Ban Horse Slaughter9

Long post to follow on a critical issue topic:

The articles at the links below are related to the ability to have inspections paid for by tax payers regarding horses being sent to commercial horse slaughter in the United States:

Excerpt from the article at the link:

“The U.S. House of Representatives Appropriations Committee has rejected an amendment to its agriculture funding bill that would have prevented the USDA from paying personnel to conduct inspections at horse processing plants in the United States.In 2007 a combination of legislation and court rulings shuttered the last existing U.S. horse processing plants, which were located in Illinois and Texas. Congress continued to prevent U.S.-based horse processing by passing amendments that stripped the USDA of funding for inspections at facilities that process horsemeat for human consumption.”

and this link is a call for people to contact their representatives to STOP the funding by TAX PAYERS to commercially slaughter horses in the United States again:

Excerpt from the above link

“We need to pressure our representatives in the House to get on board and defund USDA inspections of horse slaughter facilities. Stop horse slaughter from happening the United States! Use this link: to find and contact your House of Representatives members. Let them know how you will vote if they allow horse slaughter facilities in the United States to open! ~ HfH”


Here’s An Idea to Consider From An Anti-Commercial Horse Slaughter Perspective:

Make the primary “suppliers” of horses into the slaughter pipeline HAVE to PAY to dump horses they don’t want (and remember, these suppliers of horses into the commercial horse slaughter pipeline aren’t “making” money. However, they ARE SAVING thousands of dollars annually by not having to humanely euthanize their unwanted horses and dispose of their bodies), by the hundreds annually sometimes for a single “supplier”, and watch HOW FAST the supply of numbers of horses DROPS.

Require the “suppliers” to have full accountability regarding any drugs contained in the horse, vaccinations, dewormers (which by-the-way, the packaging on dewormers and vaccinations reads “do not use in horses intended for human consumption”), supplements, feed through fly control, etc

Then make the people who are the “opportunists” (sales/auctions, horse traders and kill buyers – as portrayed in the photo above soliciting for horses to sell for slaughter – feedlots, transporters, slaughterhouses), have to have their own set of rules, laws, and regulations that do not affect ANTI-horse slaughter horse owners and only relate to those that deal in horse slaughter.

Then not only would the “opportunists” have to pay more fees for things related to horses being commercially slaughtered (a food-chain timeline and history on the horse included in the sale of the horse from the supplier, drug testing, humane euthanasia if the horse was found to be full of drugs which taints the meat, etc), they also won’t have a SUPPLY of horses they can make money and a living off of, and like “opportunists” everywhere, they will HAVE to look for opportunities elsewhere.


Anyone that KNOWS how the commercial horse slaughter industry works KNOWS that it IS NOT the horse hobbyist owners and small breeders that are disposing of their horses for FREE into the multi-billion dollar annually horse slaughter industry pipeline in any kind of significant, massive numbers that would ever come close annually to the estimated 150,000+/- horses a year shipping out of the United States alone for slaughter. Those numbers DO NOT include the numbers for other countries where the same types of suppliers that are outlined below exist.

The real “suppliers” ARE the mass production breeders, the wealthy owners of multiple horses, the trainers that start horses too young, use them too hard (the primary culprits are trainers for racing, reining, cutting, reined cow horse, and also in hunter/jumpers as well), the ranching industry, some Native American Tribes, and even the United States government.

The trainer “suppliers” dispose of their unwanted horses for free when they break-down, and are often held together through their competition years with all kinds of drugs so they can “finish” competing, win the money, get the points, make their offspring if they go to be breeders worth more money, etc.

And Heaven help the geldings after their usefulness is over because they will ship with most/many of them because if they’re messed up physically and/or mentally, and have no breeding value, what good are they is many peoples thinking.

