The Case For FREE Animals and Acknowledging That ALL Animals Are Worthy of LIVING

Interesting blog post at the link below that speaks to animals being given away for free by rescues, animal controls, humane societies, or animal owners.

And while this can be a double-edged sword, there are some good arguments for giving animals for free to good homes, especially if the home is checked out at least a little bit, while not being as intrusive as some of the rescues adoption applications are, and also with the rescues right to take animals back for no good reason whatsoever.

More importantly, this blog post also speaks of the value of all life and “where there is life, there is hope” aspect too:

Quoted from the blog at the link:
Dismissing a group as a whole because of misconceptions about who wants free pets is keeping shelter animals out of homes. And that means resources are tied up, pets are kept in cages or taking up valuable space in foster homes, and tragically for millions of shelter pets every year, it means they end up in the kill room.

This is usually where the folks who like to say “There are fates worse than death” chime in. Let me be clear: There are no fates worse than death. Where there is life, there is hope. While I am in no way denying that animal abusers exist, I know that they represent a tiny minority of pet owners and that at least some of them are willing to pay for the pets they abuse. (Does the name Michael Vick ring any bells?)  Most people try to do right by their pets and love them as family members.  Most adoption applicants will fall into this category, regardless of the fee being charged for the animal.

While Nathan Winograd advocates for reasonable adoption screening, a practice I too support, he makes clear that even without screening, adopted is better than dead:

[I]n shelters where animals are being killed by the thousands, and where they are horrifically neglected and abused in the process, I’d rather they do “open adoptions” if it means getting more animals out of there and doing so quicker because in truth, there is no greater threat to companion animals in this country than the so-called “shelter” in the community where those animals reside. Shelter killing is the leading cause of death for healthy companion animals in the U.S.


[I]f the worst thing that could happen to them if we gave them away is the very thing that will happen to […] them if they stay at the shelter, is the cost-benefit analysis even close?”


With all that being said regarding animals being given away for free, an exception perhaps could and should be made in the case of horses wherever livestock auctions, sales, horse traders/dealers, and “kill buyer’s” exist.

In the case of horses (considered non-food chain animals in many areas of the world) being given away for free that kill buyers and/or horse traders troll the CL, bulletin boards and other ad’s for, here is what often happens:

The opportunists that are horse traders/dealers and/or kill buyers secure an entirely free horse from someone that either wants out from under the feed and maintenance costs of the horse, the horses owner died and the family that inherited the horse is “getting rid of them” as family’s have a tendency to do, or the horses owner actually “trusts” the trader or kill buyer because most of these folks are fine actors when it suits them to be and can spin very nice stories to soothe peoples fears. They also sometimes bring their kids with them to act as “props” to convince the horse owner “we’ll take really good care of your horse” or “the kids have been wanting a horse for the longest time”.

They then *may* take the free horse home and see if the horse has any value for “flipping” for a profit or not.


If the horse has no value for any “use or purposes” for anyone because of physical issues, or its apparent they are wild/not-worth-training or have other issues that will keep them from being sold for decent money, a horse trader will take them straight to the local livestock kill sale that many areas of the country have running every week where a kill buyer usually buys them and they ship to inhumane and cruel commercial slaughter (and commercial horse slaughter is NEVER humane, and anyone who say’s it is has some type of involvement in the commercial horse slaughter industry, or they are ignorant of the facts).

In the case of a kill buyer getting a free horse, the result is the same if the horse has no value to be sold to a private party, but the horse is not run through a sale and is shipped to slaughter from the feedlot.

So while it is true “where there is life, there is hope” as mentioned in the blog at the link above, tell that to the horses that are given away for free and are subjected to inhumane commercial horse slaughter if, and in some areas, when they are given to the wrong people.

Also tell that to those that DO value life and are subjected to being attacked by busy-bodies-trolling neighborhoods, a la Nazi Germany where nasty people turned-in their neighbors for a multitude of so-called “infractions”.

People that take in unwanted horses with various physical and/or behavioral issues are also targets for donation-fundedretail rescues” running their “crisis rescues” that are guaranteed to bring in thousands upon thousands of dollars in free donation money (if “crisis rescues” didn’t have the monetary desired affect of FREE donation money coming in, these horse traders and dealers posing as “rescues” wouldn’t do them).
They USE these types of horses/animals with issues, that fewer and fewer people are taking care of because of more and more “seizure scam” and “rescue raid” attacks occurring in epidemic proportions all over the country (mostly because social media like Facebook is real time and makes it VERY EASY to ramp-up attacking MOBS within hours and a few days), to make themselves look good, to attain free donation money in order to “rescue” horses, and also to attain FREE horses they can SELL.

One would think these people are valued in the scheme of things for taking care of animals no one else wants because of how they look, handling issues they have, illness, acute and chronic conditions, etc.

