Are YOU An “Enabler” of a Donation-Funded “Retail Rescue” That is Fleecing the Public and Killing Animals?

Note: Before we begin, we’d like to point out that the questionnaire at the bottom of this post is of course completely voluntary for animal rescues to fill out, or not if they don’t want to.
However, by not filling it out when sent to them, they are pretty much disrespecting the sender who is a member of the donating public, and that in and of itself should give the sender answers even without the donation-funded animal rescue they sent it to writing a single word.

Non-Profit Donation-Funded Animal Rescues and How They Get Paid (or Not):
Many registered not-for-profits and 501c3 animal rescues do not have any of the people involved with the rescue as collecting or being paid a salary as is their right to do when they file their paperwork with the State as a “not-for-profit” and with the IRS as a tax exempt entity.

They COUNT on the FACT that when they ask for donations and:

1. run their “crisis rescues” of animals that “must be rescued NOW and we have NO TIME to answer ANY questions or take photos of ALL of the animals that need HELP because we are rescuing so please don’t ask questions and let us ‘do our ‘job'”;

2. when they are doing their “seizure scams” or “rescue raids” against often innocent animal owners that have animals these “rescues that aren’t” can collect thousands of dollars in free money “sympathy/pity” and/or “crisis donations “on;

3. or animals they will get entirely for FREE that they can SELL on “adoptions for a fee”;

that NO ONE will ask them for accountability, full disclosure, or transparency, and usually no one does.

Rescues such as these are called “Retail Rescues” because they are literally animal brokers/dealers, and although they call finding animals homes “adoptions”, they are in fact SELLING animals that donations from kind-hearted, but gullible and naïve donors sent them to get in more “merchandise” (animals), the donations pay to maintain the animals the ‘rescue’ got for FREE, and donation dollars also pay to dispose (kill or ‘disappear’) animals that are un-useable for various reasons and/or because of “issues” they have.

Why and How This Accountability Questionnaire Came About:
This questionnaire came into being because typically, AG’s offices won’t investigate something in-depth just based on a complaint from someone in the public because they consider many of the people, mostly women, involved in “animal rescue” to be “catty” and “competitive” with one another, having “tiffs” (think the Real Housewives shows), having petty arguments, they often “false report” on one another using government agencies to “get back at” their opponent, or someone they just don’t like for ‘whatever reasons’ (like the boy who cried wolf”), etc.

 If people send in complaints without proof of suspicious dealings, actual wrong-doing, the “rescue” won’t answer questions when people ask them in an unorganized way, etc, the AG’s office often contacts them ONLY because they are required too, they *might*, but maybe not, ask them for an accounting of donation monies received, the AG’s office does not usually ask for receipts, bills, etc and instead, they simply “take the rescues word for it” that “every penny of donation money received is spent on the animals we rescue” because ‘hey, its a rescue, they must be good people, right?’ even though this has turned into “cash for animals” to these “retail-welfare rescues” that have sprung up all over the country, and more and more people are entering the free money LUCRATIVE “rescue arena” competition because they see how easy it is to collect money, material goods, etc, and NOT have to ACCOUNT for anything and/or DISCLOSE anything to anyone either.

They are not rescues and are simply swindlers pushing peoples emotional-buttons, asking for money for a “crisis that is happening NOW” and “we can’t rescue these poor animals in ‘deplorable’ conditions without YOUR help everyone!”.

Donation-Funded Rescues That Are Pure Genius At Social Media Marketing:
These “rescues that aren’t” also have social media marketing geniuses that KNOW how to “work the media”, intimidate the politicians in towns, cities, counties, and States with mobs of people clamoring for them to “get busy doing something” even when laws aren’t being broken by the animal owners who are being attacked, and the only reason they “do something” against their own tax payers is because THEIR political FUTURE is on-the-line, so they help fraudsters steal animals from people who have already been investigated/stalked/trolled by these ‘rescues that aren’t’ as NOT having the money to hire an attorney immediately to fend off their attack.

Basically, whether on-purpose, or perhaps accidently, the government agencies and the politicians ARE in COLLUSION with these scammers in animal “rescue” that VERY OFTEN have founders and inner circle players that don’t really care all that much about animals and really only care about all that free money they receive because many/most of them do NOT have JOBS, some/many collect disability payments even though they are not really disabled, some/many collect unemployment benefits, some/many collect food stamps, SSI, and other government money, and looking into their PAST HISTORIES will show a pattern-of-deception that reaches into a more distant past where they learned how to “work the system” with lying and embellishments.

