……..


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