The Hucksters in Retail Rescue – the Marjoe Gortner’s in “Rescue War’s”

SnakeOil Salesman1
From days of old, back in the dark ages of the 1940’s, ’50’s, into the ’60’s, there was born a little boy who went on to become one of the greatest evangelists of all time – Hugh Marjoe Ross Gortner – known as just “Marjoe” to those who put him on a pedestal.

Turns out there was a little bit of a problem as the boy grew to manhood – he actually possessed a CONSCIENCE, imagine that. Only in his teens, he walked away from making money the bad old fashioned way that hucksters and fraudsters have been doing practically since humans have walked the Earth – he went “honest” and the dirty, disgusting, sinful con-game he had perfected from the time he was 9 months old was left on the wayside.

So rather than continue to be a religious huckster, with all of the POWER, CONTROL, ACCOLADES and most important of all, the MOOLAH, DOUGH, GREENBACKS aka MONEY that went with being the superstar of evangelists, he went on to spend his life revealing and EXPOSING the slimy underbelly of “group frenzy entertainment” that was, and still IS so sought after by those True Believers who pine to be in that elite enabler club of religion.

Hey, whatever floats your boat people, “if it feels good, do it” and all that happy horsesh*t.

But that leads us to another topic and phenomenon we are witnessing beginning about the time social “real time” media over the world-wide web came into vogue a scant handful of years ago.

“Real time” social media as it turns out is an absolutely FREE marketing and PR tool, and for those willing to present and write fiction as if it were fact, it has created quite the niche for those that have no problem with embellishing, lying, manipulating, and cheating under the guise and charade, and the posing as “rescuers”.

PUBLIC animal rescue, which has bloomed into “rescue wars” and the “retail rescue racket”.

Now one would think that in our more advanced and ‘civilized’ age where people are intellectually superior (?!) to those in the public of yesteryear, where snake oil salesmen plied their wares that fooled so many, and sometimes even killed them when they ingested the “miracle” concoction that was ‘guaranteed’ to cure any and all ill’s. In our naiveté, many people truly believe that other smart, modern people cannot be fooled, that they aren’t so insecure and wanting to “belong” so enormously to the animal rescue equivalent of an elite country club, that there is NO WAY sociopaths and narcissists in public ‘retail rescue’ could possibly believe what many of these scammers are ‘selling’.

Well, believe it because people are just as emotionally vacant and easily fooled in this age of information just as they were long before the Internet was ever invented.

They are sucked-in to the rip-roaring high’s and low’s, the drama, the excitement, and the drinking of the Kool-Aid that IS “crisis rescuing” for the kind-hearted, but naïve, bored, or jaded public who can and do live vicariously, and who hardly ever ask the “rescue” ANY questions.
It’s for that reason these folks are often called “enablers”.
Unfortunately, their ‘enabling’ may help the ‘worthy’ animals live, and be sold into new homes, but the “broken merchandise” animals are often killed or “disappeared-to-death”. Why you may ask? BECAUSE some rescues that are actually dealers/traders/flippers of animals COUNT on the FACT that MOST people will NOT ask questions during the actual “rescue”, and anyone asking them questions AFTER the so-called ‘rescue’ AFTER the animals have been ‘evaluated’ (called “sorting”).

Puppies often found in or next to dumpsters, from dumpster-to-divine intervention of the ‘rescuers’ that just ‘happened’ to be hanging around a dumpster when 6-8 roly-poly, bouncing baby pups are supposedly “dumped” in a box that they ‘magically’ don’t tear their way out of in order to romp around the 7-11 parking lot. They were so lucky in fact that ‘whomever’ “dumped” them went ahead and kept them from birth, they cleaned up after several “little poopers” that can make quite the mess after having a good meal, that bark, and play, and poo and pee some more UNTIL, WALAH!, time to dump the puppies that are worth AT LEAST $50 a piece after they’ve been raised “somewhere” (the “rescue” perhaps?) for 6-8 weeks, and really surprising is that these ‘rescues’ rarely, if EVER manage to take photos of WHERE the puppies were found, the dumpster, the parking lot, etc.

Not much has changed in the delivery by these hustlers EXCEPT for two very important factors; the scammers in animal rescue CAN and they DO “reach out and touch someone” in “real time” on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and other social media platforms.
And they CAN and DO press peoples emotional buttons because they are “rescuing animals”; and for those insecure, bored, brainwashed souls in the public who are “addicted to crisis rescuing” and are “rescue junkies”, these scammers are their messiah, their religion, their Goddesses and Gods all rolled into one human being who is often nothing more than a sociopath and dramatic narcissist who can be anything and everything the True Believers and enablers Jane and Joe public want them to be in exchange for the $$$, the control, the power, and VERY important, the ACCOLADES.

For more information on Marjoe Gortner, there are a few video clips on YouTube where he “comes clean” about the charade of his performances from the age of barely 4 years old:


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