WHERE Have ALL of the “RESCUED” Animals GONE…..Are They Alive, or Are They DEAD?

                                                 Where do your charity dollars go

The two links at the bottom of this post are just two incidents of thousands incidents happening every year of people who are asking for, and receiving free donation-money, for SPECIFIC things related to the running of a humane society, animal rescue, spca, etc NOT using the money for that which it was ASKED and given for.

MANY DONATION-FUNDED animal “rescues”, humane societies, and spca’s whose Founders and “inner circle players” DO NOT have JOBS where they make their own money doing honest WORK, ask for, and receive, thousands upon thousands of dollars to “rescue” animals, have veterinarian treatment done supposedly, although vet reports are rarely shown…..why is THAT? Maybe because vets aren’t really examining all the animals these LIARS in “rescue” say they are?!?, supposedly have animals euthanized that they “say” their vet said NEEDED to be killed, and on and on it goes.

NOT SO SURPRISINGLY however, NONE of the rescues, humane societies, and spca’s we have sent questionnaires out to thus far (10 so far) who were/are running very ACTIVE fundraisers “panhandling for donation dollars” for their welfare-rescue (a welfare rescue is one in which the founder of the rescue and their “inner circle team” don’t have real jobs outside of rescue to speak of, so they con money out of stupid and gullible donors that they support themselves, and their kids with) will answer the questions and provide a LIST of ALL of the animals they have rescued in the past 1 YEAR, utilizing entirely FREE donation money sent to them, of the animals WHEREABOUTS as of TODAY. And if euthanized/killed, WHERE are the VET REPORTS and EUTHANASIA or method-of-euthanasia reports?!?

There are many other questions pertaining to these so-called animal rescues, humane societies, spca’s, and animal controls that PARTNER with them, etc, and EXACTLY what they are doing with the animals, and also WHERE are all of the animals, whether alive or dead?

In other words “ladies & gentlemen in rescue-land”……ANSWER the DAMN Questions which right now are VOLUNTARY, and if you won’t, then don’t be surprised about the people that are going to come a-callin’ asking the QUESTIONS on behalf of some in the public, who aren’t stupid, gullible “sheeple-people” like many of your followers are.

Here is the 6 page questionnaire with simple questions asked of donation-funded animal rescues.
Just click on each page to save into your files, where you can then send the file to any donation-funded animal rescue you would like answers to questions from:
Rescue Questionnaire1 Rescue Questionnaire2 Rescue Questionnaire3 Rescue Questionnaire4 Rescue Questionnaire5 Rescue Questionnaire6 Rescue Questionnaire7
Here are the questions, with separate pages for if you’re sending the questions to an animal rescue, a humane society, an spca, or an animal control that “partners” with any of these donation-funded organizations:

Accountability and Full Disclosure Questionnaire-A Necessity

SnakeOil Salesman1

So it came to some of us watching the scamming playing out every day on social media, the greatest invention in the history of the world for scammers and fraudsters and other “snake oil salesmen and women, that since these crooks and criminals in animal “rescue” are constantly perpetrating Animal Enterprise Terrorism (AET) attacks on other animal owners, and whipping-up “social media madness mobs” and pulling their strings getting them to call, write to, hounding, demanding, mobbing, etc animal controls to ‘investigate’ private animal owners, breeders, and other rescues about THEIR animals.

HOWEVER, for the SAFETY and WELL-BEING of ALL of the animals these “pretend-fraud-rescues” in the continuing SAGA and DRAMA of “The Real Shallow Women in Animal Rescue-Land” are supposed to be “rescuing” with FREE DONATION MONEY that they are NOT thus far REQUIRED to account for WHERE the animals are 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year after being “rescued”, we are:

1. When they won’t answer questions and respond to a simple fact-checking and verification questionnaire sent to them from someone in the PUBLIC, we are going to send in complaints and get investigations opened on THEM regarding WHERE-OH-WHERE are ALL of the animals they have rescued in the PAST 1 YEAR using other peoples money to rescue;

2. if the animal controls that are contacted and complaints are sent to regarding finding out the whereabouts of ALL of the animals “rescued” by these organizations with free donation money sent by gullible people won’t DO THEIR JOBS because they are ‘in with’ and get kickbacks from these “rescues that aren’t”, then we will…….;

3. Go above their heads to the city or county managers, the DA’s office, etc to get answers of WHERE are all of the animals the rescue that won’t answer questions from the public they’re always begging money off of are at that they “rescued” or bought using FREE DONATION MONEY;

4. If satisfaction is not forth-coming from the City or County manager, Mayor, DA, or whoever in whatever town, city, or county the “rescue” is located in, then the Attorney Generals office of the State the “rescue” is registered in will be contacted and have a written complaint filed with them to get them involved.

