CORRUPTION in Animal Rescue by “Retail Rescue PERVERTS”

For all of the true animal lovers that may be inadvertently supporting animal “rescues” that always seem to be “rescuing” more, and more, and more animals doing “crisis rescues” (participating in seizures, “pulling” dogs from animal controls, finding bunches of puppies in and around dumpsters, buying horses from sales, etc) with all of the fanfare, excitement, drama, media attention, and press releases that accompany them, THIS is a MUST READ.

There is no doubt that talking and thinking about the seedier side of animal rescue is difficult at best, and often extremely depressing.

People would rather think of animal rescue as always ‘sunshine and rainbows” when animals are ‘rescued’.

However, the reality of “after the rescue” often does not match most peoples image of ‘good’ and ‘great’, and is actually depressing, and actually anger and outrage-provoking in some cases.
That will change gradually as more people put the time and effort into following-up regarding ALL of the animals that are ‘rescued’ by donation-funded rescues, but the current situation is still grim for many animals that are “rescued” by ‘retail rescues’.

The story at the link below illustrates how much KILLING some of the larger animal rights/animal welfare/animal rescue organizations do.
However, it happens with all sizes of rescue organizations, and animals are KILLED and “DISAPPERARD”, with multi-species of animals being killed directly or indirectly, when “rescues” refuse to take on the responsibility of maintaining and caring for the animals they’ve ‘rescued’ that are found to have physical and/or behavioral issues that render them un-sellable/un-adoptable:

Quote’s from the article at the link above:

“The mass killing is, of course, paid for by PETA’s unsuspecting donors. And the more they donate, the harder PETA works to keep them in the dark. Individual donors who give at least $500 per year, for example, are made members of what PETA calls the Vanguard Society. Many give more. Bill Maher, Bob Barker, and Simpson’s co-creator Sam Simon, gave over $100,000 each in 2014 (Simon, who just died, is reputed to have left PETA a significant portion of his $100 million estate). Vanguard Society members are invited to spend a weekend being schmoozed by PETA every year, where staff members are assigned to them to run “intel.” One staff member reported that prior to the weekend, key staff are briefed by PETA leadership: “There was a presentation all about the donors who would be attending, personal info, and anything about PETA they disliked.” The purpose was to neutralize the possibility they would stop donating by assigning people to counter any concerns.”


“When you have a group of individuals who believe that killing is not only ethical, but morally obligatory, who have proven they are willing to lie, manipulate and break the law in order to do so while hiding behind a false reputation of “good works” that grants them power, wealth, and political cover to get away with it, officials in the state of Virginia continue to ignore this disturbing reality at their own peril. History shows us that there is every reason to be concerned about what PETA has already told us and demonstrated it believes in and is willing to act upon. To continue to ignore that threat and danger—to continue to allow them to operate outside the bounds of our common values and to do so with impunity—is a recipe for future regret.”


Many supporters and followers of donation-funded animal ‘rescues’ will be surprised to learn that they may be (accidentally) just as culpable as the publicly-OPERATED, publicly-MARKETED, and publicly donation-FUNDED  ‘retail rescue’ they support that regularly KILLS and “DISAPPEARS” animals without having to say a word about it because NO ONE cares what happens to animals AFTER the initial “rescue” is done and over with.

The ‘bait’ used to part you from your hard-earned money are nearly always ‘animals in DIRE need’, with all of the immediacy of “we need to rescue them NOW”.
Con artists in animal rescue KNOW that people are generous with their help and money if the “rescue” “MUST BE DONE NOW OR ANIMALS WILL DIE!”, knowing that people aren’t nearly as generous regarding the “ho hum”, mundane, everyday taking care of animals at the rescue facility.

Unless you as a supporter of a rescue are willing to follow-up AFTER the ‘crisis rescue’ and ask questions and expect answers from the rescue you’re donating too, you will never know for sure if it is the animals that are “in need”, or perhaps it is actually the animal traders/dealers posing as a rescue that are “in want”.

Ask Questions Like You Care2

Here’s why donating to some rescues, that really aren’t rescues at all, isn’t always helping animals, and its your donations that enable the con-artists to operate and kill and disappear animals; they RELY on the FACT that historically, their supporters rarely, if EVER, ASK QUESTIONS.

And when you don’t ASK QUESTIONS, MANY animals are KILLED, or “DISAPPEARED”, at the hands of those that were supposed to be rescuing them but instead have the “Judas-touch” and they betray animals without a second thought.

Honest-to-goodness animal lovers that are concerned about the animals AFTER the excitement, drama, and immediacy of the initial ‘rescue’ is over will ALWAY’S ASK to SEE:

1.  the actual vet reports and vet bills for ALL of the animals “the rescue says” has been examined by their vet because without those actual reports, how does anyone know what “the vet said” and/or if the animal was even examined by the vet at all.
And the ‘rescue’ showing “some” or “a few” vet reports and bills isn’t good enough; they should be ready, willing, and able to publicly post ALL of this documentation and not be allowed to show “selective documentation”.

2. the actual euthanasia reports from their vet when they say an animal was “put down”, ‘euthanized’, killed, so that you will know why the animal HAD to be euthanized according to the rescues vet, and also what method was used;

3. written documentation regarding HOW MANY animals the rescue has ‘rescued’ in the past 2 years and exactly WHERE ARE ALL of those animals NOW (adopted-out, in a sanctuary, in foster care, euthanized, still at the rescue facility, etc);

4. current date-stamped photos of ALL of the animals the ‘rescue says’ (and the very convincing liars at retail rescues that make their living as animal traders and dealers posing as ‘rescues’ “say” A LOT of things they are never held to account for the factual and provable truth of) are at their facility, adopted-out (and MOST rescues have VERY STRINGENT adoption contracts and agreements, so it should be EASY for the rescue to have an adopter send them date stamped photos of the animal they adopted if asked to provide that), in ‘foster care’ and/or ‘at a sanctuary’;

5. ASK to SEE the actual financials and accounts related to these “rescues” running YET ANOTHER specific/designated fundraiser asking for $$$$ to rescue specific/designated animals and/or that apply to specific/designated things;

6. ask for the ‘rescues” PHYSICAL ADDRESS for their rescue facility that many of the PUBLICLY-OPERATED, PUBLICLY-MARKETED, and PUBLICLY-FUNDED “rescues” refuse to post PUBLICLY (something to hide from the supportive, donating PUBLIC perhaps?).

And what MOST people don’t know is that “the open door policy” many rescues tout they have is NOT “open door” at all.

Volunteers, visitors, adopters, and many other people that go to MANY of the ‘rescue facilities’ are REQUIRED to sign CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENTS and NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENTS which prevent them from speaking to anyone about anything that they see at the facility.
These agreements would most likely NOT hold up in a court room, however, MOST people are worried they could get in legal trouble, so although they might see and hear things at a rescue facility that are disturbing, they often will simply walk-away and not support that rescue anymore, but they don’t say “why” they walked-away to anyone except their closest friends perhaps, and certainly nothing is said publicly for fear of reprisal’s, harassment, and legal trouble.

Nobody Cares

When YOU whom hold the purse-strings and wallet that keeps these donation-funded rescues afloat don’t care enough about WHAT HAPPENED and WHERE ARE ALL of the ANIMALS the rescue you have chosen to support ‘rescued’  1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and at least 1 year AFTER the animal was supposedly rescued, ‘some’ rescues do very bad, unethical, immoral, cruel, and criminal things because they CAN get away with it because no one questions what they are doing.

Just like a percentage of welfare recipients  scamming-the-system make many/all people that collect government assistance look bad, with the introduction of social media and networking enabling animal rescues to advertise entirely for FREE, there are now scam-artists in donation-funded animal rescue who are perverting rescue for their own profit and gain.

Fraud Alert2
Are all publicly donation-funded animal rescues scam-artists, swindlers, and grifters and swindlers fleecing the public?

Of course not.

However, the ONLY way nowadays to separate the scammers in animal rescue from the legitimate and real rescues is for the PUBLIC to ASK QUESTIONS and EXPECT ANSWERS.

And if your chosen donation-funded animal rescue that you support is evasive about answering questions that should be simple to answer if they are LEGITIMATE, or if they IGNORE you, or maybe even become combative and aggressive toward you because you DARED to ask them questions, you HAVE gotten your answers; DON’T SUPPORT THEM!

