Fake People in Animal Rescue


The caption above is sadly all too TRUE……..especially in publicly-operated, publicly-marketed and publicly-donation-funded animal rescue.

The ‘retail rescues’ are chockfull of seasoned actors, manipulators, multi-personality types of people that have “street smarts” and have learned their trade from the “school of hard knocks” where honesty, compassion, empathy, and ethics have no place, and coming out on top is the only goal.

These people really should get out of animal rescue and get into the make-believe and FAKE world of acting where they wouldn’t be using animals as “pawns and props” to get in free donation money, sell animals other people have paid for, and then cruelly dispose of the ones that can’t be sold (because they have issues) after their “sympathy-pity donation-value” is exhausted.

The caption above is also true because a huge aspect for many of the “fake rescuers” that are nothing more than common animal traders and dealers posing as “rescues” (and that is why they are called “retail rescues”) is that they cavalierly lie, cheat, utter and write mistruths ALL THE TIME (that can be and are fact-checked by those that know their history and the lies are EASY to see and document), and also attack animal owners, trash them on social media and in mainstream media, and drag them through the mud in the court of public opinion, but they are able to “BE” whatever they need to “BE” in order to FOOL and deceive people into thinking they are nice, honest people that are supposedly “rescuing animals”, when they are not.

It IS interesting what happens when folks that have been burned by them start comparing notes and making plans to expose them for what they really are.

Unfortunately however, by the time this happens, MANY animals are usually DEAD or “vanished”/’disappeared’ “somewhere” that were supposed to be rescued……..THAT is a heartless tragedy that can’t be changed, but justice can be served with facts to avenge the lives of innocent animals that lost their lives to callous people that convinced nice people they were animal lovers and rescuers.


They do all of this sordid, nasty, and filthy stuff in order to convince nice but gullible people in the public, many of which “dabble” in animal rescue to have some sense of “helping animals” through other people, and sadly enough, to also have some excitement and drama in their lives from a manufactured “crisis rescue” that they can step back from when they don’t have the time to spend on it, that they are the “real deal” rescuers.

They couch their begging for money in phrases such as “you are the real hero’s and we can’t do this good work without you” but if they were really honest, which they’re not of course, they’d be writing “we can’t do this without YOU, so SEND us your money whenever we ask for it every week, or every day. We don’t have ‘jobs’ outside of *rescue*, and were in fact broke before we realized the money there was to be made in donation-funded-animal-rescue, so we NEED and RELY on all you naïve and gullible people to finance our animal trading/dealing business, we get to look like hero’s, and we also get to spend money on un-animal rescue related personal items too because no one ever has us account for anything because you’re all so stupid, trusting, and naive”.


Honest people do have to marvel at their complete lack of honesty and ethics, and also give some grudging respect to swindlers that can say and write these things in such a convincing way.

The breathtakingly gullible and naïve people in the public, that literally SUPPORT these crooks in every way, WILL just keep sending money WITHOUT any financial line-item ACCOUNTING (scanning and publicly posting donations sent on a designated fundraiser is easy for these people because they are very good on the various programs on their computers, smart phones, etc) on exactly WHERE and on WHAT all of the money is spent on.

And a literally life-and-death problem that naïve people don’t seem to worry about when they should be if they truly love animals is WHERE are ALL of the animals these “rescues and rescuers” are supposedly “rescuing” weeks, months, 1 year, and even 2 years+ from the time of rescue?
Are the animals people sent money to rescue alive, or are they in fact dead or “vanished” into nothingness?

These are questions that donation-funded rescues that are legitimate, “transparent”, and accountable should have no problem answering.

They should actually be HAPPY to answer any and all questions that are posed to them by the kind-hearted, supportive public considering that its only because of the generosity of the donating public that most of them are even able to operate at all.

BEFORE people send any primarily or entirely donation-funded animal rescue a dime, they should, IF they in fact really LOVE all the animals supposedly being ‘rescued’ and/or if they are fed-up with FAKE animal rescuers, ASK FOR PROFESSIONAL REFERENCES for ALL of the rescuers that hold themselves out as being well-educated in ALL things pertaining to species-specific animal husbandry.

Intelligent animal lovers should also always ask to VIEW ALL of the veterinary reports and billing for ALL of the animals these rescuers SAY they are rescuing (that they also say their vet is evaluating, treating, etc), and also ALL of the euthanasia reports and billing for all of the animals “they say” they had to kill.


The TRAGIC FACT however is that rarely does anyone ask to see ANYTHING pertaining to where and on what donation money is spent.

And the short-attention-spanned public rarely asks exactly where are all of the ‘rescued animals’ and what is being done with them?

They also rarely, if ever, ask to SEE CURRENT PHOTOS of ALL of the animals a donation-funded rescue, that is by-the-way constantly running “crisis rescues” (they KNOW this is the easiest and BEST way to bring in thousands of dollars of free donation money they don’t have to line-item account for) to supposedly “rescue animals” from “deplorable”, “horrific”, “abusive”, and “cruel” situations, AT the place they are being “rescued” from AT the time of rescue, 2 weeks after the rescue, 1 month after the rescue, 3 months after they are rescued, 6 months after they are rescued, 1 year after rescue, up to 2 years later after the animal was “rescued” from “wherever”.

Most donation-funded animal rescues have stringent adoption contracts and agreements that usually cover AT LEAST the 1st year after an animal is adopted to someone, and many adoption agreements and contracts go up to 5 years, with some never relinquishing ownership to the adopter and if/when an adopter doesn’t want the animal anymore, they are to be returned to the rescue they adopted them from.

So if the rescue really WANTS to, they CAN easily post current photos if asked to because they should know where every animal they adopted out IS for at least 1 year after adoption, if not longer.
The same applies if an animal is in a foster home too, so DO NOT be fooled with intricate and elaborate stories designed to confuse, ‘throw-people-off-the-track” regarding ASKING QUESTIONS, smoke-and-mirrors, tall tales, etc.


These “fake rescuers” will not do these things ON THEIR OWN without being asked, let alone when they are asked point blank, because with the constant telling of lies and fiction about themselves, their “rescuing”, their background, the background of their primary participants at their “rescue”, the background of their volunteers and officials, their financials, their non-profit filings, etc, answering questions that can then be fact-checked for accuracy will reveal the telling of lie, upon lie, upon lie, embellishing, and manipulation of the true story.

Then there is the problem that presents of some of the primary players at the rescues being factually involved in previous criminal activities, and also factually involved in current criminal activities, such as fraud, misappropriation of money, misrepresentation, money laundering, animal enterprise terrorism act infractions, check kiting, theft, etc.