5. There will also be FOIA requests filed for brand inspection information through the various Department of Agricultures to get Brand Inspection, coggins reports, and health certificate information on horses crossing state lines and also the borders into Mexico and Canada to see whose hands horses passed through on their way to slaughter.
If those horses originated in California and went through a sale in CA and were bought by a “rescue” and they ultimately ended up going to slaughter, there will be a huge amount of explaining for the “retail rescue horse traders” to do, and when that’s combined with federal agencies getting involved, many that operate “welfare rescues” will hopefully be happy and comfortable when they are in jail where they don’t have to work, they get fed, and the really good news is if they have kids, their kids won’t be influenced to grow up to be like their crooked/criminal parents and might actually have the chance to be an honest, honorable individual.

WE WANT TO SEE THE ACTUAL VET REPORTS & VET BILLS (because we don’t believe you crooks anymore):
Because as it is now, animals bought, rescued, supposed to be maintained, etc with FREE donation money are instead being killed without proof from a licensed VETERINARIAN with their REPORT saying the animal MUST be killed/euthanized, or animals are simply DISAPPEARING into thin air never to be spoken about or seen again, and that’s because they are DEAD and donation money sent in to take care of them is pocketed and used for personal items for the swindlers in rescue who DO NOT HAVE JOBS OUTSIDE OF RESCUE.

Then the swindlers in rescue simply go out and get more “merchandise” (animals) they can cry to the public again “we need your money to help this animal” when the fact is they need dumb peoples help getting the animal back to their “mystery address” and location of what’s supposed to be a PUBLIC RESCUE FACILITY, they “evaluate and sort” animals, strategize on how to “spin the sad tale of woe” and get the “most bang for their buck”, and start the process all over of panhandling for the naïve publics donation dollars.


And MAKE NO MISTAKE: it is NOT rescuing horses in California when the horse traders posing as rescues go to the sales.

It is BUYING because rescuing horses in California from going to SLAUGHTER has not been necessary in CA since November 3, 1998 when the commercial horse slaughter trade was OUT-LAWED and BANNED.

Are kill buyers and feedlots still operating in California? ………….YES! Because they are in collusion with several very prominent horse rescues who attend horse sales and/or deal with kill buyers in CA, NV, AZ, and NM all the time.

The horse “rescues” attending the sales in CA to supposedly “rescue” horses are doing what is called “selective rescue” where they pick and choose horses based on their “donation-value” and also SALE-value (called “adoption for a fee” because it sounds nicer and more “rescuey” than saying “we buy and sell horses because we’re horse traders”).

So any followers and/or donors who are stupid and ignorant enough (and if you’re reading this, you now cannot “un-ring the bell” of being told what is happening and what YOU are contributing too) to support these horse traders posing as “rescues” who attend the sales in CA are ENABLING a few horses to be bought and taken out of the slaughter pipeline (even if only briefly) but are allowing thousands of other horses to be shipped ILLEGALLY to slaughter from California………YOU people are not ANTI-horse slaughter if you are supporting horse rescues that REFUSE to HELP the State of California with ENFORCEMENT of the 1998 LAW that BANS commercial horse slaughter dealings in CA, and also the shipping of CA horses out of CA for slaughter.

If the horse rescues in California REALLY wanted to get the horse slaughter trade shut down in California, they could get it done through social media in a week or less.

However, if they get it shut down, CRAP, there goes those thousands of dollars in donations they collect before, during, and after every sale they attend where they buy horses using other peoples money, they take the horses back to their rescue (wherever that is), they “sort the horses” just like kill buyers at feedlots do, and then without showing VET REPORTS FROM VETS,  THE “RESCUE” INSTEAD relates that the vet has examined the horse or horses, they come out with their speill on “we have to euthanize old George because the vet says we’re being irresponsible if we don’t” but then NO ONE gets to see where ANY VET wrote that in an actual VET REPORT like legitimate, licensed vets ALWAYS do……that’s because the horse either was:

1. NOT even looked at by any vet;

2. If they were looked at by a vet, the vet didn’t really say the horse “needed” to be killed;

3. However, the vet may have said the horse couldn’t be USED (you know, like a chair, a car, a speed boat, etc) for anything, and since we know most of these “retail rescues” are NOT in the BUSINESS of keeping horses, or other animals, alive they can’t USE or SELL, THE “RESCUE” is the one that decides to kill or “disappear” the horse, NOT THE VET because they are unwilling to jeopardize their license by writing false reports.

Are They Alive or DEAD?:
We NEED to have them publically post vet reports that quite clearly should be EASY to post since it sounds like their vet practically either LIVES at their facility (whose physical address is TOP SECRET and it takes an act of Congress to get that address for their PUBLIC rescue away from them) and is sleeping on their couch, or these scammer women are actually LIVING at their vets office since according to them the vet is ALWAYS examining animals for them all the time, so posting vet reports and billing for EVERY, SINGLE ANIMAL they “SAY” the vet is looking at should be EASY TO DO.

Be Afraid, Be VERY Afraid If You Are Involved With a SCAMMER Rescue:
So going forward, when they are sent a questionnaire asking them to account for WHERE all of the animals they have rescued in the past year previous to the date the questionnaire is sent, if they ignore it, or refuse to answer the very simple questions on the questionnaire that any honest and ethical donation-funded animal rescue or organization would be happy to do, complaints WILL be sent to the local and regional animal controls, the AG’s office, the DA’s office, the mayor, the city or county managers in whatever town, city, or county they are running their donation-funded animal rescue in, and a few other agencies.

no Im listerning

Several people are now very concerned that ANIMALS ARE DYING and being “DISAPPEARED”, and NONE of the so-called ‘rescues’ naïve, stupid, gullible, “sunshine and rainbows, rose-colored glasses wearing” moronic followers care one bit what happens to ALL of the animals that are supposed to be RESCUED.

