With More ACO’s Getting “Into” Their Special Brand of “Rescue”, We NOW Have Animal Serial-Killers On the Loose!

I’ve known many animal control officers for the past 50 or so years. Some are very nice, they know about animals, they’re friendly with people and wish to really help animal owners keep their animals and will work with them on ways to improve conditions, will volunteer their time to help the animal owners, will tell them about programs that offer help, etc……just all around nice people who do love animals, and want as a 1st course of action to help keep animals and their owners stay together.


However (and you just knew there had to be a “however”) in todays military-style world of there always being wars of one kind or another that excite some people, disgust others, scare the crap out of some, and then there’s the age old issue of insecure women (these are the women that are just plain awful as animal control officers because of their vast insecurities) having to lie, cheat, make sh*t up to convince ignorant people they’re experts, etc and THIS is all because they have ZERO accomplishments based on skill, talent, and intelligence,  and its the sociopath/psychopaths who are also narcissists that are of the greatest concern that are animal control officers (ACO’s) that look at all the money to be made in animal rescue, and also use their intimidation and lying skills they learned at AC with naïve, foolish animal lovers in “social media marketing land” who they can fleece money out of. These women LOVE control and power because they have no talent or skills to earn anything the legal and correct way.
Many are insecure freaks who LOVE carrying a gun, who love being “in control”, “the boss”, “you listen to me” said in a normal voice, sometimes dripping  with honey, just as all the while they’re talking they have one hand with a hatchet held behind their back in their usually pudgy, nail-bitten fingers ready to do the “off with their head” routine, with their pathetic inner circle minions gathered ’round to “protect their master”, if people do not comply with THE QUEEN of SH*T MOUNTAINS DEMANDS. off with their head2 So they decide “I want some of that” (money and accolades), often even before they may have been fired from animal control where no one likes them because they make everyone look bad that works there, and they get “into” rescuing still carrying all the baggage of usually having killed thousands of animals that were healthy and had no issues, so disposing of rescue animals that MOST PEOPLE FORGET ABOUT ONCE THEY ARE RESCUED USING THEIR MONEY THEY GAVE TO A SO-CALLED “RESCUE” with issues is “no big deal” to them at all.

And if animal owners argue with these ghouls, refuse their demands because they are ridiculous, often unlawful as in EXTORTION attempts, and THREATS of being arrested, having CPS take their children, intrusive or transparently evil (and the only thing “transparent” about some of our current era ACO’s that become a “rescuer” and Founder of a “rescue” is their constant, never-ending bottomless pit of NEEDING MONEY and ACCOLADES, and everyone acknowledging they are “so wonderful” and “an angel” (of DEATH MAYBE) WITHOUT HAVING EVEN MET THIS PERSON, as in EVER), then they rally their “partner bullies in crime”, physically attack the owners with law enforcement tactics just because people are protesting the theft of their beloved family members, steal their animals, often giving them to “rescues” they “partner” with so everyone gets a piece of the donation and sale of the animal pie, and then peoples lives are ruined, and un-useable animals are KILLED by these FREAKS.

The problem for these aco’s who now think that everyone believes they’re rescuing animals is that some people DON’T BELIEVE THEIR CRAP AND LIES AT ALL, these people also know a whole lot more than they do about many different types of animals and want to see the VET REPORTS for the animals these bloodthirsty freaks are getting ready to kill “to be kind” or so these women-who-kill-animals want their dumb followers to believe with NO PROOF. And intelligent people who really CARE about ALL of the animals supposedly ‘rescued’ also will NEVER STOP pursuing the TRUTH and FACTS of WHERE ARE ALL OF THE ANIMALS these murderers supposedly RESCUED using DONATION-MONEY to do so, but NOW when QUESTIONS ARE ASKED NICELY, these LIARS in their warped, sick, psychopathic minds can’t figure out why some people will pursue them to the ends of the Earth in order to get answers regarding WHERE ARE ALL THE ANIMALS?!?, even if the animals weren’t worth anything.