Going farther in PROTECTING animals from these ‘RESCUE-PERVERTS’, if you believe they very well may be committing fraud and/or misrepresentation, or if you believe they are killing animals, or “disappearing them”, without cause just because they can’t USE the animal to make money through adoption-for-a-fee and/or from FREE MONEY DONATIONS because the animal has “issues” of one kind or another, COMPLAINTS can and should be filed with the Attorney General’s (AG’s) office. 

Here is a link to a website that lists all 50 States Attorney General’s offices websites, contact information, and Complaint Forms:

Simply go to the Secretary of States website of whatever State the animal rescue is registered in, type in “complaint form” in the “Search” element, fill out the form with as much information as you have in reference to the publicly-donation-funded, publicly-operated, and publicly-marketed animal rescue you are suspicious of, and send it to the AG.

The AG’s offices mostly concern themselves with issues pertaining to crimes such as fraud, embezzlement, misappropriation of funds, etc, and do not investigate animal abuse, neglect, cruelty.

However, if an animal rescue is committing fraud, misappropriating donated funds, or committing other crimes, stopping them through investigation and prosecution in many cases will get them OUT OF THE RESCUE BUSINESS, thus stopping them from killing animals that are no longer useful to them, and illegally pocketing FREE donation money for their OWN personal use.

Another thing to remember; please DON’T feel bad or guilty if you are forced to file complaints against an animal rescue.

The FACT is that IF the animal rescue you’ve been supportive of, or were thinking of supporting, had simply ANSWERED LEGITIMATE QUESTIONS you had, and IF the animal rescue was in fact legitimate, honest, ethical, and compassionate and had also been willing to answer your questions, YOU never would have HAD to file complaints at all.

And for those people that aren’t all that concerned with an animal rescues finances, how they make their money, and how or what they spend it on, please consider this; you ultimately are an animal-lover that CARES and are trying to PROTECT animals when you were forced to file complaints when an animal rescue refused to answer your simple questions.

By asking the ‘rescue’ questions, even if some questions are about finances and fund-raising, that you don’t get answers for, and then filing complaints because of your suspicions when simple questions weren’t answered, your complaints and follow-through ARE saving animals lives so they are not KILLED or ‘disappeared’ by those masquerading as “rescues” that are often scammers and common criminals using animals as the ‘bait’ so people will give them absolutely FREE MONEY.

Without your questions and formal complaints to law enforcement and government offices that govern non-profit animal rescues,  the “RETAIL RESCUES” that give ‘animal rescue’ a bad name, and are simply “working the system” for their own profit and gain, would have continued to kill or “disappear” animals after they were DONE with them.

BETRAYAL’S of this kind can never be allowed in animal rescue, especially when animals are simply being USED.

YOU are the voice for the animals that can protect them from the con-artists that have infiltrated animal rescue and are running profitable retail rescues.

By caring enough to take the time to ask questions, by expecting answers, and by filing complaints if/when you don’t receive any answers, YOU are a HERO for animals everywhere that otherwise would be killed by thieves that only worship at the alter of $$$$, power, control, and accolades.

 New Age Photo

In the questionnaire below are some ideas for questions to be asked of donation-funded animal rescues.

You can also save the questionnaire to your files and send it to any and all donation-funded animal rescues you are considering supporting and donating to in order to find out if they are accountable and transparent with the supportive, donating public.
If the rescue the questionnaire is sent to ignores it, the sender can then forward the correspondence they had when the questionnaire was sent to the rescue, along with a complaint and request, to the AG’s office and ask the AG to get answers from the publicly-operated, publicly-marketed, and publicly donation-funded animal rescue that they were unable to get answers from.

And yes, this can be a time-consuming process for sure.

However, please remember that without the supportive animal lovers in the public asking questions on behalf of the animals that are unable to speak, swindlers and crooks posing as rescues will continue to fleece the public for their own personal gain, and they will continue to use animals as the “bait” to part you from your money, and then will kill or disappear animals once their use-and-purpose for them is DONE.

Rescue Questionnaire1 Rescue Questionnaire2 Rescue Questionnaire3 Rescue Questionnaire4 Rescue Questionnaire5 Rescue Questionnaire6 Rescue Questionnaire7

No Animal Owner is SAFE From “Retail Rescues” in Collusion With Animal Controls

Scams7“Retail rescues” that are supposed to be non-profits but are actually profiting GREATLY from the ‘rescue industry’ have a big PAY DAY when they run a ‘seizure scam’ or ‘rescue raid’ because it is a ‘crisis rescue’ and gullible animal lovers donate A LOT to be a part of an ‘exciting’ ‘rescue’.

If it really was “all about the animals”, there would NOT be a bunch of hoopla attached, the media would not be involved, these ‘rescues’ would not be pleading for donations to steal other peoples animals because they would be using THEIR OWN MONEY they work in regular jobs outside of rescue to earn, and they would also be perfectly willing to show photos of ALL of the animals seized, ALL of the vet reports, ALL of the euthanasia reports when animals are put down, and many other things that currently it practically takes an act of Congress to get them to answer even the most simple of questions.

Don’t be fooled, ASK QUESTIONS and DEMAND ANSWERS BEFORE you donate to, or support a donation-funded-rescue that is doing a seizure, or any other kind of rescue for that matter.
If they ignore your questions, DO NOT DONATE to them and/or support them in any way because that publicly donation-funded rescue is most likely a “retail rescue” that lives off the FREE $$$$$ donations they receive from the public.

From Marta Tauscher, Attorney At Law:

If the real purpose of such “rescues” is to assist law enforcement as claimed by this group’s “leader” and those who blindly follow, then why do they plaster photos of the property and the animals (e.g., the evidence) all over Facebook within hours of starting a raid? What law enforcement agency would allow its evidence to be posted on the internet?

Finally a news outlet is willing to look beyond the canned story that is edited and spoon fed to the media.

These raids are carefully orchestrated, photographed and video recorded for a number of reasons that have nothing to do with helping animals. One of the frequently repeated lines of Scotlund Haisley is that he wants to stop people who profit from the suffering of animals. Ironically, he doesn’t consider himself to be one of those people.

The people who stage these raids assure their adherents and the public that they are perfectly legal, but are they? What legal education or knowledge do these people have? What legal authority do they have to enter private property and seize animals? For that matter, what education do they have at all? Responses to questions about precisely that from a federal lawsuit are very revealing.

For those that are interested in how this works, read:”

Below at the link and also posted are some ideas for questions animal lovers can ask donation-funded rescues that do seizures of animal owners animals.

Questions should be asked BEFORE people donate and/or support the rescue that on the surface may really look like they are a rescue, but MANY of them are actually “retail rescues”, that LACK accountability and transparency, and are PROFITING ENORMOUSLY with a business model that demands they rally over and over again from FREE $$$$$ from the animal loving PUBLIC:

Accountability and Full Disclosure Questionnaire-A Necessity

Rescue Questionnaire1 Rescue Questionnaire2 Rescue Questionnaire3 Rescue Questionnaire4 Rescue Questionnaire5 Rescue Questionnaire6

Asking Questions Shouldn’t Be Precieved As A “Bad Thing”


Link to the ZooWar’s blog regarding the Comedian Lily Tomlin’s foray into animal rights:

A lot of people are certainly willing, and interested in hearing, other peoples viewpoints on various topics because it causes them to think more about their position on things and decide if they should modify their position, change it entirely, or continue on the path they have chosen.

However, when it comes to animal rights people, and even some animal welfare people, many of them only appear to have an “emotional position”, and little, or none, of their position is based on facts, practicality, reasonableness, knowledge, etc.
The easiest and most polite way to find out how much knowledge they have on an issue or topic is to gently ask them questions that are not designed to make them look ignorant, (although, if the person is behaving like a jerk, it IS easy enough to make them look like the ignorant *sshole they really are), but are designed to find out how much they really know about what topic they are speaking on.

The other option to find out how much someone really knows regarding various issues and topics they are writing and/or speaking about is to give them just enough information to “hang themselves with”.
The people that are knowledgeable will either have a rebuttal/answer immediately, or they perhaps will think about the topic and will return with an in-depth answer, or their position will unravel, which then OFTEN leads to the emotion of anger coming from them because they get angry when they are embarrassed with being “outted” regarding their ignorance of the topic they are spouting off about.

