Part Two: Beware of Mentally Ill Manipulators in Donation-Funded Animal Rescue & Their Equally Ill Cult-Followers

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Exactly WHO ARE These People?

Nice, trusting animal-lovers in the public please BEWARE of extreme manipulators in animal rescue, and be cautious of their ignorant, mentally-ill cult-followers that hide behind their computer monitors or safely behind their smart phones too.

And for the True Believer freak-followers of these animal traders and dealers posing as “rescues”;

You’re on your own and will get exactly what you deserve for jumping on the wrong bandwagon.
In other words, you are not salvageable, you’re clownish in your behavior in a John Wayne Gacy kind-of-way (you know, head-cases trying to pose as normal people until your base human nature gets the best of you over and over again), and you’ll just have to go “down with the ship” when the legal system comes-a-callin’! ….filthy, hateful people sooner-rather-than-later get what they deserve.


These mentally-ill scam artists can usually be found feeding-at-their-public-donation-pig-trough and fleecing-the-trusting-public, with the help of equally mentally-ill “shills” and the aforementioned “true believer” cult members they send in to “speak wonderfully” about them, and that are also like attack-dogs ready to trash, smear and tear down anyone that dares to ask questions of them.

Because the manipulators at retail rescues are skilled con-artists without a conscience, they tug at the heartstrings of kind, but naïve animal lovers, and part them from their hard-earned money that these hustlers then live off of because they refuse to get real jobs and WORK (if in fact anyone would hire and then not fire them because they are mentally-damaged and don’t “play well with others”), because then would have to spend their own money they themselves earn on rescuing animals, so you get three guesses, and the first two don’t count, on how many animals they would really rescue.

Its  called “retail rescue” and it is OFTEN a scam and con-game, using animal rescue as “the emotional hook”, run by mentally-ill attention-seekers with an array and variety of personality disorders, that are frequently also hustlers and grifters USING innocent animals to attain money and material goods from trusting people, after they ramp-up a MOB with the ‘same-old/same-old different-century” uncivilized mentality of  mindless, accusatory, vicious attacking, as they leave destroyed lives and “dead and disappeared” animals in their wake.

Then they blithely continue on to their next manufactured “crisis” WITHOUT a backward glance, devoid of any feelings of remorse for the animals they have killed or “disappeared”, or the lives of both animals and people they have ruined, because “rescue” is ALL ABOUT THEM in the role of the HERO and SAVIOR of animals.
Their pet sub-humans with the Neanderthal brains in the MOB return to their “unaccomplished, boring, meaningless lives” (it must be speculated that their lives are boring, unaccomplished, and meaningless and their brains are primitive with how easily they can be made to attack by what often is a complete stranger to them, with no factual information, no background checking of whom that person – their handler – really is other than what they “say” they are, etc, so just because they apparently can’t afford Disneyworld, they join a “social media madness mob” to satisfy their need for drama and bad-old-fashioned MOB “fun” that satisfies their 8 second attention-spans. And to think many of these people actually rutted and bred and are raising children – THAT is child abuse) until the next time their “handler” needs to USE them, and it all begins again with a few keystrokes by their own personal Jim Jones.

Oh yeah,  don’t forget the entirely FREE money they receive too that they are never held to account for where and on what every penny is spent, even as they and their moronic minions boast about how “transparent” and “accountable” they are – and are words they never back-up with thorough, in-depth and factual documentation BECAUSE that would EXPOSE their CON-GAME.

It does beg the question of how they think they are going to fool the Attorney Generals offices (non-profit fraud, etc), the FBI (cyber-stalking, Animal Enterprise Terrorism, etc), the Department of Agriculture (crossing state lines with animals without proper health certificates and other paperwork), and other government agencies vested with investigating complaints by the public WHEN they are contacted by these agencies?

THAT will be very interesting to watch justice unfold as they tattle on all of the other people (including many that hide behind phony names and user names because they are trying to avoid the legal consequences of their actions), tell on other “rescues” that continuously are “convenience-killing” animals, “roll” on animal control employees that they have colluded with and paid “kickbacks” to, and other entities they’ve “partnered” with on their scams and schemes, in their attempt to save their own skins.

Ever seen the movie “Casino”? Yeah, it’ll be like the end of that movie where the dominos fall with gathering speed until they all fall DOWN!

Drama Queen21

Please take a look at this photo above.

Then click on this link to see the real story behind this fundraiser.

THIS is only one example among thousands of examples of how incredibly successful some of these tug-at-your-heartstrings schemes are, while the people running the scam never answer SIMPLE questions without a bunch of double-talk, side-stepping, and outright lies that can be fact-checked as such.

