Whose Telling the Truth, and Whose Breaking the Law?


The following is a direct quote from Mikes Auction posted on December 11, 2014:

Mike’s Livestock Auction –“Please read my entire post before replying to me- In regard to those venting about the upcoming horse sale. Thank you so much for your opinions, but they are greatly misinformed. Approximately 50% of our horses go to very well funded rescues, while the other 50% go to private individuals like you and I. 0% go to slaughter. 0% are sold outside of auction once consigned. We are not horse traders, we are a auction house. Lastly, never was it stated that these horses are from a rescue, as I stated above I’ll release more info as the date nears.
In case you are unaware, we are located in California and have a law called PROHIBITION OF HORSE SLAUGHTER AND SALE OF HORSE MEAT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION ACT OF 1998. I’ve attached the bill to the end of my post to help in your education. While what has been said might be true about some auctions and some private buyers (i don’t dispute there are some bad cases out there), it’s not true about our auction. I truly know our auction gives horses as good, if not a better chance than any other method at placing a horse in a home with people that will love and cherish it. We also give horses who are in bad situations or at risk of being in a bad situation the opportunity to be connected with rescues, and people who will properly care for them. I don’t believe I will change your opinion over Facebook, and can hardly compete with the misinformation, and broad generalizations that shape the opinion of so many. I mean look at the above post, people are outraged without knowing any real facts beside what i’ve posted. You are invited to come on down and see our sale in action. Come on down and see the scores of awesome buyers, and rescue organizations who take these horse home day in and day out. -Shaun

*SECTION 1. TITLE This act shall be known and may be cited as the Prohibition of Horse Slaughter and Sale of Horsemeat for Human Consumption Act of 1998. SEC. 2. FINDINGS AND DECLARATIONS The people of the State of California find and declare: (a) The horse is part of California’s heritage, having played a major role in California’s historical growth and development. Horses contribute significantly to the enjoyment of generations of recreation enthusiasts in California. (b) Horses are not raised for food or fiber and are taxed differently than food animals. (c) Hundreds of thousands of California horses have been slaughtered for food in order to provide a gourmet meat to foreign markets. (d) Horses can be stolen, or purchased without disclosure or under false pretenses, to be slaughtered or shipped for slaughter. These practices have contributed to crime and consumer fraud. SEC. 3. PURPOSE AND INTENT The people of the State of California hereby declare their purpose and intent in enacting this act to be as follows: (a) To prohibit the sale of horsemeat for food for human consumption in the State of California. (b) To prohibit the slaughter of California horses to be used for food for human consumption. (c) To recognize horses as an important part of California’s heritage that deserve protection from those who would slaughter them for food for human consumption. SEC. 4. Section 598c is added to the Penal Code, to read: 598c. (a) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, it is unlawful for any person to possess, to import into or export from the state, or to sell, buy, give away, hold, or accept any horse with the intent of killing, or having another kill, that horse, if that person knows or should have known that any part of that horse will be used for human consumption.

*snipped text – the complete text regarding this law can be read here:

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And here’s a quote from one of the “very well funded rescues”, that Shaun on behalf of Mikes Auction says frequents Mike’s Auction, that posted on their rescue page on Facebook in January 2015:

“As always, we only upbid known KB’s, or traders with feedlot/slaughter association.”

This is just one of hundreds of posts made by the well-funded rescues that frequent Mikes Auction.

So the question is, whose lying about kill buyers operating, or not, at auctions and sale yards in California?

Mikes Auction has been a sale yard amongst many that have had kill buyers at their place of business since the 1980’s when there was no laws regarding the horse slaughter trade in California.
They appear to be saying the right words in their quote above, but talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words.

On the other hand, some of the rescues operating from sale yards like Mikes Auction went very quickly from “rags to riches” in the space of 1 year, and a large portion of the donations for the horse rescues that attend sales are for “crisis rescuing” at the sales and the rescues needing money to “outbid the kill buyers” that according to Mikes Auction do not exist at their sales.