So even if someone likes Lily Tomlin as a comedian, one would certainly want to ask Ms.Tomlin questions to determine if she really knows what she’s talking about when it comes to animals and their mental and physical health, or is speaking about, and deciding all by her little lonesome and with a lack of experience in paciderm husbandry, the fate going forward of a 51 year old elephant named “Packy” currently, and for the past MANY years in the Oregon zoo, perhaps being moved to a ‘sanctuary’ (which sanctuary and where exactly is it located?) where he may, or may not, be comfortable or happy physically and/or mentally.

Advice on How To Avoid Animal Rescue SCAMS


Good article regarding avoiding falling prey to scams in animal rescue:

Quote from the article at the link:
“Firstly, people running fund raising events to raise money for any animal rescues, even registered charities, should publish RECEIPTS of the money they send over to them. Then people who have donated money can see where it has gone, and the fund raiser is protected from accusations of being fraudulent.

Secondly, genuine animal rescues should be able to show PROOF, in the form of RECEIPTS, of what exactly they are doing with every penny of the funds sent to them”.


It is advised in the article at the link that PROOF of what donation money is being spent on is provided by the rescue publicly posting bank accounts, PayPal accounts, and fundraiser accounts such as GoFundMe, YouCaring, etc, PROOF through photos of animals having procedures done that the rescue is saying are being done (a legitimate donation-funded rescue should also be perfectly willing to publicly post ALL vet reports, ALL euthanasia reports, and ALL vet bills), and they give several other bits of advice regarding how to avoid being scammed.


Because the number of supposed “non-profit” animal rescues in the US has sky-rocketed because of social media and networking providing FREE marketing, FREE public operation, and FREE “real time” fundraising for ‘crisis rescues’ when money is needed NOW, many animal dealers and traders have become “rescues” (these are usually the people that weren’t actually very good at buying and selling animals using their own money to run their business) because:

1. they don’t have jobs and don’t have their own capital to buy animals they are going to “fix-up” and sell;
2. the donation money they beg for is all tax free and does NOT have to be declared as income.

If a donation-funded rescue that operates and markets themselves publicly is unwilling to do what is advised in the article above, and also in this blog post, regarding showing the various types of documentation (written, photographic, and video) for ALL of the animals they rescue, then it is easy for a potential donor to move-on to the next rescue on their list and see if they will provide the information that is being asked for.

Until there are more controls not only regarding the finances of the rescue, but also inclusive of WHERE ALL of the rescued animals ARE and WHERE they end-up, public display of vet reports, vet bills, euthanasia reports and bills, etc, and regarding animal rescues accountability and transparency, when considering donating ones hard-earned money to an animal rescue, gather as much information as possible regarding their finances, monies coming in from donations, material goods donated (i.e. vet services, feed, dog and cat grooming, farrier services), ask for vet reports and vet bills for every animal that is seen by the vet according to what the ‘rescue’ is posting, ask how many animals the rescue has rescued in the previous 2 years, how many animals have they adopted-out, how many animals have they euthanized, and how many animals are currently at their facility and/or in foster care.

That way, potential supporters can fact and background check a donation-funded adoption-based rescue, and see if their numbers of rescued animals coincides with what is at their facility or in approved foster care, how many have been adopted into good homes that can be VERIFIED where they are, and also how many “had” (the rescue should post vet reports that verify WHY the animal was euthanized, and also provide publicly euthanasia reports from a licensed veterinarian, and also body disposal bills) to sadly be euthanized or “put down” or killed in whatever way.


Its encouraging and promising for the animals that really NEED rescuing that more and more people are asking questions and expecting answers BEFORE they follow, support, and/or donate to a rescue because the Internet and social media/networking has been both a blessing, but also a curse regarding animal rescue.

A blessing because for those infrequent times rescuing animals really is an emergency and not a staged and choreographed “crisis rescue”, people can be alerted in real time that animals need help immediately and they can Share and donate in order to help a registered rescue save lives.

However, social media advertising/networking is also a curse because real animal rescue is mostly made up of the daily, every day tasks and functioning of the rescue facility which is usually daily interaction with the animals of feeding, watering, playing and interacting with them socially, etc, but is not really exciting, adrenalin-pumping crisis rescuing that MANY of the rescues dealers/traders that are actually “retail rescues” seem to do at least once-a-week, and sometimes more often depending on how much money they need for “whatever” (donation-money given to ‘retail rescues’/dealers/traders/flippers is often spent on their own personal non-rescue animals, their children, food, dining out, going on vacation while their free slave-labor volunteers take care of the rescue facility and the animals, buying clothes, vehicles, property, and other personal items).

The reason these retail rescues stage so many “crisis rescues” is because they are catering to, and RELYING on in a sick ‘partnership’, those people that DON’T and WON’T ask questions, and are addicted to crisis-rescuing primarily to break up the monotony and boredom of their real lives. They truly “live for” crisis-rescuing, and this is what the scammers in ‘retail rescuing’ count on in order for them to collect thousands of dollars in entirely FREE donation-money they currently are NOT required to account for and/or show receipts for.  NOT even when someone asks to see them.

So for those kind-hearted, compassionate animal lovers that want to KNOW that their hard-earned money is truly going to help animals in need and/or take care of animals that have already been rescued and are needing to be maintained for months, and sometimes even years, the information page and questionnaire at the link below and also displayed, also offers some ideas regarding what questions to ask of a publicly donation-funded, publicly marketed, publicly operated animal rescue so that supporters will know if they are dealing with a real and legitimate animal rescue, or perhaps not, and they may in fact be on the verge of falling prey to animal traders/dealers/flippers masquerading as animal rescues.

Accountability and Full Disclosure Questionnaire-A Necessity

Rescue Questionnaire1 Rescue Questionnaire2 Rescue Questionnaire3 Rescue Questionnaire4 Rescue Questionnaire5 Rescue Questionnaire6 Rescue Questionnaire7

A “Charity” That got CAUGHT SCAMMING – Just Like A ‘Retail Rescue’ on STEROIDS!

This ‘charity’ at the link below that got caught scamming the public out of millions upon millions of dollars is just like a ‘retail rescue’ on steroids!

From the story at the link:

“Washington D.C. • A Tennessee man with ties to Utah and his family used much of the $187 million it collected for cancer patients to buy themselves cars, gym memberships and take luxury cruise vacations, pay for college tuition and employ family members with six-figure salaries, federal officials alleged Tuesday in one of the largest charity fraud cases ever, involving all 50 states.”

The closing paragraph in the article reads:
“The FTC recommends that when considering a donation, look for a long-standing charity with a good reputation and avoid any group that uses high-pressure tactics or is reluctant to provide detailed documentation on how the money is spent. ”

Very wise advice!


Stories like the one at the link illustrate why people should ALWAYS ask questions BEFORE donating to publicly-operated, publicly-marketed, and publicly-donation-funded ‘charities’, which for the past 7-10 years have included animal rescues that can and do “reach out” with open hands for donations across the country and around the world.

Far too many of the animal rescues are in fact “retail rescues”.

Retail rescues are basically run by animal dealers/traders posing as animal rescues.

Retail rescues refuse to answer any and all questions from their supporters, donors, and prospective donors and supporters simply because they don’t HAVE to.

However, they are more than happy to post only what they want to post that puts them in a sympathetic light, gains them something like $$$$, material items, etc, they pretend they are “trying to learn” their way around “rescuing”, and in fact probably are “learning-how-to-ACT” because there are a few differences between the way they acted doing “just” animal trading and dealing, and how they “have to” ACT when dealing with animal lovers in the PUBLIC that just don’t understand their “sleight-of-hand” agenda and how they are being USED and MANIPULATED by these fraudsters that often present as ‘nice’ people in their public persona because the PUBLIC has something they want and NEED like $$$.

However, the person they really are in private, combined with the nasty things they say about their ‘marks’ in the public that support and donate to them, is pure ugliness and DISRESPECT.


Sure, as more and more of these “retail rescues” are sued in a court of law where they will have to answer questions under oath that will expose them for the scammers they are, many of these retail rescues will tank/go out of ‘business’, and their founders and primary participants that are committing fraud and other crimes will be held ACCOUNTABLE.

