THEFT of Animals Under Color-of-Law – THIS NEEDS to STOP!

The story at the link below demonstrates ALL of the elements of an ILLEGAL seizure scam or rescue raid.

We have “the neighbor” whose been complaining about this veterinarians horses for years according to the “reporter” on the scene and they are USING TAX PAYER-FUNDED government agencies to go after people they have some kind of “problem” with.

Then there is the “rescue” that appears to be behaving just like a “retail rescue” and is NOT really there to “help” the owner of the horses and the horses but we can bet a million dollars NO ONE has checked THEM out and run background checks on them – not even the District Attorney!

We have a tax payer-funded government agency (the DA’s office) appearing to be in on the scam that MOST LIKELY doesn’t even have ANY, or much of any, information on this handy-dandy animal rescue loading up and literally STEALING someone’s horses because all that the so-called rescue has to say to anyone is “we’re a rescue” and everyone “call’s it good”.

And finally, no seizure scam is complete without bringing in the MEDIA to sensationalize the whole event so the donation-dollars come pouring into the “rescues” coffers because they USUALLY DO NOT have money of their OWN to take care of animals because most, if not all, of the primary players at the “rescue” don’t have JOBS outside of rescue because “rescue is their job” (must be nice to collect free money using the media and the District Attorney’s office to do it!):

Is there some kind of law in Texas that makes it a crime if animal owners own and care for acute or chronically ill animals, old animals, injured animals, etc?

If yes, than that “rescue” and that DA that got the search warrant are going to be kept very, very busy going after any and all people that have animals that are not in prime condition at all times.

If there is not a law that says animal owners cannot own and take care of various types of animals in various phase of their lives, than why the heck were ALL of these animals seized, without at the very least, another vet first being hired to come to the property, run blood panels, examine horses hands-on, etc?

Furthermore, why is the media in there on this at all?

Oh, that’s right, because its NOT a successful what the FBI calls an Animal Enterprise Terrorism (AET) attack aka “seizure scam” or “rescue raid” without the media blasting the story sensationally all over the airwaves.

The newscaster comes right out and say’s on the video the horses are being starved.


How does she know that?

How does anyone know that?

How does anyone know why some of the horses may be thin, or even skinny?

Are people really so like sheep being led and manipulated by others as to think that horses don’t get sick, whether acutely or chronically, they don’t get old and have old age conditions, or perhaps have their up’s and downs in weight for a multitude of reasons – JUST LIKE PEOPLE HAVE sometimes/often because of various conditions, the phase of life they’re in, or sometimes people are skinny/thin for no known reason whatsoever.

And just because many of the women involved in animal rescue tend to be on the stocky, chunky, or sometimes obese side (not politically correct to write that, but it is something that is true and has to be pointed out) does not mean that its healthy for horses, or other animals, to be fat – it is NOT.

The horse owner should sue in a civil suit the you-know-what out of the county, the “rescue”, and the news station for them saying the horses are being starved when they couldn’t know that for sure unless evaluations, blood tests like CBC’s, and other diagnostics are done.

Without knowing that information on the horses, these horses may end up being fed and taken care of improperly by the rescue (MANY horses end up with acute laminitis episodes that are life threatening and often lead to chronic founder/sore-footedness issues, they have severe colic caused by gas (considered a “moving impaction”), obstructions, the cecum is over-loaded and endo-toxins are released, aggressive deworming leads to a major die-off of parasites that cause blockages, enteritis, horses going off feed and water that leads to electrolyte imbalances which is also life-threatening, animals can have severe reactions to being loaded up on 3, 4, and 5-way vaccines, etc) that no one probably has any background information that can be FACT-CHECKED on, as very few in the media, even though they’re supposed to be “reporters”, do, or the government agencies do either, because it appears to be “good enough” to just say “we’re a rescue”.

