Time For Horse Slaughter Dealers (“Suppliers” and “Opportunists”) to Operate Legally

As stated in an earlier post that explained what we feel the real issues with commercial horse slaughter are, with “suppliers” having no incentive to stop producing too many horses, and stop using training methods that are geared toward success in whatever endeavors the horse is to be used for, but are not geared toward longevity too (to name but a few reasons “suppliers” dump horses into the slaughter pipeline); here are some rules and regulations that should be required if the commercial horse slaughter industry continues in the United States.

If horse slaughter continues, here is a list of requirements that would close a lot of loopholes for people in the slaughter business so they would NOT be able to continue to operate unethically and illegally and for FREE, and it will also keep people who are not dealers and don’t regularly sell horses into the slaughter pipeline to have to end up paying and being regulated as if they do.

And whether horses are shipped 50 miles, or 500 miles, or 5000 miles to slaughter (and is something the pro-horse slaughter faction loves to point out as being oh-so-much more humane having slaughterhouses that process horses here in the US when the FACT is that having horse processing plants here will save the opportunists MORE money by them not having to pay to ship horses as far perhaps, and/or not having to deal with getting horses over International borders) is not the point because there is A LOT that occurs BEFORE the horses are shipped, accidents often happen in trailers when horses are crammed into them within 1-10 miles of leaving the feedlot because the horses are still fresh and fighting for positioning in the trailer, and many times, horses get injured in the first 5-10 minutes in the trailer with horses they don’t know, and of mixed sexes, ages, and hierarchy/behavior levels.

So the reasons horses that are in the slaughter pipeline are subjected to cruelty is because of people lacking in empathy and compassion, not possessing a conscience, and being more interested in saving and/or making money with horse slaughter.

These laws, rules, and regulations will also help protect our wild horses, both Federal/BLM and State, who are in grave danger of being shipped to slaughter by the hundreds of thousands because they are untainted, pure meat unlike most of the domestic horses that go to slaughter who at the very least are vaccinated and dewormed, but more often than not are given various drugs and medications during the years they are used by humans for various endeavors.

Rules and regulations may be difficult to enforce, however, if we taxpayers demand that they be followed, perhaps with our majority numbers we could keep the horse slaughter industry here in the United States shut-down, and also stop the shipping of our American horses to other countries for slaughter, or we can force them to spend money in order to operate legally and with rules and regulations as MOST businesses are required to do.

Quite frankly, as a business owner myself, and in speaking with other business owners who operate legally, we’re beyond tired of horse slaughter dealers (and a horse slaughter dealer in my experience is anyone who directly or indirectly sends 2 or more horses to slaughter every year, and it is NOT accidently when 2 or more horses from the same source and origins end up in the slaughter pipeline and usually go to slaughter) operating outside the law in terms of business licensing, maintaining commercial vehicle AND business insurance, getting finger printed and background checked like I have to do for my property preservation business, etc, because when we consider that even used car dealers are required to be background checked and finger-printed, and there are many other businesses that require the owners and employees to be finger printed and background checked, why should horse slaughter dealers not have the same requirements considering their horses are going into the human food chain and are often full of poisonous and prohibited drugs that cause illness and death in people.

These rules and regulations would also protect horse owners who would never in a million years ship a horse to their horrific death by slaughter from being forced to abide by the same rules as proposed by the NAIS (and now other programs because of the extreme resistance by anti-slaughter horse owners to the NAIS being implemented) for food chain animals as those who deal directly or indirectly in horse slaughter and are horse slaughter dealers:

  1. Anyone who deals in horse slaughter, be it a breeder (a supplier), a kill buyer (an opportunist), a feedlot (opportunist), an owner (supplier), a transporter (opportunist), a slaughterhouse owner (opportunist), a trainer (supplier), a sale yard/auction (opportunist), etc, will have to secure and pay for a Horse Slaughter Dealer’s License, complete with background checks, finger printing, fee’s, etc if documentation shows that more than 1 of their horses has gone into the slaughter pipeline and is slated for and/or is slaughtered.

Seriously, when I sold 3 cars and a horse trailer in a month several years ago because we didn’t need the vehicles anymore, I was contacted by entities (the county I live in regarding a business license, and also the taxation board) that said I needed to get a Car Dealer’s license even though I really was a private party seller.