And they ALWAYS have MOBS they can whip-up that include people that think they are “clever enough” to remain anonymous (they can’t) when they attack people they often don’t know and/or they never think they will be sued by (they will) because of their hateful, destructive, and defamatory actions.

Drama Queen10

People with these mental illnesses listed below at the links lead lives that are made up of one crisis after another, and “emergency after emergency”.

 They usually have to go out looking for, or manufacturing these “crisis’s” and “emergencies” because those scenarios that are chockfull of drama and excitement are what has the donation-money come pouring in.

Anyone “into” rescuing KNOWS that peoples wallets and purses close up tight in regard to donating their hard-earned money to the everyday, mundane, and steady care of maintaining rescued animals that are “safe”. 

 Additionally, when the mentally-damaged rescuers animal dealers and traders orchestrate the crisis or emergency “rescue”, THEY are ALWAYS featured in the position of being the “great rescuer” and “savior-for-animals”.

Gullible and trusting people, and also retail rescues mentally-ill true believer followers, don’t appear to be able to understand that it is:

EASY to “rescue animals” when they’re using other peoples money to do so and not their own

~it is EASY to have nice facilities and other nice things when other people are paying for the nice things

~it is EASY to have “volunteers” that are actually like “slaves” (that don’t know it) working for free, when the “slaves” are provided with some social interaction and fun that clearly must be giving them a break from their boring, mundane lives.


The manipulators-with-issues (and if they were one of the animals they “rescue” that is found to have “behavioral and/or physical issues”, they would be killing themselves as not useable for anything – so which came first, the chicken or the egg?):

~tell fictional sob-stories

~they shed “pee-that-onion-so-they-can-cry-crocodile-tears”

~ they lie and embellish with practically everything they say or write (if their fingers are typing and/or their mouths are moving, they are usually LYING)

~they “work” the ridiculous and absurd media that “reports” anything these manipulators send them without doing even a miniscule amount of fact-checking.
NOTE: This lack of factual reporting makes “reporters” and “journalists” look like incompetent hacks sucked in by the manipulators in “retail rip-off rescue”.
They are also “enabling” these mentally-impaired “rescuers”/scammers to commit fraud against the public, which opens them up to lawsuits because of their participation when they endorse scam-rescues.

Going forward, every single day dawns as a new, clean slate for the mentally-damaged-ones in animal rescue to write their absurdities, and spin their web of lies that only the most gullible, naïve, and foolish people would ever believe.

Drama Queen15

Most women and men that are heavily involved in “retail (rip-off) rescue” that orchestrate “crisis rescues” have undiagnosed (?) Histrionic Personality Disorder, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, some are sociopaths/psychopaths with no consciences to speak of, and some actually and  factually are documented as having these mental illnesses and disorders.

And while many people are somewhat narcissistic, their credentials which they can and will readily supply, often DO check-out as true and factual, so basically “its not bragging if its true” applies, and they have paid their dues in hard-work, time, effort, and money to have the skills, experience, and background they have.

Credentials “checking-out” is not generally true with the manipulators in animal rescue and that is why they won’t answer questions and supply information that can be fact-checked.

The mentally-ill and manipulative players in PUBLIC-donation-FUNDED animal rescue, as opposed to private and often NOT publicly-donation-FUNDED animal rescue (in other words, people that rescue privately often use their own money to rescue animals), USE the social media world as their primary marketing tool, and also as their stage, with kind-hearted animal lovers as their audience that they fool with their Emmy award winning levels of soap opera masterpiece performances. Yes, many of them do appear to be missing their calling as soap opera and/or “reality” show stars.

And if so many of their former participants at their “rescues” hadn’t signed confidentiality agreements and are afraid of getting sued if they speak about what they heard and saw at the rescue, those people “spilling the beans” (more in the next blog post of why these confidentiality agreements usually aren’t legally enforceable)  would blow most of these faux rescues out of the animal rescue water and the donating public would be shocked, surprised, and horrified to hear what went on at the “rescue”.

Drama Queen2
“Crisis rescues” are drama and adrenalin-fueled “rescues”, with these mentally ill people as the “star of the show” and center of attention, whereby they:

~ collect donations they don’t have to account to anyone about how or where the money is spent

~they USE animals for their own profit and gain

~they sell some of the animals, calling it “adoption” so it sounds more “rescue-like” 

~they then kill or “disappear” the animals they can’t sell or give away after they have exhausted what is called their “sympathy-pity donation-value” (and these people don’t even TRY to find homes for these animals because it is more convenient to kill or “disappear” them with the “supportive but gullible public” being none the wiser) because they have physical and/or behavioral/training issues

~and when asked WHERE animals are, they usually say “they are in a foster home”, “they were adopted”, “they are in a sanctuary”, and other non-committal and non-proof producing stories that they rarely, if ever, have to give more information about so people know if its really true, or maybe-(probably) NOT.