For horses with good or great breeding that are stallions and mares, they may be used for a number of years for breeding, but tragically, the outcome is OFTEN the same when their usefulness in that area runs out and they too eventually ship to slaughter frequently when mares are barren, stallions are impotent, the offspring are “nothing special” for whatever reasons, or breeding is being phased out for new or different breeding and no one else wants an older breeding stock horse.

Hear no evil1

To be sure, some owners of multiple horses that they pay to be managed are not totally aware of exactly WHERE their horse goes after the horse is injured, or retired from competing, or breeding, or can’t be sold for any significant money – yes, some owners really are this clueless, or they really just DON’T want to know.

This is because they are not “hands-on” owners, they may not see their horses very often, especially with racehorses where many of the owners only see their horses when they race, unless they’re competing, and some don’t even know the names of the breeding stock horses they have because they own so many, and the horse is identified by a number on a tag or band around their neck for the broodmares on some of the huge breeding farms.

Broodmare neck tags2 Broodmare neck tags1

The owners are clueless regarding their horses going to slaughter because the trainers and/or the farm manager will tell them things like “I found your horse a really great home” and like people everywhere nowadays that DON’T really want to know what the REALITY of WHAT is going on, these owners don’t ask questions and take what the trainer or ranch manager as telling them the gospel truth, when its a dreadful lie and their horse isn’t in a “good home” at all.

Seriously, who really wants a partially, or completely untrained 20 year old brood mare with bad knees, or a sway back, or chronic founder, or any number of other things?

But far be it for the people that OWN or manage the horse to 1st TRY to find the horse an honest-to-God sanctuary and/or a good home to go to in order to live the rest of their lives in peace even if they can’t be used for anything.
Failing finding a home, these people OWE it to that horse to have them HUMANELY euthanized. But since disposal is entirely FREE through commercial horse slaughter, many/most of the people with this type of mindset (insensitivity to the suffering of the horse) won’t and don’t even try to save the horse suffering and off the horse goes on the horrendous, terrifying trip through the commercial slaughter pipeline.

And Now I Have A Heart

As long as an entirely FREE disposal system of commercial horse slaughter exists, human nature of greed, insensitivity, cruelty, etc will ALWAYS get the best of some people when they don’t have a conscience, a heart, or a soul that causes them to “feel” anything or think twice before shipping a horse to inhumane and CRUEL horse slaughter.

Of course, some owners do in fact KNOW precisely where their horse went because all they were after was the FREE disposal of their damaged horse and these people are despicable.

Ranch breeding2

“Suppliers” Continued:

Other “suppliers” include the huge ranches scattered in the Western States and Midwest with their breeding remuda’s, that often roam on huge acreage ranches, and sometimes public land as well where grazing fee’s are cheap, that breed large numbers of horses for various uses which include working ranch horses, horses for sale to outside buyers, used for reining, cutting, etc.
They take really beautiful horses directly to the feedlot, where they are sold “by the pound” to the kill buyer, or sometimes there will be a “ranch dispersal sale” at the sale/auction yard where many of the horses are purchased by kill buyers.

Another group that tends to use the commercial horse slaughter industry are *some* of the Native American tribes.
Their reservation horses typically breed unchecked for years, sometimes also co-mingle with federally protected wild horses on public/federal land in the western states, and when it’s time to “cull”, sell, and train some horses, the tribes do a round-up, they “sort” the horses, and MANY of them do end up being shipped to slaughter without them even trying to secure good homes and/or find sanctuary for their cast-off’s.

Reservation Horses6 Reservation Horses7

The Native American Tribes that do this could actually do a lot of good things, they could make money, they could clean-up their image by not selling horses into the commercial horse slaughter pipeline, and they could demonstrate the love and respect they have for horses (remember, we’re talking about disposal of horses through COMMERCIAL horse slaughter, NOT a swift bullet-to-the-brain, a quick death, and then the meat being eaten amongst Tribe members – that type of death is considered humane by many) by organizing public programs of people that would PAY to adopt horses, they would PAY to learn the Tribes history, they would PAY to learn horse training methods from offering clinics with various clinicians, people will PAY to learn a lot of things.