However, in order to separate the real animal rescues from the ‘retail rescue’ scammers, all that a prospective donor needs to do is ASK QUESTIONS of the animal rescue they are thinking of supporting and/or donating too, and if they do not get answers, which is usually the case when questions are asked of a ‘retail rescue’, DO NOT donate to them.

Instead, find an animal rescue that is primarily donation-funded that is doing really great things really HELPING ALL of the animals they really ARE rescuing, and they WILL answer any and all questions posed to them.

If the supportive, donating, animal loving public would simply ask questions BEFORE they support and/or donate to a donation-funded animal rescue, more animals could be rescued, more animal owners could be helped with their animals, and FAR FEWER animals will actually be KILLED by the “rescue” that is supposed to be ‘helping’ and “rescuing” them.

Fraud Alert1

Please remember these FACTS about many of the ‘retail rescues’ —

when it’s found out that an animal they rescued using other peoples money has issues of one kind or another that are NOT life-threatening but which renders them unadoptable/un-sellable/un-useful to anyone, ‘retail rescues’ that are animal traders/dealers KILL or ‘disappear’ them, and then they make up all kinds of sob stories, false stories, say the animal “couldn’t be saved” because of a bad knee, a bad back, they had behavioral issues, and blah, blah, blah, so on and so forth —

but when asked by the PUBLIC for:

~vet reports

~vet bills

~euthanasia reports and bills

~or even  a location with CURRENT photos and videos of an animal in the supposed ‘sanctuary’ or foster home the retail rescue sent them to;

that is a big, fat NO GO and NO Current VET REPORTS, NO BILLS, NO PHOTOS, and NO VIDEOS are forth-coming regarding WHERE is the animal they were supposed to be rescuing, and WHAT has happened to them 3 months, 6 months, up to 1 year after other peoples money supposedly ‘rescued’ them.

When an animal rescue writes things like “we rescued 40 dogs”, or “we rescued 35 horses”, and they are always using kind donations from the public to ‘rescue’, but THEN they only post current photos and videos of a limited number of animals instead of the numbers they said they were ‘rescuing’, that is cause for concern that NOT ALL of the animals are really being rescued that they are collecting donations on.

If this isn’t really what is happening with donation-funded rescues, ANY and ALL rescues can clear up the controversy by simply posting current and then weekly photos of ALL of the animals they “say” (they “say” a lot of things, but retail rescues for the most part do not supply much if any factual proof of what they are ‘saying’ is actually TRUE) they rescued, at their facility and/or at one of their approved foster homes.

Since retail rescues post several times a week, if not several times a day, that they NEED ‘more donations’ for all kinds of things, if the animal lovers follow their exploits for a while, they would see a pattern emerging that is never ending, and the cycle repeats over and over again.

The pattern is usually:
1. they are supposedly rescuing animals from a “neglect” situation;

2. they are “rescuing”/buying them from an animal control, or from a horse/livestock sale using kindly donors money to do so;

3.  they need $$$$ for feed — and this is bizarre considering that MANY of these retail rescues harass, bully, and attack animal owners that may in fact be having trouble feeding their animals because of health issues, loss of a job, etc trying to get them to ‘surrender’ animals to them, and if the animal owner refuses, they ramp-up a “social meda madness mob” that goes on the attack for them while they sit back pulling the strings, and the animals are often seized by animal controls that are in collusion with the rescue;

4. they NEED money for veterinary evaluations and treatment, but rarely if ever post the vet reports and bills for ALL of the animals they ‘say’ they’re ‘rescuing’ using other peoples money

5. they NEED vehicles to transport animals — a horse rescue that will not be named “needed” a new horse trailer to supposedly ‘rescue’ certain kinds of horses, and the trailer was costing close to $20,000 (!) when a far less costly trailer could have worked absolutely fine. None of the primary participants at said rescue have jobs because “rescue is their job”, so putting out their outrageous sob stories fleecing the trusting public is really gross, disingenuous, and disgusting, but is not an isolated case by a long shot.

Fraud Alert2

What is curious about these pleadings for donations is seeing as these ‘rescues’ RELY on the public to support them (this is why donation-funded retail rescues are also called “welfare rescues”), WHY would a rescue keep bringing in more, and more, and more animals when the fact when watching their social media pages are that relatively FEW animals are being adopted-for-a-fee and/or euthanized showing euthanasia reports and bills, but the “rescue” ONLY shows a limited number of those 40, 20, 15, or 35+ dogs or horses they “say” they are ‘rescuing’, they DON’T show vet reports, vet bills, euthanasia reports and bills, they don’t show CURRENT photos and videos of the animals at their facility or at the foster home facility, and chances are HIGH that ALL of the animals the “rescue” “said” they were rescuing DID NOT make it back to their facility and/or into approved foster care under their rescues name and control.


So please animal loving, kind-hearted and compassionate public, ASK QUESTIONS because the animals are counting on YOU to “have their backs”, and ‘weed-out’ the ‘bad apples’ known as retail rescues from the rescue world.

Not ALL publicly-marketed, publicly-operated, publicly-donation-funded animal rescues are ‘retail rescues’, so when the public that helps support these donation-funded, publicly-supported rescues “cleans house” and gets rid of scammer animal rescues/retail rescues, that will allow and encourage the real and true rescues to flourish and do really good work for THE ANIMALS and NOT for their wallet and bank account.

And if its a donation-funded retail rescue that is *supposed* to be “rescuing them”, animals very lives are often in grave danger of being killed or ‘disappeared’ into the black void of nothingness and death —  just as if they were at a “high kill rate” animal control for dogs and cats (factual documentation exists of some animal rescues surrendering some animals at animal controls for euthanasia), or being sold at a “kill sale” or to a feedlot for horses (factual documentation has been secured related to some horse rescues selling/dumping horses at kill sales and to feedlots in order to get rid of ‘money pit’ horses with issues they don’t want to maintain) or take care of), and then shipped into the inhumane commercial slaughter pipeline they are reduced to expensive cuts of meat, with baby horses called “veal” and ‘filet of foal’.

Just answer the question5

Please animal lovers in the public, ASK QUESTIONS BEFORE you donate to a donation-funded (as opposed to a self-funded) rescue because the life you may be saving by NOT donating to a donation-funded retail rescue is the life of an innocent animal that cannot speak for themselves of the deceit and lies that go hand-in-glove with retail rescuing.

Some questions to ask publicly-operated, publicly-marketed, and publicly-donation-funded animal rescues can be found on this questionnaire below:

Rescue Questionnaire1 Rescue Questionnaire2 Rescue Questionnaire3 Rescue Questionnaire4 Rescue Questionnaire5 Rescue Questionnaire6 Rescue Questionnaire7

Retail Rescues – Their TWISTED Brand of “Helping” Animal Owners is Often NOT Help At All


Interesting development with some of the “retail rescues” that use animals as pawns to pull in thousands upon thousands of dollars in FREE donation money.

Their “modus operandi” has been, and still is, to stage  “crisis rescues” and/or go on the attack with yet another “seizure scam” on some unsuspecting animal owner, whereby they literally STEAL peoples animals from them while in collusion (they call it “partnering” because it sounds nicer) with TAX-PAYER FUNDED government agencies such as animal control and the Department of Agriculture.

They then drag the animal owners through the mud in media, just as the owners are being terrorized and attacked by mobs of people they don’t even know that have been ramped-up and whipped into a frenzy by the retail rescue.

All of the above is done so the retail rescue can:
1. look like the “hero’s”, and get the praise and accolades the primary players in the rescue NEED in order to feel good about themselves;

2. Bring in thousands of dollars of FREE MONEY donations that they are NEVER forced to account for, and which is entirely tax free.

3. They get FREE animals that they take back to their “rescue” facility (these are usually animal dealers/traders/flippers, so it’s absurd they call their facilities “rescues”), where they then “sort them” (like what is done at kill buyers horse feedlots, at animal controls, etc), and the “good animals” are kept alive, fixed-up (they call it “rehab” because it makes it sound like they are more knowledgeable than they really are), and SOLD (called “adoption for a fee” because that sounds so “rescue-like” and not nasty like being an animal dealer/trader when one is supposed to be a “rescue”), and the “animals with issues” (behavioral/training and/or physical issues) that cannot be sold because of those issues are KILLED or disappeared like socks-in-a-dryer have a way of doing, because these retail rescues are NOT “in the business” of keeping, maintaining, and providing care for months or years to animals that can’t be USED for anything.