And because they:

~ ENJOY and CRAVE attention, and also MUST continue to ATTAIN the FREE MONEY they receive from kind-hearted, albeit gullible and naïve donors, so they can continue to receive attention and praise from people that don’t really know WHO and what they really are,

they then repeat the pattern over and over again of:

~ attaining animals using other peoples money

~doing retail sales on animals with sale-value that they call “adopting”

Killing Animals1

~and “playing God” and KILLING or “disappearing” animals that have exhausted their “sympathy-pity donation-value”

~and that have “issues” so they couldn’t be sold because they are “broken merchandise” that need to be “cleared off the shelves” at their “rescue facility” to make way for “fresh merchandise”, and the “broken merchandise, or outdated  merchandise animals are “disposed of” in various ways so the “rescue” doesn’t have to spend any more of the free donation money on them.

Drama Queens19

The bottom-line is that they BETRAY animals they are supposed to be “rescuing” and KILL them because they’d rather KEEP THE FREE DONATION MONEY  they SOLICIT and COLLECT from nice animal lovers in the public

~they refuse to give the animals they don’t want a chance at life because letting them live *could* make them “look bad” if whomever provides them with a home speaks positively about the animal the “rescue” didn’t want to keep and maintain, and Heaven forbid someone was able to “do” something with the animal the “rescue” was going to KILL.

~Many of the so-called “rescued animals” did NOT need to be rescued, so instead, they were literally STOLEN from their owners on a “seizure scam” or “rescue raid” (the next blog post will feature MANY resources for victims of “seizure scam” and “rescue raid” attacks to fight back and drag their attackers into court on civil lawsuits).

A very basic outline of what ‘rescue raids’ are at the link below:

This link is regarding a man that got his animals back legally after a “rescue raid” was perpetrated on him by a humane society:

Drama Queens6

These often charming (when it literally “pays” to be charming) and chameleon-like players are mentally ill people that without a conscience ramp-up MOBS of people on the Internet that are NOT into checking FACTS before joining a MOB, to attack animal owner targets over the Internet because the mentally-damaged “rescuers” lie and tell them fictional stories they state as fact when it is FAR FROM FACTUAL in many cases of these attacks.

People with these previously listed mental disorders are:

~ selfish, greedy, controlling, lazy (they always have volunteer-slaves to do the work for them), and self-centered

~ and rather than be responsible for the animals they say they “rescued”

~ that they always use other peoples money to “rescue”

~ and then instead of being RESPONSIBLE, compassionate, empathetic, and caring for and maintaining the “animals with issues” they were supposed to be “rescuing”

~ they throw them away through KILLING them by various methods, or “disappearing them to death” by various means and outlets that have been documented for some of these “rescues that aren’t”

~which is the ULTIMATE betrayal against innocent, trusting animals that the naïve public thinks are “safe” with the rescue

~when they are NOT.

Drama Queen4

These mentally ill people posing as “rescuers” count on the FACT that the animal-loving publics attention-spans are:

~VERY SHORT regarding participating in “rescuing” animals,

~they KNOW that people LOVE the excitement and drama of a “crisis rescue”

~and will donate large sums of money to these types of “rescues”

~and they also KNOW that the kind and generous public don’t follow-through with QUESTIONS after a few weeks, and often after just a few days, such as:

WHERE are ALL the animals that were “rescued” weeks, months, and at least a few years (and all of these rescues have adoption agreements and adoption contracts, so they should KNOW where every single animal is) AFTER they were rescued?

~WHERE are INTAKE PHOTOS of ALL of the animals they are supposedly rescuing and collecting money from the public to ‘rescue’ taken AT their rescue facility and/or AT a designated foster home facility, or AT another rescue they are “partnering with” that has them?

~WHERE are CURRENT PHOTOS of ALL the animals the rescue is supposedly “rescuing” 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, and 1+ years from the time of rescue?

~ WHERE are ALL of the VET REPORTS for ALL of the animals the “rescue” ‘says’ are being examined and treated by their vet?

~WHERE are ALL of the EUTHANASIA REPORTS for ALL of the animals they “put down”?

~WHERE are ALL of the body disposal bills?

~WHERE are ALL of the bills related to the designated fund-raising for the “rescue” of the animals on THAT exact fundraiser??

