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NO, they aren’t!




Its disheartening, disgusting, and despicable that trusting, innocent animals that should be SAFE at a “rescue” are instead KILLED or “disappeared” because the “rescue” doesn’t want to care for and maintain animals that they can’t bring any more donations in on and/or that they can’t sell.

Where do all those designated fundraiser donations go that were sent to the rescue for specific and designated purposes (not for people buy personal items, paying personal bills, having cosmetic surgery, taking vacations, etc)?

Who the heck knows because without OVERSIGHT that requires that predominately or wholly donation-funded animal rescues SHOW the PUBLIC their financials, the rescues that will publicly post things they shouldn’t have a problem with being accountable to the public on are few and FAR BETWEEN.

The animal loving public has a MORAL OBLIGATION to safeguard animals AFTER a donation-funded rescue seizes them, buys them, finds them, or acquires them in some fashion USING THE TAXPAYING and/or THE DONATING PUBLICS MONEY.

The PRIMARY WAY at the GRASSROOTS LEVEL to FORCE OVERSIGHT on donation-funded animal rescues is for the PUBLIC to perform OVERSIGHT themselves, ASK these “rescues” QUESTIONS and EXPECT ANSWERS.







Additionally, the PUBLIC should SHARE this INFORMATION with their FAMILY, THEIR FRIENDS, and with OTHER PEOPLE in the PUBLIC in order to make the “rescues” that are USING the PUBLICS MONEY to OPERATE and KILL INNOCENT ANIMALS GO “OUT OF BUSINESS” so they can’t KEEP KILLING ANIMALS WITH IMPUNITY.

As strange as this may sound,  MANY of the legitimate donation-funded rescues that:

~ don’t rip-off the public

~ that don’t LIE and MANIPULATE

~ that don’t kill innocent animals all the time

~ that don’t “disappear” animals into the black void of nothingness

~that often HAVE primary participants that work fulltime jobs to support their rescue-efforts

are AFRAID of the players that run RETAIL RESCUES!


The current-day animal-rescue-arena is COMPETITIVE EVEN THOUGH IT SHOULDN’T BE!

 and with MONEY, PUBLICITY, a “FOLLOWING” and other “goodies” as the PRIZES, things get UGLY, UNETHICAL, 

and even downright FRIGHTENING really fast.


Lets see, they’re afraid of:

1. being attacked in regard to the chronically and/or acutely ill, the terminally ill, or the old animals they rescue and take care of that might not look so swell or healthy but they don’t kill them just because the animal can’t be “USED” for anything.

2. they’re afraid of being trashed, the victim of a smear campaign, stalked, harassed, threatened.

3. they’re afraid of having “false reports”, which are ILLEGAL but it happens anyway, sent in anonymously, or often not anonymously, to tax-payer-funded government entities that usually have to respond to complaints that are filed.

Note: with legislation in the works to hold people that “false report” accountable through fines and/or prosecution for illegally using government entities to go after other people, this activity may fall by the wayside to a great extent SOON because these people USING TAX-PAYER FUNDED AGENCIES to further their own nasty agenda, (and they often KNOW there is nothing wrong regarding whatever they are “reporting” on),  is OUT OF CONTROL!

3. they’re afraid because they’ve seen these “retail rescues” in action RAMPING-UP MOBS of people on social media (that they manipulate and LIE to) to swarm and attack animal owners, other rescues, anyone that has animals basically, and these clueless wonders in the MINDLESS MOB “reaches-out” based on lies to anyone and everyone they can think of including local and regional government, state government, the FBI, the large ANIMAL RIGHTS orgs that embellish and lie a lot themselves in order to pull in donations and get publicity, etc, etc, etc.

5. and they’re VERY AFRAID because it is NOT cheap and easy for hard-working people that support a rescue with their OWN MONEY primarily to hire an attorney to defend them and/or file a civil lawsuit. – if they are swarmed and attacked, it could, and very well might, be life-destroying.

These “RETAIL RESCUES” KNOW this is the case and they are NOT WORRIED (although, they should be because MORE PEOPLE are fighting back, and government agencies are getting wise to them and/or are being sued because of them) that no matter how much they manipulate and “work” the clueless in the public, no matter how many animals they KILL, no matter “WHAT”, other rescues near and far “keep their heads down” and don’t say word-one about the unethical, immoral, and often illegal activities they do CONSTANTLY.

Its up to the PUBLIC to JOIN in the GRASSROOTS MOVEMENT of “ASK QUESTIONS and EXPECT ANSWERS” from donation-funded animal rescues!

Now if you don’t want to read this whole blog post, but DO WANT TO JOIN THE “ASK QUESTIONS and EXPECT ANSWERS” MOVEMENT to HELP INNOCENT TRUSTING ANIMALS, please scroll to the end of this post for some great ideas of QUESTIONS to ASK AND EXPECT ANSWERS to YOUR QUESTIONS from DONATION-FUNDED ANIMAL RESCUES that very well could be animal traders and dealers posing as “rescues” that are low-down “RETAIL RESCUES” running their BUSINESS at the expense of trusting people and innocent animals.


These predominately, or wholly donation-funded “rescues” ask for money from the public to “rescue” animals, then ask for and receive more money from the public AFTER the “rescue” in order to care for and maintain them (or so they say) because they don’t have money of their own with which to operate.

BUT THEN they “sort” the animals, keep the ones they will, or “might” be able to sell, and KILL the ones that aren’t USEFUL to anyone and in their morally bankrupt minds, are nothing more than “MONEY-PITS”.

That sounds just like what an animal control, or a kill buyer at a feedlot for horses DOES !


CON-ARTISTS that have INFILTRATED ANIMAL RESCUE and are known as “RETAIL RESCUES” ALWAYS KNOW HOW TO “WORK THE SYSTEM” and THE PUBLIC and relatively little OVERSIGHT by government agencies makes their SCAMS against the PUBLIC even easier to perpetrate!

Because of the LACK OF OVERSIGHT, the public MUST, MUST, MUST scrutinize the donation-funded rescues in order to expose their greed and treating animals like “merchandise” because of the FACT that MANY of the predominately, or wholly, donation-funded “rescues” ARE MORAL FAILURES as evidenced by the stories at the links on today’s blog post.

Elephant in the Room2

The OTHER QUESTION that is like the “elephant in the room” is “oh my”, what’s a donation-funded animal “rescue” that is adoption-based supposed to do with the many animals they seize, buy/receive from “wherever”, acquire, etc using other peoples money when it is found out the animal has physical and/or behavioral/training issues that renders them UNADOPTABLE with, or without a fee, and they also cannot be rehabbed into looking good, being useable for anything, etc (just like human beings as INDIVIDUALS)?

These “rescues” “tell” people “we’re adoption-based” and their True Believer Kool-Aid drinking followers think its just dandy and believe every word they slurp-up that these “rescues” “say” when yet another animal “HAS” to be “put down”.
OR, as is OFTEN the case when people have their heads stuck deep in the sand, everyone just STOPS talking about some of the animals
because they really DON’T WANT TO KNOW what happened to them.

Revolving Door2

That’s why people like this are called “enablers” because without these True Believers that come-and-go constantly through the social media revolving door, these “rescues” would collapse and go under.

The other way to EXPOSE these hustlers is to ASK THEM ALOT OF QUESTIONS and EXPECT ANSWERS.

Too bad, so-NOT-sad for these donation-funded adoption based “rescues” is the fact that once people are educated in “the rescue racket” being run because there is relatively little-to-no OVERSIGHT for these donation-funded rescues that are OFTEN animal traders, dealers, and flippers posing as “rescues”, fewer and fewer people actually believe their asinine nonsense that even a reasonably intelligent 3rd grader could see right through their fictional fantasy stories (according to the “rescue”) of:

* “why” they “had” to kill animals (and the public only ever sees a small number of animals being killed and are not privy to the numerous animals being killed secretly because the “rescue” won’t give even a monthly head-count so interested parties can keep track of innocent animals that are supposed to be “rescued”);

TRANSLATION: they won’t usually show any, (but sometimes “they throw their trusting followers a bone” and show them a token vet report or euthanasia report), vet and euthanasia reports for ALL of the rescued animals they “say” their vet is looking at and “have” to be “put down” because their vet doesn’t want to jeopardize their licensing by writing fabricated reports that wouldn’t pass muster under scrutiny.

*why some of the animals that they seized months earlier for *supposedly* being “starved”, “neglected”, etc aren’t ever seen again and/or are euthanized, “put down”, KILLED;

TRANSLATION: because what happens frequently is that the “rescuers” in their ignorance actually mishandle and/or mismanage animals and they cause accidents, illness, and conditions that lead to their demise OR many of the seized animals don’t improve all but a little bit, if at all, so the accusations of “starving” and “neglect” leveled at animal owners that were their victims of attack on a “seizure scam” obviously WERE NOT TRUE – so in order to HIDE the lack of improvement that wrecks the “rescues” rehab rate and/or shows them as vile liars, they KILL THE ANIMALS that will expose the “rescue” for the nasty people they all are.

*“we sent them to a sanctuary” or “they’re at a foster-home” or “they’re out on a ‘trial adoption”;

TRANSLATION: the locations of all of these types of places remains a mystery that never gets solved because most people are too trusting to follow up on if its true, or NOT, and many of their followers have their heads buried deep in the sand and don’t appear to CARE WHERE the animals are currently;

*”we’re raising funds to buy property for a sanctuary”;

TRANSLATION: for retail rescues this actually means “we’ll be able to take the useless animals to another location away from our public rescue facilities property where we can dispose of the worthless animals without anyone the wiser to just how many we kill, or how many we dump through various outlets”.

*”they’re still at our facility and are doing great”;

TRANSLATION: they may or may not still be at their facility, but they won’t show current photos if the animal is still there but has been there a long time because at some point, these “rescues” “clear the shelves” of “old merchandise” animals to make room for “fresh merchandise”, so they don’t want people to start keeping tabs on those animals which they want people to NOT ask about, and forget about them instead.

Money Pit1
They also rarely if ever show the care and maintenance reports and bills that donors are always being asked to pay for because some of these animals they’re fixing to get rid of are nothing more than “money pits” that they don’t want to spend any more of that free donation money on them than they have to.

The story at this link is very sad, but it is the reality for many old, useless, ill, chronic health issue animals; they are KILLED and NOT RESCUED.

Here’s an excerpt from the story at the link above and what the PUBLICS donation-money is PAYING FOR – the MURDER of animals AFTER they are literally STOLEN under color-of-law by “rescues” (makes intelligent people wonder what else they’re STEALING):

“Why would a so-called association for the ‘protection of animals’ kill a healthy dog? What other motives are at work here? There is something very dark and sinister afoot in Moulton and advocates are fearing the worst. “Grandpa was dragged by an ASPCA worker named ‘John’ out the door with rope around his neck.” Grandpa knew something bad was happening and most likely sensed he was doomed. Grandpa was right. ASPCA killed Grandpa.”


The primary reason this crap happens is because there is NO REAL OVERSIGHT to speak of for donation-funded animal rescues.

This pertains to their FINANCIALS on FREE donation-money coming in, what its being used on, where are the receipts and bills, the veterinary reports and euthanasia reports, and WHERE in the HELL are ALL of the animals these so-called “rescues” are rescuing weeks and months AFTER they’ve “rescued” them?

And now that fewer and fewer people are actually trusting and/or dumb enough to believe the silly rhetoric spewing forth from these faux “rescuers” mouths and from their typing fingers with their eloquent, but patently false stories, regarding animals and how they should always look and behave well, there is no excuse for animals NOT looking and behaving good and well, and if they can’t be made to “look good” and/or “behave well”, surely they must die or be “disappeared”.


The problem for the scam-artists at these opportunistic retail rescues is that intelligent people who think about things KNOW that animals get acutely ill, they get chronically diseased, they get old, they sometimes look “iffy”, or even downright bad because they have non-correctable issues.

However, just because they may be unadoptable, or they’ve been hanging around eating for too long, it certainly doesn’t mean they WANT to DIE or be KILLED!


The “retail rescues” operating all over the world COUNT ON THE FACT that there is relatively little OVERSIGHT for animal rescues, and the public up until recently DON’T ASK QUESTIONS AND EXPECT ANSWERS!

THE PUBLIC IS BEING USED, THE ANIMALS ARE BEING USED, and the only ones benefitting are the animal traders and dealers  that POSE AS “RESCUES”!

Animals want to LIVE, they want to be with other compatible animals, they want to enjoy whatever phase of life they’re in.

And when an animal doesn’t want to live any longer, wise animal owners know when it is time to help them pass because the animal tells them its time.

But what do the donation-funded retail rescues that are “into” production-line/repetitive  “rescue” do?

They “convenience KILL” or “disappear” animals like this, that’s what!

Show Me1

And to “cover” their abhorrent and despicable killings, they “tell” their trusting followers all kinds of things that can often be shown are lies, and they refuse to publicly SHOW the numbers of animals they have every month, how many are in “foster care”, how many are on “trial adoptions”, how many were adopted, and how many were euthanized/”put down”/killed.

“Rescues” can “tell” the public whatever they want – but the PUBLIC WANTS TO SEE THE INFORMATION WITH THEIR OWN EYES!


Since a lot more people are becoming WISE to their con-game, that is a FACT!