4. Then the cycle starts all over again because the retail rescues RELY on the PUBLIC giving them FREE MONEY DONATIONS they don’t have to account for because most of the primary players at these “rescues” don’t have real jobs outside of ‘rescue’ because “rescue is their job” – they are pretty much nothing more than welfare recipients that rely on kind-hearted animal lovers that believe their sob stories and tales of woe that OFTEN can be proven FALSE, and often considered FRAUD from a legal standpoint. Those “in the know” KNOW exactly why they write about their so-called “heroic’s” on Facebook and other social media.

Unworthy of Living3

Many of these people are extreme narcissists, histrionics’, and “into” drama, and they have certainly found their “niche” in “animal rescue” where they don’t have to be all that experienced and/or accomplished at anything in the animal world.
So they’ll do nearly anything, including breaking the law, to maintain their position.

Animal control officers now turned “rescuers” – and unfortunately for the animals, many ACO’s are seeing the lucrative, money-making opportunities in “animal rescue” where rules and regulations are few and far between, if someone’s willing to lie, cheat, harass, attack, embellish, commit fraud and other crimes, etc – ability and experience in their chosen occupation of being an ACO with KILLING thousands upon thousands of innocent animals while employed as an ACO has been coming in very handy regarding killing and “disappearing” animals because they have figured out through trial-and-error that no one in the public questions WHERE all the animals they’ve rescued CURRENTLY are.
THIS is also the reason that some retail rescue primary players so easily get ACO’s to collude with them on seizures – because they “speak the same language” since before being a “rescuer”, some “rescuers” were ACO’s themselves.

These traders/dealers at the retail rescues have figured out that all they have to do is refuse to answer questions and/or ignore questions, or maybe threaten someone with a mob attack of their naïve followers that haven’t quite figured out they are followers of people of “questionable character” and motives, and the questions vanish, or its like they were never asked at all.

Publicly-donation-funded retail rescues refuse to say WHERE ARE ALL OF THE ANIMALS they have supposedly “rescued” are right this minute, just as they keep bringing in more, and more, and more animals.

The stories and numbers don’t match-up and don’t make any kind of sense regarding the animals these ‘rescues’ say they are “rescuing”, “adopting”/selling, and how many they actually say publicly they have killed, while NEVER showing vet reports and euthanasia reports on ALL of the animals they are “rescuing”, and that they say their VET is “examining and evaluating”, using other people’s money.

clean reputation4

So now, in the spirit of trying to “clean up their reputation” (because a ‘rescue business’ that is only able to operate because of the generosity of the donating public has to at least pretend to care about their reputation because if those FREE MONEY DONATIONS dry-up, the “rescue”/dealer/trader business will collapse) and “cover their asses” (too late for that for many of them, but they can certainly try) and show they are “helping people with their animals”, some of these retail rescues are “helping”:

1. by “evaluating” the animals at the animals own home. Some rescues even “say” they take their vets with them, and if that is the case, THAT “rescue” is either rolling-in-dough and shouldn’t NEED any help from the nice public with donations if they can afford to take their vet with them, or they are not really taking their vet but want to collect donations to pay for the vet (they aren’t taking with them) anyway.
People should definitely ASK to see that bill from the vet.
And if they are so inexperienced that they “need” to take a vet with them to “evaluate” animals in order to decide which ones to steal, perhaps they shouldn’t be in the animal rescue business at all and should get a real job to support themselves and quit living off of the generosity of nice people in the public.
Hard to believe their are people that will buy in and donate to this BS, but there appear to still be a few people that do;

2. “sorting” them where they are;

3. “cherry picking” the animals they can get donations for, take back to their rescue facility retail animal sales facility and can SELL after they get them signed-over by the owner, often under duress;

4. they also take some “animals with issues” they can pull in thousands of dollars in “sympathy/pity” donations on, and then KILL the animal in secrecy later, they may just simply “disappear them” to parts unknown (some horse ‘rescues’ “disappear” horses across state lines and country borders and they go to slaughter – documented as FACT), or even when they tell their gullible and naïve followers they are going to “have” to kill the animal, they DO NOT show the vet reports and euthanasia reports describing “why” it HAD to be done.
Yes, sometimes it IS necessary to humanely euthanize animals, but when numbers “into the rescue”, and numbers “out of the  ‘rescue”, and numbers “still at the rescue” don’t add up IN THE LEAST, and the “rescue” will NOT answer questions from their donors and supporters in the PUBLIC, that is a huge cause for suspicion for WHY euthanasia was done, and HOW it was done;

5. and they call this “helping” because they are “allowing” the animal owners to actually keep some of their animals after they’ve “sorted” the animals (called “assessing” and/or “evaluating” by the ‘rescues’ because that sounds so much nicer than “sorting” what is basically nothing more than “merchandise” to them) because the animal owner “asked for help” (?!?), and supposedly “waved the white flag” – all this “showboating” makes intelligent people sick to their stomach in a shocked, and laughing-their-ass kind of way that anyone actually believes these fictional-fantasy embellished stories at all;

6. and since they also aren’t ramping-up attack MOBS and stealing animals (THIS TIME anyway), they think people will actually believe they are “helping”;

7. and surprisingly, and showing their naiveté, some people do.

8. and since these ‘rescues’ usually have the people that they are supposed to be “helping” SIGN a confidentiality/non-disclosure agreement contract where the animal owners are not allowed to discuss what went on when they were supposedly “helped” by the rescue dealers/traders/animal hijackers, the real and true story will only come out if, and when, people go to court and are under oath to tell the truth, and the agreement they signed is null and void.

Helping Animals4

Here’s the main problem with their warped and twisted brand of what these narcissists and retail rescues call “helping” – when it is blabbed ALL OVER SOCIAL MEDIA and NOT DONE in PRIVATE and with confidentiality, people get embarrassed, hurt, and it can and does still wreck, ruin, and destroy lives.

Doesn’t the public get a little tired of these “rescues” constantly crowing about their heroics and “helping”?

And this doesn’t happen occasionally, oh no, it happens daily, sometimes hourly.

Most people know that when someone feels the need to tell them over, and over, and over, how wonderful they are, they probably aren’t that wonderful.

More likely than not, they are trying to deflect the fact that not only are they NOT wonderful, they are actually trying to disguise their true motives and actions: monetary gain and getting their HUGE ego’s stroked.


The primary reason for publicly posting they are “helping” someone IS because their *BUSINESS MODEL* is BASED upon receiving PUBLIC DONATIONS/FREE MONEY and rescue is an OCCUPATION for these people that are NOT really rescuers at all – it is not a benevolent gesture to society, animal owners, or animals when they supposedly “help” because they often are NOT even 1 step-above panhandlers and welfare recipients, and there is ALWAYS something in it for them.

Doing behind-the-scenes “no fanfare” rescuing WILL NOT bring in the FREE MONEY “CRISIS RESCUING” DONATIONS from the PUBLIC these retail rescue businesses with their fictional sob stories live and operate off of.

So in order for the FREE money to KEEP coming in, EVERY little thing they do is PUBLIC NEWS, they usually send yet another PRESS RELEASE to the media outlets regarding how “wonderful” they are, but when they are caught scamming, they “cry foul” and are “hurt and upset” that people are “being mean to them”.

Delusional, but that’s the la-la scammer-land they live in.

In fact however, when some of these people are background checked, it turns out they’ve been “working the system” for years and years, always looking for those “opportunities” to make money, and get their ego’s stroked, the free and easy way; by scamming.

Just answer the question2

THAT is why when the information page and the questionnaire at the link at the bottom of this blog post is sent to them, they REFUSE to answer questions – answering questions CAN and WILL get some of them, perhaps many of them, in BIG trouble.

So before supporting and donating to an animal rescue, consider this:

~Real rescues and rescuers don’t solely RELY on, and live off of money given to them by the hard-working PUBLIC.

~Real rescues and rescuers DO NOT POST PUBLICLY every day and/or hourly regarding their so-called “rescue efforts”.

