CORRUPTION in Animal Rescue by “Retail Rescue PERVERTS”

For all of the true animal lovers that may be inadvertently supporting animal “rescues” that always seem to be “rescuing” more, and more, and more animals doing “crisis rescues” (participating in seizures, “pulling” dogs from animal controls, finding bunches of puppies in and around dumpsters, buying horses from sales, etc) with all of the fanfare, excitement, drama, media attention, and press releases that accompany them, THIS is a MUST READ.

There is no doubt that talking and thinking about the seedier side of animal rescue is difficult at best, and often extremely depressing.

People would rather think of animal rescue as always ‘sunshine and rainbows” when animals are ‘rescued’.

However, the reality of “after the rescue” often does not match most peoples image of ‘good’ and ‘great’, and is actually depressing, and actually anger and outrage-provoking in some cases.
That will change gradually as more people put the time and effort into following-up regarding ALL of the animals that are ‘rescued’ by donation-funded rescues, but the current situation is still grim for many animals that are “rescued” by ‘retail rescues’.

The story at the link below illustrates how much KILLING some of the larger animal rights/animal welfare/animal rescue organizations do.
However, it happens with all sizes of rescue organizations, and animals are KILLED and “DISAPPERARD”, with multi-species of animals being killed directly or indirectly, when “rescues” refuse to take on the responsibility of maintaining and caring for the animals they’ve ‘rescued’ that are found to have physical and/or behavioral issues that render them un-sellable/un-adoptable:

Quote’s from the article at the link above:

“The mass killing is, of course, paid for by PETA’s unsuspecting donors. And the more they donate, the harder PETA works to keep them in the dark. Individual donors who give at least $500 per year, for example, are made members of what PETA calls the Vanguard Society. Many give more. Bill Maher, Bob Barker, and Simpson’s co-creator Sam Simon, gave over $100,000 each in 2014 (Simon, who just died, is reputed to have left PETA a significant portion of his $100 million estate). Vanguard Society members are invited to spend a weekend being schmoozed by PETA every year, where staff members are assigned to them to run “intel.” One staff member reported that prior to the weekend, key staff are briefed by PETA leadership: “There was a presentation all about the donors who would be attending, personal info, and anything about PETA they disliked.” The purpose was to neutralize the possibility they would stop donating by assigning people to counter any concerns.”


“When you have a group of individuals who believe that killing is not only ethical, but morally obligatory, who have proven they are willing to lie, manipulate and break the law in order to do so while hiding behind a false reputation of “good works” that grants them power, wealth, and political cover to get away with it, officials in the state of Virginia continue to ignore this disturbing reality at their own peril. History shows us that there is every reason to be concerned about what PETA has already told us and demonstrated it believes in and is willing to act upon. To continue to ignore that threat and danger—to continue to allow them to operate outside the bounds of our common values and to do so with impunity—is a recipe for future regret.”


Many supporters and followers of donation-funded animal ‘rescues’ will be surprised to learn that they may be (accidentally) just as culpable as the publicly-OPERATED, publicly-MARKETED, and publicly donation-FUNDED  ‘retail rescue’ they support that regularly KILLS and “DISAPPEARS” animals without having to say a word about it because NO ONE cares what happens to animals AFTER the initial “rescue” is done and over with.

The ‘bait’ used to part you from your hard-earned money are nearly always ‘animals in DIRE need’, with all of the immediacy of “we need to rescue them NOW”.
Con artists in animal rescue KNOW that people are generous with their help and money if the “rescue” “MUST BE DONE NOW OR ANIMALS WILL DIE!”, knowing that people aren’t nearly as generous regarding the “ho hum”, mundane, everyday taking care of animals at the rescue facility.

Unless you as a supporter of a rescue are willing to follow-up AFTER the ‘crisis rescue’ and ask questions and expect answers from the rescue you’re donating too, you will never know for sure if it is the animals that are “in need”, or perhaps it is actually the animal traders/dealers posing as a rescue that are “in want”.

Ask Questions Like You Care2

Here’s why donating to some rescues, that really aren’t rescues at all, isn’t always helping animals, and its your donations that enable the con-artists to operate and kill and disappear animals; they RELY on the FACT that historically, their supporters rarely, if EVER, ASK QUESTIONS.