Just a few simple, non-accusatory, but probing questions, that seriously ARE perfectly acceptable to ask a publicly-operated, publicly-marketed and publicly-funded animal rescue, are usually met with evasion, aggression, or most often, complete and disrespectful ignoring that the questions were ever asked.

When asked for this info, MOST of these fake rescuers will NOT comply with the requests to publicly post the information because they are ALL ABOUT “staging photos”, “staging *rescue* scenarios” (the “acting connection” again), “sorting” animals (like sorting merchandise at a retail outlet) and then selling the good useable merchandise animals, and cold-heartedly killing or “disappearing” the ‘broken merchandise’ animals that they can’t sell or even give away, and they are NOT going to spend free money they received by conning the animal loving public, caring for, and maintaining, a useless animal that can’t or won’t “do” anything for anyone, even when MANY of those useless animals DON’T want to be dead or sent off and disappeared into the known, or the unknown where their fate is often NOT a good one.

These animals, if one cares to listen to the fake rescuers spin their stories and untruths, are SUPPOSED to be RESCUED, NOT “sorted”, judged, a price tag slapped on them and they are SOLD.

OR, as often happens when other people are buying and paying for the maintenance on animals instead of the animal traders using THEIR OWN DAMN MONEY,  animals get the “thumbs down” and are killed or “disappeared” because they can’t or won’t “do” anything for anyone, and the dealers won’t spend any of that free money they attain through panhandling for donations taking care of animals that aren’t worth anything to anyone.

THAT is NOT rescue.

THAT is animal trading and dealing at its most caustic and cold-blooded worst. 

Real animal lovers understand that as long as there is LIFE, there is hope…..and where there is LIFE there is also acceptance of the issues an animal may have that they will LIVE with for the rest of their lives, and that they don’t wish to die because of.

But when an animal that can’t “do” anything for anyone is KILLED or “disappeared” and “vanished”, DEAD IS DEAD, and there is no turning back, there is no hope, there is no acceptance of living their life peacefully somewhere with other animals that perhaps also have issues, and what these fake rescuers are doing is NOT RESCUE – it IS engaging in attaining animals through misrepresentation, and sometimes/often fraud, it is operating a retail business using animals as bait and props, it is selling animals worth something to someone, and it is disposal of animals that aren’t wanted or useful to anyone..

It IS animal trading and dealing.

They ARE running a retail business under the ruse of being an “animal rescue”.

And UNLESS the kind and compassionate, donating public that is supporting these phony rescues ASK QUESTIONS they expect answers for, retail rescues will continue to make ALL RESCUES look very bad indeed.

Just answer the question1

The questionnaire at the end of this post can be sent to donation-funded rescues for them to fill out, answer the questions, and return to the sender.

It can also be used to give prospective donors some ideas on what questions to ask a rescue they are considering donating to.

If the questions are not answered, then you will know NOT to donate to a “rescue” that refuses to answer your simple questions BEFORE you will support them and/or send them money.

Drama Queens19

The choice is YOURS and if you truly love ALL animals, even the ones that have issues but are just as worthy of living as any animal is, before you donate and support a donation-funded rescue, especially when they are constantly begging for money for the public, YOU will begin to sift through the noise and ASK QUESTIONS you EXPECT answers for, of the primarily or wholly donation-funded rescues to determine if they are REAL, or are they instead FAKES that are USING animals to tug at your heartstrings to part you from your hard-earned money as they laugh their way to the bank, leaving a trail of tragedy for animals in their wake because these are people with NO heart or soul, and that ONLY care about themselves and what’s “in it” for them.

Rescue Questionnaire1 Rescue Questionnaire2 Rescue Questionnaire3 Rescue Questionnaire4 Rescue Questionnaire5 Rescue Questionnaire6 Rescue Questionnaire7

Part Two: Beware of Mentally Ill Manipulators in Donation-Funded Animal Rescue & Their Equally Ill Cult-Followers

  • Drama Queens18

Exactly WHO ARE These People?

Nice, trusting animal-lovers in the public please BEWARE of extreme manipulators in animal rescue, and be cautious of their ignorant, mentally-ill cult-followers that hide behind their computer monitors or safely behind their smart phones too.

And for the True Believer freak-followers of these animal traders and dealers posing as “rescues”;

You’re on your own and will get exactly what you deserve for jumping on the wrong bandwagon.
In other words, you are not salvageable, you’re clownish in your behavior in a John Wayne Gacy kind-of-way (you know, head-cases trying to pose as normal people until your base human nature gets the best of you over and over again), and you’ll just have to go “down with the ship” when the legal system comes-a-callin’! ….filthy, hateful people sooner-rather-than-later get what they deserve.


These mentally-ill scam artists can usually be found feeding-at-their-public-donation-pig-trough and fleecing-the-trusting-public, with the help of equally mentally-ill “shills” and the aforementioned “true believer” cult members they send in to “speak wonderfully” about them, and that are also like attack-dogs ready to trash, smear and tear down anyone that dares to ask questions of them.

Because the manipulators at retail rescues are skilled con-artists without a conscience, they tug at the heartstrings of kind, but naïve animal lovers, and part them from their hard-earned money that these hustlers then live off of because they refuse to get real jobs and WORK (if in fact anyone would hire and then not fire them because they are mentally-damaged and don’t “play well with others”), because then would have to spend their own money they themselves earn on rescuing animals, so you get three guesses, and the first two don’t count, on how many animals they would really rescue.

Its  called “retail rescue” and it is OFTEN a scam and con-game, using animal rescue as “the emotional hook”, run by mentally-ill attention-seekers with an array and variety of personality disorders, that are frequently also hustlers and grifters USING innocent animals to attain money and material goods from trusting people, after they ramp-up a MOB with the ‘same-old/same-old different-century” uncivilized mentality of  mindless, accusatory, vicious attacking, as they leave destroyed lives and “dead and disappeared” animals in their wake.

Then they blithely continue on to their next manufactured “crisis” WITHOUT a backward glance, devoid of any feelings of remorse for the animals they have killed or “disappeared”, or the lives of both animals and people they have ruined, because “rescue” is ALL ABOUT THEM in the role of the HERO and SAVIOR of animals.
Their pet sub-humans with the Neanderthal brains in the MOB return to their “unaccomplished, boring, meaningless lives” (it must be speculated that their lives are boring, unaccomplished, and meaningless and their brains are primitive with how easily they can be made to attack by what often is a complete stranger to them, with no factual information, no background checking of whom that person – their handler – really is other than what they “say” they are, etc, so just because they apparently can’t afford Disneyworld, they join a “social media madness mob” to satisfy their need for drama and bad-old-fashioned MOB “fun” that satisfies their 8 second attention-spans. And to think many of these people actually rutted and bred and are raising children – THAT is child abuse) until the next time their “handler” needs to USE them, and it all begins again with a few keystrokes by their own personal Jim Jones.

