Animal Lovers in UNITY Can Make a Difference

The “de-valuing of life” in a “culture of convenience killing” that is evident at many animal controls sadly enough extends to what many of the donation-funded – adoption-based animal “rescues” do more frequently than MOST kind animal lovers realize.

And although its a real downer to hear and read about these heartless actions occurring because people lacking in conscience have chosen to do them, innocent animals at tax-payer-funded and also donation-funded facilities are crying out for help from people that DO care because true animal lovers are the ONLY people standing between the animals living, or these helpless animals dying an unnatural death.


Tragic, but avoidable incident at the Clayton Co. pound regarding their most recent mass killings of animals.

The dog in the photo above was reportedly killed by the Clayton Co pound on June 1st, as reported on this Facebook page and at the link below:

Quote from the story at the link:
“Mass killing for non-specific reasons, killing a nursing dam, failure to follow best practices for disease prevention, telling a reporter to file a FOIA request in order to get his questions answered – these are the hallmarks of a dysfunctional shelter in desperate need of reform.  And the same exact things will happen in a shiny new building, if that ever materializes.  Taxpayers need to demand meaningful reform at the Clayton Co pound now.”

Truth Like A Lion

And YES, it is entirely TRUE that it doesn’t matter if an animal control has a wonderful new facility paid for by tax-payers.

It also doesn’t matter if an animal “rescue” has gone from “rags-to-riches” and moved to a “better” facility that was/is paid for by kind, but gullible, peoples donation dollars.

This is BECAUSE if the people running either or both of these types of facilities still have the same mindset of being “disassociated” from killing animals, and they also disrespect tax-payers, disrespect media outlets that surprisingly report on the FACTS (surprising because many media outlets in this “new age” of lazy “reporting” do not report anything that includes facts), and disrespect the supportive public that donates to them, by NOT answering their questions, the KILLING, the secrecy, the lack of accountability, and the lack transparency that these places and people are always spouting off they have will continue at a new, shiny, and grand facility just the SAME as it did at the old, worn, or run-down facility.
This sad phenomenon plays out over and over again through history because the negative traits of human nature such as greed, jealousy, ego, narcissism, and seeking control and power over others, corrupts some people, and there appears to be an explosion of people with the “me, me, and only me and mine” -attitude taking over the operation of animal control/shelter and ‘rescue’ facilities vested with PROTECTING animals that are literally “protecting’ and disappearing animals to death”.

And since the PEOPLE at the facility ARE the facility, when they are tainted with the stain of blood on their hands from all of the animals they have killed, NOTHING WILL HAVE CHANGED WITH THE CHANGE OF SCENERY, except for the scenery.


Just like an alcoholic that’s trying to quit drinking changing their geography often doesn’t change their drinking behavior, animal killers changing their geography usually doesn’t change them mindset regarding killing animals because the primary component is THEM;

“Wherever THEY go, there THEY are” – their mindset goes wherever THEY are, and *unless* that changes, nothing ever really changes.

Going forward, and considering that sociopaths/psychopaths are usually very bright people, the killers posing as animal lovers that run tax-payer-funded animal controls and/or publicly-donation-funded animal rescues will find new and better ways to hide and/or disguise the killing of innocent animals because that’s “how they roll”, and it’s ALWAYS “all about THEMAlcoholic2“.

Any tax-payer-funded agency and/or primarily donation-funded organization that is unwilling to answer simple questions regarding “why” animals were/are killed, and will also not share publicly the ACTUAL scanned copies of the vet reports diagnosing what exactly was/is wrong with an animal and killing the animal is the only reasonable and humane option, is hiding something.

With animal controls, they are usually killing animals out of sheer convenience – less animals, less maintenance, it looks like to those not “in the know” like more efficiency and that they are “doing their job” where people assume they are finding homes for animals, which could then mean PAY RAISES. PRAISE, KUDOS, and “Atta-boys and girls” which satisfies their narcissistic cravings, there is less work with empty cages and kennels, and thus, less time spent CARING for the animals because they’ve been KILLED.

And with donation-funded animal rescues that openly kill animals while not furnishing vet reports and euthanasia reports for EVERY animal they kill;
Please note that MANY of the donation-funded ‘rescues’ DO NOT let the supportive, donating public KNOW just how many animals they are really killing because they KNOW that would look very suspicious, very “un-RESCUE-like”, and very bad indeed.
Documented facts exist that expose some donation-funded animal rescues as being guilty of killing healthy, innocent animals.
This is happening because they operate off of kind and generous FREE-money-to-them donations mostly from the public, and because the primary players at the primarily donation-funded ‘rescues’ usually are jobless, if they end up with animals that are unadoptable/un-sellable, and they have exhausted that animals “sympathy/pity donation-value”, that animal is simply a “money pit” of maintenance for the animal ‘retail rip-off rescue’, and they refuse to spend money on an animal when the animal can’t or won’t “do” anything for anyone because of the “issues” they have.

They basically do not want to spend what they consider “their money” to do with as they please (in their greedy minds) on USELESS animals, even when the animal is still enjoying life.

For that reason, they should not be supported by the public until “they clean house” and get people at the facility that actually love ALL animals and are not burned-out, jaded, disassociated, and de-sensitized to the killing of animals that should not be killed.

They also should NOT BE supported until they are perfectly willing to answer questions, be accountable to the public that enables them to operate, and be transparent in everything they do that they are only able to do because of tax-payers money and/or kind supporters donation-dollars.

NO ONE that asks questions of tax-payer-funded animal control agencies and/or publicly donation-funded animal rescues should EVER be told they need to do a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request in order to have questions answered.

Just answer the question2

People that are asking reasonable questions of tax-payer-funded and/or donation-funded agencies or organizations should also never be ignored, and should never be targeted for attack in retaliation for asking questions by these entities just because they asked reasonable, simple questions that any HONEST, forthright, accountable, and transparent agency and/or organization can answer with concise, factual answers, which should also include factual documentation that is being asked for.

Compassionate, kind, and empathetic people are rallying for answers on behalf of animals that are being USED for peoples own agenda’s, for profit and gain, and for the power and control these user-losers crave and attain at any and all costs, and then KILLED when their “use-and-purpose” is all used up, and then the cycle and pattern of behavior of these sub-humans, that DO NOT value the lives of animals, starts all over again.

For more ideas of questions to ask tax-payer-funded animal controls and also publicly donation-funded animal rescues, that are often in collusion in several factually documented ways, in order to force them, because answering questions on a voluntary basis is NOT working, to be more accountable, transparent, and HONEST, please click on the link to a questionnaire packet below:

Accountability and Full Disclosure Questionnaire-A Necessity

Unified animal lovers CAN make a difference for the animals.

They CAN STOP the mass killings, the serial killings, and the inhumane and unnecessary killing of animals.

Like-minded people in UNITY can make a difference, and they can achieve anything they set out to do because they are compassionate, they are kind, they possess empathy, and they will NEVER STOP until those vested with CARING about and for animals either do what they are supposed to do, or they will be GONE.


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