Why Are People So Damn Apathetic UNLESS Something is A CRISIS?

“WHOSE the ONLY person to REALLY try and help this “freezing kid” in the video at the link below?



However, if this “freezing child”  in the video had a dog with him, he’d be in a nice warm place being fed and clothed, although, that might be JAIL with the boy being charged with cruelty to animals.
In the meantime, his dog would be in a donation-funded “retail rescues” clutches and they’d be making THOUSANDS of $$$ in “sympathy/pity-donations” off the dogs plight because that’s “how retail rescues roll”.

They live off of donations they acquire from “crisis rescues” and “seizure scams”, and they don’t HAVE to answer to anyone regarding what ends up happening to the fictional dog in this scenario after he has exhausted his “donation-value”, where is the dog a year later, is the dog alive or DEAD (because they may have killed it after they made up stories about the supposed “issues” the dog had where apparently the dog will be much happier DEAD than ALIVE!), and on and on with their fiction, fantasy, embellishment, and straight-up LIES.

Nobody Cares

THAT is the sad reality in America today; people will donate to “crisis rescues” that ARE staged over and over again by “retail rescues” to supposedly “rescue” animals, but people are NOT nearly as inclined to donate to the well-being of other people that are down-on-their-luck, and they are really NOT inclined to help with the upkeep and daily maintenance of animals at sanctuaries and hospices that have “issues” that make them unadoptable.
Too bad people need the excitement, drama, dopamine-boost, and the immediacy and tug-on-the-heartstrings EMOTIONAL pleas from “retail rescues” of “we need your money NOW”.

This is the type of BS that “retail rescues” have cultivated and refined to a science that is GUARANTEED to bring in thousands upon thousands of donation-dollars to so-called ‘rescues’ that are literally animal dealers/traders/flippers, and also are “disposers” into death (called “rescuing to death”) of “animals with issues”.

Commonsense1Anyone that supports and donates to a ‘rescue’ without asking bunches of questions (there is a handy questionnaire at the end of this post that should be sent to ANY donation-funded rescue BEFORE a donation is sent) regarding the long-term health, safety,  and well-being of animals the ‘rescue’ has rescued and taken into their care, custody, and control.
And if people really CARED, they would want to KNOW exactly “where are all of the animals the ‘rescue’ rescued in the past year”?

True animal lovers ASK QUESTIONS AFTER the ‘rescue’ is DONE regarding what is happening with the animals that were rescued.

“Selective rescuers” that are also called “enablers”, that are supporters of “retail rescues” are the MAIN culprits in the ‘retail rescue’ being able to operate because MOST ‘retail rescue’ founders and primary players DO NOT have jobs outside of ‘rescue’ because “rescue is their job”.

And because enabler-followers rarely, IF EVER, ask questions of the retail rescue, the ‘rescue that’s NOT” is able to operate their BUSINESS unhindered by those pesky old laws, rules, and regulations that NEED be put in place to prevent unscrupulous people from continuing to commit fraud, money laundering, and other crimes.

And more importantly, people should care more about what happens to the animals that the “retail rescues” supposedly ‘rescue’ AFTER the ‘crisis’ portion of the rescue is OVER.
Once a ‘retail rescue’ gets animals back to their facility (wherever that is because MOST of them refuse to post their physical address), they “sort” them, just like sorting new merchandise items for a store (which is the adoption-based ‘rescue’). The “good animals/merchandise” are put up for sale (“adoption-for-a-fee”), and the broken merchandise animals are discarded in various nasty ways.
The disregarding of non-sellable/non-adoptable animals is done through the rescue making up BS stories that they present as fact to their revolving door of “enabler”-followers, but most of their explanations are pure fiction regarding “why we HAD to “put down” the animal” (KILLING THEM), or they “disappear them to death” because they KNOW it is a rarity for anyone in the public to pursue questioning a ‘rescue’ regarding WHERE all of the animals the rescue has taken in in the past 1 year ARE right NOW.

This video of the supposed “freezing kid” with no one stopping to help him except for an older homeless man is NOT surprising in the least because the boring, no fanfare, everyday plight of other people doesn’t concern most people as evidenced by how many people just walk right on by the “freezing kid”.

Ask Questions Like You Care3

It IS similar to the everyday, no fanfare rescuing, and maintenance of animals with issues that occurs all the time too where MOST sanctuaries and hospices that have un-adoptable animals struggle along providing for the animals under their care, they usually have jobs “outside of rescue” that supports their family, and they do not do “crisis rescuing”, “seizure scams”, and other ploys that get many thousands of free money donations flowing in.

Theirs is “no fanfare” rescuing where they don’t announce to the world when they take in an animal, they don’t whine and complain about “how hard we work” as “retail rescue” players have a really bad habit of doing, they don’t paint themselves as the victims whenever anyone has the audacity to ask them questions, they do not trash other people and destroy lives by doing seizure scams, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, they DON’T kill animals just because they can’t be sold or even given away because of their “issues”.

Very disappointing that no one except for a homeless man stopped to help a kid that was freezing.

And it is just as disappointing that most people appear to NEED a “crisis rescue” in order to have them open their wallets, which only really helps “retail rescues” stay in BUSINESS, and then they kill and “disappear” animals after they’ve “SORTED” them that they DO NOT want to spend their FREE MONEY DONATIONS on. un-hindered because MOST people don’t really want to know WHERE an animal really is several months, or a year later.

Below is a questionnaire people can send to primarily donation-funded rescues they support, or are thinking of supporting, if they dare take the chance they will be ignored as most donation-funded rescues will do when questions are asked by publically operated and publically donation-funded ‘rescues’

Rescue Questionnaire1 Rescue Questionnaire2 Rescue Questionnaire3 Rescue Questionnaire4 Rescue Questionnaire5 Rescue Questionnaire6

Animal Rights People Are NOT Animal Behaviorist’s – Just Say “No” to Joining Them

Dolphins1 Dolphins2


The story at the link below prompted me to put in my 2 cents worth on the topic of ‘animal rights people’ getting very vocally involved in animal activities they rarely know much, if anything, about:


Animal Behaviorists and Trainers vs Advocates and Often the “Mindless Mob” Regarding Animal Issues:
From having trained hundreds, if not thousands of horses in the past 40+ years, and from knowing many world class trainers in dressage, hunter/jumpers, some western events, in Thoroughbred racing, with gaited horses, endurance riders, real honest-to-goodness cowboy’s, polo players, etc, I truly know that even though a horse may be physically and athletically talented as-can-be for a particular type of event or “use-and-purpose”, none of that physical talent matters one bit if they do not have the “try” and/or a WILLING mindset to perform in that arena, area, or event, and they will NEVER excel in it to any higher degree.

