Sorrowful Kitten

Wonder if they are a primarily donation-funded rescue at the story at the link above?

If so, than if they had to fill out the questionnaire here:

which right now is simple, easy, and voluntary, more people who DEPEND on the donating public to operate their rescue would be caught doing this sh*t of killing animals in whatever ways they choose, or simply “disappearing” them, and POOF!, they’re gone as if by evil magic when its simple human failures that “disappeared” them.

Just answer the question2
It will have to change from voluntary to REQUIRED for these primarily donation-funded NON-PROFIT organizations if they keep REFUSING to answer simple “yes” and “no” questions, give some background information on themselves that can be verified and fact-checked instead of them sending boilerplate press releases to the media who rarely seems to FACT-check and VERIFY anything anymore because the media is just as much into the drama, the “feel good”, and being “adrenalin junkies” as MOST of the donors and followers of donation-funded usually also adoption-based “retail rescues” are, etc.

The donating, supportive public deserves to KNOW WHERE all of the animals these retail-welfare-on-the-dole-rescues “rescued” using donation-money and not their own (they generally have founders and inner circle primary players that don’t have jobs outside of rescue, so its a real mystery, since they don’t list paying themselves a salary in their non-profit IRS tax exempt filing, HOW they pay their non-animal rescue related bills, HOW do they feed and cloth themselves and their kids, when the spouse or partner doesn’t appear to work either, HOW do they support themselves, so many questions for these donation-funded “rescues”, so FEW answers…… seems really evasive and the direct opposite of TRANSPARENT for sure) 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year after being supposedly “rescued” using free donation money which is supposed to be used for maintenance, the vet, etc.

These welfare-reports should include current date stamped photos and videos of each and every animal that was “rescued”/bought/maintained using donation-money because the way it is now, the donating and supportive public is simply supposed to “take the rescues word for it that its TRUE anything that flows from the tips of our typing fingers, or passes our lips”.

Just answer the question1

Intelligent people in the public however really just don’t believe a lot/most of what these donation-funded ‘rescues’ say because their stories change so often, no questions are answered, the rescues ignore people hoping they’ll just “go the hell away and don’t ask any more of those pesky questions we can’t answer otherwise we’ll implicate ourselves in criminal activities”, they get combative, they start asking personal questions from someone who is in the donating public as a diversion or aggression tactic to make the nice, supportive person in the public to “STOP IT NOW, OR ELSE”, they bully, they harass, they stalk (even though most of these “retail rescues” refuse to publish the physical address of their PUBLIC donation-funded organizations facility, or those of the “fosters” – if those “fosters” even exist and there aren’t just “storage facilities” for broken “merchandise” animals waiting to be quietly disappeared once the “out of sight, out of mind”-effect takes place with MOST of the retail rescues followers, supporters, and donors who are enamored of the sociopath, narcissist, chameleons who run the joints, and like good swindlers, grifters, and con artists, are SO COVINCING to the naïve and gullible because they ALWAYS know the right words to write or say publically, or even privately, that always is agenda-driven regarding the fraudsters wants and needs, which is generally MONEY, POWER, CONTROL, and ACCOLADES – and on it goes instead of simply ANSWERING THE SIMPLE QUESTIONS any organization that is primarily FREE MONEY and MATERIAL GOODS funded from the publics money SHOULD expect to get.

Just answer the question4
So now that begs the question of WHY do we have all of these donation-funded “rescues” founders, volunteer-slaves, and mouthpieces “speaking for the vet” and everyone is simply supposed to believe them?

What, doesn’t their vet know how to write REPORTS, keep records, and send bills that can be publically posted on their Facebook pages (seeing as marketing ones donation-funded rescue is FREE nowadays with social media), websites, or multiple places for each and every animal RESCUED/BOUGHT/MAINTAINED using FREE DONATION MONEY and/or FREE MATERIAL GOODS?

WHY don’t the “rescues” post the actual vet report and billing for each and ever animal looked at by their vet? Post ALL of the euthanasia reports for each and every animal that HAS to be killed (?!?!).

Is it because their vet isn’t actually saying and putting in their report what the “rescue” marketers and PR people are writing and embellishing and lying about “what’s wrong” or what the vet is actually “doing” with the animal (and that’s if there is anything wrong and/or if the animal is even being seen by the vet), WHY they HAD to kill an animal, etc?

Just answer the question5

The questions just keep multiplying, so if they don’t tell where each and every animal they rescued using donated funds and goods are, why they were killed, etc, where exactly does that money DESIGNATED for certain uses going?
Yep, a lot of people think “that” too, so it doesn’t even need to be said………

Should be easy, easy, easy to just publically post ALL the vet reports, euthanasia reports, vet bills, etc and let the donating and supportive public SEE for themselves exactly WHAT the vet had to say upon examination (seriously, its only their license on the line if they lie and embellish, right?).

Just answer the question3
So send out the questionnaire at the link to your favorite primarily donation-funded animal rescue, humane society, spca, or animal control that “partners” with any of these primarily donation-funded, publically supported NON-PROFIT organizations (and the separate information pages for animal rescues, humane societies, spca’s, and animal controls who partner with donation-funded organizations is located here:

that are often turning out to be scammy animal dealers/traders/flippers posing as “rescues” because that sounds so much nicer than “dealer”, “trader”, or “flipper”, and just see if they will fill it out, scan it, and send it back to their supportive public that sent it to them.

It’s been sent out 12-15 times now by various people across the country to animal rescues, a few humane societies, an spca, and an animal control that regularly partners with a retail rescue on seizures and raids, and NOT ONE has filled it out and returned it…….NOT ONE.

Looks like its going to NEED by those who make the laws being clued-in by the PUBLIC that WANTS ANSWERS and FACTS, to be made a REQIREMENT to force donation-funded non-profit animal organizations, and those that partner with them, to force some accountability, disclosure, and that favorite buzz word (along with “AMAZING” and now “EDGEY” are popular too) so many donation-funded rescues and animal welfare orgs use that isn’t true in most cases, “TRANSPENCY”, because otherwise, here is what most INTELLIGENT, NON-“sheeple-people” think of donation-funded NON-PROFIT animal organizations that won’t answer simple and forthright questions:

Pants on Fire2


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