“RETAIL RESCUES” Rely on NO ONE Asking Them Questions While They Still Collect FREE MONEY From the PUBLIC

A person who is suspicious of, and has had very negative dealings with “retail rescues” (as have MANY people ALL OVER THE UNITED STATES) writes this regarding the article at the link below:

“Rescues are shipping them in by the truckload to give Americans something to “save” while rescues whine about American pet overpopulation.

It wasn’t enough that they shipped in Asian dog flu in their recent shipments…. now they are shipping in bulk loads of Golden Retrievers from Turkey…. Does anyone believe that Turkey really has an over-population of Golden Retrievers? Or were all these dogs deliberately bred for the American Retail Rescue Trade?”


Evidence concerning ‘retail rescues’ and the commission of fraud has been, and is on-going, regarding collecting documentation by tax-payer funded government agencies based on complaints being filed, defense attorney’s in various cases around the US investigating ‘rescues’ on behalf of their clients,  attorney’s filing civil lawsuits regarding defamation, libel, slander, harassment, extortion, etc, and by non-profit experts that are appalled by the criminal actions of animal rescues.

Then there are also “regular people” animal lovers that are tired of the constant fundraisers these “retail rescues” run, and these so-called “rescuers” committing fraud and living off of donation money.
Non-Profit Fraud2

And all the while, these so-called “rescues” bring in more, and more, and more animals because THAT is how they function and make their money like retailers/animal traders/dealers/flippers: “new/fresh merchandise” animals to keep the public interested in “adopting”/buying, keep the bored public involved in the excitement and drama of “crisis rescues” that are so much more adrenalin-pumping than supporting real rescues/sanctuaries/hospices whose primary participants actually do the often mundane, every day maintenance and care of animals they really have rescued and taken responsibility for no matter how long it takes to either find the animal a great home, or simply support the “animals with issues” they TOOK RESPONSIBILITY for when they rescued them, and will take care of for months or years until the animal “tells them” they do not wish to live anymore.
Oh, the primary participants in real rescues also work for a living in real jobs outside of rescue in order to support the animals they have because relying primarily on donations to support the animals they have is irresponsible and would make them “hoarders” if all of the FREE donation money coming in suddenly STOPPED coming in.

SnakeOil Salesman1

Continuing the cycle that is their “model” for their “rescue BUSINESS” they are running, after the retail rescues finish “sorting” the animals, separating the sellable animals from the un-sellable ones that have “issues” or “problems”, then the animals just seem to disappear into the black hole of never-never land for animals where they are never seen, or heard from again, and more “new merchandise” animals are brought in to “sort” and “re-stock the shelves” after the highly adoptable/sellable animals have been sold into new homes, and the “animals with issues” that are “money-pits of maintenance” with no chance of being adopted with, or without a fee, are KILLED or “disappeared” and the cycle of often ‘staged’ “crisis rescuing” and/or “seizure scams” starts all over again.

Where do your charity dollars go

Its absurd and disappointing that the American donating and supportive public refuses for the most part to ASK QUESTIONS of these publicly-donation-funded, marketed, and operated “rescues”, and don’t appear to CARE ONE BIT WHERE-OH-WHERE are ALL of the animals these rescues are collecting FREE MONEY DONATIONS on, but RARELY, if EVER, show vet reports for ALL of the ‘rescued’ animals they “say” their vet IS evaluating and checking out and providing treatment for, WHERE are the vet bills for ALL of the rescued animals, WHERE are ALL of the euthanasia reports for the animals the ‘rescue’ “said” they “HAD” to euthanize/”put down”/kill?

And for goodness sake, WHERE ARE PHOTOS and VIDEOS of ALL OF THE ANIMALS when they are brought to the rescue, and while they are at the rescue, that the “rescue” “say’s” they are rescuing so that interested and concerned people can keep track of ALL of the animals, follow their lives, know when they are being adopted, know when and where they are being fostered, know when they “had” to be euthanized humanely, and also know when they are missing?

 Just answer the question5


WHERE IS ALL THAT FREE DONATION MONEY being used (it is easy for HONEST rescues to post their financials with a break-down of how and where the FREE donation money is being spent), since MANY of the primarily donation-funded “rescues” are ALWAYS NEEDING THE PUBLIC to SUPPORT their  so-called “work” (and wouldn’t most animal lovers have their “work” be rescuing animals and they didn’t have to work at a real job AND also take care of animals spending all their own money doing it?) because “rescue is their job”.

*MAYBE* these “rescues” that RELY on the PUBLIC to SUPPORT them financially should STOP “rescuing” animals UNTIL they find jobs and can provide for the animals themselves, and also PAY for their OWN VEHICLES, PAY THEIR OWN RENT/MORTGAGE, FEED THEIR OWN PERSONAL ANIMALS, feed their own kids, and PAY THEIR OWN BILLS like self-respecting, honest, ethical, and moral people do that are NOT SWINDLERS, CON-ARTISTS, and GRIFTERS “working the system”.

 Ask Questions Like You Care1


UNLESS or UNTIL the soft-hearted, kind, animal loving PUBLIC that are supporting the swindler rescues begin to ASK QUESTIONS, animals will continue to be USED as PAWNS for the fraudsters in animal rescue to fleece the public for FREE MONEY claiming its for ‘rescuing animals’, just as they never show the animal loving public their financials, animals will continue to be KILLED, and animals will continue to “disappear” and be disposed of in very nasty ways, which is betrayal of the worst kind.

 Non-Profit Fraud11


And it is happening because people are too afraid, too disinterested, too naïve. too apathetic, or don’t want to, or can’t deal with anything negative and they refuse to ask questions which would separate the “retail rescues” from those rescues that are THE REAL DEAL rescues that WILL answer questions.

If someone really is interested in PROTECTING ALL of the rescued animals from being USED by retail rescues, KILLED by retail rescues, or “DISAPPEARED” by retail rescues, send them the information page and the questionnaire located at the link below and see if the publicly-operated, publicly-marketed, and publicly-donation-funded rescues will fill it out and return it to the sender in the concerned PUBLIC.

Accountability and Full Disclosure Questionnaire-A Necessity


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