However, these hustlers in retail rescue are doing the mad shuffle trying to figure out new ways to kill or “disappear” animals that the now-more-alert public is becoming educated in the ploys and manipulations, they are ASKING QUESTIONS and EXPECTING ANSWERS BEFORE they’ll donate.

In other words, the PUBLIC is performing OVERSIGHT free of charge since government agencies aren’t doing it in any meaningful kind of way, and clueless “reporter”-hacks weave fantasy fairy tales about “animal whispers” that anyone that knows the people being written about are guffawing about and thinking it MUST be a joke.

Positive Change

Donation-money and animals are disappearing by the thousands at retail rescues in every civilized country that has them operating within their borders, but this is going to STOP because ASKING QUESTIONS and EXPECTING ANSWERS will EXPOSE these “opportunists” EVERY TIME!

A good guide located at the link below speaks to the issue of donation-funded adoption-based animal rescues and how to get a “read” on the ethical ones, and the “not so much” ones.

They are addressing donation-funded adoption-based and not sanctuaries/hospices that often don’t deal in the adoptions of animals and are not adoption-based except for infrequently:

Below is the questionnaire that can be sent to any donation-funded retail rescue.

Or the public can ask questions and expect answers.

And if they don’t get answers to ALL of their questions, its quite simple what the course of action, or inaction should be: Don’t support them, and don’t waste your money donating to them because they don’t deserve your time nor your money when they disrespectfully won’t concisely answer all of the questions posed to them.


NO OVERSIGHT For Donation-Funded Animal Rescues – The PUBLIC NEEDS To TAKE CHARGE!

NO OVERSIGHT For Donation-Funded Animal Rescues – The PUBLIC NEEDS To TAKE CHARGE!

Split Personality Woman

The link below illustrates that just because people choose to have jobs working with animals, NOT all of these people actually feel much toward animals at all, they may be able to “disassociate themselves” from killing animals and do not give killing them much thought at all, and some of them are downright sociopathic/psychopathic and “get off” on tormenting, torturing, and then killing animals.


The terrifying part is that MANY of these people are intelligent, and they look and behave so normally, that unless they’re caught in the act of torturing and killing, or have made mistakes, they often are NOT caught at all:

Below is an excerpt from the blog post at the link:

“As a reminder, the primary complaint is that management needlessly kills animals they have resources to shelter – because they can.  It would seem that the only thing the current management has a passion for is killing animals.  Regardless, the mayor’s assertion that people who don’t care passionately about animals are unable to perform the same quality of work as those who do is ludicrous.  He’s giving a pass to animal killers for not doing their jobs because of some perceived lack of ability.”

And yet another blog post at the link below of highly questionable issues occurring at another animal control/shelter.
This link contains more graphic descriptions regarding the inhumane way in which animals were killed; use caution viewing the content because it IS descriptive:

Excerpt from the blog post above:

“When Fox 26 reported on July 9 that police were investigating the Baytown Animal Shelter in Texas, Mike Lester, the Baytown health director in charge of the facility, said police hadn’t yet interviewed him for the investigation.  He also said no employees had come to him with allegations of wrongdoing at the pound.

Yesterday Lauren Hartis, a former ACO at the pound, went public with her whistleblowing evidence which prompted the police investigation.  Former ACO Hartis “says she saw fellow employees commit animal cruelty on a daily basis.”  And she states she had met with Mike Lester to discuss her concerns:”


Animal controls/animal shelters are known for the practice of euthanizing animals; that is a known fact.

They are also facilities that local tax payers tax dollars pay to operate, so it would be considered that at least at a local level, the tax payer’s in the cities or counties the AC or AS is located in will have more input power IF they are finally alerted to inhumane, cruel, and psychopathic behavior occurring that is.

However, without whistleblowers *sometimes* coming forward, this heinous behavior at the story at the link would have continued unabated into the future and the taxpayer’s of this county would have continued to be PAYING for it, whether they knew it, or most likely not.


It is much easier to scrutinize a primarily-tax-payer-funded government agency such as an animal control than it is to scrutinize a primarily donation-funded-animal rescue, humane society, or spca and find out where the free donation-money is going, find out what happens to, and where are ALL of the animals they’re ‘rescuing’ going, etc.

Currently, its “good enough” for a primarily, or wholly donation-funded animal rescue to “say” “we’re a rescue, so please send us free money so we can ‘rescue’ these animals because we can’t do it without YOU“.

Lack of oversight was being written about in 2005.

However, this was BEFORE “real time” social media like Facebook where retail rescues ramp-up their “social media madness mobs” in a matter of hours usually, and to this day, MOST people don’t even know what “seizure scams” and “rescue raids” are and are not at all prepared to defend themselves if one is perpetrated on them

People that do join the “social media madness MOB” that is ramped-up by “the rescue” because they need “noise and numbers” to be successful in their possible scam, that are attacking people never know the full story, but if they participate and say, write, and do things that are illegal, they should not be surprised if they are a defendant in a civil lawsuit.

The link to the 2005 article:

Excerpt from that article:

“Animal Rescuers or Thieves? Some Owners Accuse Their SPCA Chapter of Taking Their Pets And Selling Them Commentary By John Stossel

– SPCAs have an image of being animal rescuers. And there’s no question that the many Societies for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals around the country do a lot of good work, rushing in to save animals from abusive people.

But some people who’ve had animals taken away by animal rescuers say some SPCAs have acted like petty tyrants on power trips. They say they use their police powers to take away people’s animals, even when the animals don’t need rescuing.

I found that hard to believe, but lots of people have been saying that their local SPCA has wrecked their lives.”

Yes — it is hard to believe, though the logic is there for anyone who wishes to see it.A private organization, unaccountable to normal governmental oversights, needing to raise money for its survival (or merely for its prestige), the normal failings of some human beings who find acquiring and exercising power for its own sake gratifying, and the normal sympathetic instincts of other human beings to help neglected and abused animals, form a most unsavory soup, but one whose flavor could easily be predicted from its ingredients.”


What people will never hear donation-funded animal rescue organizations say is “we WANT and NEED your money in order to operate and live our lives, but don’t hold us to account for ALL of the FREE money sent to us, and DON’T expect us to account for WHERE ALL of the animals are AFTER we ‘rescue them’ that we’re rescuing using YOUR MONEY because we WON’T be doing that anytime in this century.
Be nice, be clueless, or GO AWAY, (OR ELSE!), if you expect us to answer questions because we don’t HAVE to answer any questions posed to us by the chumps in the public that send us money and support us in our cons”.

This is because thus far, other than a tiny bit of stuff regarding their financials *may be* looked at IF enough complaints are filed with the Attorney Generals office and the IRS, there isn’t much at all in the way of OVERSIGHT by ANY government agencies and/or organizations regarding:

1. animals being killed or “disappeared” AFTER they are supposed to be “rescued” using donated-funds 

2. making sure animals are being cared for and maintained using asked for and received donation-money and/or material goods and instead, they are not regularly accounted for by “the rescue” that kind donors gave money to

3. the ignoring by the DONATION-FUNDED-rescue of publicly posting vet reports, euthanasia reports, necropsy reports, billings

4.  the whereabouts of ALL of the animals for at least 1+ years AFTER the donation-funded rescue rescues them using donation money to do so,

5. post a once a month current and accurate count of how many animals are at the rescues facility, how many are in foster homes, how many are in quarantine at a facility other than the rescues facility

6. post a once a month count of how many animals were adopted the previous month

7. post a once a month count of how many animals were euthanized, the means by which they were euthanized, and why they were euthanized

8. post the backgrounds and credentials for ALL of the primary participants at the rescue that can be fact-checked and verified as true, and not fabricated and/or embellished (people can read superficial statements that are supposed to be believed as factual on some of the “rescues” websites and Facebook pages, but in-depth fact-checking and research often reveals “skirting of the truth” and outright lies)


9. do the principles of the rescue have jobs outside of rescue, because if they don’t, and they aren’t independently wealthy, its likely they are paying their personal bills and living expenses with donated money

and the list goes on with the complete and utter lack of accountability and transparency coming from many of the donation-funded “rescues” because answering QUESTIONS and providing the information listed above is currently ALL VOLUNTARY!

It is NOT REQUIRED that donation-funded animal rescues MUST answer questions if/when they don’t want to (which as it turns out is MOST of the time, with MOST of the donation-funded animal rescues).


There is NO OVERSIGHT from anyone for donation-funded animal rescues where they MUST answer to the donating public they solicit , often constantly, for donations and support.

WHY does the donation-funded animal rescue sector NEED OVERSIGHT for donation-funded animal rescues that oversees more than just a smidgen of their financials (infrequently)?

Emotional Manipulators5

BECAUSE there are ALWAYS cheaters and scammers in many areas, who are often “emotional manipulators too (more on what this is at this link: ) that see:

1. a good money making opportunity that has a great emotional “hook” (“rescuing animals” in this case)

2. there is LITTLE to NO OVERSIGHT, rules, requirements, and regulations governing that area

3. they “get into” doing it

4. they make their money and profit and gain very quickly, (and some of the honest, trustworthy rescues, that have been operating for years, that don’t lie, cheat and run scams struggle along wondering if they shouldn’t “get into” “con-ing” people too in order to “get ahead” as they see the scam rescues doing)


5. they are too greedy to “stay off the radar” of people that are not stupid who are noticing “discrepancies” and questionable “things” occurring

6. and because they usually don’t have JOBS outside of “rescue”, they ARE “trapped on the treadmill” of continuously needing money to feed and care for the rescued animals they have up for SALE/”adoption”, to pay their rent/mortgage, pay other bills, feed their kids and personal animals, pay for other personal needs, etc

7.  any questions coming from concerned or curious people are ignored so they don’t implicate themselves in unethical and / or illegal activities

8. and sometimes reasonable questions are met with aggressive action of “siccing” their “True Believer cult-followers” and “brown noser’s” to bully, harass, trash, and smear people that consistently keep asking reasonable questions.

Then, because of these crooks in donation-funded animal rescue, EVERYONE in that sector, whether they are honest, ethical and trustworthy, or not, pays the price and is subjected to oversight and possible investigations because scammers infiltrated an area with little oversightTHAT is why they chose it as their “target” and “mark” in the first place – Donation-Funded animal rescue IS FERTILE GROUND FOR RUNNING CON’S because of the LACK of OVERSIGHT.


Oversight does not mean firing off arbitrary accusations, spreading rumors and gossiping WITHOUT factual information, strong suspicions, or having seen it with your own eyes.

Pointing the finger without having at least FIRST tried asking reasonable questions isn’t going to fly, the person/people doing it will lose credibility, its not legal in some cases and people open themselves up to civil lawsuits, and it will just look like bickering, back-stabbing, finger-pointing with no proof, etc.

Asking reasonable questions first, that honest  donation-funded-rescues (that are only able to operate because of the generosity of the supportive, donating public) will answer with no problem, and hoping for answers from all of the donation-funded animal rescues that can then be fact-checked and verified for accuracy is a logical first step.

It shows someone didn’t just fling accusations, they didn’t willfully defame rescues without evidence of impropriety, they tried to get information FROM the actual rescue (straight-from-the-horses-mouth so-to-speak) so they could fact-check and verify information, and only AFTER failing to get answers to reasonable questions did the person take further steps and file complaints with the AG’s office, local agencies, the IRS,  etc in order for them to do their jobs and get reasonable questions answered by the donation-funded rescue in question.


For those who dare, for those who CARE, for those that don’t like being considered mindless idiots and sheeple by the con-artists in donation-funded animal rescue, and for those that DO KNOW something’s “not right” at a donation-funded animal rescue that has NO MEANINGFUL OVERSIGHT, below is an informational questionnaire that should be sent to any donation-funded rescues you are a supporter of and/or sent to any donation-funded animal rescues you are contemplating supporting and donating to.

The questions are simple to answer with information that should be public knowledge when an animal rescue is operating publicly, marketing themselves publicly, and asking for and receiving donations from the public.

The single page basic information questions for animal rescues asks for what should be public information anyway, and there are single pages pertaining to information about rescues, humane societies, spca’s, and animal controls that “partner” with any of these types of organizations.
The main body of the questionnaire for any of the aforementioned organizations/entities, are primarily some simple “yes” or “no” questions that any honest, forthright, ethical, and transparent donation-funded rescue, humane society, spca, or an animal control or shelter that “partners” with them can and will answer with no problem.

Fox Guarding Henhouse1

Innocent animals that are being “rescued” (sometimes animals don’t *need* recuing, but that has been covered in other blog posts and thus the questions on the questionnaire to KEEP organizations and people HONEST; all that free donation money coming in tends to corrupt even the nicest people. For known con-artists, they got “into” donation-funded animal rescue FOR THE MONEY and also the accolades they receive that they don’t get when they run cons and scams in other areas) by donation-funded rescues are COUNTING on the public to scrutinize publicly-operated-donation-funded animal rescues because “the public” has nothing to gain, or lose, in animal rescue, but having donation-funded rescues “policing themselves” is more than a little like “the fox guarding the hen house”.

WHO Deserves Your Time and Money? The People That Will Answer Your Questions, That’s WHO!

Who Deserves1

Sometimes base human nature gets the best of people, even people that rescue animals who had honest intentions UNTIL all that entirely FREE donation-money came pouring in when “crisis rescues” are run and then WATCH OUT! They are enticed and succumb to the siren song of greed and ego and some/many animals are killed or “disappeared” and weren’t really “rescued” at all.