Intelligent and compassionate trainers of any and all species of animals KNOW this is true, and since successful and talented trainers also know how to read body language, expression, and KNOW the language of the animals they train, trainers that possess skill, and also empathy, compassion, and LOVE for the animals they are training and interacting with that I have known through the years of many different types of animals would EVER force an animal to perform if they clearly are NOT “into” it and are being resistant, explosive, sullen, agitated, nervous, anxious, scared, etc.

Skilled trainers that are mentally, physically, and emotionally “connected” to the animals they train and interact with would be seeing and experiencing the animal not enjoying what they are doing one bit, and thus, the animal, who is literally their “partner” in the endeavor where TRUST also needs to exist of truly “knowing” one another, will never truly excel in doing something they don’t like, that they may hate, that could be perhaps causing them beyond mild discomfort (just like with people, most animals do live with discomfort and/or some pain as they age and/or depending on what types of lives they lead, in whatever environment they are in), or all of these things.

Do animals sometimes get “stressed-out”? Absolutely they do.
And while an observant trainer can usually see the signs of stress in the animals they train and will back-off, have them “take a vacation from training”, “let them down” as we call it with Thoroughbred racehorses, and basically just give the animal “a break from training”, sometimes, just as with some people, the signs of what may be going to happen are not completely seen as going to lead to a violent event occurring when an animal, or a person, has an emotional/mental “breakdown”.
The irrationality of having a few events annually of violence with animals, or with people, “doing their job” or simply “interacting” with people, and then eliminating completely whatever it is they were doing when the break-down occurred, is just that, irrational.

In a perfect world everybody loves what they do, they never get stressed, they never have “bad days”, etc.

I also am of the belief that I would prefer that most dolphins, as well as most wild horses and burros, stay wild, and selective captures are only done as a necessity.

dolphin hunt1

However, the world is not perfect, and when some people paint an animals life in the wild as all sunshine and rainbows, it is an understatement when I say that is being disingenuous.

Also consider this; wild animals live a day to day existence in the wild of having to find food, find water (for land mammals), raise their young to adulthood, avoid being killed by predators whether they are other animals, or are humans, and many other things.
THAT is STRESSFUL for dolphins in the wild in the ocean, just like its stressful for many other types of wild animals such as endangered species Siberian Tigers, wolves, big horn sheep, and also wild horses as examples.

We have many captive wild horses that we adopted, they were adopted by other people and the people were unable to handle them so they were dumping them at a sale where kill buyers would most likely buy them and ship them to slaughter, we have outbid kill buyers and bought several captive wild horses at the kill sale, etc.

Mustangs Being Ridden3 Mustangs

Some have taken beautifully to captivity, they are friendly to the point of being pests (lol), they took to “gentling” and saddle training like a fish-to-water, and if they were turned loose again, they wouldn’t like it one bit.

We also have some captive wild horses that are friendly to a point, they like to be scratched and interacted with to an extent, however, they would never be happy being saddle trained and that’s why people got rid of them and we took them in rather than them being taken to the kill sale, or given to a horse trader or kill buyer from a “Free Horse” ad on Craigslist after the person received the Title to the horse.

Then there are the “I’d rather not horses” who would “rather not” be domestic horses.
They would “rather not” be handled at all and will become explosive and dangerous if cornered, they will try and jump fences, or run through them, if someone presses them too hard, they freak out in a chute and will injure or kill themselves trying to get away, etc.

Unfortunately for them, they will never be wild again because it is illegal to turn a freeze-branded wild horse that had been captured loose again.
Interestingly enough however, although they don’t wish to be trained for anything, or even touched (we have to herd them into a little corral and then into a chute to do anything “hands-on” with them, and some are still extremely explosive and dangerous to themselves and people in the chute too), when we’ve had these types get loose on our unfenced property, they never go anywhere.
They may initially run around the perimeter of the corrals, the hormonal mares run over to our stallions, but then they settle down and browse on loose hay, nibble on some sagebrush or native grasses, visit with horses in other corrals, etc.

So although they don’t want people to touch them, halter them, or do anything with them, they are very “practical-minded” and would rather hang-around, have food and water provided for them everyday where they don’t have to hike a distance to find it (some wild horses have to walk 10 miles or more to get to a water source out in the desert), and are domestic in the respect they don’t run off and become wild again even though the mares could probably and easily join one of the bands that frequent our area where we currently live.

These types of horses are in herd-groups that are appropriate to their temperament, disposition, their physical condition, their age, and their place in a hierarchy, and they do very well if in the correct herd group.
It is going to be very interesting to watch horses form various herd groups when we make the move to over 100 acres they can roam on.

Unworthy of Living3
Be Sure You KNOW Exactly WHAT You’re Getting Involved In So You DON’T Do More Harm Than Good:
So even though some people may get involved in an issue because of slick photos and hearsay, and they clamor for the release of captive wild dolphins, or perhaps dolphins raised in captivity, just like some of the captive-wild horses we have, and also the Mustangs that have been raised in captivity from birth, as often is the case, there are people who aren’t behaviorists for dolphins, or any other types of animals either, but because THEY WANT to be “a part of SOMETHING” and feel like they are “making a difference” (whether that’s a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ difference isn’t relevant to them), they make a lot of noise and get their own way……………and after they “win”, they are GONE, and that’s-that.

It’s like these people lose interest regarding the lives of these living, breathing, feeling beings they think they “rescued”, and they move-on to another CAUSE involving animals they know nothing about again, they “go back” to their “real lives”, they now have “bragging-rights” that they “helped” ‘save’ animals from “whatever”, they “go somewhere”, but that “somewhere” rarely includes KEEPING-TRACK of WHERE the animals they SAVED or RESCUED from “WHATEVER” ended-up or “landed” as they say in the “elite country-club-type” “rescue-circles” on the Internet.


They lose interest, or perhaps are afraid to keep track of, WHERE the animals they supposedly “rescued” ended up, are they alive or dead, if alive, are they happy, or are they depressed, lonesome, an outcast, what??

People have very short-memories, and even shorter attention spans regarding AFTER the EXCITMENT and DRAMA of the event is OVER, WHAT  EXACTLY happened to the animals they supposedly ‘saved’, WHERE are those animals NOW, do they DONATE any MONEY for the upkeep and maintenance of the “animals with issues” that can’t be wild ever again, or maybe were never wild in their lives, the animals that can’t be adopted-out and are often killed rather than being maintained for months or years.