~Real rescues and rescuers are not constantly posting PUBLICLY about “their rescuing”, and in fact, they mostly do their rescuing “behind-the-scenes” and are not always “staging” “crisis rescues” and crowing about how they are “helping” animals and people.

~Real rescues and rescuers may ask for, and take in donations because that’s what non-profits do.
And sometimes they may even run fundraisers for specific purposes. However, since the operation of their animal rescue is NOT based upon RELYING on donations from the kind-hearted, animal loving PUBLIC, real rescues don’t hound the public constantly to “help them” supposedly “rescue” animals.

~Real rescues and rescuers DO NOT post when they are “helping” someone that “waved the white flag of surrender” because that would be embarrassing to those being “helped”, it could turn into a “life ruining” event, and its NOT what real rescues and nice people do to other people.
There’s also no telling how much harassment, extortion, threats, and bullying occurred before the poor animal owners capitulated and “surrendered” and were forced to “take the help” these dealers/traders were forcing upon them with the threat of attacking them with a “social media madness mob” if they didn’t “surrender”.
THIS is why animal owners should NEVER sign a confidentiality agreement/non-disclosure contract with a “rescue” —
because real rescues and rescuers would NEVER ask anyone to sign away their constitutional right to speak about their dealings with a rescue.

~And most importantly, real rescues and rescuers that operate publicly, market themselves publicly, and are primarily publicly-donation-funded will answer ALL of the QUESTIONS and provide ALL of the INFORMATION asked for on the questionnaire because its “not cool” and not respectful to ask the PUBLIC for their MONEY and SUPPORT, but then REFUSE to answer their QUESTIONS on the questionnaire at this link:

Accountability and Full Disclosure Questionnaire-A Necessity

red flag1

In closing, if a primarily PUBLICLY DONATION-FUNDED rescue ignores and/or refuses to answer the SIMPLE questions on the questionnaire, and will NOT provide information about themselves, do yourself a favor kind-hearted, sympathetic, compassionate, animal loving public, and you may also perhaps keep yourself from having legal trouble possibly befalling you because you got involved with a ‘retail rescue’ – RUN far and fast the other direction from PUBLICLY DONATION-FUNDED, PUBLICLY-MARKETED, and PUBLICLY-OPERATED ‘rescues’ that WILL NOT answer SIMPLE questions because that is a huge RED FLAG WARNING as big as the universe that there is something VERY WRONG.

And chances are that NOT many animals are being “helped” by these animal dealers and traders posing as “rescues”, MOST people would not ask a retail rescue for “help” if they were the last people on Earth because they are afraid of being publicly ripped-to-shreds by them, and instead of your hard-earned donation money helping animals, YOUR donation money is actually helping get many animals KILLED because they were BETRAYED by those POSING as rescuers that valued the money and the praise over the life of an animal that often should have, and could have, lived a peaceful, happy life.


Joshua Rockwood – A Score for the “Little Guy” Against Rogue Animal Rescues AND Heavy-Handed Government Agencies

A victory for the small farmer Joshua Rockwood regarding the seizure of his animals:

Some animal ‘rescues’ known as ‘retail rescues’ (primarily publicly-donation-funded rescues) have made an extremely PROFITABLE BUSINESS out of doing seizures of animals (called “seizure scams” or “rescue raids”) whereby they “partner” with animal controls and law enforcement, and they literally steal peoples animals from them.

Sometimes they do not do the seizure themselves, but are instead being vastly compensated to the tune of whatever they say they CHARGE for “impound/seizure boarding” of seized animals.

In a seizure scam scenario, they try and make the owner sign the animals over to them under duress, with promises that the “rescue” won’t “trash them” in the media the rescue has on speed dial, libel them, defame them publicly, get the media involved, etc.


The problem is that RARELY happens, and the “rescue” “trashes” and “drags the owners through the mud” anyway because THAT is how they get the naïve and gullible animal loving donating public to SEND THEM MONEY in the form of FREE MONEY “DONATIONS” and other material goods – like professional panhandlers living off the kindness of others, they must have “the hook” of the so-called “cruel, neglectful, abusive animal OWNER” in order to get those “sympathy donations” they live off of. But instead of a sob story about themselves, which most people wouldn’t care about or take notice of, they USE animals to gain that FREE donation money that is TAX-FREE.

If the animal owner refuses to sign animals over to the ‘rescue’ and/or government agencies, then the “rescue” or agencies that seized the animals begins charging exorbitant “boarding fee’s” on animals that never should have been taken in a “seizure scam” ploy in the first place, often with the “rescue” and animal control, a state Dept. of Agriculture, and other law enforcement in COLLUSION basically ganging up on people – like shooting fish in a barrel pretty much.

Most people they choose as TARGETS FOR ATTACK normally cannot afford at least $3500 for a defense attorney just to begin a defense (in this case at the link below, this farmer was able to rally support and received approx. $55,000 in donations for his defense. Please Google Joshua Rockwood and many news stories outlining the timeline of events will appear) and depending on what charges are filed, if they had animals seized, what is being charged for the animals “impound/seizure board”, and many other factors, so these “seizure scams” are a LIFE RUINING EVENT for most people and their family’s.

People are considered guilty unless or until they are proven innocent if they are able to FIGHT BACK because a so-called “rescue” has proclaimed they are.

People turn their backs on them.

No one wants to help them for fear of being attacked themselves.

Or they don’t want “other people to think” that they “condone” behavior that MOST people have NOT A CLUE what is REALLY going on with these “seizure scams” except for what the deceptive “retail rescue”, the government agencies, and the non-fact-checking media tells them – often completely contrived and incorrect information based on lies and deception, hearsay and BS.

The people who DO KNOW what’s playing-out on social media are the sociopathic greedy scammers that plan the whole thing, and have made a VERY PROFITABLE BUSINESS out of it.


And then after the terrorism attack (the FBI calls this Animal Enterprise Terrorism) on often innocent people has played out on social media for a week, a month, or maybe longer if the victims of the attack fight back as more are trying to do, the MOB that the “rescue” has formed disperses after relentlessly attacking for however long the “rescue” wants them to attack for, “IT” dissolves, and people go back to their mundane, boring lives after getting their “crisis rescue fix” (like junkies addicted to the drama and excitement of a “crisis rescue” such as a seizure of animals) and don’t care one bit that they behaved in a life ruining, de-civilized way just because a “rescue” told them lies and untruths about people that the MOB doesn’t even really KNOWshameful, hateful, heathen behavior by people that are supposed to be civilized, kind, and caring.

Most people that have animals seized are UNABLE to fight back because they cannot afford an attorney, so they lose their animals, they are forced into a plea agreement or otherwise face jail time, their health is often destroyed, and their lives are literally ruined – and a civil “on the offense” suit is out-of-the-question because of the expense mostly.

And even if they can afford an attorney, they *may* get their animals back, but ONLY after they PAY the exorbitant “impound/seizure board” fee’s, so as often happens, they lose their animals anyway because they cannot afford those vastly INFLATED fee’s.

Emboldened by their “victory” in their “seizure scam”, the PUBLICLY-DONATION-FUNDED “rescue”, animal control, and other TAX-PAYER funded government agencies do this greedy, low-down crap over and over again because so many people are “easy pickins” because they CANNOT AFFORD legal representation to defend themselves against what is supposed to be a “rescue”, but is nothing more than a con-artist operation taking advantage of an opportunity to run scams.


With these “retail rescues” knowing how to ramp-up “social media madness mobs”, and with their willingness to LIE, be DECEPTIVE, pose as “rescuers” when they are nothing more than animal traders/dealers/flippers, “stage” photos, literally STEAL animals from people with the support of the out-of-control MOB they ramped-up within mere HOURS, this cycle repeats over and over again, with kind-hearted but naïve and gullible folks in the public on SOCIAL MEDIA and SOCIAL NETWORKNG forming MOBS that these “rescues” rely on to ATTACK, HARRASS, BULLY, TERRORIZE.

