“Working the System” – Wrongful Seizure of Animals from Their Owners

animal control seizure3

Very tragic that vicious people with an agenda USE tax-payer-funded government agencies like animal control, cps, the DA’s office, etc to exact revenge on people that “cross them”, “call them out” on things, ask them too many questions, have animals that ‘someone’ wants, is a ‘rescue’ that isn’t really a rescue and are actually animal dealers/traders/flippers wanting to “put their name on the map” and does a hyped-up and manufactured “crisis scenario” so they can get thousands of dollars in FREE donation money and “Likes” and a following, or all of the above.

When evil, unscrupulous, unethical, dishonest, and immoral people have ugly agendas that will benefit them, they destroy families and their animals, the government agencies and/or PUBLIC-donation-funded ‘rescues’ vested with “saving” or “rescuing” the animals instead kill them accidently, or very often as happens with dogs and horses (and in this families circumstance, their cats) especially, they willfully kill them ON PURPOSE, and then blame the owner they were stolen from, and on it goes, with more and more attacks on animal owners happening every day.

To read about the Lee Family’s continuing trauma and the attacks on them, please click on the link:


It is one thing to investigate issues regarding animals to make sure everything is O.K. and issues are being addressed.

However, it is quite another when animals, and children too in many cases, are USED as PAWNS, and are seized/stolen as a 1st course of action rather than RESCUES HELPING PEOPLE KEEP THEIR ANIMALS (!), but then the agencies and/or ‘rescues’ REFUSE to publicly post ALL photos and videos taken of ALL of the animals BEFORE they are removed from the OWNERS property, ALL photos and videos of ALL of the animal at whatever facility they are taken too, publicly post ALL vet reports on ALL of the animals instead of saying “the vet said”  expecting that people are naïve enough to believe whatever someone tells them “the vet said” rather than having them PUBLICLY POST the actual vet reports

OH, that’s right, these people DO count on the FACT that most people NEVER ask questions, so they continue to “work the marks” in the public for FREE donation money, for support, for forming attack MOBS, etc, as the naïve, gullible people they are, and that’s why these “crisis rescues” and “seizure scams” continue to happen over and over again since SOCIAL MEDIA and SOCIAL NETWORKING has ENABLED CROOKS to ramp-up MOBS of people to go on the attack on people for them, whether those being attacked are guilty of something, but OFTEN are NOT.

People that are greedy, nasty, and trashy enough to USE tax-payer funded government agencies, or who are themselves PUBLICLY-OPERATED-DONATION-FUNDED animal “rescues” also count on the *probability* that the people being attacked cannot afford either a defense attorney, let alone an offense attorney for a civil suit.
Sadly, most people that are attacked (this scam is happening in epidemic proportions all over the US) can’t do a thing about getting JUSTICE because they can’t afford to.

This gal in the story at the link above has shown PROOF and factual information when asked for it of her care and maintenance of her animals, and also her children, but please notice that she is getting NO HELP from anyone on her fundraiser to get JUSTICE for her family, and for her animals that were KILLED after they were supposed to be “RESCUED”.

Why is it that Joshua Rockwood, a farmer that has his animals unjustly seized, was able to receive $55,000 in donations for attorney’s fee’s, but the Lee Family, who were, and perhaps still are, a registered 501c3 animal rescue are receiving NOTHING?

BECAUSE farmers and livestock producers tend to stick together and SUPPORT one another so this crap doesn’t happen to them too, whereas some rescues known as “retail rescues” have a twisted agenda and a weird kind of “competition with all other rescues (unless they are currently “partnering” with them, but that could change in a second and then they’ll be trashing one another like they do to everyone else) where they are “competing” for donations, for a following, for “Likes” on a social media page, for the title of “the biggest and best rescue”, or for any number of other reasons normal people and true and good rescues just don’t understand because its deviant behavior.

Those that run “retail rescues” also have an MO of lying, embellishing, creating drama and crisis where none exists, they refuse to answer reasonable questions posed to them by the public that supports them, and are basically sly, dishonest, immoral, and vicious.
Because of ‘retail rescues’ being grifters and scammers, most rescues, whether donation-funded or self-funded, become suspect in peoples minds, and thus, when a rescue like what the Lee Family had is attacked, people just figure they were a scammer rescue too and NO ONE wants to help them.

And all the while, the liars and cheaters at the retail rescues just keep scammin’ along, destroying family’s, decimating peoples finances, killing un-useable animals after they’ve exhausted the animals “donation-value”, committing fraud because no one asks them pertinent questions about their finances, and the “crisis rescue”-cycle repeats again and again.

Never happen to me
People may say “this could never happen to me because I’m a rescue”, or “I take good care of my animals”.

However, unless animal OWNERS UNITE NOW, in the current climate of topsy-turvy Alice down the rabbit hole world of “retail rescues” and/or animal rights True Believers “workin’ it” on social media and social networking – and please note, these ghouls ALWAYS contact as many mainstream media outlets as they can to cover the DRAMA of a seizure and “why” it “HAD” to be done – it literally can, and does, happen to ANYONE.

THAT is why people that are attempting to get JUSTICE in a COURT of LAW MUST be helped and supported because the sad and cruel fact is that most people that have been ATTACKED cannot win in social media because its exactly like dealing with a 7th grade social structure of unreasonableness, jealousy, “you stole my boyfriend and now I hate you” vindictiveness, even though many ringleaders of the attacks, and their MOBS they whip-up, are not only adults, but they also are “raising” children too!