Animal lovers in the public, PLEASE be Guardians for the animals AFTER they are rescued so that animals that should  really be rescued aren’t killed or “disappeared” instead just because a rescue doesn’t want to care for, maintain and spend that FREE donation money they collected on a useless animal that no one wants, NOT even the rescue, just because they have “issues”.


“Retail Rescues” – HELP STOP This Greedy Blight in Donation-Funded Animal Rescue

“Retail Rescues”  – HELP STOP This Greedy Blight in Donation-Funded Animal Rescue

Speak the Truth2

“If you really want to help ANIMALS, tell people the truth! They may not like it and they may even hate you; yet again, tell them the truth!”

Exposing “retail rescues” in “the rescue racket” is a necessity in the current climate in donation-funded animal rescues because FAR TOO MANY “animals with issues” are being KILLED and “disappeared” by those that “say”speaking with forked-tongues – that they are “rescuing them”.

The ONLY way to separate the hard working, selfless, compassionate donation-funded animal rescues from those that are nothing more, and nothing less than con-artists and/or animal dealers, traders, and “flippers” USING animals and nice animal loving people as pawns and props for their own personal profit, is to ASK QUESTIONS and EXPECT ANSWERSYES, it really is that simple!

Speak the Truth9

The video at the link below is “tongue-in-cheek” and a ‘spoof” but more TRUE than most people that don’t follow the seedier side of donation-funded for-profit animal rescuing know.

“Work From Home Opportunities
The wave of the future is here! Join the entrepreneurs that found the way from rags to riches in the animal rescue industry”

This video highlights just one tactic of MANY used by scammers in donation-funded and social media fueled “animal rescue”.

The bottom-line for the master-manipulators who run these “showboating” and “image is everything” (to the superficial masses that are impressed with that kind of ‘stuff’) “retail rescues” is for THEM to PROFIT at the expense of ANIMALS.

Since there is currently NO OVERSIGHT and NO government agencies and/or organizations TRACKING WHAT HAPPENS to ALL of the animals that are “rescued” AFTER they are “rescued”, many “animals with issues” are USED for profit in the collection of thousands of dollars in donations BY THE RESCUES and are then KILLED or “disappeared” after they have been USED.

Speak the Truth6

A “crisis rescue” is planned, orchestrated, and marketed to the “animal loving public” in a frenzied flurry of activity that is touted as an emergency of “we NEED your help NOW! Send us your donations because otherwise we can’t help these animals”.

AFTER that flurry of activity of a “crisis rescue” (that appeals to those with short-attention-spans) has died down and animal lovers on the Internet that “helped” with their support, their Sharing, and their $$$$$ have “gone back to their lives”, MANY of the obvious “animals with issues” that can’t be USED for anything and no one wants them, are KILLED or “disappeared”.

The animals with “adoption-value” are marketed as “adoptable-for-a-fee” for a period of time, but if there are NO TAKERS, “the rescue” may first try “waiving” the adoption-fee in order to get out from under paying for the care and maintenance of the animal, but failing that, and in order to make room for “fresh merchandise” animals, animals are secretly killed and disappeared and “the public” that supports “the rescue” is none the wiser because they typically don’t ask about ALL the animals AFTER they are supposedly “rescued”.

The short-attention-spanned general public that love animals aren’t AWARE of this nasty stuff happening because they “don’t have the time” or the inclination to follow up on WHAT HAPPENS to ALL of the “RESCUED” ANIMALS AFTER THEY ARE RESCUED.

Speak the Truth12

Many/most of these animal lovers don’t want to have their “happy-happy-happy-animal-rescue” bubbles burst by KNOWING that donation-funded retail rescue is just plain nasty and is a money-making profit center for swindlers, and it is OFTEN detrimental to the “animals with issues”, or those deemed by the retail rescue as “UN-USEABLE”, that are supposed to be “rescued”, but end up dead or “disappeared” instead.

This is because most people DON’T WANT TO KNOW this is happening and they are participating in it whether they know it or not.

The video at the link above portrays ONLY ONE of the MANY other unethical, nasty frauds perpetrated upon the animal loving public USING animals, these ploys are often ILLEGAL, and at the very least, they are manipulations that USE ANIMALS for scummy peoples PERSONAL GAIN, and they HAPPEN ALL THE TIME in “retail rescuing”.

“Retail rescues” RELY on the USE of the INTERNET, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, they RELY on the “real time” aspects of ramping-up an “emergency” and a sense of immediacy USING SOCIAL MEDIA such as Facebook, message boards, Twitter, Insta-Gram, Tumblr, etc where thousands of people can “help rescue from afar” and then go on with their lives WITHOUT EVER ASKING QUESTIONS REGARDING WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL OF THE RESCUED ANIMALS and WHERE ARE ALL OF THEM? 

MOST animal lovers and “rescuers from afar” don’t want to know these cruddy things because it ruins their illusions of all “animal rescuers” being wonderful, self-sacrificing animal lovers, and it also ruins their sense of helping.

The FACT however is that MANY of the people involved in “retail rescue” – you know the ones, they went from “rags-to-riches” in a few short years, they haven’t been caught scamming (yet) and they will continue to ride the donation-funded retail rescue gravy train until it won’t go anymore – are perfectly willing to do whatever necessary to get what they want (money, material goods, praise, accolades that feed their over-blown egos), inclusive of KILLING and “disappearing” animals that they don’t have further USE for.

Speak the Truth14

This disgusting stuff happens across-the-board in all different types of DONATION-FUNDED-animal rescue (making any and all donation-funded animal rescues look bad when that isn’t the case), and they are common, “text book” scams that low-down con-artists with no conscience, no compassion, no sense of right and wrong, no sense of the difference between truth or lies USE for their OWN profit-and-GAIN – ANYONE and ANYTHING is FAIR GAME for these PREDATORS that have literally infiltrated animal rescue.

There are multitudes of swindlers and scammers that are hardened con-artists that get naïve volunteers and followers to do all the WORK FOR THEM, and entirely for free because they KNOW that all they have to do is shower people with (insincere) praise, and since most people delight in being praised, even when behind their backs the scammers call them “idiots” and “chumps”, people will keep “helping” in the hopes of being praised some more and being included on “the team” (yuck, it hurts to even write those words when animals are being killed because of “the team”).

Speak the Truth10

Some people figure out there is “something not quite right” with “the rescue” or “the team” when money is ALWAYS being asked for, there is ALWAYS a new crisis, someone is always being attacked and “the rescue” ALWAYS “needs” peoples (the MOBS they ramp-up) “help” in attacking them, they ask questions and get no answers, not all of the animals are accounted for their whereabouts, etc, so they “leave” and won’t support or “help” that “rescue” anymore.
THEN, if they do make any “noise” about the suspected, and also factual, dirty dealings at “the rescue”, they OFTEN become targets for attack by the “True Believers” with their heads-in-the-sand that are loyal to “the rescue”, so they shut-up and walk away

Revolving Door2 Revolving Door3

The TRAGEDY is that people leaving the retail rescue “team” doesn’t really matter all that much when “retail rescues” USE social media to run their scams.

New people that aren’t yet wise to their deceitful patterns of behavior come through the ever-turning revolving-door-of-followers, the players at the “rescue” cajole so earnestly to “give to help save” animals, they run their “crisis rescues” and “social club rescue” on social media, the manipulations continue, and animals continue to be KILLED and “disappeared” in the ever-churning “rescue racket” machine.


The people with sociopathic-leanings in retail rescue that PROFIT and GAIN intuitively KNOW that all it takes to get people to DO things for them, defend them, “look the other way” when they see or hear things that aren’t nice happening (such as animals disappearing from the rescue facility and stupid stories being told of “WHERE they went”), and some things that happen that are downright UGLY– (killing USELESS animals “the rescue” doesn’t want to feed and take care of) – is PRAISE and / or BRIBE people; that’s IT, that’s all they have to do!

Lavish PRAISE on people and/or BRIBE them with something they want, and then human nature takes over and they are IN THE SCAMMERS POCKET!

Tell people “I/we couldn’t do this without you”, and bunches of other sleazy lies, and people puff-up with pride, or they see “gifts” headed their way, and combine it with “helping animals” and the tasty witches brew is ready for consumption by the weak-willed that turn a blind eye to the useless animals that want to live, but instead are being killed and “disappeared”.

Kind and true animal lovers NEED to band together and rally in order to STOP this EVIL CHARADE BEFORE more animals that were supposed to be rescued are killed or “disappeared” instead in the ULTIMATE BETRAYAL which IS NOT a “last act of kindness” at all!


Loyalty to the Soul1

WHERE are the people with loyalty to the innocent and voiceless animals?

Where are the people with loyalty to what’s “right” and what’s “wrong”?

WHERE are those people with loyalty to their OWN SOUL who will SPEAK-UP and ASK QUESTIONS in order to get to the TRUTH?



Speak the Truth

REAL animal lovers and rescuers don’t just walk away from “helping” “the rescue” when they suspect something “not right” is happening.

They instead ASK QUESTIONS that should be VERY SIMPLE and EASY to answer, and if they don’t have their questions ANSWERED in any kind of concise, truthful, and satisfactory way that can be fact-checked and verified as the truth, or if their QUESTIONS are entirely ignored, they walk-away AND:

1.  they make sure the lack of answers are EXPOSED to the public

2. they make sure the lack of answers are also EXPOSED to the appropriate government agencies that govern registered,

3. and also those that are not registered ANYWHERE,

4. donation-funded animal rescues, humane societies, aspca’s and spca’s

so that the government agencies will be forced to DO their JOBS and get answers and also INVESTIGATE animal rescues that *may* be nothing more than hustlers hustling for their own profit and gain and/or are nothing more than RETAIL animal dealers, traders, brokers, and flippers USING the animal loving public AND innocent animals for their own personal GAIN and PROFIT.

Below is the link to a Informational Questionnaire that should be sent to each and every donation-funded animal rescue/welfare organization.

It contains a basic information page of questions that the rescue should have at their fingertips.

The questionnaire is basic “yes” or “no” questions/answers (how much easier can it be to answer questions?) the animal rescue/welfare organization should be more than happy to fill out completely and return to the sender IF they are a completely accountable and “transparent” donation-funded animal rescue/welfare organization.

Speak the Truth3

Please animal lovers in the public, take the time to CARE about ALL of the animals that are allegedly being “rescued”.

Its easy and simple to send your favorite donation-funded rescue/s the questionnaire and if they are truly a rescue that isn’t PROFITING and using donations for their own personal use that isn’t animal rescue, and IF they truly are accountable and “transparent”, they WILL fill it out and return it to you.

**NOTE: it has thus far been sent out with documentation of correspondence of it being sent to 21 different donation-funded animals rescues, spca’s, and humane societies.

The score regarding response so far? ZERO organizations have filled it out and sent it back.

A website will be going online soon that will list the results of the questionnaire being sent out, so stay tuned for those results.**

You can have peace of mind knowing you are supporting an animal rescue organization that VALUES the lives of ALL animals, and not just those animals that they can profit and gain from, if they are honest and transparent enough to answer the simple “yes” and “no” questions posed on the questionnaire.

The link below has a list of the web addresses for all 50 States Attorney General’s offices. The Attorney Generals office is the law enforcement and governing body for charitable organizations registered in their State.

Complaint forms can be found on each and every AG’s website in order for the public to file complaints when donation-funded animal rescues refuse to answer questions from the public regarding their non-profit status, and also the welfare of the animals AFTER they’re “rescued”, that the donation-funded rescue “says” they are “rescuing” using donated funds:


To SAVE A LIFE From the “JUDAS-Retail Rescues”, Will You Ask Uncomfortable Questions?

To SAVE A LIFE From the “JUDAS-Retail Rescues”, Will You Ask Uncomfortable Questions?

Rescues That Kill6

Note: Longer blog post that different people will learn different things from.

As with other lengthy articles and blog posts, and also with information-intensive books, interested readers may read this post several times to digest more of what they are reading.

People that aren’t interested in learning and / or have short-attention-spans will learn nothing because they’ve probably already stopped reading and are looking for “happy things” to read and look at (preferably something “shiny”).

As always, the choice is yours in determining what to believe, or perhaps not.

This blog post offers some areas you may want to research for yourself and also offers some ideas for identifying legitimate animal rescues and also those “rescues” that are merely “fronts” for animal dealers, traders, flippers, and brokers.


In this area of information, the lives and fate of innocent animals that are supposed to have been “rescued” may very well be in your hands regarding their “rescue after the rescue”.

It is also within your power to “weed out” those people that USE animals as “pawns and props” for their own gain, calling it “animal rescue”, when they are nothing more than animal dealers, traders, brokers, and flippers taking advantage of an “opportunity”.


WHO in their right-minds would want to be a member of a RETAIL RESCUES animal dealer/trader/flipping for-profit “Tribe” or “Team” as they sometimes call their den-of-thieves?

Retail rescues and rescuers are more like thugs that travel and attack in gangs  because they are far too cowardly to do anything solo (“solo” means all by their little lonesome).

Upon observation by people that have dealt with their deviant, uncivilized behavior, that certainly does not belong in animal rescue, if one of these “rescuers” is without their “back-up gang” and they encounter people they have perhaps been targeting for seizure scam attacks, they usually are one of two things –

*they wouldn’t say sh*t if they had a mouthful and instead play the “nicey-nice” game.


