Joshua Rockwood – A Score for the “Little Guy” Against Rogue Animal Rescues AND Heavy-Handed Government Agencies

A victory for the small farmer Joshua Rockwood regarding the seizure of his animals:

Some animal ‘rescues’ known as ‘retail rescues’ (primarily publicly-donation-funded rescues) have made an extremely PROFITABLE BUSINESS out of doing seizures of animals (called “seizure scams” or “rescue raids”) whereby they “partner” with animal controls and law enforcement, and they literally steal peoples animals from them.

Sometimes they do not do the seizure themselves, but are instead being vastly compensated to the tune of whatever they say they CHARGE for “impound/seizure boarding” of seized animals.

In a seizure scam scenario, they try and make the owner sign the animals over to them under duress, with promises that the “rescue” won’t “trash them” in the media the rescue has on speed dial, libel them, defame them publicly, get the media involved, etc.


The problem is that RARELY happens, and the “rescue” “trashes” and “drags the owners through the mud” anyway because THAT is how they get the naïve and gullible animal loving donating public to SEND THEM MONEY in the form of FREE MONEY “DONATIONS” and other material goods – like professional panhandlers living off the kindness of others, they must have “the hook” of the so-called “cruel, neglectful, abusive animal OWNER” in order to get those “sympathy donations” they live off of. But instead of a sob story about themselves, which most people wouldn’t care about or take notice of, they USE animals to gain that FREE donation money that is TAX-FREE.

If the animal owner refuses to sign animals over to the ‘rescue’ and/or government agencies, then the “rescue” or agencies that seized the animals begins charging exorbitant “boarding fee’s” on animals that never should have been taken in a “seizure scam” ploy in the first place, often with the “rescue” and animal control, a state Dept. of Agriculture, and other law enforcement in COLLUSION basically ganging up on people – like shooting fish in a barrel pretty much.

Most people they choose as TARGETS FOR ATTACK normally cannot afford at least $3500 for a defense attorney just to begin a defense (in this case at the link below, this farmer was able to rally support and received approx. $55,000 in donations for his defense. Please Google Joshua Rockwood and many news stories outlining the timeline of events will appear) and depending on what charges are filed, if they had animals seized, what is being charged for the animals “impound/seizure board”, and many other factors, so these “seizure scams” are a LIFE RUINING EVENT for most people and their family’s.

People are considered guilty unless or until they are proven innocent if they are able to FIGHT BACK because a so-called “rescue” has proclaimed they are.

People turn their backs on them.

No one wants to help them for fear of being attacked themselves.

Or they don’t want “other people to think” that they “condone” behavior that MOST people have NOT A CLUE what is REALLY going on with these “seizure scams” except for what the deceptive “retail rescue”, the government agencies, and the non-fact-checking media tells them – often completely contrived and incorrect information based on lies and deception, hearsay and BS.

The people who DO KNOW what’s playing-out on social media are the sociopathic greedy scammers that plan the whole thing, and have made a VERY PROFITABLE BUSINESS out of it.


And then after the terrorism attack (the FBI calls this Animal Enterprise Terrorism) on often innocent people has played out on social media for a week, a month, or maybe longer if the victims of the attack fight back as more are trying to do, the MOB that the “rescue” has formed disperses after relentlessly attacking for however long the “rescue” wants them to attack for, “IT” dissolves, and people go back to their mundane, boring lives after getting their “crisis rescue fix” (like junkies addicted to the drama and excitement of a “crisis rescue” such as a seizure of animals) and don’t care one bit that they behaved in a life ruining, de-civilized way just because a “rescue” told them lies and untruths about people that the MOB doesn’t even really KNOWshameful, hateful, heathen behavior by people that are supposed to be civilized, kind, and caring.

Most people that have animals seized are UNABLE to fight back because they cannot afford an attorney, so they lose their animals, they are forced into a plea agreement or otherwise face jail time, their health is often destroyed, and their lives are literally ruined – and a civil “on the offense” suit is out-of-the-question because of the expense mostly.

And even if they can afford an attorney, they *may* get their animals back, but ONLY after they PAY the exorbitant “impound/seizure board” fee’s, so as often happens, they lose their animals anyway because they cannot afford those vastly INFLATED fee’s.

Emboldened by their “victory” in their “seizure scam”, the PUBLICLY-DONATION-FUNDED “rescue”, animal control, and other TAX-PAYER funded government agencies do this greedy, low-down crap over and over again because so many people are “easy pickins” because they CANNOT AFFORD legal representation to defend themselves against what is supposed to be a “rescue”, but is nothing more than a con-artist operation taking advantage of an opportunity to run scams.


With these “retail rescues” knowing how to ramp-up “social media madness mobs”, and with their willingness to LIE, be DECEPTIVE, pose as “rescuers” when they are nothing more than animal traders/dealers/flippers, “stage” photos, literally STEAL animals from people with the support of the out-of-control MOB they ramped-up within mere HOURS, this cycle repeats over and over again, with kind-hearted but naïve and gullible folks in the public on SOCIAL MEDIA and SOCIAL NETWORKNG forming MOBS that these “rescues” rely on to ATTACK, HARRASS, BULLY, TERRORIZE.

Just answer the question1

A bright development in this landscape of terrorism by so-called “rescues” acting in COLLUSION (called “partnering” by the thieves and con-artists because it ‘sounds’ “nicer” to the public they rely on to support their sorry  butts with FREE donation money) with tax-payer funded government agencies is that with greedy people being just that, GREEDY, more and more government agencies are seeing the SCAM-aspect of these ploys of animal OWNERS being attacked in EPIDEMIC proportions all over the United States (as told by Dr. Henneke, the inventor of the weight assessment scale for horses in a statement before his passing in 2012, that is used, and misused, by MOST rescues and law/animal enforcement agencies:, kind-hearted animal lovers that might have been inclined to join a MOB supporting the “rescue” and/or donate their hard-earned money to these grifters that pose as “rescues” are backing away because they are seeing that it is a SCAM, and that it could also HAPPEN TO THEM if they become a TARGET FOR ATTACK, and some of the victims of these seizure scam attacks are actually FIGHTING BACK and are getting support on filing civil law suits too.


And as more people are able to take these scammers to court, or even just get them on the stand cross-examined by their skilled defense attorney, QUESTIONS are being asked of the actual “players” in “retail rescue” and ‘seizure scams’, and they are being forced to answer truthfully UNDER OATH or risk being prosecuted for PERJURY.

So BEFORE anyone in the PUBLIC, seeing the drama and excitement on social media of supposed “animals in need”, wants to help and BEFORE they decide to perhaps SUPPORT and DONATE to a “rescue” and/or a government agency that seizes animals from their owners, please send them the information page and questionnaire at the link below.
Honest people, agencies, and rescues will be HAPPY to answer questions.

But the scammers, control freaks, and power hungry creeps – NOT SO MUCH, so please DO NOT support those animal “rescues” or government agencies that REFUSE to answer questions in any way, and they will crawl back into the holes they crawled out of.

Or perhaps these crooks and criminals will disappear into the woodwork, get real jobs that don’t include committing fraud and fleecing the public, and they won’t be stealing animals to use as pawns, charging exorbitant and inflated impound fees, and then selling and/or killing animals that the real owners, that did nothing wrong, cannot afford to get their legally owned animals back home where they belong as Joshua Rockwood will happily and rightfully be able to do with help from supporters.

Accountability and Full Disclosure Questionnaire-A Necessity

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