So why shouldn’t people dealing and making a living with horse slaughter have to secure a Dealer’s license, complete with an IRS filing, and have all of their own rules, regulations and requirements separate from the rest of us horse people who don’t deal in slaughter?

Also, many people involved in horse slaughter are convicted felons, are often on parole, have warrants out on them, have issues with their drivers licenses (suspended, revoked, need an SR-22 filing, etc), so many people will NOT get finger printed and/or have background checks performed because they are afraid they will end up in jail, and thus, they would be eliminated from dealing in horse slaughter just to make a few bucks as a “nickel and dimer” kill buyer/horse trader.

  1. Anyone dealing in horse slaughter will be required to carry COMMERCIAL liability business insurance with at least 1 million dollar liability limits, AND will also be required to pay for and carry COMMERCIAL vehicle insurance with the higher limits.

MOST of the people involved in slaughter use their regular stock or horse trailers for towing horses around locally (before the horse is shipped to a slaughter facility and usually transported with 10 or more horses), however, if an at-fault accident occurs and their insurance carrier finds out the accident occurred while their vehicles were being used for business/commercial purposes, any claims will be denied/declined by the claims adjuster.

We know from having ties to the insurance industry for nearly 30 years, and just buying a horse at the kill sale which will be shipped to slaughter and driving them to the feedlot in the smaller stock trailer, or driving horses to the kill sale in a regular trailer with the owners pickup truck (so not the big commercial livestock 30+ horse trailers with a semi truck pulling it) and/or the feedlot in order to sell them for slaughter is considered by the insurance company to be business/commercial use of the vehicle if it is investigated and found to be a business the individual is operating using statutory vehicle insurance instead of commercial insurance (rates are A LOT higher for commercial), then the claim will be denied.

  1. Because the stakes are a bit higher when it comes to horse slaughter and shipping possibly tainted horse meat and sickening and/or killing people, anyone dealing in horse slaughter will have to carry General Liability Insurance to cover possible claims, and also prosecution for dealing in tainted horse meat.

Once again, those people who are 100% against horse slaughter should NEVER be held accountable and/or liable for horse slaughter dealers being negligent and shipping horses with drugs, additives, and other substances in their systems.
However, as it is now, all American citizens will be held accountable for any lawsuits because there are NOT special rules, laws and regulations pertaining to horse slaughter dealers in a broader range.

  1. For the breeders who regularly “breed and then dump” horses at the kill sales, sell directly to the feedlot’s, and/or ship directly to slaughter, they will be required to microchip and/or freeze or hot brand their horses to be able to identify them when they go to slaughter.

When one of their horses goes through sales, feedlots, etc and ends up at the slaughterhouse, the horse will be held, the breeder will be contacted and will be required to provide an entire record from birth of the horses vaccination records, drug records, dewormer and supplements records, other “additives” records, etc. Every person that has owned that horse between the breeder and when they end up at the slaughterhouse will also be required to provide documentation/records on the horse as well.

If these records are not provided, the horse cannot be slaughtered and must be humanely euthanized at the slaughterhouse and disposed of at the sellers’ expense.

  1. Also for the breeders, they will have a quota of the number of horses they can produce every year (like what they have in many European countries, where they breed higher quality horses because they are breeding for quality instead of quantity) and if they go over their quota, they will be taxed/fined for every horse over their quota.
  2. Anyone dealing in slaughter horses will have their own required Bill of Sale stating that the horse is either free of drugs, vaccines, dewormers, additives, etc, or they are not, and they will be required to sign with copies going to the State they reside in, the Buyer, one for them, and a copy goes to the Federal government.

This will enable a horse’s ownership, drug, substance, and additive record to be more precisely traced. And although I do know people are always yapping about “less government”, I’ve also noticed that these same people always want less government when it doesn’t benefit them (as in them being in business directly or indirectly as horse slaughter dealers, but are not currently required to be licensed and insured as such), but more government when it does (thus the re-opening of United States slaughterhouses that process horses that we taxpayers are forced to pay for USDA inspector’s).