“Causes” That Include ANIMALS As “BAIT” to Rally the MOBS:
So quite frankly, I reject what many so-called “rescuers” and “advocates” have to say when I realize:
1. they are not animal behaviorists and they clearly have no idea what they are talking about, but have fallen for the ‘stick and carrot’ lure of becoming emotionally involved with something they know little, if anything at all about;

2. they don’t really CARE about what has happened to the animals AFTER they “get their own way” (and they also were simply a “social media madness mob” formed by ringleaders who receive the attention for the “save” or “rescue”, the MONEY, the power, the control, and the ACCOLADES because without the “worker bee” MOB, the ringleader-manipulators pulling-the-strings are NOTHING, and they know it). It’s as if their cause was a competition that they “won”, but its the “animals with issues” that more often then people realize LOSE their lives in the aftermath of the rescue that never should have happened.

Why do they die, or are killed by their “rescuers”?

Because MOST people and/or ‘rescues’ do NOT want to maintain and take care of animals that are wild or have physical and/or behavioral issues.

Why is that?

Because hardly anyone donates to sanctuaries and hospices that take in these types of animals, so these types of rescues that take in the “animals with issues” that render them unadoptable/un-sellable, struggle along just doing the best they can, usually working in jobs outside-of-rescue to support themselves and their animals.
The sanctuaries and hospices do the non-exciting and/or dramatic everyday, daily care of animal rescuing, and NOT the pumped-up “WE NEED YOUR DONATIONS NOW” ‘crisis rescuing’ that many of the donation-funded adoption-based “rescues” do that pulls in the $$$ by the thousands for a single “rescue event” because of the excitement, the adrenaline-pumping drama, and the IMMEDIACY of “we NEED money NOW to ‘save’/’rescue’ these animals”.

How to get people to CARE “AFTER the exciting and drama-fueled ‘rescue” or save’ is still a mystery to me, and although I’m still seeking answers to those questions, I realize that for some people, the “rescue” or “save” is always more about THEIR NEED to feel important and ‘special’ for a short period of time, and far less about the animals involved……………because if it REALLY was ABOUT the ANIMALS, people WOULD ASK QUESTIONS and KEEP TRACK of ALL of the actual animals they supposedly were “helping” “save” or “rescue”.

THAT, their NEED and “wanting” to feel important and special for a short period of time, may turn out to be WHY they rarely, if ever, follow-through with asking questions AFTER the animals are supposedly “rescued”, whether they are better off after being “rescued” from “wherever”, are they alive, or tragically, did their “rescue” lead to them now being dead because they had physical and/or behavioral “issues” no one wanted to deal with, so they were killed as what is stupidly called by some ‘rescues’ and ‘rescuers’ the last act of kindness, when the FACT is that the animal did NOT want to be DEAD at all.

Horses at Auctions2

For all of the advocates and rescuers out in the world and/or on the Internet; PLEASE CARE ENOUGH to ASK QUESTIONS AFTER the “save” or “rescue” of animals is “supposedly” “DONE”.

Ask Questions Like You Care7

DONATION-FUNDED rescues and advocacy organizations that have “crisis rescues” and “crisis events” ALL THE TIME it seems, are ALWAYS ready, willing, able, and they DO ASK the PUBLIC for donations.

However, MOST of these publically donation-funded-in-order-to-operate rescues and advocacy organizations are entirely UNWILLING, and they REFUSE to ANSWER SIMPLE and EASY organized QUESTIONS when asked by a member of the PUBLIC whose generous donations are the primary reason they are able to operate at all.

Ask Questions Like You Care3

Please members-of-the-PUBLIC, ask QUESTIONS AFTER the ‘save’ or ‘rescue’ that YOU made the decision to become a part of.

The LIFE you may be saving with your QUESTIONS could be the life of an INNOCENT and HELPLESS animal who WANTS to LIVE!

The Information and Verification Questionnaire that should be sent to any and all donation-funded animal rescues, humane societies, spca’s, and animals controls that “partner” with any of these organizations is located here:


IF you decide to send it to a publically donation-funded rescue and/or animal advocacy organization and they are unwilling or refuse to answer some simple and easy-to-answer questions, you have within your power the ability and reason to file a complaint with the appropriate State that the organization is registered in with the Attorney General’s office.

THEY CAN and WILL get the answers to the questions that you were UNABLE to get because the organization IGNORED YOU.

Please do this for the animals you participated in “rescuing” or “saving” because many animals die, or are killed AFTER the ‘rescue’ BY THE “RESCUE”, that people are simply not aware of.

Please be willing to ASK QUESTIONS as you have a perfect right to do with a publically donation-funded rescue and/or animal advocacy organization.

The HONEST rescues and advocacy organizations WILL gladly answer your questions.

The Hucksters in Retail Rescue – the Marjoe Gortner’s in “Rescue War’s”

SnakeOil Salesman1
From days of old, back in the dark ages of the 1940’s, ’50’s, into the ’60’s, there was born a little boy who went on to become one of the greatest evangelists of all time – Hugh Marjoe Ross Gortner – known as just “Marjoe” to those who put him on a pedestal.

Turns out there was a little bit of a problem as the boy grew to manhood – he actually possessed a CONSCIENCE, imagine that. Only in his teens, he walked away from making money the bad old fashioned way that hucksters and fraudsters have been doing practically since humans have walked the Earth – he went “honest” and the dirty, disgusting, sinful con-game he had perfected from the time he was 9 months old was left on the wayside.

So rather than continue to be a religious huckster, with all of the POWER, CONTROL, ACCOLADES and most important of all, the MOOLAH, DOUGH, GREENBACKS aka MONEY that went with being the superstar of evangelists, he went on to spend his life revealing and EXPOSING the slimy underbelly of “group frenzy entertainment” that was, and still IS so sought after by those True Believers who pine to be in that elite enabler club of religion.

Hey, whatever floats your boat people, “if it feels good, do it” and all that happy horsesh*t.

But that leads us to another topic and phenomenon we are witnessing beginning about the time social “real time” media over the world-wide web came into vogue a scant handful of years ago.

“Real time” social media as it turns out is an absolutely FREE marketing and PR tool, and for those willing to present and write fiction as if it were fact, it has created quite the niche for those that have no problem with embellishing, lying, manipulating, and cheating under the guise and charade, and the posing as “rescuers”.

PUBLIC animal rescue, which has bloomed into “rescue wars” and the “retail rescue racket”.