And when you don’t ASK QUESTIONS, MANY animals are KILLED, or “DISAPPEARED”, at the hands of those that were supposed to be rescuing them but instead have the “Judas-touch” and they betray animals without a second thought.

Honest-to-goodness animal lovers that are concerned about the animals AFTER the excitement, drama, and immediacy of the initial ‘rescue’ is over will ALWAY’S ASK to SEE:

1.  the actual vet reports and vet bills for ALL of the animals “the rescue says” has been examined by their vet because without those actual reports, how does anyone know what “the vet said” and/or if the animal was even examined by the vet at all.
And the ‘rescue’ showing “some” or “a few” vet reports and bills isn’t good enough; they should be ready, willing, and able to publicly post ALL of this documentation and not be allowed to show “selective documentation”.

2. the actual euthanasia reports from their vet when they say an animal was “put down”, ‘euthanized’, killed, so that you will know why the animal HAD to be euthanized according to the rescues vet, and also what method was used;

3. written documentation regarding HOW MANY animals the rescue has ‘rescued’ in the past 2 years and exactly WHERE ARE ALL of those animals NOW (adopted-out, in a sanctuary, in foster care, euthanized, still at the rescue facility, etc);

4. current date-stamped photos of ALL of the animals the ‘rescue says’ (and the very convincing liars at retail rescues that make their living as animal traders and dealers posing as ‘rescues’ “say” A LOT of things they are never held to account for the factual and provable truth of) are at their facility, adopted-out (and MOST rescues have VERY STRINGENT adoption contracts and agreements, so it should be EASY for the rescue to have an adopter send them date stamped photos of the animal they adopted if asked to provide that), in ‘foster care’ and/or ‘at a sanctuary’;

5. ASK to SEE the actual financials and accounts related to these “rescues” running YET ANOTHER specific/designated fundraiser asking for $$$$ to rescue specific/designated animals and/or that apply to specific/designated things;

6. ask for the ‘rescues” PHYSICAL ADDRESS for their rescue facility that many of the PUBLICLY-OPERATED, PUBLICLY-MARKETED, and PUBLICLY-FUNDED “rescues” refuse to post PUBLICLY (something to hide from the supportive, donating PUBLIC perhaps?).

And what MOST people don’t know is that “the open door policy” many rescues tout they have is NOT “open door” at all.

Volunteers, visitors, adopters, and many other people that go to MANY of the ‘rescue facilities’ are REQUIRED to sign CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENTS and NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENTS which prevent them from speaking to anyone about anything that they see at the facility.
These agreements would most likely NOT hold up in a court room, however, MOST people are worried they could get in legal trouble, so although they might see and hear things at a rescue facility that are disturbing, they often will simply walk-away and not support that rescue anymore, but they don’t say “why” they walked-away to anyone except their closest friends perhaps, and certainly nothing is said publicly for fear of reprisal’s, harassment, and legal trouble.

Nobody Cares

When YOU whom hold the purse-strings and wallet that keeps these donation-funded rescues afloat don’t care enough about WHAT HAPPENED and WHERE ARE ALL of the ANIMALS the rescue you have chosen to support ‘rescued’  1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and at least 1 year AFTER the animal was supposedly rescued, ‘some’ rescues do very bad, unethical, immoral, cruel, and criminal things because they CAN get away with it because no one questions what they are doing.

Just like a percentage of welfare recipients  scamming-the-system make many/all people that collect government assistance look bad, with the introduction of social media and networking enabling animal rescues to advertise entirely for FREE, there are now scam-artists in donation-funded animal rescue who are perverting rescue for their own profit and gain.

Fraud Alert2
Are all publicly donation-funded animal rescues scam-artists, swindlers, and grifters and swindlers fleecing the public?

Of course not.

However, the ONLY way nowadays to separate the scammers in animal rescue from the legitimate and real rescues is for the PUBLIC to ASK QUESTIONS and EXPECT ANSWERS.

And if your chosen donation-funded animal rescue that you support is evasive about answering questions that should be simple to answer if they are LEGITIMATE, or if they IGNORE you, or maybe even become combative and aggressive toward you because you DARED to ask them questions, you HAVE gotten your answers; DON’T SUPPORT THEM!

