Greed Its A Sin

GET THEM NO-ACCOUNT WILD HORSES OUT-of-HERE (Even though they were/are the CORNERSTONE of the American Quarter Horse BREED:

The crummy attitude toward wild horses from open range cattle ranchers, the mining industry, the fracking industry, natural gas, and oil industries, developers, etc is basically “get them scraggly old wild horses off the horses rightful AND LAWFUL Open Range Herd Management Areas (HMA’s) Open Range, out of the public eye, ‘out of sight, out of mind’ so-to-speak, and then “POOF”, your tax dollars at work without your permission will ELIMINATE them for once and for always.
They’ll be gone away never to be seen or heard from again except on a dinner plate in a foreign country perhaps, being fed to zoo animals, in a can of dog or cat food, fed to prisoners at private prisons that are gaining in popularity for those who dare to “speak-up” and the privately-owned and run prison reaps the benefits of taking the over-flow of ‘criminals’, etc.

There has been a war brewing between horse rescues, other types of animal rescues, and wild horse and/or animal advocates………seriously,  YES THERE HAS, and it got really SERIOUS when Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets made “social media marketing” FREE and EASY and bunches of people began competing for DONATION MONEY and ACCOLADES.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is no feeling in the world that can match the E Ticket ride of doing a kick-ass timed jumper course, a hair on fire cross country jumping “go”, being a passenger on a naturally talented born and bred for cutting horse “doing their thing”, and coming out on top, and also being a fierce, aggressive competitor in sports, equestrian events and competing to WIN while also having FUN too.

Win at All Costs
However, if the person who is competing, especially when their partners in competition are a trusting  animal, and they are mean, cruel, dishonest, and hurt other people and also animals to WIN at any and all costs because “winning and getting the glory” are their only God they worship at the altar of, THAT PERSON is no competitor that ANY TRUE COMPETITORS have ANY respect for, and true sportsmen and women will make it their duty to “out” those who behave in de-civilized ways and that hurt other people and animals.

The controversy involves those donation-funded animal rescues who are honest, ethical, transparent, they try to help animal owners KEEP their animals, and also try and HELP other rescues not “fold”, because the more animal rescues we have, the better it is for the animals.
These types of rescues are also not normally the flashiest, they’re more low-key regarding asking for donations, they don’t have a new and dramatic emergency rescue to do every day, or at least every week that is good for collecting money from the “crisis rescue junkies” who are literally addicted to dramatic, even when they are made up, rescuing.
These rescues also often take in the true throw-away animals everyone, including other animal rescues de-value as “broken and useless merchandise”, so the kind-hearted animal lovers that value the lives of all animals no matter what flaws or imperfections they may have take them in until its their time to move on to The Rainbow Bridge.
They also aren’t always the most eloquent of writers because they write in real life non-fiction instead of what some wanna-be ‘rescuers’ do who write in nearly pure phony, made-up fiction.

The Good Gal and Guy Rescuers are the ones who will answer truthfully any and all questions the donating and supportive public has for them, and doesn’t ignore the questions, doesn’t become evasive, doesn’t ever get aggressive when presented with reasonable questions that are not attacks and/or harassment.

girls fighting2

The BAD and the UGLY in Animal Rescue:
But then we have the COMPETITIVE ‘every woman and man for themselves’ “retail rescues” who are literally common animal brokers/dealers/traders.
And OMG, if another rescue even hints they “need help”, too bad, so sad because now that rescue needing some “help” has a big bulls-eye on their back, and there is blood in the water that the ‘rescue-sharks’ can smell from a million miles away.
These rescues that aren’t will bide their time, wait until no, or too little  help is forthcoming, the animals begin to deteriorate, and then these ghouls swoop in like the great hero’s, pleading for other peoples money so they can “rescue these poor animals other people let get this bad” and because they know the “crisis rescue junkies” only donate to a drama-fueled explosion of exciting, back-biting, trashing and finger pointing that make the roller derby women of yesteryears look like cute little cream-puffs of sweetness and light, that isn’t really rescue and instead is a really shitty soap opera happening in real life with animals and people getting hurt and dying…….sick, sick, sick…….but so it goes over, and over, and over again in the current age of ‘animal rescue’.

