Retail Rescues – Their TWISTED Brand of “Helping” Animal Owners is Often NOT Help At All


Interesting development with some of the “retail rescues” that use animals as pawns to pull in thousands upon thousands of dollars in FREE donation money.

Their “modus operandi” has been, and still is, to stage  “crisis rescues” and/or go on the attack with yet another “seizure scam” on some unsuspecting animal owner, whereby they literally STEAL peoples animals from them while in collusion (they call it “partnering” because it sounds nicer) with TAX-PAYER FUNDED government agencies such as animal control and the Department of Agriculture.

They then drag the animal owners through the mud in media, just as the owners are being terrorized and attacked by mobs of people they don’t even know that have been ramped-up and whipped into a frenzy by the retail rescue.

All of the above is done so the retail rescue can:
1. look like the “hero’s”, and get the praise and accolades the primary players in the rescue NEED in order to feel good about themselves;

2. Bring in thousands of dollars of FREE MONEY donations that they are NEVER forced to account for, and which is entirely tax free.

3. They get FREE animals that they take back to their “rescue” facility (these are usually animal dealers/traders/flippers, so it’s absurd they call their facilities “rescues”), where they then “sort them” (like what is done at kill buyers horse feedlots, at animal controls, etc), and the “good animals” are kept alive, fixed-up (they call it “rehab” because it makes it sound like they are more knowledgeable than they really are), and SOLD (called “adoption for a fee” because that sounds so “rescue-like” and not nasty like being an animal dealer/trader when one is supposed to be a “rescue”), and the “animals with issues” (behavioral/training and/or physical issues) that cannot be sold because of those issues are KILLED or disappeared like socks-in-a-dryer have a way of doing, because these retail rescues are NOT “in the business” of keeping, maintaining, and providing care for months or years to animals that can’t be USED for anything.

4. Then the cycle starts all over again because the retail rescues RELY on the PUBLIC giving them FREE MONEY DONATIONS they don’t have to account for because most of the primary players at these “rescues” don’t have real jobs outside of ‘rescue’ because “rescue is their job” – they are pretty much nothing more than welfare recipients that rely on kind-hearted animal lovers that believe their sob stories and tales of woe that OFTEN can be proven FALSE, and often considered FRAUD from a legal standpoint. Those “in the know” KNOW exactly why they write about their so-called “heroic’s” on Facebook and other social media.

Unworthy of Living3

Many of these people are extreme narcissists, histrionics’, and “into” drama, and they have certainly found their “niche” in “animal rescue” where they don’t have to be all that experienced and/or accomplished at anything in the animal world.
So they’ll do nearly anything, including breaking the law, to maintain their position.

Animal control officers now turned “rescuers” – and unfortunately for the animals, many ACO’s are seeing the lucrative, money-making opportunities in “animal rescue” where rules and regulations are few and far between, if someone’s willing to lie, cheat, harass, attack, embellish, commit fraud and other crimes, etc – ability and experience in their chosen occupation of being an ACO with KILLING thousands upon thousands of innocent animals while employed as an ACO has been coming in very handy regarding killing and “disappearing” animals because they have figured out through trial-and-error that no one in the public questions WHERE all the animals they’ve rescued CURRENTLY are.
THIS is also the reason that some retail rescue primary players so easily get ACO’s to collude with them on seizures – because they “speak the same language” since before being a “rescuer”, some “rescuers” were ACO’s themselves.

These traders/dealers at the retail rescues have figured out that all they have to do is refuse to answer questions and/or ignore questions, or maybe threaten someone with a mob attack of their naïve followers that haven’t quite figured out they are followers of people of “questionable character” and motives, and the questions vanish, or its like they were never asked at all.

Publicly-donation-funded retail rescues refuse to say WHERE ARE ALL OF THE ANIMALS they have supposedly “rescued” are right this minute, just as they keep bringing in more, and more, and more animals.

