“Convenience Killing” Coming to An Animal Control and Donation-Funded “Rescue” Near You

Animal Control5

Its evident that when people that are suspicious of activities at an animal control/animal shelter go forward with a FOIA request, some truly heartless acts are being uncovered and EXPOSED as what was reported on at this link:


Because animal controls and animal shelters are tax-payer funded government agencies, FOIA requests can be submitted, and even if the “powers that be” are dragging-their-feet on sending the requested documents and are giving those requesting the information the typical run-around, diversion tactics and evasiveness that goes hand-in-glove with people that are doing things wrong, the information is finally forthcoming.

Animal Control3

Unfortunately, this is NOT TRUE for the publicly donation-funded animal rescues, that are not at this point held to comply with FOIA requests, and they disrespectfully:

1.  ignore requests for information on

2. how many animals they have at their facility

3. how many are in foster care

4. how many are at sanctuaries for “animals with issues”

5. and also where are all of these facilities where the animals that donation-money “rescued” located?

In other words, THE PUBLIC is USEFUL to squeeze money out of with the “rescues” sob stories of “animals NEED rescuing NOW, and only YOU can help us do our good work” (which basically means they’re running low on money for taking care of animals since MANY of these grifters don’t have jobs – they LIVE OFF donation-money -, and they also need money to buy their personal items that have nothing to do with animal rescue in the least – one woman even bought herself a nose job, and another one that was finally caught and prosecuted by the Attorney General’s office was vacationing all over the world while leaving her “rescue” in the “care” of her volunteer-“slaves”!), but when it comes to answering questions posed by THE PUBLIC, forget-about-it because they are “dissed” by the “rescues” all the time.

MOST of these publicly donation-funded-in-order-to-even-be-able-to-operate animal “rescues” also completely IGNORE and/or become combative and aggressive when anyone asks, and KEEPS ASKING, the pertinent questions of will they please:

1. publicly post all of the veterinarian reports and bills for every animal evaluated and/or treated by their veterinarian

2. publicly post all of the euthanasia reports and bills for every animal that is euthanized for whatever reasons

3. publicly post photos of all of the animals they have rescued using donated funds:

a. at the time and place they are rescued from

b. when they arrive at the rescue or foster facility

c. 1 week after rescue

d. 2 weeks after rescue

e. 1 month after “rescue”

f. 3 months after “rescue”

g. 6 months after “rescue”

h. 1 year after “rescue

I. up to 2 years after “rescue”

“The public” has come to expect the wholesale killing of animals to happen at facilities like animal controls and shelters because they attract people to work at them that are able to “disassociate” themselves from killing innocent animals

They are also “habituated” to killing animals, even the animals that don’t have issues, and many fall back on the worn-out dialogue of “I was just doing as I was told” – blah, blah, blah say the passive ones that don’t possess any courage, compassion, or a conscience and that’s why they continue to “do their job” behaving as if there were no other jobs available on the whole planet they can do that doesn’t include killing animals..

However, many of the kind-hearted, animal-loving folks in the donating public would be shocked, saddened, outraged, and have feelings of guilt that they supported a donation-funded “rescue” that actually KILLS and “disappears” animals on a regular basis that are supposed to be “rescuing”, even though those supposedly “rescued” animals don’t wish to be DEAD.

Convenience killing at animal shelters occurs all the time.

But for some/many(?) donation-funded animal rescues that currently do not have to account for the whereabouts and condition of “rescued animals” that were “rescued” using donated-funds, and they also do not have to account for where and on what that free money is spent, they are literally getting away with the murder of animals they had assured the supportive, donating public they are “saving”.

If people would simply take some time out of their busy lives and schedules, ask questions and expect answers BEFORE they support or donate to a primarily, or wholly, donation-funded animal rescue that can only operate because they get in free money donations (and has this ever caused donation-funded “rescues” to get VERY competitive with one another, to the extent they regularly attack, smear, and trash one another by name in public and in social and mainstream media in order to receive the most money from donors), and also decide the lives of “rescued animals” are worth spending some time investigating what happens to them “after the rescue”, far fewer animals would be KILLED or “disappeared” at the hands of their “rescuers”, the animal dealers and traders posing as animal rescues and rescuers would go away and find other money-making opportunities, and the honest, compassionate “real rescues” could emerge with no fear of being attacked by the liars and nasty ones that operate “retail rescues”..

The “retail rescues” despise the real rescues that are completely willing to answer questions from the supportive, donating public because when the manipulators in retail rescue won’t answer any and all questions posed to them, and when their stories keep changing depending on which way the wind is blowing that day(?!?) or other nonsensical and preposterous “reasons”, that evasiveness and LYING makes them look like the scam-artists they are.

Emotional Manipulators4

There are ways to trap those who are doing wrong and killing animals and lying about it at animal controls and animal shelters by filing FOIA requests.

However, unless and until “the kind-hearted animal-loving public” ASKS QUESTIONS and EXPECTS ANSWERS, MANY animals will continue to DIE at the hands of fake rescuers, that are OFTEN narcissists that crave the praise and of course the money too, and emotional manipulators (please read this previous blog post for more on what “emotional manipulators are: https://4graceandtruth.wordpress.com/2015/07/06/the-emotional-manipulators-in-publicly-donation-funded-animal-retail-rescue/) that were supposed to be “rescuing them” (using money that was donated to them for ONLY that purpose), NO ONE will even remember that those animals ever existed at all.

A heartbreakingly sad TRAGEDY, but one that can be prevented if only people will care enough to ASK QUESTIONS and EXPECT ANSWERS of donation-funded animal rescues operating in record numbers all over the world that have NO OVERSIGHT regarding REPORTING, or even being REQUIRED to answer questions posed to them by the kind-hearted, compassionate, animal loving public, the whereabouts of ALL animals they have “rescued”, and also if they are in fact alive after being “rescued” or are they DEAD AFTER they were supposed to be “rescued”?

Below is a questionnaire for donation-funded animal rescues to give people ideas for pertinent questions to ask.

Or, anyone that cares to do so can simply send all of the pages of the questionnaire to any donation-funded rescue and find out if they will fill it out and return it, or perhaps just ignore it as 99% of those it has been sent to are doing.

There are also questionnaires for animal controls, humane societies, and spca’s that illustrate pertinent and reasonable questions that can be asked of them if they are “partnering” with one another on “rescues” and/or seizures of animals:

Accountability and Full Disclosure Questionnaire-A Necessity

Rescue Questionnaire1 Rescue Questionnaire2 Rescue Questionnaire3 Rescue Questionnaire4 Rescue Questionnaire5 Rescue Questionnaire6 Rescue Questionnaire7

One thought on ““Convenience Killing” Coming to An Animal Control and Donation-Funded “Rescue” Near You

  1. Reblogged this on Top Cats Roar… and commented:
    Just because they do not hold themselves accountable, it does not mean you should accept as necessary…expose the truth to help animals!!! With military invading communities under the guise of practical war games to previous district attorneys becoming court appointed attorneys…and justice of the peace taking his turn as county judge when he wasn’t able to properly control his courtroom as JP judge now allowing the community to live in mass chaois…all as, Moron County, Texas remains unaccountable just as the Dixie Humane Society of Marin County/Jefferenson, Texas…Beware!!!


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