It would take marketing and organization, but these could be beneficial, wonderful programs where everyone, including the horses, are winners.

Elephant in the Room1

Not Pleasant; The “Elephant in the Room” That No One Talks About But Something HAS To Be Said to Expose Those That Do This Low-Down Stuff:

Although not typically sending horses to slaughter in mass numbers, this group in the horse world are considered both “suppliers” and “opportunists”.

This behavior is unethical, and often involves illegal activates, so in order to acknowledge “the elephant in the room” and attempt to protect horses from those that are supposed to be rescuing them, it must be discussed.
It is a betrayal against horses and is a trust-breaker for people that are followers and donors to these type of rescues that use the commercial horse slaughter industry to save and/or make money as “suppliers” and “opportunists”.

Many people will be shocked to know that *some* of the donation-funded horse “rescues”, that use donated funds to “rescue” horses from various places, also utilize the commercial horse slaughter pipeline to dispose of un-useable horses.

Sometimes horses are shuttled into the slaughter pipeline by 1-4 horses and their followers are told the horses “were adopted”, “they’re being fostered”, “they’re at a sanctuary”, and other false utterings.

However, *some* horse “rescues” that “rescue”/buy larger numbers of horses in one fell swoop at auctions that sell ranch horse dispersals (the ranches breeding stock that live on the large acreage ranches often are not trained, and are literally “wild” in many instances), “reservation horses (many of these horses are also “wild”/untrained), when the “rescue” does large seizures of horses aka “rescue raids” and “seizure scams”, etc, either DO NOT take horses back to their “rescue” facility at all if it is evident they have “issues”, or after arrival at the “rescue” facility and after “sorting”, it is apparent the horse isn’t “good for anything”, these horses are quietly and secretly “back-doored”, often through a “middleman” so the “paper trail” is more convoluted, into the slaughter pipeline.
Because of this type of thing happening, it is important that donation-funded horse rescues publicly post photos, vet reports, and other documentation for ALL of the horses the horse rescue “says” they are rescuing.
On-going photos and documentation should also be posted at regular intervals and that would keep suspicion of wrong-doing from ever entering the picture. And when questions are asked by the public, they should be promptly and easily answered when a horse rescue is honest, accountable, transparent, and above reproach.

“Some” ‘rescues’ (factual, documented proof of this occurring), have relationships with kill buyers that they tend to keep on the “down low” and only infrequently do they speak publicly about their  intertwined business dealings and relationships with them.

However, people that KNOW the horse industry forward-and-backwards KNOW exactly what is going on with the “rescues” that down-play their relationships with horse traders and kill buyers that operate throughout the United States, which includes the few states such as California and New Jersey where ANY commercial horse slaughter dealings are illegal.

Some horse rescues work through “middlemen” and “back-door” horses into the commercial horse slaughter pipeline that they have already collected as much as they can in “sympathy/pity” donations on, but the horse has “issues” which make them difficult, if not impossible, to find homes for and far be it for the “rescues” to take and maintain responsibility for these horses they are supposed to have rescued, and that don’t want to be killed just because they have physical and/or behavioral issues and are un-useable for anything.

Because most horse rescues are not “in the business” of caring for and maintaining horses with physical and/or behavioral issues for months or years:

1. and the cost of humane euthanasia and body disposal is expensive, when they are dealing in larger numbers,

2. producing vet reports and euthanasia reports and billings that explains precisely WHY the horse had to be killed

3. is something MOST horse rescues are NOT willing to share publicly because what they “say” is wrong with a horse often will not correlate with what their vet is saying is wrong (if anything)

4. and collecting donations on horses and not telling the supportive, donating public where the horse/s they were told the rescue was rescuing ARE

5. is illegal

6. it is misrepresentation

7.and it is fraud

Some horse “rescues”, after “sorting” the horses they “rescued” using donation-dollars, work with horse traders and kill buyers regarding quietly disposing of their “reject horses” where no ones the wiser except for the participating parties.

