Selective Animal Lovers and Sociopaths in Animal Rescue; A Recipe for Animal Killing Disguised As “Rescue”


There are a lot of people in this great wide world posing as animal lovers who actually couldn’t give two “you-know-what’s” whether animals live or die as long as they go through the motions of pretending they do “care”, but there is usually something “in it” for them like $$$, power, accolades, looking like “a team player”, or an “animal lover”, or “whatever”.

Here’s a blog post illustrating this point:

Unknown to most TRUE animal lovers, because its hard to believe people who actually don’t care about ALL animals get paid to make rules for animals, these drobots are actually vested with making decisions regarding animals lives, which brings us full, although small, circle back to they aren’t really animal lovers of all animals, and are instead “selective animal lovers”, and that is IF they are animal lovers at all, and not psychopaths who get PAID to torment and kill animals.

This is not as surprising as it may seem on the surface:
When delving deeper, people first and foremost made/make the decision to get PAID to work at animal control facilities (IOW, they weren’t forced with a gun to their head to work there – and many can already hear the excuses of “why” they worked there formulating in former ACO’s lame-brains, so have at it and you’ll get taken down again and again because no excuse you have will ever make sense and they are all unacceptable), they KNEW they’d be KILLING animals, sometimes everyday at the high intake facilities, or the places where animals are immediately killed just so the facility doesn’t get poo and pee (and vomit and blood too) messing them up and then someone has to clean the joint, so it takes a certain kind of individual to work there even a short period of time.

And if they go years and years working at an animal control facility and/or are an ACO, they are:

1. often enjoying what they do and have no problem with killing animals;

2. they are often damaged mentally and should be considered “serial killers of animals”;

3. they are OFTEN control and power-mongers who love wearing that badge, and often also packing a gun because it makes them feel “big and brave” even though they are usually cowards who “wouldn’t say shit if they had a mouthful” if by themselves speaking to someone they hate;

4. And no excuse is valid for working there that includes “I needed the job” because there are ALWAYS other jobs that can be done that do not involve killing animals in various, and sometimes callous, cruel, and shady ways.


ACO’s As Rescues – Like Oil and Water:
Now we have the current PROBLEM of more and more animal control-types/former ACO’s (some, perhaps many whom are control and power-freaks who have been terrorizing people because they wore that shiny badge and carried that gun) becoming “rescues” because they see the fabulous enrichment opportunities from true animal lovers in the public rescue-arena sending them that wonderful FREE donation-money, they have power and control and no one to answer too, they have mobs they can rally with a few keystrokes from the safety of their top secret location animal “rescue” facility (even though they operate PUBLICALLY and can only operate at all because of the PUBLIC sending them MONEY and material goods), and they actually are looked at, at first anyway, as “hero’s” (many people just had to swallow to keep the bile down, huh?).

Don’t feel bad if you are fooled by them though, because upon observation, it has been found that they surround themselves with people they themselves can observe regarding responses to emotional scenarios, circumstances, and issues such as facial expressions, mannerisms, words used, etc by people who DO feel emotions, unlike the sociopaths that DO NOT, so that the sociopath can begin to “act out” the part of someone who “cares” even though they don’t.

They also are good at surrounding themselves with people they have completely, 100% fooled into believing they are “a good person”, an animal “rescuer”, someone to be admired, (and even Jeffrey Dalmer had/has his admirers), etc, and those foolish people act not only as a “buffer” between the person without emotions (well, they do care A LOT about themselves, but other people and animals, not-so-much) and the public, those people are also good for “throwing under the bus”, “rolling on to save their own butt’s”, and have other handy uses if the going gets tough for the “person with no conscience”.

These types actually enjoy and delight in, embellishing practically everything they write or say (they only speak with people who are naïve, clueless, or know less than they do), being LIARS, cheating (messes it up though when people who are “on to them” are keeping very accurate ‘score’ on their BS to turn over to law enforcement), being deceptive, dealing in fiction instead of the facts (there’s that old bugaboo problem again of people they have burned watching, recording, and waiting), etc to keep receiving baskets of money literally flying into rescue accounts and given to them “under the table” where the State/s they operate in and  the IRS can’t see it.

