Retail-Welfare Rescues and WHY Their Founders and Primary Participants Do What They Do

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This blog post is in relation to the article at this link:

And this link at #4 explains the tax benefits for rescues and animal shelters:

The article at the 1st link above is a very good one, and should be read and remembered by ANYONE that has animals because you may find you need the information it contains in the near future since Animal Enterprise Terrorism attacks aka “seizure scams” are occurring in epidemic proportions in the United States, and all over the world.
And even if you thankfully never find yourself needing it, you perhaps may know someone who does and/or will need this important information.

However, a few important factors were left out of the article in the 1st link regarding the MAIN reasons that the Founders and Primary Participants with many animal rescues do the things they do with ramping-up “social media madness mobs” to attack animal owners under false, not illegal pretenses.

Here are two of the primary reasons they do what they do, but there are less significant ones that play into their “rescue racket” scam they’re running too that will be addressed here at a later date:

1. Free donation MONEY coming in by the bushel barrel-baskets to these “retail rescues” aka “retail-welfare rescues” (called that because they live off the kindness and naiveté of others) via animal lovers from across the country and around the world because of FREE “social media marketing” being “real time” and simple and easy to do.
The donor animal lovers send in thousands of dollars in donation money to help with the constantly manufactured “crisis rescuing” and/or “sympathy rescuing” for animals that often do NOT need rescuing at all, but are often animals that can be sold on an “adoption for a fee” (selling) aka “flipping” scam that is a great money-maker for these “rescues that aren’t”.
And once the founder and/or primary players in the “rescue” turn loose the hounds (their supporters and followers) to harass, threaten, attack, and stalk their targets, many of the tax payer-funded government agencies in towns, cities, and counties “roll-over” to their demands to “look like they are doing something” even though they have already investigated the complaints and found little or nothing wrong.  Then there are also the politicians in charge in these cities, towns, and counties who “circle the wagons” and in order to look good, get re-elected, etc, they literally throw their tax paying resident that is being attacked “under the bus” and they too go on the attack using tax payers money, and with the “help” of a vicious donation-funded “retail rescue” saying they will take-in the animals (often peoples family-member animals).
At that point, the targets are so over-whelmed, terrified, etc, they either surrender animals hoping to stop the attack and avoid being arrested, having their kids taken away by CPS if they have minor children, and prosecuted (and sadly, the attacks don’t usually stop at all and THEY are blamed if animals die even if that was actually the choice of the “rescue” to euthanize.

Retail-rescues often kill so-called “rescued” animals that have no more “donation-value” left, and when they had/have “issues” which made/make them worthless in an “adoption with” or even without a fee, because these “retail rescues” are NOT in the business of letting animals hang-out and live with other animals because, hey, THEY are a “retail rescue” and only keep “merchandise” that happens to be animals around that are “useable for something”, so they kill them once their value is exhausted), or they have animals seized because the target does not have enough money to hire a knowledgeable attorney to help them.

2. Since many of these retail-rescues have founders and primary participants that are not truly animal lovers and only are “into” rescue as their latest swindle because of the money-making opportunities available (really terrifying is that more and more animal control officers are going “into” rescue because “retail-rescuing” pays much better than being an ACO ever will, they have the control and power with no accountability from the public being required  – yet – and they bring their “culture of killing” animals that they “de-value” with them into “rescue”, and also their ability to lie with no remorse and cheat with no conscience)  when they “play to their audience” of real animal lovers and play on their emotions of animals NEEDING rescue.
Many of these people are sociopaths and/or narcissists, and have bottom-less pits of needing ego-strokes, so the perfect vehicle to not only make FREE donation money, other free material possessions, and also not have to work in a “real job”, is to become a “rescuer” where they will also get tremendous amounts of accolades, praise, pats on the back, be called “hero’s”, etc.
They actually NEED their egos to be fed on a daily basis, so in order to do that, and also because they are often sociopaths and narcissist’s, they will say or do whatever it takes to portray themselves as self-less advocates and rescuers of animals, they lie, they commit fraud, they incite “social media madness mobs” to attack people they don’t even know, and many other things.

The FACT however is that it is EASY to have a nice facility, its EASY to rescue animals, its EASY to portray yourself as an expert because “look at what a nice place I have” and “look how many animals we rescue” and “look how many followers and supporters we have from all over the world” WHEN the swindler is operating solely off the kindness of real, honest-to-goodness animal lovers that donate $$$, and they use little, if any, of their own money because they DON’T HAVE JOBS and could NOT “do” rescue without other people funding it.
Many of these crooks are also collecting disability payments even though they are not disabled, many are simply horse traders, animal brokers and dealers POSING as animal rescues and rescuers, but they have found their beautiful niche in animal rescue where they sham the public out of their hard-earned money, get material goods such as property, vehicles, equipment for “the rescue”, and also get lovely accolades and praise about how “wonderful they are”.