When this happens, its already bad enough that it happens in states where it is perfectly legal for kill buyers and feedlots to be operating openly at sales and other places where it is not hidden because it is still LEGAL.

But even in those states where the commercial horse slaughter trade is still legal, rescues disposing of horses into the commercial horse slaughter pipeline is OBVIOUSLY NOT rescue.

It is also obvious that if their donors KNEW they were:

1. killing as many horses as they do without showing vet and euthanasia reports and bills on ALL of the horses to have a licensed professionals (their vets) opinion on why the horse HAD to be killed they’re rescuing and USING other peoples money to do it (which makes donors “enablers” whether they know it, or not)

2. but even more disgusting is when they “back-door” horses they’re supposed to have “rescued” into the commercial slaughter pipeline because these “rescues” would NOT be receiving the support and/or the $$$$$ from even the most naïve and trusting people that rescue from afar IF donors KNEW what they were doing with reject “horses with issues”.

However, when this same stuff noted above happens in states where the commercial horse slaughter trade is ILLEGAL (in California for instance, the commercial horse slaughter trade has been illegal since November 3, 1998, New Jersey’s is more recent in the 2000’s and a few other states have horse slaughter bans of varying degrees of being illegal), but the naïve, gullible public is constantly being asked to help horse rescues “SAVE”/”RESCUE” horses from the sale/auction, from the kill buyer, from whomever is saying they are going to ship them to slaughter, that is just plain WRONG, it IS NOT RESCUE, and it is doubly heinous when they are in a state where the commercial horse slaughter industry is ILLEGAL for ANYONE to be participating in it – it is bluntly put. “opportunistic”.

Horse “rescues” as described above are being looked at by government agencies (the states Attorney General’s office, local law enforcement, the states Department of Agriculture for starters) whose job and responsibility it is to of ‘police’ those laws that are in place to PROTECT horses and prosecute criminals breaking the law (kill buyers, sale and auction yards that allow KNOWN kill buyers to operate from the sale yard. transporters) that the VOTERS voted on that are designed to PREVENT horses from being shipped into the commercial horse slaughter pipeline.

It is still considered breaking the law in a few states where horse slaughter dealings are illegal if a private party buys a horse at a sale, takes it home, finds out the horse has “issues”, they see no point in going forward with feeding and caring for a useless horse, so they deal direct with a horse trader/kill buyer and they sell the horse to the kill buyer/feedlot instead of running it back through a sale where the horse “might” have a chance of being bought by a legitimate horse rescue.
If they get caught doing this, they (the private party seller) *might* be prosecuted because when horse slaughter dealings are banned and against the law, the law is only as good as the enforcement, or lack thereof, and only IF law enforcement isn’t simply turning a blind eye to it as frequently happens.

Sell Your Soul2

However, it is NOT ONLY ILLEGAL in multiple ways, for horse rescues to do this same thing when they end up with horses with issues, it is also UNETHICAL, and how ANY rescue or rescuer could EVER do this ULTIMATE BETRAYAL to a horse is unfathomable other than to say they are scam-artists, they are “opportunists”, and NONE of the people associated with the “rescues” that do these dreadful things, including their Board of Directors, volunteers, trainers, and on-going donors, are in possession of a soul.