News Flash ladies and gentlemen (terms used very loosely), there are thousands of people getting together working on “outing” every, single last one of you liars, cheaters, animal killers, and life ruining freak-a-zoids, and if we these people have their way, your kids will go into protective custody so they are NOT mentally and morally ruined like you women all so obviously are.

Once you all are exposed for committing fraud by killing and “disappearing” animals, and your followers, friends, your vets, and your rescue buddies are all exposed and being investigated too, than maybe the really honest, truly transparent donation-funded animal rescues will get some support and help from the population of people in the public that don’t think animal rescue should be like watching the Real Housewives shows with all the made-up bullshit…….. In other words, people who currently spend their own hard-earned money taking care of animals you “user-losers” can’t be bothered with taking care of unless you can sell them, or kill them rather than maintain them, and won’t take care of any animals with your own money because surprise, surprise, you’re a welfare rescue with NO JOB, so you live off donations, and take care of your own kids and personal animals with it too.

Once you classless wonders that know how to “work the system” because you were raised wrong are gone, than perhaps real rescues can get a little bit of help from other animal lovers that don’t need drama and fireworks in order to feel like they’re really doing something.

These fraudsters in animal rescue REFUSE BY IGNORING REQUESTS to show vet reports, euthanasia reports, vet bills, body disposal bills, etc for ALL of the animals they are supposed to be ‘rescuing’ and maintaining with money donated to them by the public, they didn’t and won’t show them as dead/killed/fed to carnivores somewhere/horses shipped to slaughter, etc, they haven’t been adopted because these narcissistic fiends always shout it to the rooftops when they actually adopt out an animal, the animals that are supposed to be at their mystery facility (and they often hide animals at other facilities so the animals that are worthless are “out of sight, out of mind” of their naïve, gullible followers who are too uncaring to give a shit where any of the animals their “favorite rescue” has supposedly “rescued” are at all times, and whether they are alive or dead) they won’t post the address for, and they sure as hell aren’t taking photos which would take 1 hour too do for MOST of these ‘rescues’ if they weren’t so busy hiding FACTS from the public and trying to cover their tracks (not so easy to do when there are thousands of pages of screen grabs in their own writing that are easily provable LIES).

They should be proud and happy to show photos of all of the animals donation money got rescued and are supposed to be maintained with the donation money too every few weeks just to REASSURE people they are still there.

So now we’ll ask again, why won’t ANY of you PUBLIC DONATION-FUNDED rescues SHOW PHOTOS OF ALL THE ANIMALS on your property, show ALL the vet bills, VET REPORTS, EUTHANSIA REPORTS, bills for body disposal of animals you have killed?

And the worst offenders of these scamming “rescues that aren’t” are those who have ties to animal controls and animal shelters either as ACO’s using those tactics they learn and use to intimidate people, volunteers at animal controls that learned some tricks from volunteering there about how to act like you all are answering questions when you’re not, and many other things that could be kept HUSH-HUSH at an animal control facility because you didn’t really have anyone you HAD to answer to unless they were higher in the job/government hierarchy than you were.

NOW HOWEVER, YOU are ASKING FOR and RECEIVING money by the bushel-basket loads from the NAIVE and MOSTLY NON-CONFROTATIONAL PUBLIC, going to you and your goon-squad that rally’s ’round you to protect you from the unwashed masses who have the money you NEED so you can’t speak AT THEM like when you were an ACO……….but oh my goodness, the screenshots that exist of how you say sh*t about people of what you REALLY think of them but won’t say it publically because those people are the ones with the money you LIVE OFF OF because you have a “welfare-RETAIL rescue”.

All of you women, with a few men doing this brand of “rescuing too, who won’t answer questions that run DONATION-FUNDED ANIMAL RESCUES are two-faced LIARS; you know it, your few friends know it, people who used to help you know it and walked away from you because of it, and you women are going to be EXPOSED (not in the literal sense because THAT would be very ugly and shocking indeed……), and everyone on your board of directors are going to be having to do a lot of explaining. Split Personality Woman THE REVOLVING DOOR OF FOLLOWERS:
Your “revolving door” of followers who discover your Facebook page, on the surface think you all look so wonderful, at first glance that is, but then the smart ones get wise to your constant “palm out, give money” stance that is your main theme since you don’t work at a real job anymore, so they move-on and then new naïve dumbsh*ts come in to take their place, and so it goes in the revolving door that you call a rescue but still won’t tell people WHERE are all of the animals?

