Animal Control Personnel Now in Animal ‘Rescue’ Bring Their “Culture of Killing” to A Town Near You


Animal Control Personnel Disguised As “Rescues” Coming to A Town Near You:
The extra bad news that is FACT, and is related to the links to the blog displayed below is that animal control officers that see the money making possibilities in “retail rescue” far above what they are paid working for animal control, and also KNOWING there are relatively FEW rules, regulations, and laws that govern donation-funded rescues, are bringing to a town near you their animal control attitudes, their “culture of killing”, their “de–valuing” of animals, and their “convenience killing” to what is supposed to be “animal rescue”.

These links give an examples of those negative traits many ACO’s have:


Animals ARE the BAIT For “Retail Rescues” to Collect Thousands of $$$ in FREE Donation-Money:
Make the public come-to-them send-to-them lots and lots of MOOLAH, $$$, “DOUGH = MONEY so they can rescue buy or steal animals for the “rescue racket” many of them are running.

Then they simply squeeze as much of that FREE donation-money as possible out of the animal-loving public when the “rescue” does their “crisis rescues” — such as when they do Animal Enterprise Terrorism aka “seizure scam” attacks and whip-up their “mindless mobs” to attack people they don’t eve know, but they threaten, harass, stalk with the ringleader pulling their mindless strings and doing their dirty work entirely for FREE — that have a huge PAY DAY because of the IMMEDIACY of “HAVING to ‘rescue’ animals NOW and/or they use free donation money to buy animals from animal controls — they call this “pulling an animal” — or BUY horses from auctions –they call this “rescuing”, when the FACT is that its BUYING just like the horse traders/dealers/flippers MANY of them are.
Going forward with their shoddy, nasty “rescue racket” scheme, after they “sort” the animals –called “evaluating”, but its basically “sorting” through the new animals just like “merchandise” and the reason this is known is because these “retail rescues” NEVER show ALL, or even ANY in far too many instances, the vet reports, vet bills, euthanasia reports and bills, etc —  they kill or “disappear to death” any cats, dogs, horses, and other animals they can’t “flip” because of so-called “issues” they have, and only AFTER the innocent and helpless un-sellable animals have exhausted their donation-value.

Any FREE MONEY donation-funded “rescues” that feature former animal control personnel and/or WHEN “rescues” cozy-up to animal controls to do what are known as “seizure scams” and “rescue raids”, should be considered suspect in the operation of a “retail rescue” because Heaven knows these retail rescues DO NOT use their own money to “rescue”, buy, or whatever they’re calling it now, seeing as the Founders of the rescue business and their ‘inner circle’ primary players don’t usually have jobs outside of rescue that supports their non-rescue activities – they LIVE OFF OF THE DONATIONS they receive when they do “seizure scams”, when they rescue buy animals from animal controls, auctions, sales, etc, and when they ramp-up and manufacture a crisis that they KNOW brings in thousands of $$$ in donations from the kind-hearted, generous public, but that they call “idiots” and “chumps”.
They also KNOW that the mundane daily care of rescued animals, and “no fanfare-no fireworks rescuing” does not amount to a BIG PAY DAY in FREE MONEY DONATIONS because the donating public lives for the excitement, drama, life-and-death (supposedly) crisis-rescuing that the retail rescues” are more than happy to accommodate them with.

They basically operate their “retail rescue” and live off the generosity of kind-hearted people donating to what they are led to believe is an honest rescue, when the disgusting reality is many of them are nothing but low-life animal traders/dealers/flippers who never in a million years will allow the un-useable merchandise animals with “issues” to live; that would mean they would have to use donation-money to maintain the animals with issues that are supposed to be “rescued” for months or years, and their soulless-selves are too sociopathic, greedy, selfish, and disgusting to ever let un-useable animals take money out of their pockets they got for FREE and that they, and often their kids, spouse or partner, live off of.


Rescues Refusing to Answer Questions From the Donating and Supportive Public IS Disrespectful:
Until or unless more people begin, and become courageous enough, to ASK QUESTIONS of these “retail rescues”, UN-useable, UN-adoptable, UN-sellable animals will continue to be KILLED or “disappeared to death” because these really FOUL, and often sociopathic and narcissistic ego-maniac sub-humans will NOT keep rescued animals around that do not have VALUE, and instead will only cost them money to maintain them for months or years as the un-useable animal lives happily with their friends at the rescue.

People who really CARE about ALL the animals a donation-funded rescue rescues WILL ask questions regarding:

1.  WHERE are ALL of the animals that were supposedly RESCUED 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year later.

2.  Are the animals alive? If so, people will ask for CURRENT photos and videos, and will NOT just “take our word for it, so-and-so is doing great” that the rescue relates to them. (link to an article regarding an animal rescue allegedly committing fraud and other crimes:

3. If the animal was “put-down”, the supportive, donating public that keeps these types of rescues “in business” should   demand to see vet reports and euthanasia reports on EXACTLY WHY the animals had to be killed.


New Rules – Regulations – Laws – For Donation-Funded Animal Rescues:
Some people are working toward having REQUIRED rules, regulations, and laws that will govern animal rescues in order to STOP the “retail rescues” from operating that are nothing more than animal dealers/traders/flippers.

In the meantime, the questionnaire below is a 1st-course-of-action and if the rescue the questionnaire is sent to ignores and/or refuses to fill it out and answer some simple questions HONEST rescues will have no problem answering, the correspondence with the rescue that won’t fill it out (email or PM correspondence from the sender sending the questionnaire to the rescue), along with a complaint from the original sender of the questionnaire, should be sent to the AG’s office the rescue is registered in, the state Department of Agriculture where the rescue is located, the Taxation Board in the state the rescue is registered in and operating in, and other local, regional, state, and maybe even federal law enforcement agencies too.

Then these government agencies can ask that ‘rescue’ the questions that someone in the supportive, donating, animal loving public could not get them to answer.

If the Animal-LOVING Public REALLY CARES They Will Send the Questionnaire to Donation-FUNDED ‘Rescues’:
Below is the simple and easy questionnaire that should be sent to all publically operated and marketed donation-funded animal rescues BEFORE donations are sent to them.

If the questionnaire is sent and the sender is ignored, and perhaps also attacked, harassed, threatened for asking questions, etc, the sender will KNOW FOR SURE that the rescue it was sent to is NOT honest, NOT above-board, NOT ethical, and does NOT love ALL the animals they supposedly “rescue” using other peoples money to do so.

And if the supportive, donating public won’t send it to rescues BEFORE they donate and/or are supportive of them, it very well may be a case of

Rescue Questionnaire1 Rescue Questionnaire2 Rescue Questionnaire3 Rescue Questionnaire4 Rescue Questionnaire5 Rescue Questionnaire6 Rescue Questionnaire7


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