Primarily-, or wholly- DONATION-FUNDED “rescues” horse trading and/or breeding operations in those states where horse slaughter is illegal that:

1.  deal with horse traders and kill buyers directly at their feedlot/holding area

2. deal with them indirectly whereby they collect donations to “rescue” buy (considered misrepresentation because it is “buying” not “rescuing”, and in states where the horse slaughter trade is illegal, and they are also using the threat of the horse going to slaughter as an opportunity to squeeze donations out of trusting donors) horses by bidding against kill buyers {they usually KNOW}

3. at sales/auctions

4. when the REALITY is that crimes are being committed at every sale yard and auction

5. that allows kill buyers to operate there

are being dishonest, disrespectful, and disingenuous with those in the public that don’t always understand how horse rescue works and are TRUSTING the horse rescues to “do the right thing” on behalf of the horses in their state where the voters voted to make horse slaughter dealings illegal.
Kill buyers operating at all in states where horse slaughter dealings are illegal would be fairly easy to slow down to a trickle and get some of the kill buyers prosecuted.
However, as long as horse rescues use the threat of slaughter as an “opportunity” to receive thousands in donations from people that don’t KNOW its illegal, or they do know but these fake horse rescues tell them “there’s nothing we can do to stop it”, it will continue, horses will continue to go to slaughter, and the voting to ban horse slaughter was all for nothing.

The final insult on peoples intelligence and their TRUST regarding rescues pertaining to some/many (?) “rescues” is when they spout off about their “very high rehab rate” and even their “100% rehabilitation rate” which must include those horses they have killed or funneled into the commercial slaughter pipeline.

Patently ABSURD to spout off about a 100% rehabilitation rate considering HOW MANY animals some/many of these retail rescues “put down”, or that simply disappear into THIN AIR!

That is the primary reason they don’t have any horses (or other animals) at their “rescue” weeks or months after “rescuing them” that are still thin, skinny, are ill with chronic issues, are mild to moderately lame but the horse still wants to live, etc.
Because they KILL them (sometimes openly telling their followers, but usually secretly where very few people know what’s happened), or ship them, and they call that “rehabilitation, they cry and boo-hoo their phony tears, give their corrupt and vile reasoning and rational on “why” they MUST KILL animals, just as they REFUSE to post vet reports and euthanasia reports and billings for every, single horse they “rescued” using other peoples money in the form of donations and/or grants, and only the most gentle, trusting and naïve believe any of that tripe.
Even the most gullible might believe everything is not as they are being told if when they asked for vet reports and euthanasia reports for horses that “had” to be “put down”, when they weren’t forthcoming for every single horse they *might* start to figure out they are being lied to.

To clear up a few questions: if the rescue is primarily or wholly SELF-FUNDED, they can do whatever they want in terms of killing horses they’ve gotten in that have issues, putting them through a sale if they so desire, or dispose of them in other ways if they don’t want to maintain them using their own money they work to earn.
This is true because they don’t RELY on the public to send donations in order so they can operate.

If they instead decide to take care of horses no one else wants, they don’t automatically kill or disappear or give away for free horses that have “issues”, than that too is THEIR prerogative.

Not that a legitimate rescue, that’s not involved in questionable extracurricular activities that aren’t “rescue”, would dispose of horses in a cruel, or callous way even if they are self-funded, but they legally can send them off “wherever”, give them away for free with no adoption contract or agreement in order to make sure they haven’t been given to horse traders or kill buyers, etc because if and when a rescue is primarily or wholly self-funding and using THEIR OWN MONEY to “rescue” and operate, and they are NOT soliciting donations, running fundraisers constantly (as “retail rescues” tend to do because without donations they will fold because the primary players often do not have jobs to support the operation of their rescue retail animal sales business)  and using other peoples money they ask for and receive in the form of donations, material goods, grants, etc, their responsibility to answer to “the public” that is not supporting them financially becomes a “volunteering of information”, and not a legal, moral, and ethical OBLIGATION to the donating public, to organizations that award grant money, etc.

Honest and ethical donation-funded animal rescues have no problem with furnishing any and all information that is asked for by the trusting and generous donating public, and when a donation-funded rescue will not clearly and readily answer questions without a bunch of double-talk, intelligent animal lovers find another rescue to donate to and support.

