Rally’s Planned For Animal OWNERSHIP Rights on May 2, 2015

Animals Love4Please click on the TopCatsRoar blog link here or below to find out how YOU can attend a protest against the Humane Society of the United States extremist agenda  around the country and nearest you on May 2, 2015.

These rally’s are protesting the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and their goal and agenda to END the rights of anyone to OWN animals:


And also visit the OPERATION WILDFIRE Protest page on Facebook at:


Extremism - say no4

Many True Believer extremists and followers of the HSUS don’t even have animals, either through ownership, adopting, or fostering.

The reason they give usually? Animals have “rights” and no one should own them because of their rights to either be “free”, or not to be born at all.

Want to know some of the real reasons they don’t own animals? Here you go:

1. they are “guilted” into thinking that animal ownership is evil and wrong and that all animals wish to be “free”.

2. they are selfish people that refuse to own and animal, or even take in an animal that needs help, because taking care of an animal REQUIRES that people be RESPONSIBLE for the animals daily care.
THIS is difficult if a person travels, has a social life, works a lot to make money to buy items they WANT, but often don’t really NEED, etc.

3. Animals are often “messy”, they sometimes destroy things, they get hair on ones clothes, they stir up allergies, causing discomfort and inconvenience for their owners, and other things that people with little, or no connection to animals will not tolerate.

4. Owning animals requires that a responsible owner become knowledgeable regarding species-specific animal husbandry.
This is important so that the owner will be able to assess their animals behavioral, mental, and physical health, and can then make decisions that impact the animal/s they own, and are responsible for.

5. Many species of animals need other animals for various reasons.
For some domestic animals, it harks back to their ancient memories hard-wired into their psyche of “the pack”, “the herd”, “the flock”, etc for protection, for emotional reasons, for practical reasons, for companionship, etc, and unless the animal owner is with the animal 24/7/365, “single animal ownership” is not fair and not nice for the animal that is left alone some, or perhaps much, of the time.
Since most of these people would feel “put upon” by owning just one animal, owning more than one, no matter what the negatives of their animal being the solo animal in the household are, is NOT going to be a “happening-thing”.

6. Many species of animals will grow old and die before their owners as they experience the natural aging process of illness, disease, and age related conditions, and for many people in the animal rights “zero-animal-ownership”- extremism cause, they are too “sensitive”, and also a bit selfish, to have to deal with their animals growing old and dying.

7. they do not have real affection, love, and a connection to animals, and since they don’t, they’re not “feelin’-it” when other people talk about it.
They don’t “get it” and are incapable of understanding the close emotional bonds that can, and do, exist between animals and people.
And since they have never felt and SHARED this beautiful connection, and probably never will, they will NEVER understand, nor wish to understand, what other people are talking about when they talk about the bond they have with their own animals.

8. Because they aren’t “feeling” that bond and connection with animals, when they see someone that does have that closeness, bond, and love with their animal, the ugly human emotion of JEALOUSY rears its ugly head, so these people will seek to control others, they often attack, and they are perfect targets for recruitment into the animal rights extremist ranks.


All of the above being said, people DO NOT have to OWN animals if they don’t want to for whatever reasons they have.

And even if they don’t have any animals does not mean they can’t have an opinion, rally for the animals, and also help animals in need in various ways that does not include owning any.

However, just because THEY have decided NOT to own animals for practical, reasonable, or sometimes skewed reasons does NOT make them the decision-maker for ALL people in their ownership of animals.

People that don’t have animals for the above listed reasons, or for other reasons, are the perfect “social media mob” extremists for various animal rights groups that count on these types of people to “make the noise” whereby “the squeaky wheel gets the grease” when they are loud and persistent enough.

Extremism - say no3
They join the ranks of the minions that in numbers make a lot of noise, they have a sense of “belonging”, their insecurities are erased and vanish when they are around other True Believers, and when in a MOB, they feel courageous and powerful even though they are basically cowards that rarely, if ever, “go it solo”, by themselves without the MOB, rallying for their cause and/or position.

Easy pickin’s for the various animal rights cults that are the ringleaders and master manipulators, that are also LINING-their-pockets by the millions upon millions of dollars annually with kind-hearted but naïve animal lovers gracious donations that actually “save” VERY FEW animals.

Its a-O.K. to have an opinion and debate, discuss, converse, and rally for ones opinion and position.

However, when people become fanatical, extreme, aggressive, unreasonable, and are also NOT knowledgeable in their opinions that are also NOT based in FACT, and they either CANNOT, or WILL NOT answer questions calmly, reasonably, rationally, and knowledgeably, and instead, they try to force their will on others on behalf of the organization “pulling their strings”, THAT is when like-minded people that are NOT extremists in any direction MUST stand up and be vocal regarding THEIR rights to OWN animals
Animals Love1

It is time for ALL animal OWNERS from ALL walks-of-life to UNITE and fight back for their right to OWN animals as pets, as working animals in partnership with humans (guide dogs, therapy animals, law enforcement dogs, hunting dogs, protection dogs (for people, other animals, and property) and other animals such as burros and llamas (they guard other animals from predators) search and rescue, etc), as partners at events, at shows, as well-raised humanely kept and managed farm animals, and as partners in helping one another understand different species that occupy this big, beautiful planet called Earth.

If ALL animal OWNERS do not wake-up soon from the insidious seeping of the extremists cutting away at peoples rights to have, take care of, and OWN animals, their ability and rights will be completely null and void and BANNED.

Animals Love2

A life without animals in it would be a truly dismal, horrible place, so please join the fight animal lovers and owners BEFORE it is too late to stop the take-over of extremists with their warped agenda of power, control, ignorance, and imbalance.


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