*they become aggressive and yell and lose control in a display of inappropriate behavior such as cursing, showing their ignorance of the facts, ‘amplifying’  and “deflecting” so they don’t have to answer questions in a calm, reasonable way, and then they walk away, or get in their car and drive away, so as to have “the last word” like “I sure told them off”.

Pretty much 2 SPEEDS when caught out with no “back-up” bodies shielding them and giving them “courage”.

So while it is interesting and valuable for future proceedings to get them on video and also audio recordings, their lack of normal social behavior indicates they have some mental issues that should be addressed.

The problem still remains that it is VERY DIFFICULT to deal with these freaks one-on-one, especially if they are being videoed, because they run in packs and are not good at doing the “flying solo”-thing.

Short Attention Span3

They are known for their “drive-thru rescuing” that primarily caters to those people with short attention spans in social media-land that the thieves in rescue rely on to be able to run their scams with “no questions asked”.

Similar to the political arena (, the animal rescue arena, especially since the Internet AND social media came along, allow scammers to “reach out” across the country and around the world for “marks” they can squeeze money out of and/or get support from, and its all done over the Internet where even if someone asks them questions, they can simply ignore the questioner, and move on to the next “marks” which there really is an endless supply of numbering in the millions AT THE VERY LEAST.

“Crisis rescuing”, which is the primary type of “rescuing” FOR-PROFIT retail rescue businesses deal in,  is ‘staged’ rescuing that always has a “hook” to draw their audience in;

*Its embellished to high Heaven and “the story” given is often chockfull of LIES;

*Its dramatic;

*Its exciting;

*Its adrenalin-fueled action;

And the real beauty of this type of rescuing (if one cares to call it that) “lies” in the fact that the “rescuers” are in-n-out of the animal owners property they’re seizing/stealing animals from;


for the horse rescues, the auction or sale they’ve gone to with a lot of “lead-in” FANFARE  such as “WE’RE going as a ‘team’ to rescue horses, and we NEED YOUR money to rescue” — when the FACTS are that it is BUYING in a matter of hours or a few days;

*many of these rip-off rescues outbid private buyers and run the price far above “kill price”;

*so they can purchase horses using other peoples money;

*that have exceptional “adoption-value”;

*or resale value when the horse is put in their “consignment” sale barn (and yes, they count horses the rescue actually owns that were bought with donation-money as “on consignment” and say stupid things like “the owner is donating all of the sale money to our rescue” (and the drones they deal with that follow them are actually dopey enough to believe that fantasy, fictional story) so the asking price can be MUCH higher than a measly “adoption-fee”;

*and if they find out the horse has no value for adoption-for-a-fee, these horse traders posing as “rescues” *waive* the adoption fee so they can unload the “problem horse” and get that broken merchandise that eats OFF their feed bill;

Rescues That Kill2

*or they kill the horse with a dramatic post, or maybe even a video, telling their True Believer followers and cult-members, that by-the-way can ALWAYS can be counted on to sympathize and identify with the killers of animals, on their Facebook page about how the horse is in “so much” physical and / or emotional pain that they must be killed as a “release” from the pain they’re in, but yet they rarely show vet reports and euthanasia reports, and also the billings for EVERYTHING for ANY of the horses they “rescue” when THAT should be a very simple and easy thing to do considering how well they post everything else that is designed to make them money and they are more than just proficient at marketing on social media such as their Facebook page they all market themselves on);

*or they kill or disappear the horse (this also happens a lot with dogs, cats, and a few other species of animals that are supposed to have been “rescued”) in secrecy because they know their supporters and followers have VERY SHORT attention-spans and will NEVER follow-up to find out WHERE or WHAT HAPPENED to each and every horse they “rescued” and if they are alive, or are they DEAD. IF many of their followers and donors KNEW the number of animals these “rescues” are killing or disappearing, MOST would be APPALLED;

Really a colossal JOKE that is tragic the manipulations and phoniness that in some states is finally being investigated by AG’s offices.

Dumpster Pup

Tragically enough, this doesn’t just occur with horses; it HAPPENS ACROSS-THE-BOARD inclusive of many different species of animals that are the VICTIMS in the “retail rescue” SCAM!

Short Attention Span6

The key element and pattern in these “crisis rescues” is that the “rescue” runs at a break-neck pace, and supporters, followers, and donors are “pushed to perform” with the ‘hot button’ words designed to convey emergency and immediacy and “we NEED YOUR HELP NOW, so we don’t have time to answer questions, so don’t even ask”.


They RELY on peoples short attention spans and ‘addiction to drama’ to make their money to be able to even do “the rescue” in the first place because without people sending them money, sharing, following “the action”, their “rescue” will fold because MOST of the people at retail rescues don’t have jobs and no money of their own to operate their “rescue”.

And since these “crisis rescues/drive-thru rescues” MOVE WITH LIGHTNING SPEED, all of the would-be rescuers on the Internet can get back to what might be their ho-hum, dull, boring lives. or maybe they’re busy people that take a brief moment to “do their part rescuing animals”.

It can also be given some consideration that *maybe* some supporters of the “rescues” doing “crisis rescuing” actually have busy and/or stressful lives, so short-term “rescuing” appeals to their desire to “help” and participate in “doing a good thing”, but they don’t have to devote a lot of time to it either.

The FACT however is that MOST people go back to their lives, not caring about what becomes of ALL of the so-called “rescued animals”, until the next staged crisis rescue is run by the resident drama queens and kings at the rescue ‘used animal dealership’.

And because “crisis rescuing” is done so quickly, and no one ever concerns themselves with  animal owners lives being ruined when they are victims of a ‘seizure scam’ (more civil lawsuits are occurring because animal owners are fighting back to get justice and repair their lives by exposing those committing non-profit animal rescue fraud), animals being killed, or simply vanishing after they are supposedly “rescued”, MOST people will never ask a single question of the rescue AFTER the “crisis rescue” is done.

Believe What I Say2

People WANT to believe what they’re told, but if they were to ask questions and were unable to get answers from the rescue they support, they would know they are being lied to and that would ruin the whole rescue ‘experience’ for them and would also make them feel foolish.

Most people also don’t want the experience to be ruined with negativity, the people with busy lives can spare some hours in a day and/or can spare some money to “help”, and that is a small price to pay to get the “warm fuzzies”.


Those are the primary reasons the followers of retail rescues never ask common sense questions;
because they want to “do a good thing” and be able to say “I rescue animals”, and they often don’t care to KNOW what happens to ALL of the so-called “rescued” animals AFTER they are rescued (and if the above reasons aren’t factual, then why wouldn’t kind animal lovers simply pick an animal rescue that does “no fanfare” behind-the-scenes rescuing and send them a check every month to help them with “whatever”? )

It pretty much plays out time and time again that once an animal is supposedly “safe” and “rescued”, its out-of-sight, out-of-mind as the saying goes, and the MAJORITY of people DO NOT want to see or hear anything negative about a ‘crisis rescue’ they participated in from afar because THAT would totally upset them if they had to believe they were snookered by scam-artists and animal dealers and traders posing as “rescues”.

Strangely enough, there really are people in this world that are wearing blinders, they appear to be “True Believers” unable to think for themselves, and they don’t seem to know that the ‘rescue’ they are followers of is a for-profit ‘retail rescue’.

Inquiring Minds Want To Know:clean reputation1

First, do true animal lovers and rescuers really want other people associating them with being a part of a nasty, unethical, and criminal donation-funded-RETAIL RESCUE that are OFTEN breaking all kinds of laws in their quest to get FREE MONEY DONATIONS from gullible people?

Second, maybe they don’t even know they are being lumped-together with the con-artists and liars, and are simply a cog in the wheel of a retail rescue? Is THAT even possible that some people are this NAIVE?

Believe What I Say1

The followers of a retail rescue FOR-PROFIT BUSINESS are only valuable as long as they stay dumb and don’t ask questions, and will continue to be badly manipulated with kind words and praise from scam-artist animal dealers/traders/flippers posing as animal rescues for as long as they can be USED.
Then, just like “animals with issues” that are un-useable for anything, when a “useful follower” becomes a “problem” because they are asking questions the for-profit retail rescue doesn’t want to answer, or perhaps the supporter doesn’t cough up any more free money, they are tossed aside, and the hustlers at the retail rescue move on to fresh “marks” to run their scams on.

At least THE INNER CIRCLE PLAYERS at the FOR-PROFIT business posing as a rescue are making money, getting freebies, and receiving praise and accolades from their lying and conniving tactics, so it makes sense for them to keep riding the gravy train until it won’t go anymore.

But for the honest and kind animal lovers that are not privy to the FACTS, they aren’t getting anything EXCEPT for *maybe* that emotional feeling and ‘boost’ that the players at the retail rescue/used animal dealership KNOW THEY CRAVE – that sense of belonging and doing something “good” for the animals, even if its not “hands-on”.

Kind animal lovers are doing something they perceive as “a good thing” ‘saving animals lives’ from people ‘the retail rescue’ has “told them” are “bad”.

However, the REALITY is that the animal lovers that are rescuing from afar over the Internet are often part of the witch-hunt MOB the “retail rescue”, in their quest to make money, has USED and  ramped-up to attack other people.
And most astonishing is the FACT that most of the mob don’t even usually know the people they are attacking, that the rescue buzzards are literally stealing animals from, but are attacking anyway just on the “word” of the retail rescue that has A LOT to GAIN, but WON’T if they don’t have bunches of people going on the attack for them.

Animal lovers just “trying to help” (to be sure, *some* people joining an attack have their own agenda of hate if the person being attacked is someone they don’t like) are also sharing and being supportive of these DONATION-FUNDED-retail rescue BUSINESSES  BUYING animals from animal controls/shelters (called “pulling”), auctions/sales (called “rescuing” and/or “bailing”), from puppy, kitten, or foal mill breeders (called “rescuing”), that they then turn for a PROFIT just like the animal dealers and traders they ARE.

Dumptster Puppies

Then there is the current TREND in “FOR-PROFIT” ‘animal rescue’  of supposedly *FINDING* “puppies in dumpsters” again and again.

WHO in their right mind would believe that MANY people (and yes, sometimes puppies are dumped in or next to dumpsters, but when retail rescues “stage rescues” and utilize this tactic to bring in donation-money, its unconscionable that “rescues” would fake a “rescue”, sometimes more than once (!) would do crap like this) with a litter of puppies is going to keep them until they are 5-8 weeks old, roly-poly and when they are at their cutest and THEN dump them next to, or in, a dumpster? REALLY?!?!

Then naïve people do the ‘RETAIL ‘RESCUES’ FOR-profit work for THEM yet again by donating, and Sharing their supposed “out-of-the-goodness-of-their-hearts good deeds” that they actually would NOT be doing if they had to use their own money (that they don’t earn because they are JOBLESS in many cases , and many of these scammers in retail rescues are fraudulently collecting disability payments when they are not disabled, unemployment benefits even though they are making money by collecting donations, food stamps, etc), and also if they weren’t in fact making money from it.

For ALL of these scams that are being run by phony rescues, naïve animal lovers participation is the PRIMARY reason that ‘RETAIL RESCUES’ are able to do the things they do; they USE nice people and they USE the animals to make money, receive free material goods, and also receive praise and be told they are “hero’s” (when they are NOT).

However, none of the kind-hearted, helpful animal lovers should plan on running to the “rescue” they are supporting and ‘HELPING’ if legal trouble in the form of a defamation lawsuit befalls them.

The RETAIL RESCUE crooks will be nowhere to be found to HELP THEM with anything, as they “throw the nice, helpful people under the bus” in order to TRY and SAVE their own skin because they are also being sued for defamation, and other serious offenses and ‘big ticket’ damages.

Can these nice people who are just “trying to help animals” really afford to put their financial stability and their financial AND physical health on-the-line for a RETAIL RESCUE that is USING them until they have no more usefulness to GIVE them?

To AVOID being a ‘sheeple’ being brainwashed with group-think and becoming a part of the MOB these criminals that are NOT NON-PROFITS ramp-up, and to AVOID being manipulated by these swindlers tugging on your heartstrings on yet ANOTHER STAGED ‘CRISIS RESCUE’, here are a few SIMPLE things nice, trusting animal lovers that want to help can do BEFORE supporting any donation-funded animal rescue with their hard-earned MONEY, their valuable time, and their good reputation on-the-line:

Believe What I Say2

1. Always ASK the animal ‘rescue’ to publicly post their rescue accounts (PayPal often under several account names/email addresses, bank accounts, online fundraising sites such as GoFundMe, YouCaring, and many more) for every fundraiser they are asking for money from the supportive public for yet another “crisis rescue” – “crisis rescues” are vastly different than the routine and often mundane behind-the-scenes care and maintenance of rescued animals that real rescues take care of day-in, and day-out, and are also vastly different than the no-fanfare rescuing that REAL rescues that truly ARE non-profits do every day.

If they refuse to do that, DO NOT support them because it is guaranteed they are NOT a NON-PROFIT animal rescue, and they ARE making money off of the plight of animals when they run the excitement and drama-filled immediacy of “WE NEED HELP NOW!” on yet another of the FREQUENT “crisis rescues” they are involved with usually several times a month that they are ALWAYS ASKING for PUBLIC DONATIONS for.