Just answer the question1

A bright development in this landscape of terrorism by so-called “rescues” acting in COLLUSION (called “partnering” by the thieves and con-artists because it ‘sounds’ “nicer” to the public they rely on to support their sorry  butts with FREE donation money) with tax-payer funded government agencies is that with greedy people being just that, GREEDY, more and more government agencies are seeing the SCAM-aspect of these ploys of animal OWNERS being attacked in EPIDEMIC proportions all over the United States (as told by Dr. Henneke, the inventor of the weight assessment scale for horses in a statement before his passing in 2012, that is used, and misused, by MOST rescues and law/animal enforcement agencies:, kind-hearted animal lovers that might have been inclined to join a MOB supporting the “rescue” and/or donate their hard-earned money to these grifters that pose as “rescues” are backing away because they are seeing that it is a SCAM, and that it could also HAPPEN TO THEM if they become a TARGET FOR ATTACK, and some of the victims of these seizure scam attacks are actually FIGHTING BACK and are getting support on filing civil law suits too.


And as more people are able to take these scammers to court, or even just get them on the stand cross-examined by their skilled defense attorney, QUESTIONS are being asked of the actual “players” in “retail rescue” and ‘seizure scams’, and they are being forced to answer truthfully UNDER OATH or risk being prosecuted for PERJURY.

So BEFORE anyone in the PUBLIC, seeing the drama and excitement on social media of supposed “animals in need”, wants to help and BEFORE they decide to perhaps SUPPORT and DONATE to a “rescue” and/or a government agency that seizes animals from their owners, please send them the information page and questionnaire at the link below.
Honest people, agencies, and rescues will be HAPPY to answer questions.

But the scammers, control freaks, and power hungry creeps – NOT SO MUCH, so please DO NOT support those animal “rescues” or government agencies that REFUSE to answer questions in any way, and they will crawl back into the holes they crawled out of.

Or perhaps these crooks and criminals will disappear into the woodwork, get real jobs that don’t include committing fraud and fleecing the public, and they won’t be stealing animals to use as pawns, charging exorbitant and inflated impound fees, and then selling and/or killing animals that the real owners, that did nothing wrong, cannot afford to get their legally owned animals back home where they belong as Joshua Rockwood will happily and rightfully be able to do with help from supporters.

Accountability and Full Disclosure Questionnaire-A Necessity

“RETAIL RESCUES” Rely on NO ONE Asking Them Questions While They Still Collect FREE MONEY From the PUBLIC

A person who is suspicious of, and has had very negative dealings with “retail rescues” (as have MANY people ALL OVER THE UNITED STATES) writes this regarding the article at the link below:

“Rescues are shipping them in by the truckload to give Americans something to “save” while rescues whine about American pet overpopulation.

It wasn’t enough that they shipped in Asian dog flu in their recent shipments…. now they are shipping in bulk loads of Golden Retrievers from Turkey…. Does anyone believe that Turkey really has an over-population of Golden Retrievers? Or were all these dogs deliberately bred for the American Retail Rescue Trade?”

Evidence concerning ‘retail rescues’ and the commission of fraud has been, and is on-going, regarding collecting documentation by tax-payer funded government agencies based on complaints being filed, defense attorney’s in various cases around the US investigating ‘rescues’ on behalf of their clients,  attorney’s filing civil lawsuits regarding defamation, libel, slander, harassment, extortion, etc, and by non-profit experts that are appalled by the criminal actions of animal rescues.

Then there are also “regular people” animal lovers that are tired of the constant fundraisers these “retail rescues” run, and these so-called “rescuers” committing fraud and living off of donation money.
Non-Profit Fraud2

And all the while, these so-called “rescues” bring in more, and more, and more animals because THAT is how they function and make their money like retailers/animal traders/dealers/flippers: “new/fresh merchandise” animals to keep the public interested in “adopting”/buying, keep the bored public involved in the excitement and drama of “crisis rescues” that are so much more adrenalin-pumping than supporting real rescues/sanctuaries/hospices whose primary participants actually do the often mundane, every day maintenance and care of animals they really have rescued and taken responsibility for no matter how long it takes to either find the animal a great home, or simply support the “animals with issues” they TOOK RESPONSIBILITY for when they rescued them, and will take care of for months or years until the animal “tells them” they do not wish to live anymore.
Oh, the primary participants in real rescues also work for a living in real jobs outside of rescue in order to support the animals they have because relying primarily on donations to support the animals they have is irresponsible and would make them “hoarders” if all of the FREE donation money coming in suddenly STOPPED coming in.

SnakeOil Salesman1

Continuing the cycle that is their “model” for their “rescue BUSINESS” they are running, after the retail rescues finish “sorting” the animals, separating the sellable animals from the un-sellable ones that have “issues” or “problems”, then the animals just seem to disappear into the black hole of never-never land for animals where they are never seen, or heard from again, and more “new merchandise” animals are brought in to “sort” and “re-stock the shelves” after the highly adoptable/sellable animals have been sold into new homes, and the “animals with issues” that are “money-pits of maintenance” with no chance of being adopted with, or without a fee, are KILLED or “disappeared” and the cycle of often ‘staged’ “crisis rescuing” and/or “seizure scams” starts all over again.

Where do your charity dollars go

Its absurd and disappointing that the American donating and supportive public refuses for the most part to ASK QUESTIONS of these publicly-donation-funded, marketed, and operated “rescues”, and don’t appear to CARE ONE BIT WHERE-OH-WHERE are ALL of the animals these rescues are collecting FREE MONEY DONATIONS on, but RARELY, if EVER, show vet reports for ALL of the ‘rescued’ animals they “say” their vet IS evaluating and checking out and providing treatment for, WHERE are the vet bills for ALL of the rescued animals, WHERE are ALL of the euthanasia reports for the animals the ‘rescue’ “said” they “HAD” to euthanize/”put down”/kill?

And for goodness sake, WHERE ARE PHOTOS and VIDEOS of ALL OF THE ANIMALS when they are brought to the rescue, and while they are at the rescue, that the “rescue” “say’s” they are rescuing so that interested and concerned people can keep track of ALL of the animals, follow their lives, know when they are being adopted, know when and where they are being fostered, know when they “had” to be euthanized humanely, and also know when they are missing?

 Just answer the question5


WHERE IS ALL THAT FREE DONATION MONEY being used (it is easy for HONEST rescues to post their financials with a break-down of how and where the FREE donation money is being spent), since MANY of the primarily donation-funded “rescues” are ALWAYS NEEDING THE PUBLIC to SUPPORT their  so-called “work” (and wouldn’t most animal lovers have their “work” be rescuing animals and they didn’t have to work at a real job AND also take care of animals spending all their own money doing it?) because “rescue is their job”.

*MAYBE* these “rescues” that RELY on the PUBLIC to SUPPORT them financially should STOP “rescuing” animals UNTIL they find jobs and can provide for the animals themselves, and also PAY for their OWN VEHICLES, PAY THEIR OWN RENT/MORTGAGE, FEED THEIR OWN PERSONAL ANIMALS, feed their own kids, and PAY THEIR OWN BILLS like self-respecting, honest, ethical, and moral people do that are NOT SWINDLERS, CON-ARTISTS, and GRIFTERS “working the system”.

 Ask Questions Like You Care1


UNLESS or UNTIL the soft-hearted, kind, animal loving PUBLIC that are supporting the swindler rescues begin to ASK QUESTIONS, animals will continue to be USED as PAWNS for the fraudsters in animal rescue to fleece the public for FREE MONEY claiming its for ‘rescuing animals’, just as they never show the animal loving public their financials, animals will continue to be KILLED, and animals will continue to “disappear” and be disposed of in very nasty ways, which is betrayal of the worst kind.

 Non-Profit Fraud11


And it is happening because people are too afraid, too disinterested, too naïve. too apathetic, or don’t want to, or can’t deal with anything negative and they refuse to ask questions which would separate the “retail rescues” from those rescues that are THE REAL DEAL rescues that WILL answer questions.

If someone really is interested in PROTECTING ALL of the rescued animals from being USED by retail rescues, KILLED by retail rescues, or “DISAPPEARED” by retail rescues, send them the information page and the questionnaire located at the link below and see if the publicly-operated, publicly-marketed, and publicly-donation-funded rescues will fill it out and return it to the sender in the concerned PUBLIC.

Accountability and Full Disclosure Questionnaire-A Necessity

Carriage Horses and Peoples Right to Animal Ownership – Don’t Fall for the EXTREMISTS Agenda

Here’s an interesting Facebook page regarding the horse drawn carriages and the wonderful horses of Central Park.

