RED ALERT!: Questions NEED to Be ASKED and ANSWERED Before Animal Owners Lose All of Their RIGHTS!

This blog post is written in response to another blog post at YesBiscuit located here:

The swindler animal rescues and organizations are steadily making progress in stomping on animal owners rights.

Pertaining to the New Hampshire Bill coming up for voting on Friday as written about in the YesBiscuit blog;

This is a bad Bill.

It is a bad Bill for the following reasons:

  1. It promotes the national and International abuse of animal welfare laws by allowing competitors, i.e. rescues, breeders, brokers, etc, to attack one another for personal enrichment.
  2. This Bill like most bills fails to acknowledge the hospice characteristic of many animal owners/rescues/sanctuaries, even though it is not illegal to care for aged, chronically ill, sick, or injured animals. Many animal owners and rescues care for animals with those characteristics listed above, and are subject to attack and seizure of their animals because of it.

While there is no law stating that it is illegal to provide care for terminally ill hospice animals, or chronically ill, aged, sick, or injured animals, it is often these specific animals that are used by rescues, spca’s, and humane societies to justify seizures which enriches these organizations through the collection of vast amounts of “sympathy/pity” donations. Animals such as those listed above are often killed after they have exhausted their “sympathy/pity donation-value” because they are unadoptable with or without a fee, and the rescues, humane societies, and spca’s are NOT in the “business” of keeping, caring for, and maintaining animals for months or years that have no value.

3. It has become epidemic across the country and around the world for animal rescues, humane societies, spca’s, and animal controls who “partner” with them to seize animals with no clear justification for seizure. It also allows people with personal vendetta’s, or that are competitors of another rescue, to attack their neighbors, other rescues, other breeders, or “whomever”, and “false report”, which is illegal.

  1. There is no clear set of guidelines for what constitutes abuse or neglect. If an animal is receiving food and water, and a safe place to live, there should be no law that allows the animal owner to be attacked, have their animals seized, and under only an accusation, have to PAY for their seized animals care before they have even gone to court on the matter.

There are many people who have appointed themselves as judge, jury, and executioner when they have no special training to do so. And if animal owners can produce evidence regarding the feeding and care of their animals, the animals should NOT be seized.

An example of this are the many seizures that are done in the United States when horses are “ribby”, and those people seizing the horses preferring to see them overweight. And if these rescues also cannot get weight on the horse through feed and also supplements, medication, etc, they usually kill the horse for the simple reason many of them tout a very high, even 100& rehabilitation-rate, and horses like this make them look bad.

Over-weight is also far more dangerous to a horse than thin, and as written in this statement by Dr. Don Henneke, the inventor of the weight assessment scale for horses that MOST horse rescues use (and mis-use according to Dr. Henneke), before he passed away in 2012, blood work and other examinations should be done with horses BEFORE they are removed from the custody and care of the horse owner because simply being thin or even skinny does not justify seizure in most cases:

Here is information regarding what the FBI calls Animal Enterprise Terrorism aka “seizures scams” or “rescue raids” that ARE happening in epidemic proportions across the country, and also around the world:

Going forward, any animal rescue humane society, spca, or animal control that “partners” with any of these organizations, should be held to account for their organizations information, the physical address of their rescue facility, their foster home locations, their history in rescuing animals, their affiliations with other animal welfare and/or animal rights organizations such as the HSUS, PETA, the ASPCA, and others, the posting of vet reports, euthanasia reports, billing information for professional services rendered by veterinarians, retail or wholesale outlets providing feed and supplies for animals, etc.
A handy questionnaire that can and should be sent to animal welfare and rescue organizations is located here:

And although currently the accountability questionnaire is voluntary, it NEEDS to become a requirement in order to “weed-out” and EXPOSE the donation-funded organizations and individuals who are “into rescue” entirely for their own enrichment, and not because the welfare of animals matters much, if at all, to them.
Questions MUST be asked and answered by these rescues and organizations before its too late and more legislation is passed that will allow these crooks to come in and steal peoples animals, and destroy peoples lives.

It poses questions that no rescue, humane society, spca, or an animal control that partners with any of those orgs, that operate publically should have a problem answering and sending the completed questionnaire back to the sender.

As an example: for an animal rescue, the sender would send Page 2 (pertains to specific verification and fact-check information for an animal rescue) and also Pages 6-10.

For an SPCA, Page 4 and Pages 6-10 would be sent.