For those watching AND “keeping score” however, TOO MANY ANIMALS ARE BEING KILLED because the kind-hearted, animal lovers in the public have not a clue WHO and WHAT they are dealing with when it comes to these ACO’s-turned-so-called-“rescues” that come from a “culture of killing” and “killing for convenience” who are NOT what they seem, and are definitely not rescuers.

Sure, some animals do get “rescued” when these animal dealers/traders/flippers posing as “rescuers” (sounds so much nicer than those other words, doesn’t it?) have their followers and donors “make it happen” with their money and support, however, they are only “rescued” because it benefits these animal serial killers in some way, shape, or form.

Far more animals are being killed that the DONATING and supportive PUBLIC are NOT privy too even though it is their money used to do the KILLING and disappearing because without the publics support and money, these “former aco’s” are NOTHING.

They may not have the badge and the gun anymore, which worked great as their built-in “mob” to terrorize people, and now DO have to ramp-up mobs to do their dirty work to terrorize people with animals because they are COWARDS who can’t do ANYTHING by themselves that involves attacking other people, other organizations, etc.

Make no mistake however, the killing mindset is there, and always will be with these people, and ANYONE who is on their “team” as they call it in “rescue” is guilty of being animal killers too.

The ONLY “Good News” in This Development in “Rescue”:
The only good news is more and more nice people are figuring out that these “posers in rescue” exist, that these monsters whose only religion is receiving FREE donation $$$, having power and control, and receiving accolades from naïve and gullible people, are KILLING animals they can’t use, or have gotten as much donation $$$ and use out of that they can, and if not adoptable with, or even without a fee, they are now deemed WORTHLESS and “not worthy of living” (and yes, there is a screenshot floating around where a supposed “rescue”/”shelter” wrote that publically).

These sociopaths/narcissists have been riding the wave of nice, animal loving peoples short-memories and short-attention-spans that once an animal has been “rescued” the kind, but busy-living-their-own-lives, public “forget” to keep track of the animal.

NOW however, people are beginning to ASK MORE QUESTIONS, they KEEP ASKING, and if when they don’t get ANSWERS from the so-called “rescue”, they either don’t donate to them anymore, they tell their friends not to donate to them, and many are actually so pissed-off at having their questions ignored, the are also FILING complaints with the appropriate AG’s offices, the states Department of Agriculture offices, and also the IRS.

ALL legitimate primarily donation-funded (in order to operate) animal rescues, humane societies, shelters, spca’s, etc should be happy, happy, happy to answer any and all questions asked by the donating and supportive public because that will help keep them operating through donations from the public who asked questions, and got answers (see organized questionnaire blow that is simple and easy to send as a file to ALL primarily donation-funded animal rescues) and it shows they are willing to disclose all types of information instead of selectively spoon-feeding the public watered-down pabulum(

SnakeOil Salesman1

Why Won’t Donation-Funded Animal Rescues Answer QUESTIONS Posed to THEM?:
ANY and ALL donation-funded animal rescues that can only operate because of the kindness of the PUBLIC sending them money and paying for material goods should be suspected of WRONG-DOING if they will not answer questions posed to them in emails, PM’s, or in public comments (asking questions as simple as “how many animals do you have at your facility now?”) because refusing to answer questions, ignoring the questions, being combative toward those asking questions, attacking those asking the questions, etc is a SURE SIGN that the public is most likely dealing with swindlers, con-artists, grifters, “snake oil saleswomen and men”, “flim-flam artists” (, or whatever the current words or phrases are that are “trending” for crooks and criminals.

ASK QUESTIONS of ALL Primarily Donation-FUNDED Animal Rescues:
If WHEN you do NOT get answers to your questions, especially if you have sent the well organized with pertinent questionnaire below, then DO NOT donate your hard earned money to them.

WHY you may ask?


1. You are probably supporting con-artists who only use defenseless animals as “merchandise” at their “retail rescue” (look up the term on Google and you will be amazed at what pop’s-up) and/or to get FREE MONEY through donations;

2. They (the swindlers) think the supportive donating public are CHUMPS who will just keep sending their lazy asses money.