Oh yeah,  don’t forget the entirely FREE money they receive too that they are never held to account for where and on what every penny is spent, even as they and their moronic minions boast about how “transparent” and “accountable” they are – and are words they never back-up with thorough, in-depth and factual documentation BECAUSE that would EXPOSE their CON-GAME.

It does beg the question of how they think they are going to fool the Attorney Generals offices (non-profit fraud, etc), the FBI (cyber-stalking, Animal Enterprise Terrorism, etc), the Department of Agriculture (crossing state lines with animals without proper health certificates and other paperwork), and other government agencies vested with investigating complaints by the public WHEN they are contacted by these agencies?

THAT will be very interesting to watch justice unfold as they tattle on all of the other people (including many that hide behind phony names and user names because they are trying to avoid the legal consequences of their actions), tell on other “rescues” that continuously are “convenience-killing” animals, “roll” on animal control employees that they have colluded with and paid “kickbacks” to, and other entities they’ve “partnered” with on their scams and schemes, in their attempt to save their own skins.

Ever seen the movie “Casino”? Yeah, it’ll be like the end of that movie where the dominos fall with gathering speed until they all fall DOWN!

Drama Queen21

Please take a look at this photo above.

Then click on this link http://www.seattledogspot.com/dog-news/owner-grieving-rottweiler-scam-artist/ to see the real story behind this fundraiser.

THIS is only one example among thousands of examples of how incredibly successful some of these tug-at-your-heartstrings schemes are, while the people running the scam never answer SIMPLE questions without a bunch of double-talk, side-stepping, and outright lies that can be fact-checked as such.

And they ALWAYS have MOBS they can whip-up that include people that think they are “clever enough” to remain anonymous (they can’t) when they attack people they often don’t know and/or they never think they will be sued by (they will) because of their hateful, destructive, and defamatory actions.

Drama Queen10

People with these mental illnesses listed below at the links lead lives that are made up of one crisis after another, and “emergency after emergency”.

 They usually have to go out looking for, or manufacturing these “crisis’s” and “emergencies” because those scenarios that are chockfull of drama and excitement are what has the donation-money come pouring in.

Anyone “into” rescuing KNOWS that peoples wallets and purses close up tight in regard to donating their hard-earned money to the everyday, mundane, and steady care of maintaining rescued animals that are “safe”. 

 Additionally, when the mentally-damaged rescuers animal dealers and traders orchestrate the crisis or emergency “rescue”, THEY are ALWAYS featured in the position of being the “great rescuer” and “savior-for-animals”.

Gullible and trusting people, and also retail rescues mentally-ill true believer followers, don’t appear to be able to understand that it is:

EASY to “rescue animals” when they’re using other peoples money to do so and not their own

~it is EASY to have nice facilities and other nice things when other people are paying for the nice things

~it is EASY to have “volunteers” that are actually like “slaves” (that don’t know it) working for free, when the “slaves” are provided with some social interaction and fun that clearly must be giving them a break from their boring, mundane lives.


The manipulators-with-issues (and if they were one of the animals they “rescue” that is found to have “behavioral and/or physical issues”, they would be killing themselves as not useable for anything – so which came first, the chicken or the egg?):

~tell fictional sob-stories

~they shed “pee-that-onion-so-they-can-cry-crocodile-tears”

~ they lie and embellish with practically everything they say or write (if their fingers are typing and/or their mouths are moving, they are usually LYING)

~they “work” the ridiculous and absurd media that “reports” anything these manipulators send them without doing even a miniscule amount of fact-checking.
NOTE: This lack of factual reporting makes “reporters” and “journalists” look like incompetent hacks sucked in by the manipulators in “retail rip-off rescue”.
They are also “enabling” these mentally-impaired “rescuers”/scammers to commit fraud against the public, which opens them up to lawsuits because of their participation when they endorse scam-rescues.

Going forward, every single day dawns as a new, clean slate for the mentally-damaged-ones in animal rescue to write their absurdities, and spin their web of lies that only the most gullible, naïve, and foolish people would ever believe.

Drama Queen15

Most women and men that are heavily involved in “retail (rip-off) rescue” that orchestrate “crisis rescues” have undiagnosed (?) Histrionic Personality Disorder, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, some are sociopaths/psychopaths with no consciences to speak of, and some actually and  factually are documented as having these mental illnesses and disorders.

And while many people are somewhat narcissistic, their credentials which they can and will readily supply, often DO check-out as true and factual, so basically “its not bragging if its true” applies, and they have paid their dues in hard-work, time, effort, and money to have the skills, experience, and background they have.

Credentials “checking-out” is not generally true with the manipulators in animal rescue and that is why they won’t answer questions and supply information that can be fact-checked.

The mentally-ill and manipulative players in PUBLIC-donation-FUNDED animal rescue, as opposed to private and often NOT publicly-donation-FUNDED animal rescue (in other words, people that rescue privately often use their own money to rescue animals), USE the social media world as their primary marketing tool, and also as their stage, with kind-hearted animal lovers as their audience that they fool with their Emmy award winning levels of soap opera masterpiece performances. Yes, many of them do appear to be missing their calling as soap opera and/or “reality” show stars.

And if so many of their former participants at their “rescues” hadn’t signed confidentiality agreements and are afraid of getting sued if they speak about what they heard and saw at the rescue, those people “spilling the beans” (more in the next blog post of why these confidentiality agreements usually aren’t legally enforceable)  would blow most of these faux rescues out of the animal rescue water and the donating public would be shocked, surprised, and horrified to hear what went on at the “rescue”.

Drama Queen2
“Crisis rescues” are drama and adrenalin-fueled “rescues”, with these mentally ill people as the “star of the show” and center of attention, whereby they:

~ collect donations they don’t have to account to anyone about how or where the money is spent

~they USE animals for their own profit and gain

~they sell some of the animals, calling it “adoption” so it sounds more “rescue-like” 

~they then kill or “disappear” the animals they can’t sell or give away after they have exhausted what is called their “sympathy-pity donation-value” (and these people don’t even TRY to find homes for these animals because it is more convenient to kill or “disappear” them with the “supportive but gullible public” being none the wiser) because they have physical and/or behavioral/training issues

~and when asked WHERE animals are, they usually say “they are in a foster home”, “they were adopted”, “they are in a sanctuary”, and other non-committal and non-proof producing stories that they rarely, if ever, have to give more information about so people know if its really true, or maybe-(probably) NOT.

