Do People Really WANT to Know the Truth Instead of Living With Illusions?

Good blog post at the link below that goes to WHY some people who are involved in animal rescue do what they do — for MONEY, for POWER and CONTROL over other people and over animals, for the hero-worship and accolades.

Some things are sorely lacking in animal rescue in this age-of-information:

1. accountability;

2. full disclosure;

3. transparency

from publically-operated and publically donation-funded animal rescues – THAT needs to change before more animals are bartered and sold, torn from families they love and belong in, and also to STOP the FRAUD and other crimes being committed by so-called animal “rescues” that are “fronts” for animal brokers/dealers/traders/flippers:

A questionnaire at this link below, and also displayed below, will separate the scammer publically-operated donation-funded rescues from the honest, accountable, transparent rescues.

Everyone that REALLY wants the TRUTH about animal rescues that are ONLY able to operate because of free social media PUBLIC marketing, PUBLIC donation-FUNDING, and PUBLIC support can “Save” the questionnaire to their files, select the donation-funded rescue they want answers from, send them the questionnaire, and all the rescue has to do is print it, fill it out, scan it, and send it back to the sender – AS SIMPLE AS THAT.:

Rescue Questionnaire1 Rescue Questionnaire2 Rescue Questionnaire3 Rescue Questionnaire4 Rescue Questionnaire5 Rescue Questionnaire6

Rescue Questionnaire7


Do YOU REALLY Want to KNOW the TRUTH About Publically Donation-Funded Animal Rescues?:
The rescues this questionnaire has been sent to (12 of them), which simply asks for information about the rescue like when they were founded, when they registered with the state, when they filed with the IRS (and saying they are “pending” when they are not even filed yet with the IRS is against the law and is non-profit fraud – many of the rescues do this because MOST people won’t question it), and then mostly “yes” or “no” questions (the questionnaire is designed so prospective donors can decide if it is a rescue they wish to support, or maybe not, based on answers to the questions and other pertinent information that shouldn’t require an act of Congress to get from a publically-operated and funded animal rescue) have been unwilling to acknowledge it, they ignore it, and they refuse to answer questions, scan, and send back to the sender.

They ARE being turned into the appropriate government agencies to see if those agencies such as the states AG offices, the Dept. of AG, the IRS, the Taxation Boards, etc can get answers the public cannot.

Many of the donation-funded rescues think the public is absolutely fine to ask for (USE) and receive money from. However, the public asking questions is NOT O.K. with their shyster asses, so questions are ignored, and people who get too “pushy” and continue to ask questions are attacked, harassed, stalked and many other things by these heathen rescues.

With a few strokes on their keyboard, they sic their minions and mobs on people, while they are “the women behind the curtain” pulling the levers and strings of the “mindless mob-puppets” pretending to be “concerned citizens” just trying to help their handlers, oops, I meant rescues, they support.

It has been concluded with documentation that many of these “retail rescues” are laundering money through their ‘rescues’, they are animal brokers/dealers/traders/flippers, they are in collusion with animal controls (and more and more founders of rescues were in fact ACO’s at animal controls throughout the US but are getting into animal rescue because it pay’s SO MUCH better than being an ACO AND has the added bonus of people telling them “how wonderful” they are for ‘rescuing’ animals) where they pay the low-paid aco’s “kickbacks” to funnel them information about animals that have come in that are “good for adoption for a fee”, ACO’s “help” ‘rescues’ with Animal Enterprise Terrorism aka “seizure scams” – and as soon as a rescue, a breeder, or even a pet owner is foolish enough to ask one of these “retail rescues” for ‘help’, they become a target of attack if they have nicer dogs, horses, llamas, etc, mixed in with older, debilitated but not-wanting-to-be-dead animals that the “retail rescues” can utilize the debilitated, old, chronically ill animals to ramp-up the mobs, pull in those wonderful “sympathy donations”, seize ALL the animals, sell the good ones, and after their donation-value is exhausted, they kill or disappear those un-useable animals because they refuse to keep and maintain them until the animal indicates they are “ready to go” – be euthanized – and most disturbing is that more and more aco’s are quitting their AC jobs and “getting into” animal rescue because it pay’s so much better if someone is willing to lie, embellish, cheat, ramp-up mobs to attack animal owners, commit fraud, etc.

So unless and until ‘rescues’ are required to answer questions, the scams they are running, and their law-breaking and commission of fraud and other crimes will continue unabated and will in fact only get worse — UNLESS the PUBLIC Cares Enough to ASK QUESTIONS.

And as the “retail rescues” that are literally fleecing the public AND KILLING animals get bigger and stronger, the honest, forthright primarily donation-funded rescues close-down, fold, go away, etc because they are unwilling to be scammers, they aren’t “flashy and dramatic enough” to get in donations for the mundane, every day work of taking care of animals that perhaps are unadoptable and have no where else to go, so more animals DIE, are KILLED, or simply POOF! “disappear” to “wherever”, and they are completely forgotten, just like old humans who are aren’t useable anymore, who are treated as if they never had “value”, and its like they NEVER existed at all.


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