Extremism is NEVER Good For the Animals; And WHERE Have ALL the Animals Gone Anyway?


Another environment where people can see the unity, interaction, partnership, love, and commitment between animals and people has bitten-the-dust because of the NOISE from ignorant mobs.

Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey Circus, Feld Entertainment folds to pressure from extremists, and the masses are already screaming for MORE as their HANDLERS keep them whipped-up into a frenzy.

The company with enough clout and money has literally thrown thousands upon thousands of people AND their animals to the piranha-like mob, and most of those attacked do not have the capabilities of defending themselves and their animals.

Not good, not good at all.

Personal Interaction With Animals:
Seeing animals wherever they see them “in person” instead of from afar, on TV, in videos, etc INSPIRES people to CARE because they actually could/can SEE, HEAR, SMELL, and often can actually TOUCH the animal………..and the animal can SEE, HEAR, SMELL, and TOUCH them too.


THIS makes it REAL for everyone involved in that moment in time, and it can create and commit a child, or even an adult, to a life with animals, or even a career with animals because of the wonder and enchantment of that interaction.

It teaches and encourages empathy and compassion for all other animals. The compassion, empathy, and love that interaction with animals evokes in many people CAN and DOES transfer to their interaction with other human-animals, and isn’t that a good thing.

Carriage Horse1
Should Animals Be Performing or “Working?:
MANY animals LOVE performing. They delight in entertaining others, pleasing others, and they like what they do.

Some animals perform or work because its their “job”.

And just as with people, some animals don’t want to perform or work, and in the case of larger, stronger, fleet of foot, sharp of claw or tooth animals, they will make their feelings known, and no one will be able to “make” that animal do what they don’t want to do, or if forced, it will not turn out well for anyone or anything involved.

Animal Violence

However, and as with ANY interaction, some people, whether interacting with animals, or with other people, are JUST NOT NICE.

We see it in everyday life.

We see it at work.

We see it with people whose livelihood depends on animals and they may not really like animals all that much, or may in fact despise and HATE them.

And we as a society MUST weed these people out,  and this includes those who are disguised as animal rescuers and/or advocates.

Tragically, we also see BAD PEOPLE in “animal rescue” and “animal advocacy” who instead of helping animals, actually destroy lives instead.

THEY want to TELL EVERYONE ELSE what animals they can, and cannot have.

THEY want to TELL EVERYONE ELSE what they can, or can’t do with their animals.

THEY want, and will, CONTROL anyone and everyone around them and/or that they set their ugly, control-freak, sociopathic sights on.

And THEY will use the masses and the mobs who make a lot of noise, threaten, harass, hurt, destroy, and even kill other people AND the animals TOO to do it.

Greed Its A Sin
WHAT many people WANT TO SEE regarding these ringleader extremists are THEIR FINANCIALS because NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THEM does what they do for FREE, ………NO, NOT ONE.

When extremists, terrorists, or meddlers in other peoples lives when individuals or companies are their TARGETS, their ONLY ‘solution’ is “their way or the highway”, with NO COMPROMISE, EDUCATION, KNOWLEDGE of the issue……..NO, ONLY what they WANT.

These people whom are *supposedly* vested with PROTECTING animals, and who are posing as animal lovers, protectors, guardians, and champions for the animals, are NOTHING MORE than SOCIOPATHS and NARCISSISTS who USE animals for their OWN PERSONAL GAIN.

Just answer the question1


They then WALK-AWAY when they have gotten what they want to move-on to their next CONQUEST because they KNOW what short-memories and attention-spans the masses and mobs they use have, so they must continue forward leaving a path of destruction in their wake.

Where do your charity dollars go



THEY are WORTHLESS, and unless or until they GO SOLO on their ASSAULTS and ATTACKS without their minions and mobs to “protect them” and also SHOW THEIR FINANCIALS, THEY are NOTHING and should be IGNORED.


Ignorance Abounds And YOU Could Be Their Next Target:
People who really know animals, or sometimes its simply an animal owner that partners with their own animals, know that some animals are highly competitive. They are excited about performing. They are skillful, talented, and intelligent.

And they are good at what they do because they enjoy what they do. They enjoy the interaction with “their person”. They are well taken care of and have a person who takes care of their every real, true, and honest physical, emotional, and mental NEED.

Animals however, unlike people, are not deceptive, they are not liars, they don’t embellish (although some do have a flair for the dramatic….. LOL), they don’t plot, plan, and ramp-up mobs of other animals they DON’T EVEN KNOW to attack other animals they don’t like, that have something they want, or because they want to be in CONTROL, have POWER, and make $$$.

No, THAT would be HUMANS WITH PSYCHOLOGICAL ISSUES who do those things time and time again.

And if YOU who have animals believe you are safe from these machines on a quest for MORE, MORE, MORE, think again.

It is ONLY GETTING WORSE because of their ability to lie, embellish, cheat, and do and say ANYTHING to the ignorant mob of sheeple-people ramped-up through social media to GET WHAT THEY WANT, CRAVE, and NEED in order to feel like they are SOMETHING and SOMEONE SPECIAL, when the fact is, they are NOT special at all.

And if these evil puppeteers set their sights on YOU, YOU are in BIG TROUBLE when the masses and mobs ATTACK YOU.