And because they:

~ ENJOY and CRAVE attention, and also MUST continue to ATTAIN the FREE MONEY they receive from kind-hearted, albeit gullible and naïve donors, so they can continue to receive attention and praise from people that don’t really know WHO and what they really are,

they then repeat the pattern over and over again of:

~ attaining animals using other peoples money

~doing retail sales on animals with sale-value that they call “adopting”

Killing Animals1

~and “playing God” and KILLING or “disappearing” animals that have exhausted their “sympathy-pity donation-value”

~and that have “issues” so they couldn’t be sold because they are “broken merchandise” that need to be “cleared off the shelves” at their “rescue facility” to make way for “fresh merchandise”, and the “broken merchandise, or outdated  merchandise animals are “disposed of” in various ways so the “rescue” doesn’t have to spend any more of the free donation money on them.

Drama Queens19

The bottom-line is that they BETRAY animals they are supposed to be “rescuing” and KILL them because they’d rather KEEP THE FREE DONATION MONEY  they SOLICIT and COLLECT from nice animal lovers in the public

~they refuse to give the animals they don’t want a chance at life because letting them live *could* make them “look bad” if whomever provides them with a home speaks positively about the animal the “rescue” didn’t want to keep and maintain, and Heaven forbid someone was able to “do” something with the animal the “rescue” was going to KILL.

~Many of the so-called “rescued animals” did NOT need to be rescued, so instead, they were literally STOLEN from their owners on a “seizure scam” or “rescue raid” (the next blog post will feature MANY resources for victims of “seizure scam” and “rescue raid” attacks to fight back and drag their attackers into court on civil lawsuits).

A very basic outline of what ‘rescue raids’ are at the link below:


This link is regarding a man that got his animals back legally after a “rescue raid” was perpetrated on him by a humane society:


Drama Queens6

These often charming (when it literally “pays” to be charming) and chameleon-like players are mentally ill people that without a conscience ramp-up MOBS of people on the Internet that are NOT into checking FACTS before joining a MOB, to attack animal owner targets over the Internet because the mentally-damaged “rescuers” lie and tell them fictional stories they state as fact when it is FAR FROM FACTUAL in many cases of these attacks.

People with these previously listed mental disorders are:

~ selfish, greedy, controlling, lazy (they always have volunteer-slaves to do the work for them), and self-centered

~ and rather than be responsible for the animals they say they “rescued”

~ that they always use other peoples money to “rescue”

~ and then instead of being RESPONSIBLE, compassionate, empathetic, and caring for and maintaining the “animals with issues” they were supposed to be “rescuing”

~ they throw them away through KILLING them by various methods, or “disappearing them to death” by various means and outlets that have been documented for some of these “rescues that aren’t”

~which is the ULTIMATE betrayal against innocent, trusting animals that the naïve public thinks are “safe” with the rescue

~when they are NOT.

Drama Queen4

These mentally ill people posing as “rescuers” count on the FACT that the animal-loving publics attention-spans are:

~VERY SHORT regarding participating in “rescuing” animals,

~they KNOW that people LOVE the excitement and drama of a “crisis rescue”

~and will donate large sums of money to these types of “rescues”

~and they also KNOW that the kind and generous public don’t follow-through with QUESTIONS after a few weeks, and often after just a few days, such as:

WHERE are ALL the animals that were “rescued” weeks, months, and at least a few years (and all of these rescues have adoption agreements and adoption contracts, so they should KNOW where every single animal is) AFTER they were rescued?

~WHERE are INTAKE PHOTOS of ALL of the animals they are supposedly rescuing and collecting money from the public to ‘rescue’ taken AT their rescue facility and/or AT a designated foster home facility, or AT another rescue they are “partnering with” that has them?

~WHERE are CURRENT PHOTOS of ALL the animals the rescue is supposedly “rescuing” 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 1+ years from the time of rescue?

~ WHERE are ALL of the VET REPORTS for ALL of the animals the “rescue” ‘says’ are being examined and treated by their vet?

~WHERE are ALL of the EUTHANASIA REPORTS for ALL of the animals they “put down”?

~WHERE are ALL of the body disposal bills?

~WHERE are ALL of the bills related to the designated fund-raising for the “rescue” of the animals on THAT exact fundraiser??

These “retail rescues” are absolute magicians when it comes to “workin’ it” with posting captioned photos, great videos, etc of when they are “crisis rescuing”, so why aren’t they equally as forthcoming and magical at scanning and posting ALL the veterinarian reports and bills for each and every animal “they say” their vet is examining and/or treating that they are always asking the kind public for more, and more, and more money to supposedly pay for?

Dog Dragged to Being Killed

For those people that care about animals and are looking for a rescue to donate to – certainly rescues are occasionally in the position of having to euthanize animals for reasons of age-related issues, severe injuries and/or chronic unmanageable pain issues documented in the vet reports.

However, when a publicly-donation-funded animal rescues business model is based on a theme and pattern of attaining animals using donation money, “sorting” innocent-“rescued” animals for their “use-and-purpose” and value regarding donations and/or adoption/selling, or their lack thereof, and then killing by various means those animals with no value because of issues they have that renders them unadoptable/un-sellable (they are long-term “money pits” with no practical uses for them), THAT is not rescue, THAT is a business model based on profit and loss, and THAT is what animal traders/dealers do.

Article at the link below with disturbing photos of healthy animals being euthanized:


And ALL of this unnecessary killing is done with kind-hearted peoples donation money!

When the killing of animals becomes a “theme” rather than an occasional and necessary procedure, that is probably a rescue that isn’t really a rescue, and is instead an animal dealer/trader/flipper running their retail business using the kind publics free donation money to do it.

Drama Queen12

Articles at the links below discussing a few of the mental disorders that “retail rescuers” are afflicted with:






People that have these disorders should not be excused for their bad behavior, and should suffer the legal consequences of their questionable, hateful, and often illegal behavior and actions.

