Greed Its A Sin

GET THEM NO-ACCOUNT WILD HORSES OUT-of-HERE (Even though they were/are the CORNERSTONE of the American Quarter Horse BREED:

The crummy attitude toward wild horses from open range cattle ranchers, the mining industry, the fracking industry, natural gas, and oil industries, developers, etc is basically “get them scraggly old wild horses off the horses rightful AND LAWFUL Open Range Herd Management Areas (HMA’s) Open Range, out of the public eye, ‘out of sight, out of mind’ so-to-speak, and then “POOF”, your tax dollars at work without your permission will ELIMINATE them for once and for always.
They’ll be gone away never to be seen or heard from again except on a dinner plate in a foreign country perhaps, being fed to zoo animals, in a can of dog or cat food, fed to prisoners at private prisons that are gaining in popularity for those who dare to “speak-up” and the privately-owned and run prison reaps the benefits of taking the over-flow of ‘criminals’, etc.

There has been a war brewing between horse rescues, other types of animal rescues, and wild horse and/or animal advocates………seriously,  YES THERE HAS, and it got really SERIOUS when Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets made “social media marketing” FREE and EASY and bunches of people began competing for DONATION MONEY and ACCOLADES.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is no feeling in the world that can match the E Ticket ride of doing a kick-ass timed jumper course, a hair on fire cross country jumping “go”, being a passenger on a naturally talented born and bred for cutting horse “doing their thing”, and coming out on top, and also being a fierce, aggressive competitor in sports, equestrian events and competing to WIN while also having FUN too.

Win at All Costs
However, if the person who is competing, especially when their partners in competition are a trusting  animal, and they are mean, cruel, dishonest, and hurt other people and also animals to WIN at any and all costs because “winning and getting the glory” are their only God they worship at the altar of, THAT PERSON is no competitor that ANY TRUE COMPETITORS have ANY respect for, and true sportsmen and women will make it their duty to “out” those who behave in de-civilized ways and that hurt other people and animals.

The controversy involves those donation-funded animal rescues who are honest, ethical, transparent, they try to help animal owners KEEP their animals, and also try and HELP other rescues not “fold”, because the more animal rescues we have, the better it is for the animals.
These types of rescues are also not normally the flashiest, they’re more low-key regarding asking for donations, they don’t have a new and dramatic emergency rescue to do every day, or at least every week that is good for collecting money from the “crisis rescue junkies” who are literally addicted to dramatic, even when they are made up, rescuing.
These rescues also often take in the true throw-away animals everyone, including other animal rescues de-value as “broken and useless merchandise”, so the kind-hearted animal lovers that value the lives of all animals no matter what flaws or imperfections they may have take them in until its their time to move on to The Rainbow Bridge.
They also aren’t always the most eloquent of writers because they write in real life non-fiction instead of what some wanna-be ‘rescuers’ do who write in nearly pure phony, made-up fiction.

The Good Gal and Guy Rescuers are the ones who will answer truthfully any and all questions the donating and supportive public has for them, and doesn’t ignore the questions, doesn’t become evasive, doesn’t ever get aggressive when presented with reasonable questions that are not attacks and/or harassment.

girls fighting2

The BAD and the UGLY in Animal Rescue:
But then we have the COMPETITIVE ‘every woman and man for themselves’ “retail rescues” who are literally common animal brokers/dealers/traders.
And OMG, if another rescue even hints they “need help”, too bad, so sad because now that rescue needing some “help” has a big bulls-eye on their back, and there is blood in the water that the ‘rescue-sharks’ can smell from a million miles away.
These rescues that aren’t will bide their time, wait until no, or too little  help is forthcoming, the animals begin to deteriorate, and then these ghouls swoop in like the great hero’s, pleading for other peoples money so they can “rescue these poor animals other people let get this bad” and because they know the “crisis rescue junkies” only donate to a drama-fueled explosion of exciting, back-biting, trashing and finger pointing that make the roller derby women of yesteryears look like cute little cream-puffs of sweetness and light, that isn’t really rescue and instead is a really shitty soap opera happening in real life with animals and people getting hurt and dying…….sick, sick, sick…….but so it goes over, and over, and over again in the current age of ‘animal rescue’.

They “rescue” for the MONEY (and constantly yap about “we spent this much here, and this much for that, and we collected this much donation money” but anyone with even an average intelligence level asks “WHERE are the vet reports, the vet bills, the feed bills, and at least 4 photos of each and every horse or other animal you’ve ‘rescued’ showing all full body views of each and every horse, burro, mule, dog, cat, etc?”. Some/Many people know you are liars and cheaters, so show bills, actual vet reports, and all of your rescue accounts screen shots and you MAY be able to have some people change their minds and not go forward with exposing you), the free material goods, the power, the control, because they are greedy and narcissistic, and because they live for the accolades of how “wonderful and heroic” they are, when that is pure BS because its really easy to do a lot of things when you are using other peoples money to do it and NOT YOUR OWN because you don’t have a job so you don’t have any of your OWN money to use even if you were willing to.

These ‘competitive’ power hungry people who pose as rescuers apparently have never really competed in anything in their whole lives, so they treat “rescuing animals” as the competition………a very sick, twisted, and nasty game using animals and people as the pawns.


“Sheeple-people” in the PUBLIC don’t even think twice or seem to care one bit when they can’t even get donation-funded horse rescues/animal rescues/wild horse advocates and rescues to answer the most basic questions that are only able to operate because of the kindness and generosity of others who give them entirely FREE money and material goods.

And what is breath-takingly moronic regarding the silly followers and donors of retail rescues is that these donation-funded animal rescues REFUSE to TELL the PUBLIC that SUPPORTS them the physical address of their rescue facility,  REFUSES to show and tell through current photos and videos where every, single animal they rescue and maintain with donated funds is 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year after being “rescued”, REFUSES when asked politely by someone or several someone’s in the PUBLIC that supports them to SCAN and PUBLICALLY POST on their Facebook pages and websites ALL of the vet reports every time their vet looks at an animal, euthanasia reports so the public knows WHY the animal was KILLED, vet bills so the public knows prices and costs are not being inflated with additional money pocketed by the “rescue” founders and inner circle people to use on personal items outside of rescue, etc.

The donation-funded animal rescues just figure that seeing as the government does whatever the hell they want with the taxpayers not having a say so on where their tax payer dollars and subsidy dollars are spent, and our Federally PROTECTED FREE ROAMING wild horses and burros arbitrarily “disappeared”, to ranchers, who by-the-way hate them, private property where the public doesn’t even get to see that they are still their, can do a “head count” and make sure they’re not disappearing, etc, donation-funded animal “rescues” are taking several pages from the governments “playbook”, and are running rampant asking for, begging for, pan-handling for, creating “crisis” rescues where none exist for getting MORE MONEY and material goods from the PUBLIC.

In return however, the PUBLIC gets SQUAT from these free money donation-funded welfare-rescues that actually have the audacity to tell people not to ask them questions and/or have an attitude (typical generational welfare recipient behavior and having a gross sense of entitlement…….really mentally disturbed head cases) who most are literally “retail rescues” and are brokers/dealers/traders in animals as merchandise.

Pants on Fire2

PANTS on FIRE LIARS in Animal Rescue:
The DONATING and SUPPORTIVE PUBLIC supports these free money-funded user-losers who are really good at dancing around the issue of answering questions, and are really good at manipulating stupid people who just “have to BELONG”.
The majority of these types of “rescuers” are habitual liars who contradict and trip themselves up in screen grabs over, and over, and over again for those keeping score, they are sociopaths and chameleons who USE people, animals, and even their own children to get what they want (MONEY, CONTROL, POWER OVER OTHERS, and ACCOLADES because they have what is called a “Hero Complex”), and “throw them under the bus” when done with them, and they are professional swindlers who often have been “working the system” for years and years with “slip and fall” schemes, fraudulent fundraising, collecting disability when they aren’t disabled, collecting food stamps, SSI, you name it, they know how to “work it”.

And the reason we know this is true is because of all of the lies they get caught in in their OWN written words, their pattern of behavior of doing the same schemes and attacks over and over again, and their REFUSAL to answer very simple and reasonable questions regarding the whereabouts and well-being of ALL of the precious animals the PUBLIC gives them money and material goods to rescue because MOST of these donation-funded animal rescues Founders and inner circle people DO NOT HAVE JOBS OUTSIDE OF RESCUE.

So the PUBLIC that stupidly supports these ingrates, and the PUBLIC that doesn’t give two sh*ts what happens to ALL of the animals AFTER they are supposedly “rescued” are simple morons who live in a “rose colored glasses world” and just love to read the fiction written by the sociopathic donation-funded “rescuers” they are led around by the nose by, but if all of their donors and supporters disappeared tomorrow, they’d be dumping animals right and left without a second thought as to their well being, or whether they were dead or alive.

However, for those who actually DO CARE what happens to ALL of the animals during and after they are supposedly “rescued”, if they DARE to ask reasonable questions of the PUBLIC DONATION-FUNDED ‘RESCUE’ that relies on the PUBLIC in order to operate, they are IGNORED, ATTACKED, HARRASSED, BULLIED, STALKED, and other things (similar to what the government sometimes does to whistle-blowers trying to wake up the “sheeple-people” to danger, thievery, unethical, immoral, and other nasty behaviors by drobot people) when they politely ask reasonable questions regarding WHERE are ALL of the animals OUR MONEY ALLOWED you to “rescue” and to also “look good and like hero’s”?

Are YOU READY to “Shake Things Up” and EXPOSE the LIARS?
Some people in the PUBLIC (more and more every day actually, and now some of the politicians and those in law enforcement and the legal system are getting involved too because they didn’t have any idea how bad the fraudsters in animal rescue really are) want to KNOW that the animals they helped “rescue” are alive, they want to see current photos and videos, they want to see the vet reports the rescue portray’s exist as they always paraphrase on the vets behalf (and intelligent people know exactly WHY its done this way), and when they are ignored and get more pushy, they often get “false reported” on to government agencies where tax payer dollars are wasted yet again when law enforcement or other government agencies have to investigate complaints even when it turns out to be “false reporting”……which is illegal but rarely prosecuted, but the more it happens to the same people, the more these agencies know exactly who and what the attackers are up too, and then the “false reporters” ARE on the government agencies radar as “problematic”, “mentally disturbed”, “using tax payers money to retaliate against their victims, etc.

All you need to do to separate the honest, accountable, transparent DONATION-FUNDED animal rescues from the liars and cheaters is send them the questionnaire below…….and then wait for them to respond in one way or another.

If they receive the questionnaire, print it, fill it out, scan, and send it back to you, congratulations, you’ve most likely found yourself a really honest and forthright rescue you can feel confident regarding donating to and supporting.

But then we have “the Others” who ignore the questionnaire, some won’t fill it out but have questions for you as the sender of questions from the donating public that have nothing to do with anything other than wanting to be adversarial, try to confuse you, sweet talk you, get information from you, etc.

Some may act snarky and growl at you, but when you tell them all the correspondence is being sent to the Attorney Generals office of the state their donation-funded non-profit ‘rescue’ is registered in, or you are filing a police report if they aren’t registered anywhere but are saying they are, they usually shut-up very quickly. And the really great news is you would know not to donate to or support them in any way.

So if you “dare to care” about what happens to ALL of the animals donation-funded rescues say they are rescuing using free donation money you and others in the public are sending them, make them prove their honesty and send them the very simple questionnaire, and then you’ll find out who they REALLY are IF or HOW they respond to this very simple and easy to fill out questionnaire.

Recues just mouthing the words and not being willing to put factual reports from licensed professionals, invoices and billings, show photos and videos, etc in writing and/or posted publically on the Internet is simply a ploy to be able to say they were never asked any questions, and can also keep them from being caught in their own web of lies in the written word because they tell so many lies, they can’t remember who they told what to.

