Corruption and Collusion With Animal Controls and Also “RETAIL Rescues” Too!

The CORRUPTION is astonishing in this YesBiscuit blog post below, but MANY agencies and organizations count on the fact that people lead busy lives and have enough to worry about taking care of their own families, so MOST people don’t follow up on stories like these and this type of situation where a ‘shelter’ was built on private property so the public cannot visit the facility that THEIR tax-payer money built.

This is about the same as some of the federal BLM wild horse holding facilities being built on private property so tax payers can’t VIEW, keep track of, do a head count of horses and burros, etc because THEIR tax payer money built the facility on someone else’s private property they are not allowed on.

Additionally, most people do NOT ask questions regarding where ALL of the animals that animal rescues that are wholly or primarily PUBLICLY-marketed, PUBICLY-operated and PUBLICLY-donation-funded have supposedly “rescued” are at 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year after being ‘rescued’, they REFUSE to publicly POST VET REPORTS, VET BILLS, EUTHANASIA REPORTS and BILLS, etc for ALL OF THE ANIMALS they “SAY” they are “rescuing” using the PUBLIC’S DONATED $$$ and material goods.

Are the ‘rescued’ animals alive, adopted-out, unable to be adopted-out because they have physical and/or behavioral issues that make them unadoptable/SELLABLE but they don’t wish to be dead so they are living peacefully somewhere, or were they killed because no one wanted them because of “issues” and the ‘rescue’ isn’t “in the business” of taking care of animals that can’t be sold because they have issues so they regularly kill or ‘disappear’ these “types” of animals?

WHERE EXACTLY ARE ALL OF THE ANIMALS, their VET REPORTS for ALL of them, their EUTHANASIA REPORTS for ALL of the animals the ‘rescue’ killed whether they needed to be “put down” or not, PHOTOS and VIDEOS of ALL of the ANIMALS?

So these agencies and rescues will continue to do what they do and will continue to count on the FACT that most people don’t follow-up on what happens to ALL of the animals these facilities and/or rescues are “taking in” or “rescuing”, and MANY people really just DO NOT want to know what happens, they don’t want to think about it because it makes them sad, or mad, or destroys their illusions, etc.

And as always, it IS the animals that suffer the most and PAY for human failures with their lives.

For those that do care enough to ASK QUESTIONS of the various agencies and publicly-operated and publicly-donation-funded ‘rescues’, below at the link is a handy information gathering tool and questionnaire that can be sent to Animal Controls and also PUBLICLY-donation-funded rescues, humane societies, and spca’s that should be perfectly willing and happy to fill out and return it to the sender if they are in FACT a legitimate, ethical, and honest agency or organization.

And if you send it to them and they ignore and/or refuse to answer the most simple of questions, then complaints should be filed with the county/city managers in whatever county or city the animal control is located in, complaints sent to the DA’s office in whatever county or city the animal control, humane society, spca, or rescue is located in, and also complaints should be sent to the states Attorney Generals office of whatever State the animal rescue is located in, doing business in, and registered in.

Ask them to PLEASE get some ANSWERS for you since the tax-payer-FUNDED agency and/or PUBLICLY-donation-FUNDED animal rescue is ignoring YOU, and is refusing to ANSWER QUESTIONS that are reasonable that YOU are asking them:

Accountability and Full Disclosure Questionnaire-A Necessity


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