Some, if not many of the scammers show previous criminal behavior on background checks under their own names, and also using an alias.
However, individuals that are fed-up with these criminals, and also victims of their attacks, are:

~ learning what they can do to stop them

~they are going forward with complaints to the appropriate government agencies

~they are proceeding with legal action against them

and this is necessary because of the epidemic of “retail rip-off rescue” scammers that are taking over animal rescue for their own profit and gain.
They are making ALL rescues, whether donation-funded or self-funded, look bad, they are USING innocent animals to further their crooked agenda, and they are disposing of un-useable animals in terrible and heartbreaking ways that people whom possess compassion, empathy, ethics, and morals find appalling.

Continuing forward, if the public knows what and who they are dealing with, they may instead seek-out “real rescues” that can be trusted to use the publics donation-money given to them by nice people, legally and ethically, and they truly ARE accountable and transparent with the public because they will SHARE:

~their credentials and resumes so they can be FACT-CHECKED, in regard to the founders of the primarily donation-FUNDED-rescue, the executive director, vet techs, “officials” handling the rescued/seized/stolen/bought animals care, the marketing director, the board of directors at the “rescue”, etc

~their financials for designated-fundraisers

~ALL vet reports for ALL of the animals that were rescued and are maintained using donated funds and material items

~ALL euthanasia reports for ALL of the animals rescued and maintained using donated-funds and material goods

~ALL of the bills related to the rescued animals that donations were asked for and received 

~ANY and ALL documentation that pertains to their “rescuing” AND maintenance of ALL rescued animals they were given donated-funds and material goods to rescue and maintain them with

~Will show current photos and videos of rescued animals at their facility and/or in a designated “foster home” that is an extension/”under the umbrella” of their rescue

~Will always announce when a rescued animal has been adopted under an adoption contract and agreement

~Will announce, even though it is a sad announcement, when they have to “put down” an animal, and will provide the corresponding vet reports and bills, and also the euthanasia report and bills, and body disposal method and bills

Publicly-operated, publicly-marketed, and publicly-donation-funded animal rescues OWE it to the PUBLIC to be forthcoming and fully accountable and transparent to the supportive donating public.


“Rescues” of these type (primarily or wholly donation-funded) have a responsibility to the public to be honest, ethical, accountable, and transparent because its ONLY through the generosity of the supportive, donating public that they are ABLE to OPERATE at all.

The primary reason this is true is because many of the donation-funded adoption-based animal rescues have “primary players” (founders, directors, associates, “officials”, etc)  that don’t have real jobs outside of “rescue”.

Most of the “retail (rip-off) rescues” participants literally live off of donations, and that is why these “rescues” refuse to answer questions without evasiveness and double-talk, they refuse to be accountable and transparent in posting their financials on designated fundraisers, showing WHERE ALL of the money to operate the rescue, and to do the “rescue” of animals is coming from, and also what ALL of the donation-money, whether from designated or non-designated fundraisers, is spent on.

There is also documented evidence of many of these types of “rescues” ‘primary player’s collecting social security checks (legal, but doesn’t usually go very far regarding paying personal bills, let alone rescuing bunches of animals too), disability payments when the person is factually-documented as not being disabled at all, using food stamps that they don’t really qualify for but they know how to “work the system”, and other types of government assistance for often phony ailments and conditions that are documented as being false.

They have their grubby fingers in so many pies to attain FREE MONEY they don’t have to work for, let alone account for, that they’re a sticky mess of deception and corruption.

And even though they fool a handful of people, or newbies they rope in with their pleas for help on crisis rescues, more and more intelligent people, that are suspicious of animal rescues that NEED money day, after day, after day, and ALWAYS have yet another crisis or emergency they literally troll to find and instigate, are looking elsewhere at other rescues that may just keep plodding along in a steady way, doing the daily upkeep and maintenance of animals while doing “no fanfare” rescuing, but at least they’re really transparent and accountable and are pleased to answer any and all questions people may have, where the prospective donor doesn’t feel like they are being DISRESPECTED and treated like idiots by double-talking hustlers that have infiltrated animal rescue.

A quote from one of the articles at the links:
“Individuals with Histrionic Personality Disorder exhibit excessive emotionalism–a tendency to regard things in an emotional manner–and are attention seekers. People with this disorder are uncomfortable or feel unappreciated when they are not the center of attention. Behaviors may include constant seeking of approval or attention, self-dramatization, theatricality, and striking self-centeredness or sexual seductiveness in inappropriate situations, including social, occupational and professional relationships beyond what is appropriate for the social context. They may be lively and dramatic and initially charm new acquaintances by their enthusiasm, apparent openness, or flirtatiousness. They commandeer the role of “the life of the party”. Personal interests and conversation will be self-focused. They use physical appearance to draw attention to themselves. Emotional expression may be shallow and rapidly shifting. Their style of speech is excessively impressionistic and lacking in detail. They may do well with jobs that value and require imagination and creativity but will probably have difficulty with tasks that demand logical or analytical thinking. The disorder occurs more frequently in women though that may be because it is more often diagnosed in women than men.”


In closing, please help keep rescued animals alive by:

~ researching and asking numerous questions of donation-funded rescues that are continually soliciting and “panhandling” donation money and other material goods from the kind public

~ asking them to post documents, current photos and videos, and ALL other information pertaining to the animals they have “rescued” using other peoples money.

True animal lovers will take the time and effort to find out what type of rescue they are dealing with.

As for the ignorant fools that follow blindly along, or that actively act as “shills”, bullies, stalkers, and attackers for these animal traders and dealers posing as rescues;
when you’re served with papers because you are being sued, good luck with getting your rescue-of-choice to help you because they’ll be too busy trying to save their own butt and will “roll” on anyone and everyone in order to do so……MOST ASSUREDLY, that will be YOU because there really is NO HONOR among thieves and crooks, and oh yeah lest we forget; hateful people with primitive brains.

Here’s a blogger that pretty much hit-the-nail-on-the-head regarding many of the women in the horse world and also the horse rescue world:


Sounds just like a gang and gaggle of narcissistic, hormonal 7th grade “mean girls” doesn’t it?

Guess again, because these are usually narcissistic adult women that inhabit these bodies, but they have the ethics, maturity, and intelligence of the average 13 year old girl whose hormones are causing her to be *cuckoo* *cuckoo* *cuckoo*…..

It shouldn’t be that way when these are adult women, but they are doing this pathetic, nasty and insecure stuff just the same.

Social media is making it so easy for them to further whatever sorry, sick agenda they have, and also “reach out and touch anyone they want”.

Women described in the blog at the link above are running rampant, staying anonymous, or are posting things about other people using their names, sharing their personal information, and all kinds of things that are real trust-breakers, and they are not worried about suffering the legal consequences of their actions because they *think* they are too far away to be gotten to legally (they aren’t really), so they keep bullying, stalking, harassing, and threatening other people as if its some fun sport, instead of potentially life damaging, and in some cases, life ruining.