People that are suspicious of donation-funded animal rescues, that thus far have no oversight of being required to answer questions, will send them the questionnaire contained in the blog at this link, and also at the bottom of this blog post:

Interested parties should also read the statement issued by Dr. Don Henneke, the inventor of the body condition scoring system (BCS) for horses, before he passed away in 2012. He notes these seizures are occurring in epidemic numbers and the rescues are vastly mis-using his body condition scale:

And finally, for a run-down of how these “rescue raids” work, visit this link:

People should be ashamed of themselves for enabling disgruntled neighbors, “retail rescues”, and other individuals and entities to literally USE tax payer funded government agencies for their own gain and fulfill whatever warped agenda they have, whether just because they are angry at someone, someone is competitive with them in whatever area (donation-funded animal rescues ARE HIGHLY competitive with one another for FREE MONEY donations and a following and “Likes” on FB, so they are often at each other throats trying to “take out” their competition – MONEY CORRUPTS!), etc.

These seizure scams and rescue raids, where ALL of the animals are seized instead of “rescues” only taking the ones in debilitated, ill, or injured condition (and why are ALL of the animals taken on these seizures? The answer is in this blog post, and also in other of the blog posts written by the same author), are life-ruining, not just for the animals owner, but also for many of the animals after they’ve supposedly been “rescued”, but are then found to have physical and/or behavioral “issues” whereby they cannot be adopted out and these rescues get rid of them, or kill them in various ways and NO ONE CARES because they ONLY LOVE the drama and excitement of a “crisis rescue” and being able to ATTACK people over the Internet (where they are “safe”) that they DON’T even know.

And since no one in the public that attacked the animal owners bothers to check up on the animals after the so-called “rescue” has them, the ones that are killed or disappeared to “wherever” are NOT given a second thought and its like they never existed at all.
On the off-chance someone asks a few little questions, the “rescue” ALWAYS has a sob-story waiting in the wings to roll out of “why” they “had” to kill an animal they “rescued” but they NEVER show vet reports and euthanasia reports for ALL of the animals they “rescued” in a seizure and/or other type of “crisis rescue” – WHAT’S UP WITH THAT?

The Red Cross is even now being forced to show their financials and other pertinent information regarding their “rescue efforts” in Haiti:

It is long PAST DUE to hold primarily or wholly donation-funded animal rescues to account for A LOT of things, and there are questions contained in the questionnaire below at the link and also displayed that HONEST (not 1 donation-funded animal rescue has thus far filled out and returned the questionnaire to the sender, so its looking grim regarding honesty, accountability, and transparency in donation-funded animal rescue) donation-funded rescues WILL answer any and all questions regarding their financials, photos and vet reports on all animals “rescued” using donated funds, WHERE do ALL of the rescued animals END UP, display photos of WHERE they all ended up (and all of these rescues have very stringent adoption contracts and agreements and also contracts for foster homes too), are the animals dead or alive, if dead, how did their lives end, etc.

And with MANY of these “retail rescues” charging vastly INFLATED impound fee’s, MANY of the owners of animals that were seized that are not charged with ANYTHING and/or are only charged with a misdemeanor (so they DA can ACT like they’re “doing something” when NOTHING NEEDED to be done) CANNOT afford to get their animals used as pawns by so-called “rescues” out-of-hock, so they never get their animals back again.

A case in point is with the Joshua Rockwood case after he had horses and a pony unjustly seized by a “rescue”:

These shenanigans are exactly why its called “THE RESCUE RACKET”, because for MANY publicly-donation-funded “rescues” that have NO OVERSIGHT, it IS a money-making racketTHIS NEEDS TO STOP before more lives are ruined and/or lost.

People that don’t even know the animal owner, the “rescue”, or the animals, act like uncivilized heathens on a witch hunt.

However, as more people that have been victims of these attacks file civil lawsuits and smack the attackers in their wallets for defaming them, harassing them, stalking them, and threatening them without cause, hopefully these attacks, and people behaving like ignorant, uneducated idiots, will finally stop, and the real rescues will emerge that actually HELP animal owners (if they in fact need “help”) and their animals, they will fill out the questionnaire posted at the end of this blog with ALL of their information and will return it to the sender, and also will answer simple questions that “retail rescues” WON’T.

