Humane Euthanasia Or the Serial Killing of Un-Useable Animals?

T4 Photos2Humane Euthanasia or Serial Killing/”Convenience Killing” of Un-adoptable/Un-useful Animals?

Disgusting and monstrous in my opinion is what Hitler’s euthanasia program during World War II was (link at bottom of this post).


Unfortunately, some horse rescues – happens with dogs, cats, and other animal rescues too – that also rescue mules and burros, utilize “putting down” in various ways horses and other animals just because they can’t “do” for anyone anymore and most people, and also many rescues, do not want to spend the $$$$ maintaining an un-useable horse, or any kind of animal for that matter.


 Then the convincing, rationalizing, and TALL TALE telling begins to “explain” to the ignorant, naïve, and yes, the apathetic, “why it HAD to be done” (they rarely ever include actual vet reports in the “why” of it all, which makes intelligent people very suspicious indeed)……and although many seem to go along with it so as not to be ostracized from the “social rescue club”, and often compliment the rescue for doing “the compassionate thing”, many people also completely disagree with it but do not voice their opinions for fear of being ostracized, attacked by people and/or their being retribution, bullying, smear campaigns, etc for protesting that just because an animal is old, may not look so great, has some aches and pain it lives with, has behavioral/training issues that make them unsafe to ride, etc, just like with most people with “issues”, the animal probably does not want to die or be killed by the humans that “rescued” them, or were perhaps entrusted to take care of them.


There also appears to be fierce competition for donation money (“panhandling for dollars”), and also “a following” of people in the public, which is very sad.

Horses at Auctions3

However, people who are truly in rescue for the animals do not worry about donation money, a following, how many “Likes” they have on Facebook, etc, and instead will problem solve and work in unity with other rescues to find permanent homes for more animals that are un-useable rather than simply killing off animals they don’t “deal” in.

Let’s also face-FACTS; it is often difficult-at-best to try and evaluate any horse at an auction, especially those going through the sale ring as “loose horses”.

However, the PROBLEM some people have with donation-funded (using other peoples money to BUY horses) adoption-based (selling like traders/dealers/’flippers’ do) horse rescues traders/dealers/flippers is their very BAD HABIT of KILLING or “disappearing to death” those horses who upon “sorting” back-at-the-rescue-feedlot-facility are found to have “issues” that render them un-useable and un-sellable just because they don’t want to PAY to maintain the horse, which by-the-way they were/are supposed to be “rescuing”, for months or years.

Animal Rescues Finding and KNOWING Their Niche in Rescue:
What these types of rescues should perhaps understand/acknowledge is what role they play in rescue, their niche basically, and not take in horses or other animals that are not trained and are beyond the ability of the rescue staff to train, that are wild/dangerous to handle, so routine things like deworming, teeth floating, hoof trims, etc are a MAJOR production with these types of horses that MOST people cannot and/or will not deal with – should these horses die by slaughter or even humane euthanasia or be “put down” using other methods just because they are wild/dangerous if there are rescues/sanctuaries/hospices willing to take them?

Chronic Illness1


Horses or other animals that are lame, that have chronic conditions, are old, etc that make them difficult, if not impossible, to adopt to anyone whether with an adoption fee, or without, but that don’t want to be dead before-their-time either.
They want to LIVE and not DIE or be KILLED via humane euthanasia, or any kind of euthanasia for that matter, because of age, condition, wild, untrained, dangerous to handle, have some aches and pains and are lame but can be maintained comfortably on meds, etc, deserve to live, and humans are entrusted with preserving life when possible, and easing the animal into death when it is their time to pass.

Chronic Illness5


Just as people with these conditions of disability, chronic conditions, old age, that have terminal illnesses, etc don’t necessarily want to be dead either, especially when the decision is made by other people and they have no choice in the matter, many animals feel the same way to be sure.

And just as people would like to have the choice when THEY decide they “are ready to go”, horses and other animals also indicate when its “their time to go”.

Chronic Illness4

And while it may be difficult for some/many people to look at some animals that may not look so good but are still enjoying whatever phase of life they’re in even if they are “winding down, most of us see people every day that while some may find it difficult to look at them, that person does not want to die by euthanasia or otherwise, and are still enjoying their life in whatever phase of life they are in, and in whatever condition mentally and/or physically.


What is disappointing however is when the rescues that euthanize animals after they have found the animal will not be useful to them or anyone else for any more “crisis” and/or “pity/sympathy” donations, the animal is un-adoptable with or without a fee, etc, go on the attack toward rescues/sanctuaries/hospices whose primary role is taking in animals that are un-useable by humans for anything, but who will maintain them until it is time for humane euthanasia.


Don’t these horses, burros, mules, or any other animal for that matter, deserve to live even if they are older, are lame, are wild, sometimes don’t look so great, etc?
And even if a facility is nothing fancy and they don’t live in the lap of luxury, why would that make some people who are de-valuer’s of life think they’d rather be dead??

Once again, many people think they do want, and deserve, to LIVE – and those who have been around animals a long time not only value their lives, they also know when an animal is saying they want to go, and will have them put down in a dignified, humane way.

Animal Hospice2


And finally, most rescues that take in these types of animals that are not useful to anyone do not have a lot of difficulty in having the animal humanely euthanized WHEN the animal say’s “I’m done, can you help me?”

 Yes, there is emotional attachment, however, if the animal is “saying” with their expression, posture and demeanor that they are not enjoying life anymore, and/or if they are not eating, they are in moderate/severe pain that cannot be controlled, they can no longer lie down and/or get up, etc, then the decision to euthanize is an easier one because the caretaker understands what the animal is asking them to do.