They “rescue” for the MONEY (and constantly yap about “we spent this much here, and this much for that, and we collected this much donation money” but anyone with even an average intelligence level asks “WHERE are the vet reports, the vet bills, the feed bills, and at least 4 photos of each and every horse or other animal you’ve ‘rescued’ showing all full body views of each and every horse, burro, mule, dog, cat, etc?”. Some/Many people know you are liars and cheaters, so show bills, actual vet reports, and all of your rescue accounts screen shots and you MAY be able to have some people change their minds and not go forward with exposing you), the free material goods, the power, the control, because they are greedy and narcissistic, and because they live for the accolades of how “wonderful and heroic” they are, when that is pure BS because its really easy to do a lot of things when you are using other peoples money to do it and NOT YOUR OWN because you don’t have a job so you don’t have any of your OWN money to use even if you were willing to.

These ‘competitive’ power hungry people who pose as rescuers apparently have never really competed in anything in their whole lives, so they treat “rescuing animals” as the competition………a very sick, twisted, and nasty game using animals and people as the pawns.


“Sheeple-people” in the PUBLIC don’t even think twice or seem to care one bit when they can’t even get donation-funded horse rescues/animal rescues/wild horse advocates and rescues to answer the most basic questions that are only able to operate because of the kindness and generosity of others who give them entirely FREE money and material goods.

And what is breath-takingly moronic regarding the silly followers and donors of retail rescues is that these donation-funded animal rescues REFUSE to TELL the PUBLIC that SUPPORTS them the physical address of their rescue facility,  REFUSES to show and tell through current photos and videos where every, single animal they rescue and maintain with donated funds is 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year after being “rescued”, REFUSES when asked politely by someone or several someone’s in the PUBLIC that supports them to SCAN and PUBLICALLY POST on their Facebook pages and websites ALL of the vet reports every time their vet looks at an animal, euthanasia reports so the public knows WHY the animal was KILLED, vet bills so the public knows prices and costs are not being inflated with additional money pocketed by the “rescue” founders and inner circle people to use on personal items outside of rescue, etc.

The donation-funded animal rescues just figure that seeing as the government does whatever the hell they want with the taxpayers not having a say so on where their tax payer dollars and subsidy dollars are spent, and our Federally PROTECTED FREE ROAMING wild horses and burros arbitrarily “disappeared”, to ranchers, who by-the-way hate them, private property where the public doesn’t even get to see that they are still their, can do a “head count” and make sure they’re not disappearing, etc, donation-funded animal “rescues” are taking several pages from the governments “playbook”, and are running rampant asking for, begging for, pan-handling for, creating “crisis” rescues where none exist for getting MORE MONEY and material goods from the PUBLIC.

In return however, the PUBLIC gets SQUAT from these free money donation-funded welfare-rescues that actually have the audacity to tell people not to ask them questions and/or have an attitude (typical generational welfare recipient behavior and having a gross sense of entitlement…….really mentally disturbed head cases) who most are literally “retail rescues” and are brokers/dealers/traders in animals as merchandise.

Pants on Fire2

PANTS on FIRE LIARS in Animal Rescue:
The DONATING and SUPPORTIVE PUBLIC supports these free money-funded user-losers who are really good at dancing around the issue of answering questions, and are really good at manipulating stupid people who just “have to BELONG”.
The majority of these types of “rescuers” are habitual liars who contradict and trip themselves up in screen grabs over, and over, and over again for those keeping score, they are sociopaths and chameleons who USE people, animals, and even their own children to get what they want (MONEY, CONTROL, POWER OVER OTHERS, and ACCOLADES because they have what is called a “Hero Complex”), and “throw them under the bus” when done with them, and they are professional swindlers who often have been “working the system” for years and years with “slip and fall” schemes, fraudulent fundraising, collecting disability when they aren’t disabled, collecting food stamps, SSI, you name it, they know how to “work it”.

And the reason we know this is true is because of all of the lies they get caught in in their OWN written words, their pattern of behavior of doing the same schemes and attacks over and over again, and their REFUSAL to answer very simple and reasonable questions regarding the whereabouts and well-being of ALL of the precious animals the PUBLIC gives them money and material goods to rescue because MOST of these donation-funded animal rescues Founders and inner circle people DO NOT HAVE JOBS OUTSIDE OF RESCUE.

So the PUBLIC that stupidly supports these ingrates, and the PUBLIC that doesn’t give two sh*ts what happens to ALL of the animals AFTER they are supposedly “rescued” are simple morons who live in a “rose colored glasses world” and just love to read the fiction written by the sociopathic donation-funded “rescuers” they are led around by the nose by, but if all of their donors and supporters disappeared tomorrow, they’d be dumping animals right and left without a second thought as to their well being, or whether they were dead or alive.

