Another Horse Sale in California, Another Several Thousand $$$ to the CA “Retail Horse Rescue” Swindlers Fleecing the PUBLIC

Another sale at Mikes Auction in Mira Loma, CA, (which by-the-way, horse slaughter dealings have been banned and ILLEGAL in CA since November 3, 1998, but the CA horse “rescues” don’t do anything to help get the law enforced because the threat of horses going to slaughter is a big part of their free donation-money income), and another display of greed by donation-funded horse rescues that are also adoption-based.
They should be ashamed of themselves for being so greedy and narcissistic, however, their greediness over-rides any ethics, self-respect, love of horses, respect for the kind-hearted public, etc that they MAY have once had, but perhaps they never did so they have no idea what any of that means.

They sit idly-by and watch as crimes are committed by kill buyers that attend every, single sale in California that features horses and those “retail rescues” do NOTHING to HELP get that law enforced.

And although they say in videos and conniving postings that “there’s nothing we can do” to shut-down that sale, and other sale yards, that allows kill buyers to operate unfettered, unless someone just fell off the turnip truck yesterday, which some of their naïve and foolish followers and donors appear to have done, NO ONE with any education regarding commercial horse slaughter and “retail rescues” really believes that, and they think that the unfortunately naïve and gullible donor-“enablers” to these “retail rescues” are simply what are called marks” for “rescues that aren’t” that behave very much like “carnies” that these shysters have taken a page from their playbook.

So for those who TRULY ARE anti-commercial dismemberment horse slaughter, this blog post at the link at the bottom of this post will give you more insight into WHY most of the donation-funded adoption-based PUBLIC horse rescues in CA that attend the sales in CA every month DO NOTHING regarding getting the kill buyers, the feedlots, and the ILLEGAL commercial horse slaughter trade shut-down once and for all.

And yes, it would be very easy to do if they weren’t so greedy and interested in collecting all of that lovely FREE donation-money they for right now (that will be changing very shortly since we are communicating with some people in state government, legislators, the media, and investigative reporters about “the rescue racket” in horse “rescue” in California) they are not held to account WHERE it is spent, WHAT its spent on, WHERE are all of the horses currently that they have rescued in the past year using donation-money to do so, and many other questions they are REFUSING to answer, and attacking he people who ask them the questions regarding their very PUBLI rescuing of horses.

Accountability Questionnaire Located at This Link:

A little hint; the threat of horses going to slaughter illegally is good for thousands of dollars in donation-money at each and every sale, and since most of the “inner circle players” at the “rescue” don’t have jobs, they NEED that money, and also the money they bring in from attacking other animal owners, to operate (well, there are also the disability checks they collect even though they aren’t disabled, unemployment checks, ssi, food stamps, etc too that helps them take care of their personal horses, their children, or “whatever”), but all that beautiful and free donation money keeps them operating their “retail rescues” and also allows them to not have to WORK and EARN their own money like what ethical, honest, self-respecting people do.

And since no one appears to care that horses that turn out to have “issues”  after these swindlers “sort them” (just like what kill buyers at feedlots do) are simply “euthanized” with no vet reports shown (so it is questionable what is really happening with those horses and precisely HOW are thy being disposed of? A certain truck and trailer with Nevada plates that belongs to a horse slaughter dealer in NV has been spotted a few times down in the San Diego area, so FOIA requests have been sent to the CA and NV Department of Agriculture to try and track what happened to the horses unloaded off one trailer in CA and onto another trailer that headed back to NV, so we’ll keep everyone posted on that info as it comes in), or simply disappeared to parts unknown……and NOT ONE OF THE “ENABLERS” SEEMS TO CARE AT ALL.

So since people “addicted to adrenalin-pumping crisis rescuing” can’t be forced or convinced to CARE about what happens to ALL of the horses these horse “rescues” are rescuing using donated-funds, and they don’t seem to CARE that while these “retail rescues” may buy a few horses that they keep out of the clutches of kill buyers at the sales in CA whom are operating illegally, if these horse ‘rescues’ were REAL RESCUES, they’d help get the 1998 LAW and BAN on horse slaughter dealings in CA enforced, and would potentially be rescuing thousands of horses from going to their death at horrific commercial dismemberment horse slaughter instead of maybe 100 or so, it will be in the power of the AG’s and other government offices to get some clear answers from these rescues that appear to have naïve and foolish enabler followers who really aren’t anti-commercial horse slaughter AT ALL.
If their followers and donors were really anti-commercial horse slaughter, they would ask the tough questions of their favorite California horse “rescues” of “WHY are you just sitting there watching kill buyers operate and misrepresenting the FACTS to the donating public and not getting the horse slaughter dealers shut-down, investigated, and maybe even thrown in jail?”

The link below illustrates why “retail rescues” do what they do ($$$ and accolades, power and control), and also what the public can do to “weed-out” the swindler animal rescues.

With the crook-rescues out-of-business (and hopefully on probation and/or in jail too), it would then enable the real, true, honest, ethical animal-loving rescues to get more support from the public.

These real rescuers tend to be more quiet about their rescuing, they do “no fanfare” rescuing where they aren’t crowing from the rooftops and “panhandling for donation-dollars” when they rescue ANY animal, no matter how big, or very small, and most have jobs outside of rescue in order to support the animals they rescue that they don’t make a big deal about, but they sure could use some help to help make the lives of the animals they rescue better than perhaps just the minimum of care because that is all they can afford to spend of their OWN money:


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