Going farther in PROTECTING animals from these ‘RESCUE-PERVERTS’, if you believe they very well may be committing fraud and/or misrepresentation, or if you believe they are killing animals, or “disappearing them”, without cause just because they can’t USE the animal to make money through adoption-for-a-fee and/or from FREE MONEY DONATIONS because the animal has “issues” of one kind or another, COMPLAINTS can and should be filed with the Attorney General’s (AG’s) office. 

Here is a link to a website that lists all 50 States Attorney General’s offices websites, contact information, and Complaint Forms:

Simply go to the Secretary of States website of whatever State the animal rescue is registered in, type in “complaint form” in the “Search” element, fill out the form with as much information as you have in reference to the publicly-donation-funded, publicly-operated, and publicly-marketed animal rescue you are suspicious of, and send it to the AG.

The AG’s offices mostly concern themselves with issues pertaining to crimes such as fraud, embezzlement, misappropriation of funds, etc, and do not investigate animal abuse, neglect, cruelty.

However, if an animal rescue is committing fraud, misappropriating donated funds, or committing other crimes, stopping them through investigation and prosecution in many cases will get them OUT OF THE RESCUE BUSINESS, thus stopping them from killing animals that are no longer useful to them, and illegally pocketing FREE donation money for their OWN personal use.

Another thing to remember; please DON’T feel bad or guilty if you are forced to file complaints against an animal rescue.

The FACT is that IF the animal rescue you’ve been supportive of, or were thinking of supporting, had simply ANSWERED LEGITIMATE QUESTIONS you had, and IF the animal rescue was in fact legitimate, honest, ethical, and compassionate and had also been willing to answer your questions, YOU never would have HAD to file complaints at all.

And for those people that aren’t all that concerned with an animal rescues finances, how they make their money, and how or what they spend it on, please consider this; you ultimately are an animal-lover that CARES and are trying to PROTECT animals when you were forced to file complaints when an animal rescue refused to answer your simple questions.

By asking the ‘rescue’ questions, even if some questions are about finances and fund-raising, that you don’t get answers for, and then filing complaints because of your suspicions when simple questions weren’t answered, your complaints and follow-through ARE saving animals lives so they are not KILLED or ‘disappeared’ by those masquerading as “rescues” that are often scammers and common criminals using animals as the ‘bait’ so people will give them absolutely FREE MONEY.

Without your questions and formal complaints to law enforcement and government offices that govern non-profit animal rescues,  the “RETAIL RESCUES” that give ‘animal rescue’ a bad name, and are simply “working the system” for their own profit and gain, would have continued to kill or “disappear” animals after they were DONE with them.

BETRAYAL’S of this kind can never be allowed in animal rescue, especially when animals are simply being USED.

YOU are the voice for the animals that can protect them from the con-artists that have infiltrated animal rescue and are running profitable retail rescues.

By caring enough to take the time to ask questions, by expecting answers, and by filing complaints if/when you don’t receive any answers, YOU are a HERO for animals everywhere that otherwise would be killed by thieves that only worship at the alter of $$$$, power, control, and accolades.

 New Age Photo

In the questionnaire below are some ideas for questions to be asked of donation-funded animal rescues.

You can also save the questionnaire to your files and send it to any and all donation-funded animal rescues you are considering supporting and donating to in order to find out if they are accountable and transparent with the supportive, donating public.
If the rescue the questionnaire is sent to ignores it, the sender can then forward the correspondence they had when the questionnaire was sent to the rescue, along with a complaint and request, to the AG’s office and ask the AG to get answers from the publicly-operated, publicly-marketed, and publicly donation-funded animal rescue that they were unable to get answers from.

And yes, this can be a time-consuming process for sure.

However, please remember that without the supportive animal lovers in the public asking questions on behalf of the animals that are unable to speak, swindlers and crooks posing as rescues will continue to fleece the public for their own personal gain, and they will continue to use animals as the “bait” to part you from your money, and then will kill or disappear animals once their use-and-purpose for them is DONE.

Rescue Questionnaire1 Rescue Questionnaire2 Rescue Questionnaire3 Rescue Questionnaire4 Rescue Questionnaire5 Rescue Questionnaire6 Rescue Questionnaire7

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