So as an animal lover who cares about ALL animals during and after the ‘rescue’, do you really want to deal with a donation-funded rescue that won’t answer the very most simple questions pertaining to the whereabouts and well-being of ALL of the animals they say they are rescuing?

I didn’t think so, so THANK YOU for “daring to care” because unless we can weed-out and expose the bad donation-funded, show-boating “retail-welfare rescues” and help the truly caring animal rescues flourish, the issue of horse slaughter being banned Nationally, including the export of our American horses out of the country for slaughter will NEVER happen because that’s a hot button “crisis/threat” tactic DONATION-FUNDED retail rescues use to get people to send money so they can “supposedly” ‘rescue’ horses from getting into the evil clutches of the kill buyers (and most absurd is that this continues to be a scheme horse rescues use in States like California where the commercial horse slaughter trade has been banned entirely and ILLEGAL for over 16 YEARS!), and the wild horses will all be captured, warehoused, and then shipped to commercial slaughter as “pure drug free meat” because MOST retail horse rescues” don’t care one bit about wild horses because they’re not easily marketable merchandise and are a tough sell.  The plain and nasty truth is that they quite simply couldn’t care less whether wild horses roam free, or if they are captured and whisked away to slaughter………just a few more FACTS for all of you who didn’t know this stuff before………

Rescue Questionnaire1 Rescue Questionnaire2 Rescue Questionnaire3 Rescue Questionnaire4 Rescue Questionnaire5 Rescue Questionnaire6 Rescue Questionnaire7


Where do your charity dollars go

Its really sad that greed and egos get the better of far too many so-called animal lovers in animal rescue.

Here’s a link to a great blog that discusses how money, power, and egos CHANGE PEOPLE for the WORST even in ANIMAL RESCUE:

greedy woman eating burger
Donation-funded adoption-based “retail recues” with no accountability, full disclosure requirements, or transparency are springing up out of nowhere everyday with Founders of the “rescues” not even having jobs, not registered anywhere as a non-profit but still taking in donations and not disclosing the money to the IRS as income since they aren’t even a registered non-profit with the state or the IRS (and it IS illegal to say a rescue is in “pending” status with the IRS when they have not yet even filed their paperwork with the IRS), living off disability payments when they aren’t disabled, collecting SSI, welfare, food stamps, etc, because they won’t get a job……but then, as if by pure magic, they are living in really nice digs, they have barns, arenas, hydraulic squeeze chutes other people paid for, new trailers, vans for transporting dogs, kennels, they can afford to travel to conferences where they are taught how to squeeze more money out of the public and how to convince people its O.K. to de-value the lives of un-useable animals and kill them without the donating sheeple-people in the public caring one bit they’re killing them BTW, so they can bring in new merchandise-animals, and on it goes.

Nobody Cares

Sadly, most of their followers and donors of money and material goods couldn’t care less where all of the animals the rescue “rescues” using donation money end up and ARE 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year later, are they alive or DEAD, no one gets to see vet reports on ALL of the animals the ‘rescue’ says their vet is examining, ALL of the vet bills are not produced, ALL of the euthanasia reports are not produced, necropsy results are not posted even though the public donated to have a necropsy performed because the rescue asked them for money for that, nothing basically that true animal lovers want to see when they CARE about ALL of the animals, and not just the pretty ones, or the babies, or the useable ones, etc.

People instead are only shown and told what the rescue feels like showing and telling and what their marketing people say should be shown to keep the short-memoried public that donates “on the hook” and keeps generating those oxytocin, feel good hormones and emotions of happiness that are great for getting people to get out the credit card again and again.

The Golden Rule
Changes are in the works, so people who love all animals please stay tuned for accountability for primarily donation-funded animal rescues (rescues whose primary players have “rescue IS their job” usually) that right now are purely voluntary, but testing to see if questions will be answered on a voluntary basis is proving to the agencies that over-see animal rescues that it most likely will need to be made a requirement so that more animals aren’t killed that shouldn’t be, all monies from donations required to be accounted for to the penny, all vet reports, euthanasia reports, vet bills, feed bills, etc will be required to be shown to the public if they are asked for.

Its really easy to separate the real rescues from the retail rescues because any of the donation-funded rescues that are operating mostly from the kindness and generosity of public donations who are honest are happy to answer questions on a voluntary questionnaire sent to them by someone in the public, maybe even someone from a government office “testing the waters” so-to-speak, while the swindler rescues won’t answer organized questions on a questionnaire at all.

With More ACO’s Getting “Into” Their Special Brand of “Rescue”, We NOW Have Animal Serial-Killers On the Loose!

I’ve known many animal control officers for the past 50 or so years. Some are very nice, they know about animals, they’re friendly with people and wish to really help animal owners keep their animals and will work with them on ways to improve conditions, will volunteer their time to help the animal owners, will tell them about programs that offer help, etc……just all around nice people who do love animals, and want as a 1st course of action to help keep animals and their owners stay together.


However (and you just knew there had to be a “however”) in todays military-style world of there always being wars of one kind or another that excite some people, disgust others, scare the crap out of some, and then there’s the age old issue of insecure women (these are the women that are just plain awful as animal control officers because of their vast insecurities) having to lie, cheat, make sh*t up to convince ignorant people they’re experts, etc and THIS is all because they have ZERO accomplishments based on skill, talent, and intelligence,  and its the sociopath/psychopaths who are also narcissists that are of the greatest concern that are animal control officers (ACO’s) that look at all the money to be made in animal rescue, and also use their intimidation and lying skills they learned at AC with naïve, foolish animal lovers in “social media marketing land” who they can fleece money out of. These women LOVE control and power because they have no talent or skills to earn anything the legal and correct way.
Many are insecure freaks who LOVE carrying a gun, who love being “in control”, “the boss”, “you listen to me” said in a normal voice, sometimes dripping  with honey, just as all the while they’re talking they have one hand with a hatchet held behind their back in their usually pudgy, nail-bitten fingers ready to do the “off with their head” routine, with their pathetic inner circle minions gathered ’round to “protect their master”, if people do not comply with THE QUEEN of SH*T MOUNTAINS DEMANDS. off with their head2 So they decide “I want some of that” (money and accolades), often even before they may have been fired from animal control where no one likes them because they make everyone look bad that works there, and they get “into” rescuing still carrying all the baggage of usually having killed thousands of animals that were healthy and had no issues, so disposing of rescue animals that MOST PEOPLE FORGET ABOUT ONCE THEY ARE RESCUED USING THEIR MONEY THEY GAVE TO A SO-CALLED “RESCUE” with issues is “no big deal” to them at all.

And if animal owners argue with these ghouls, refuse their demands because they are ridiculous, often unlawful as in EXTORTION attempts, and THREATS of being arrested, having CPS take their children, intrusive or transparently evil (and the only thing “transparent” about some of our current era ACO’s that become a “rescuer” and Founder of a “rescue” is their constant, never-ending bottomless pit of NEEDING MONEY and ACCOLADES, and everyone acknowledging they are “so wonderful” and “an angel” (of DEATH MAYBE) WITHOUT HAVING EVEN MET THIS PERSON, as in EVER), then they rally their “partner bullies in crime”, physically attack the owners with law enforcement tactics just because people are protesting the theft of their beloved family members, steal their animals, often giving them to “rescues” they “partner” with so everyone gets a piece of the donation and sale of the animal pie, and then peoples lives are ruined, and un-useable animals are KILLED by these FREAKS.

The problem for these aco’s who now think that everyone believes they’re rescuing animals is that some people DON’T BELIEVE THEIR CRAP AND LIES AT ALL, these people also know a whole lot more than they do about many different types of animals and want to see the VET REPORTS for the animals these bloodthirsty freaks are getting ready to kill “to be kind” or so these women-who-kill-animals want their dumb followers to believe with NO PROOF. And intelligent people who really CARE about ALL of the animals supposedly ‘rescued’ also will NEVER STOP pursuing the TRUTH and FACTS of WHERE ARE ALL OF THE ANIMALS these murderers supposedly RESCUED using DONATION-MONEY to do so, but NOW when QUESTIONS ARE ASKED NICELY, these LIARS in their warped, sick, psychopathic minds can’t figure out why some people will pursue them to the ends of the Earth in order to get answers regarding WHERE ARE ALL THE ANIMALS?!?, even if the animals weren’t worth anything.

News Flash ladies and gentlemen (terms used very loosely), there are thousands of people getting together working on “outing” every, single last one of you liars, cheaters, animal killers, and life ruining freak-a-zoids, and if we these people have their way, your kids will go into protective custody so they are NOT mentally and morally ruined like you women all so obviously are.

Once you all are exposed for committing fraud by killing and “disappearing” animals, and your followers, friends, your vets, and your rescue buddies are all exposed and being investigated too, than maybe the really honest, truly transparent donation-funded animal rescues will get some support and help from the population of people in the public that don’t think animal rescue should be like watching the Real Housewives shows with all the made-up bullshit…….. In other words, people who currently spend their own hard-earned money taking care of animals you “user-losers” can’t be bothered with taking care of unless you can sell them, or kill them rather than maintain them, and won’t take care of any animals with your own money because surprise, surprise, you’re a welfare rescue with NO JOB, so you live off donations, and take care of your own kids and personal animals with it too.

Once you classless wonders that know how to “work the system” because you were raised wrong are gone, than perhaps real rescues can get a little bit of help from other animal lovers that don’t need drama and fireworks in order to feel like they’re really doing something.

These fraudsters in animal rescue REFUSE BY IGNORING REQUESTS to show vet reports, euthanasia reports, vet bills, body disposal bills, etc for ALL of the animals they are supposed to be ‘rescuing’ and maintaining with money donated to them by the public, they didn’t and won’t show them as dead/killed/fed to carnivores somewhere/horses shipped to slaughter, etc, they haven’t been adopted because these narcissistic fiends always shout it to the rooftops when they actually adopt out an animal, the animals that are supposed to be at their mystery facility (and they often hide animals at other facilities so the animals that are worthless are “out of sight, out of mind” of their naïve, gullible followers who are too uncaring to give a shit where any of the animals their “favorite rescue” has supposedly “rescued” are at all times, and whether they are alive or dead) they won’t post the address for, and they sure as hell aren’t taking photos which would take 1 hour too do for MOST of these ‘rescues’ if they weren’t so busy hiding FACTS from the public and trying to cover their tracks (not so easy to do when there are thousands of pages of screen grabs in their own writing that are easily provable LIES).

They should be proud and happy to show photos of all of the animals donation money got rescued and are supposed to be maintained with the donation money too every few weeks just to REASSURE people they are still there.

So now we’ll ask again, why won’t ANY of you PUBLIC DONATION-FUNDED rescues SHOW PHOTOS OF ALL THE ANIMALS on your property, show ALL the vet bills, VET REPORTS, EUTHANSIA REPORTS, bills for body disposal of animals you have killed?

And the worst offenders of these scamming “rescues that aren’t” are those who have ties to animal controls and animal shelters either as ACO’s using those tactics they learn and use to intimidate people, volunteers at animal controls that learned some tricks from volunteering there about how to act like you all are answering questions when you’re not, and many other things that could be kept HUSH-HUSH at an animal control facility because you didn’t really have anyone you HAD to answer to unless they were higher in the job/government hierarchy than you were.

NOW HOWEVER, YOU are ASKING FOR and RECEIVING money by the bushel-basket loads from the NAIVE and MOSTLY NON-CONFROTATIONAL PUBLIC, going to you and your goon-squad that rally’s ’round you to protect you from the unwashed masses who have the money you NEED so you can’t speak AT THEM like when you were an ACO……….but oh my goodness, the screenshots that exist of how you say sh*t about people of what you REALLY think of them but won’t say it publically because those people are the ones with the money you LIVE OFF OF because you have a “welfare-RETAIL rescue”.