I know some people are anti-horse drawn carriage, however, consider that horses that pull carriages in cities and businesses have laws pertaining to their working hours, their vacation time, the temps they can and cannot work in, laws regarding stabling, laws pertaining to A LOT of things.

In other words, the carriage horse industry is heavily regulated, and carriage horses are well taken care of in spite of the fact that in every walk of life there may be people who cheat, take advantage, break the law, etc, and it is THEN that the honest, law abiding people in the industry itself need to “police their own” so THEY do not get painted with the same broad brush as the cheaters, criminals, and “bad apples”.

Now consider that MANY people OWN horses that are used for various activities, whether for business use, for pleasure, as a hobby, etc, and MOST of these owners do NOT have laws describing what they can, and cannot do, with their horses.

Sure, there are laws for actual cruelty, but if people were all going around turning other people in to ‘whomever’ for their different interpretations of “crossing the line” into cruelty, or knowing that although the handling and/or activity the horse, mule, pony is doing may be a lot rougher than what they might do, it would not be considered cruelty or abuse.

Also consider that show horses, and horses performing in various disciplines and events, at local or regional levels, but even more so at a National, or an International level, for example in FEI level dressage, grand prix jumping, reining, cutting, 3-day-eventing/combined training, barrel racing, endurance riding, and many other shows and events, work VERY hard as athletes in order to perform in those events and shows, but there are NOT nearly the laws and rules pertaining to their handling and training as there are for carriage horses in these major cities.


Right now, the animal rights extremists are focused and targeting the carriage horse industry in cities, circuses that have elephants, big cats, horses, etc in them, and other animal-participation issues.

However, if these same people set their sights on National, or International level events and competitions that horses participate in, all hell will break loose because MANY of the people that join the AR extremist movement have little, to NO knowledge regarding any species of animals, they don’t have any species-specific animal husbandry education, no experience with training or handling animals, no experience handling and maintaining “animals with issues” that are physical and/or behavioral in nature, etc.

If animal OWNERS do not band together SOON and UNITE regarding ownership and their rights to utilize horses, or dogs, or llamas, or burros, or other species of animals for participation as work animals, pets, show animals, service and therapy animals, etc, their rights will be GONE.

Extremism - say no2

If animal owners do not educate the public regarding the agenda of the animal rights extremist faction that regard any uses of animals in any way as CRUELTY and ABUSE, no one should be surprised when the day comes where their ability and rights to “partner” with an animal they own in events, shows, for work, for pleasure as having an animal as a pet, as “helper” animals for therapy, etc will be GONE and it will be TOO LATE to reverse the damage.

People will only find out how rampant, terrorizing, insidious, and deplorable this issue of banning having animals in various areas of the country is, having their animals seized/stolen under color of law based on anonymous, or vindictive, false complaints, being attacked by MOBS of people sicced on them by “someone” or “something” (usually a retail rescue, a deceptive ‘rescuer’, an animal control officer misusing their authority, or all of the above), and other negative things, when people have the animals they OWN taken away from them by animal rights persons, often with the ringleaders in “retail rescue” (its called “retail rescue” because these so-called ‘rescues’ are nothing more than animal traders/dealers/flippers posing as “rescues” taking advantage of animal lovers and collecting many thousands of dollars annually in FREE donation money they DO NOT have to account for) leading the charge and ramping-up the “social media madness MOBS” with staged photos and videos, and also “partnering” with animal controls, politicians, people that have their own agenda that benefits them. 

Non-Profit Fraud2

And make NO MISTAKE, the ringleaders at retail rescues are NOT usually “into” animal welfare and/or animal rights
What they ARE “into” is ‘rescuing’ for the FREE MONEY DONATIONS, the FREE material goods they receive, the PRAISE and ACCOLADES their ‘revolving door’ of followers heap upon them, and the power and control they acquire over others, and THAT is why SO MANY of the “animals with issues” that “retail rescues” supposedly “rescue” are instead KILLED or “disappeared” .

And the politicians that get involved in issues such as the carriage horses of Central Park are also NOT “into” animal rights and/or animal welfare – they typically have another agenda, and if people will just ASK QUESTIONS, watch how fast politicians AND “retail rescues” back-peddle trying to DODGE answering.

So before people jump on any causes bandwagon, ASK QUESTIONS FIRST, don’t allow people to “TELL” you what’s going on without doing some FACT-CHECKING of your own, and be willing to stand-up for YOUR right to OWN animals because if animal owners don’t wake-up soon and get involved in protecting their rights to OWN animals, and participate with animals in various activities that not every other animal owner and/or animal lover might agree with, NO ONE will be owning animals anymore, and that would be a HORRIBLE existence to NOT have animals in OUR lives.

And you know what?

MANY animals LOVE being with “their people” too!.

Just answer the question2

When in doubt if a rescue, rescuer, animal control, humane society, spca, or other agencies and/or organizations are telling the TRUTH, ASK QUESTIONS!

And in order to help you with asking questions, please click on the link below to an information form and questionnaire to be sent to agencies and/or rescues to get answers to questions:

Accountability and Full Disclosure Questionnaire-A Necessity

Corruption and Collusion With Animal Controls and Also “RETAIL Rescues” Too!

The CORRUPTION is astonishing in this YesBiscuit blog post below, but MANY agencies and organizations count on the fact that people lead busy lives and have enough to worry about taking care of their own families, so MOST people don’t follow up on stories like these and this type of situation where a ‘shelter’ was built on private property so the public cannot visit the facility that THEIR tax-payer money built.

This is about the same as some of the federal BLM wild horse holding facilities being built on private property so tax payers can’t VIEW, keep track of, do a head count of horses and burros, etc because THEIR tax payer money built the facility on someone else’s private property they are not allowed on.

Additionally, most people do NOT ask questions regarding where ALL of the animals that animal rescues that are wholly or primarily PUBLICLY-marketed, PUBICLY-operated and PUBLICLY-donation-funded have supposedly “rescued” are at 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year after being ‘rescued’, they REFUSE to publicly POST VET REPORTS, VET BILLS, EUTHANASIA REPORTS and BILLS, etc for ALL OF THE ANIMALS they “SAY” they are “rescuing” using the PUBLIC’S DONATED $$$ and material goods.

Are the ‘rescued’ animals alive, adopted-out, unable to be adopted-out because they have physical and/or behavioral issues that make them unadoptable/SELLABLE but they don’t wish to be dead so they are living peacefully somewhere, or were they killed because no one wanted them because of “issues” and the ‘rescue’ isn’t “in the business” of taking care of animals that can’t be sold because they have issues so they regularly kill or ‘disappear’ these “types” of animals?

WHERE EXACTLY ARE ALL OF THE ANIMALS, their VET REPORTS for ALL of them, their EUTHANASIA REPORTS for ALL of the animals the ‘rescue’ killed whether they needed to be “put down” or not, PHOTOS and VIDEOS of ALL of the ANIMALS?

So these agencies and rescues will continue to do what they do and will continue to count on the FACT that most people don’t follow-up on what happens to ALL of the animals these facilities and/or rescues are “taking in” or “rescuing”, and MANY people really just DO NOT want to know what happens, they don’t want to think about it because it makes them sad, or mad, or destroys their illusions, etc.

And as always, it IS the animals that suffer the most and PAY for human failures with their lives.

For those that do care enough to ASK QUESTIONS of the various agencies and publicly-operated and publicly-donation-funded ‘rescues’, below at the link is a handy information gathering tool and questionnaire that can be sent to Animal Controls and also PUBLICLY-donation-funded rescues, humane societies, and spca’s that should be perfectly willing and happy to fill out and return it to the sender if they are in FACT a legitimate, ethical, and honest agency or organization.

And if you send it to them and they ignore and/or refuse to answer the most simple of questions, then complaints should be filed with the county/city managers in whatever county or city the animal control is located in, complaints sent to the DA’s office in whatever county or city the animal control, humane society, spca, or rescue is located in, and also complaints should be sent to the states Attorney Generals office of whatever State the animal rescue is located in, doing business in, and registered in.

Ask them to PLEASE get some ANSWERS for you since the tax-payer-FUNDED agency and/or PUBLICLY-donation-FUNDED animal rescue is ignoring YOU, and is refusing to ANSWER QUESTIONS that are reasonable that YOU are asking them:

Accountability and Full Disclosure Questionnaire-A Necessity