This would be a welcome and refreshing change from the current climate and agenda of “rescues” literally stealing peoples animals with the help of government agencies, that are USUALLY CLUELESS regarding the “rescues” credentials, and the ramping-up of “social media madness mobs” running amok.

And when “the swarm” and initial attack is over, the MOB then return to their trite little lives after they’ve ruined someone else’s and helped a “rescue” collect thousands of dollars in FREE money donations they don’t have to account for, NOR do they have to account for WHERE ALL of the so-called “rescued animals” end up after they are supposed to be “rescued”.

Too bad for the “rescued” animals that most peoples attention-spans DO NOT last long enough to follow-up for several months, or a few years AFTER the so-called “rescue” regarding WHAT the “rescue” did with ALL of the animals they seized/stole from their owners to make sure ALL of the animals really were rescued and this wasn’t simply the theft of someone’s horses, they attained thousands of dollars in free money donations that were begged for and were collected, horses the rescue got for free were SOLD (calling it adoption) and the problem horses with issues were killed or disappeared because no one wants to deal with taking care of useless horses, or other species of animals for that matter, for months or YEARS that can’t or won’t “DO” anything for people.

Below is the questionnaire for donation-funded rescues that participate in seizures, and that also organize “crisis rescues”, that are real money-makers in terms of bringing in thousands of dollars in free donation-money, they don’t have to account for, from the animal loving public that happen to be gullible and naïve regarding asking questions of rescues.

Please, if you really care about all animals and where they end up, you owe it to the animals supposedly being “rescued” to make sure they really are being rescued and are not simply and callously being used as PAWNS in the very NASTY “retail rescue” arena that is very competitive.

Accountability and Full Disclosure Questionnaire-A Necessity

Rescue Questionnaire1 Rescue Questionnaire2 Rescue Questionnaire3 Rescue Questionnaire4 Rescue Questionnaire5 Rescue Questionnaire6 Rescue Questionnaire7

2 thoughts on “THEFT of Animals Under Color-of-Law – THIS NEEDS to STOP!

  1. Reblogged this on Top Cats Roar… and commented:
    Typical of illegal, unconstitutional animal seizures in Texas…scams inthe color of rescue. A popular Texas past-time is civil forefiture, you loose your property and the gloat about irt for years to come-No matter that the asshole KNOWS he stole property…\From DA to court appointed attorney-Still paid by the county making animal owners easy marks even when they SKIP the TXH&S CODE 821 STATUTE as was recently done in Moron County and get this…Previous\da who KNOWS the statue-even gloats of his personal involvement in previous theft of animals, doesa littlewrite in on a probation agreement to forfeit the animals-Nope, doesn’t work that way….Just liketheft with no criminal conviction -HOLY SHIT!!! Texas-Corruption at it’s finest-
    Check out this post of yet another illegal unconstitutional animalseizure in Texas…Remember, They are counting on you to do nothing about it…


  2. I had it happen to me but I made arrangements with the original owner and paid 1600.00 to get them safe and have been paying board for them. I have anxiety and depression and then on the third I get a fb message that she had two sheriffs show up at her place and that I needed to find a place for my horses. She had her vet load them up with others after pressuring me to consent to do it. I contacted her for address of where they went and she didn’t or wouldn’t give me the address stating she is sure they will be ok. I can provide F.b messages. I sent them to her last September with a promise I would try and find a place within in a year. Many request of pictures were ignored with excuses then she sends three pictures of three of my five horses and they looked very skinny. Her name is Brandi Fulgo and she lives in Piscayne Mississippi and a second address of Carrier Mississippi. I lost not only my horses but tons of money. She knew I was recently in the hospital due to health issues but it didn’t matter. If she love horses so much why did she treat my horses the Way she said she did.


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