All of you women, with a few men doing this brand of “rescuing too, who won’t answer questions that run DONATION-FUNDED ANIMAL RESCUES are two-faced LIARS; you know it, your few friends know it, people who used to help you know it and walked away from you because of it, and you women are going to be EXPOSED (not in the literal sense because THAT would be very ugly and shocking indeed……), and everyone on your board of directors are going to be having to do a lot of explaining. Split Personality Woman THE REVOLVING DOOR OF FOLLOWERS:
Your “revolving door” of followers who discover your Facebook page, on the surface think you all look so wonderful, at first glance that is, but then the smart ones get wise to your constant “palm out, give money” stance that is your main theme since you don’t work at a real job anymore, so they move-on and then new naïve dumbsh*ts come in to take their place, and so it goes in the revolving door that you call a rescue but still won’t tell people WHERE are all of the animals?

Gosh, let’s see what happens when your volunteers names are posted publically and people start asking them questions about WHERE ARE ALL OF THE ANIMALS? Do you really think they’ll like that? No? Then the Founder of the so-called “rescues” who won’t answer questions and say to the PUBLIC THAT SUPPORTS THEIR ASSES WHERE ALL OF THE ANIMALS ARE right this very minute, that same person who won’t post photos of them, that same person along with ALL of their board members who REFUSE to post vet reports and billings for ALL of the animals the vets are supposedly examining better start ANSWERING QUESTIONS, POSTING PHOTOS and VIDEOS, and posting ALL THE VET REPORTS and BILLINGS.

Otherwise, FRAUD IS A CRIME and even an ex or former-ACO won’t be able to talk their way out of that one.

And as for your followers who mostly keep their heads buried very deeply in the sand because they are afraid of hearing the truth about their favorite rescue and what they are doing to all the UN-USEABLE, broken merchandise animals because all they want to hear are the HAPPY, CHEERFUL stories, and they don’t care one bit what happens to the animals even when in their own little “sunshine and rainbows” minds the numbers seem a bit “off” shall we say; YOU women, and some men, should be ashamed of yourselves for NOT CARING enough about ALL ANIMALS to ASK the ‘RESCUE’ YOU ARE HELPING RESCUE ANIMALS “WHERE ARE ALL OF THE ANIMALS AT THIS VERY MINUTE?”  —  You should also be asking your favorite rescue you support “WHY WON’T YOU PUBLICALLY POST ALL OF THE VET REPORTS, EUTHANASIA REPORTS, VET BILLS, ALL of the BILLS  — WHY?”

If all of you women who would “eat their own kids” if it would benefit them in some way think you’re going to refuse to answer questions and NOT TELL the donating public WHERE ALL OF THE ANIMALS ARE, including the “NEW MERCHANDISE”  (animals) you’re bringing in all the time (because let’s face it folks, being a dog or horse broker/dealer/trader PAYS A LOT BETTER than Animal Control ever will, but with the experience these former ACO’s have of simply KILLING “broken merchandise”/animals with no VALUE, “rescue” is the ideal and most perfect con-game for them to get into), YOU have totally gone ’round the bend” because you WILL be FORCED to answer very, very soon.

And a tidbit of info you may not know; your handy-dandy confidentiality agreements you have so many people sign so they can’t “talk” to anyone about your so-called “rescue” don’t mean squat when real law enforcement, and not people like you that are wanna-be cops when you worked for AC, start asking those who signed those agreements questions and they will start singin’ like canaries to save their own skin and throw your evil asses under the bus.

Interesting blog post at the link below of just how much some of you aco’s really “care” about animals:

Anyone concerned about these rogue aco’s, AC’s, and “rescues”, send them the questionnaire below and ask them to answer questions.

And WHEN they Won’t, SEND IN COMPLAINTS to the county managers the AC’s are located in if an ACO is still employed with them, send in a complaint to the DA’s office, send a complaint if its a rescue to the states AG’s office, and ASK THESE TAX-PAYER FUNDED AGENCIES if they can get the answers you couldn’t, and investigate these AC’s, ACO’s, or so-called “rescues” that are literally fleecing and scamming the public WITHOUT ANSWERING QUESTIONS from the public that supports them, and also the PUBLIC they are TERRORIZING and STEALING animals from:

Rescue Questionnaire1 Rescue Questionnaire2 Rescue Questionnaire3 Rescue Questionnaire4 Rescue Questionnaire5 Rescue Questionnaire6 Rescue Questionnaire7

When Will People Pull Their Heads Outta Their Butts I Wonder?

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Reminds me of “enabler” followers of donation-funded animal rescues who refuse to ask their “favorite donation-funded rescue” they donate to and support ANY questions because they may get “kicked off the team” for asking questions and “rockin’ the boat”…….. instead of asking the first questions any normal, intelligent people ask which are :

1. HOW MANY animals do you have at your facility currently. Can you please publish a list and show current photos of every animal at your facility?

2. If you were just asking a month ago for “supplies” for your rescue like rakes, shovels, wheelbarrows, shavings, halters, lead ropes, collars, leashes, etc, if you couldn’t afford those inexpensive items just a month or so ago, how can you afford more animals to take in and feed?

3. How many animals are you taking in that the public is being asked to feed for who-knows-how-long? We want to see photos of every animal before they are loaded for transport to your facility, and then unloaded at your facility

4. If this is a seizure of animals, how much money is animal control, the spca, the aspca, or other agencies or organizations giving you to help with feeding them, or better put, that the TAX PAYERS are paying you to take care of other peoples animals?

5. What is the PHYSICAL address of your facility where you keep your rescued animals? Not giving your actual address is a huge RED FLAG for people who may just want to drive-by and see what your facility looks like from the outside and what the comings and goings of vehicles looks like (like known kill buyers going into a rescue with their trailers…….really, what in the hell are THEY doing at a horse rescue leaving that rescue with horses in their trailer?!?)).
Or this is a sneaky one when the trailer from the rescue meets somewhere like a fairground with a known kill buyer or horse trader and horses are unloaded from the ‘rescues’ trailer and most likely “rescued” horses that other stupid peoples money was used to rescue are loaded horses onto the traders or kill buyers trailer, and away they go; smart people KNOW exactly where that IS, but dumb people either don’t care, they don’t want to know, or they think kill buyers really do just want a wild horse for their grand daughter (yeah, right…..!).

6. And WHY WON’T Donation-Funded rescues show vet reports for each and every animal they say their vet looks at and examines publically? From hearing them talk about their vet all the time, it sounds like their vet rents a room at their place, and trades vet services for “other things” from the rescue-ladies…… LOL

The answer: they KNOW there are too many people in “rescue-land” that can read a vet report and KNOW precisely what kind of scam these people are running of manufacturing a crisis over, and over, and over again because otherwise, with no jobs, how in the hell are they going to pay for sh*t.

And as for the insecure women, and some dopey men who are dominated by their women, who the hell would even want to be on a “team” that’s a bunch of devious liars, sociopaths, narcissists, and people who only USE ANIMALS for personal gain and enrichment like most of these donation-funded animal rescues that won’t answer questions do?

Are you a smart animal lover, or a stupid “mark” for con-artist DONATION-FUNDED rescues whose hands are always open, palms turned upward, begging for money, but won’t say how many animals they ALREADY HAVE (and won’t show photos of ALL of their animals on their premises and in foster homes) when they now want YOUR money to rescue 10, 20, 30, 50 or more animals that they also won’t show current photos of, and refuse to let you come and see them at their “Top Secret” facility only the CIA and people who sign their confidentiality agreements know the address of?

Unless questions are asked, its guaranteed that many animals are dying that never had a chance with these ghoulish, money-hungry women in rescue who just ask for more, and more, and more MONEY, while NEVER saying WHERE all of the animals are GOING, are they alive or DEAD, WHERE are all the vet reports, euthanasia reports, and vet bills PUBLICALLY POSTED if their vets really ARE looking at the horses and other animals, and WHY WON’T THEY ANSWER THESE simple QUESTIONS?!?…….

You know why? Because the kind-hearted animal loving public so truly want to believe that every rescue is GOOD, so they think with their hearts instead of their heads and use the old archaic rule of “don’t ask, don’t tell” when they do know a rescue is NEVER even getting the animals they say YOUR money is rescuing to THEIR FACILITY……

They are instead taken straight to the kill buyers feedlot for the more wild horses no one wants because they’ll never be trained for anything, or straight to an out-of-town animal control and immediately killed by their request so no one can ever find out where that animals is.

So unless the “marks” become the questioners of these donation-funded “Rescues” who should by now have well over 100 animals each, then YOU are to blame when animals suffer because YOU wouldn’t ask the most simple of questions……..

They regularly “disappear” and kill animals but REFUSE to SHOW ALL THE VET REPORTS AND BILLS they say they have (and seeing as it sounds like their vet “rents a room” at the rescue, showing vet reports should be easy-peasy, right? LOL), and they also refuse to publically post a list of exactly WHERE all of the animals they’ve rescued using free donation money are, and whether they are dead or alive………. Yeah, I mean NOT a “team” I want to be on EVER!

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Now we know there are a lot of people in the world whom aren’t the best at math, however, look at any of these public donation-funded usually adoption-based animal rescues websites and Facebook pages and its really easy to see in their very own writings how many they’ve rescued, how many they’ve adopted-out, how many they’ve killed, and which ones are supposedly being looked at by the vet, so they should have oddles of vet reports for various things they can post publically, right?

So WHY do 100% of these donation-funded animal rescues we have so far sent questionnaires too, who are always rescuing more, and More, and MOre, and MORe, and MORE animals UNWILLING to answer any and all questions that are sent to them in an organized, questionnaire format seeing as they have NO PROBLEM ALWAYS ASKING for MONEY from the PUBLIC?

Its called being ACCOUNTABLE, rather than like a kid (or a psychopath/sociopath) when asked a question shrugs their shoulders and say’s “I don’t know”……….

sociopath photo1

If a “rescue” say’s “we’ve rescued “nearly 100 horses in this past year” but when the numbers are added up that take into account the numbers adopted-out (which we even added in some adopted out in 2013 just to be fair), the numbers euthanized (which we know at least 2 more were killed than what they’re listing, so there are probably even more than that, and we also included some that were killed in 2013), how many are currently up for adoption, how many are currently in “rehab” soon to be up for adoption, and how many of them are their own personal horses that really aren’t considered rescues anymore because they are now personal horses these people actually ride, breed, give lessons off of, etc, there appear to be AT LEAST 25 horses MISSING.

So if rescues like these decide to ignore or refuse to answer questions from the donating and supportive public, by gosh, bunches of people are going to keep filing complaints with government agencies with screen grabs showing THEY DID ASK the rescue the questions BEFORE filing the complaint and did NOT get answers, until concise answers that exactly add up to what they’re supposed to will be and are forth-coming.

And as for the fools whose heads are too far up their butts to be courageous enough to ask the questions to at least pretend like they care about what happens to ALL of the animals after they are supposedly rescued and when its found out they have “issues” so no one really wants them, and who support donation-funded animal rescues who REFUSE to answer questions, YOU are just as guilty as the sociopathic and narcissistic women and men with no consciences who make decisions to kill animals, when animals that were supposed to be “rescued” are instead found out are dead.

YOU rose-colored-glasses-wearing dipsh*ts ARE the only reason swindlers in animal rescue continue to operate, so you and your stupidity will be front and center when your “favorite rescue” that lives off of other peoples money, kills and disappears animals, and then just brings in more “merchandise” are exposed for the ‘retail rescues’ they most obviously and certainly ARE. Really disappointing that there are so many “sheeple-people” in this world that enable “retail-welfare rescues” to flourish and have no accountability………

Positive Change

Luckily, state and federal agencies aren’t so easy to fool and lie to, so the scammers will be exposed, and so will their stupid enabler followers too…….

WHERE Have ALL of the “RESCUED” Animals GONE…..Are They Alive, or Are They DEAD?

