Take the Test; You Have Nothing to Fear If You Really Are Supporting An Honest Publicly-Donation-Funded Animal Rescue


In this day and age of so much information at our fingertips, it appears that many people are disinterested or lax in getting their information “straight from the horses mouth” so-to-speak and most often hesitate, or just don’t ask questions because they BELIEVE what they are told without researching for facts, or going straight to the source to get first hand information they can think about and form opinions based on questions they asked that were answered.

The phenomenon in animal rescue known as “retail rescues” count on this happening, so they all know they can say or do nearly anything they want, whether real and factual (uncommon with these “rescues”), but as happens more often with these types of “rescues”, it is embellishment, lies, imaginary, fantasy, fictional escapades, adventures, and espionage, mixed with a dab of “almost truth”, designed to gain them money, celebrity, accolades, control, power, or whatever obnoxious, greedy, self-serving agenda they may have that USES animals as a means to an end.

The operators of “retail rescues” KNOW that it is a considerably infrequent occurrence that any of their supporters or followers will ask them questions, and if people that perhaps aren’t avid followers or supporters who really do want to know first hand information ask them to answer reasonable questions, they often are attacked by the “rescues” True Believer ‘enabler’ followers, deleted, blocked/banned from posting, all of those things, and sometimes, and more and more frequently, even worse happens (seizure scams, cyber-attacks, hacking, threats, illegal “false reporting” to tax-payer funded government agencies, etc) just because someone had the audacity to ask some reasonable, simple questions of a rescue that cannot, and will not, answer questions unless they have fabricated and staged the questions they’ll answer themselves to make it look like they are being that old bugaboo called “transparent” they ALL say they are, but delving just a smidge below the surface of what they “say”, its obvious they are not transparent at all.

Just answer the question1

Based on the above information written above, here’s The Test:

For those followers of PUBLICLY-operated, PUBLICLY-marketed, PUBLICLY-donation-funded animal rescues, send them the questionnaire below and find out just how honest, transparent, and forth-coming they are regarding answering questions to their avid fans and followers.

Even people that may not yet be a supporter, follower, or donor of a publicly-operated animal rescue can send the questionnaire because depending on the rescues response, or lack thereof, then the sender could decide what their opinion is and wouldn’t be getting their information second-hand.

Just save the 6 pages (the 7th page is for the sender and a run-down on what the info sheet and questionnaires purpose for “those who wish to know” is, but that can also be sent to the rescue too. There is also an info sheet available to be sent to any animal controls that “partner” with rescues doing seizures of animals, so if anyone wants that one too, please ask for it) posted below of info sheet and questions to your files, send them to your favorite rescue, ask them if they would be so kind as to fill out the info sheet and questionnaire, they then scan it, and send it back – how much easier can that be considering how really skillful and talented these rescues are technologically speaking using various programs?

And if you wish to post the results in the comments on this blog, whether the questionnaire was completed and returned, or whether the sender of the questionnaire was ignored, or if the sender wasn’t ignored but was then in fact harassed, stalked, attacked, questioned by the rescue about why they were being asked questions, etc, please do so and your comment will be approved.

Seriously, if an animal rescue someone follows is one that is RELIANT on operating publicly, marketing themselves publicly, engages in public rescues of various kinds, and engages in public fund-raising as the PRIMARY means by which they are able to stay in operation at all, there should be NO PROBLEM with completing the questionnaire and returning it to the sender, right?

Rescue Questionnaire1 Rescue Questionnaire2 Rescue Questionnaire3 Rescue Questionnaire4 Rescue Questionnaire5 Rescue Questionnaire6 Rescue Questionnaire7


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