Why Are People So Damn Apathetic UNLESS Something is A CRISIS?

“WHOSE the ONLY person to REALLY try and help this “freezing kid” in the video at the link below?



However, if this “freezing child”  in the video had a dog with him, he’d be in a nice warm place being fed and clothed, although, that might be JAIL with the boy being charged with cruelty to animals.
In the meantime, his dog would be in a donation-funded “retail rescues” clutches and they’d be making THOUSANDS of $$$ in “sympathy/pity-donations” off the dogs plight because that’s “how retail rescues roll”.

They live off of donations they acquire from “crisis rescues” and “seizure scams”, and they don’t HAVE to answer to anyone regarding what ends up happening to the fictional dog in this scenario after he has exhausted his “donation-value”, where is the dog a year later, is the dog alive or DEAD (because they may have killed it after they made up stories about the supposed “issues” the dog had where apparently the dog will be much happier DEAD than ALIVE!), and on and on with their fiction, fantasy, embellishment, and straight-up LIES.

Nobody Cares

THAT is the sad reality in America today; people will donate to “crisis rescues” that ARE staged over and over again by “retail rescues” to supposedly “rescue” animals, but people are NOT nearly as inclined to donate to the well-being of other people that are down-on-their-luck, and they are really NOT inclined to help with the upkeep and daily maintenance of animals at sanctuaries and hospices that have “issues” that make them unadoptable.
Too bad people need the excitement, drama, dopamine-boost, and the immediacy and tug-on-the-heartstrings EMOTIONAL pleas from “retail rescues” of “we need your money NOW”.

This is the type of BS that “retail rescues” have cultivated and refined to a science that is GUARANTEED to bring in thousands upon thousands of donation-dollars to so-called ‘rescues’ that are literally animal dealers/traders/flippers, and also are “disposers” into death (called “rescuing to death”) of “animals with issues”.

Commonsense1Anyone that supports and donates to a ‘rescue’ without asking bunches of questions (there is a handy questionnaire at the end of this post that should be sent to ANY donation-funded rescue BEFORE a donation is sent) regarding the long-term health, safety,  and well-being of animals the ‘rescue’ has rescued and taken into their care, custody, and control.
And if people really CARED, they would want to KNOW exactly “where are all of the animals the ‘rescue’ rescued in the past year”?

True animal lovers ASK QUESTIONS AFTER the ‘rescue’ is DONE regarding what is happening with the animals that were rescued.

“Selective rescuers” that are also called “enablers”, that are supporters of “retail rescues” are the MAIN culprits in the ‘retail rescue’ being able to operate because MOST ‘retail rescue’ founders and primary players DO NOT have jobs outside of ‘rescue’ because “rescue is their job”.

And because enabler-followers rarely, IF EVER, ask questions of the retail rescue, the ‘rescue that’s NOT” is able to operate their BUSINESS unhindered by those pesky old laws, rules, and regulations that NEED be put in place to prevent unscrupulous people from continuing to commit fraud, money laundering, and other crimes.

And more importantly, people should care more about what happens to the animals that the “retail rescues” supposedly ‘rescue’ AFTER the ‘crisis’ portion of the rescue is OVER.
Once a ‘retail rescue’ gets animals back to their facility (wherever that is because MOST of them refuse to post their physical address), they “sort” them, just like sorting new merchandise items for a store (which is the adoption-based ‘rescue’). The “good animals/merchandise” are put up for sale (“adoption-for-a-fee”), and the broken merchandise animals are discarded in various nasty ways.
The disregarding of non-sellable/non-adoptable animals is done through the rescue making up BS stories that they present as fact to their revolving door of “enabler”-followers, but most of their explanations are pure fiction regarding “why we HAD to “put down” the animal” (KILLING THEM), or they “disappear them to death” because they KNOW it is a rarity for anyone in the public to pursue questioning a ‘rescue’ regarding WHERE all of the animals the rescue has taken in in the past 1 year ARE right NOW.

This video of the supposed “freezing kid” with no one stopping to help him except for an older homeless man is NOT surprising in the least because the boring, no fanfare, everyday plight of other people doesn’t concern most people as evidenced by how many people just walk right on by the “freezing kid”.

Ask Questions Like You Care3

It IS similar to the everyday, no fanfare rescuing, and maintenance of animals with issues that occurs all the time too where MOST sanctuaries and hospices that have un-adoptable animals struggle along providing for the animals under their care, they usually have jobs “outside of rescue” that supports their family, and they do not do “crisis rescuing”, “seizure scams”, and other ploys that get many thousands of free money donations flowing in.

Theirs is “no fanfare” rescuing where they don’t announce to the world when they take in an animal, they don’t whine and complain about “how hard we work” as “retail rescue” players have a really bad habit of doing, they don’t paint themselves as the victims whenever anyone has the audacity to ask them questions, they do not trash other people and destroy lives by doing seizure scams, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, they DON’T kill animals just because they can’t be sold or even given away because of their “issues”.

Very disappointing that no one except for a homeless man stopped to help a kid that was freezing.

And it is just as disappointing that most people appear to NEED a “crisis rescue” in order to have them open their wallets, which only really helps “retail rescues” stay in BUSINESS, and then they kill and “disappear” animals after they’ve “SORTED” them that they DO NOT want to spend their FREE MONEY DONATIONS on. un-hindered because MOST people don’t really want to know WHERE an animal really is several months, or a year later.

Below is a questionnaire people can send to primarily donation-funded rescues they support, or are thinking of supporting, if they dare take the chance they will be ignored as most donation-funded rescues will do when questions are asked by publically operated and publically donation-funded ‘rescues’

Rescue Questionnaire1 Rescue Questionnaire2 Rescue Questionnaire3 Rescue Questionnaire4 Rescue Questionnaire5 Rescue Questionnaire6

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