Their followers on-the-other-hand are often people who are animal lovers, but unfortunately know even less than the “rescue” knows about animal husbandry, so they are “easy marks” in terms of ramping them up into a “social media madness mob” that will do the dirty work of the founder of the rescue and their inner circle players who get the ball rolling, and then just sit back and watch the mob going into a feeding frenzy attacking people they don’t even know based on their “favorite rescue” pulling their strings and TELLING them to go after whomever or whatever.


 Rescues That Count on the Fact That Most People Do NOT Ask Questions:
They also know people will rarely ask about what exactly happened to ALL of the animals they supposedly “rescued” (and people should take note that these scammer rescues NEVER show all the animals they seize on a “seizure scam” because they don’t want to have to account for them if they turn out to be ‘not useable’ for anything other than the collection of “sympathy/pity” donations from naïve and gullible people, and they will have to kill or “disappear them” somewhere after their “sympathy/pity” donation-value has petered out to nothing without people ever asking about them and asking “whatever happened to that old white dog that I saw a photo of but didn’t have a name? I want to adopt that dog” but of course they can’t because that dog is GONE!) 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year after the “rescue”.

The animals that aren’t good for “adoption-for-a-fee” once their “donation-value” for sympathy/pity donations are exhausted are “disappeared, euthanized, dumped at an out of town animal control, and in the case of horses, they are often sold directly to a kill buyer, a feedlot, or to a middleman horse trader so the rescues name isn’t listed anywhere as having sold the horse to a known kill buyer/feedlot, and the middleman then sells them to the kill buyer/feedlot, and off they go to slaughter.

Why Asking Questions Can SAVE Animals Lives:
If the questions are at least asked, and they are questions that ANY and ALL legitimate donation-funded, and also adoption-based rescues WILL answer with no problem, that will separate the “real rescues” from the “scammer retail rescues”.

Rescues that operate publically and DEPEND on the PUBLIC to send them money in order to operate that will not answer the questions, rescues that ignore the questionnaire, rescues that get combative about the questionnaire and either get snarky with the sender and/or start a cyber-harassment and bullying campaign, etc, will with their actions, or lack thereof, WILL lend credibility to the complainants complaint to the AG’s office about them, especially if several complaints are sent in for the same ‘rescue’ and/or several rescues registered, or perhaps not, in their state. If the complainants correspondence with the rescue regarding sending them the questionnaire to fill out, which they refused to do, will give the Attorney General’s office, the IRS, the Taxation Board, the Dept. of AG, etc reasons to investigation because:
1. its beyond the typical “she said/she said” or “he said/she said” stuff;

2. if the media gets their hands on these questionnaires and emails and PM’s sent to ‘rescues’ by animal lovers, donors, and consumers in the public, and the rescue refused to answer questions, the politicians in the AG’s office, and other government agencies will look like they didn’t take valid complaints regarding possible fraud, misrepresentation, misappropriation of donations, the killing and “disappearing” of innocent animals by “rescues that aren’t”, etc seriously, and in fact “looked the other way” and didn’t do a thing about weeding-out the scammer, fraudulent rescues.

Why Honest and Ethical Rescues Can’t Compete With the Dishonest Scammer Rescues:
The honest rescues perspective is that there is no way for them to weed-out the bad rescues themselves because they are not willing to lie, embellish, ramp-up mobs of people to attack these rescues publically, etc because NONE of that means anything if they are dealing in MOBS in social media without any proof or factual information about what they are saying about another rescue is true and factual.

If we can present the questionnaire as having been sent to the rescue (sending it directly to the source whose information can then be fact-checked and verified) and ignored, or was sent and not filled out but the sender was cyber-bullied and harassed, then that correspondence being posted publically AND also sent to AG’s offices will show that the sender DID try to get answers to questions regarding WHAT is the donation money being spent on, WHERE are vet reports, bills, euthanasia and body disposal bills, adoption contracts and agreements, etc, and very important is WHERE are ALL of the animals the rescue has ‘rescued’ using donation money 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year after ‘rescue’?!?

