When Will People Pull Their Heads Outta Their Butts I Wonder?

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Reminds me of “enabler” followers of donation-funded animal rescues who refuse to ask their “favorite donation-funded rescue” they donate to and support ANY questions because they may get “kicked off the team” for asking questions and “rockin’ the boat”…….. instead of asking the first questions any normal, intelligent people ask which are :

1. HOW MANY animals do you have at your facility currently. Can you please publish a list and show current photos of every animal at your facility?

2. If you were just asking a month ago for “supplies” for your rescue like rakes, shovels, wheelbarrows, shavings, halters, lead ropes, collars, leashes, etc, if you couldn’t afford those inexpensive items just a month or so ago, how can you afford more animals to take in and feed?

3. How many animals are you taking in that the public is being asked to feed for who-knows-how-long? We want to see photos of every animal before they are loaded for transport to your facility, and then unloaded at your facility

4. If this is a seizure of animals, how much money is animal control, the spca, the aspca, or other agencies or organizations giving you to help with feeding them, or better put, that the TAX PAYERS are paying you to take care of other peoples animals?

5. What is the PHYSICAL address of your facility where you keep your rescued animals? Not giving your actual address is a huge RED FLAG for people who may just want to drive-by and see what your facility looks like from the outside and what the comings and goings of vehicles looks like (like known kill buyers going into a rescue with their trailers…….really, what in the hell are THEY doing at a horse rescue leaving that rescue with horses in their trailer?!?)).
Or this is a sneaky one when the trailer from the rescue meets somewhere like a fairground with a known kill buyer or horse trader and horses are unloaded from the ‘rescues’ trailer and most likely “rescued” horses that other stupid peoples money was used to rescue are loaded horses onto the traders or kill buyers trailer, and away they go; smart people KNOW exactly where that IS, but dumb people either don’t care, they don’t want to know, or they think kill buyers really do just want a wild horse for their grand daughter (yeah, right…..!).

6. And WHY WON’T Donation-Funded rescues show vet reports for each and every animal they say their vet looks at and examines publically? From hearing them talk about their vet all the time, it sounds like their vet rents a room at their place, and trades vet services for “other things” from the rescue-ladies…… LOL

The answer: they KNOW there are too many people in “rescue-land” that can read a vet report and KNOW precisely what kind of scam these people are running of manufacturing a crisis over, and over, and over again because otherwise, with no jobs, how in the hell are they going to pay for sh*t.

And as for the insecure women, and some dopey men who are dominated by their women, who the hell would even want to be on a “team” that’s a bunch of devious liars, sociopaths, narcissists, and people who only USE ANIMALS for personal gain and enrichment like most of these donation-funded animal rescues that won’t answer questions do?

Are you a smart animal lover, or a stupid “mark” for con-artist DONATION-FUNDED rescues whose hands are always open, palms turned upward, begging for money, but won’t say how many animals they ALREADY HAVE (and won’t show photos of ALL of their animals on their premises and in foster homes) when they now want YOUR money to rescue 10, 20, 30, 50 or more animals that they also won’t show current photos of, and refuse to let you come and see them at their “Top Secret” facility only the CIA and people who sign their confidentiality agreements know the address of?

Unless questions are asked, its guaranteed that many animals are dying that never had a chance with these ghoulish, money-hungry women in rescue who just ask for more, and more, and more MONEY, while NEVER saying WHERE all of the animals are GOING, are they alive or DEAD, WHERE are all the vet reports, euthanasia reports, and vet bills PUBLICALLY POSTED if their vets really ARE looking at the horses and other animals, and WHY WON’T THEY ANSWER THESE simple QUESTIONS?!?…….

You know why? Because the kind-hearted animal loving public so truly want to believe that every rescue is GOOD, so they think with their hearts instead of their heads and use the old archaic rule of “don’t ask, don’t tell” when they do know a rescue is NEVER even getting the animals they say YOUR money is rescuing to THEIR FACILITY……

They are instead taken straight to the kill buyers feedlot for the more wild horses no one wants because they’ll never be trained for anything, or straight to an out-of-town animal control and immediately killed by their request so no one can ever find out where that animals is.

So unless the “marks” become the questioners of these donation-funded “Rescues” who should by now have well over 100 animals each, then YOU are to blame when animals suffer because YOU wouldn’t ask the most simple of questions……..

They regularly “disappear” and kill animals but REFUSE to SHOW ALL THE VET REPORTS AND BILLS they say they have (and seeing as it sounds like their vet “rents a room” at the rescue, showing vet reports should be easy-peasy, right? LOL), and they also refuse to publically post a list of exactly WHERE all of the animals they’ve rescued using free donation money are, and whether they are dead or alive………. Yeah, I mean NOT a “team” I want to be on EVER!

sociopath photo3

Now we know there are a lot of people in the world whom aren’t the best at math, however, look at any of these public donation-funded usually adoption-based animal rescues websites and Facebook pages and its really easy to see in their very own writings how many they’ve rescued, how many they’ve adopted-out, how many they’ve killed, and which ones are supposedly being looked at by the vet, so they should have oddles of vet reports for various things they can post publically, right?

So WHY do 100% of these donation-funded animal rescues we have so far sent questionnaires too, who are always rescuing more, and More, and MOre, and MORe, and MORE animals UNWILLING to answer any and all questions that are sent to them in an organized, questionnaire format seeing as they have NO PROBLEM ALWAYS ASKING for MONEY from the PUBLIC?

Its called being ACCOUNTABLE, rather than like a kid (or a psychopath/sociopath) when asked a question shrugs their shoulders and say’s “I don’t know”……….

sociopath photo1

If a “rescue” say’s “we’ve rescued “nearly 100 horses in this past year” but when the numbers are added up that take into account the numbers adopted-out (which we even added in some adopted out in 2013 just to be fair), the numbers euthanized (which we know at least 2 more were killed than what they’re listing, so there are probably even more than that, and we also included some that were killed in 2013), how many are currently up for adoption, how many are currently in “rehab” soon to be up for adoption, and how many of them are their own personal horses that really aren’t considered rescues anymore because they are now personal horses these people actually ride, breed, give lessons off of, etc, there appear to be AT LEAST 25 horses MISSING.

So if rescues like these decide to ignore or refuse to answer questions from the donating and supportive public, by gosh, bunches of people are going to keep filing complaints with government agencies with screen grabs showing THEY DID ASK the rescue the questions BEFORE filing the complaint and did NOT get answers, until concise answers that exactly add up to what they’re supposed to will be and are forth-coming.

And as for the fools whose heads are too far up their butts to be courageous enough to ask the questions to at least pretend like they care about what happens to ALL of the animals after they are supposedly rescued and when its found out they have “issues” so no one really wants them, and who support donation-funded animal rescues who REFUSE to answer questions, YOU are just as guilty as the sociopathic and narcissistic women and men with no consciences who make decisions to kill animals, when animals that were supposed to be “rescued” are instead found out are dead.

YOU rose-colored-glasses-wearing dipsh*ts ARE the only reason swindlers in animal rescue continue to operate, so you and your stupidity will be front and center when your “favorite rescue” that lives off of other peoples money, kills and disappears animals, and then just brings in more “merchandise” are exposed for the ‘retail rescues’ they most obviously and certainly ARE. Really disappointing that there are so many “sheeple-people” in this world that enable “retail-welfare rescues” to flourish and have no accountability………

Positive Change

Luckily, state and federal agencies aren’t so easy to fool and lie to, so the scammers will be exposed, and so will their stupid enabler followers too…….


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