Now one would think that in our more advanced and ‘civilized’ age where people are intellectually superior (?!) to those in the public of yesteryear, where snake oil salesmen plied their wares that fooled so many, and sometimes even killed them when they ingested the “miracle” concoction that was ‘guaranteed’ to cure any and all ill’s. In our naiveté, many people truly believe that other smart, modern people cannot be fooled, that they aren’t so insecure and wanting to “belong” so enormously to the animal rescue equivalent of an elite country club, that there is NO WAY sociopaths and narcissists in public ‘retail rescue’ could possibly believe what many of these scammers are ‘selling’.

Well, believe it because people are just as emotionally vacant and easily fooled in this age of information just as they were long before the Internet was ever invented.

They are sucked-in to the rip-roaring high’s and low’s, the drama, the excitement, and the drinking of the Kool-Aid that IS “crisis rescuing” for the kind-hearted, but naïve, bored, or jaded public who can and do live vicariously, and who hardly ever ask the “rescue” ANY questions.
It’s for that reason these folks are often called “enablers”.
Unfortunately, their ‘enabling’ may help the ‘worthy’ animals live, and be sold into new homes, but the “broken merchandise” animals are often killed or “disappeared-to-death”. Why you may ask? BECAUSE some rescues that are actually dealers/traders/flippers of animals COUNT on the FACT that MOST people will NOT ask questions during the actual “rescue”, and anyone asking them questions AFTER the so-called ‘rescue’ AFTER the animals have been ‘evaluated’ (called “sorting”).

Puppies often found in or next to dumpsters, from dumpster-to-divine intervention of the ‘rescuers’ that just ‘happened’ to be hanging around a dumpster when 6-8 roly-poly, bouncing baby pups are supposedly “dumped” in a box that they ‘magically’ don’t tear their way out of in order to romp around the 7-11 parking lot. They were so lucky in fact that ‘whomever’ “dumped” them went ahead and kept them from birth, they cleaned up after several “little poopers” that can make quite the mess after having a good meal, that bark, and play, and poo and pee some more UNTIL, WALAH!, time to dump the puppies that are worth AT LEAST $50 a piece after they’ve been raised “somewhere” (the “rescue” perhaps?) for 6-8 weeks, and really surprising is that these ‘rescues’ rarely, if EVER manage to take photos of WHERE the puppies were found, the dumpster, the parking lot, etc.

Not much has changed in the delivery by these hustlers EXCEPT for two very important factors; the scammers in animal rescue CAN and they DO “reach out and touch someone” in “real time” on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other social media platforms.
And they CAN and DO press peoples emotional buttons because they are “rescuing animals”; and for those insecure, bored, brainwashed souls in the public who are “addicted to crisis rescuing” and are “rescue junkies”, these scammers are their messiah, their religion, their Goddesses and Gods all rolled into one human being who is often nothing more than a sociopath and dramatic narcissist who can be anything and everything the True Believers and enablers Jane and Joe public want them to be in exchange for the $$$, the control, the power, and VERY important, the ACCOLADES.

For more information on Marjoe Gortner, there are a few video clips on YouTube where he “comes clean” about the charade of his performances from the age of barely 4 years old:


Humane Euthanasia Or the Serial Killing of Un-Useable Animals?

T4 Photos2Humane Euthanasia or Serial Killing/”Convenience Killing” of Un-adoptable/Un-useful Animals?

Disgusting and monstrous in my opinion is what Hitler’s euthanasia program during World War II was (link at bottom of this post).


Unfortunately, some horse rescues – happens with dogs, cats, and other animal rescues too – that also rescue mules and burros, utilize “putting down” in various ways horses and other animals just because they can’t “do” for anyone anymore and most people, and also many rescues, do not want to spend the $$$$ maintaining an un-useable horse, or any kind of animal for that matter.


 Then the convincing, rationalizing, and TALL TALE telling begins to “explain” to the ignorant, naïve, and yes, the apathetic, “why it HAD to be done” (they rarely ever include actual vet reports in the “why” of it all, which makes intelligent people very suspicious indeed)……and although many seem to go along with it so as not to be ostracized from the “social rescue club”, and often compliment the rescue for doing “the compassionate thing”, many people also completely disagree with it but do not voice their opinions for fear of being ostracized, attacked by people and/or their being retribution, bullying, smear campaigns, etc for protesting that just because an animal is old, may not look so great, has some aches and pain it lives with, has behavioral/training issues that make them unsafe to ride, etc, just like with most people with “issues”, the animal probably does not want to die or be killed by the humans that “rescued” them, or were perhaps entrusted to take care of them.


There also appears to be fierce competition for donation money (“panhandling for dollars”), and also “a following” of people in the public, which is very sad.

Horses at Auctions3

However, people who are truly in rescue for the animals do not worry about donation money, a following, how many “Likes” they have on Facebook, etc, and instead will problem solve and work in unity with other rescues to find permanent homes for more animals that are un-useable rather than simply killing off animals they don’t “deal” in.

Let’s also face-FACTS; it is often difficult-at-best to try and evaluate any horse at an auction, especially those going through the sale ring as “loose horses”.

However, the PROBLEM some people have with donation-funded (using other peoples money to BUY horses) adoption-based (selling like traders/dealers/’flippers’ do) horse rescues traders/dealers/flippers is their very BAD HABIT of KILLING or “disappearing to death” those horses who upon “sorting” back-at-the-rescue-feedlot-facility are found to have “issues” that render them un-useable and un-sellable just because they don’t want to PAY to maintain the horse, which by-the-way they were/are supposed to be “rescuing”, for months or years.

Animal Rescues Finding and KNOWING Their Niche in Rescue:
What these types of rescues should perhaps understand/acknowledge is what role they play in rescue, their niche basically, and not take in horses or other animals that are not trained and are beyond the ability of the rescue staff to train, that are wild/dangerous to handle, so routine things like deworming, teeth floating, hoof trims, etc are a MAJOR production with these types of horses that MOST people cannot and/or will not deal with – should these horses die by slaughter or even humane euthanasia or be “put down” using other methods just because they are wild/dangerous if there are rescues/sanctuaries/hospices willing to take them?

Chronic Illness1


Horses or other animals that are lame, that have chronic conditions, are old, etc that make them difficult, if not impossible, to adopt to anyone whether with an adoption fee, or without, but that don’t want to be dead before-their-time either.
They want to LIVE and not DIE or be KILLED via humane euthanasia, or any kind of euthanasia for that matter, because of age, condition, wild, untrained, dangerous to handle, have some aches and pains and are lame but can be maintained comfortably on meds, etc, deserve to live, and humans are entrusted with preserving life when possible, and easing the animal into death when it is their time to pass.