Why the Questionnaire is Simply A Starting Point Toward Accountability:
The problem with putting stuff out there publically even if its factual is that these scammer rescues have followers and friends that are either an “inner circle” core-group that are ‘the real team’ and benefit in some way by being “an insider”, and also about 100+/- True Believer followers that have “drank the Kool-Aid” and will defend the “rescue’ no matter what because they are told “you’re such a good team player”, “you’re awesome and a true rescuer”, and other emotional buzz words and “stroking techniques” that keep these followers eating out of the palm of their hands and that make these gullible people feel like they are really “somebody” with this ‘rescue’, when the fact is just like ‘carnies’ with their “marks”, all they really are is being used, and will be ignored if they aren’t useful anymore, or thrown under the bus if that need arises, or they will be attacked, ostracized, etc if they ask too many questions.

MOST Animal Lovers Really DO Want to Know the Truth:
However, there are more of their followers who if the proof of questions being asked and not answered is shown, or not answered and the sender of the questions got attacked by “the rescue that isn’t”, they will ‘jump ship’, become more brave if there are other people asking the same questions they have and they aren’t scared sh*tless THEY will be singled out for attack without anyone to help them defend their position.

There are usually  these Top 3 reasons many people will NOT ask questions:
1. they have “skeletons in their closet” the ‘rescue’ knows about and they are afraid of being “outted” on some embarrassing and/or illegal activities they were involved in.

2. the “rescue” they may have volunteered with and/or performed services for had them sign a Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure Agreement and they are afraid of being taken to court if they speak about activities pertaining to the “rescue”;

3. they are AFRAID and SCARED of repercussions and of being ruthlessly attacked, so instead, they simply walk-away from that rescue without saying a word even though they know something bad is happening with the rescue and also with many of the animals they supposedly “rescue” that are killed or disappear instead.

How We Have Made It EASY for Non-Confrontational People to Ask Questions:
We acknowledge the FACT that although we are assertive, aggressive, sarcastic, and like a dog with a bone when we sink our teeth into an issue, MORE people are actually passive, non-confrontational, a little or a lot timid, and although angry about something, or feeling bad that animals are simply being used as pawns in order to collect free money via donations and other material goods, or “merchandise” (and yes, for these “retail rescues”, animals are in fact “merchandise”, and THAT is one of the reasons animals that either have issues that render them unadoptable, or perhaps the animal has been up for adoption for a while and no one wants them, are killed in various ways, or are “disappeared” to parts unknown to anyone except for the “inner circle” at the rescue. THEN they “freshen-up the merchandise” by having their naïve and gullible donors and followers buy them more animals that they also pay to maintain too. THAT equals pure profit to the supposedly NON-PROFIT “rescue”) they will say nothing unless they have some support from other people that believe the same thing they do; ‘something’ really bad is going on with a rescue, or perhaps many rescues, but they will NOT go-it alone against master manipulators and puppet-masters with their legions of minions who will do the attacking and other dirty work for them that they know gives them an excuse and fall-back position to say “I didn’t tell them to do that, or say that”.

 “Just Say NO” to Sociopaths and Narcissists in Animal Rescue:
THAT is how sociopathic, narcissistic, and intelligent these manipulators are, so the QUESTIONS MUST be asked directly to THEM FIRST so it can be exposed that THEY would not answer simple questions.

Many/most people in our current day society simply “walk away” rather than “get involved” in issues. The problem with this is that those who “run rackets”, commit fraud, and do “whatever” to enrich themselves with money and material goods are COUNTING on the fact that this is what MOST people do: WALK AWAY and then SCAMMERS can continue to SCAM.

Please Just Send the Questionnaire In Order To SAVE Animals Lives:
However, if people would instead be willing to send 6 pages of simple questions to their favorite rescue, to rescues they are considering donating to, or maybe even to rescues they ‘suspect’ may not be who they present themselves to the public as, the results of being ignored by public donation-funded ‘rescues’ can be sent to the Attorney General’s office in the State the rescue is registered in, along with a simple complaint regarding the ‘rescue’ being unwilling to answer simple questions, and then the AG’s office can contact the offending ‘rescue’ and get some real answers the public was unable to.

If as a voluntary starting point the public is unwilling to ask donation-funded animal rescues for accountability and full disclosure, people have no cause to complain about ANY of them if they are unwilling to ask ALL of them questions, and the result will be that the rescues who are unwilling to answer questions posed by the public they ask for money from will continue to live off of their fleecing of the public until the PUBLIC STOP’S THEM OR UNTIL ACCOUNTABILITY QUESTIONNAIRES ARE REQUIRED.