THESE are the women raising our future generation of adults, which pretty much means we’re all doomed as a society with these juveniles in adult bodies running the show and showing their kids “how its done”.

Been nice knowin’ some of you, but its going to be “later days” if society keeps going the direction is it because some (many?)people refuse to be honest, ethical, mature, compassionate, and trustworthy, and they instead think they and theirs are the only ones that matter in the “scheme of things”.

Part 1 : https://4graceandtruth.wordpress.com/2015/06/15/part-1-beware-of-mentally-ill-manipulators-in-donation-funded-animal-rescue-their-equally-ill-cult-followers/

Part 1 : Beware of Mentally Ill Manipulators in Donation-Funded Animal Rescue & Their Equally Ill Cult-Followers


It has been scientifically proven that peoples attention-spans are becoming shorter and shorter. One study from 2013 relates that goldfish now have a longer attention-span than humans.

Here’s just one link of many on the subject:


However, if you are an animal-lover that truly CARES about the plight of animals, then you should be aware that animals everywhere are counting on you to read Part 1 and Part 2 of this blog about their plight at the hands of people that profess to be animal rescuers, but who instead are mentally-ill, and are often nothing more than animal traders and dealers bilking the public out of their hard-earned money, or conning wealthy people that have money into believing they actually “rescue animals”, when they really don’t.

Please read this blog post, visit the links provided at the end of the post, and see if you too don’t agree that the pattern of deception by many of the donation-funded animal traders and dealers posing as animal rescues is a cookie-cutter pattern and blueprint that many of them follow to attain YOUR MONEY that you work hard for, with their lies, manipulations, and deceptions.

Coming Soon4

Please also watch for the next blog post coming SOON which will cover how victims of these mentally ill peoples and their equally sick cult-followers abuse, stalking, harassment, threats, and attacks, can develop a strategy to go on the OFFENSE, joining groups whose links WILL be provided, that can and will help animal owners under attack, how to perhaps STOP the attack before it gets started, but still have a civil defamation lawsuit, who to speak with, who to file complaints and open investigations with, how to document everything, and MUCH, MUCH MORE.

Once victims of cyber-attacks by social-media-madness-mobs can get out of “defense-mode”, a state where the victims are always kept off-balance and in terror and fearing for their lives, and also their children and animals lives too, and instead begin building their case for a civil suit they will WIN regarding defamation at the very least, with the help of an organization that is forming for going on the offense in civil lawsuits (and when in defense-mode, the Cavalry Group is a very good group to have paid for a membership with: http://thecavalrygroup.com/ ), and with access to knowledgeable and sympathetic attorney’s that will work pro bono or on a contingency basis when those being sued have “deep pockets”, many of the ignorant-ones in the mobs disappear because they do NOT want to be held to ACCOUNT for their hateful, and often illegal actions, in defense of a rescue animal trader/dealer/flipper they don’t know, haven’t met, and probably will never meet, when they are dragged into civil court, sued, and they find out what its like to LOSE money, respect, and their reputation.

ALL of those negative things occur because they were ignorant, their arrogant sick minds told them they are doing nothing wrong, they “thought” in their warped-and deviant-minds that they were legally untouchable (because hey, “its only the Internet, right, how bad can that be?” and “I use an alternate name or user name, so they don’t know who I am”), and in some cases surprisingly enough, they actually thought the rescue dealer/trader “liked them” and “valued them” when the fact is they were just being used and handled, and then they are thrown away when their “use-and-purpose” is done.

They will find out they were and are wrong when it comes to the legalities of their attacks on behalf of a retail rescue –  the bullied are fighting back nowadays, and using social media, message boards, and most importantly, the courts to do so — and the victims of ruthless and unjust attacks will never stop until they get back their good reputation, their animals (if the animals haven’t been killed or “disappeared” where they are un-findable or dead), and the money they lost having to defend themselves against the ruthless MOB, with the retail rescue cowards that never attack solo leading the charge.

Most of all, victims-on-the-offense will never stop until there is justice and they are vindicated against these evil, conscienceless deviants that have bottomless pits that can never be filled where their souls are supposed to be.


For those that don’t just follow blindly along being a “true believer” that are like a bunch of little Fonzies telling each other how “cool” they are and agreeing with everything a “rescue” does, and also doing a virtual “high five” with other Kool-Aid drinking followers worshiping their own version of Jim Jones, this blog post, and the next one, are for you.

As for the people with minds closed tight as a drum and that don’t care that they’re being “handled” and used by people they don’t even know, and there is only a fractional chance they’ll ever meet in person, let alone visit their “rescue”?

You’ll probably be more comfortable leaving now so that your tightly slammed shut mind doesn’t open and take in some facts about donation-funded animal rescue, and how to tell the “good guys” from the crooks.

So go on, git, because no one here wants you and your ignorance, deception, and evil stupidity….


Let’s Get Started — The Types of Rescues:

Here’s a brief synopsis of what the various, most common types of rescues “classifications” are for those that do not understand yet what is being written about:

  • Primarily or wholly publicly-donation-funded, publicly-marketed, publicly-operated, adoption-based rescues:
    These are animal rescues that are usually only in operation because of the support and generosity of the animal loving donating public that often “Shares” their ‘pleas for help’, and sometimes also donates to them too.
    They primarily use “real time” social media to “reach out” to people across the country and around the world for donations, through both “designated fundraisers” and “undesignated-generic donations”.
    An example of a “designated fundraiser” is when a rescue writes “we’re ‘pulling dogs that are on the euthanasia list at an animal shelter and we need help doing so with your donations” or “we’re going to the monthly horse sale and are going to “rescue”/buy some horses to keep them out of the hands of kill buyers, can you donate?”.
    In many states, laws have been passed that registered non-profits in the state with that law must register with the state for each and every designated fundraiser they have, no matter how big, or how small the fundraiser is.”Undesignated or generic donations” are just that: donations sent to the “rescue” they can use on anything they want related to their charity/non-profit/tax-exempt organization, not to be used for non-charity, for-profit related items or endeavors, or for their personal use (a vacation trip to the Bahamas’ or the primary participants, volunteers, etc getting their nails done for instance).
    Adoption-based means they get in animals, attempt to rehabilitate them physically, emotionally, behaviorally, and then they “adopt” them out usually under contract to an adopter that has qualified to be an adopter of a suitable and compatible animal.
  • Primarily or wholly publicly donation-funded, publicly-marketed, but not adoption-based sanctuaries:
    These too are rescues, but unlike “adoption-based” rescues, they are often sanctuaries for animals that have physical and/or behavioral issues they cannot be rehabilitated from. They are often also not adoption-based because of the nature and types of animals they take-in that have “issues” that would make them difficult to adopt into a long term “forever” home, with some animals being too dangerous to ever responsibly adopt them to anyone.
    These types of animals do not want to be “put down” even though they aren’t useful for anything in the practical sense of the word “useful”, so the rescue cares for them until they finally have to be put down usually because of physical problems/illness/disease/age/injury related issues and the animal does not want to live anymore.
    People that have been around animals a long time, even if they haven’t had that particular animal a long time, know when an animal wants to live, and also when they want to die.
    It all comes down to abiding by the animals wishes of whether to continue with life, or help them pass with a dignified death. No animal should ever be put down for convenience-sake, and no animal should be killed by a rescue just because they have no practical use.
  • { NOTE: There is a disturbing trend in animal rescue of “convenience killing” after the rescue has “sorted” animals for adoptability/salability and/or after their “sympathy-pity donation-value” has been exhausted, has NO PLACE in rescue.  Furthermore, if the animal loving public WAS NOT financing these animal traders/dealers posing as “rescues” regarding doing seizure scams in the “rescue racket”, taking in animals and/or buying these animals, and then also paying with their donations for these “rescues” to have the time to “sort” animals, these animal traders/dealers would NOT be getting in animals they profit from in thousands upon thousands of dollars in free money donations, and also “adoption-for-a-fee”/sales, and they certainly wouldn’t be so blithely killing them either.MOST animal lovers believe that animals should not be euthanized/”put down” unless there is a valid reason pertaining to the animals health, when it comes to rescues doing animal rescue. And if these animal lovers and supporters of donation-funded animal rescues that “put down” (and “disappear”) a lot of animals were given the complete and true story of “why” a rescue ‘says’ they “had” to “put down” an animal instead of often getting spoon-fed the pabulum of fiction and lies by the “rescue”, they would be horrified regarding how many animals are killed and betrayed by common animal traders/dealers POSING as ‘rescues” just so they can part the animal loving public from their money. }

Many of these types of donation-funded rescues/sanctuaries and hospices are not generally open to the public, nor does the public come to their facility to interact in a “social club”-type way.

They have different insurance requirements from those of “open to the public” rescues – “adoption-based” rescues because the liability insurance with the public on the premises frequently, and the limits on their policy, as well as the premiums, are often higher because the policy generally has to cover the public interacting/handling animals, and perhaps also riding at the rescue if it is a horse rescue in order to try-out horses, there may be smaller children around, etc.

Additionally, because of the nature of the animals at a sanctuaries facility, many of these types of rescues do not have “just anyone” from the public volunteering, and often it is a facility that does not have the public on the premises at all.
This is mostly because even with a signed liability release, liability insurance would be a necessity that is relatively expensive to carry with higher liability risk limits if animals have behavioral issues and may be dangerous beyond “the norm” for the species of animal, so these sanctuaries, and perhaps hospices, may not want to pay for insurance that covers the public on the premises, and the rescue is family operated with few, if any, volunteers on the premises.

And finally, because sanctuaries and hospices, whether publicly donation-funded, or self-funded, don’t tend to do the flashier, dramatic, and exciting rescues the public tends to latch onto like they’re dying of thirst in the desert and the ‘rescue’ doing a very public and dramatic ‘rescue’ is water, they often are running on a shoe-string budget, or could be doing just fine, but cannot afford the “nicey-nice” “image is everything” things that some/many in the public use to gauge the worthiness of a rescue.
And since liability insurance is expensive in most cases when a rescue IS carrying the correct insurance (some are NOT), many sanctuaries opt-out of having volunteers, or even employees (Workers Comp would be necessary; adds on even more expensive insurance the rescue may not want to afford), and the rescue/sanctuary is family-run.

The FACT however for either of the two examples above of primarily or wholly publicly-donation-funded animal rescues is that WHEN they are primarily or wholly publicly donation-funded, they have at the very least an ETHICAL RESPONSIBILITY, and owe it to the generous public that facilitates their operation with their kind donations and support, to answer any and all questions posed to them by the supportive, donating public.

More on what some of those questions are later in this blog.

  • Primarily, or wholly self-funded rescues, sanctuaries, and hospices, that may, or may not also be adoption-based, do NOT share the same responsibility to the public to share any and all information with the public, or answer questions regarding the operation of the rescue for the simple reason that the operators of the rescue pay for everything, or nearly everything, themselves.
    They usually are not in the habit of running very many, if any, designated fundraisers, they often don’t actively “ask” for donations other than perhaps something written on their website and/or Facebook page that “donations are gladly accepted and very much appreciated”.
    Most of these type of rescues that are not actively and aggressively soliciting donations will still be happy to answer questions that are posed to them. However, since it is primarily, or wholly, their own money that funds their rescue operation and efforts, what they do, or don’t do with animals that were rescued, taken-in because they had no where else to go, or bought in order to save them from a bad fate, really isn’t any business of the publics because the public is contributing little, if anything, to the rescue of animals, the operation of the rescue, vet bills, feed bills, etc.

These are more like private animal owners, but with the perk that if someone does donate to them and they in fact are a 501c3 tax exempt organization, the donor will receive a tax receipt.

This discussion will focus on publicly-operated, publicly-marketed, publicly-donation-funded adoption-based rescues for the simple reason these are the types of rescues that are being infiltrated by animal dealers/traders/flippers posing as animal rescues, and the ONLY way to separate the good and honest donation-funded, adoption-based rescues from the animal dealer retail rescues that fleece the public for free money donations is to ASK QUESTIONS and EXPECT ANSWERS BEFORE YOU SUPPORT and/or DONATE to them.

PART TWO: https://4graceandtruth.wordpress.com/2015/06/15/part-two-beware-of-mentally-ill-manipulators-in-donation-funded-animal-rescue-their-equally-ill-cult-followers/

Animal Lovers in UNITY Can Make a Difference

The “de-valuing of life” in a “culture of convenience killing” that is evident at many animal controls sadly enough extends to what many of the donation-funded – adoption-based animal “rescues” do more frequently than MOST kind animal lovers realize.

And although its a real downer to hear and read about these heartless actions occurring because people lacking in conscience have chosen to do them, innocent animals at tax-payer-funded and also donation-funded facilities are crying out for help from people that DO care because true animal lovers are the ONLY people standing between the animals living, or these helpless animals dying an unnatural death.