3. And MOST importantly, THEY ARE KILLING and DISAPPEARING the poor helpless “un-useable because of issues” animals that are supposed to be “rescued” animals when their “use and purpose is done (the collection of “sympathy/pity” donations) because if an animal isn’t adoptable or “useable”, and if they have exhausted their “donation-value”, these monsters posing as animal rescues sure-as-sh*t do not want to get stuck paying to maintain them for months and years into the future, so they KILL or DISAPPEAR them to parts unknown (?) – as in “they are dead but only a few people know exactly how they were killed, and some are actually starting to talk about it too).


Donating-Public: For the Animals Sake, PLEASE ASK QUESTIONS:
If WHEN you get stonewalled with NO ANSWERS to YOUR exact questions (these “scammers in rescue” are very good at distraction and evasion techniques because that’s what con-artists do, and when it won’t work with you anymore, they simply move on to their next “mark”) means NONE of YOUR MONEY for the so-called rescue that will not answer any and all questions posed to them.

You’ll not only be saving your money for a rescue that WILL answer ALL of YOUR questions answer questions, but you most importantly will NOT be contributing to the KILLING and DISAPPEARING of helpless animals that just because they are un-useable do NOT deserve to DIE or be KILLED I any way.

Here is the easy-to-send questionnaire for rescues:

Rescue Questionnaire1 Rescue Questionnaire2 Rescue Questionnaire3 Rescue Questionnaire4 Rescue Questionnaire5 Rescue Questionnaire6 Rescue Questionnaire7

There are information pages for humane societies, spca’s, and also the animal controls that “partner” with them located at this link:

For the purposes of this blog post, the first page above is the information page for animal rescues with questions pertaining to “animal rescues” doing rescue as opposed to when humane societies and spca’s do “rescue”, and also different for animal controls that “partner” with any of these organizations.

Specific questions must be asked in an organized ways for the different organizations and/or government agencies in order to get important, concise answers from them.

By sending the organized questionnaire, you not only will find out if your “favorite rescue” is willing to answer simple questions, but if they are NOT, the lives you will be saving by NOT sending “rescues that aren’t” your hard-earned money are those of helpless animals they sunk their claws into to “use”, and that is just PURE EVIL!

Taking it a simple step farther and filing complaints with the various government agencies in charge of “policing” animal rescues, humane societies, spca’s, and animal controls who are being deceptive, who are liars, who are often people who have criminal records, and who kill and disappear helpless animals without a second thought would save a multitude of lives.

And you never know, it could even SAVE YOU and your animals from being attacked by what the FBI calls an Animal Enterprise Terrorism attack aka “seizure scam” or “rescue raid”.

If you think having an AET attack perpetrated on you would never happen, guess again, all it takes for example is having just one old, doddering dog on your property you’ve perhaps raised from a pup, but although old and having some health issues, mobility issues, etc, they are not ready to die yet.

Add to that having some finer animals you own that can and will be sold by these “retail rescues” once they seize them, and there is all the cause these whack-jobs need to attack you, “crank up that good ol donation machine”, get in new merchandise animals to sell, kill your old doddering dog after his “sympathy/pity donation-value” is exhausted, and DESTROY your life.

Once these retail rescues, more and more led by former ACO’s who know how to “work it” in the media and can and will ramp-up thousands of people to attack you whether based on fact, or pure FICTION, set their sights on YOU and YOURS, it can and does happen that innocent animal owners are attacked all the time and in epidemic proportions all over the United States, but with enough people wise to these seizure scams, people organizing against these crooks and animal killers can stop them, expose them, have them investigated, and maybe even have their greedy, sociopathic selves thrown in jail too.


2 thoughts on “Selective Animal Lovers and Sociopaths in Animal Rescue; A Recipe for Animal Killing Disguised As “Rescue”

    1. Well, obviously you don’t “Alvin”, but hey, differences of opinion and different intelligence levels are what make the world go ’round, right? 😉

      Not caring about rescues killing un-useable animals leads people to believe you very well could be one of the cowardly scammers. Is that how it is “Alvin”?

      Care to share how you “dispose” of animals that aren’t useful to you anymore, and share your reasoning for the killing?

      You and your buddies “Alvin” should just keep doing what you do and you’ll be caught now that you’re on the radar of some very persistent people. LOL


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