The public has nothing to lose, other than their trust perhaps, by sending these simple questions posted below to any and all primarily donation-funded rescues.
And if you are unwilling to do this  simple action, you have no cause to complain about ANY donation-funded rescues……it IS that simple.

If you would like to send the results of asking questions of donation-funded rescues here and we will forward them to the appropriate AG’s office, our email address is:

(Click on Each Page Below to Enlarge):

Rescue Questionnaire1 Rescue Questionnaire2 Rescue Questionnaire3 Rescue Questionnaire4 Rescue Questionnaire5 Rescue Questionnaire6
Rescue Questionnaire7


4 thoughts on “Are YOU An “Enabler” of a Donation-Funded “Retail Rescue” That is Fleecing the Public and Killing Animals?

  1. I donate to many rescues, and would like to be sure they are the real thing, is there any lists of reputable rescues and or land trusts that are private and cannot be touched by the BLM? This information should make TV and the news papers etc. thank you and God Bless your work. Mary


  2. First, rescues can’t seize animals, they have no legal authority to do so. Animals seized, are done so by local animal control and or law enforcement. Most states have a law providing the owners post a bond equal to 30 days of board, vet and farrier care. So that animal shelters and or rescues which help counties with the care of the animals are not put in financial bind taking on extra animals in emergency situations. Why woukd you want a rescue to put up a bond? That makes no sense what so ever.


    1. Clearly Jo-Claire you do not follow the epidemic in seizure scams happening all over the world with many seizures being done without warrants or on limited warrants issued by a JOTP (which is illegal in many states, but doesn’t come to light because many victims of seizures can’t afford a good attorney to point this out in court) but the taxpayer funded animal control agencies and the retail rescues descend like a swarm of locust and take all the animals, other personal property items, and in some cases, they have even tried to take real estate too.

      And the reason a rescue would need to put up a bond is because when most of the “rescues” do seizures in conjunction with animal controls, the majority of the time they rely on people giving them donations to take care of the seized animals (that’s why they create a media circus in both mainstream and social media, they trash people publicly, they form mobs of hateful people to do their attacking for them, and that’s the reason they don’t quietly go about the business of rescuing behind-the-scenes – because they NEED THE PUBLICITY TO BRING IN “CRISIS DONATIONS” that the live off of) seeing as they don’t usually have their own money to pay for everything because many of the primaries at the rescues don’t have jobs outside of rescue. If a rescue is going to participate in a seizure, there needs to be guarantees that they are in fact able to support all of the animals they are taking in and don’t go on a killing spree because they didn’t get as much in donations as they were counting on.

      Because of that fact (rescues relying on donors to pay for everything because they are a primarily, or entirely donation-funded rescue aka “welfare rescue”), when the donations dry-up after the drama of the seizure is over, MANY ANIMALS that are found to have physical and / or behavioral issues that render them un-adoptable (even when those issues are not life threatening and the animal is not suffering and WANTS TO LIVE) are killed in various ways or disappear into thin air never to be seen or heard about again because the rescue isn’t able to/doesn’t want to afford to maintain them.

      If you’re one of those people that doesn’t care what happens to animals that were rescued using generous peoples donated funds (not the rescues money) months later AFTER THE CRISIS RESCUE DRAMA DIES-OUT, then go about your life and don’t worry that some/many rescues that are donation-funded ask for and receive thousands of dollars on a designated fundraiser for a “crisis rescue” to supposedly rescue animals, but then they dispose of the “rescued animals with issues” that were used to generate money because the rescue isn’t “in the business” of caring for and maintaining animals that are useless and can’t be adopted-out.

      As for true animal lovers, they follow-up on animals they sent in donations to rescue and maintain because even if an animal can’t “do” anything for anyone because of issues they may have, true animal lovers believe that those animals have every right to live, so they don’t want to support a welfare rescue when the “rescue” has the very bad habit of committing killing un-useable animals they simply don’t want to spend money on even though they asked for and received donations to “rescue” the animal (and sometimes continue to ask for donations on animals that are long gone)

      One other problem that has arisen and has turned into a real scam is charging outrageous impound fees.

      Many animal owners even when found not guilty of any wrongdoing are unable to afford those fees and have to let their animals go.

      Sometimes rescues target the wrong person for attack on a seizure scam and that person hires a good attorney and gets their animals back without paying the outrageous impound fees:

      Unfortunately, there are still more victims of attack that are unable to afford the fees even when found not guilty and they lose all of their animals entirely, including the ones that the “rescues” kill or disappear that aren’t useful for anything.


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