Carriage Horses and Peoples Right to Animal Ownership – Don’t Fall for the EXTREMISTS Agenda

Here’s an interesting Facebook page regarding the horse drawn carriages and the wonderful horses of Central Park.

I know some people are anti-horse drawn carriage, however, consider that horses that pull carriages in cities and businesses have laws pertaining to their working hours, their vacation time, the temps they can and cannot work in, laws regarding stabling, laws pertaining to A LOT of things.

In other words, the carriage horse industry is heavily regulated, and carriage horses are well taken care of in spite of the fact that in every walk of life there may be people who cheat, take advantage, break the law, etc, and it is THEN that the honest, law abiding people in the industry itself need to “police their own” so THEY do not get painted with the same broad brush as the cheaters, criminals, and “bad apples”.

Now consider that MANY people OWN horses that are used for various activities, whether for business use, for pleasure, as a hobby, etc, and MOST of these owners do NOT have laws describing what they can, and cannot do, with their horses.

Sure, there are laws for actual cruelty, but if people were all going around turning other people in to ‘whomever’ for their different interpretations of “crossing the line” into cruelty, or knowing that although the handling and/or activity the horse, mule, pony is doing may be a lot rougher than what they might do, it would not be considered cruelty or abuse.

Also consider that show horses, and horses performing in various disciplines and events, at local or regional levels, but even more so at a National, or an International level, for example in FEI level dressage, grand prix jumping, reining, cutting, 3-day-eventing/combined training, barrel racing, endurance riding, and many other shows and events, work VERY hard as athletes in order to perform in those events and shows, but there are NOT nearly the laws and rules pertaining to their handling and training as there are for carriage horses in these major cities.


Right now, the animal rights extremists are focused and targeting the carriage horse industry in cities, circuses that have elephants, big cats, horses, etc in them, and other animal-participation issues.

However, if these same people set their sights on National, or International level events and competitions that horses participate in, all hell will break loose because MANY of the people that join the AR extremist movement have little, to NO knowledge regarding any species of animals, they don’t have any species-specific animal husbandry education, no experience with training or handling animals, no experience handling and maintaining “animals with issues” that are physical and/or behavioral in nature, etc.

If animal OWNERS do not band together SOON and UNITE regarding ownership and their rights to utilize horses, or dogs, or llamas, or burros, or other species of animals for participation as work animals, pets, show animals, service and therapy animals, etc, their rights will be GONE.

Extremism - say no2

If animal owners do not educate the public regarding the agenda of the animal rights extremist faction that regard any uses of animals in any way as CRUELTY and ABUSE, no one should be surprised when the day comes where their ability and rights to “partner” with an animal they own in events, shows, for work, for pleasure as having an animal as a pet, as “helper” animals for therapy, etc will be GONE and it will be TOO LATE to reverse the damage.

People will only find out how rampant, terrorizing, insidious, and deplorable this issue of banning having animals in various areas of the country is, having their animals seized/stolen under color of law based on anonymous, or vindictive, false complaints, being attacked by MOBS of people sicced on them by “someone” or “something” (usually a retail rescue, a deceptive ‘rescuer’, an animal control officer misusing their authority, or all of the above), and other negative things, when people have the animals they OWN taken away from them by animal rights persons, often with the ringleaders in “retail rescue” (its called “retail rescue” because these so-called ‘rescues’ are nothing more than animal traders/dealers/flippers posing as “rescues” taking advantage of animal lovers and collecting many thousands of dollars annually in FREE donation money they DO NOT have to account for) leading the charge and ramping-up the “social media madness MOBS” with staged photos and videos, and also “partnering” with animal controls, politicians, people that have their own agenda that benefits them. 

Non-Profit Fraud2

And make NO MISTAKE, the ringleaders at retail rescues are NOT usually “into” animal welfare and/or animal rights
What they ARE “into” is ‘rescuing’ for the FREE MONEY DONATIONS, the FREE material goods they receive, the PRAISE and ACCOLADES their ‘revolving door’ of followers heap upon them, and the power and control they acquire over others, and THAT is why SO MANY of the “animals with issues” that “retail rescues” supposedly “rescue” are instead KILLED or “disappeared” .

And the politicians that get involved in issues such as the carriage horses of Central Park are also NOT “into” animal rights and/or animal welfare – they typically have another agenda, and if people will just ASK QUESTIONS, watch how fast politicians AND “retail rescues” back-peddle trying to DODGE answering.

So before people jump on any causes bandwagon, ASK QUESTIONS FIRST, don’t allow people to “TELL” you what’s going on without doing some FACT-CHECKING of your own, and be willing to stand-up for YOUR right to OWN animals because if animal owners don’t wake-up soon and get involved in protecting their rights to OWN animals, and participate with animals in various activities that not every other animal owner and/or animal lover might agree with, NO ONE will be owning animals anymore, and that would be a HORRIBLE existence to NOT have animals in OUR lives.

And you know what?

MANY animals LOVE being with “their people” too!.

Just answer the question2

When in doubt if a rescue, rescuer, animal control, humane society, spca, or other agencies and/or organizations are telling the TRUTH, ASK QUESTIONS!

And in order to help you with asking questions, please click on the link below to an information form and questionnaire to be sent to agencies and/or rescues to get answers to questions:

Accountability and Full Disclosure Questionnaire-A Necessity


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