Chronic Illness5


Just as people with these conditions of disability, chronic conditions, old age, that have terminal illnesses, etc don’t necessarily want to be dead either, especially when the decision is made by other people and they have no choice in the matter, many animals feel the same way to be sure.

And just as people would like to have the choice when THEY decide they “are ready to go”, horses and other animals also indicate when its “their time to go”.

Chronic Illness4

And while it may be difficult for some/many people to look at some animals that may not look so good but are still enjoying whatever phase of life they’re in even if they are “winding down, most of us see people every day that while some may find it difficult to look at them, that person does not want to die by euthanasia or otherwise, and are still enjoying their life in whatever phase of life they are in, and in whatever condition mentally and/or physically.


What is disappointing however is when the rescues that euthanize animals after they have found the animal will not be useful to them or anyone else for any more “crisis” and/or “pity/sympathy” donations, the animal is un-adoptable with or without a fee, etc, go on the attack toward rescues/sanctuaries/hospices whose primary role is taking in animals that are un-useable by humans for anything, but who will maintain them until it is time for humane euthanasia.


Don’t these horses, burros, mules, or any other animal for that matter, deserve to live even if they are older, are lame, are wild, sometimes don’t look so great, etc?
And even if a facility is nothing fancy and they don’t live in the lap of luxury, why would that make some people who are de-valuer’s of life think they’d rather be dead??

Once again, many people think they do want, and deserve, to LIVE – and those who have been around animals a long time not only value their lives, they also know when an animal is saying they want to go, and will have them put down in a dignified, humane way.

Animal Hospice2


And finally, most rescues that take in these types of animals that are not useful to anyone do not have a lot of difficulty in having the animal humanely euthanized WHEN the animal say’s “I’m done, can you help me?”

 Yes, there is emotional attachment, however, if the animal is “saying” with their expression, posture and demeanor that they are not enjoying life anymore, and/or if they are not eating, they are in moderate/severe pain that cannot be controlled, they can no longer lie down and/or get up, etc, then the decision to euthanize is an easier one because the caretaker understands what the animal is asking them to do.

Unworthy of Living4


People who basically deal in hospice care for animals, while not desensitized to euthanizing animals are instead at peace in their hearts and souls with putting an animal down when it’s their time because they know they gave the animal a peaceful life they otherwise would not have had if they hadn’t taken the animal into their care when no one else would.


Many rescues who mostly take in un-useable animals are not interested in the more “social” aspects of animal rescue, they do not deal in adopting animals out, their facility is private because of the nature of the animals they take in, (and most don’t also carry the type of liability insurance that covers the public being on their property and in case they get injured, or Heaven forbid, killed while they are there), etc. In other words, not all rescues want to do adoptions and are happy to take in animals no one else wants.

Animal Hospice1


We see less and less of these types of rescues because unless they “self-fund” and take care of the animals needs on their own.
This is because more and more people who donate are being convinced that these types of animals are “not worthy” of living because they can’t or won’t “do” for people.
They are then devalued, people become desensitized and disassociate themselves to and from the killing, they are apathetic, and sadly, they pass these attitudes onto their children which takes the de-valuation attitude of animals, and often people too, into the next generation.


It starts with animals, but is it any wonder that old people, people with “issues”, etc, are put in privatized business nursing home facilities.
And now there is also the deceitful and fraudulent issue of people literally seizing elderly people and people with disabilities, but ONLY those whom have assets, away from their families.
They then have all their assets stolen by people assigned as their “guardians, who often are in kahoots with judges and others in the court system. When all of their assets are gone, and IF they are still alive, they are either “given” back to their families destitute, or they are shuttled into a crummy county or city nursing “home”, where they die. Often, they die while in the ‘care and custody’ of their ‘guardians’, the balance of their assets disappear, and since many families of these hijacked family members do not have the money or the means to investigate and/or bring a court action against the hijackers of their loved one, the whole thing is basically swept-under-the-rug, and the entire crime is never investigated, and certainly not prosecuted.

You can read more about this on the Facebook page “Boomers Against Elder Abuse” at this link:



Although most of us have not been involved with euthanizing hundreds/thousands of animals because we were not/are not animal control officers, vet techs, work on a farm or ranch where animals are raised as a food source, working for veterinarians, etc, who often routinely do those things and develop means to “disassociate themselves” (I have heard that term used by more than a few vet techs, animal control officers, vets, and farm workers) from what they are doing, it does not mean that we don’t know when an animal is truly “ready to go” and have their vet humanely euthanize the animal and set them free, or keep the animal comfortable and they pass naturally as many people do in hospice at home or in a hospice setting.

Unworthy of Living2

Yes, Humane Euthanasia is Cruel If the Individual Doesn’t Wish to DIE:
Many of us have our roles we play in animal rescue, but when “the gold standard” or “norm” of animal rescue is to typically, and OFTEN cavalierly, euthanize animals just because they serve no purpose to the rescue that rescued them, or to any humans for that matter, the animals pay with their lives for human failings.

Making the whole scenario of euthanizing animals before they wish to be dead WORSE is when the rescues that DON’T maintain unadoptable horses and other animals go on the attack for their own reasons, and with their own agendas, on the rescues that are primarily sanctuaries for unwanted animals and hospice for terminal animals.
These sanctuaries and hospices for animals with “issues” of one kind or another DO take in unwanted animals, but the attacks from other “rescues” that are often what are referred to as “retail rescues”, causes unadoptable animal rescues to not rescue ANY animals anymore because of continual attacks by those people that de-value un-useable animals with physical and/or behavioral/training issues.

In the end, it IS the unwanted/un-useful animals that lose and die, or are killed before their time, whether they were ready to die, and often were NOT.

Unworthy of Living5T4 Photos1


Here is the link to more information on Hitler’s Euthanasia Program for people in Germany:



Horrifically enough, the Animal Rights Movement by the extremists in animal rights (where no one “owns” animals and humans are instead “caretaker’s” or “guardians” to the animals) would often euthanize animals rather than them having a “job”, living their lives in captivity even when they were domestic animals such as horses, dogs, cats, etc, or if they had chronic, or terminal issues; animals would simply be euthanized “humanely” even if the animal didn’t want to be dead, and this appears to be a paradox, and also flip-flopping behavior by ignorant humans who were not confident in their position then, and are most certainly not confident with their “animal rights” stance in this current day and age.

The extremist animal rights sector had gained more than a foothold by 1933. These extremists control-freaks were “put on a pedestal” of forcing the issue of more rights for animals than for human beings as evidenced by Hitler’s T4 Euthanasia Program, and also by the millions of people murdered in the Holocaust.