Gosh, let’s see what happens when your volunteers names are posted publically and people start asking them questions about WHERE ARE ALL OF THE ANIMALS? Do you really think they’ll like that? No? Then the Founder of the so-called “rescues” who won’t answer questions and say to the PUBLIC THAT SUPPORTS THEIR ASSES WHERE ALL OF THE ANIMALS ARE right this very minute, that same person who won’t post photos of them, that same person along with ALL of their board members who REFUSE to post vet reports and billings for ALL of the animals the vets are supposedly examining better start ANSWERING QUESTIONS, POSTING PHOTOS and VIDEOS, and posting ALL THE VET REPORTS and BILLINGS.

Otherwise, FRAUD IS A CRIME and even an ex or former-ACO won’t be able to talk their way out of that one.

And as for your followers who mostly keep their heads buried very deeply in the sand because they are afraid of hearing the truth about their favorite rescue and what they are doing to all the UN-USEABLE, broken merchandise animals because all they want to hear are the HAPPY, CHEERFUL stories, and they don’t care one bit what happens to the animals even when in their own little “sunshine and rainbows” minds the numbers seem a bit “off” shall we say; YOU women, and some men, should be ashamed of yourselves for NOT CARING enough about ALL ANIMALS to ASK the ‘RESCUE’ YOU ARE HELPING RESCUE ANIMALS “WHERE ARE ALL OF THE ANIMALS AT THIS VERY MINUTE?”  —  You should also be asking your favorite rescue you support “WHY WON’T YOU PUBLICALLY POST ALL OF THE VET REPORTS, EUTHANASIA REPORTS, VET BILLS, ALL of the BILLS  — WHY?”

If all of you women who would “eat their own kids” if it would benefit them in some way think you’re going to refuse to answer questions and NOT TELL the donating public WHERE ALL OF THE ANIMALS ARE, including the “NEW MERCHANDISE”  (animals) you’re bringing in all the time (because let’s face it folks, being a dog or horse broker/dealer/trader PAYS A LOT BETTER than Animal Control ever will, but with the experience these former ACO’s have of simply KILLING “broken merchandise”/animals with no VALUE, “rescue” is the ideal and most perfect con-game for them to get into), YOU have totally gone ’round the bend” because you WILL be FORCED to answer very, very soon.

And a tidbit of info you may not know; your handy-dandy confidentiality agreements you have so many people sign so they can’t “talk” to anyone about your so-called “rescue” don’t mean squat when real law enforcement, and not people like you that are wanna-be cops when you worked for AC, start asking those who signed those agreements questions and they will start singin’ like canaries to save their own skin and throw your evil asses under the bus.

Interesting blog post at the link below of just how much some of you aco’s really “care” about animals: https://yesbiscuit.wordpress.com/2015/02/24/video-shows-dog-being-abused-at-hesperia-pound/

Anyone concerned about these rogue aco’s, AC’s, and “rescues”, send them the questionnaire below and ask them to answer questions.

And WHEN they Won’t, SEND IN COMPLAINTS to the county managers the AC’s are located in if an ACO is still employed with them, send in a complaint to the DA’s office, send a complaint if its a rescue to the states AG’s office, and ASK THESE TAX-PAYER FUNDED AGENCIES if they can get the answers you couldn’t, and investigate these AC’s, ACO’s, or so-called “rescues” that are literally fleecing and scamming the public WITHOUT ANSWERING QUESTIONS from the public that supports them, and also the PUBLIC they are TERRORIZING and STEALING animals from:

Rescue Questionnaire1 Rescue Questionnaire2 Rescue Questionnaire3 Rescue Questionnaire4 Rescue Questionnaire5 Rescue Questionnaire6 Rescue Questionnaire7


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