“EXTREMISM” At Work, With Animals Caught in the Cross-Fire Over and Over Again

THIS is VERY DISTURBING, so if you are a sensitive person, do NOT visit the link below:


Basically, EVERYONE is *supposed* to go along with this bow and arrow hunting of this wild horse in Australia (called “brumbies”) since this “hunter” minimizes these types of horses by saying “Guys this is a Brumby not a Horse.A Horse is something a Jockey rides.A Brumby is a Feral Horse. ”     

This guy is a part of the PROBLEM in this world with his mindset of “extremism” regarding what he thinks is the “right and only thing to do” when he has a “pest” problem.

That this is the only answer to eradicating “pests”.

So thus, this is a GREAT REASON and ‘why’ its a-O.K. to shoot wild horses.

In his “me, me, me, and only me and mine matters”-mind, shooting this horse with an arrow is just fine basically because the brumbies eat the forage and drink the water DOMESTIC LIVESTOCK eat and drink, so they NEED to be killed so his cattle and/or sheep have enough to eat and drink, and thus, they can be sold for better money in his private livestock business.

Additionally, chances are that the tax-payers are subsidizing his private business, as is done in the US where many of the ranching operations are now corporate-owned entities and NOT the “Mom and Pop” generational family businesses they used to be, in order for him to be operating, and grazing, his domestic livestock on public land.


Does this sound familiar to Americans regarding our wild horses, and also burros, we have living, raising families, and roaming on our PUBLIC-land in the United States for centuries being eradicated “one way or another”?

It should, because his reason for shooting an Australian wild horse known as a “brumby” is the same reason given by cattle and sheep ranchers for the eradication of the wild horses that roam in our Open Range public-land states in the US too.

Seriously, its NOT like MOST people CARE ONE BIT about cattle ranching on Open Range PUBLIC land when pretty much ONLY the ranchers benefit from it.
And seeing as only 1-2% of the beef produced in the US is produced by Open Range cattle ranchers in the western United States, bunches of beef eaters are not devouring their beef, so not a bunch of benefit to tax-payers in that respect either.


However, more people would probably be fine with domestic livestock grazing on PUBLIC-land if there was BALANCE instead of the IMBALANCE that exists now, and for many decades, and if not for the FACT that ‘extremists’ in public-land livestock grazing just seem to take, and take, and take some more, and wild horses and burros are CAPTURED, and also KILLED in various not-humane ways, because of it.

When tax-payers are FORCED to pay for the PUBLIC land maintenance and REPAIR from over-grazing and erosion caused by DOMESTIC LIVESTOCK, and the “extremists” that want PUBLIC-land for their very own continue to ALWAYS be PUSHING the wild horse and burro ERADICATION through ANY and ALL MEANS, THAT is when people not only get ticked, many also resort to “extremism” on the other side, and THAT is when we have “range wars”, with the animals caught in the often LETHAL “between” of it all.

And when the tax-payers are also FORCED to pay subsidies for ranchers to operate their PRIVATE BUSINESSES on PUBLIC land, THAT is when the money-train-at-the-expense-of-animals train jumps the tracks and chaos ensues.

wild horses -helicoptor

THIS guy is the face of extremism in the public-land livestock grazing industry with the complete and utter LACK of compassion, empathy, and what’s fair and right, from the position of a hunter that there are better than even odds is also a rancher grazing his domestic livestock on PUBLIC LAND in Australia.

He probably also “just doesn’t get it” WHY many people would be disturbed about his actions because:
1. he simply doesn’t care what other people think;

2. he probably lumps everyone that reacts to this photo negatively as just a bunch of dumb “do-gooders” that “don’t understand”.

3. If it benefits him, even if it doesn’t benefit anyone else, “its all good” as far as he’s concerned

That is wrong thinking, but because he’s thinking only about what he’s wants, and is probably also aggravated and annoyed by “extremists” (of which he is one, but on the other side of this “issue” of wild horses) in animal welfare on the other side, he is certainly not going to sit down at any negotiating table anytime soon to try to problem-solve this “issue” so that brumbies aren’t being killed.

Extremism - say no5

So is it any wonder at all that there are also “extremists” in animal rights, animal welfare, and animal rescue that ONLY seem to deal in those emotions of empathy and compassion, but without a knowledge base regarding the issues they’re involved with, they are unable to think beyond the emotional aspect, and THEY unfortunately get ALL animal advocates and animal rescuers “painted with the same broad brush” of extremism.?

“Extremists” on either end of the spectrum, and on a multitude of different issues, are generally NOT good problem-solvers because they are usually VERY invested in their own “position” related to whatever the issue is.

They tend to make things “all about them”, what “they think”, how things affect “them”, they believe what their “handlers” tell them to believe, (especially true for animal-issue extremists that basically “parrot” the position of the manipulators they follow), and many “extremists” only ever really interact with like-minded people that OF COURSE agree with them, and if confronted with an “extremist” in the “opposition-camp” both parties usually “lose their cool” and it unravels into a yelling match, people storming out of the meeting, verbal attacks, anger, rage, etc.


Middle of the Road

What is really NEEDED at this point are KNOWLEDGEABLE “mid-line-position” people (“mid-liners”) that may have a position that is the opposite of their counter-parts in wild horse advocacy, ranching, mining, etc for uses of our PUBLIC LAND where wild horses and wild burros roam, who with KNOWLEDGE, composure, intelligence gained from experience, and perhaps even WORKING TOGETHER, we can problem-solve, with some compromise included, to the benefit of the people AND the animals.

The way it’s going now on this issue of wild horses in the US, in Australia, and in a other countries, the “extremists” on both sides of the issue are NOT problem-solving because quite frankly, their mindset prevents them from thinking clearly, fairly, beyond their opinion and position, and with caring about the lives of other people and/or animals.

Extremism - say no2

Many “extremists” (Note: NOT all ranchers, or advocates, or rescuers are extremists, but the ones that are get the whole group/sector “painted with the same broad brush”, unless the groups/sectors are willing to “police their own”) on opposing sides of an issue refuse to even consider opening their minds to the plight of other people, the plight of animals that have lived on the land for centuries, they refuse to become educated on the issue beyond their experience (and in this age of information we live in, there is NO EXCUSE for not becoming more well-versed on issues, so the reason no research is done by far too many people is because of laziness, they listen to other people that are master manipulators and puppeteers “pulling their strings”, an unwillingness to change, consider, listen, and learn, etc), so the turf-wars continue, with innocent animals caught in the middle.


If more people whom are knowledgeable, experienced, and educated on the issues on both sides could get together to PROBLEM-SOLVE, the benefits for people AND wild horses and burros would be tremendous.

This is for the simple reason that INSTEAD of things unraveling into aggression, chaos, and conflict as so often happens when the lines are drawn between extremists on either side of an issue, with the horses and burros (and other wildlife) trapped in the cross-fire of the NEGATIVES of HUMAN NATURE, intelligent, wise, compassionate, honest, ethical, and honorable human beings that would behave properly, fairly, with some flexibility and willingness to “bend” slightly and compromise, would problem-solve for the benefit of ALL of the creatures that inhabit public land in various countries, whether human or animal inhabitants.

The outcome would be far more “win-win” and balanced then the imbalance and “win-lose” situation that has existed for decades regarding domestic livestock grazing on public land that wild horses, wild burros, and other wild life have inhabited for centuries.

Think about it: “WIN-WIN”  –  Now wouldn’t THAT would be a breath-of-fresh-air?

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