                                                 Where do your charity dollars go

The two links at the bottom of this post are just two incidents of thousands incidents happening every year of people who are asking for, and receiving free donation-money, for SPECIFIC things related to the running of a humane society, animal rescue, spca, etc NOT using the money for that which it was ASKED and given for.

MANY DONATION-FUNDED animal “rescues”, humane societies, and spca’s whose Founders and “inner circle players” DO NOT have JOBS where they make their own money doing honest WORK, ask for, and receive, thousands upon thousands of dollars to “rescue” animals, have veterinarian treatment done supposedly, although vet reports are rarely shown…..why is THAT? Maybe because vets aren’t really examining all the animals these LIARS in “rescue” say they are?!?, supposedly have animals euthanized that they “say” their vet said NEEDED to be killed, and on and on it goes.

NOT SO SURPRISINGLY however, NONE of the rescues, humane societies, and spca’s we have sent questionnaires out to thus far (10 so far) who were/are running very ACTIVE fundraisers “panhandling for donation dollars” for their welfare-rescue (a welfare rescue is one in which the founder of the rescue and their “inner circle team” don’t have real jobs outside of rescue to speak of, so they con money out of stupid and gullible donors that they support themselves, and their kids with) will answer the questions and provide a LIST of ALL of the animals they have rescued in the past 1 YEAR, utilizing entirely FREE donation money sent to them, of the animals WHEREABOUTS as of TODAY. And if euthanized/killed, WHERE are the VET REPORTS and EUTHANASIA or method-of-euthanasia reports?!?

There are many other questions pertaining to these so-called animal rescues, humane societies, spca’s, and animal controls that PARTNER with them, etc, and EXACTLY what they are doing with the animals, and also WHERE are all of the animals, whether alive or dead?

In other words “ladies & gentlemen in rescue-land”……ANSWER the DAMN Questions which right now are VOLUNTARY, and if you won’t, then don’t be surprised about the people that are going to come a-callin’ asking the QUESTIONS on behalf of some in the public, who aren’t stupid, gullible “sheeple-people” like many of your followers are.

Here is the 6 page questionnaire with simple questions asked of donation-funded animal rescues.
Just click on each page to save into your files, where you can then send the file to any donation-funded animal rescue you would like answers to questions from:
Rescue Questionnaire1 Rescue Questionnaire2 Rescue Questionnaire3 Rescue Questionnaire4 Rescue Questionnaire5 Rescue Questionnaire6 Rescue Questionnaire7
Here are the questions, with separate pages for if you’re sending the questions to an animal rescue, a humane society, an spca, or an animal control that “partners” with any of these donation-funded organizations:

Accountability and Full Disclosure Questionnaire-A Necessity

SnakeOil Salesman1

So it came to some of us watching the scamming playing out every day on social media, the greatest invention in the history of the world for scammers and fraudsters and other “snake oil salesmen and women, that since these crooks and criminals in animal “rescue” are constantly perpetrating Animal Enterprise Terrorism (AET) attacks on other animal owners, and whipping-up “social media madness mobs” and pulling their strings getting them to call, write to, hounding, demanding, mobbing, etc animal controls to ‘investigate’ private animal owners, breeders, and other rescues about THEIR animals.

HOWEVER, for the SAFETY and WELL-BEING of ALL of the animals these “pretend-fraud-rescues” in the continuing SAGA and DRAMA of “The Real Shallow Women in Animal Rescue-Land” are supposed to be “rescuing” with FREE DONATION MONEY that they are NOT thus far REQUIRED to account for WHERE the animals are 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year after being “rescued”, we are:

1. When they won’t answer questions and respond to a simple fact-checking and verification questionnaire sent to them from someone in the PUBLIC, we are going to send in complaints and get investigations opened on THEM regarding WHERE-OH-WHERE are ALL of the animals they have rescued in the PAST 1 YEAR using other peoples money to rescue;

2. if the animal controls that are contacted and complaints are sent to regarding finding out the whereabouts of ALL of the animals “rescued” by these organizations with free donation money sent by gullible people won’t DO THEIR JOBS because they are ‘in with’ and get kickbacks from these “rescues that aren’t”, then we will…….;

3. Go above their heads to the city or county managers, the DA’s office, etc to get answers of WHERE are all of the animals the rescue that won’t answer questions from the public they’re always begging money off of are at that they “rescued” or bought using FREE DONATION MONEY;

4. If satisfaction is not forth-coming from the City or County manager, Mayor, DA, or whoever in whatever town, city, or county the “rescue” is located in, then the Attorney Generals office of the State the “rescue” is registered in will be contacted and have a written complaint filed with them to get them involved.

5. There will also be FOIA requests filed for brand inspection information through the various Department of Agricultures to get Brand Inspection, coggins reports, and health certificate information on horses crossing state lines and also the borders into Mexico and Canada to see whose hands horses passed through on their way to slaughter.
If those horses originated in California and went through a sale in CA and were bought by a “rescue” and they ultimately ended up going to slaughter, there will be a huge amount of explaining for the “retail rescue horse traders” to do, and when that’s combined with federal agencies getting involved, many that operate “welfare rescues” will hopefully be happy and comfortable when they are in jail where they don’t have to work, they get fed, and the really good news is if they have kids, their kids won’t be influenced to grow up to be like their crooked/criminal parents and might actually have the chance to be an honest, honorable individual.

WE WANT TO SEE THE ACTUAL VET REPORTS & VET BILLS (because we don’t believe you crooks anymore):
Because as it is now, animals bought, rescued, supposed to be maintained, etc with FREE donation money are instead being killed without proof from a licensed VETERINARIAN with their REPORT saying the animal MUST be killed/euthanized, or animals are simply DISAPPEARING into thin air never to be spoken about or seen again, and that’s because they are DEAD and donation money sent in to take care of them is pocketed and used for personal items for the swindlers in rescue who DO NOT HAVE JOBS OUTSIDE OF RESCUE.

Then the swindlers in rescue simply go out and get more “merchandise” (animals) they can cry to the public again “we need your money to help this animal” when the fact is they need dumb peoples help getting the animal back to their “mystery address” and location of what’s supposed to be a PUBLIC RESCUE FACILITY, they “evaluate and sort” animals, strategize on how to “spin the sad tale of woe” and get the “most bang for their buck”, and start the process all over of panhandling for the naïve publics donation dollars.


And MAKE NO MISTAKE: it is NOT rescuing horses in California when the horse traders posing as rescues go to the sales.

It is BUYING because rescuing horses in California from going to SLAUGHTER has not been necessary in CA since November 3, 1998 when the commercial horse slaughter trade was OUT-LAWED and BANNED.

Are kill buyers and feedlots still operating in California? ………….YES! Because they are in collusion with several very prominent horse rescues who attend horse sales and/or deal with kill buyers in CA, NV, AZ, and NM all the time.

The horse “rescues” attending the sales in CA to supposedly “rescue” horses are doing what is called “selective rescue” where they pick and choose horses based on their “donation-value” and also SALE-value (called “adoption for a fee” because it sounds nicer and more “rescuey” than saying “we buy and sell horses because we’re horse traders”).

So any followers and/or donors who are stupid and ignorant enough (and if you’re reading this, you now cannot “un-ring the bell” of being told what is happening and what YOU are contributing too) to support these horse traders posing as “rescues” who attend the sales in CA are ENABLING a few horses to be bought and taken out of the slaughter pipeline (even if only briefly) but are allowing thousands of other horses to be shipped ILLEGALLY to slaughter from California………YOU people are not ANTI-horse slaughter if you are supporting horse rescues that REFUSE to HELP the State of California with ENFORCEMENT of the 1998 LAW that BANS commercial horse slaughter dealings in CA, and also the shipping of CA horses out of CA for slaughter.

If the horse rescues in California REALLY wanted to get the horse slaughter trade shut down in California, they could get it done through social media in a week or less.

However, if they get it shut down, CRAP, there goes those thousands of dollars in donations they collect before, during, and after every sale they attend where they buy horses using other peoples money, they take the horses back to their rescue (wherever that is), they “sort the horses” just like kill buyers at feedlots do, and then without showing VET REPORTS FROM VETS,  THE “RESCUE” INSTEAD relates that the vet has examined the horse or horses, they come out with their speill on “we have to euthanize old George because the vet says we’re being irresponsible if we don’t” but then NO ONE gets to see where ANY VET wrote that in an actual VET REPORT like legitimate, licensed vets ALWAYS do……that’s because the horse either was:

1. NOT even looked at by any vet;

2. If they were looked at by a vet, the vet didn’t really say the horse “needed” to be killed;

3. However, the vet may have said the horse couldn’t be USED (you know, like a chair, a car, a speed boat, etc) for anything, and since we know most of these “retail rescues” are NOT in the BUSINESS of keeping horses, or other animals, alive they can’t USE or SELL, THE “RESCUE” is the one that decides to kill or “disappear” the horse, NOT THE VET because they are unwilling to jeopardize their license by writing false reports.

Are They Alive or DEAD?:
We NEED to have them publically post vet reports that quite clearly should be EASY to post since it sounds like their vet practically either LIVES at their facility (whose physical address is TOP SECRET and it takes an act of Congress to get that address for their PUBLIC rescue away from them) and is sleeping on their couch, or these scammer women are actually LIVING at their vets office since according to them the vet is ALWAYS examining animals for them all the time, so posting vet reports and billing for EVERY, SINGLE ANIMAL they “SAY” the vet is looking at should be EASY TO DO.

Be Afraid, Be VERY Afraid If You Are Involved With a SCAMMER Rescue:
So going forward, when they are sent a questionnaire asking them to account for WHERE all of the animals they have rescued in the past year previous to the date the questionnaire is sent, if they ignore it, or refuse to answer the very simple questions on the questionnaire that any honest and ethical donation-funded animal rescue or organization would be happy to do, complaints WILL be sent to the local and regional animal controls, the AG’s office, the DA’s office, the mayor, the city or county managers in whatever town, city, or county they are running their donation-funded animal rescue in, and a few other agencies.

no Im listerning

Several people are now very concerned that ANIMALS ARE DYING and being “DISAPPEARED”, and NONE of the so-called ‘rescues’ naïve, stupid, gullible, “sunshine and rainbows, rose-colored glasses wearing” moronic followers care one bit what happens to ALL of the animals that are supposed to be RESCUED.

Some of the dog and horse “rescues” should have well over 100 animals on their property based on how many they have admitted they’ve euthanized/killed, and how many they say they’ve adopted to people, and how many they don’t say sh*t about anymore regarding WHERE they ARE…….so if the animals weren’t reported as euthanized, they weren’t reported as sold/adopted to anyone, but no one is willing to publically post a list of the animals they still have, EXACTLY WHERE ARE THE ANIMALS they were supposed to have RESCUED using OTHER PEOPLES MONEY?

These “rescues that aren’t” just keep “rescuing” more, and more, and more animals every week, and every month, but where in the hell are ALL of the animals they rescued just the month, 2 months, 4 months, before?

WE WANT LISTS POSTED PUBLICALLY, and if these animal rescues REFUSE to do so, that can only mean one thing…….the animals are GONE, quite possibly DEAD, and buried in a land-fill somewhere, or the horses went to inhumane, barbaric, horrific slaughter they were supposed to be SAFE from not going to.

And as for all of that lovely FREE MONEY these BLOOD-SUCKERS collected from kind, but stupid people……..that’s GONE too, and if being used for any animals, that would be for these jackasses own personal animals.

So all that a lot of intelligent and suspicious people who know how to add and subtract want to know is WHERE are ALL OF THE ANIMALS these rescues were begging and pleading for $$$ for ‘crisis donations’ YET AGAIN and CONSTANTLY at right this very minute?

