Asking Questions Shouldn’t Be Precieved As A “Bad Thing”


Link to the ZooWar’s blog regarding the Comedian Lily Tomlin’s foray into animal rights:

A lot of people are certainly willing, and interested in hearing, other peoples viewpoints on various topics because it causes them to think more about their position on things and decide if they should modify their position, change it entirely, or continue on the path they have chosen.

However, when it comes to animal rights people, and even some animal welfare people, many of them only appear to have an “emotional position”, and little, or none, of their position is based on facts, practicality, reasonableness, knowledge, etc.
The easiest and most polite way to find out how much knowledge they have on an issue or topic is to gently ask them questions that are not designed to make them look ignorant, (although, if the person is behaving like a jerk, it IS easy enough to make them look like the ignorant *sshole they really are), but are designed to find out how much they really know about what topic they are speaking on.

The other option to find out how much someone really knows regarding various issues and topics they are writing and/or speaking about is to give them just enough information to “hang themselves with”.
The people that are knowledgeable will either have a rebuttal/answer immediately, or they perhaps will think about the topic and will return with an in-depth answer, or their position will unravel, which then OFTEN leads to the emotion of anger coming from them because they get angry when they are embarrassed with being “outted” regarding their ignorance of the topic they are spouting off about.

So even if someone likes Lily Tomlin as a comedian, one would certainly want to ask Ms.Tomlin questions to determine if she really knows what she’s talking about when it comes to animals and their mental and physical health, or is speaking about, and deciding all by her little lonesome and with a lack of experience in paciderm husbandry, the fate going forward of a 51 year old elephant named “Packy” currently, and for the past MANY years in the Oregon zoo, perhaps being moved to a ‘sanctuary’ (which sanctuary and where exactly is it located?) where he may, or may not, be comfortable or happy physically and/or mentally.


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