Animal Enterprise Terrorism (AET); Accountability and Full Disclosure Coming to a Donation-Funded Rescue Near You

Animal Enterprise Terrorism aka “rescue raids” and “seizure scams” done by “retail rescues” “partnering” with animal controls throughout the country:

They are happening in epidemic proportions around the country according to Dr. Don Henneke in a statement he released before he passed away in 2012.
Dr. Henneke is the inventor of the weight assessment scale for horses used by veterinarians and horse “rescues”, and often misused according to Dr. Henneke:

It is unfortunate that many of the donation-funded animal rescues, whom are basically “retail rescues” (also known as “welfare rescues” because they operate, and their primary players live off the kindness and generosity of others) use seizure scams to bring in thousands upon thousands of $$$ in entirely free donation money panhandled from kind-hearted but gullible and naïve people from around the country, and also other countries, which is what these animal traders/brokers/dealers/”flippers” posing as animal ‘rescues’ live off of since most of the primary players in the “rescue” do not have jobs outside of rescue because “rescue is their job” (basically they are “too good” to work doing work outside of rescue, but many people realize they are just plain lazy and that’s the reason they have volunteer-‘slaves’ doing all the daily work for them).

They also use “seizure scams” as a way to “freshen up their merchandise” (and they dispose of “old and/or “outdated merchandise” animals that aren’t ‘selling’/’adopted for a fee’ by KILLING or “disappearing them to death”) of entirely free animals they take from people with the help of tax-payer funded government agencies like animal control/services that they “partner” with, and have to convince gullible people that animals need to be “put down” at their “rescue” facility without any vet reports stating that NEEDS to happen, or animals are simply “disappeared” “somewhere”, to make room for the new merchandise they are bringing in they will be “adopting-for-a-fee” (SELLING).

Before doing “rescue”, and also while doing “rescue” and BEFORE registering anywhere as a “rescue”, many of the “founders” and their cohorts/primary players in “rescue” were/are collecting unemployment benefits, disability payments for supposed “disabilities” even though they are able to train horses for the public, train dogs, handle various types of animals, but they are supposedly too disabled to even work a desk job where they are on disability leave from, and not “well enough” to go back to full time work…..really?

Sounds like a scam to some/many people who have been following the antics and criminal behavior of these “rescuers” for a few years as they go from being “tapped-out” and broke to moving to nicer facilities, having nicer vehicles bought for them by naïve but kind-hearted people.

People who are watching and investigating the “swindler donation-funded retail rescues” who are fleecing the animal loving public are accumulating more and more evidence in the scammers own words, and in photo and video documentation of the scams they run, and this information is being sent on to law enforcement agencies who are investigating these so-called “rescues”.
ANY and ALL of the rescues these swindler rescues “partner” with are also suspect because of their association with known scammers, and they too are being investigated.

Its because of people like this in “rescue” that many people that own animals will NOT ask for help (and that’s a favorite of the mobs of people that are ramped-up is “why didn’t they ask for help?”…..THIS is why….) even if they need it because if one of these “retail-welfare rescues” get their hooks into them and ramp-up a “mindless social media madness mob” to go on the attack for them, these people will NOT get any help, they instead will be attacked, be dragged through the mud, have all of their animals seized, they may have their children taken by CPS, and they are often jailed.

And when they are released, and the people wouldn’t have been asking for help if they had extra money for an attorney, (another interesting fact is that many of the prospective “targets” for “seizure scams” are also researched to an extent when neighborhoods are “trolled” by the “rescues” looking for their next victim, to see if they would have the means to “fight back”, hire an attorney…..many of the “seizures” are planned attacks, and we’ll have more on that later outlining who this scam works), the victims of “seizure scams” usually end up with PTSD from the viciousness of the attacks on them by so-called “animal lovers”, they definitely cannot afford an attorney to go on the offense because they had to have a public defender when they were on the defense. so they tuck their tail, relocate, and try to stay off anyone’s radar.

The good news is that as these greedy scammers posing as rescuers in their quest for money keep attacking more and more people, whether animal owners, or other rescues, with their army of “true believer” cult-members, it is being noticed by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies who are fielding thousands of “false reports” by people who are just following the orders of their “favorite rescue” who has them breaking the law by false reporting, and when the chips are down, they will throw all but their closest friends “under the bus” to save their own skins from prosecution, and some would throw their own kids to the wolves if it meant avoiding jail time.

Because of these “posers”, there are people from all over the country working on Accountability and Full Disclosure Checklists/Questionnaires so that BEFORE they get involved in a seizure, THEY must disclose to Animal Control, law enforcement in the city or county the seizure will take place in, the D.A.’s office, etc:

1.  Who they are, produce a resume and references that can be fact-checked and verified;

2. Their finances and financial history;

3. What will happen to all of the animals they steal (oops, seize);

4. Will they as a 1st course of action actually HELP animal owners right at their own property and then re-evaluate in a month, 2 months, etc until the animal owners are back on their feet, or perhaps not, in which case the animals may need to find new homes.

5. Are they also willing to publically post ALL the vet reports for ALL of the animals they seize and/or rescue using donation money?

6. Will they post daily photos and videos of the animals they seize and/or rescue using donation money?

7. If they “have” to “put down” or euthanize an animal, will they publically post the vet report that states it is the only course of action?

8. If they do “euthanize” an animal, will they post the euthanasia report, the billing for the euthanasia, and also the billing for the disposal of the body? This is necessary especially for horse rescues because some “rescues that aren’t” have a very bad habit of giving away or selling horses into the slaughter pipeline, and until all the paperwork being sent to authorities can get them prosecuted, we need to block this avenue of disposing of “broken un-useable merchandise” that happen to be horses that were supposed to rescued and safe, and not discarded and dead.

So many more questions, and so few answers are forth-coming from the “retail-welfare rescues” operating throughout the country that it is necessary to force accountability and full disclosure to separate the real rescues from the scammer rescues that pop up every day around the country because its “easy pickin’s” of free money from kind-hearted, but gullible animal lovers who are “addicted to crisis rescuing” where there is “no time to be asking all these questions (so the scammer rescues say) when lives need to be saved NOW”.

As it is now, there are many, many questions the “retail-welfare rescues” will not answer when asked by the donating public, so many concerned animal lovers who really do care what happens AFTER donation-funded rescues “rescue” animals are pushing AG’s offices to make Accountability and Full Disclosure Checklists/Questionnaires a requirement to weed-out the scammers in animal rescue so that the real rescues who have no problem being accountable and filling out whatever paperwork they need to can do their good work without fear of attack by scammer rescues and their legions of cult-members who are brain-washed by master manipulator “opportunists”, of honest rescuing of animals, and also helping animal owners keep their animals who may just need a little help because they fell on hard times but do not deserve to have their family members who happen to be animals stolen from them, put into new homes, and many are simply killed because they are “broken merchandise” of no value once their “pity/sympathy donation-value” has been exhausted.

There are also Accountability and Full Disclosure Checklists being completed that are for use by prospective donors, followers of a donation-funded rescue, etc that can be sent to the rescue to fill out and return that go to their “transparency” in rescue, and their willingness to disclose information that is being asked for, not just what they carefully choose to post publically which is usually strategic marketing.

So stay-tuned and the Accountability and Full Disclosure Checklists and Questionnaires will be available to the public shortly.

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