Nice people don’t ramp-up mobs of people to attack others.

Only NASTY, NARCISSISTIC, PSYCHOPATHIC non-humans posing as humans do that, and if you make them mad, you expose them, you try and make their gravy-train jump the tracks, YOU WILL BE THEIR TARGET for DESTRUCTION.

Turn Their Backs

What do some of these people who refuse to think things through and answer questions believe will happen to many of these animals when they are “retired” because some people don’t think they should have a “job”?

Why can’t people see that they enjoy working and having a purpose, that they actually enjoy their human counter-parts, and love them too?

The sad reality is that MANY of these animals “out of a job” because of ignorant, and often without pertinent, factual information meddler-people will DIE because just like with old, useless people, the WORLD MOVES ON, people are young, they are middle-aged, they live their lives with all the worries, some happiness, they work to take care of their families and themselves.

They have their LIVES after they’ve meddled in other peoples and animals LIVES, and those animals and other people are not even a blip on their radar anymore because they have MOVED ON as the mobs and masses always do.

However, do these meddlers give even a glancing, fleeting thought to “whatever happened to that elephant?” or “where did that carriage horse we used to see go? Isn’t it great he was retired?”, or “where are those horses that rescue we helped gone? (or the dogs, cats, birds, or whatever that were *supposed* to be rescued).

No, most people DO NOT wonder about those living, feeling beings whose lives they were instrumental in changing for the better, and often for the worse.

They thought of them as “only an animal” that didn’t really *want* to do what they were doing…..or did they?


The mindless masses and mobs believed the embellishments and lies they were told by their “HANDLERS” that the animals “didn’t want to live that way”.

No matter WHAT did end up “happening” to “the elephant”, “the carriage horse”, “the Tiger”, or “whatever” animal they decided to meddle in, the brainless and ignorant mobs and masses will NEVER follow-through and FIND OUT exactly “what ever happened to?” because their REALITY in the deepest, darkest part of their psyche and soul is that they DON’T REALLY WANT TO KNOW.

ALL they really CARED about was being a part of “something” bigger than them, having a “CAUSE”, making noise and pretending they were really IMPORTTANT, and in the END, its the animals that SUFFER and DIE after they are “RESCUED” from having a purpose and value in this “purpose and value” driven world.

The poor animals DIE and are KILLED because PEOPLE FORGET and move-on.

The so-called “rescues” and “advocates for animals” don’t want to PAY to MAINTAIN and have the animals live their lives “somewhere” for months or years, and that is SO OFTEN a complete mystery WHERE that “SOMEWHERE” IS because the MASSES and MOBS of people REFUSE to ASK QUESTIONS.

Which leads to the CONCLUSION that they really DON’T WANT TO KNOW WHERE the animal ended-up.

And in our current day of “animal rescue”, the “retail rescues” and “retail advocates” HAVE to have a PAY DAY for themselves and their buddies, so they only VALUE those animals that make THEM $$$, make THEM look like hero’s when they aren’t, make them feel IMPORTANT when most of them are small, insecure people who NEVER do anything pertaining to animal rescue and advocacy SOLO because they are COWARDS who need to be surrounded by people to PROTECT them.

Are these narcissists PERSONALLY going to be checking-up on ALL of the animals they said they were getting “out of bondage”?

No, the reality is that they won’t, and neither will their noisy and ignorant minions, mind-slaves, drobots, and sheeple-people because the ringleaders and master-manipulators have either already killed or “disappeared” the animals themselves, or other people have done it for them, or maybe the animal is moldering away in “retirement” that is killing them sadly and slowly, ignored and forgotten.

In this fast-paced present world, being able to “do something”is everything, even if it simply means an animal gave them “importance” and “purpose” for a short time as they worked toward “liberating” an animal that didn’t want or need to be “liberated”.

The minions, masses, and mobs feel “good about themselves” for supposedly “helping” an animal, and now that THEIR “use-and-purpose” for the animal is DONE, they go back to their lives without another thought for the animal that helped them feel important and special if only for minutes, hours, or mere days.

The ringleaders of these “circuses” of the masses and mobs “performing” so beautifully to implement their agenda have moved-on with their lives of supposedly “helping” animals, when often it isn’t helping anything or anyone but THEMSELVES to more of that MONEY, ACCOLADES, CONTROL, and POWER over others.

These sociopaths and narcissistic machines have scampered to OTHER NEW and BETTER QUESTS, COMPETITIONS, and ATTACKS for $$$, ACCOLADES, and GLORY, KNOWING they can rally the mindless mob again with a few keystrokes and well placed pleas, as they yet again manipulate social media, and the real media who they KNOW rarely FACT-CHECKS and VERIFIES anything anymore.

THAT is the biggest TRAGEDY of ALL; for many of the animals who have been “liberated”, “retired”, “thrown-away”, call it what you will, it can be an immediate “quick kill” death because they no longer have a “use-and-purpose”, and thus, no one wants to maintain them, is willing to maintain them, or can afford to maintain them.

Deplorable and heartbreaking, it is a slow, lonely death for far too many animals to even count who have been IGNORED and FORGOTTEN after their lives were de-valued.




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