2. Always ASK for the donation-funded animal rescue you are following to publicly post the EXACT number of animals they have ‘rescued’ on each and every ‘rescue’/purchase/seizure/owner surrender of animals that they have brought home to their rescue facility, sent to a foster home/facility, or that went to an approved rescue or sanctuary facility, in the past 2 years.

3. Also ASK for PHOTOS of all of the animals they have rescued and maintained USING donated FUNDS and donated materials that THEY didn’t pay for with their OWN MONEY.
If they refuse to do that, DO NOT support them because it is guaranteed they are NOT a NON-PROFIT animal rescue, and they ARE making money off of the plight of animals.

REAL NON-PROFIT RESCUES that are primarily donation-funded and adoption-based will WILLINGLY and PUBLICLY post photos of ALL the animals they have ‘rescued’ using donated-funds donated material goods, feed, supplies, etc.

4. Ask them to publicly post WHERE all of the animals they have rescued in the past 2 years CURRENTLY are (some adoption-agreements and contracts never release ownership of the adopted animal to the adopter. This is so the animal MUST come back to the rescue rather than being given away or sold), and ask to see current photos of them.

They should have this information at their fingertips because they tout how they have stringent Adoption Agreements/Adoption CONTRACTS (many rescues post their adoption agreements and contracts on their websites, or you can simply ask them to send you a copy of them), and they should be able to POST CURRENT photos of the animals in their NEW ADOPTIVE HOME with a page set-up by the rescue for adopters to post photos and stories of their adopted animals as part of the adoption agreement for at least a year after adoption, if not up to 3 years later.

If the animals are still AT their rescue facility, if they are AT an approved foster home, or if they are AT another rescue or sanctuary, they should EASILY be able to SHOW current photos and videos of ALL of the animals they have rescued in the past 2 years, if not longer if everything is on the up-and-up.

MOST donation-funded RETAIL RESCUES WILL NOT provide ALL of this information, or show photos of ALL of the animals they have supposedly ‘rescued’ in the past 2 years BECAUSE they are actually animal dealers/traders/brokers that SELL animals for prices that are MUCH HIGHER than an ‘adoption fee’ should ever be, and they are not “adopting” an animal to someone, and are in fact SELLING that higher priced animal on a purchase/sale agreement with no clauses attached regarding ownership.

They also OFTEN dispose of animals that have physical and/or behavioral issues that are un-adoptable/un-sellable so they DON’T have to take responsibility for feeding and caring for them for months or years, so they can’t show current photos because the animal is most likely DEAD – and yes, there is factual, documented evidence of how and where many of the retail rescues dispose of their “animals with issues”.

This is not nice, and in some cases, the method of disposal of the useless but ‘still wanting to live’ animals is illegal if they were bought/”rescued” using donated funds that “the rescue” ASKED for to “rescue them”.
When the “rescue” is primarily- or wholly donation-funded, it is  considered fraud against the public, and also misrepresentation of the facts to KILL or disappear animals that were portrayed as being “rescued”, but then are killed or go MIA when it is determined they are un-adoptable with or without a fee because they have “issues”.

Another new trend is to “waive” adoption fees on hard-to-place and dispose of animals that have physical and / or behavioral issues.
The retail rescues do this in order to get out from under their care and maintenance and having to spend any more money on a “broken merchandise” animal that has most times exhausted their “sympathy-pity-donation-value” too.

In other words, the “rescue” is NOT making any more money off them (if they in fact made any money off that particular animal during a “seizure sweep” of multiple animals and upon “sorting the animal merchandise” they were found to have “problems”), when they “rescued” the animal they didn’t know the animal had “issues” but now that they do the chances of making money off them in the future is ZERO, and they don’t want to spend any more money on them that they need in order to run their retail rescue, feed their own personal animals, their kids, their relatives, spend donation-money on other personal items, etc.

Especially for the animals, most importantly horses because of the threat and incidence of horses going to slaughter that are given away for FREE, that have adoption-fees “waived”, there should be a VERY STRINGENT adoption contract and agreement in place that the “rescue” should be willing to publically post has been administered to HELP PROTECT the horse or other animal being given away for free.


If the ‘rescue’ that relies on donations primarily from the PUBLIC in order to rescue animals REFUSES to disclose WHERE  ALL of the animals they have rescued in the previous 2 years ARE currently, and they also refuse to POST CURRENT PHOTOS, DO NOT support them because it is guaranteed they are NOT a NON-PROFIT animal rescue, and they ARE instead making money off the generous PUBLIC that are concerned about the plight of animals.

And DO NOT be fooled if they “throw you a bone” and “call it good” regarding a weensy bit of  “information” because ALL of this information YOU are ASKING for should be EASY for them to provide if they really are on the “up-and-up”.

5. WHEN the animal rescue ‘says’ they “HAD to euthanize”/KILL an animal, ALWAYS ASK for the VET REPORTS and VET BILLS, the EUTHANASIA REPORTS and BILLS, and also the method used to dispose of the animals body and those BILLS for disposal.

The request NEEDS to be for each and every animal the ‘rescue’ says they HAD to “put down” dating back 2 years.

Donation-funded RETAIL RESCUES have the very VILE habit of playing ‘the shell game’ of “where’s the animal now?”, and are constantly ‘disappearing’ animals without saying a word to their supportive public, and then they keep bringing in more, and more, and more, and more animals.
This behavior and pattern begs the question “where exactly are all of the animals being kept?” when calculations are indicating that these “rescues” should have 100+ animals in their possession, but people that have been at these “rescues” report that there aren’t nearly those numbers of animals at the facility(?!?)


The reason *some* rescues are evasive about publicly posting about what happens to ALL of the animals they supposedly ‘rescue’ is:

1. FACT, ‘retail rescues’ actually “sort” the animals they are supposedly rescuing (just like for-profit animal brokers/traders/dealers do in their BUSINESS)

2. and when an animal is in fact un-adoptable-for-a-fee/UN-SELLABLE because of physical and/or behavioral issues

3. the ‘rescue’ is NOT “in the business” of being responsible for that animals comfort, maintenance and care for months or years

4. so they KILL or ‘disappear” the animal that is being BETRAYED in the very WORST WAY by the dealers/traders that pose as “rescuers”

5. and these ingrates that are not rescuers at all (unless there is free donation-money, free material goods, accolades, and praise involved) COUNT ON THE FACT that the ‘supportive public” have very short attention spans

6. so no one will ever ASK WHERE ALL OF THE ANIMALS they have “rescued” in the PAST 2 YEARS ARE CURRENTLY.

The kind-hearted, earnest, animal loving public that are really trying to help animals are not the criminals in their support of rescues.

However, they are certainly culpable in the RETAIL RESCUE:

* selling many animals they “rescued” using donated-funds for far above a reasonable adoption fee;

* the killing of animals with “no questions asked”;

* and the ‘disappearing’ of animals that are supposed to have been rescued

because they rarely, if ever, ask detailed questions that they expect PUBLIC ANSWERS too by the *rescue/s* they are supporting, and maybe even donating too, and most importantly, they go on the attack of ANYONE that DARES to question the “rescue” PUBLICLY.

Live as a lion
People that are TRUE animal lovers willing to go the distance in protecting animals that are participating in ‘animal rescue’ ALWAYS ASK QUESTIONS regarding ALL of the animals that are being “rescued”.

And when they ASK QUESTIONS and DO NOT get answers, they KNOW they are being USED by con-artists POSING as “rescuers”.

Most people will simply move on and find another rescue to support that WILL answer any and all questions they have.

However more people are comparing notes on questionable “rescues”, and out of concern for the animals whose whereabouts aren’t being accounted for by the “rescue” through photographic documentation, they are FILING COMPLAINTS with the government agencies vested with over-seeing non-profit animal rescues, and attempting to catch the criminals operating in the emotion-filled world of animal rescue in the act of snookering people and fleecing them out of their money, and also KILLING and “disappearing” animals they were supposed to have rescued using other peoples money.

Below is the link to consumer complaint forms for all 50 states Attorney General’s offices:

Interestingly enough, MANY of the PRIMARY PLAYERS at these ‘retail rescues’ DO NOT file as being paid a set-amount salary when they file with the IRS for their 501c3 non-profit tax exempt status, which is REQUIRED by law  –
they LOVE to say over-and-over again that everyone at their “rescue” is a volunteer, and no one is paid.

Nor do they have JOBS in order to pay for their non-animal rescue related bills, personal use expenditures, and other expenses.

So exactly HOW DO THEY LIVE and PAY THEIR BILLS, feed their personal animals, their kids, buy personal items, etc when they aren’t being paid a salary to rescue, but they don’t have jobs to support themselves and their families daily living expenses?

Answer: they live off of the free-money DONATIONS they solicit and receive from nice people, they live off of the proceeds from the SALE of animals other people bought for them with their kind and generous donations and they call it “rescue”, they are supposedly taking in animals “on sale consignment” and the owners are also supposedly donating the proceeds from the SALE of their animal (this most often happens with horses and purebred dogs) to the ‘rescue’! The question regarding the sale proceeds being donated is WHY aren’t the owners just GIVING the “rescue” their animal and getting a tax write-off receipt from them? Answer: because many of the animals the “rescue” “says” are on ‘consignment’, especially with horses and purebred dogs, is because the “rescue” OWNS the animal that was “rescued” or bought using donation-money (that’s why this is called “The Rescue Racket”), but they want to SELL them for a lot more money so they LIE and say the animal is on sale consignment.
There are also a few other reasons the “rescue” does this that go to the legality of their actions, but that is for another blog post.

Saying people are “donating” the sale amount of their animal to the “rescue” is patently ABSURD, and anyone buying this BS with no questions asked really does need to go back to school and study harder, develop a longer attention span, care enough to be outraged that people are USING animal rescue as a vehicle to make money, and ASK QUESTIONS!

So PLEASE, for the sake of the animals that are being USED for the money they can bring in for the crooks, and also for the sake of the “animals with issues” lives that will be killed or ‘disappeared’ once they have exhausted their “donation-value”, ASK QUESTIONS BEFORE becoming a member of a “gang of criminals” that are “working the system” for their OWN PROFIT and GAIN that in MANY cases is WELL DOCUMENTED.


Going forward, don’t be brain-washed with a retail rescues lies and manipulations, and instead:

* DON’T be afraid to be an advocate for animals being USED AS PAWNS and PROPS by “retail rescues”;

* DON’T be afraid to weed-out those criminals that operate illegal publicly-operated, publicly-marketed, and publicly-donation-funded RETAIL RESCUES by ASKING THEM QUESTIONS you expect answers for,

*DON’T be afraid to ASK QUESTIONS regarding the WHEREABOUTS on behalf of ALL of the rescued animals the “rescue” has said they have/are rescuing;

*DON’T be afraid to file complaints with the Attorney General’s office/s regarding donation-funded ‘rescues’ that are not willing to be accountable and transparent with the supportive public they RELY on for donations to operate, support they NEED in order to operate, and other types of help from the public that they RELY on in order to be able to operate.

And if/when a ‘rescue’ thinks its “good enough” to ‘answer’ simple, straight-forward questions with complete NONSENSE and DOUBLE-TALK that they are KNOWN FOR doing, let them know that you will NOT support them, and you are filing complaints against them with the government agencies vested with enforcing laws that govern non-profit animal rescues and YOU will be getting the answers YOU seek.

Unless or until people are willing to ASK QUESTIONS, the tragic FACT is that thousands of supposedly ‘rescued’ animals will be KILLED annually for no compassionate reason, or “disappeared” without thought, and it is the Judas-RETAIL RESCUES that are getting away with the KILLING until the ‘supportive animal-loving-public” says ‘enough is enough’ and asks them questions BEFORE donating to them or supporting them in ANY WAY.

Ideas for questions to ask donation-funded animal rescues on the questionnaire below:

Rescue Questionnaire1 Rescue Questionnaire2 Rescue Questionnaire3 Rescue Questionnaire4 Rescue Questionnaire5 Rescue Questionnaire6 Rescue Questionnaire7

Commercial Horse Slaughter – “Cut Off the Serpent’s Head” and The Cruel Industry May Very Well Cease

Commercial Horse Slaughter – “Cut Off the Serpent’s Head” and The Cruel Industry May Very Well Cease

Ban Horse Slaughter9

Long post to follow on a critical issue topic:

The articles at the links below are related to the ability to have inspections paid for by tax payers regarding horses being sent to commercial horse slaughter in the United States:

Excerpt from the article at the link:

“The U.S. House of Representatives Appropriations Committee has rejected an amendment to its agriculture funding bill that would have prevented the USDA from paying personnel to conduct inspections at horse processing plants in the United States.In 2007 a combination of legislation and court rulings shuttered the last existing U.S. horse processing plants, which were located in Illinois and Texas. Congress continued to prevent U.S.-based horse processing by passing amendments that stripped the USDA of funding for inspections at facilities that process horsemeat for human consumption.”

and this link is a call for people to contact their representatives to STOP the funding by TAX PAYERS to commercially slaughter horses in the United States again:

Excerpt from the above link

“We need to pressure our representatives in the House to get on board and defund USDA inspections of horse slaughter facilities. Stop horse slaughter from happening the United States! Use this link: to find and contact your House of Representatives members. Let them know how you will vote if they allow horse slaughter facilities in the United States to open! ~ HfH”


Here’s An Idea to Consider From An Anti-Commercial Horse Slaughter Perspective:

Make the primary “suppliers” of horses into the slaughter pipeline HAVE to PAY to dump horses they don’t want (and remember, these suppliers of horses into the commercial horse slaughter pipeline aren’t “making” money. However, they ARE SAVING thousands of dollars annually by not having to humanely euthanize their unwanted horses and dispose of their bodies), by the hundreds annually sometimes for a single “supplier”, and watch HOW FAST the supply of numbers of horses DROPS.