What we will say to both Mikes Auction and the donation-funded horse rescues that attend the monthly sales is that not everyone is as naïve and gullible as some of the “true believers” watching what they believe is a real life battle between good and evil.

There are many people in “rescue-land” who have been “in the trenches” in the horse industry and the rescue world, who watch, who read, who ask questions that they expect logical, honest answers to.

Then they put the pieces of the rescue-land puzzle together based on experience and with the information they have gathered, and when intelligent people get conflicting information that just doesn’t make sense, they often just withdraw from helping rescue horses entirely, and they are a huge loss to horses really needing rescuing and help.

But sometimes, through a kind of miracle of coincidence and circumstance, they unite with other people who think the same way they do. Then no one is walking away, and instead and on behalf of the horses being used as pawns in the “greed and glory game”, they work toward “cleaning house”, removing those who are all about making money, having their egos pumped up by naïve “true believer” rescue-cult followers, and if truth be told, are not really against horse slaughter at all and “wish” slaughter houses would reopen in the United States again because we are “light years ahead of how its done in Mexico” (?!?!).

Sale yards and some donation-funded horse rescues are nothing more than “opportunists” taking advantage of an opportunity to make money, and also gain other things too.
Sale yards, kill buyers, horse traders and dealers, and horse rescues being in collusion where “one hand washes the other” is nothing new, and has been going on as long as there have been sale yards and commercial horse slaughter, and money to be made.

Mikes Auction has been in business long enough to know who the kill buyers are. Generally kill buyers come from families with generations of family members supporting horse slaughter and making money from it.

Mikes Auction also knows they are operating out of their auction. This is again validated by hundreds of comments made by the “well-funded rescues” Shaun on behalf of Mikes Auction speaks about.

However, if Mikes Auction is allowing kill buyers to operate from their sale yard, they are breaking the law and are “aiding and abetting” the criminals in the commission of a crime.

If on the other hand Mikes Auction is not willfully allowing kill buyers to operate from their sale yard, then the horse rescues collecting thousands of dollars in donations every month and “real time” at the sale yard to keep horses out of the evil clutches of kill buyers that Mikes Auction claims don’t exist there are misrepresenting, committing fraud, and are being unethical with their lies regarding “rescuing” horses.

We will not state our opinion based on experiences with various sales yards in a few different states (including Mikes Auction) with, and without laws governing horse slaughter.

However, kill buyers are operating from Mikes Auction according to several horse rescues who use the threat of horses going to slaughter illegally to rake in thousands of $$$ in donations.

So don’t the horse rescues attending those sales month after month, who also know exactly who the kill buyers and other slaughter actors are, have an ethical and moral responsibility when they witness the commission of a crime to report it?

Instead of asking for and collecting free money donations that contributes greatly to their “very well funded rescue” status, shouldn’t they instead be working toward and helping the agencies who are responsible for enforcing the law pertaining to the horse slaughter industry ban be doing just that……HELPING instead of enabling kill buyers to operate illegally and unfettered?

Either Mikes Auction is lying about kill buyers operating at their sale yard, and they are trying to cover their behinds with their quote above.

Or the various horse rescues that are funded with “crisis donations” they ask for, and that are sent to them to “rescue” horses from being bought by the kill buyers operating illegally from Mikes Auction, are misrepresenting and committing non-profit fraud regarding the need for donations to buy horses so the kill buyers don’t buy them.

Always follow the money trail and it will lead straight to the culprits who are benefitting from horses going to slaughter from a state where the horse slaughter industry is effectively illegal.

Please see our blog post about the 60 sanctuary horses going to an auction being in jeopardy of going to slaughter from California where horse slaughter dealings have been illegal since November 3, 1998: https://4graceandtruth.wordpress.com/2015/01/17/remember-talk-is-only-playing-its-actions-that-bring-change/


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