The “Big Picture” Regarding Commercial Horse Slaughter and OUR Countries Wild Horses

A Post on Another Blog:

Our Perspective related to this blog post looking at “the bigger picture”:

Ole Olson is nothing more than an “opportunist” taking advantage of an opportunity that is available to him.
I’ve spoken to him a few times at one or the other of the weekly livestock “kill” sales in Fallon, Nevada when I would go there to buy/rescue horses, and its apparent that just like opportunists in many areas of life, without the “suppliers” supplying the horses for him to buy and ship to slaughter, he’d either look for another opportunity, or since he’s pretty old, he’d probably just retire.

As long as the law regarding the horse slaughter trade in California being illegal since November 3, 1998 isn’t being enforced, what chance is there getting anyone to pay too much attention to this happening in states where it is legal?

The law in CA being broken at every sale in CA is in fact being used by several donation-funded horse rescues that make thousands of $$$ in donations every month to go to the sales like Mikes Auction in Mira Loma, CA and “outbid the kill buyers”, they then take the horses donation money bought (and they are not required to give a line item accounting of where the money is spent), they “sort them” just like at feedlots, and then they sell (“adopt for a fee”) horses with value, and then often “put down” (kill) or “disappear” horses to places that are known to a few (we almost have documentation of a horse rescue in CA funneling horses back into the slaughter pipeline “through the back-door” to in-state and out-of-state kill buyer’s), and since many in the horse loving public find it difficult to care that much about wild horses, range horses off of ranches, reservation horses, etc going to slaughter from states where the commercial horse slaughter industry is not illegal, it doesn’t factor into their “saving” of horses because “they’re just wild horses”, so we need to save horses that can be “used” for something (its called “de-valuing”, and it happens all the time in animal rescue), and rather than get the law in CA ENFORCED, we’ll support the rescues who do nothing toward enforcement, but they do rescue ‘good horses’ and “not so much” those wild horses no one can deal with”.

There are hundreds of quotes from several horse rescues in CA where they write they “outbid the kill buyers” or “we bought a horse off the meat truck in the parking lot at the sale”, so basically they are witnesses to crimes being committed at every sale in CA (Mikes Auction, Turlock, Petaluma, Lancaster, Ontario) and they do NOTHING about it because the donations they collect before each and every sale to go “rescue” horses that shouldn’t need “rescuing” is a very large part of their income.

If more people would inundate the AG’s office in CA, and also the CA Dept of Ag with complaints regarding the obvious, blatant, and public law-breaking by kill buyers according to the public posts on CA horse rescues FB pages and blogs that happens at every sale, the AG’s office and the CA Dept of Ag would have no choice but to send in undercover investigators to watch the happenings.
One of the horse “rescues” even has their founder in a video stating that “that guy in the cage (sale ring at Mikes Auction in Mira Loma, CA) IS the kill buyer” (and from having gone to those sales when I still lived in CA back before the 1998 ban on horse slaughter was in effect, that guy IS probably the kill buyer even though Shaun the representative for Mikes Auction writing on their FB page cited the CA law and wrote they have no kill buyers at their sales…..yeah, right Shaun, so whose lying, you or the horse rescues that attend your sales?) but yet she and her rescue, the rescues they “partner” with, and other rescues throughout CA who use the threat of horses going to slaughter illegally do NOTHING to help with ENFORCEMENT of the laws because that would cut-off a big portion of their money stream which they use to stay in operation seeing as most of the horse rescues in question in CA do not have primary participants who have jobs outside of rescue, and that is why these types of rescues are called “retail-welfare rescues”.

Accountability and Full Disclosure Checklists/Questionnaires will be circulating soon. Donation-funded rescues who are honest and forthright will have no issue with filling them out if someone sends one to them and returning them to the sender to be verified and fact-checked.

The swindler donation-funded rescues however will probably either ignore them, they may try to cyber-bully the sender, and perhaps they may even round-up their cult-like “enabler” followers to do some illegal false reporting (that the FBI has gotten wise too by-the-way) and have the sender of the checklist swarmed and mobbed and having to deal with tax-payer funded government agencies so that that person will stop asking questions, or they may try to befriend and smooze the sender of the checklist to show them “how much they care about animals”, while still not answering some simple questions.

So as long as there are donation-funded horse rescues and rescuers making money from the threat of horses going to slaughter from one of the very few states (that is also more liberal and horse loving than most of the more livestock-oriented states) where the commercial horse slaughter industry is illegal but the law has ONLY been enforced 1 TIME in over 16 years even though we know from public postings by horse rescues that kill buyers are operating freely at every sale, and these rescues are witnessing crimes and “enabling” them so they can get their “piece of the pie”, the horse slaughter trade in states that are far more livestock industry controlled, where horses are treated the same as “food-chain” animals when the use-and-purpose for them is done, and who are totally anti-wild horse and burro will never pass laws banning the commercial horse slaughter industry.