It is a starting point to be able to prove to the AG’s offices when complaints were/are sent in that a publically operating donation-funded, that is often adoption-based, animal rescue, humane society, spca, or animal control partnering with any of these orgs are REFUSING to answer questions sent by someone in the public BEFORE they will donate to any of these orgs.

If a complaint is sent to the AG’s office and questions have not been asked by the complainant, the AG’s office probably won’t investigate and will in all probability tell the complainant they have to ask the questions before they can complain.
However, if a questionnaire was sent to a donation-funded org operating publically and they refuse to answer simple questions that go to accountability and full disclosure and “transparency” (the favorite “buzz” and “emotion-evoking” word used by “retail rescues” who often are about as far away from transparency as one can get), then a complaint to the AG’s office, along with the email or pm sending the questionnaire to an org that didn’t respond, or perhaps got combative, would be justified and the org will find themselves answering questions posed by the AG’s office instead.

Currently, these animal ‘rescues’ and other orgs present themselves as “rescues” but never have to disclose any info about themselves.
That’s like going in to apply for a job, presenting a resume the applicant made up themselves, and saying “No, I don’t need to fill out that pesky old job application because everything you need to know about me is right here in my handy-dandy resume”.
No employer in their right minds would hire that person, but this crap happens everyday with so-called ‘rescues’ attacking animal owners with the help of law enforcement and no one really knows who and what the ‘rescues’ are.

At this point, if questions are asked but not answered, then it must be assumed these are not real rescues and they are simply “retail rescues”/animal brokers/dealers “freshening up their merchandise” for the ever hungry public that is literally “addicted to crisis rescuing” such as seizures, big herds of horses, etc that have big pay days in terms of donations being sent in, animals are then “sorted”, the animals that are unadoptable because they have “issues”, and whose “sympathy/pity donation-value” has been exhausted, are “convenience killed”, and the other animals are sold under the guise of “adoption for a fee” under absurd adoption agreements and contracts which often give the rescue “the right” to go in and take an animal away from the adopters without just cause, and often after the adopters have spent money and time on training the animal, which makes them more valuable indeed.

Its time for the rescues and other orgs and government agencies who “partner” with them to be held to account for their background information, their history, their activities, WHERE are all of the animals that are seized 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year later, WHERE are all of the vet reports, euthanasia reports, vet bills, feed bills, payments to transporters, to the founders of rescues, to people at animal control who receive kickbacks from some rescues, etc.
And WHY is animal control and law enforcement, whose salaries are paid by tax payers, doing seizures working with out-of-area ‘rescues’ quite often, at the tax payers expense?

Questions should be asked, and if not answered, then complaints need to be sent to AG’s offices, the Department of Ag, the Taxation Board, the local DA’s office, and also the Governor of the state this Nazi activity is happening in because without accountability and full disclosure, everything these animal ‘rescues’ and organizations do is suspect and most assuredly involves the making of large sums of money to the instigators, while their “volunteer-slaves” and the “social media madness mobs” the ringleaders whip-up do all their dirty work for them.

And make NO MISTAKE: the founders of ‘rescues’ and organizations, the ringleaders and master manipulators in other words, with a few primary “inner circle” players, are really only interested in the MONEY, the POWER, the CONTROL, and the ACCOLADES, and NOT all that interested in the welfare of any animals because put very simply: they are usually the common variety sociopaths and narcissists, and many are also criminals running a scam too.

And remember, swindlers in animal ‘rescue’ NEVER act alone, and without the mobs they whip-up, and their True Believer ‘enabler’ followers who continue to “drink the Kool-Aid”, THEY are NOTHING but insecure, sociopathic, narcissistic cowards who will NOT answer questions because that WILL expose something else they ARE: CRIMINALS!


2 thoughts on “RED ALERT!: Questions NEED to Be ASKED and ANSWERED Before Animal Owners Lose All of Their RIGHTS!

    1. Please see our newest blog regarding a questionnaire that can and should be sent to any and all donation-funded animal rescues as a first step toward voluntary accountability, full disclosure to the public, and also transparency.

      Most animal rescues in our estimation will ignore the questionnaire if it is sent to them. However, it is a starting point to show the sender was trying to get answers. If no answers are forthcoming and the sender does in fact file a complaint with the AG’s office, it will show that since answers were not offered by the donation-funded rescue when posed, the AG’s office needs to get the answers on behalf of the donating public.


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