QUESTIONING Those in Animal “Rescue” That Whip-Up and UNLEASH MOBS to Launch AET Attacks



Another person, that had an Animal Enterprise Terrorism (AET) attack perpetrated on them by a “Social Media Madness MOB” of people enflamed by a master manipulator, has KILLED THEMSELVES.

Or maybe it will be found out that a crazy person that was whipped into a frenzy by a sociopath who orchestrated the attack on this man KILLED HIM.

And whether he was or wasn’t treating dolphins cruelly is NOT the point.


The POINT is that a massive MOB was formed, and rather than these “sheeple-people” in the MOB being ashamed of their crappy, cruddy, uncivilized behavior, they are “excited”, “part of a self-righteous team”, they have a scapegoat to make them feel bigger than their small, mindless selves.


Their sociopathic and narcissistic HANDLER/s who ramped up the MOB will tell them “you did the right thing” even though that couldn’t be farther from the truth in what is supposed to be CIVILIZED society.

The death of Jose Luis Barbero is reported here:


A lot more people commit suicide than is ever reported when an Animal Enterprise Terrorism ATTACK is perpetrated against them by the MINDLESS MOBS in the PUBLIC.

And a lot more people that are attacked on an Animal Enterprise Terrorism attack have heart attacks, strokes, and also PTSD than is ever reported.

And for those who have by the grace of God never been attacked by mobs of bloodthirsty “hang em high”, “off with their heads” jackasses who are oh-so-brave when they’re in a MOB, or are the ringleaders of the attack that are protected by the mob, it is an indescribable experience to fear for the lives of your family (both human and animal), fear for friends lives being disrupted or destroyed because they are defending people being unjustly attacked, fearing for anyone that helps those being attacked such as veterinarians, feed suppliers, etc.


In other words, it is something MOST people in a normal world would never experience, but with the women in animal rescue, who have USUALLY NEVER accomplished ANYTHING of merit in their small little lives that requires skill, hard work, and talent, these control-freaks have “found their niche” in animal “rescue”.

Most of them are sociopaths and narcissists masquerading as nice, normal people.

However, once they get “into” animal “rescue”, their TRUE NATURE of “me, me, and ONLY me matters” and “gimme, gimme, gimme more of that FREE donation money” comes gushing forth from behind the safety of their computer on social media (the greatest invention of ALL TIME for these SCAMMERS in animal “rescue”), tweeting, and texting from their phone, and rarely in-person without “back-up” of ‘friends’ (and they are only friends as long as things go their way, however, the adage “there is no honor amongst thieves” is VERY TRUE) or TAX PAYER PAID government authorities.


From the beginning of the AET attack, what is supposed to be civilized society, which has not advanced nearly as far as most people might believe it has, turns into the “mindless mob mentality” of terrorizing people they don’t even know just because the master manipulator sociopath “tells them” to, the sociopath-in-charge stages and doctors photos, and they only show the ignorant mob what they want them to see.


The formation of a mindless mob actually de-civilizes people. And after they’ve behaved like a mass of brainless fools, the “mindless mob” fractures back into cowardly individuals who rarely do anything involving threats and ugliness solo, and they cavalierly go back to their “normal lives”, and don’t care one bit about the swatch of destruction they left behind–unless they end up being sued, which more and more of those being attacked are doing, and only when some in the mob are singled-out and are served with papers and they MUST hire an attorney to defend their bad behavior will they realize they shouldn’t have gotten involved in something when FACTS were sorely LACKING.

Sadly, as these degenerates go back to their normal lives, they leave in their wake broken people with broken families, and sometimes the person that was primarily being attacked does the only thing they HOPE will stop the attacks mostly on their FAMILY and their friends who tried to defend them and they KILL THEMSELVES.

AET Mobs

Unless or until the FBI actually responds to complaints from animal owners, or those who work with animals, regarding these Animal Enterprise Terrorism attacks on them, their families, and their friends, mob attacks will continue.

And the sad FACT is that while many of those who are in the mob ARE animal lovers, the instigators of the AET attack could NOT care less about the animals at all.