Require the “suppliers” to have full accountability regarding any drugs contained in the horse, vaccinations, dewormers (which by-the-way, the packaging on dewormers and vaccinations reads “do not use in horses intended for human consumption”), supplements, feed through fly control, etc

Then make the people who are the “opportunists” (sales/auctions, horse traders and kill buyers – as portrayed in the photo above soliciting for horses to sell for slaughter – feedlots, transporters, slaughterhouses), have to have their own set of rules, laws, and regulations that do not affect ANTI-horse slaughter horse owners and only relate to those that deal in horse slaughter.

Then not only would the “opportunists” have to pay more fees for things related to horses being commercially slaughtered (a food-chain timeline and history on the horse included in the sale of the horse from the supplier, drug testing, humane euthanasia if the horse was found to be full of drugs which taints the meat, etc), they also won’t have a SUPPLY of horses they can make money and a living off of, and like “opportunists” everywhere, they will HAVE to look for opportunities elsewhere.


Anyone that KNOWS how the commercial horse slaughter industry works KNOWS that it IS NOT the horse hobbyist owners and small breeders that are disposing of their horses for FREE into the multi-billion dollar annually horse slaughter industry pipeline in any kind of significant, massive numbers that would ever come close annually to the estimated 150,000+/- horses a year shipping out of the United States alone for slaughter. Those numbers DO NOT include the numbers for other countries where the same types of suppliers that are outlined below exist.

The real “suppliers” ARE the mass production breeders, the wealthy owners of multiple horses, the trainers that start horses too young, use them too hard (the primary culprits are trainers for racing, reining, cutting, reined cow horse, and also in hunter/jumpers as well), the ranching industry, some Native American Tribes, and even the United States government.

The trainer “suppliers” dispose of their unwanted horses for free when they break-down, and are often held together through their competition years with all kinds of drugs so they can “finish” competing, win the money, get the points, make their offspring if they go to be breeders worth more money, etc.

And Heaven help the geldings after their usefulness is over because they will ship with most/many of them because if they’re messed up physically and/or mentally, and have no breeding value, what good are they is many peoples thinking.

For horses with good or great breeding that are stallions and mares, they may be used for a number of years for breeding, but tragically, the outcome is OFTEN the same when their usefulness in that area runs out and they too eventually ship to slaughter frequently when mares are barren, stallions are impotent, the offspring are “nothing special” for whatever reasons, or breeding is being phased out for new or different breeding and no one else wants an older breeding stock horse.

Hear no evil1

To be sure, some owners of multiple horses that they pay to be managed are not totally aware of exactly WHERE their horse goes after the horse is injured, or retired from competing, or breeding, or can’t be sold for any significant money – yes, some owners really are this clueless, or they really just DON’T want to know.

This is because they are not “hands-on” owners, they may not see their horses very often, especially with racehorses where many of the owners only see their horses when they race, unless they’re competing, and some don’t even know the names of the breeding stock horses they have because they own so many, and the horse is identified by a number on a tag or band around their neck for the broodmares on some of the huge breeding farms.

Broodmare neck tags2 Broodmare neck tags1

The owners are clueless regarding their horses going to slaughter because the trainers and/or the farm manager will tell them things like “I found your horse a really great home” and like people everywhere nowadays that DON’T really want to know what the REALITY of WHAT is going on, these owners don’t ask questions and take what the trainer or ranch manager as telling them the gospel truth, when its a dreadful lie and their horse isn’t in a “good home” at all.

Seriously, who really wants a partially, or completely untrained 20 year old brood mare with bad knees, or a sway back, or chronic founder, or any number of other things?

But far be it for the people that OWN or manage the horse to 1st TRY to find the horse an honest-to-God sanctuary and/or a good home to go to in order to live the rest of their lives in peace even if they can’t be used for anything.
Failing finding a home, these people OWE it to that horse to have them HUMANELY euthanized. But since disposal is entirely FREE through commercial horse slaughter, many/most of the people with this type of mindset (insensitivity to the suffering of the horse) won’t and don’t even try to save the horse suffering and off the horse goes on the horrendous, terrifying trip through the commercial slaughter pipeline.

And Now I Have A Heart

As long as an entirely FREE disposal system of commercial horse slaughter exists, human nature of greed, insensitivity, cruelty, etc will ALWAYS get the best of some people when they don’t have a conscience, a heart, or a soul that causes them to “feel” anything or think twice before shipping a horse to inhumane and CRUEL horse slaughter.

Of course, some owners do in fact KNOW precisely where their horse went because all they were after was the FREE disposal of their damaged horse and these people are despicable.

Ranch breeding2

“Suppliers” Continued:

Other “suppliers” include the huge ranches scattered in the Western States and Midwest with their breeding remuda’s, that often roam on huge acreage ranches, and sometimes public land as well where grazing fee’s are cheap, that breed large numbers of horses for various uses which include working ranch horses, horses for sale to outside buyers, used for reining, cutting, etc.
They take really beautiful horses directly to the feedlot, where they are sold “by the pound” to the kill buyer, or sometimes there will be a “ranch dispersal sale” at the sale/auction yard where many of the horses are purchased by kill buyers.

Another group that tends to use the commercial horse slaughter industry are *some* of the Native American tribes.
Their reservation horses typically breed unchecked for years, sometimes also co-mingle with federally protected wild horses on public/federal land in the western states, and when it’s time to “cull”, sell, and train some horses, the tribes do a round-up, they “sort” the horses, and MANY of them do end up being shipped to slaughter without them even trying to secure good homes and/or find sanctuary for their cast-off’s.

Reservation Horses6 Reservation Horses7

The Native American Tribes that do this could actually do a lot of good things, they could make money, they could clean-up their image by not selling horses into the commercial horse slaughter pipeline, and they could demonstrate the love and respect they have for horses (remember, we’re talking about disposal of horses through COMMERCIAL horse slaughter, NOT a swift bullet-to-the-brain, a quick death, and then the meat being eaten amongst Tribe members – that type of death is considered humane by many) by organizing public programs of people that would PAY to adopt horses, they would PAY to learn the Tribes history, they would PAY to learn horse training methods from offering clinics with various clinicians, people will PAY to learn a lot of things.

It would take marketing and organization, but these could be beneficial, wonderful programs where everyone, including the horses, are winners.

Elephant in the Room1

Not Pleasant; The “Elephant in the Room” That No One Talks About But Something HAS To Be Said to Expose Those That Do This Low-Down Stuff:

Although not typically sending horses to slaughter in mass numbers, this group in the horse world are considered both “suppliers” and “opportunists”.

This behavior is unethical, and often involves illegal activates, so in order to acknowledge “the elephant in the room” and attempt to protect horses from those that are supposed to be rescuing them, it must be discussed.
It is a betrayal against horses and is a trust-breaker for people that are followers and donors to these type of rescues that use the commercial horse slaughter industry to save and/or make money as “suppliers” and “opportunists”.

Many people will be shocked to know that *some* of the donation-funded horse “rescues”, that use donated funds to “rescue” horses from various places, also utilize the commercial horse slaughter pipeline to dispose of un-useable horses.

Sometimes horses are shuttled into the slaughter pipeline by 1-4 horses and their followers are told the horses “were adopted”, “they’re being fostered”, “they’re at a sanctuary”, and other false utterings.

However, *some* horse “rescues” that “rescue”/buy larger numbers of horses in one fell swoop at auctions that sell ranch horse dispersals (the ranches breeding stock that live on the large acreage ranches often are not trained, and are literally “wild” in many instances), “reservation horses (many of these horses are also “wild”/untrained), when the “rescue” does large seizures of horses aka “rescue raids” and “seizure scams”, etc, either DO NOT take horses back to their “rescue” facility at all if it is evident they have “issues”, or after arrival at the “rescue” facility and after “sorting”, it is apparent the horse isn’t “good for anything”, these horses are quietly and secretly “back-doored”, often through a “middleman” so the “paper trail” is more convoluted, into the slaughter pipeline.
Because of this type of thing happening, it is important that donation-funded horse rescues publicly post photos, vet reports, and other documentation for ALL of the horses the horse rescue “says” they are rescuing.
On-going photos and documentation should also be posted at regular intervals and that would keep suspicion of wrong-doing from ever entering the picture. And when questions are asked by the public, they should be promptly and easily answered when a horse rescue is honest, accountable, transparent, and above reproach.

“Some” ‘rescues’ (factual, documented proof of this occurring), have relationships with kill buyers that they tend to keep on the “down low” and only infrequently do they speak publicly about their  intertwined business dealings and relationships with them.

However, people that KNOW the horse industry forward-and-backwards KNOW exactly what is going on with the “rescues” that down-play their relationships with horse traders and kill buyers that operate throughout the United States, which includes the few states such as California and New Jersey where ANY commercial horse slaughter dealings are illegal.

Some horse rescues work through “middlemen” and “back-door” horses into the commercial horse slaughter pipeline that they have already collected as much as they can in “sympathy/pity” donations on, but the horse has “issues” which make them difficult, if not impossible, to find homes for and far be it for the “rescues” to take and maintain responsibility for these horses they are supposed to have rescued, and that don’t want to be killed just because they have physical and/or behavioral issues and are un-useable for anything.

Because most horse rescues are not “in the business” of caring for and maintaining horses with physical and/or behavioral issues for months or years:

1. and the cost of humane euthanasia and body disposal is expensive, when they are dealing in larger numbers,

2. producing vet reports and euthanasia reports and billings that explains precisely WHY the horse had to be killed

3. is something MOST horse rescues are NOT willing to share publicly because what they “say” is wrong with a horse often will not correlate with what their vet is saying is wrong (if anything)

4. and collecting donations on horses and not telling the supportive, donating public where the horse/s they were told the rescue was rescuing ARE

5. is illegal

6. it is misrepresentation

7.and it is fraud

Some horse “rescues”, after “sorting” the horses they “rescued” using donation-dollars, work with horse traders and kill buyers regarding quietly disposing of their “reject horses” where no ones the wiser except for the participating parties.

When this happens, its already bad enough that it happens in states where it is perfectly legal for kill buyers and feedlots to be operating openly at sales and other places where it is not hidden because it is still LEGAL.

But even in those states where the commercial horse slaughter trade is still legal, rescues disposing of horses into the commercial horse slaughter pipeline is OBVIOUSLY NOT rescue.

It is also obvious that if their donors KNEW they were:

1. killing as many horses as they do without showing vet and euthanasia reports and bills on ALL of the horses to have a licensed professionals (their vets) opinion on why the horse HAD to be killed they’re rescuing and USING other peoples money to do it (which makes donors “enablers” whether they know it, or not)

2. but even more disgusting is when they “back-door” horses they’re supposed to have “rescued” into the commercial slaughter pipeline because these “rescues” would NOT be receiving the support and/or the $$$$$ from even the most naïve and trusting people that rescue from afar IF donors KNEW what they were doing with reject “horses with issues”.

However, when this same stuff noted above happens in states where the commercial horse slaughter trade is ILLEGAL (in California for instance, the commercial horse slaughter trade has been illegal since November 3, 1998, New Jersey’s is more recent in the 2000’s and a few other states have horse slaughter bans of varying degrees of being illegal), but the naïve, gullible public is constantly being asked to help horse rescues “SAVE”/”RESCUE” horses from the sale/auction, from the kill buyer, from whomever is saying they are going to ship them to slaughter, that is just plain WRONG, it IS NOT RESCUE, and it is doubly heinous when they are in a state where the commercial horse slaughter industry is ILLEGAL for ANYONE to be participating in it – it is bluntly put. “opportunistic”.

Horse “rescues” as described above are being looked at by government agencies (the states Attorney General’s office, local law enforcement, the states Department of Agriculture for starters) whose job and responsibility it is to of ‘police’ those laws that are in place to PROTECT horses and prosecute criminals breaking the law (kill buyers, sale and auction yards that allow KNOWN kill buyers to operate from the sale yard. transporters) that the VOTERS voted on that are designed to PREVENT horses from being shipped into the commercial horse slaughter pipeline.

It is still considered breaking the law in a few states where horse slaughter dealings are illegal if a private party buys a horse at a sale, takes it home, finds out the horse has “issues”, they see no point in going forward with feeding and caring for a useless horse, so they deal direct with a horse trader/kill buyer and they sell the horse to the kill buyer/feedlot instead of running it back through a sale where the horse “might” have a chance of being bought by a legitimate horse rescue.
If they get caught doing this, they (the private party seller) *might* be prosecuted because when horse slaughter dealings are banned and against the law, the law is only as good as the enforcement, or lack thereof, and only IF law enforcement isn’t simply turning a blind eye to it as frequently happens.

Sell Your Soul2

However, it is NOT ONLY ILLEGAL in multiple ways, for horse rescues to do this same thing when they end up with horses with issues, it is also UNETHICAL, and how ANY rescue or rescuer could EVER do this ULTIMATE BETRAYAL to a horse is unfathomable other than to say they are scam-artists, they are “opportunists”, and NONE of the people associated with the “rescues” that do these dreadful things, including their Board of Directors, volunteers, trainers, and on-going donors, are in possession of a soul.