WHERE Are the ANIMALS People, ALL of Them?
Many of the supposedly ‘rescued’ animals were bought using FREE donation money, stolen using FREE donation money to commit the CRIME, and are supposed to be kept alive and maintained using that FREE donation money but instead, the animals have all of their donation-value squeezed out of them, and then are KILLED or DISAPPEARED if they are unable to be SOLD in the “adoption for a fee” scam these rescues run in CYCLES that repeat over and over again in their “retail rescue” ‘crisis rescuing” swindles, with the whack-job rescue women, and a few men, pocketing the money for their own personal gain and use.

Even though their loser followers don’t CARE AT ALL what happens to ALL of the animals, TRUE and REAL animal lovers DO, so complaints will be sent in to find out WHERE all of the animals that are rescued using other peoples money, and also supposed to be being seen by the vet using FREE donation money, are AT, and whether they are alive or DEAD.

There are a lot of REAL donation-funded animal rescues who are honest and honorable. Unfortunately however, they are NOT willing to LIE, EMBELLISH, create constant DRAMA and CRISIS where none exist, and they simply aren’t “EXCITING” and “DRAMATIC” enough for pretend-animal lovers who really aren’t animal lovers at all and are put simply, “adrenalin-junkies” addicted to “crisis rescuing” which some scammer, crooked people are willing to give to them everyday of the week…….stupid and clearly a scam? Of course it is, and it is clear that’s what’s happening for people who have even a reasonable level of intelligence.
But for the women, and a few drama-king men, who probably also watch and relate to “The Real Housewives of Wherever” shows because their lives are boringly mundane and being part of a “popular rescues” pretend-team think its REAL when its really NOT and they are HELPING ghoulish women and some men KILL animals of all kinds like they are broken furniture whose lives don’t matter because they have physical and/or behavioral/training issues that renders them unadoptable and “useless”.

Gosh, We Really Hate Being So Cynical, But Animals NEED Protecting From the Swindlers in Animal Rescue:
Quite frankly, I PRAY every day that these crooks in animal rescue become “useless” sooner-rather-than-later and will either be taken-out of rescue from complaints being taken seriously by law enforcement, investigated, thrown in jail, or BETTER YET, they end up with an illness or condition that renders them “useless” and watch as the society they helped to create of “image and how something like an animal, or a human looks is EVERYTHING” or “individuals MUST be USEFUL or else they are NOTHING and should be DEAD” with their callousness, IGNORES THEM and doesn’t care one bit whether they are alive, but maybe prefers them dead because they are simply a drain on society because of the issues they have………..

USELESS=DEAD in their world when it comes to animals, so lets all see what happens when the proverbial “shoe is on the other foot” for these freaks………..

Another Horse Sale in California, Another Several Thousand $$$ to the CA “Retail Horse Rescue” Swindlers Fleecing the PUBLIC

Another sale at Mikes Auction in Mira Loma, CA, (which by-the-way, horse slaughter dealings have been banned and ILLEGAL in CA since November 3, 1998, but the CA horse “rescues” don’t do anything to help get the law enforced because the threat of horses going to slaughter is a big part of their free donation-money income), and another display of greed by donation-funded horse rescues that are also adoption-based.
They should be ashamed of themselves for being so greedy and narcissistic, however, their greediness over-rides any ethics, self-respect, love of horses, respect for the kind-hearted public, etc that they MAY have once had, but perhaps they never did so they have no idea what any of that means.

They sit idly-by and watch as crimes are committed by kill buyers that attend every, single sale in California that features horses and those “retail rescues” do NOTHING to HELP get that law enforced.

And although they say in videos and conniving postings that “there’s nothing we can do” to shut-down that sale, and other sale yards, that allows kill buyers to operate unfettered, unless someone just fell off the turnip truck yesterday, which some of their naïve and foolish followers and donors appear to have done, NO ONE with any education regarding commercial horse slaughter and “retail rescues” really believes that, and they think that the unfortunately naïve and gullible donor-“enablers” to these “retail rescues” are simply what are called marks” for “rescues that aren’t” that behave very much like “carnies” that these shysters have taken a page from their playbook.

So for those who TRULY ARE anti-commercial dismemberment horse slaughter, this blog post at the link at the bottom of this post will give you more insight into WHY most of the donation-funded adoption-based PUBLIC horse rescues in CA that attend the sales in CA every month DO NOTHING regarding getting the kill buyers, the feedlots, and the ILLEGAL commercial horse slaughter trade shut-down once and for all.

And yes, it would be very easy to do if they weren’t so greedy and interested in collecting all of that lovely FREE donation-money they for right now (that will be changing very shortly since we are communicating with some people in state government, legislators, the media, and investigative reporters about “the rescue racket” in horse “rescue” in California) they are not held to account WHERE it is spent, WHAT its spent on, WHERE are all of the horses currently that they have rescued in the past year using donation-money to do so, and many other questions they are REFUSING to answer, and attacking he people who ask them the questions regarding their very PUBLI rescuing of horses.

Accountability Questionnaire Located at This Link:

A little hint; the threat of horses going to slaughter illegally is good for thousands of dollars in donation-money at each and every sale, and since most of the “inner circle players” at the “rescue” don’t have jobs, they NEED that money, and also the money they bring in from attacking other animal owners, to operate (well, there are also the disability checks they collect even though they aren’t disabled, unemployment checks, ssi, food stamps, etc too that helps them take care of their personal horses, their children, or “whatever”), but all that beautiful and free donation money keeps them operating their “retail rescues” and also allows them to not have to WORK and EARN their own money like what ethical, honest, self-respecting people do.

And since no one appears to care that horses that turn out to have “issues”  after these swindlers “sort them” (just like what kill buyers at feedlots do) are simply “euthanized” with no vet reports shown (so it is questionable what is really happening with those horses and precisely HOW are thy being disposed of? A certain truck and trailer with Nevada plates that belongs to a horse slaughter dealer in NV has been spotted a few times down in the San Diego area, so FOIA requests have been sent to the CA and NV Department of Agriculture to try and track what happened to the horses unloaded off one trailer in CA and onto another trailer that headed back to NV, so we’ll keep everyone posted on that info as it comes in), or simply disappeared to parts unknown……and NOT ONE OF THE “ENABLERS” SEEMS TO CARE AT ALL.

So since people “addicted to adrenalin-pumping crisis rescuing” can’t be forced or convinced to CARE about what happens to ALL of the horses these horse “rescues” are rescuing using donated-funds, and they don’t seem to CARE that while these “retail rescues” may buy a few horses that they keep out of the clutches of kill buyers at the sales in CA whom are operating illegally, if these horse ‘rescues’ were REAL RESCUES, they’d help get the 1998 LAW and BAN on horse slaughter dealings in CA enforced, and would potentially be rescuing thousands of horses from going to their death at horrific commercial dismemberment horse slaughter instead of maybe 100 or so, it will be in the power of the AG’s and other government offices to get some clear answers from these rescues that appear to have naïve and foolish enabler followers who really aren’t anti-commercial horse slaughter AT ALL.
If their followers and donors were really anti-commercial horse slaughter, they would ask the tough questions of their favorite California horse “rescues” of “WHY are you just sitting there watching kill buyers operate and misrepresenting the FACTS to the donating public and not getting the horse slaughter dealers shut-down, investigated, and maybe even thrown in jail?”

The link below illustrates why “retail rescues” do what they do ($$$ and accolades, power and control), and also what the public can do to “weed-out” the swindler animal rescues.

With the crook-rescues out-of-business (and hopefully on probation and/or in jail too), it would then enable the real, true, honest, ethical animal-loving rescues to get more support from the public.

These real rescuers tend to be more quiet about their rescuing, they do “no fanfare” rescuing where they aren’t crowing from the rooftops and “panhandling for donation-dollars” when they rescue ANY animal, no matter how big, or very small, and most have jobs outside of rescue in order to support the animals they rescue that they don’t make a big deal about, but they sure could use some help to help make the lives of the animals they rescue better than perhaps just the minimum of care because that is all they can afford to spend of their OWN money:

Are YOU An “Enabler” of a Donation-Funded “Retail Rescue” That is Fleecing the Public and Killing Animals?

Note: Before we begin, we’d like to point out that the questionnaire at the bottom of this post is of course completely voluntary for animal rescues to fill out, or not if they don’t want to.
However, by not filling it out when sent to them, they are pretty much disrespecting the sender who is a member of the donating public, and that in and of itself should give the sender answers even without the donation-funded animal rescue they sent it to writing a single word.

Non-Profit Donation-Funded Animal Rescues and How They Get Paid (or Not):
Many registered not-for-profits and 501c3 animal rescues do not have any of the people involved with the rescue as collecting or being paid a salary as is their right to do when they file their paperwork with the State as a “not-for-profit” and with the IRS as a tax exempt entity.

They COUNT on the FACT that when they ask for donations and:

1. run their “crisis rescues” of animals that “must be rescued NOW and we have NO TIME to answer ANY questions or take photos of ALL of the animals that need HELP because we are rescuing so please don’t ask questions and let us ‘do our ‘job'”;

2. when they are doing their “seizure scams” or “rescue raids” against often innocent animal owners that have animals these “rescues that aren’t” can collect thousands of dollars in free money “sympathy/pity” and/or “crisis donations “on;

3. or animals they will get entirely for FREE that they can SELL on “adoptions for a fee”;

that NO ONE will ask them for accountability, full disclosure, or transparency, and usually no one does.

Rescues such as these are called “Retail Rescues” because they are literally animal brokers/dealers, and although they call finding animals homes “adoptions”, they are in fact SELLING animals that donations from kind-hearted, but gullible and naïve donors sent them to get in more “merchandise” (animals), the donations pay to maintain the animals the ‘rescue’ got for FREE, and donation dollars also pay to dispose (kill or ‘disappear’) animals that are un-useable for various reasons and/or because of “issues” they have.

Why and How This Accountability Questionnaire Came About:
This questionnaire came into being because typically, AG’s offices won’t investigate something in-depth just based on a complaint from someone in the public because they consider many of the people, mostly women, involved in “animal rescue” to be “catty” and “competitive” with one another, having “tiffs” (think the Real Housewives shows), having petty arguments, they often “false report” on one another using government agencies to “get back at” their opponent, or someone they just don’t like for ‘whatever reasons’ (like the boy who cried wolf”), etc.

 If people send in complaints without proof of suspicious dealings, actual wrong-doing, the “rescue” won’t answer questions when people ask them in an unorganized way, etc, the AG’s office often contacts them ONLY because they are required too, they *might*, but maybe not, ask them for an accounting of donation monies received, the AG’s office does not usually ask for receipts, bills, etc and instead, they simply “take the rescues word for it” that “every penny of donation money received is spent on the animals we rescue” because ‘hey, its a rescue, they must be good people, right?’ even though this has turned into “cash for animals” to these “retail-welfare rescues” that have sprung up all over the country, and more and more people are entering the free money LUCRATIVE “rescue arena” competition because they see how easy it is to collect money, material goods, etc, and NOT have to ACCOUNT for anything and/or DISCLOSE anything to anyone either.

They are not rescues and are simply swindlers pushing peoples emotional-buttons, asking for money for a “crisis that is happening NOW” and “we can’t rescue these poor animals in ‘deplorable’ conditions without YOUR help everyone!”.

Donation-Funded Rescues That Are Pure Genius At Social Media Marketing:
These “rescues that aren’t” also have social media marketing geniuses that KNOW how to “work the media”, intimidate the politicians in towns, cities, counties, and States with mobs of people clamoring for them to “get busy doing something” even when laws aren’t being broken by the animal owners who are being attacked, and the only reason they “do something” against their own tax payers is because THEIR political FUTURE is on-the-line, so they help fraudsters steal animals from people who have already been investigated/stalked/trolled by these ‘rescues that aren’t’ as NOT having the money to hire an attorney immediately to fend off their attack.