The solution is to separate the real horse rescues who are 100% anti-commercial horse slaughter and are also pro-management of wild horses and burros primarily on the open range/public land from the “donation-funded retail-welfare rescues” who actually make money based on threats of horses going to slaughter unless they “outbid the kill buyers”, or in the case of state wild horses being captured and/or reservation horses being “rescued” whereby the “rescue” gets in thousands of $$$ in donations, buys bunches of horses, and then after the “rescue”, the public doesn’t keep track of what the rescue is doing with the horses that donation money bought, and quite often, many of the wild or reservation Mama mares have their babies stripped off them, and the mares are sold back into the slaughter pipeline through the local livestock “kill” sales, or sold directly to the feedlot, and off to slaughter they go.

Horse rescues can say what their position on issues are, but then their actions, or lack of action, shows differently, so accountability and full disclosure has become a necessity and not just a choice anymore.

And by-the-way, “rescuing a horse” from slaughter only to de-value them and kill them using other methods is a play taken directly out-of-the animal control, peta, and hsus playbooks, and is a slippery slope regarding the “de-valuing” of life, which in 1930’s Germany led to Hitler’s T4 Program of euthanizing their own citizens that had “issues” and/or that were not “useful” anymore.

It’s explained in this lengthy blog post how to slow down the “suppliers” of horses into the slaughter pipeline so that the “opportunists” (and unfortunately, some donation-funded horse rescues are also considered “opportunists” too) in the horse slaughter industry would go out of business for lack of horses to ship:

For this to work however, we’d have to get all the donation-funded and self-funded horse rescues, horse rescuers, advocates, horse lovers against horse slaughter, etc on the same page.

THAT will not happen as long as there is free donation money to be made generated by the threat of horses being slaughtered (and also the lovely accolades some of these women in rescue, and a few men, live on), there is no accountability and full disclosure regarding where the donation money is going, where are all the horses that are being rescued with donation money going, if they are being killed, WHY were they killed, where is the euthanasia report, etc, and too many horses will continue to be produced, too many will be wrecked in training, too many will be used-up and thrown out like broken furniture, and the cycle will keep repeating with hundreds of thousands horses going to slaughter, whether legally, or as it happens in California, ILLEGALLY, with NONE of the horse rescues sending in complaint after complaint, along with their followers complaints, to the AG’s office, and also the CA Dept of Ag.
A few people caring enough to send in screen shots of rescues posting about “out bidding kill buyers” at CA sales is not going to get much attention and/or action.
However, thousands of complaints being sent in with screenshots of the horse rescues who attend the sales writing they are “outbidding the kill buyers” WOULD get ATTENTION and ACTION, especially if the media got involved.

And once the anti-horse slaughter public actually saw the CA law being ENFORCED and sale yards were shut down, fined, prosecuted, kill buyers were investigated, fined, prosecuted, and maybe even jailed, THAT would lift the morale of the anti-horse slaughter advocates out of the doldrums we’ve been floating in, we would gain strength, and go state by state if we have to in order to get anti-horse slaughter legislation, laws, and bans in place, and THEN, what the hell does the BLM think they are going to do with all those wild horses they’re capturing at an accelerated pace if commercial horse slaughter is no longer an option for 1. making money selling “pure untainted meat” to foreign countries and 2. for disposal of over 60,000 horses, and also burros to other countries that eat burro meat?

Hmm, they may just have to sit down and speak with those of us who have skills in various aspects in the horse world with equine behavior, hierarchies in bands, the horses physiology, and psychology, they’d have to suck-it-up and listen to people with the numbers and dollars and cents skills pertaining to this issue, they’d have to speak with biologists and environmentalists who are not horse experts but are in fact experts in their field of study regarding the public range our wild horses and burros have roamed on for centuries, they’d have to listen to people with solid veterinary skills not slanted against wild horses and burros, etc.

As it is now, as long as an anti-horse slaughter law is not being enforced in one measly state like California that is a lot more liberal and horse loving than many of the western and mid-western states where the livestock industry and horses being treated just like food-chain animals rules, our wild horses and burros will continue to be eradicated because the end goal is to use commercial slaughter as a means of disposal, and too make a bit of money from the pure meat, but without that option (commercial horse slaughter done here in the US, and also making it illegal to ship horses out of the US for slaughter either), they will have to rethink the eradication, and maybe it ill be private business industry that’s trying to take over our public land with FENCES who will be eradicated instead


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