Primarily-, or wholly- DONATION-FUNDED “rescues” horse trading and/or breeding operations in those states where horse slaughter is illegal that:

1.  deal with horse traders and kill buyers directly at their feedlot/holding area

2. deal with them indirectly whereby they collect donations to “rescue” buy (considered misrepresentation because it is “buying” not “rescuing”, and in states where the horse slaughter trade is illegal, and they are also using the threat of the horse going to slaughter as an opportunity to squeeze donations out of trusting donors) horses by bidding against kill buyers {they usually KNOW}

3. at sales/auctions

4. when the REALITY is that crimes are being committed at every sale yard and auction

5. that allows kill buyers to operate there

are being dishonest, disrespectful, and disingenuous with those in the public that don’t always understand how horse rescue works and are TRUSTING the horse rescues to “do the right thing” on behalf of the horses in their state where the voters voted to make horse slaughter dealings illegal.
Kill buyers operating at all in states where horse slaughter dealings are illegal would be fairly easy to slow down to a trickle and get some of the kill buyers prosecuted.
However, as long as horse rescues use the threat of slaughter as an “opportunity” to receive thousands in donations from people that don’t KNOW its illegal, or they do know but these fake horse rescues tell them “there’s nothing we can do to stop it”, it will continue, horses will continue to go to slaughter, and the voting to ban horse slaughter was all for nothing.

The final insult on peoples intelligence and their TRUST regarding rescues pertaining to some/many (?) “rescues” is when they spout off about their “very high rehab rate” and even their “100% rehabilitation rate” which must include those horses they have killed or funneled into the commercial slaughter pipeline.

Patently ABSURD to spout off about a 100% rehabilitation rate considering HOW MANY animals some/many of these retail rescues “put down”, or that simply disappear into THIN AIR!

That is the primary reason they don’t have any horses (or other animals) at their “rescue” weeks or months after “rescuing them” that are still thin, skinny, are ill with chronic issues, are mild to moderately lame but the horse still wants to live, etc.
Because they KILL them (sometimes openly telling their followers, but usually secretly where very few people know what’s happened), or ship them, and they call that “rehabilitation, they cry and boo-hoo their phony tears, give their corrupt and vile reasoning and rational on “why” they MUST KILL animals, just as they REFUSE to post vet reports and euthanasia reports and billings for every, single horse they “rescued” using other peoples money in the form of donations and/or grants, and only the most gentle, trusting and naïve believe any of that tripe.
Even the most gullible might believe everything is not as they are being told if when they asked for vet reports and euthanasia reports for horses that “had” to be “put down”, when they weren’t forthcoming for every single horse they *might* start to figure out they are being lied to.

To clear up a few questions: if the rescue is primarily or wholly SELF-FUNDED, they can do whatever they want in terms of killing horses they’ve gotten in that have issues, putting them through a sale if they so desire, or dispose of them in other ways if they don’t want to maintain them using their own money they work to earn.
This is true because they don’t RELY on the public to send donations in order so they can operate.

If they instead decide to take care of horses no one else wants, they don’t automatically kill or disappear or give away for free horses that have “issues”, than that too is THEIR prerogative.

Not that a legitimate rescue, that’s not involved in questionable extracurricular activities that aren’t “rescue”, would dispose of horses in a cruel, or callous way even if they are self-funded, but they legally can send them off “wherever”, give them away for free with no adoption contract or agreement in order to make sure they haven’t been given to horse traders or kill buyers, etc because if and when a rescue is primarily or wholly self-funding and using THEIR OWN MONEY to “rescue” and operate, and they are NOT soliciting donations, running fundraisers constantly (as “retail rescues” tend to do because without donations they will fold because the primary players often do not have jobs to support the operation of their rescue retail animal sales business)  and using other peoples money they ask for and receive in the form of donations, material goods, grants, etc, their responsibility to answer to “the public” that is not supporting them financially becomes a “volunteering of information”, and not a legal, moral, and ethical OBLIGATION to the donating public, to organizations that award grant money, etc.

Honest and ethical donation-funded animal rescues have no problem with furnishing any and all information that is asked for by the trusting and generous donating public, and when a donation-funded rescue will not clearly and readily answer questions without a bunch of double-talk, intelligent animal lovers find another rescue to donate to and support.

Dishonest animal rescues, that are nothing more than horse traders posing as rescues, show their true colors again and again when they constantly ask the public for money, but then refuse to answer simple and reasonable questions, posed to them by that same public they want money from frequently, in a timely manner that can then be FACT-CHECKED for accuracy, truthfulness and honesty.

Stories at the links of examples of an individual posing as a rescuer getting free horses and selling them to slaughter and a forest preserve that accepts donations from the public and relies on public support in order to operate. They disposed of two older horses at a low-level kill sale where most probably they went to slaughter.

Some simple but targeted questions in either of these scenarios could have protected horses from the terror of commercial horse slaughter:

The secrecy, lack of accountability and transparency, deceitful and sly behavior on the part of horse rescues that directly, or indirectly, ship horses to slaughter will catch up with these callous, unfeeling people sooner-or-later in the form of complaints from the public being investigated by law enforcement, AG’s offices, and DA’s in the county’s, city’s, and towns they operate in. – its just a matter of time.

Wild Horses3

AND FINALLY, One More “Supplier”:
The United States government has been knuckling under to private business interests that WANT the public/federal and public/state Open Range land in the Western States to do with as they please, at American taxpayers expense and through FREE money subsidies, for DECADES, beginning from the moment the Free Roaming Wild Horse and Burro (Protection) Act was signed into law in 1971.

Instead of federally protected wild horses being PRIMARILY managed in the wild as per the LAW, they are being systematically ERADICATED, “warehoused” in long and short term holding corrals and pastures, and since it is impossible (it would seem) to keep count of horses captured, where those horses are in the system,, who has them, etc, some, perhaps many wild horses not only lost their freedom, they have lost their lives from commercial horse slaughter.

While most wild horse advocates and rescuers mean well and are very passionate about protecting wild horses, more will be written in another blog post regarding why their concerns regarding for the most part non-essential items for the captive wild horses may in fact spell doom and death by commercial horse slaughter if priorities are not re-examined and leadership in the advocacy ranks is not forthcoming to keep advocates and rescuers “on point” for the critical issue of primary management of wild horses and burros in the wild as per the Protection Act of 1971.

Ban Horse Slaughter4

HOW TO STOP the Commercial Horse Slaughter Industry in the United States and Elsewhere Too:

It is said “we can’t save every horse” and that is a true story.

It is also rationalized by many people that un-useable horses be “put down” by those vested with rescuing them.
That is another option if donation-funded-rescues are willing to post vet and euthanasia reports on every horse seen by the vet to show euthanasia is the only option and would also prove if some rescues aren’t just spouting fictional sob-stories regarding WHY they MUST KILL horses. The “rescues” that try and “pull the wool” over the publics, law enforcement, and the medias eyes are usually the ones whose number of “saves” aren’t adding up at all with the numbers going out on adoptions, that are in foster homes, the numbers they have announced they have “had” to kill, and those horses still at their facility, etc.

However, there would be a lot fewer horses to have to try and save and far fewer horses would be making the terrifying one-way trip to slaughter if it is organized so that the “suppliers”  listed above HAVE to PAY to dispose of horses instead of being able to dump for free.

Serpents Head1

THAT would effectively “cut off the multiple heads of the serpent” as described above so-to-speak, mass production breeders will be FORCED to breed for QUALITY over quantity when disposal ends up costing thousands upon thousands of dollars where before it was FREE, trainers would train for SUCCESS and LONGEVITY instead of just for success, and the “opportunists” mentioned above will also be FORCED to look for other opportunities in order to make their money and keep their heads above water if

1. there is NOT a good enough supply of horses anymore that they can continue making a living from

2. and they also have more stringent rules, regulations, and laws they must abide by.

What is NEEDED are RULES, REGULATIONS and LAWS pertaining ONLY to “suppliers” and “opportunists” aka “those that deal in horse slaughter whether directly or indirectly”, so that horse owners that are 100% against commercial horse slaughter DO NOT get dinged with having to PAY and ABIDE-BY rules, laws and regulations that will GOVERN ALL HORSE OWNERS for horses that WILL BE considered FOOD CHAIN ANIMALS like cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens, etc.

THAT has already been tried once with the National Animal Identification System (NAIS) that was rolled-out and shot-down several years ago.

But these people NEVER GIVE UP and are most likely busily working on other ways to make ALL horse owners, whether pro- or anti- horse slaughter have rules and pay toward the monstrous annual MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR commercial horse slaughter industry.

Ban Horse Slaughter8

It is up to anti-commercial horse slaughter owners (that are in the majority) to GET INVOLVED, ORGANIZE, SPEAK-UP and GET GOING on putting forth rules and regulations that WILL GOVERN ONLY those people that DO DEAL directly and/or indirectly in the commercial horse slaughter industry so that ALL horse owners aren’t stuck being forced to PAY for things that pertain to horses as food chain animals, and also being forced to abide by rules and laws and pay fee’s that don’t pertain to them in the least because they are completely and totally anti-commercial horse slaughter.
In other words, the anti-commercial horse slaughter folks that are in the MAJORITY should NOT have rules, laws and regulations that only pertain to commercial horse slaughter proponents that are in the MINORITYTHAT would be a completely upside-down and backwards way of thinking and governing!

SLOW DOWN or STOP the “SUPPLIERS” funneling a mass supply of horses into the commercial slaughter pipeline, and the “opportunists” listed above will have NO CHOICE but to look elsewhere for other opportunities to make money that don’t include sending horses to inhumane, horrific, and terrifying commercial horse slaughter.

If these rules, laws and regulations AREN’T put in place that strictly govern those people that directly or indirectly SAVE and/or MAKE MONEY in the commercial horse slaughter industry, then commercial horse slaughter in ANY and ALL countries NEEDS to be BANNED for the very simple reason that there wouldn’t be excess horses if the “suppliers” weren’t able to dump horses they don’t want for FREE.

This includes the export of live horses out-of-the-country for slaughter so that people that are 100% against commercial horse slaughter (this does not include an owner shooting their own horse and consuming the meat) are NOT affected and/or participating with their tax-dollars, or their hard-earned income, in something they believe is not only unnecessary, but is also INHUMANE and CRUEL from the very second the innocent horse enters the commercial horse slaughter pipeline.”

THEFT of Animals Under Color-of-Law – THIS NEEDS to STOP!

The story at the link below demonstrates ALL of the elements of an ILLEGAL seizure scam or rescue raid.

We have “the neighbor” whose been complaining about this veterinarians horses for years according to the “reporter” on the scene and they are USING TAX PAYER-FUNDED government agencies to go after people they have some kind of “problem” with.

Then there is the “rescue” that appears to be behaving just like a “retail rescue” and is NOT really there to “help” the owner of the horses and the horses but we can bet a million dollars NO ONE has checked THEM out and run background checks on them – not even the District Attorney!

We have a tax payer-funded government agency (the DA’s office) appearing to be in on the scam that MOST LIKELY doesn’t even have ANY, or much of any, information on this handy-dandy animal rescue loading up and literally STEALING someone’s horses because all that the so-called rescue has to say to anyone is “we’re a rescue” and everyone “call’s it good”.

And finally, no seizure scam is complete without bringing in the MEDIA to sensationalize the whole event so the donation-dollars come pouring into the “rescues” coffers because they USUALLY DO NOT have money of their OWN to take care of animals because most, if not all, of the primary players at the “rescue” don’t have JOBS outside of rescue because “rescue is their job” (must be nice to collect free money using the media and the District Attorney’s office to do it!):

Is there some kind of law in Texas that makes it a crime if animal owners own and care for acute or chronically ill animals, old animals, injured animals, etc?

If yes, than that “rescue” and that DA that got the search warrant are going to be kept very, very busy going after any and all people that have animals that are not in prime condition at all times.

If there is not a law that says animal owners cannot own and take care of various types of animals in various phase of their lives, than why the heck were ALL of these animals seized, without at the very least, another vet first being hired to come to the property, run blood panels, examine horses hands-on, etc?

Furthermore, why is the media in there on this at all?

Oh, that’s right, because its NOT a successful what the FBI calls an Animal Enterprise Terrorism (AET) attack aka “seizure scam” or “rescue raid” without the media blasting the story sensationally all over the airwaves.

The newscaster comes right out and say’s on the video the horses are being starved.


How does she know that?

How does anyone know that?

How does anyone know why some of the horses may be thin, or even skinny?

Are people really so like sheep being led and manipulated by others as to think that horses don’t get sick, whether acutely or chronically, they don’t get old and have old age conditions, or perhaps have their up’s and downs in weight for a multitude of reasons – JUST LIKE PEOPLE HAVE sometimes/often because of various conditions, the phase of life they’re in, or sometimes people are skinny/thin for no known reason whatsoever.

And just because many of the women involved in animal rescue tend to be on the stocky, chunky, or sometimes obese side (not politically correct to write that, but it is something that is true and has to be pointed out) does not mean that its healthy for horses, or other animals, to be fat – it is NOT.