Some of the dog and horse “rescues” should have well over 100 animals on their property based on how many they have admitted they’ve euthanized/killed, and how many they say they’ve adopted to people, and how many they don’t say sh*t about anymore regarding WHERE they ARE…….so if the animals weren’t reported as euthanized, they weren’t reported as sold/adopted to anyone, but no one is willing to publically post a list of the animals they still have, EXACTLY WHERE ARE THE ANIMALS they were supposed to have RESCUED using OTHER PEOPLES MONEY?

These “rescues that aren’t” just keep “rescuing” more, and more, and more animals every week, and every month, but where in the hell are ALL of the animals they rescued just the month, 2 months, 4 months, before?

WE WANT LISTS POSTED PUBLICALLY, and if these animal rescues REFUSE to do so, that can only mean one thing…….the animals are GONE, quite possibly DEAD, and buried in a land-fill somewhere, or the horses went to inhumane, barbaric, horrific slaughter they were supposed to be SAFE from not going to.

And as for all of that lovely FREE MONEY these BLOOD-SUCKERS collected from kind, but stupid people……..that’s GONE too, and if being used for any animals, that would be for these jackasses own personal animals.

So all that a lot of intelligent and suspicious people who know how to add and subtract want to know is WHERE are ALL OF THE ANIMALS these rescues were begging and pleading for $$$ for ‘crisis donations’ YET AGAIN and CONSTANTLY at right this very minute?

WHERE Are the ANIMALS People, ALL of Them?
Many of the supposedly ‘rescued’ animals were bought using FREE donation money, stolen using FREE donation money to commit the CRIME, and are supposed to be kept alive and maintained using that FREE donation money but instead, the animals have all of their donation-value squeezed out of them, and then are KILLED or DISAPPEARED if they are unable to be SOLD in the “adoption for a fee” scam these rescues run in CYCLES that repeat over and over again in their “retail rescue” ‘crisis rescuing” swindles, with the whack-job rescue women, and a few men, pocketing the money for their own personal gain and use.

Even though their loser followers don’t CARE AT ALL what happens to ALL of the animals, TRUE and REAL animal lovers DO, so complaints will be sent in to find out WHERE all of the animals that are rescued using other peoples money, and also supposed to be being seen by the vet using FREE donation money, are AT, and whether they are alive or DEAD.

There are a lot of REAL donation-funded animal rescues who are honest and honorable. Unfortunately however, they are NOT willing to LIE, EMBELLISH, create constant DRAMA and CRISIS where none exist, and they simply aren’t “EXCITING” and “DRAMATIC” enough for pretend-animal lovers who really aren’t animal lovers at all and are put simply, “adrenalin-junkies” addicted to “crisis rescuing” which some scammer, crooked people are willing to give to them everyday of the week…….stupid and clearly a scam? Of course it is, and it is clear that’s what’s happening for people who have even a reasonable level of intelligence.
But for the women, and a few drama-king men, who probably also watch and relate to “The Real Housewives of Wherever” shows because their lives are boringly mundane and being part of a “popular rescues” pretend-team think its REAL when its really NOT and they are HELPING ghoulish women and some men KILL animals of all kinds like they are broken furniture whose lives don’t matter because they have physical and/or behavioral/training issues that renders them unadoptable and “useless”.

Gosh, We Really Hate Being So Cynical, But Animals NEED Protecting From the Swindlers in Animal Rescue:
Quite frankly, I PRAY every day that these crooks in animal rescue become “useless” sooner-rather-than-later and will either be taken-out of rescue from complaints being taken seriously by law enforcement, investigated, thrown in jail, or BETTER YET, they end up with an illness or condition that renders them “useless” and watch as the society they helped to create of “image and how something like an animal, or a human looks is EVERYTHING” or “individuals MUST be USEFUL or else they are NOTHING and should be DEAD” with their callousness, IGNORES THEM and doesn’t care one bit whether they are alive, but maybe prefers them dead because they are simply a drain on society because of the issues they have………..

USELESS=DEAD in their world when it comes to animals, so lets all see what happens when the proverbial “shoe is on the other foot” for these freaks………..




4 thoughts on “WHERE Have ALL of the “RESCUED” Animals GONE…..Are They Alive, or Are They DEAD?

  1. One of the largest horse rescue scams was finally brought down by enough complaints. Unfortunately ac4h, another chance 4 horses, or as I like to refer to them ac4$….lost their 501c3 and were ordered to “cease and desist” by the state of Pa last year. They took in almost a million $ a year “saving horses from slaughter”. Biggest bunch of nasty scamming women on the planet. They also have been harassing a handicapped woman online for years who spoke out against them. I would love to see all of those hogwallers in jail!


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