Tiger Ridge Under Attack – Just One Example of Over-Stepping the Laws by Government Agencies


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Leo the Lion has already been killed while in government custody, and he was a lion that had lived his whole life of 20 years at Tiger Ridge with his FAMILY of other animals, and also his human-family too.

These people NEED to get their family-member animals back before more are killed with bogus explanations NOT backed-up with vet reports, euthanasia reports, necropsy reports, and without the owners of Leo being allowed to say “good-bye” or at least getting his remains back.
Over-stepping the laws and their authority by some government agencies, and also by what are known as “retail rescues” doing “seizure scams” and “rescue raids”, and also plain ol attention-seeking, narcissistic people that call themselves “rescuers” when they really are NOT, is happening in epidemic proportions in this country, and although people always say “they’d never take my animals away from me”, its kind of hard, and downright impossible usually unless someone wants to be killed, to fight back when the animal owner has a SWAT team raid done on them, they’re put in handcuffs while looking down the barrel of several assault weapons, they are often carted off to jail where unless they can bond-out, there they sit, and when they do get out, they return home to find ALL of their animals GONE.

Then they are usually/often charged with crimes they never committed, they need to hire an attorney but many people in this situation cannot afford to, and they NEVER get their animals back, but still have to pay for their upkeep, are still charged with crimes, and end up plea-bargaining with the DA/government because they have no other choice because of lack of money to fight false charges against them.

Crazy, right?

Not in this modern day version of “witch hunts” done by government agencies, some animal dealers/traders/brokers/”flippers” posing as “animal rescues”, and some people calling themselves “rescuers”, that have an agenda all their own, and they use their power and control illegally in the case of government agencies, while the “retail rescues” ramp-up “social media madness mobs” to do their attacking for them – without the numbers in the MOB, these retail rescues are NOTHING because they NEVER do anything SOLO because COWARDS never do.

Please SHARE the plight of Tiger Ridge and their held-hostage animals that are in MORTAL DANGER as long as they are being held captive by the government agencies that have already killed beloved Leo the Lion just because they could.

And as usual, it IS the animals that SUFFER the worst by being taken from their families, and by losing their lives at the hands of those that “say” “we are rescuing them”, when they are merely being used as PAWNS when NASTY people with their twisted, deviant agenda are demonstrating many of the very NEGATIVE qualities of HUMAN NATURE, and animals are MURDERED because of it!

If animal owners do not begin to support one another soon instead of joining mobs that attack other animal owners, or just “going along with” ‘whomever’ and “whatever” while thinking “that animal owner must have done something wrong”, ANY animal owner could, and very well might, find themselves under attack, and then they will be the ones pleading for help, and perhaps getting none even though THEY didn’t do anything wrong.

3 thoughts on “Tiger Ridge Under Attack – Just One Example of Over-Stepping the Laws by Government Agencies

  1. thank you very much please go to save tigerridge exotics facebook page and I would love to talk with you more about this


  2. It is a situation made even more horrendous when the Department of Agriculture is allowed to seize animals without repercussion from the law; why isn’t the law stopping this? Why is the Department of Agriculture above the law?!


  3. Reblogged this on Top Cats Roar… and commented:
    National attention on Tiger Ridge…No longer confined to an Ohio issue but instead has reach dramatic proportions from bloggers across the country to put an end to civil forfeiture of animals based on things that are easily corrected and when no cruelty ever existed.
    Please join us and share these messages as what happens in Ohio can and likely will happen where you live.
    This issue is over animals that maybe you don’t own or might not ever consider owning however, what happens to exotic animals can happen to domestic and livestock animals.
    The efforts of the Animal Rights Extremists has a long arm extended to end all human relations with animals.


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