Basically, whether on-purpose, or perhaps accidently, the government agencies and the politicians ARE in COLLUSION with these scammers in animal “rescue” that VERY OFTEN have founders and inner circle players that don’t really care all that much about animals and really only care about all that free money they receive because many/most of them do NOT have JOBS, some/many collect disability payments even though they are not really disabled, some/many collect unemployment benefits, some/many collect food stamps, SSI, and other government money, and looking into their PAST HISTORIES will show a pattern-of-deception that reaches into a more distant past where they learned how to “work the system” with lying and embellishments.

Their followers on-the-other-hand are often people who are animal lovers, but unfortunately know even less than the “rescue” knows about animal husbandry, so they are “easy marks” in terms of ramping them up into a “social media madness mob” that will do the dirty work of the founder of the rescue and their inner circle players who get the ball rolling, and then just sit back and watch the mob going into a feeding frenzy attacking people they don’t even know based on their “favorite rescue” pulling their strings and TELLING them to go after whomever or whatever.


 Rescues That Count on the Fact That Most People Do NOT Ask Questions:
They also know people will rarely ask about what exactly happened to ALL of the animals they supposedly “rescued” (and people should take note that these scammer rescues NEVER show all the animals they seize on a “seizure scam” because they don’t want to have to account for them if they turn out to be ‘not useable’ for anything other than the collection of “sympathy/pity” donations from naïve and gullible people, and they will have to kill or “disappear them” somewhere after their “sympathy/pity” donation-value has petered out to nothing without people ever asking about them and asking “whatever happened to that old white dog that I saw a photo of but didn’t have a name? I want to adopt that dog” but of course they can’t because that dog is GONE!) 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year after the “rescue”.

The animals that aren’t good for “adoption-for-a-fee” once their “donation-value” for sympathy/pity donations are exhausted are “disappeared, euthanized, dumped at an out of town animal control, and in the case of horses, they are often sold directly to a kill buyer, a feedlot, or to a middleman horse trader so the rescues name isn’t listed anywhere as having sold the horse to a known kill buyer/feedlot, and the middleman then sells them to the kill buyer/feedlot, and off they go to slaughter.

Why Asking Questions Can SAVE Animals Lives:
If the questions are at least asked, and they are questions that ANY and ALL legitimate donation-funded, and also adoption-based rescues WILL answer with no problem, that will separate the “real rescues” from the “scammer retail rescues”.

Rescues that operate publically and DEPEND on the PUBLIC to send them money in order to operate that will not answer the questions, rescues that ignore the questionnaire, rescues that get combative about the questionnaire and either get snarky with the sender and/or start a cyber-harassment and bullying campaign, etc, will with their actions, or lack thereof, WILL lend credibility to the complainants complaint to the AG’s office about them, especially if several complaints are sent in for the same ‘rescue’ and/or several rescues registered, or perhaps not, in their state. If the complainants correspondence with the rescue regarding sending them the questionnaire to fill out, which they refused to do, will give the Attorney General’s office, the IRS, the Taxation Board, the Dept. of AG, etc reasons to investigation because:
1. its beyond the typical “she said/she said” or “he said/she said” stuff;

2. if the media gets their hands on these questionnaires and emails and PM’s sent to ‘rescues’ by animal lovers, donors, and consumers in the public, and the rescue refused to answer questions, the politicians in the AG’s office, and other government agencies will look like they didn’t take valid complaints regarding possible fraud, misrepresentation, misappropriation of donations, the killing and “disappearing” of innocent animals by “rescues that aren’t”, etc seriously, and in fact “looked the other way” and didn’t do a thing about weeding-out the scammer, fraudulent rescues.

Why Honest and Ethical Rescues Can’t Compete With the Dishonest Scammer Rescues:
The honest rescues perspective is that there is no way for them to weed-out the bad rescues themselves because they are not willing to lie, embellish, ramp-up mobs of people to attack these rescues publically, etc because NONE of that means anything if they are dealing in MOBS in social media without any proof or factual information about what they are saying about another rescue is true and factual.

If we can present the questionnaire as having been sent to the rescue (sending it directly to the source whose information can then be fact-checked and verified) and ignored, or was sent and not filled out but the sender was cyber-bullied and harassed, then that correspondence being posted publically AND also sent to AG’s offices will show that the sender DID try to get answers to questions regarding WHAT is the donation money being spent on, WHERE are vet reports, bills, euthanasia and body disposal bills, adoption contracts and agreements, etc, and very important is WHERE are ALL of the animals the rescue has ‘rescued’ using donation money 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year after ‘rescue’?!?

Why the Questionnaire is Simply A Starting Point Toward Accountability:
The problem with putting stuff out there publically even if its factual is that these scammer rescues have followers and friends that are either an “inner circle” core-group that are ‘the real team’ and benefit in some way by being “an insider”, and also about 100+/- True Believer followers that have “drank the Kool-Aid” and will defend the “rescue’ no matter what because they are told “you’re such a good team player”, “you’re awesome and a true rescuer”, and other emotional buzz words and “stroking techniques” that keep these followers eating out of the palm of their hands and that make these gullible people feel like they are really “somebody” with this ‘rescue’, when the fact is just like ‘carnies’ with their “marks”, all they really are is being used, and will be ignored if they aren’t useful anymore, or thrown under the bus if that need arises, or they will be attacked, ostracized, etc if they ask too many questions.

MOST Animal Lovers Really DO Want to Know the Truth:
However, there are more of their followers who if the proof of questions being asked and not answered is shown, or not answered and the sender of the questions got attacked by “the rescue that isn’t”, they will ‘jump ship’, become more brave if there are other people asking the same questions they have and they aren’t scared sh*tless THEY will be singled out for attack without anyone to help them defend their position.

There are usually  these Top 3 reasons many people will NOT ask questions:
1. they have “skeletons in their closet” the ‘rescue’ knows about and they are afraid of being “outted” on some embarrassing and/or illegal activities they were involved in.

2. the “rescue” they may have volunteered with and/or performed services for had them sign a Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure Agreement and they are afraid of being taken to court if they speak about activities pertaining to the “rescue”;

3. they are AFRAID and SCARED of repercussions and of being ruthlessly attacked, so instead, they simply walk-away from that rescue without saying a word even though they know something bad is happening with the rescue and also with many of the animals they supposedly “rescue” that are killed or disappear instead.

How We Have Made It EASY for Non-Confrontational People to Ask Questions:
We acknowledge the FACT that although we are assertive, aggressive, sarcastic, and like a dog with a bone when we sink our teeth into an issue, MORE people are actually passive, non-confrontational, a little or a lot timid, and although angry about something, or feeling bad that animals are simply being used as pawns in order to collect free money via donations and other material goods, or “merchandise” (and yes, for these “retail rescues”, animals are in fact “merchandise”, and THAT is one of the reasons animals that either have issues that render them unadoptable, or perhaps the animal has been up for adoption for a while and no one wants them, are killed in various ways, or are “disappeared” to parts unknown to anyone except for the “inner circle” at the rescue. THEN they “freshen-up the merchandise” by having their naïve and gullible donors and followers buy them more animals that they also pay to maintain too. THAT equals pure profit to the supposedly NON-PROFIT “rescue”) they will say nothing unless they have some support from other people that believe the same thing they do; ‘something’ really bad is going on with a rescue, or perhaps many rescues, but they will NOT go-it alone against master manipulators and puppet-masters with their legions of minions who will do the attacking and other dirty work for them that they know gives them an excuse and fall-back position to say “I didn’t tell them to do that, or say that”.

 “Just Say NO” to Sociopaths and Narcissists in Animal Rescue:
THAT is how sociopathic, narcissistic, and intelligent these manipulators are, so the QUESTIONS MUST be asked directly to THEM FIRST so it can be exposed that THEY would not answer simple questions.

Many/most people in our current day society simply “walk away” rather than “get involved” in issues. The problem with this is that those who “run rackets”, commit fraud, and do “whatever” to enrich themselves with money and material goods are COUNTING on the fact that this is what MOST people do: WALK AWAY and then SCAMMERS can continue to SCAM.

Please Just Send the Questionnaire In Order To SAVE Animals Lives:
However, if people would instead be willing to send 6 pages of simple questions to their favorite rescue, to rescues they are considering donating to, or maybe even to rescues they ‘suspect’ may not be who they present themselves to the public as, the results of being ignored by public donation-funded ‘rescues’ can be sent to the Attorney General’s office in the State the rescue is registered in, along with a simple complaint regarding the ‘rescue’ being unwilling to answer simple questions, and then the AG’s office can contact the offending ‘rescue’ and get some real answers the public was unable to.

If as a voluntary starting point the public is unwilling to ask donation-funded animal rescues for accountability and full disclosure, people have no cause to complain about ANY of them if they are unwilling to ask ALL of them questions, and the result will be that the rescues who are unwilling to answer questions posed by the public they ask for money from will continue to live off of their fleecing of the public until the PUBLIC STOP’S THEM OR UNTIL ACCOUNTABILITY QUESTIONNAIRES ARE REQUIRED.

The public has nothing to lose, other than their trust perhaps, by sending these simple questions posted below to any and all primarily donation-funded rescues.
And if you are unwilling to do this  simple action, you have no cause to complain about ANY donation-funded rescues……it IS that simple.

If you would like to send the results of asking questions of donation-funded rescues here and we will forward them to the appropriate AG’s office, our email address is:

(Click on Each Page Below to Enlarge):

Rescue Questionnaire1 Rescue Questionnaire2 Rescue Questionnaire3 Rescue Questionnaire4 Rescue Questionnaire5 Rescue Questionnaire6
Rescue Questionnaire7

Its NOT Too Late (Yet!) to Keep Our Federally Protected FREE ROAMING Wild Horses and Burros FREE!

We DO believe that federally protected FREE ROAMING (no fences) wild horses and burros should be PRIMARILY managed as mandated by LAW (the Free Roaming Wild Horse and Burro Act of 1971) on federal/PUBLIC land on their VAST Herd Management Areas (HMA’s).

However, we are also practical-minded and pragmatic enough to know we do need to have EFFECTIVE plans in place regarding where horses and burros that are captured can either be kept for the rest of their lives in a sanctuary for those horses we call “I’d rather not” horses, which basically means they would “rather than not be trained captive-wild horses”, and also facilities where the younger horses and/or horses that don’t have the “wild mindset” ingrained in them (yet) can be trained and adopted into good homes.

The sad fact is that the old saying of “you can’t stop progress” is true……. and although many people happen to live out surrounded by federal and state PUBLIC land in the western “open range” states, which the tax payers in the US and/or the state pay with tax dollars to maintain, and although it IS VAST and often BARREN in many areas, the private business interests (primarily Corporations at this point because they have bought up and/or run-out the smaller “mom and pop” businesses that were operating on federal-public land) that wish to fence-off and control our public land are VERY powerful lobbies in Washington D.C. where all of the decisions pertaining to our Federal-Public land are made.

So UNLESS money is collected from donors donating to a wild horse and burro advocacy and/or rescue group that will then hire Lobbyists whose only job is to rally support for the federally protected wild horses and burros with the politicians in Washington D.C., videos like this one will not be seen AND understood by the “general public” of Americans who perhaps are not all that interested in the wild horse and burro issue, and our beautiful free roaming wild horses and burros will continue to be captured at an alarming and aggressive rate, warehoused, and most likely will end up being shipped by the thousands to commercial slaughter once the “misinformed, naïve, and disinterested general public” (who are in the majority by-the-way) are told by the “spin-doctors”/public relations/marketing people in the government and in the media that that is the most “humane” thing (and commercial slaughter for horses is NOT humane, and can NOT be made humane and there are facts that back up this claim) that can be done with them……even though that is patently FALSE information.

It would behoove ANYONE that loves wild horses and burros, and also ANYONE who perhaps doesn’t particularly care about the wild horses and burros but DOES like to camp, do off-roading, ride horses, hunt, fish, etc on federal-public land, to BAND and ORGANIZE TOGETHER for the simple reason that the only individuals standing between them and their ability to USE unfenced federal-PUBLIC land ARE the federally-protected free roaming wild horses and burros who must be allowed to FREE ROAM (no fences), and once they are eradicated and GONE, the fences that CONTROL the land will go up very quickly.