They ARE sociopaths and narcissists, and ALL they truly care about are THEMSELVES, making MONEY, having POWER and CONTROL over others, and getting ACCOLADES and PRAISE they NEED in order to function.

Because they LIE, EMBELLISH, and ATTACK others using MOBS, the ONLY things that will destroy them is ASKING THEM QUESTIONS.

It is impossible for them to answer questions truthfully because of the FACT that they usually LIE about most everything in their quest to get what they WANT.

Questions from the PUBLIC will NOT elicit answers from these monsters.

However, it IS a starting point for filing complaints with government agencies and law enforcement which will illustrate these manipulators in animal ‘rescue’ REFUSING to answer questions asked by the donating and supportive public.

They KNOW they have lied and embellished so much in writing on the Internet that there is NO WAY their answers will pass the “sniff test” with the public and/or the authorities.

Until or unless TAX PAYER FUNDED government agencies such as animal control, law enforcement, the DA’s office, etc STOP irresponsibly spending TAX PAYERS $$$ on helping sociopaths with AET ATTACKS, the attacks will continue.

Unless or until the master manipulator sociopath/narcissists are investigated and HAVE to ANSWER QUESTIONS BEFORE any agencies will participate in a seizure or raid on animal owners, the attacks will continue.

The mindless mob will be rallied again and again by the master manipulator sociopathic/narcissistic monsters in animal “rescue” that are NOT animal rescuers and/or animal lovers at all.

These psychopathic-freaks only do what they do for MONEY, POWER, CONTROL, and ACCOLADES because they NEVER do any attacking SOLO because THEY are ALL COWARDS too.

Unless or until the ringleaders are HELD ACCOUNTABLE regarding ANSWERING QUESTIONS and DEALING in FACTS, the MOBS they whip into a frenzy will continue to color all scenarios involving animals.

More and more people who rescue “animals with issues” that causes their appearance to be less-than-pretty/optimum will stop rescuing ANY animals.

Responsible breeders of animals will stop their careful breeding programs.

More and more trainers of all types of animals will stop training any animals for fear of being attacked.

And sadly enough, regular animal owners will have their elderly or chronic-issue animals that may not look so good, they may be a bit “creaky” with arthritis, but they are NOT suffering and DO NOT want to die, KILLED by lethal injection to avoid being attacked by the MOBS unleashed on them by a master at manipulation from behind their computer screen freak sociopath that need the money, power, control, and accolades to feel they are really important.

Unless or until the ringleader-freaks that ALWAYS ramp-up MOBS of uncivilized “sheeple-people” are REQUIRED to answer questions, speak face-to-face with law enforcement, the FBI, the DA, the Attorney Generals office and other TAX PAYER FUNDED agencies that they currently pull the strings of, these attacks will continue.

And that is a FACT.

Below is the questionnaire that should be sent to any and all animal rescues that are primarily publically-donation-funded, who clearly run “retail rescues (large turn-over of animals via “adoptions-for-a-fee” with “damaged merchandise” animals-with-issues being killed or “disappearing-to-death”), and especially for those who do a lot of owner surrenders (and this generally only happens when owners of animals are terrorized and threatened into surrendering their animals to a “rescue that’s not”) and/or seizures of animals in conjunction with their animal control buddies.

The sender of the questionnaire puts it in a file, selects whatever rescue they want answers from, send the file to them.

All the rescue needs to do is print it, fill it out, answer the questions (“yes” or “no” questions for the most part), scan it and send it back to the sender.

Can’t get much more simple than that seeing as most of the rescues that do owner surrenders, seizures, they attend horse sales and auctions, they “pull” bunches of animals from animal controls, etc are extremely masterful on the computer with photos, videos, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc, so filling out the questionnaire and sending it back should be a SNAP for them:

Rescue Questionnaire1 Rescue Questionnaire2 Rescue Questionnaire3 Rescue Questionnaire4 Rescue Questionnaire5 Rescue Questionnaire6 Rescue Questionnaire7

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