Animal “Rescue” Closing Amidst Allegations of Fraud, Misappropriation of Funds, and Other Crimes

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Whoo Hoo!

A money-hungry donation-funded animal “rescue” gets CAUGHT committing fraud (asking for, and taking donations for an animal that is DEAD!), misappropriation of funds, and several other things:

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Now to march onward toward turning in MANY MORE complaints regarding animal “rescues” whose primary participants, including veterinarians, have been committing all types of fraud since day one of them opening.

It is IMPOSSIBLE for them to UN-RING the bell of LIES they have told and written because many have been being watched for months and years, and what they write is documented in screen shots that demonstrate their illegal activities to local, regional, and state law enforcement, with some even being looked at by the FBI.

The veterinarians that they collude with, and send A LOT of business to, apparently are too stupid to realize their licenses to practice veterinary medicine are on the line.
They have written false reports, haven’t even looked at animals the so-called rescue said that they had (the veterinarians did not contact the rescue to say “don’t post that I looked at that animal when I clearly did not”), killed animals for rescues that collected thousands of dollars in donations from the public for, but when it turned out the animals were found to have “issues” that rendered them un-adoptable (un-sellable), these “retail rescues” can’t be bothered with letting animals live that are certainly wanting to LIVE, that they have to PAY to maintain, so their disgusting vet kills the mostly healthy and not-in-pain animals even though the animals do NOT want to die.
Some veterinarians are actually idiotic enough to be on the “rescues” Board of Directors too.

In other words, when the “rescue” is investigated and “takes a fall” and/or is sued, the veterinarian will be investigated and sued right along with the founder and other primary players at the “rescues that aren’t”.

This is a giant step forward toward helping innocent and helpless animals that were/are unlucky enough to fall into the hands of a “retail rescue” that can ONLY operate due to the GENOROISITY of the PUBLIC donating to them as the rescues primary players write FICTION being presented as FACT when it is NOT.

Just answer the question1

The time for too much celebrating is not here yet, but hopefully if people will continue to send out the questionnaire below to primarily publically donation-funded rescues, that are also often “adoption-based” with animals “adopted at fair market value (that is dealer-speak; in other words, they sell animals), and they refuse to answer any questions sent to them by the public, then the sender of the questionnaire will file a complaint with local, regional, and state law enforcement, and will be able to also send in evidence and correspondence of the “rescue” REFUSING to answer questions from the SUPPOTIVE and DONATING PUBLIC.

Rescue Questionnaire1 Rescue Questionnaire2 Rescue Questionnaire3 Rescue Questionnaire4 Rescue Questionnaire5 Rescue Questionnaire6 Rescue Questionnaire7


Of course, for those who don’t wish to have their ILLUSIONS about a rescue dealer/flipper/trader shattered, they will continue to be the good little “sheeple-people” who will never ask a DONATION-FUNDED (as opposed to primarily self-funded rescue) ‘rescue’ ANY questions.

In their world, ignorance really IS bliss, and that is the reason there continues to be fraudster “rescues” operating, whose primary players rarely have JOBS outside of rescue that supports their rescue efforts, that KILL or “disappear-to-death” animals that are un-useable (like throwing away broken merchandise basically).

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They rely on kind-hearted, but naïve and gullible people to keep their scam running, so although EXPOSURE would happen sooner if there weren’t so many people wearing their pretty rose-colored glasses, and also not realizing or believing they too will be thrown-away and ignored when their “use-and-purpose” for the sociopaths in rescue is done, the dominos will fall in spite of those people, and the scammer rescues who are mostly operated by sociopathic, narcissistic women, will FALL.


2 thoughts on “Animal “Rescue” Closing Amidst Allegations of Fraud, Misappropriation of Funds, and Other Crimes

  1. I just reported a woman with a “rescue” for neglect. I found ouy it wasn’t the first time she was reported. Let alone I had 5 statements, texts, pics, and videos containing evidence. Its a really messed up situation. People literally idle this woman, who doesn’t even show up for her own shifts at her “rescue.” I have never met a person more fake. The humane society of my county did confiscate a dog from her “rescue” last week. The vet the dog was brought to even said this is neglect. This dog was dying a slow death and it could have been healthy months ago if she was taken to a vet or even seen by the traveling vet. Then the owner has the odesity to even give the detective a Fake name for a vet that seen the dog. Well obviously they found out it was fake. I need to report this lady for misappropriation of funds and whatever other charges involving money. Shes a non profit 501 c 3 organization even though she lives off the money she makes from selling the dogs. She also is a drunk. Shes at a bar everyday. She charges $350 a dog, even the ones she BUYS and RESELLS from craigslist. Now I’m sorry but if she cant afford to feed the dogs she does have everyday, and they go 1-3 days a week without being fed, mind you when they are fed its only once a day. So point being she cant afford food everyday but comes up with money for whatever she needs and has money to buy dogs off craigslist. Please tell me who to report to. Thanks.

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    1. If you are sure she is misappropriating funds and committing fraud and have documented proof, then perhaps you should file a detailed complaint with the state her rescue is registered in Attorney General’s office.
      If you also know other people that have witnessed/experienced the same activities you have, it would be great if they filed complaints as well.

      You can also file a complaint with the IRS, send documentation, and ask that she be audited.

      Watch for our next blog post because it discusses how social media has made it free and easy for criminals and con-artists to make a very fine living using animals as “donation-bait”. The “rescues” that operate mainly on social media are finding it really easy to nt have to deal with followers and donors in person. Works great for the people that are warped and don’t present well in public because they can hide behind the computer screen and say, do, and be anything they want to pretend to be, but in person the jig would be up because anyone with two eyes and a brain would most likely be able to see right through them.

      Good Luck in your fight for innocent animals that are being used by not-nice people.


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