There were also however just as many contradictions back in the ‘30’s and ‘40’s Nazi Germany when people would stick with a position unless or until it didn’t play in their favor anymore, in which case, the animal rights extremists were as wishy-washy as most regular people in the world are when their basic reason for doing anything has to do with MONEY, POWER, CONTROL, EGO, and ACCOLADES, and NOT because it is the ethical, honest, honorable, and morally correct thing to do.

More on Nazi Germany’s AR movement can be found here:


It is a horribly sad situation when the lives of people and animals are de-valued just because they aren’t “useful” to anyone anymore.

However, if more people rally together, support one another, and actually VALUE the lives of innocent, helpless animals that ARE supposed to be RESCUED and NOT KILLED, sanctuaries and hospices that love and enjoy taking care of animals with physical and/or behavioral/training issues could flourish, just as the animal rescues that enjoy rehabbing and adopting-out animals into good homes could continue to do the type of animal rescue they enjoy and love doing.

In this way, it could, and would, be a total win-win situation for animals and people alike, and wouldn’t that be wondrous and happy for all involved?



Animal Control Personnel Now in Animal ‘Rescue’ Bring Their “Culture of Killing” to A Town Near You


Animal Control Personnel Disguised As “Rescues” Coming to A Town Near You:
The extra bad news that is FACT, and is related to the links to the blog displayed below is that animal control officers that see the money making possibilities in “retail rescue” far above what they are paid working for animal control, and also KNOWING there are relatively FEW rules, regulations, and laws that govern donation-funded rescues, are bringing to a town near you their animal control attitudes, their “culture of killing”, their “de–valuing” of animals, and their “convenience killing” to what is supposed to be “animal rescue”.

These links give an examples of those negative traits many ACO’s have:



Animals ARE the BAIT For “Retail Rescues” to Collect Thousands of $$$ in FREE Donation-Money:
Make the public come-to-them send-to-them lots and lots of MOOLAH, $$$, “DOUGH = MONEY so they can rescue buy or steal animals for the “rescue racket” many of them are running.

Then they simply squeeze as much of that FREE donation-money as possible out of the animal-loving public when the “rescue” does their “crisis rescues” — such as when they do Animal Enterprise Terrorism aka “seizure scam” attacks and whip-up their “mindless mobs” to attack people they don’t eve know, but they threaten, harass, stalk with the ringleader pulling their mindless strings and doing their dirty work entirely for FREE — that have a huge PAY DAY because of the IMMEDIACY of “HAVING to ‘rescue’ animals NOW and/or they use free donation money to buy animals from animal controls — they call this “pulling an animal” — or BUY horses from auctions –they call this “rescuing”, when the FACT is that its BUYING just like the horse traders/dealers/flippers MANY of them are.
Going forward with their shoddy, nasty “rescue racket” scheme, after they “sort” the animals –called “evaluating”, but its basically “sorting” through the new animals just like “merchandise” and the reason this is known is because these “retail rescues” NEVER show ALL, or even ANY in far too many instances, the vet reports, vet bills, euthanasia reports and bills, etc —  they kill or “disappear to death” any cats, dogs, horses, and other animals they can’t “flip” because of so-called “issues” they have, and only AFTER the innocent and helpless un-sellable animals have exhausted their donation-value.

Any FREE MONEY donation-funded “rescues” that feature former animal control personnel and/or WHEN “rescues” cozy-up to animal controls to do what are known as “seizure scams” and “rescue raids”, should be considered suspect in the operation of a “retail rescue” because Heaven knows these retail rescues DO NOT use their own money to “rescue”, buy, or whatever they’re calling it now, seeing as the Founders of the rescue business and their ‘inner circle’ primary players don’t usually have jobs outside of rescue that supports their non-rescue activities – they LIVE OFF OF THE DONATIONS they receive when they do “seizure scams”, when they rescue buy animals from animal controls, auctions, sales, etc, and when they ramp-up and manufacture a crisis that they KNOW brings in thousands of $$$ in donations from the kind-hearted, generous public, but that they call “idiots” and “chumps”.
They also KNOW that the mundane daily care of rescued animals, and “no fanfare-no fireworks rescuing” does not amount to a BIG PAY DAY in FREE MONEY DONATIONS because the donating public lives for the excitement, drama, life-and-death (supposedly) crisis-rescuing that the retail rescues” are more than happy to accommodate them with.

They basically operate their “retail rescue” and live off the generosity of kind-hearted people donating to what they are led to believe is an honest rescue, when the disgusting reality is many of them are nothing but low-life animal traders/dealers/flippers who never in a million years will allow the un-useable merchandise animals with “issues” to live; that would mean they would have to use donation-money to maintain the animals with issues that are supposed to be “rescued” for months or years, and their soulless-selves are too sociopathic, greedy, selfish, and disgusting to ever let un-useable animals take money out of their pockets they got for FREE and that they, and often their kids, spouse or partner, live off of.


Rescues Refusing to Answer Questions From the Donating and Supportive Public IS Disrespectful:
Until or unless more people begin, and become courageous enough, to ASK QUESTIONS of these “retail rescues”, UN-useable, UN-adoptable, UN-sellable animals will continue to be KILLED or “disappeared to death” because these really FOUL, and often sociopathic and narcissistic ego-maniac sub-humans will NOT keep rescued animals around that do not have VALUE, and instead will only cost them money to maintain them for months or years as the un-useable animal lives happily with their friends at the rescue.

People who really CARE about ALL the animals a donation-funded rescue rescues WILL ask questions regarding:

1.  WHERE are ALL of the animals that were supposedly RESCUED 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year later.

2.  Are the animals alive? If so, people will ask for CURRENT photos and videos, and will NOT just “take our word for it, so-and-so is doing great” that the rescue relates to them. (link to an article regarding an animal rescue allegedly committing fraud and other crimes: http://www.wweek.com/portland/blog-30957-animal_miracle_foundation_agrees_to_close.html

3. If the animal was “put-down”, the supportive, donating public that keeps these types of rescues “in business” should   demand to see vet reports and euthanasia reports on EXACTLY WHY the animals had to be killed.


New Rules – Regulations – Laws – For Donation-Funded Animal Rescues:
Some people are working toward having REQUIRED rules, regulations, and laws that will govern animal rescues in order to STOP the “retail rescues” from operating that are nothing more than animal dealers/traders/flippers.