At that point, the tax-paying public will have to pay a “User Fee” to go on OUR public land we PAY to maintain, otherwise, we will be fined and/or arrested for trespassing if we go on our land and didn’t heed the fencing and signs telling us “No Trespassing”.

It is NOT too late to STOP the aggressive eradication and captures of OUR federally-PROTECTED FREE ROAMING wild horses and burros.

However, unless aggressive Lobbyists are hired to represent ONLY the federally-protected wild horses and burros in Washington D.C. where all of the decisions pertaining to federal-public land are made, bands of wild horses, and also wild burros, will go the way of the buffalo, which was horrendous and tragic in and of itself, and which should NOT be allowed to happen with our majestic, beautiful, and wild free roaming horses and burros too

RED ALERT!: Questions NEED to Be ASKED and ANSWERED Before Animal Owners Lose All of Their RIGHTS!

This blog post is written in response to another blog post at YesBiscuit located here:

The swindler animal rescues and organizations are steadily making progress in stomping on animal owners rights.

Pertaining to the New Hampshire Bill coming up for voting on Friday as written about in the YesBiscuit blog;

This is a bad Bill.

It is a bad Bill for the following reasons:

  1. It promotes the national and International abuse of animal welfare laws by allowing competitors, i.e. rescues, breeders, brokers, etc, to attack one another for personal enrichment.
  2. This Bill like most bills fails to acknowledge the hospice characteristic of many animal owners/rescues/sanctuaries, even though it is not illegal to care for aged, chronically ill, sick, or injured animals. Many animal owners and rescues care for animals with those characteristics listed above, and are subject to attack and seizure of their animals because of it.

While there is no law stating that it is illegal to provide care for terminally ill hospice animals, or chronically ill, aged, sick, or injured animals, it is often these specific animals that are used by rescues, spca’s, and humane societies to justify seizures which enriches these organizations through the collection of vast amounts of “sympathy/pity” donations. Animals such as those listed above are often killed after they have exhausted their “sympathy/pity donation-value” because they are unadoptable with or without a fee, and the rescues, humane societies, and spca’s are NOT in the “business” of keeping, caring for, and maintaining animals for months or years that have no value.

3. It has become epidemic across the country and around the world for animal rescues, humane societies, spca’s, and animal controls who “partner” with them to seize animals with no clear justification for seizure. It also allows people with personal vendetta’s, or that are competitors of another rescue, to attack their neighbors, other rescues, other breeders, or “whomever”, and “false report”, which is illegal.

  1. There is no clear set of guidelines for what constitutes abuse or neglect. If an animal is receiving food and water, and a safe place to live, there should be no law that allows the animal owner to be attacked, have their animals seized, and under only an accusation, have to PAY for their seized animals care before they have even gone to court on the matter.

There are many people who have appointed themselves as judge, jury, and executioner when they have no special training to do so. And if animal owners can produce evidence regarding the feeding and care of their animals, the animals should NOT be seized.

An example of this are the many seizures that are done in the United States when horses are “ribby”, and those people seizing the horses preferring to see them overweight. And if these rescues also cannot get weight on the horse through feed and also supplements, medication, etc, they usually kill the horse for the simple reason many of them tout a very high, even 100& rehabilitation-rate, and horses like this make them look bad.

Over-weight is also far more dangerous to a horse than thin, and as written in this statement by Dr. Don Henneke, the inventor of the weight assessment scale for horses that MOST horse rescues use (and mis-use according to Dr. Henneke), before he passed away in 2012, blood work and other examinations should be done with horses BEFORE they are removed from the custody and care of the horse owner because simply being thin or even skinny does not justify seizure in most cases:

Here is information regarding what the FBI calls Animal Enterprise Terrorism aka “seizures scams” or “rescue raids” that ARE happening in epidemic proportions across the country, and also around the world:

Going forward, any animal rescue humane society, spca, or animal control that “partners” with any of these organizations, should be held to account for their organizations information, the physical address of their rescue facility, their foster home locations, their history in rescuing animals, their affiliations with other animal welfare and/or animal rights organizations such as the HSUS, PETA, the ASPCA, and others, the posting of vet reports, euthanasia reports, billing information for professional services rendered by veterinarians, retail or wholesale outlets providing feed and supplies for animals, etc.
A handy questionnaire that can and should be sent to animal welfare and rescue organizations is located here:

And although currently the accountability questionnaire is voluntary, it NEEDS to become a requirement in order to “weed-out” and EXPOSE the donation-funded organizations and individuals who are “into rescue” entirely for their own enrichment, and not because the welfare of animals matters much, if at all, to them.
Questions MUST be asked and answered by these rescues and organizations before its too late and more legislation is passed that will allow these crooks to come in and steal peoples animals, and destroy peoples lives.

It poses questions that no rescue, humane society, spca, or an animal control that partners with any of those orgs, that operate publically should have a problem answering and sending the completed questionnaire back to the sender.

As an example: for an animal rescue, the sender would send Page 2 (pertains to specific verification and fact-check information for an animal rescue) and also Pages 6-10.

For an SPCA, Page 4 and Pages 6-10 would be sent.

It is a starting point to be able to prove to the AG’s offices when complaints were/are sent in that a publically operating donation-funded, that is often adoption-based, animal rescue, humane society, spca, or animal control partnering with any of these orgs are REFUSING to answer questions sent by someone in the public BEFORE they will donate to any of these orgs.

If a complaint is sent to the AG’s office and questions have not been asked by the complainant, the AG’s office probably won’t investigate and will in all probability tell the complainant they have to ask the questions before they can complain.
However, if a questionnaire was sent to a donation-funded org operating publically and they refuse to answer simple questions that go to accountability and full disclosure and “transparency” (the favorite “buzz” and “emotion-evoking” word used by “retail rescues” who often are about as far away from transparency as one can get), then a complaint to the AG’s office, along with the email or pm sending the questionnaire to an org that didn’t respond, or perhaps got combative, would be justified and the org will find themselves answering questions posed by the AG’s office instead.

Currently, these animal ‘rescues’ and other orgs present themselves as “rescues” but never have to disclose any info about themselves.
That’s like going in to apply for a job, presenting a resume the applicant made up themselves, and saying “No, I don’t need to fill out that pesky old job application because everything you need to know about me is right here in my handy-dandy resume”.
No employer in their right minds would hire that person, but this crap happens everyday with so-called ‘rescues’ attacking animal owners with the help of law enforcement and no one really knows who and what the ‘rescues’ are.

At this point, if questions are asked but not answered, then it must be assumed these are not real rescues and they are simply “retail rescues”/animal brokers/dealers “freshening up their merchandise” for the ever hungry public that is literally “addicted to crisis rescuing” such as seizures, big herds of horses, etc that have big pay days in terms of donations being sent in, animals are then “sorted”, the animals that are unadoptable because they have “issues”, and whose “sympathy/pity donation-value” has been exhausted, are “convenience killed”, and the other animals are sold under the guise of “adoption for a fee” under absurd adoption agreements and contracts which often give the rescue “the right” to go in and take an animal away from the adopters without just cause, and often after the adopters have spent money and time on training the animal, which makes them more valuable indeed.

Its time for the rescues and other orgs and government agencies who “partner” with them to be held to account for their background information, their history, their activities, WHERE are all of the animals that are seized 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year later, WHERE are all of the vet reports, euthanasia reports, vet bills, feed bills, payments to transporters, to the founders of rescues, to people at animal control who receive kickbacks from some rescues, etc.
And WHY is animal control and law enforcement, whose salaries are paid by tax payers, doing seizures working with out-of-area ‘rescues’ quite often, at the tax payers expense?

Questions should be asked, and if not answered, then complaints need to be sent to AG’s offices, the Department of Ag, the Taxation Board, the local DA’s office, and also the Governor of the state this Nazi activity is happening in because without accountability and full disclosure, everything these animal ‘rescues’ and organizations do is suspect and most assuredly involves the making of large sums of money to the instigators, while their “volunteer-slaves” and the “social media madness mobs” the ringleaders whip-up do all their dirty work for them.

And make NO MISTAKE: the founders of ‘rescues’ and organizations, the ringleaders and master manipulators in other words, with a few primary “inner circle” players, are really only interested in the MONEY, the POWER, the CONTROL, and the ACCOLADES, and NOT all that interested in the welfare of any animals because put very simply: they are usually the common variety sociopaths and narcissists, and many are also criminals running a scam too.

And remember, swindlers in animal ‘rescue’ NEVER act alone, and without the mobs they whip-up, and their True Believer ‘enabler’ followers who continue to “drink the Kool-Aid”, THEY are NOTHING but insecure, sociopathic, narcissistic cowards who will NOT answer questions because that WILL expose something else they ARE: CRIMINALS!

Humane Euthanasia or the Convenience Killing of Unadoptable/Un-Useful Animals?

Disgusting and monstrous in my opinion is what Hitler’s euthanasia program during World War II was (link at bottom of this post).

And what prompted this blog post today is this bittersweet blog post at this link:

Unfortunately, some horse rescues (and it also happens with dogs, cats, and other species-specific animal rescues too), utilize “putting down” in various ways horses just because they can’t or won’t “do” anything ‘useful’ for anyone anymore and most people, and also many donation-funded ‘rescues’ that are only able to operate because of the kindness of their donors, do not want to maintain an un-useable horse or other animal.

Then the convincing and rationalizing begins to “explain” to the ignorant, naïve, and yes, the apathetic, *why* it “HAD” to be done.
And although many of the “rescues” followers seem to go along with it so as not to be ostracized from the “social club rescue” they support and/or donate to, there are also those ghoulish people who actually compliment the rescue for doing “the compassionate thing” even though 1. its not always compassionate at all and is in fact SELFISH and 2.  they have NOT been shown any vet reports that the killing is necessary as per the attending vet.

Some people also completely disagree with killing animals just because they can’t or won’t do things for people that are “useful” by the practical meaning of the word.
However, these people do not voice their opinions for fear of being ostracized from “the rescue club” (some people never got past 7th grade social standards and can’t deal with “standing alone”), attacked by people, or there being retribution, bullying, smear campaigns, etc for protesting that just because an animal is old, may not look so great, has some aches and pain it lives with, has behavioral/training issues that make them unsafe to ride, etc, just like with most people that have “issues” often not being “useful”, the animal probably does not want to die or be killed by the humans that “rescued” them, or were perhaps entrusted to take care of them, and killing the animal is a complete betrayal.

There also appears to be competition for donation money and also a competition for a following of rescuers, which is very sad indeed, that keeps many animal rescues from actually working with one another to secure good homes, sanctuaries, or hospice care for more animals, rather than fewer.

However, people who are truly in rescue for the animals do not worry about donation money, a following, how many “Likes” they have on Facebook, etc, and instead will problem-solve and work in unity with other rescues to find permanent homes for more animals that are un-useable rather than simply killing off animals they don’t “deal” in.

Unfortunately, there is great donation-value for “crisis rescued” animals, and the gaining of a much larger “following” of supporters, when rescues do what is called “crisis rescuing”.
This is the very PUBLIC ‘rescuing’ of animals (as opposed to “no fanfare” mundane, behind-the-scenes” rescuing of animals that most people are not inclined to donate much money too) that are not in good shape, not at the greatest of facilities, (discussing “standards of care” will be another blog post), “out-bidding kill buyers” at sales that feature horses, even in states where the commercial horse slaughter industry is BANNED but the horse rescues REFUSE to HELP the proper agencies vested with the enforcement of the law pertaining to horse slaughter with ENFORCEMENT of the existing law, and engaging in Animal Enterprise Terrorism attacks aka “seizure scams” or “rescue raids” whereby ALL of the horses, and other animals, are seized from a property in “partnership” with an animal control, which often they get FREE horses with great “adoption for a fee” value, and the horses not in good condition are excellent for pulling in many thousands of dollars in “sympathy/pity”-donations.