The need for ACCOUNTABILY and FULL DISCLOSURE has become a NECESSITY because THAT is the only way to bring people like this down; ASKING QUESTIONS and not DONATING and SUPPORTING them until the answers are forth-coming. Oh, and a REALLY IMPORTANT question that is asked in the questionnaire and NEEDS to be answered is “exactly WHERE are all of the animals they have rescued”…..alive? Dead? Who-knows-where?

Fraudsters tell so many lies to get what they want, they are incapable of remembering what lies they told to which people, so asking them questions and expecting answers that can be FACT-checked and VERIFIED before money and/or support is offered, will blow these swindlers right out of the rescue-arena, and then the real rescues who will be happy to answer any and all questions, but who are not “show-boaters”, who don’t lie in order to get what they want, and who usually do the “no fanfare” rescuing that is often too “boring” for some people who are “addicted to crisis rescuing” will get the support from the public they could really use.
However, there is no way for honest people to compete in animal rescue with those who are off-the-charts with their lying, “posing”, cheating, and lack of conscience, honesty, honor, integrity, and morals and is the difference between writing a book of fiction claiming it is all fact…..absurd, but the naïve public believes these con-artists in retail-rescue, and animals are being stolen, people are having their lives destroyed, and the criminals are making off with sometimes millions of dollars, just as many animals are killed, they disappear, but the short-memoried animal loving public doesn’t seem to care at all.

Many people think they would never be the victims of an Animal Enterprise Terrorism “seizure scam” attack.
The FACT however is that if YOU have animals, and if YOU have something these scammers posing as rescuers want, YOU could be their next target and victim of an attack when they get their vicious hooks into YOU, and although YOU may say “they’ll never take my animals away from me”, the other unfortunate FACT is that when YOU are attacked and it goes VIRILE and YOU have “social media madness mobs” bombarding the town, city, county you live in with phone calls, texts, PM’s, emails, faxes, etc, and the politicians decide they have to look like “we’re doing something” in order to appease the “social media madness mobs” that are mean, blood-thirsty, self-righteous, and relentless,  YOU could be left crying, arrested, booked, and fighting for your freedom while your family-member animals are who-knows-where with someone else, “disappeared” in various ways never to be seen or heard from again, or KILLED, and it is all blamed on YOU.

Here’s the link to the Accountability and Full Disclosure blog post explaining why accountability and full disclosure for publically operated, donation-funded animal rescues is a NECESSITY NOW.

The post contains a link to an Accountability and Full Disclosure Questionnaire/Checklist that can be sent to donation-funded rescues that operate publically:

And if animal owners don’t send out accountability questionnaires and insist they get answers, and if they don’t do something to stop these “retail-welfare rescues” in their tracks NOW, don’t be too surprised when YOU have animals these fraudsters and criminals want for free that they can then sell, and YOU and YOURS will be destroyed, your beloved and/or valuable animals will be sold into new homes, some will be killed and you’ll be blamed for it, and some will simply disappear, and no one will believe you at all when you tell the truth because what people really think is that “the ‘rescue’ wouldn’t have taken their animals if everything was O.K.” and YOU will be painted as the villain and animal abuser all over the country, and perhaps all over the world too.

In closing, no one should get the impression that just because an animal rescue is only able to operate from the kindness of the donating public that they are greedy, selfish, ego-maniacs, etc. Many people in the public DO want to help, and sending donations and being supportive of animal rescues is one way in which to do that.

However, WHEN a primarily donation-funded rescue puts themselves out in the public-eye, WHEN they ask for and receive donations from the animal loving public, and WHEN they orchestrate public scrutiny campaigns against animal owners, then THEY have a responsibility and a DUTY to the supportive, donating PUBLIC, whose kindness and generosity provides them with the funds and ability to perform rescue operations, to demonstrate accountability, full disclosure, transparency, and answer questions they are asked that go to operating in the public-domain.

When they are also doing “calls to rescue” and utilizing massive numbers of people in the social media realm to be their own militia to “reach out” and contact law enforcement, neighbors of their “target for scrutiny”, do “drive-by’s”, etc, they should not have the options to either ignore or go on the attack of the folks asking questions whose answers can be fact-checked and verified for accuracy and truth.

In other words, they “can’t have their cake and eat it too”, and should NEVER be allowed to operate and collect money in the public-domain and choose when they want to be a public entity, and then choose not to be operating publically and NOT be accountable and transparent; it is NOT up to them to choose one or the other based on their whims and fancy, so if a questionnaire is sent to a publically operated donation-funded animal rescue, they should be more than happy to answer questions…..and if they won’t, something that stinks is going on most likely, and it will be left up to the AG’s office to sort it out when complaints are filed.


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