The stories and numbers don’t match-up and don’t make any kind of sense regarding the animals these ‘rescues’ say they are “rescuing”, “adopting”/selling, and how many they actually say publicly they have killed, while NEVER showing vet reports and euthanasia reports on ALL of the animals they are “rescuing”, and that they say their VET is “examining and evaluating”, using other people’s money.

clean reputation4

So now, in the spirit of trying to “clean up their reputation” (because a ‘rescue business’ that is only able to operate because of the generosity of the donating public has to at least pretend to care about their reputation because if those FREE MONEY DONATIONS dry-up, the “rescue”/dealer/trader business will collapse) and “cover their asses” (too late for that for many of them, but they can certainly try) and show they are “helping people with their animals”, some of these retail rescues are “helping”:

1. by “evaluating” the animals at the animals own home. Some rescues even “say” they take their vets with them, and if that is the case, THAT “rescue” is either rolling-in-dough and shouldn’t NEED any help from the nice public with donations if they can afford to take their vet with them, or they are not really taking their vet but want to collect donations to pay for the vet (they aren’t taking with them) anyway.
People should definitely ASK to see that bill from the vet.
And if they are so inexperienced that they “need” to take a vet with them to “evaluate” animals in order to decide which ones to steal, perhaps they shouldn’t be in the animal rescue business at all and should get a real job to support themselves and quit living off of the generosity of nice people in the public.
Hard to believe their are people that will buy in and donate to this BS, but there appear to still be a few people that do;

2. “sorting” them where they are;

3. “cherry picking” the animals they can get donations for, take back to their rescue facility retail animal sales facility and can SELL after they get them signed-over by the owner, often under duress;

4. they also take some “animals with issues” they can pull in thousands of dollars in “sympathy/pity” donations on, and then KILL the animal in secrecy later, they may just simply “disappear them” to parts unknown (some horse ‘rescues’ “disappear” horses across state lines and country borders and they go to slaughter – documented as FACT), or even when they tell their gullible and naïve followers they are going to “have” to kill the animal, they DO NOT show the vet reports and euthanasia reports describing “why” it HAD to be done.
Yes, sometimes it IS necessary to humanely euthanize animals, but when numbers “into the rescue”, and numbers “out of the  ‘rescue”, and numbers “still at the rescue” don’t add up IN THE LEAST, and the “rescue” will NOT answer questions from their donors and supporters in the PUBLIC, that is a huge cause for suspicion for WHY euthanasia was done, and HOW it was done;

5. and they call this “helping” because they are “allowing” the animal owners to actually keep some of their animals after they’ve “sorted” the animals (called “assessing” and/or “evaluating” by the ‘rescues’ because that sounds so much nicer than “sorting” what is basically nothing more than “merchandise” to them) because the animal owner “asked for help” (?!?), and supposedly “waved the white flag” – all this “showboating” makes intelligent people sick to their stomach in a shocked, and laughing-their-ass kind of way that anyone actually believes these fictional-fantasy embellished stories at all;

6. and since they also aren’t ramping-up attack MOBS and stealing animals (THIS TIME anyway), they think people will actually believe they are “helping”;

7. and surprisingly, and showing their naiveté, some people do.

8. and since these ‘rescues’ usually have the people that they are supposed to be “helping” SIGN a confidentiality/non-disclosure agreement contract where the animal owners are not allowed to discuss what went on when they were supposedly “helped” by the rescue dealers/traders/animal hijackers, the real and true story will only come out if, and when, people go to court and are under oath to tell the truth, and the agreement they signed is null and void.

Helping Animals4

Here’s the main problem with their warped and twisted brand of what these narcissists and retail rescues call “helping” – when it is blabbed ALL OVER SOCIAL MEDIA and NOT DONE in PRIVATE and with confidentiality, people get embarrassed, hurt, and it can and does still wreck, ruin, and destroy lives.

Doesn’t the public get a little tired of these “rescues” constantly crowing about their heroics and “helping”?

And this doesn’t happen occasionally, oh no, it happens daily, sometimes hourly.

Most people know that when someone feels the need to tell them over, and over, and over, how wonderful they are, they probably aren’t that wonderful.

More likely than not, they are trying to deflect the fact that not only are they NOT wonderful, they are actually trying to disguise their true motives and actions: monetary gain and getting their HUGE ego’s stroked.


The primary reason for publicly posting they are “helping” someone IS because their *BUSINESS MODEL* is BASED upon receiving PUBLIC DONATIONS/FREE MONEY and rescue is an OCCUPATION for these people that are NOT really rescuers at all – it is not a benevolent gesture to society, animal owners, or animals when they supposedly “help” because they often are NOT even 1 step-above panhandlers and welfare recipients, and there is ALWAYS something in it for them.