This slaughter Bill of Sale will also differentiate the people who deal in horse slaughter from other horse people who do not, and will also keep the anti-horse slaughter people from being subjected to rules, laws and regulations like the NAIS that not only cost us money, but also infringe on our private non-business/non-slaughter ownership of horses when we are not putting any horses into the food chain with drugs and other additives in their systems.

Those of us who are in fact anti-horse slaughter should NEVER be targeted just because other horse people choose to deal in horse slaughter.

  1. The SELLER of the horse going to slaughter (so not the slaughterhouses) will also pay an inspection fee at the slaughterhouse so that we taxpayers don’t have to;
  1. Anyone sending a horse to slaughter will be required to pay for a blood test to test for drugs and other “additives” in the horses system, and the horse will be held until the results of the blood test come back.
    If the horse is found to have drugs or other additives in their system and paperwork has been signed saying they were clean, not only will the seller have to pay for humane euthanasia and disposal of the horses body AT the facility they are at, than the person performing the fraudulent actions will be:

*First time offense-fined;

*Second offense-fined and suspended from selling horses to slaughter for 1 year;

*Third offense-prosecuted as a repeat offender in fraudulent activities, possibly jailed, and their licensing is permanently revoked as a Horse Slaughter Dealer.

When people finally realize the FACT that the horse slaughter industry is NOT driven by the “backyard horse owners or breeders” and IS ALL ABOUT people with multiple horses (SUPPLIERS) like mass production breeders, owners of a lot of broodmares, stallions, young horses, show horses, racehorses, etc, trainers of a lot of horses often for racing and/or futurities, ranchers with a lot of horses of varying uses, etc,  they don’t want for whatever reasons selling them at sales, to kill buyers, to feedlot’s, and sometimes directly to the slaughterhouses just so they can SAVE the thousands upon thousands of dollars it would cost them to humanely euthanize their unwanted horses and dispose of the bodies, that is when we begin to become a fair and honest society who holds others accountable for their actions when they are cheating.

Many people get angry at the sale yards, the kill buyer’s, the feedlot’s, the transporter’s, and the slaughterhouses, but the FACT is that these individuals and businesses are nothing more than OPPORTUNISTS as we see in most any business or industry, however, the opportunist’s cannot stay in the business of horse slaughter if the suppliers aren’t supplying as many horses because it’s costing them to dispose of horses if these rules are implemented, and if they were having to PAY for licensing, insurance, inspections, blood tests, etc, to dispose of horses they don’t want instead of it being FREE as it is now, they would “self-police” because of the cost, and thus, less horses being produced, used-up and thrown away, etc.

Smack the SUPPLIERS in the wallet, and we would see the numbers of horses going to slaughter drop dramatically, and without the supply of horses, we would not see slaughterhouses that process horses opening here in the United States because it would not be a money-maker for the owners, and opportunists would get out of the business of slaughter if there was more scrutiny and cost associated with shipping horses to slaughter out of the country.

There is also the stigma associated with dealing in horse slaughter, so many of these same suppliers who fly under the radar whereby many of their friends, acquaintances, and associates do not even know they sell their horses that end up going to slaughter from the kill sales and the feedlot’s they are sold from and to, will stop dealing in horse slaughter in any way if they have to become legally licensed, finger-printed and background checked and will go on public record as dealing in horse slaughter even if it is indirectly.

It’s ALL ABOUT MONEY, making and/or saving it, so smack the suppliers and the opportunists in the pocketbook and I believe we’d see a radical decrease in horses going into the slaughter pipeline destined for an inhumane death from commercial horse slaughter, whether in a foreign country, or right here in the United States of America.

2 thoughts on “Time For Horse Slaughter Dealers (“Suppliers” and “Opportunists”) to Operate Legally

    1. Yes, it is and that’s why if the commercial horse slaughter industry continues to operate, rules and regulations must be put in place to protect the public regarding tainted horse meat.

      If rules and regulations were implemented that would cost the primary suppliers of horses into the slaughter pipeline there is a good chance the industry will collapse because the motivation for the suppliers dumping horses into that pipeline is that its FREE and currently with the few regulations that are in place, the Department of Agriculture allows the suppliers and opportunists to play very loose with those few rules.

      They need to have their feet held to the fire and then we’ll see who still wants to ship horses to slaughterfwhen its NOT FREE and also has consequences attached when laws are broken.


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