Unfortunately, once this second type of horse, or other types of animals, have exhausted their sympathy/pity donation-value, and if they aren’t useful for anything, THESE horses (and other animals) are often the ones killed because the “rescue” does NOT want to spend the free donation money they received doing the “crisis rescue” on maintaining and caring for a horse with no-value that can’t be used for anything.

What these types of rescues should perhaps understand/acknowledge, and many actually do KNOW exactly what they’re doing (fleecing the public out of free donation money with little or no accountability or disclosure to the public because it is almost entirely voluntary) is what role they play in rescue, their niche basically, and not take in horses or other animals that are perhaps not trained and/or are beyond the ability of the rescue staff to train, that are wild/dangerous to handle, so routine things like deworming, teeth floating, hoof trims, etc are a MAJOR production with these types of horses that MOST people cannot and/or will not deal with, and they definitely should not take in horses they can’t rehabilitate back to health if their rehabilitation rate being high is ultra important to them, and they kill the animals that can’t be rehabilitated so that they can continue to say dumb things like “we have a 100% rehabilitation rate and counting in that percentage the animals they KILLED.

Should horses die by slaughter, humane euthanasia, or be “put down” using other methods just because they are wild/dangerous if there are rescues/sanctuaries/hospices willing to take them?

Should horses and other animals be killed just because upon “sorting” and ‘evaluation’ they are found to have physical and/or behavioral/training issues that render them unadoptable with or without a fee, or they are simply not “useful” to anyone in the short amount of time a ‘rescue’ may allow them for a new home to present itself? Are two days enough, a week, a month, what is the time frame to decide to kill an animal?

Maybe its when animal rescues do the newest trend in rescuing which is “out with the old, in with the new rescuing” or “freshening-up the merchandise” (the animals as “merchandise”) and killing animals that haven’t been adopted, or just like what kill buyers at feedlots do, animals are simply killed (kill buyers ship the horses off to slaughter even though they may still need more weight on them) to make room for “new” animals.
This is a ploy rescues use in order to keep the “addicted to crisis rescuing” public engaged and not moving on to another rescue that is more “exciting” and going a million miles an hour of full throttle drama

Horses or other animals that are lame, that have chronic conditions, are old, etc that make them difficult, if not impossible, to adopt to anyone, whether with an adoption fee, or without, but that don’t want to be dead before-their-time by humane euthanasia or other killing methods because of age, condition, wild, untrained, dangerous to handle, have some aches and pains and are lame but can be maintained comfortably on meds, etc, deserve to live.
And the humans that “rescued” them using donation-money to do so (in other words, the rescue is acting on behalf of their donors to rescue the animals because they do NOT have their own money to rescue the animals themselves) are entrusted with preserving life when possible, and easing the animal into death when it is their time to pass.

Just as people with these conditions of disability, chronic conditions, old age, that have terminal illnesses, etc don’t necessarily want to be dead either, especially when the decision is made by other people and they have no choice in the matter, many animals feel the same way to be sure. And while it may be difficult for some/many people to visually look at some animals that may not look so good but are still enjoying whatever phase of life they’re in even if they are “winding down, most of us see people every day that while some may find it difficult to look at them too, that person does not want to die by euthanasia or otherwise, and are still enjoying their life in whatever phase of life they are in, and in whatever condition mentally and/or physically.

What is disappointing however is when the rescues that kill animals after they have found the animal will not be useful to them or anyone else, is un-adoptable, has pulled in as many donations as possible and their donation-value is exhausted, etc, go on the attack toward rescues/sanctuaries/hospices whose primary role is taking in animals that are un-useable by humans for anything, but who will maintain them until it is time for humane euthanasia.
Don’t these horses, dogs, cats, and other animals deserve to live even if they are older, are lame, are wild and/or dangerous to handle, sometimes don’t look so great, etc, and even if a facility is nothing fancy and they don’t live in the lap of luxury but have other animals they live with for companionship 24/7/365?

Once again, many people think they do, and those who have been around animals a long time not only value their lives, they also know when an animal is “saying” and “telling” them they want to “go” (pass on), and will have them put down in a dignified, humane way.

And finally, and in order to refute the worn-out shady explanation of “why” rescues that kill un-useable animals are being un-selfish (NOT!), most rescues that take in these types of animals that are not useful to anyone do not have a lot of difficulty in having the animal humanely euthanized WHEN the animal tells them “I’m done, can you help me?” Yes, there is emotional attachment, however, if the animal is “saying” with their expression, posture and demeanor that they are not enjoying life anymore and/or if they are not eating, they are in moderate/severe pain that cannot be controlled anymore, they can no longer lie down and/or get up with, or without, help, etc, then the decision to euthanize is an easier one because the person that cares for them understands what the animal is asking them to do.

People who basically deal in hospice care for animals, while not desensitized to euthanizing animals are instead at peace with putting an animal down when it’s their time because they know they gave the animal a peaceful life they otherwise would not have had if they hadn’t taken the animal into their care when no one else would.

And many rescues who mostly take in un-useable animals are not interested in the more “social” aspects of animal rescue, they do not deal in adopting animals out, their facility is private because of the nature of the animals they take in, etc.
In other words, not all rescues want to do adoptions and interact with the public in the public-rescue domain, and are happy to take in animals no one else wants and care for them until the animal indicates they wish to “go on”.

We see less and less of these types of rescues because unless they “self-fund” and take care of the animals needs on their own by working at jobs “outside of rescue”, more and more people who donate are being convinced that these types of animals are “not worthy” of living because they can’t or won’t “do” for people, they are “devalued”, people become desensitized and habituated to the killing, they are apathetic, and sadly, they pass these attitudes onto their children which takes the de-valuation attitude into the next generation.

It starts with animals, but is it any wonder that old people, people with “issues”, etc, are put in privatized “homes”/facilities, or often, in government run “county homes” because the high rates for a privatized care facility are very expensive.
Although most of us have not been involved with euthanizing hundreds/thousands of animals because we were not/are not animal control officers, vet techs, work on a farm or ranch where animals are raised as a food source, working for veterinarians, etc, who often routinely do those things and develop means to “disassociate themselves” (I have heard that term used by more than a few vet techs, animal control officers, vets, and farm workers) from what they are doing and/or become what is called “habituated” to it, it does not mean that the keepers of these damaged animals don’t know when an animal is truly “ready to go” and they have their vet humanely euthanize the animal and set them free. And sometimes just keeping the animal comfortable and they pass naturally as many people do in hospice at home or in a hospice setting, is a peaceful way to die too if the animal nearly to the moment of death never does “ask” to be set free with human intervention.

Many of us have our roles we play in animal rescue, but when “the gold standard” or “norm” of animal rescue is to typically, and OFTEN cavalierly and without remorse or conscience, euthanize animals just because they serve no purpose to the rescue that rescued them, or to any humans for that matter, THAT is a problem for society and how value is, or isn’t placed on lives.

Making it worse is when the rescues that DON’T maintain unadoptable horses and other animals go on the attack for their own reasons and with their own agendas, on the rescues that are primarily sanctuaries for unwanted animals and hospice for terminal animals and that DO take in unwanted animals, and that attack causes unadoptable animal rescuers to not rescue any animals anymore, it IS the unwanted animals that lose their lives before their time, whether they were ready to die or not.
Attacking other rescues, especially when they don’t do the same type of rescuing the attacking rescue does and are not in “competition” for donation-dollars with other rescues, is uncivilized, it is de-civilizing, it is selfish and greedy because its about donation money and a following of supporters, and it sullies the memory of an animal who experienced an untimely death at the hands of humans who possess no compassion, empathy, conscience, or soul regarding the sanctity of life even when “its only an animal”.

Here is the link to more information on Hitler’s Euthanasia Program for people in Germany:

And least we not forget, we already have laws on the books to regulate and require certain things in the care of our animals; the providing of food, water, and basic necessities, so to allow ANYONE to come in and seize someone’s personal property animals when they are being provided with at least basic care is unconstitutional and against the law because of the broad spectrum of what is considered basic care and maintenance, and also taking into consideration the animals, just like with people, ability to adapt and acclimate to the environment in which they live.

There is a glaring lack of accountability on the part of animal controls, ‘rescues’, humane societies, spca’s, and others when they perform a seizure or raid. With that in mind, accountability rules and regulations have become necessary to protect private property animal owners from illegal and unjust seizure and theft of personal property animals, assets, and all other property with value. When a seizure or raid basically turns into a looting free-for-all, that is when the crooks are running the show, and innocent people get trampled, wrecked, and ruined legally, emotionally, and often physically too.

More people are fighting back regarding illegal seizures by spca’s, humane societies, and ‘rescues’……. and most seizures really aren’t so much about helping animals, because if that were the case, true rescues would offer help for all of the animals right where they are at.

Some, perhaps many, of the seizures are really big business now, and are basically about spca’s, humane societies, and rescues getting in thousands of dollars in “crisis” and/or “sympathy/pity” donations, they make sure the media is involved to ramp-up mobs of inflamed people who don’t even know what is going on and/or the circumstances, etc, they “put down” without posting any vet reports/necropsy results of why the animal was really put down, and some rescues simply “disappear” animals to who-knows-where that are not candidates for “adoptions for a fee”, or even without a fee for that matter, because they have physical and/or behavioral/training “issues” that render them unadoptable and the rescues are not normally in the business of caring for, and maintaining animals long term or in hospice care.

If this were not the case, then WHY do we see so many dogs, cats, horses, llama’s, etc advertised on Craigslist for FREE?

If rescues were really rescuing out of the goodness of their hearts and to help animals, we wouldn’t be seeing any free animals that are in jeopardy of going to animal control to be euthanized, dogs taken for free being used as bait dogs for training pit bull fighting dogs, people going around “bundling” free animals to sell to labs, and horses being picked up by kill buyers and/or horse traders that send them to slaughter.

And if rescues are “for real”, they should always be willing to offer help to the animal owner and animals right where they live instead of seizing someone’s animals as a 1st course of action. Rescues can ask for donations from the public to help animals right where they are at. However, that would then require a high degree of accountability and “transparency” on the part of the rescues, and that is not now required when they do seizures, but hopefully will be changing going forward so that rescues that are often fronts for brokers/dealers of animals will have to provide a lot of information to show they really are rescuing, and not simply “cherry picking” and/or stealing animals for free to partake of free donation money and “adoptions for a fee” on animals they got for free and did a seizure and then maintained the free animals with free donation money.

All parties in a seizure need to be held accountable for providing their itemized financials on donations from all sources for that seizure, where all the donations are going, pertinent documents, receipts, vet reports, etc, and all non-profits, or anyone getting in free donation money from animal lovers, need to account for every penny they get in, and where every penny is going.

And GuideStar is not the greatest source of transparency, accountability, and full disclosure for the simple reason it is not an itemized list, and quite frankly, if a rescue is on the “up and up” when they are doing seizures, they should be perfectly willing to show ALL of their financials, receipts, vet reports, EVERYTHING to show they truly are the “real deal” and are rescuing for the right reasons.

We are working toward having counties, cities, and states having a “hospice care” designation for animals that will protect the animal owners from master manipulators and their following of “social media madness mobs” of crazy people from forcing pet owners and rescues to kill their animals before the animal wants to be dead.

All it will take to turn this abnormal killing of supposedly rescued animals around  is for the donating and supportive public to ask questions of the animal rescues regarding their euthanasia policy BEFORE they donate.

Only then will the public be in the position to trustingly donate to rescues that often and unfortunately choose death over life for “rescued” animals, when a first consideration should ALWAYS be to listen to the animal because they never lie when it comes to their passing-on, or continuing to live their lives in each wonderful moment.