Doing behind-the-scenes “no fanfare” rescuing WILL NOT bring in the FREE MONEY “CRISIS RESCUING” DONATIONS from the PUBLIC these retail rescue businesses with their fictional sob stories live and operate off of.

So in order for the FREE money to KEEP coming in, EVERY little thing they do is PUBLIC NEWS, they usually send yet another PRESS RELEASE to the media outlets regarding how “wonderful” they are, but when they are caught scamming, they “cry foul” and are “hurt and upset” that people are “being mean to them”.

Delusional, but that’s the la-la scammer-land they live in.

In fact however, when some of these people are background checked, it turns out they’ve been “working the system” for years and years, always looking for those “opportunities” to make money, and get their ego’s stroked, the free and easy way; by scamming.

Just answer the question2

THAT is why when the information page and the questionnaire at the link at the bottom of this blog post is sent to them, they REFUSE to answer questions – answering questions CAN and WILL get some of them, perhaps many of them, in BIG trouble.

So before supporting and donating to an animal rescue, consider this:

~Real rescues and rescuers don’t solely RELY on, and live off of money given to them by the hard-working PUBLIC.

~Real rescues and rescuers DO NOT POST PUBLICLY every day and/or hourly regarding their so-called “rescue efforts”.

~Real rescues and rescuers are not constantly posting PUBLICLY about “their rescuing”, and in fact, they mostly do their rescuing “behind-the-scenes” and are not always “staging” “crisis rescues” and crowing about how they are “helping” animals and people.

~Real rescues and rescuers may ask for, and take in donations because that’s what non-profits do.
And sometimes they may even run fundraisers for specific purposes. However, since the operation of their animal rescue is NOT based upon RELYING on donations from the kind-hearted, animal loving PUBLIC, real rescues don’t hound the public constantly to “help them” supposedly “rescue” animals.

~Real rescues and rescuers DO NOT post when they are “helping” someone that “waved the white flag of surrender” because that would be embarrassing to those being “helped”, it could turn into a “life ruining” event, and its NOT what real rescues and nice people do to other people.
There’s also no telling how much harassment, extortion, threats, and bullying occurred before the poor animal owners capitulated and “surrendered” and were forced to “take the help” these dealers/traders were forcing upon them with the threat of attacking them with a “social media madness mob” if they didn’t “surrender”.
THIS is why animal owners should NEVER sign a confidentiality agreement/non-disclosure contract with a “rescue” —
because real rescues and rescuers would NEVER ask anyone to sign away their constitutional right to speak about their dealings with a rescue.

~And most importantly, real rescues and rescuers that operate publicly, market themselves publicly, and are primarily publicly-donation-funded will answer ALL of the QUESTIONS and provide ALL of the INFORMATION asked for on the questionnaire because its “not cool” and not respectful to ask the PUBLIC for their MONEY and SUPPORT, but then REFUSE to answer their QUESTIONS on the questionnaire at this link:

Accountability and Full Disclosure Questionnaire-A Necessity

red flag1

In closing, if a primarily PUBLICLY DONATION-FUNDED rescue ignores and/or refuses to answer the SIMPLE questions on the questionnaire, and will NOT provide information about themselves, do yourself a favor kind-hearted, sympathetic, compassionate, animal loving public, and you may also perhaps keep yourself from having legal trouble possibly befalling you because you got involved with a ‘retail rescue’ – RUN far and fast the other direction from PUBLICLY DONATION-FUNDED, PUBLICLY-MARKETED, and PUBLICLY-OPERATED ‘rescues’ that WILL NOT answer SIMPLE questions because that is a huge RED FLAG WARNING as big as the universe that there is something VERY WRONG.

And chances are that NOT many animals are being “helped” by these animal dealers and traders posing as “rescues”, MOST people would not ask a retail rescue for “help” if they were the last people on Earth because they are afraid of being publicly ripped-to-shreds by them, and instead of your hard-earned donation money helping animals, YOUR donation money is actually helping get many animals KILLED because they were BETRAYED by those POSING as rescuers that valued the money and the praise over the life of an animal that often should have, and could have, lived a peaceful, happy life.



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