In the meantime, the questionnaire below is a 1st-course-of-action and if the rescue the questionnaire is sent to ignores and/or refuses to fill it out and answer some simple questions HONEST rescues will have no problem answering, the correspondence with the rescue that won’t fill it out (email or PM correspondence from the sender sending the questionnaire to the rescue), along with a complaint from the original sender of the questionnaire, should be sent to the AG’s office the rescue is registered in, the state Department of Agriculture where the rescue is located, the Taxation Board in the state the rescue is registered in and operating in, and other local, regional, state, and maybe even federal law enforcement agencies too.

Then these government agencies can ask that ‘rescue’ the questions that someone in the supportive, donating, animal loving public could not get them to answer.

If the Animal-LOVING Public REALLY CARES They Will Send the Questionnaire to Donation-FUNDED ‘Rescues’:
Below is the simple and easy questionnaire that should be sent to all publically operated and marketed donation-funded animal rescues BEFORE donations are sent to them.

If the questionnaire is sent and the sender is ignored, and perhaps also attacked, harassed, threatened for asking questions, etc, the sender will KNOW FOR SURE that the rescue it was sent to is NOT honest, NOT above-board, NOT ethical, and does NOT love ALL the animals they supposedly “rescue” using other peoples money to do so.

And if the supportive, donating public won’t send it to rescues BEFORE they donate and/or are supportive of them, it very well may be a case of

Rescue Questionnaire1 Rescue Questionnaire2 Rescue Questionnaire3 Rescue Questionnaire4 Rescue Questionnaire5 Rescue Questionnaire6 Rescue Questionnaire7

Animal “Rescue” Closing Amidst Allegations of Fraud, Misappropriation of Funds, and Other Crimes

fraud photo

Whoo Hoo!

A money-hungry donation-funded animal “rescue” gets CAUGHT committing fraud (asking for, and taking donations for an animal that is DEAD!), misappropriation of funds, and several other things:


Just answer the question2

Now to march onward toward turning in MANY MORE complaints regarding animal “rescues” whose primary participants, including veterinarians, have been committing all types of fraud since day one of them opening.

It is IMPOSSIBLE for them to UN-RING the bell of LIES they have told and written because many have been being watched for months and years, and what they write is documented in screen shots that demonstrate their illegal activities to local, regional, and state law enforcement, with some even being looked at by the FBI.

The veterinarians that they collude with, and send A LOT of business to, apparently are too stupid to realize their licenses to practice veterinary medicine are on the line.
They have written false reports, haven’t even looked at animals the so-called rescue said that they had (the veterinarians did not contact the rescue to say “don’t post that I looked at that animal when I clearly did not”), killed animals for rescues that collected thousands of dollars in donations from the public for, but when it turned out the animals were found to have “issues” that rendered them un-adoptable (un-sellable), these “retail rescues” can’t be bothered with letting animals live that are certainly wanting to LIVE, that they have to PAY to maintain, so their disgusting vet kills the mostly healthy and not-in-pain animals even though the animals do NOT want to die.
Some veterinarians are actually idiotic enough to be on the “rescues” Board of Directors too.

In other words, when the “rescue” is investigated and “takes a fall” and/or is sued, the veterinarian will be investigated and sued right along with the founder and other primary players at the “rescues that aren’t”.

This is a giant step forward toward helping innocent and helpless animals that were/are unlucky enough to fall into the hands of a “retail rescue” that can ONLY operate due to the GENOROISITY of the PUBLIC donating to them as the rescues primary players write FICTION being presented as FACT when it is NOT.

Just answer the question1

The time for too much celebrating is not here yet, but hopefully if people will continue to send out the questionnaire below to primarily publically donation-funded rescues, that are also often “adoption-based” with animals “adopted at fair market value (that is dealer-speak; in other words, they sell animals), and they refuse to answer any questions sent to them by the public, then the sender of the questionnaire will file a complaint with local, regional, and state law enforcement, and will be able to also send in evidence and correspondence of the “rescue” REFUSING to answer questions from the SUPPOTIVE and DONATING PUBLIC.

Rescue Questionnaire1 Rescue Questionnaire2 Rescue Questionnaire3 Rescue Questionnaire4 Rescue Questionnaire5 Rescue Questionnaire6 Rescue Questionnaire7


Of course, for those who don’t wish to have their ILLUSIONS about a rescue dealer/flipper/trader shattered, they will continue to be the good little “sheeple-people” who will never ask a DONATION-FUNDED (as opposed to primarily self-funded rescue) ‘rescue’ ANY questions.

In their world, ignorance really IS bliss, and that is the reason there continues to be fraudster “rescues” operating, whose primary players rarely have JOBS outside of rescue that supports their rescue efforts, that KILL or “disappear-to-death” animals that are un-useable (like throwing away broken merchandise basically).

sociopath photo1

They rely on kind-hearted, but naïve and gullible people to keep their scam running, so although EXPOSURE would happen sooner if there weren’t so many people wearing their pretty rose-colored glasses, and also not realizing or believing they too will be thrown-away and ignored when their “use-and-purpose” for the sociopaths in rescue is done, the dominos will fall in spite of those people, and the scammer rescues who are mostly operated by sociopathic, narcissistic women, will FALL.

QUESTIONING Those in Animal “Rescue” That Whip-Up and UNLEASH MOBS to Launch AET Attacks



Another person, that had an Animal Enterprise Terrorism (AET) attack perpetrated on them by a “Social Media Madness MOB” of people enflamed by a master manipulator, has KILLED THEMSELVES.

Or maybe it will be found out that a crazy person that was whipped into a frenzy by a sociopath who orchestrated the attack on this man KILLED HIM.

And whether he was or wasn’t treating dolphins cruelly is NOT the point.


The POINT is that a massive MOB was formed, and rather than these “sheeple-people” in the MOB being ashamed of their crappy, cruddy, uncivilized behavior, they are “excited”, “part of a self-righteous team”, they have a scapegoat to make them feel bigger than their small, mindless selves.


Their sociopathic and narcissistic HANDLER/s who ramped up the MOB will tell them “you did the right thing” even though that couldn’t be farther from the truth in what is supposed to be CIVILIZED society.

The death of Jose Luis Barbero is reported here:


A lot more people commit suicide than is ever reported when an Animal Enterprise Terrorism ATTACK is perpetrated against them by the MINDLESS MOBS in the PUBLIC.

And a lot more people that are attacked on an Animal Enterprise Terrorism attack have heart attacks, strokes, and also PTSD than is ever reported.