However, they are instead OFTEN and REGULARLY TARGETS for ATTACK by ignorant people cruising neighborhoods and false reporting to tax-payer-funded government agencies.

Or they are stalked and attacked by donation-funded retail rescues with their own agenda such as “putting their name on the map” in the rescue world by ramping up mobs and media to swarm animal owners under the guise of “rescue” so that they receive thousands upon thousands of dollars in donations from naïve and gullible people, and also have horses they get entirely for FREE that they then SELL under the labeling of “adoption”.

horses with issues4

These people, that are regularly targets for attack by the aforementioned culprits, take in unwanted horses (and often other animals as well) that have physical issues whereby they will never look O.K., no matter how well taken care of they are, and just as with people, animals can have issues that prevent them from fattening up, or even being in “normal weight”, or they may have acute and chronic illnesses and conditions (such as the “popped knees” in the photo above) that keep them from being useable for anything, looking decent by any stretch of the imagination, they are old and arthritic, etc.

The common theme that is NOT in doubt for compassionate people that really KNOW animals is that they still want to LIVE, and NOT be KILLEDAFTER their “sympathy/pity donation-value” is exhausted and the “rescue” kills or “disappears” them to parts unknown to MOST people, but NOT ALL people that KNOW exactly where they end up and have documented proof of it occurring.

Horse with issues1

Even with “issues”, the fact remains that the horses/animals still want to live even if they don’t look so good, even when they have psychological issues, and even when they have trouble moving around.

The horse in the photo above has a condition known as lipoma’s – more information regarding lipoma’s on horses, dogs, and cats at this link: – and their expression and posture are good – THAT is NOT a horse that wants to be KILLED just because they are unable to be used for anything other than a pasture pet.

Make no mistake however; if that horse is given away for free, there is a good possibility they will go to commercial horse slaughter.
They would also most probably be KILLED by a retail rescue AFTER all of the donations that could be collected on them were collected during a seizure scam or rescue raid “crisis rescue”

The reason?

Because most people don’t want a horse with issues such as that, and the retail rescues are NOT “in the business” of caring for and maintaining for months and years those horses (and other animals depending on what type of retail rescue they are) that can’t or won’t “do” anything for anyone.

Donation-funded retail rescues KILL unwanted horses in various ways such as chemical euthanasia, shooting (which done correctly is considered humane), hauling them to carnivore sanctuaries where they are shot and fed to the meat-eaters, using middlemen and funneling them into the commercial horse slaughter pipeline, etc, because rarely does anyone ever ask to see ALL vet reports and ALL euthanasia reports on horses “rescued” using free donation money the rescues don’t have to account for to anyone if they don’t want to.

With the horses that have behavioral issues or are totally untrained at an age beyond where they will ever be trained to be easily handled, they too want to LIVE, and people that take in these unwanted horses provide them with a home to do just that – LIVE – but in the current climate of “witch hunts” using social media, they are OFTEN TARGETS FOR ATTACK by master manipulators posing as “rescues” and “rescuers”.


The HUGE issue for people that take in these types of horses are that in the climate and environment of the emergence of social media being “real time” and people often never being face-to-face with those they are accusing and attacking (unless they have a gang or posse with them as “protection” against one-on-one discussion), it is easy for manipulators to “get the word out” through “Sharing” on Facebook and message boards, people that don’t even know what’s going on Share “the story” again and again, mainstream media is often called and they get involved in what *may* be a dramatic, exciting, and sensationalized story that they are ALWAYS looking for, and the attack just takes off and goes viral, with kind-hearted, compassionate animal owners that take in the throw-away animals, that often have animals they have had for many years that are not rescues and they look and at fine (very good animals the retail rescues LOVE to get their hands on for FREE), being viciously ATTACKED.


Then the politicians in the county, town, or city, in order to cover their own asses, attack their own tax-paying citizens without speaking to those animal owners that are being targeted for attack and WITHOUT EVER CHECKING the credentials, the background, the references, or delving into the accusers HISTORY of stalking and rallying mobs on social media to attack animal owners.
This is because they are too busy TRYING to please the ridiculous and absurd “social media madness mobs” so they look like they’re “doing something for the supposed abused and neglected animals” instead of them performing their DUE DILIGENCE as responsible TAX-PAYER FUNDED government agencies would do if they weren’t responding to, and being dominated and steered by a retail rescue and the MOBS they ramp-up instead.

THEN, and as nonsensical and absurd as this all sounds like “there is NO WAY this could ever happen in this day-and-age, it then frequently enters the realm of conspiracy and collusion with a “rescue” or individuals in the commission of fraud and cyber terrorism and the local government literally HELPING them HASN’T EVEN CHECKED THEM OUT! – MORE on this later.