And even when someone is able to hire a defense attorney to defend them, A LOT of the serious damage has ALREADY BEEN DONE, with animals seized/stolen, animals killed, reputations and finances ruined, many of the victims of these attacks develop health issues, PTSD, and some even COMMIT SUICIDE in order to get relief from the terror, the stress, and the depression they are suffering from.

If more victims were able to go on the OFFENSE and were able to afford to file CIVIL SUITS against their attackers because of unjust and illegal seizures perpetrated upon them by people with an agenda that often includes MONEY, POWER, CONTROL, PRAISE, and ACCOLADES, these civil suits would SEND A MESSAGE to those that have thus far not suffered any consequences of their often illegal, dishonest, immoral, and uncivilized actions, and would likely stop an attack before it ever gets started UNLESS their was factual proof of cruelty, neglect, abuse to animals.

What is often seen now are unfounded and frivolous attacks that benefit very few people, and often get the so-called “rescued” animals KILLED because NO ONE, and most especially the “retail rescues”, want to MAINTAIN for MONTHS or YEARS “animals with issues” that cannot be adopted-out/sold.

There are documented instances of some horse rescues selling “horses with issues” into the slaughter pipeline (called “back-dooring”) through feedlots, through middlemen so their names are not associated with the horse going to slaughter, and through out-of-their-area sales, because these horses they were supposed to be “rescuing” when they seized them cannot be adopted-out with, or even without a fee because they have behavioral and/or physical issues.

Some horse “rescues” also haul “horses with issues” that were supposed to be “rescued”, and that they very likely collected DONATION MONEY from the animal-loving public to “rescue”, to their local carnivore sanctuary where the horse is then shot, quartered, and fed to the carnivores at the “sanctuary” (not sure if its really a “sanctuary” if they are feeding their animals drug and “additive” tainted horse meat – sounds more like cruelty and abuse in many peoples minds).

These type of “rescues” (they are in many cases horse traders/dealers/flippers posing as rescues) don’t disclose to their followers how many horses they currently have at their facility because they don’t want to answer questions of “where are ALL of the horses you have rescued using donations?”, “how were they euthanized/’put-down’?”, “where is the vet report that outlines what was wrong with the animal?”, and “where is the euthanasia report describing the method of euthanasia?”

And since they count on the FACT that most people NEVER ASK QUESTIONS, they get away with killing animals that they were supposed to be rescuingTHAT is NASTY, IMMORAL, DISRESPECTFUL to the public that supports them with thousands of $$$$ of FREE donation money they live off of, pay their bills with, feed their kids and their own personal animals with, get their hair and nails done with, go on vacations with but lie and say its a “rescue-related” ‘trip’, etc, and it is the ultimate TRAGEDY for the animal that is KILLED before their time just because the phony “rescue” didn’t want to take care of, and maintain an animal that has no useful purpose.

Then there are the documented instances of dog/cat rescues turning dogs and cats into out-of-their-area animal controls as owner surrenders to be euthanized because these “retail rescues” are NOT  in the business of maintaining “animals with issues” for months or years that they were/are supposed to be “RESCUING” when they seize/steal them from their owners.that have exhausted their “sympathy/pity-donation-value”, and that can’t be adopted/sold because of their ISSUES.
There is also documentation showing some dog/cat rescues dumping animals out of a vehicle to fend for themselves out of the area in which the rescue is located – low-down, vile behavior from people that are scamming the public out of free donation money.


And anyone that proclaims they’ve never had occurrences such as flooding, accidents, etc that were not planned on are speaking in mistruths for whatever reasons they may have, but that is what people that run “seizure scams” count on; negative things occurring in peoples lives that they are trying to deal with, and then they attack, they lie, they steal, they enlist other people to help them that are as unethical, nasty, and lying as they are, and they count on the naïve and gullible PUBLIC to help them with money, support, and numbers to attack people they DON’T EVEN KNOW, when the PUBLIC is simply being USED

When those naïve people in the public that thought they were “helping” a legitimate rescue are served with civil lawsuit papers because they were attacking, libeling, defaming, harassing, coercing, and other illegal and uncivilized things, on social media and networking so-called but unproven abuse, neglect, or cruelty to animals, the ruthless, uncivilized people with the so-called “rescue” they were helping will be no where to be found to “help” those that helped them when those in the PUBLIC are sued – their only interest is in achieving whatever their agenda is, period, and it will be “every man, woman, and child for themselves”.

Proactive6 Proactive1

So if people can at least read the Lee Family’s story, where they are  trying to teach their children that JUSTICE can prevail if people don’t quit, and understand that you may say “that would never happen to me”, but if, or WHEN it does happen to you because you’ve made the wrong person mad and/or YOU have animals someone else wants to collect donations off of, and then SELL your nicer animals calling it “adoption”, while KILLING your UN-USEABLE animals after their “donation-value” is exhausted (and they WILL blame it on you that they HAD to KILL your animal because you neglected them), you may wish you had paid more attention to stories like this one, and then maybe would-be attackers and/or people that “work the system” and are con-artists could have been run “out-of-business”, investigated, prosecuted by a DA and/or in a civil suit as more people are doing when they have been wrongfully attacked by criminals, found guilty and are paying the price for their swindles and scams that destroy family’s, and that KILL animals too.

Proactive3Please read this related blog post regarding being PROACTIVE and ASKING QUESTIONS to be asked to separate the real rescues and government agencies they “partner” with, from the scammer rescues and agencies:



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  1. My assistance dog was taken and killed before the court case, I was accused of starving him (the inspector himself said I was feeding him a good amount of food) I now have a 5year animal ban and a criminal record.


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