And for those who have by the grace of God never been attacked by mobs of bloodthirsty “hang em high”, “off with their heads” jackasses who are oh-so-brave when they’re in a MOB, or are the ringleaders of the attack that are protected by the mob, it is an indescribable experience to fear for the lives of your family (both human and animal), fear for friends lives being disrupted or destroyed because they are defending people being unjustly attacked, fearing for anyone that helps those being attacked such as veterinarians, feed suppliers, etc.


In other words, it is something MOST people in a normal world would never experience, but with the women in animal rescue, who have USUALLY NEVER accomplished ANYTHING of merit in their small little lives that requires skill, hard work, and talent, these control-freaks have “found their niche” in animal “rescue”.

Most of them are sociopaths and narcissists masquerading as nice, normal people.

However, once they get “into” animal “rescue”, their TRUE NATURE of “me, me, and ONLY me matters” and “gimme, gimme, gimme more of that FREE donation money” comes gushing forth from behind the safety of their computer on social media (the greatest invention of ALL TIME for these SCAMMERS in animal “rescue”), tweeting, and texting from their phone, and rarely in-person without “back-up” of ‘friends’ (and they are only friends as long as things go their way, however, the adage “there is no honor amongst thieves” is VERY TRUE) or TAX PAYER PAID government authorities.


From the beginning of the AET attack, what is supposed to be civilized society, which has not advanced nearly as far as most people might believe it has, turns into the “mindless mob mentality” of terrorizing people they don’t even know just because the master manipulator sociopath “tells them” to, the sociopath-in-charge stages and doctors photos, and they only show the ignorant mob what they want them to see.


The formation of a mindless mob actually de-civilizes people. And after they’ve behaved like a mass of brainless fools, the “mindless mob” fractures back into cowardly individuals who rarely do anything involving threats and ugliness solo, and they cavalierly go back to their “normal lives”, and don’t care one bit about the swatch of destruction they left behind–unless they end up being sued, which more and more of those being attacked are doing, and only when some in the mob are singled-out and are served with papers and they MUST hire an attorney to defend their bad behavior will they realize they shouldn’t have gotten involved in something when FACTS were sorely LACKING.

Sadly, as these degenerates go back to their normal lives, they leave in their wake broken people with broken families, and sometimes the person that was primarily being attacked does the only thing they HOPE will stop the attacks mostly on their FAMILY and their friends who tried to defend them and they KILL THEMSELVES.

AET Mobs

Unless or until the FBI actually responds to complaints from animal owners, or those who work with animals, regarding these Animal Enterprise Terrorism attacks on them, their families, and their friends, mob attacks will continue.

And the sad FACT is that while many of those who are in the mob ARE animal lovers, the instigators of the AET attack could NOT care less about the animals at all.

They ARE sociopaths and narcissists, and ALL they truly care about are THEMSELVES, making MONEY, having POWER and CONTROL over others, and getting ACCOLADES and PRAISE they NEED in order to function.

Because they LIE, EMBELLISH, and ATTACK others using MOBS, the ONLY things that will destroy them is ASKING THEM QUESTIONS.

It is impossible for them to answer questions truthfully because of the FACT that they usually LIE about most everything in their quest to get what they WANT.

Questions from the PUBLIC will NOT elicit answers from these monsters.

However, it IS a starting point for filing complaints with government agencies and law enforcement which will illustrate these manipulators in animal ‘rescue’ REFUSING to answer questions asked by the donating and supportive public.

They KNOW they have lied and embellished so much in writing on the Internet that there is NO WAY their answers will pass the “sniff test” with the public and/or the authorities.

Until or unless TAX PAYER FUNDED government agencies such as animal control, law enforcement, the DA’s office, etc STOP irresponsibly spending TAX PAYERS $$$ on helping sociopaths with AET ATTACKS, the attacks will continue.

Unless or until the master manipulator sociopath/narcissists are investigated and HAVE to ANSWER QUESTIONS BEFORE any agencies will participate in a seizure or raid on animal owners, the attacks will continue.

The mindless mob will be rallied again and again by the master manipulator sociopathic/narcissistic monsters in animal “rescue” that are NOT animal rescuers and/or animal lovers at all.

These psychopathic-freaks only do what they do for MONEY, POWER, CONTROL, and ACCOLADES because they NEVER do any attacking SOLO because THEY are ALL COWARDS too.

Unless or until the ringleaders are HELD ACCOUNTABLE regarding ANSWERING QUESTIONS and DEALING in FACTS, the MOBS they whip into a frenzy will continue to color all scenarios involving animals.

More and more people who rescue “animals with issues” that causes their appearance to be less-than-pretty/optimum will stop rescuing ANY animals.

Responsible breeders of animals will stop their careful breeding programs.

More and more trainers of all types of animals will stop training any animals for fear of being attacked.

And sadly enough, regular animal owners will have their elderly or chronic-issue animals that may not look so good, they may be a bit “creaky” with arthritis, but they are NOT suffering and DO NOT want to die, KILLED by lethal injection to avoid being attacked by the MOBS unleashed on them by a master at manipulation from behind their computer screen freak sociopath that need the money, power, control, and accolades to feel they are really important.

Unless or until the ringleader-freaks that ALWAYS ramp-up MOBS of uncivilized “sheeple-people” are REQUIRED to answer questions, speak face-to-face with law enforcement, the FBI, the DA, the Attorney Generals office and other TAX PAYER FUNDED agencies that they currently pull the strings of, these attacks will continue.

And that is a FACT.

Below is the questionnaire that should be sent to any and all animal rescues that are primarily publically-donation-funded, who clearly run “retail rescues (large turn-over of animals via “adoptions-for-a-fee” with “damaged merchandise” animals-with-issues being killed or “disappearing-to-death”), and especially for those who do a lot of owner surrenders (and this generally only happens when owners of animals are terrorized and threatened into surrendering their animals to a “rescue that’s not”) and/or seizures of animals in conjunction with their animal control buddies.

The sender of the questionnaire puts it in a file, selects whatever rescue they want answers from, send the file to them.

All the rescue needs to do is print it, fill it out, answer the questions (“yes” or “no” questions for the most part), scan it and send it back to the sender.

Can’t get much more simple than that seeing as most of the rescues that do owner surrenders, seizures, they attend horse sales and auctions, they “pull” bunches of animals from animal controls, etc are extremely masterful on the computer with photos, videos, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc, so filling out the questionnaire and sending it back should be a SNAP for them:

Rescue Questionnaire1 Rescue Questionnaire2 Rescue Questionnaire3 Rescue Questionnaire4 Rescue Questionnaire5 Rescue Questionnaire6 Rescue Questionnaire7