Unworthy of Living4


People who basically deal in hospice care for animals, while not desensitized to euthanizing animals are instead at peace in their hearts and souls with putting an animal down when it’s their time because they know they gave the animal a peaceful life they otherwise would not have had if they hadn’t taken the animal into their care when no one else would.


Many rescues who mostly take in un-useable animals are not interested in the more “social” aspects of animal rescue, they do not deal in adopting animals out, their facility is private because of the nature of the animals they take in, (and most don’t also carry the type of liability insurance that covers the public being on their property and in case they get injured, or Heaven forbid, killed while they are there), etc. In other words, not all rescues want to do adoptions and are happy to take in animals no one else wants.

Animal Hospice1


We see less and less of these types of rescues because unless they “self-fund” and take care of the animals needs on their own.
This is because more and more people who donate are being convinced that these types of animals are “not worthy” of living because they can’t or won’t “do” for people.
They are then devalued, people become desensitized and disassociate themselves to and from the killing, they are apathetic, and sadly, they pass these attitudes onto their children which takes the de-valuation attitude of animals, and often people too, into the next generation.


It starts with animals, but is it any wonder that old people, people with “issues”, etc, are put in privatized business nursing home facilities.
And now there is also the deceitful and fraudulent issue of people literally seizing elderly people and people with disabilities, but ONLY those whom have assets, away from their families.
They then have all their assets stolen by people assigned as their “guardians, who often are in kahoots with judges and others in the court system. When all of their assets are gone, and IF they are still alive, they are either “given” back to their families destitute, or they are shuttled into a crummy county or city nursing “home”, where they die. Often, they die while in the ‘care and custody’ of their ‘guardians’, the balance of their assets disappear, and since many families of these hijacked family members do not have the money or the means to investigate and/or bring a court action against the hijackers of their loved one, the whole thing is basically swept-under-the-rug, and the entire crime is never investigated, and certainly not prosecuted.

You can read more about this on the Facebook page “Boomers Against Elder Abuse” at this link:


Although most of us have not been involved with euthanizing hundreds/thousands of animals because we were not/are not animal control officers, vet techs, work on a farm or ranch where animals are raised as a food source, working for veterinarians, etc, who often routinely do those things and develop means to “disassociate themselves” (I have heard that term used by more than a few vet techs, animal control officers, vets, and farm workers) from what they are doing, it does not mean that we don’t know when an animal is truly “ready to go” and have their vet humanely euthanize the animal and set them free, or keep the animal comfortable and they pass naturally as many people do in hospice at home or in a hospice setting.

Unworthy of Living2

Yes, Humane Euthanasia is Cruel If the Individual Doesn’t Wish to DIE:
Many of us have our roles we play in animal rescue, but when “the gold standard” or “norm” of animal rescue is to typically, and OFTEN cavalierly, euthanize animals just because they serve no purpose to the rescue that rescued them, or to any humans for that matter, the animals pay with their lives for human failings.

Making the whole scenario of euthanizing animals before they wish to be dead WORSE is when the rescues that DON’T maintain unadoptable horses and other animals go on the attack for their own reasons, and with their own agendas, on the rescues that are primarily sanctuaries for unwanted animals and hospice for terminal animals.
These sanctuaries and hospices for animals with “issues” of one kind or another DO take in unwanted animals, but the attacks from other “rescues” that are often what are referred to as “retail rescues”, causes unadoptable animal rescues to not rescue ANY animals anymore because of continual attacks by those people that de-value un-useable animals with physical and/or behavioral/training issues.

In the end, it IS the unwanted/un-useful animals that lose and die, or are killed before their time, whether they were ready to die, and often were NOT.

Unworthy of Living5T4 Photos1


Here is the link to more information on Hitler’s Euthanasia Program for people in Germany:


Horrifically enough, the Animal Rights Movement by the extremists in animal rights (where no one “owns” animals and humans are instead “caretaker’s” or “guardians” to the animals) would often euthanize animals rather than them having a “job”, living their lives in captivity even when they were domestic animals such as horses, dogs, cats, etc, or if they had chronic, or terminal issues; animals would simply be euthanized “humanely” even if the animal didn’t want to be dead, and this appears to be a paradox, and also flip-flopping behavior by ignorant humans who were not confident in their position then, and are most certainly not confident with their “animal rights” stance in this current day and age.

The extremist animal rights sector had gained more than a foothold by 1933. These extremists control-freaks were “put on a pedestal” of forcing the issue of more rights for animals than for human beings as evidenced by Hitler’s T4 Euthanasia Program, and also by the millions of people murdered in the Holocaust.

There were also however just as many contradictions back in the ‘30’s and ‘40’s Nazi Germany when people would stick with a position unless or until it didn’t play in their favor anymore, in which case, the animal rights extremists were as wishy-washy as most regular people in the world are when their basic reason for doing anything has to do with MONEY, POWER, CONTROL, EGO, and ACCOLADES, and NOT because it is the ethical, honest, honorable, and morally correct thing to do.

More on Nazi Germany’s AR movement can be found here:

It is a horribly sad situation when the lives of people and animals are de-valued just because they aren’t “useful” to anyone anymore.

However, if more people rally together, support one another, and actually VALUE the lives of innocent, helpless animals that ARE supposed to be RESCUED and NOT KILLED, sanctuaries and hospices that love and enjoy taking care of animals with physical and/or behavioral/training issues could flourish, just as the animal rescues that enjoy rehabbing and adopting-out animals into good homes could continue to do the type of animal rescue they enjoy and love doing.

In this way, it could, and would, be a total win-win situation for animals and people alike, and wouldn’t that be wondrous and happy for all involved?



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