Tragic, but avoidable incident at the Clayton Co. pound regarding their most recent mass killings of animals.

The dog in the photo above was reportedly killed by the Clayton Co pound on June 1st, as reported on this Facebook page and at the link below:


Quote from the story at the link:
“Mass killing for non-specific reasons, killing a nursing dam, failure to follow best practices for disease prevention, telling a reporter to file a FOIA request in order to get his questions answered – these are the hallmarks of a dysfunctional shelter in desperate need of reform.  And the same exact things will happen in a shiny new building, if that ever materializes.  Taxpayers need to demand meaningful reform at the Clayton Co pound now.”

Truth Like A Lion

And YES, it is entirely TRUE that it doesn’t matter if an animal control has a wonderful new facility paid for by tax-payers.

It also doesn’t matter if an animal “rescue” has gone from “rags-to-riches” and moved to a “better” facility that was/is paid for by kind, but gullible, peoples donation dollars.

This is BECAUSE if the people running either or both of these types of facilities still have the same mindset of being “disassociated” from killing animals, and they also disrespect tax-payers, disrespect media outlets that surprisingly report on the FACTS (surprising because many media outlets in this “new age” of lazy “reporting” do not report anything that includes facts), and disrespect the supportive public that donates to them, by NOT answering their questions, the KILLING, the secrecy, the lack of accountability, and the lack transparency that these places and people are always spouting off they have will continue at a new, shiny, and grand facility just the SAME as it did at the old, worn, or run-down facility.
This sad phenomenon plays out over and over again through history because the negative traits of human nature such as greed, jealousy, ego, narcissism, and seeking control and power over others, corrupts some people, and there appears to be an explosion of people with the “me, me, and only me and mine” -attitude taking over the operation of animal control/shelter and ‘rescue’ facilities vested with PROTECTING animals that are literally “protecting’ and disappearing animals to death”.

And since the PEOPLE at the facility ARE the facility, when they are tainted with the stain of blood on their hands from all of the animals they have killed, NOTHING WILL HAVE CHANGED WITH THE CHANGE OF SCENERY, except for the scenery.


Just like an alcoholic that’s trying to quit drinking changing their geography often doesn’t change their drinking behavior, animal killers changing their geography usually doesn’t change them mindset regarding killing animals because the primary component is THEM;

“Wherever THEY go, there THEY are” – their mindset goes wherever THEY are, and *unless* that changes, nothing ever really changes.

Going forward, and considering that sociopaths/psychopaths are usually very bright people, the killers posing as animal lovers that run tax-payer-funded animal controls and/or publicly-donation-funded animal rescues will find new and better ways to hide and/or disguise the killing of innocent animals because that’s “how they roll”, and it’s ALWAYS “all about THEMAlcoholic2“.

Any tax-payer-funded agency and/or primarily donation-funded organization that is unwilling to answer simple questions regarding “why” animals were/are killed, and will also not share publicly the ACTUAL scanned copies of the vet reports diagnosing what exactly was/is wrong with an animal and killing the animal is the only reasonable and humane option, is hiding something.

With animal controls, they are usually killing animals out of sheer convenience – less animals, less maintenance, it looks like to those not “in the know” like more efficiency and that they are “doing their job” where people assume they are finding homes for animals, which could then mean PAY RAISES. PRAISE, KUDOS, and “Atta-boys and girls” which satisfies their narcissistic cravings, there is less work with empty cages and kennels, and thus, less time spent CARING for the animals because they’ve been KILLED.

And with donation-funded animal rescues that openly kill animals while not furnishing vet reports and euthanasia reports for EVERY animal they kill;
Please note that MANY of the donation-funded ‘rescues’ DO NOT let the supportive, donating public KNOW just how many animals they are really killing because they KNOW that would look very suspicious, very “un-RESCUE-like”, and very bad indeed.
Documented facts exist that expose some donation-funded animal rescues as being guilty of killing healthy, innocent animals.
This is happening because they operate off of kind and generous FREE-money-to-them donations mostly from the public, and because the primary players at the primarily donation-funded ‘rescues’ usually are jobless, if they end up with animals that are unadoptable/un-sellable, and they have exhausted that animals “sympathy/pity donation-value”, that animal is simply a “money pit” of maintenance for the animal ‘retail rip-off rescue’, and they refuse to spend money on an animal when the animal can’t or won’t “do” anything for anyone because of the “issues” they have.

They basically do not want to spend what they consider “their money” to do with as they please (in their greedy minds) on USELESS animals, even when the animal is still enjoying life.

For that reason, they should not be supported by the public until “they clean house” and get people at the facility that actually love ALL animals and are not burned-out, jaded, disassociated, and de-sensitized to the killing of animals that should not be killed.

They also should NOT BE supported until they are perfectly willing to answer questions, be accountable to the public that enables them to operate, and be transparent in everything they do that they are only able to do because of tax-payers money and/or kind supporters donation-dollars.

NO ONE that asks questions of tax-payer-funded animal control agencies and/or publicly donation-funded animal rescues should EVER be told they need to do a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request in order to have questions answered.

Just answer the question2

People that are asking reasonable questions of tax-payer-funded and/or donation-funded agencies or organizations should also never be ignored, and should never be targeted for attack in retaliation for asking questions by these entities just because they asked reasonable, simple questions that any HONEST, forthright, accountable, and transparent agency and/or organization can answer with concise, factual answers, which should also include factual documentation that is being asked for.

Compassionate, kind, and empathetic people are rallying for answers on behalf of animals that are being USED for peoples own agenda’s, for profit and gain, and for the power and control these user-losers crave and attain at any and all costs, and then KILLED when their “use-and-purpose” is all used up, and then the cycle and pattern of behavior of these sub-humans, that DO NOT value the lives of animals, starts all over again.

For more ideas of questions to ask tax-payer-funded animal controls and also publicly donation-funded animal rescues, that are often in collusion in several factually documented ways, in order to force them, because answering questions on a voluntary basis is NOT working, to be more accountable, transparent, and HONEST, please click on the link to a questionnaire packet below:

Accountability and Full Disclosure Questionnaire-A Necessity

Unified animal lovers CAN make a difference for the animals.

They CAN STOP the mass killings, the serial killings, and the inhumane and unnecessary killing of animals.

Like-minded people in UNITY can make a difference, and they can achieve anything they set out to do because they are compassionate, they are kind, they possess empathy, and they will NEVER STOP until those vested with CARING about and for animals either do what they are supposed to do, or they will be GONE.