These “retail rescues” are absolute magicians when it comes to “workin’ it” with posting captioned photos, great videos, etc of when they are “crisis rescuing”, so why aren’t they equally as forthcoming and magical at scanning and posting ALL the veterinarian reports and bills for each and every animal “they say” their vet is examining and/or treating that they are always asking the kind public for more, and more, and more money to supposedly pay for?

Dog Dragged to Being Killed

For those people that care about animals and are looking for a rescue to donate to – certainly rescues are occasionally in the position of having to euthanize animals for reasons of age-related issues, severe injuries and/or chronic unmanageable pain issues documented in the vet reports.

However, when a publicly-donation-funded animal rescues business model is based on a theme and pattern of attaining animals using donation money, “sorting” innocent-“rescued” animals for their “use-and-purpose” and value regarding donations and/or adoption/selling, or their lack thereof, and then killing by various means those animals with no value because of issues they have that renders them unadoptable/un-sellable (they are long-term “money pits” with no practical uses for them), THAT is not rescue, THAT is a business model based on profit and loss, and THAT is what animal traders/dealers do.

Article at the link below with disturbing photos of healthy animals being euthanized:​

And ALL of this unnecessary killing is done with kind-hearted peoples donation money!

When the killing of animals becomes a “theme” rather than an occasional and necessary procedure, that is probably a rescue that isn’t really a rescue, and is instead an animal dealer/trader/flipper running their retail business using the kind publics free donation money to do it.

Drama Queen12

Articles at the links below discussing a few of the mental disorders that “retail rescuers” are afflicted with:

People that have these disorders should not be excused for their bad behavior, and should suffer the legal consequences of their questionable, hateful, and often illegal behavior and actions.

Some, if not many of the scammers show previous criminal behavior on background checks under their own names, and also using an alias.
However, individuals that are fed-up with these criminals, and also victims of their attacks, are:

~ learning what they can do to stop them

~they are going forward with complaints to the appropriate government agencies

~they are proceeding with legal action against them

and this is necessary because of the epidemic of “retail rip-off rescue” scammers that are taking over animal rescue for their own profit and gain.
They are making ALL rescues, whether donation-funded or self-funded, look bad, they are USING innocent animals to further their crooked agenda, and they are disposing of un-useable animals in terrible and heartbreaking ways that people whom possess compassion, empathy, ethics, and morals find appalling.

Continuing forward, if the public knows what and who they are dealing with, they may instead seek-out “real rescues” that can be trusted to use the publics donation-money given to them by nice people, legally and ethically, and they truly ARE accountable and transparent with the public because they will SHARE:

~their credentials and resumes so they can be FACT-CHECKED, in regard to the founders of the primarily donation-FUNDED-rescue, the executive director, vet techs, “officials” handling the rescued/seized/stolen/bought animals care, the marketing director, the board of directors at the “rescue”, etc

~their financials for designated-fundraisers

~ALL vet reports for ALL of the animals that were rescued and are maintained using donated funds and material items

~ALL euthanasia reports for ALL of the animals rescued and maintained using donated-funds and material goods

~ALL of the bills related to the rescued animals that donations were asked for and received 

~ANY and ALL documentation that pertains to their “rescuing” AND maintenance of ALL rescued animals they were given donated-funds and material goods to rescue and maintain them with

~Will show current photos and videos of rescued animals at their facility and/or in a designated “foster home” that is an extension/”under the umbrella” of their rescue

~Will always announce when a rescued animal has been adopted under an adoption contract and agreement

~Will announce, even though it is a sad announcement, when they have to “put down” an animal, and will provide the corresponding vet reports and bills, and also the euthanasia report and bills, and body disposal method and bills

Publicly-operated, publicly-marketed, and publicly-donation-funded animal rescues OWE it to the PUBLIC to be forthcoming and fully accountable and transparent to the supportive donating public.


“Rescues” of these type (primarily or wholly donation-funded) have a responsibility to the public to be honest, ethical, accountable, and transparent because its ONLY through the generosity of the supportive, donating public that they are ABLE to OPERATE at all.

The primary reason this is true is because many of the donation-funded adoption-based animal rescues have “primary players” (founders, directors, associates, “officials”, etc)  that don’t have real jobs outside of “rescue”.

Most of the “retail (rip-off) rescues” participants literally live off of donations, and that is why these “rescues” refuse to answer questions without evasiveness and double-talk, they refuse to be accountable and transparent in posting their financials on designated fundraisers, showing WHERE ALL of the money to operate the rescue, and to do the “rescue” of animals is coming from, and also what ALL of the donation-money, whether from designated or non-designated fundraisers, is spent on.