The horse owner should sue in a civil suit the you-know-what out of the county, the “rescue”, and the news station for them saying the horses are being starved when they couldn’t know that for sure unless evaluations, blood tests like CBC’s, and other diagnostics are done.

Without knowing that information on the horses, these horses may end up being fed and taken care of improperly by the rescue (MANY horses end up with acute laminitis episodes that are life threatening and often lead to chronic founder/sore-footedness issues, they have severe colic caused by gas (considered a “moving impaction”), obstructions, the cecum is over-loaded and endo-toxins are released, aggressive deworming leads to a major die-off of parasites that cause blockages, enteritis, horses going off feed and water that leads to electrolyte imbalances which is also life-threatening, animals can have severe reactions to being loaded up on 3, 4, and 5-way vaccines, etc) that no one probably has any background information that can be FACT-CHECKED on, as very few in the media, even though they’re supposed to be “reporters”, do, or the government agencies do either, because it appears to be “good enough” to just say “we’re a rescue”.

People that are suspicious of donation-funded animal rescues, that thus far have no oversight of being required to answer questions, will send them the questionnaire contained in the blog at this link, and also at the bottom of this blog post:

Interested parties should also read the statement issued by Dr. Don Henneke, the inventor of the body condition scoring system (BCS) for horses, before he passed away in 2012. He notes these seizures are occurring in epidemic numbers and the rescues are vastly mis-using his body condition scale:

And finally, for a run-down of how these “rescue raids” work, visit this link:

People should be ashamed of themselves for enabling disgruntled neighbors, “retail rescues”, and other individuals and entities to literally USE tax payer funded government agencies for their own gain and fulfill whatever warped agenda they have, whether just because they are angry at someone, someone is competitive with them in whatever area (donation-funded animal rescues ARE HIGHLY competitive with one another for FREE MONEY donations and a following and “Likes” on FB, so they are often at each other throats trying to “take out” their competition – MONEY CORRUPTS!), etc.

These seizure scams and rescue raids, where ALL of the animals are seized instead of “rescues” only taking the ones in debilitated, ill, or injured condition (and why are ALL of the animals taken on these seizures? The answer is in this blog post, and also in other of the blog posts written by the same author), are life-ruining, not just for the animals owner, but also for many of the animals after they’ve supposedly been “rescued”, but are then found to have physical and/or behavioral “issues” whereby they cannot be adopted out and these rescues get rid of them, or kill them in various ways and NO ONE CARES because they ONLY LOVE the drama and excitement of a “crisis rescue” and being able to ATTACK people over the Internet (where they are “safe”) that they DON’T even know.

And since no one in the public that attacked the animal owners bothers to check up on the animals after the so-called “rescue” has them, the ones that are killed or disappeared to “wherever” are NOT given a second thought and its like they never existed at all.
On the off-chance someone asks a few little questions, the “rescue” ALWAYS has a sob-story waiting in the wings to roll out of “why” they “had” to kill an animal they “rescued” but they NEVER show vet reports and euthanasia reports for ALL of the animals they “rescued” in a seizure and/or other type of “crisis rescue” – WHAT’S UP WITH THAT?

The Red Cross is even now being forced to show their financials and other pertinent information regarding their “rescue efforts” in Haiti:

It is long PAST DUE to hold primarily or wholly donation-funded animal rescues to account for A LOT of things, and there are questions contained in the questionnaire below at the link and also displayed that HONEST (not 1 donation-funded animal rescue has thus far filled out and returned the questionnaire to the sender, so its looking grim regarding honesty, accountability, and transparency in donation-funded animal rescue) donation-funded rescues WILL answer any and all questions regarding their financials, photos and vet reports on all animals “rescued” using donated funds, WHERE do ALL of the rescued animals END UP, display photos of WHERE they all ended up (and all of these rescues have very stringent adoption contracts and agreements and also contracts for foster homes too), are the animals dead or alive, if dead, how did their lives end, etc.

And with MANY of these “retail rescues” charging vastly INFLATED impound fee’s, MANY of the owners of animals that were seized that are not charged with ANYTHING and/or are only charged with a misdemeanor (so they DA can ACT like they’re “doing something” when NOTHING NEEDED to be done) CANNOT afford to get their animals used as pawns by so-called “rescues” out-of-hock, so they never get their animals back again.

A case in point is with the Joshua Rockwood case after he had horses and a pony unjustly seized by a “rescue”:

These shenanigans are exactly why its called “THE RESCUE RACKET”, because for MANY publicly-donation-funded “rescues” that have NO OVERSIGHT, it IS a money-making racketTHIS NEEDS TO STOP before more lives are ruined and/or lost.

People that don’t even know the animal owner, the “rescue”, or the animals, act like uncivilized heathens on a witch hunt.

However, as more people that have been victims of these attacks file civil lawsuits and smack the attackers in their wallets for defaming them, harassing them, stalking them, and threatening them without cause, hopefully these attacks, and people behaving like ignorant, uneducated idiots, will finally stop, and the real rescues will emerge that actually HELP animal owners (if they in fact need “help”) and their animals, they will fill out the questionnaire posted at the end of this blog with ALL of their information and will return it to the sender, and also will answer simple questions that “retail rescues” WON’T.

This would be a welcome and refreshing change from the current climate and agenda of “rescues” literally stealing peoples animals with the help of government agencies, that are USUALLY CLUELESS regarding the “rescues” credentials, and the ramping-up of “social media madness mobs” running amok.

And when “the swarm” and initial attack is over, the MOB then return to their trite little lives after they’ve ruined someone else’s and helped a “rescue” collect thousands of dollars in FREE money donations they don’t have to account for, NOR do they have to account for WHERE ALL of the so-called “rescued animals” end up after they are supposed to be “rescued”.

Too bad for the “rescued” animals that most peoples attention-spans DO NOT last long enough to follow-up for several months, or a few years AFTER the so-called “rescue” regarding WHAT the “rescue” did with ALL of the animals they seized/stole from their owners to make sure ALL of the animals really were rescued and this wasn’t simply the theft of someone’s horses, they attained thousands of dollars in free money donations that were begged for and were collected, horses the rescue got for free were SOLD (calling it adoption) and the problem horses with issues were killed or disappeared because no one wants to deal with taking care of useless horses, or other species of animals for that matter, for months or YEARS that can’t or won’t “DO” anything for people.

Below is the questionnaire for donation-funded rescues that participate in seizures, and that also organize “crisis rescues”, that are real money-makers in terms of bringing in thousands of dollars in free donation-money, they don’t have to account for, from the animal loving public that happen to be gullible and naïve regarding asking questions of rescues.

Please, if you really care about all animals and where they end up, you owe it to the animals supposedly being “rescued” to make sure they really are being rescued and are not simply and callously being used as PAWNS in the very NASTY “retail rescue” arena that is very competitive.

Accountability and Full Disclosure Questionnaire-A Necessity

Rescue Questionnaire1 Rescue Questionnaire2 Rescue Questionnaire3 Rescue Questionnaire4 Rescue Questionnaire5 Rescue Questionnaire6 Rescue Questionnaire7

“Convenience Killing” Coming to An Animal Control and Donation-Funded “Rescue” Near You

Animal Control5

Its evident that when people that are suspicious of activities at an animal control/animal shelter go forward with a FOIA request, some truly heartless acts are being uncovered and EXPOSED as what was reported on at this link:

Because animal controls and animal shelters are tax-payer funded government agencies, FOIA requests can be submitted, and even if the “powers that be” are dragging-their-feet on sending the requested documents and are giving those requesting the information the typical run-around, diversion tactics and evasiveness that goes hand-in-glove with people that are doing things wrong, the information is finally forthcoming.

Animal Control3

Unfortunately, this is NOT TRUE for the publicly donation-funded animal rescues, that are not at this point held to comply with FOIA requests, and they disrespectfully:

1.  ignore requests for information on

2. how many animals they have at their facility

3. how many are in foster care

4. how many are at sanctuaries for “animals with issues”

5. and also where are all of these facilities where the animals that donation-money “rescued” located?

In other words, THE PUBLIC is USEFUL to squeeze money out of with the “rescues” sob stories of “animals NEED rescuing NOW, and only YOU can help us do our good work” (which basically means they’re running low on money for taking care of animals since MANY of these grifters don’t have jobs – they LIVE OFF donation-money -, and they also need money to buy their personal items that have nothing to do with animal rescue in the least – one woman even bought herself a nose job, and another one that was finally caught and prosecuted by the Attorney General’s office was vacationing all over the world while leaving her “rescue” in the “care” of her volunteer-“slaves”!), but when it comes to answering questions posed by THE PUBLIC, forget-about-it because they are “dissed” by the “rescues” all the time.

MOST of these publicly donation-funded-in-order-to-even-be-able-to-operate animal “rescues” also completely IGNORE and/or become combative and aggressive when anyone asks, and KEEPS ASKING, the pertinent questions of will they please:

1. publicly post all of the veterinarian reports and bills for every animal evaluated and/or treated by their veterinarian

2. publicly post all of the euthanasia reports and bills for every animal that is euthanized for whatever reasons

3. publicly post photos of all of the animals they have rescued using donated funds:

a. at the time and place they are rescued from

b. when they arrive at the rescue or foster facility

c. 1 week after rescue

d. 2 weeks after rescue

e. 1 month after “rescue”

f. 3 months after “rescue”

g. 6 months after “rescue”

h. 1 year after “rescue

I. up to 2 years after “rescue”

“The public” has come to expect the wholesale killing of animals to happen at facilities like animal controls and shelters because they attract people to work at them that are able to “disassociate” themselves from killing innocent animals

They are also “habituated” to killing animals, even the animals that don’t have issues, and many fall back on the worn-out dialogue of “I was just doing as I was told” – blah, blah, blah say the passive ones that don’t possess any courage, compassion, or a conscience and that’s why they continue to “do their job” behaving as if there were no other jobs available on the whole planet they can do that doesn’t include killing animals..

However, many of the kind-hearted, animal-loving folks in the donating public would be shocked, saddened, outraged, and have feelings of guilt that they supported a donation-funded “rescue” that actually KILLS and “disappears” animals on a regular basis that are supposed to be “rescuing”, even though those supposedly “rescued” animals don’t wish to be DEAD.

Convenience killing at animal shelters occurs all the time.

But for some/many(?) donation-funded animal rescues that currently do not have to account for the whereabouts and condition of “rescued animals” that were “rescued” using donated-funds, and they also do not have to account for where and on what that free money is spent, they are literally getting away with the murder of animals they had assured the supportive, donating public they are “saving”.

If people would simply take some time out of their busy lives and schedules, ask questions and expect answers BEFORE they support or donate to a primarily, or wholly, donation-funded animal rescue that can only operate because they get in free money donations (and has this ever caused donation-funded “rescues” to get VERY competitive with one another, to the extent they regularly attack, smear, and trash one another by name in public and in social and mainstream media in order to receive the most money from donors), and also decide the lives of “rescued animals” are worth spending some time investigating what happens to them “after the rescue”, far fewer animals would be KILLED or “disappeared” at the hands of their “rescuers”, the animal dealers and traders posing as animal rescues and rescuers would go away and find other money-making opportunities, and the honest, compassionate “real rescues” could emerge with no fear of being attacked by the liars and nasty ones that operate “retail rescues”..

The “retail rescues” despise the real rescues that are completely willing to answer questions from the supportive, donating public because when the manipulators in retail rescue won’t answer any and all questions posed to them, and when their stories keep changing depending on which way the wind is blowing that day(?!?) or other nonsensical and preposterous “reasons”, that evasiveness and LYING makes them look like the scam-artists they are.

Emotional Manipulators4

There are ways to trap those who are doing wrong and killing animals and lying about it at animal controls and animal shelters by filing FOIA requests.

However, unless and until “the kind-hearted animal-loving public” ASKS QUESTIONS and EXPECTS ANSWERS, MANY animals will continue to DIE at the hands of fake rescuers, that are OFTEN narcissists that crave the praise and of course the money too, and emotional manipulators (please read this previous blog post for more on what “emotional manipulators are: that were supposed to be “rescuing them” (using money that was donated to them for ONLY that purpose), NO ONE will even remember that those animals ever existed at all.

A heartbreakingly sad TRAGEDY, but one that can be prevented if only people will care enough to ASK QUESTIONS and EXPECT ANSWERS of donation-funded animal rescues operating in record numbers all over the world that have NO OVERSIGHT regarding REPORTING, or even being REQUIRED to answer questions posed to them by the kind-hearted, compassionate, animal loving public, the whereabouts of ALL animals they have “rescued”, and also if they are in fact alive after being “rescued” or are they DEAD AFTER they were supposed to be “rescued”?

Below is a questionnaire for donation-funded animal rescues to give people ideas for pertinent questions to ask.

Or, anyone that cares to do so can simply send all of the pages of the questionnaire to any donation-funded rescue and find out if they will fill it out and return it, or perhaps just ignore it as 99% of those it has been sent to are doing.

There are also questionnaires for animal controls, humane societies, and spca’s that illustrate pertinent and reasonable questions that can be asked of them if they are “partnering” with one another on “rescues” and/or seizures of animals:

Accountability and Full Disclosure Questionnaire-A Necessity

Rescue Questionnaire1 Rescue Questionnaire2 Rescue Questionnaire3 Rescue Questionnaire4 Rescue Questionnaire5 Rescue Questionnaire6 Rescue Questionnaire7