However, for those who actually DO CARE what happens to ALL of the animals during and after they are supposedly “rescued”, if they DARE to ask reasonable questions of the PUBLIC DONATION-FUNDED ‘RESCUE’ that relies on the PUBLIC in order to operate, they are IGNORED, ATTACKED, HARRASSED, BULLIED, STALKED, and other things (similar to what the government sometimes does to whistle-blowers trying to wake up the “sheeple-people” to danger, thievery, unethical, immoral, and other nasty behaviors by drobot people) when they politely ask reasonable questions regarding WHERE are ALL of the animals OUR MONEY ALLOWED you to “rescue” and to also “look good and like hero’s”?

Are YOU READY to “Shake Things Up” and EXPOSE the LIARS?
Some people in the PUBLIC (more and more every day actually, and now some of the politicians and those in law enforcement and the legal system are getting involved too because they didn’t have any idea how bad the fraudsters in animal rescue really are) want to KNOW that the animals they helped “rescue” are alive, they want to see current photos and videos, they want to see the vet reports the rescue portray’s exist as they always paraphrase on the vets behalf (and intelligent people know exactly WHY its done this way), and when they are ignored and get more pushy, they often get “false reported” on to government agencies where tax payer dollars are wasted yet again when law enforcement or other government agencies have to investigate complaints even when it turns out to be “false reporting”……which is illegal but rarely prosecuted, but the more it happens to the same people, the more these agencies know exactly who and what the attackers are up too, and then the “false reporters” ARE on the government agencies radar as “problematic”, “mentally disturbed”, “using tax payers money to retaliate against their victims, etc.

All you need to do to separate the honest, accountable, transparent DONATION-FUNDED animal rescues from the liars and cheaters is send them the questionnaire below…….and then wait for them to respond in one way or another.

If they receive the questionnaire, print it, fill it out, scan, and send it back to you, congratulations, you’ve most likely found yourself a really honest and forthright rescue you can feel confident regarding donating to and supporting.

But then we have “the Others” who ignore the questionnaire, some won’t fill it out but have questions for you as the sender of questions from the donating public that have nothing to do with anything other than wanting to be adversarial, try to confuse you, sweet talk you, get information from you, etc.

Some may act snarky and growl at you, but when you tell them all the correspondence is being sent to the Attorney Generals office of the state their donation-funded non-profit ‘rescue’ is registered in, or you are filing a police report if they aren’t registered anywhere but are saying they are, they usually shut-up very quickly. And the really great news is you would know not to donate to or support them in any way.

So if you “dare to care” about what happens to ALL of the animals donation-funded rescues say they are rescuing using free donation money you and others in the public are sending them, make them prove their honesty and send them the very simple questionnaire, and then you’ll find out who they REALLY are IF or HOW they respond to this very simple and easy to fill out questionnaire.

Recues just mouthing the words and not being willing to put factual reports from licensed professionals, invoices and billings, show photos and videos, etc in writing and/or posted publically on the Internet is simply a ploy to be able to say they were never asked any questions, and can also keep them from being caught in their own web of lies in the written word because they tell so many lies, they can’t remember who they told what to.

So as an animal lover who cares about ALL animals during and after the ‘rescue’, do you really want to deal with a donation-funded rescue that won’t answer the very most simple questions pertaining to the whereabouts and well-being of ALL of the animals they say they are rescuing?

I didn’t think so, so THANK YOU for “daring to care” because unless we can weed-out and expose the bad donation-funded, show-boating “retail-welfare rescues” and help the truly caring animal rescues flourish, the issue of horse slaughter being banned Nationally, including the export of our American horses out of the country for slaughter will NEVER happen because that’s a hot button “crisis/threat” tactic DONATION-FUNDED retail rescues use to get people to send money so they can “supposedly” ‘rescue’ horses from getting into the evil clutches of the kill buyers (and most absurd is that this continues to be a scheme horse rescues use in States like California where the commercial horse slaughter trade has been banned entirely and ILLEGAL for over 16 YEARS!), and the wild horses will all be captured, warehoused, and then shipped to commercial slaughter as “pure drug free meat” because MOST retail horse rescues” don’t care one bit about wild horses because they’re not easily marketable merchandise and are a tough sell.  The plain and nasty truth is that they quite simply couldn’t care less whether wild horses roam free, or if they are captured and whisked away to slaughter………just a few more FACTS for all of you who didn’t know this stuff before………

Rescue Questionnaire1 Rescue Questionnaire2 Rescue Questionnaire3 Rescue Questionnaire4 Rescue Questionnaire5 Rescue Questionnaire6 Rescue Questionnaire7


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