Can we say the same climate of distrust, stalking, “spying” on other people, brown-nosing, and wanting to garner favor with influential people and/or those with money as in Nazi Germany in the late-’30’s and during WWII?

People wanting to be idolized as “saving animals from horrible owners” and they turn into busy-bodies attacking people with animals and/or “RETAIL RESCUES” dominating the social media scene (they are master manipulators, they embellish and lie with abandon, they are constantly asking, pleading, and begging for donations, and they will NOT answer simple questions they don’t want to answer because it could expose their shady dealings), marketing themselves there, ramping-up mobs on the Internet to attack animal owners, collecting donations from all over the world when they run yet another “crisis rescue”, people that already have and/or still take in the USELESS and WORTHLESS horses (and other animals with issues) are regularly TARGETS of ATTACK and are assaulted under the guise of “rescue” by scam-artists posing as rescues and they are subjected to “rescue raids” and “seizure scams”, sometimes with “help” being offered, which is actually an extortion attempt that in a nutshell is “give us what we want or we will “go public” and will trash you, drag your name through the mud, make so much noise with our mobs we rally within hours that will get you arrested, and we WILL destroy you”.

This “help” involves the “rescue” “cherry picking” the horses worth the most for sympathy/pity donation money (that are often killed or “disappeared” after their ‘donation-value’ is exhausted and they can’t be sold because they have physical and/or behavioral issues) and also highly adoptable (SELLABLE) horses they can first pull-in donations on, and then SELL.

In order for people that take in horses with physical and/or behavioral/training issues to be PROTECTED from assaults by “retail rescues”, before jumping into the seizure scam fray, intelligent people need to ASK QUESTIONS of the rescue that is involved in the seizure.

This questionnaire below illustrates some pertinent questions that can and should be posed to ANYONE that portrays themselves as “concerned about someone’s animals”, and also to donation-funded-rescues that engage in “rescuing” horses, using donation money, from auctions and sales, or through seizures of horses “partnering” with tax-payer-funded animal controls and other government agencies.

Rescue Questionnaire1 Rescue Questionnaire2 Rescue Questionnaire3 Rescue Questionnaire4 Rescue Questionnaire5 Rescue Questionnaire6 Rescue Questionnaire7

To the caring, animal-loving people in “the public” and also the politicians in the counties, cities, or towns that are in “the public eye” and are being harassed into “doing something” where “something” perhaps doesn’t NEED to be done, PLEASE be willing to ASK QUESTIONS, CHECK CREDENTIALS, CHECK BACKGROUNDS, and CHECK PEOPLES and RESCUES HISTORY’S BEFORE going along with their DEMANDS for “something” to be done.

What you all may find out is that the individuals and/or rescues involved in “turning people in” have a pattern-of-deception, they will not answer questions posed to them (thus the easy to send, easy to fill out, and easy to return questionnaire above that makes it simple and easy for people to ask questions), they *sometimes* have documented criminal history’s of VARIOUS types of fraud, “check kiting”, theft, money laundering, etc, and they quite often ONLY go after people they have a dispute with, a whistleblower that is “outing” them, someone they don’t like for some reason, or someone that has, and takes care of, “animals with issues” that the individual or “rescue” can make money off of and/or that make them look like “heroes” and “real rescuers”, when they often are not.


It NEVER hurts to ASK QUESTIONS if individuals and/or “rescues” are rallying “the public” to support them, donate to them, supposedly “be their voice for the animals”, be their MOB to attack, etc.

And before you think you couldn’t be the victim of a scam regarding helping a donation-funded retail rescue supposedly “save animals”, and that triggers your emotions, observe this gentleman on the Dr. Phil Show episode on YouTube from February 2015 that is so wrapped-up in the excitement and drama (sound familiar similar to “crisis rescues” the retail rescues are constantly running where they are always begging for donations?) of “saving” the “love of his life” that is “stranded” in Nigeria, he had thus far invested well over $100,000 trying to “help her” and it is exposed as being a scam:

When people not “in the know” don’t ask questions and become a “sheeple” following blindly and stupidly along, those naïve and foolish people, after they have gone back to their “regular lives” and have forgotten about “helping”/attacking, may well find themselves on the receiving end of a civil lawsuit if they wrongly and unjustly attacked people they didn’t even know, lives were shattered, and some of those peoples family of animals were ultimately KILLED before their time.

The killing of animals BEFORE their time by individuals and/or donation-funded “rescues” that portray themselves as “helping” is entirely UNFORGIVEABLE, so please ASK QUESTIONS first, and expect ANSWERS, otherwise people that don’t ask questions may have their lives disrupted because victims are seeking JUSTICE so their animals didn’t die in vain.

horses with issues6

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