Its NOT Too Late (Yet!) to Keep Our Federally Protected FREE ROAMING Wild Horses and Burros FREE!

We DO believe that federally protected FREE ROAMING (no fences) wild horses and burros should be PRIMARILY managed as mandated by LAW (the Free Roaming Wild Horse and Burro Act of 1971) on federal/PUBLIC land on their VAST Herd Management Areas (HMA’s).

However, we are also practical-minded and pragmatic enough to know we do need to have EFFECTIVE plans in place regarding where horses and burros that are captured can either be kept for the rest of their lives in a sanctuary for those horses we call “I’d rather not” horses, which basically means they would “rather than not be trained captive-wild horses”, and also facilities where the younger horses and/or horses that don’t have the “wild mindset” ingrained in them (yet) can be trained and adopted into good homes.

The sad fact is that the old saying of “you can’t stop progress” is true……. and although many people happen to live out surrounded by federal and state PUBLIC land in the western “open range” states, which the tax payers in the US and/or the state pay with tax dollars to maintain, and although it IS VAST and often BARREN in many areas, the private business interests (primarily Corporations at this point because they have bought up and/or run-out the smaller “mom and pop” businesses that were operating on federal-public land) that wish to fence-off and control our public land are VERY powerful lobbies in Washington D.C. where all of the decisions pertaining to our Federal-Public land are made.

So UNLESS money is collected from donors donating to a wild horse and burro advocacy and/or rescue group that will then hire Lobbyists whose only job is to rally support for the federally protected wild horses and burros with the politicians in Washington D.C., videos like this one will not be seen AND understood by the “general public” of Americans who perhaps are not all that interested in the wild horse and burro issue, and our beautiful free roaming wild horses and burros will continue to be captured at an alarming and aggressive rate, warehoused, and most likely will end up being shipped by the thousands to commercial slaughter once the “misinformed, naïve, and disinterested general public” (who are in the majority by-the-way) are told by the “spin-doctors”/public relations/marketing people in the government and in the media that that is the most “humane” thing (and commercial slaughter for horses is NOT humane, and can NOT be made humane and there are facts that back up this claim) that can be done with them……even though that is patently FALSE information.

It would behoove ANYONE that loves wild horses and burros, and also ANYONE who perhaps doesn’t particularly care about the wild horses and burros but DOES like to camp, do off-roading, ride horses, hunt, fish, etc on federal-public land, to BAND and ORGANIZE TOGETHER for the simple reason that the only individuals standing between them and their ability to USE unfenced federal-PUBLIC land ARE the federally-protected free roaming wild horses and burros who must be allowed to FREE ROAM (no fences), and once they are eradicated and GONE, the fences that CONTROL the land will go up very quickly.

At that point, the tax-paying public will have to pay a “User Fee” to go on OUR public land we PAY to maintain, otherwise, we will be fined and/or arrested for trespassing if we go on our land and didn’t heed the fencing and signs telling us “No Trespassing”.

It is NOT too late to STOP the aggressive eradication and captures of OUR federally-PROTECTED FREE ROAMING wild horses and burros.

However, unless aggressive Lobbyists are hired to represent ONLY the federally-protected wild horses and burros in Washington D.C. where all of the decisions pertaining to federal-public land are made, bands of wild horses, and also wild burros, will go the way of the buffalo, which was horrendous and tragic in and of itself, and which should NOT be allowed to happen with our majestic, beautiful, and wild free roaming horses and burros too


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