No Animal Owner is SAFE From “Retail Rescues” in Collusion With Animal Controls

Scams7“Retail rescues” that are supposed to be non-profits but are actually profiting GREATLY from the ‘rescue industry’ have a big PAY DAY when they run a ‘seizure scam’ or ‘rescue raid’ because it is a ‘crisis rescue’ and gullible animal lovers donate A LOT to be a part of an ‘exciting’ ‘rescue’.

If it really was “all about the animals”, there would NOT be a bunch of hoopla attached, the media would not be involved, these ‘rescues’ would not be pleading for donations to steal other peoples animals because they would be using THEIR OWN MONEY they work in regular jobs outside of rescue to earn, and they would also be perfectly willing to show photos of ALL of the animals seized, ALL of the vet reports, ALL of the euthanasia reports when animals are put down, and many other things that currently it practically takes an act of Congress to get them to answer even the most simple of questions.

Don’t be fooled, ASK QUESTIONS and DEMAND ANSWERS BEFORE you donate to, or support a donation-funded-rescue that is doing a seizure, or any other kind of rescue for that matter.
If they ignore your questions, DO NOT DONATE to them and/or support them in any way because that publicly donation-funded rescue is most likely a “retail rescue” that lives off the FREE $$$$$ donations they receive from the public.

From Marta Tauscher, Attorney At Law:

If the real purpose of such “rescues” is to assist law enforcement as claimed by this group’s “leader” and those who blindly follow, then why do they plaster photos of the property and the animals (e.g., the evidence) all over Facebook within hours of starting a raid? What law enforcement agency would allow its evidence to be posted on the internet?

Finally a news outlet is willing to look beyond the canned story that is edited and spoon fed to the media.

These raids are carefully orchestrated, photographed and video recorded for a number of reasons that have nothing to do with helping animals. One of the frequently repeated lines of Scotlund Haisley is that he wants to stop people who profit from the suffering of animals. Ironically, he doesn’t consider himself to be one of those people.

The people who stage these raids assure their adherents and the public that they are perfectly legal, but are they? What legal education or knowledge do these people have? What legal authority do they have to enter private property and seize animals? For that matter, what education do they have at all? Responses to questions about precisely that from a federal lawsuit are very revealing.

For those that are interested in how this works, read:”

Below at the link and also posted are some ideas for questions animal lovers can ask donation-funded rescues that do seizures of animal owners animals.

Questions should be asked BEFORE people donate and/or support the rescue that on the surface may really look like they are a rescue, but MANY of them are actually “retail rescues”, that LACK accountability and transparency, and are PROFITING ENORMOUSLY with a business model that demands they rally over and over again from FREE $$$$$ from the animal loving PUBLIC:

Accountability and Full Disclosure Questionnaire-A Necessity

Rescue Questionnaire1 Rescue Questionnaire2 Rescue Questionnaire3 Rescue Questionnaire4 Rescue Questionnaire5 Rescue Questionnaire6

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