There is also documented evidence of many of these types of “rescues” ‘primary player’s collecting social security checks (legal, but doesn’t usually go very far regarding paying personal bills, let alone rescuing bunches of animals too), disability payments when the person is factually-documented as not being disabled at all, using food stamps that they don’t really qualify for but they know how to “work the system”, and other types of government assistance for often phony ailments and conditions that are documented as being false.

They have their grubby fingers in so many pies to attain FREE MONEY they don’t have to work for, let alone account for, that they’re a sticky mess of deception and corruption.

And even though they fool a handful of people, or newbies they rope in with their pleas for help on crisis rescues, more and more intelligent people, that are suspicious of animal rescues that NEED money day, after day, after day, and ALWAYS have yet another crisis or emergency they literally troll to find and instigate, are looking elsewhere at other rescues that may just keep plodding along in a steady way, doing the daily upkeep and maintenance of animals while doing “no fanfare” rescuing, but at least they’re really transparent and accountable and are pleased to answer any and all questions people may have, where the prospective donor doesn’t feel like they are being DISRESPECTED and treated like idiots by double-talking hustlers that have infiltrated animal rescue.

A quote from one of the articles at the links:
“Individuals with Histrionic Personality Disorder exhibit excessive emotionalism–a tendency to regard things in an emotional manner–and are attention seekers. People with this disorder are uncomfortable or feel unappreciated when they are not the center of attention. Behaviors may include constant seeking of approval or attention, self-dramatization, theatricality, and striking self-centeredness or sexual seductiveness in inappropriate situations, including social, occupational and professional relationships beyond what is appropriate for the social context. They may be lively and dramatic and initially charm new acquaintances by their enthusiasm, apparent openness, or flirtatiousness. They commandeer the role of “the life of the party”. Personal interests and conversation will be self-focused. They use physical appearance to draw attention to themselves. Emotional expression may be shallow and rapidly shifting. Their style of speech is excessively impressionistic and lacking in detail. They may do well with jobs that value and require imagination and creativity but will probably have difficulty with tasks that demand logical or analytical thinking. The disorder occurs more frequently in women though that may be because it is more often diagnosed in women than men.”


In closing, please help keep rescued animals alive by:

~ researching and asking numerous questions of donation-funded rescues that are continually soliciting and “panhandling” donation money and other material goods from the kind public

~ asking them to post documents, current photos and videos, and ALL other information pertaining to the animals they have “rescued” using other peoples money.

True animal lovers will take the time and effort to find out what type of rescue they are dealing with.

As for the ignorant fools that follow blindly along, or that actively act as “shills”, bullies, stalkers, and attackers for these animal traders and dealers posing as rescues;
when you’re served with papers because you are being sued, good luck with getting your rescue-of-choice to help you because they’ll be too busy trying to save their own butt and will “roll” on anyone and everyone in order to do so……MOST ASSUREDLY, that will be YOU because there really is NO HONOR among thieves and crooks, and oh yeah lest we forget; hateful people with primitive brains.

Here’s a blogger that pretty much hit-the-nail-on-the-head regarding many of the women in the horse world and also the horse rescue world:

Sounds just like a gang and gaggle of narcissistic, hormonal 7th grade “mean girls” doesn’t it?

Guess again, because these are usually narcissistic adult women that inhabit these bodies, but they have the ethics, maturity, and intelligence of the average 13 year old girl whose hormones are causing her to be *cuckoo* *cuckoo* *cuckoo*…..

It shouldn’t be that way when these are adult women, but they are doing this pathetic, nasty and insecure stuff just the same.

Social media is making it so easy for them to further whatever sorry, sick agenda they have, and also “reach out and touch anyone they want”.

Women described in the blog at the link above are running rampant, staying anonymous, or are posting things about other people using their names, sharing their personal information, and all kinds of things that are real trust-breakers, and they are not worried about suffering the legal consequences of their actions because they *think* they are too far away to be gotten to legally (they aren’t really), so they keep bullying, stalking, harassing, and threatening other people as if its some fun sport, instead of potentially life damaging, and in some cases, life ruining.

THESE are the women raising our future generation of adults, which pretty much means we’re all doomed as a society with these juveniles in adult bodies running the show and showing their kids “how its done”.

Been nice knowin’ some of you, but its going to be “later days” if society keeps going the direction is it because some (many?)people refuse to be honest, ethical, mature, compassionate, and trustworthy, and they instead think they and theirs are the only ones that matter in the “scheme of things”.

Part 1 :

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