Dishonest animal rescues, that are nothing more than horse traders posing as rescues, show their true colors again and again when they constantly ask the public for money, but then refuse to answer simple and reasonable questions, posed to them by that same public they want money from frequently, in a timely manner that can then be FACT-CHECKED for accuracy, truthfulness and honesty.

Stories at the links of examples of an individual posing as a rescuer getting free horses and selling them to slaughter and a forest preserve that accepts donations from the public and relies on public support in order to operate. They disposed of two older horses at a low-level kill sale where most probably they went to slaughter.

Some simple but targeted questions in either of these scenarios could have protected horses from the terror of commercial horse slaughter:

The secrecy, lack of accountability and transparency, deceitful and sly behavior on the part of horse rescues that directly, or indirectly, ship horses to slaughter will catch up with these callous, unfeeling people sooner-or-later in the form of complaints from the public being investigated by law enforcement, AG’s offices, and DA’s in the county’s, city’s, and towns they operate in. – its just a matter of time.

Wild Horses3

AND FINALLY, One More “Supplier”:
The United States government has been knuckling under to private business interests that WANT the public/federal and public/state Open Range land in the Western States to do with as they please, at American taxpayers expense and through FREE money subsidies, for DECADES, beginning from the moment the Free Roaming Wild Horse and Burro (Protection) Act was signed into law in 1971.

Instead of federally protected wild horses being PRIMARILY managed in the wild as per the LAW, they are being systematically ERADICATED, “warehoused” in long and short term holding corrals and pastures, and since it is impossible (it would seem) to keep count of horses captured, where those horses are in the system,, who has them, etc, some, perhaps many wild horses not only lost their freedom, they have lost their lives from commercial horse slaughter.

While most wild horse advocates and rescuers mean well and are very passionate about protecting wild horses, more will be written in another blog post regarding why their concerns regarding for the most part non-essential items for the captive wild horses may in fact spell doom and death by commercial horse slaughter if priorities are not re-examined and leadership in the advocacy ranks is not forthcoming to keep advocates and rescuers “on point” for the critical issue of primary management of wild horses and burros in the wild as per the Protection Act of 1971.

Ban Horse Slaughter4

HOW TO STOP the Commercial Horse Slaughter Industry in the United States and Elsewhere Too:

It is said “we can’t save every horse” and that is a true story.

It is also rationalized by many people that un-useable horses be “put down” by those vested with rescuing them.
That is another option if donation-funded-rescues are willing to post vet and euthanasia reports on every horse seen by the vet to show euthanasia is the only option and would also prove if some rescues aren’t just spouting fictional sob-stories regarding WHY they MUST KILL horses. The “rescues” that try and “pull the wool” over the publics, law enforcement, and the medias eyes are usually the ones whose number of “saves” aren’t adding up at all with the numbers going out on adoptions, that are in foster homes, the numbers they have announced they have “had” to kill, and those horses still at their facility, etc.

However, there would be a lot fewer horses to have to try and save and far fewer horses would be making the terrifying one-way trip to slaughter if it is organized so that the “suppliers”  listed above HAVE to PAY to dispose of horses instead of being able to dump for free.

Serpents Head1

THAT would effectively “cut off the multiple heads of the serpent” as described above so-to-speak, mass production breeders will be FORCED to breed for QUALITY over quantity when disposal ends up costing thousands upon thousands of dollars where before it was FREE, trainers would train for SUCCESS and LONGEVITY instead of just for success, and the “opportunists” mentioned above will also be FORCED to look for other opportunities in order to make their money and keep their heads above water if

1. there is NOT a good enough supply of horses anymore that they can continue making a living from

2. and they also have more stringent rules, regulations, and laws they must abide by.

What is NEEDED are RULES, REGULATIONS and LAWS pertaining ONLY to “suppliers” and “opportunists” aka “those that deal in horse slaughter whether directly or indirectly”, so that horse owners that are 100% against commercial horse slaughter DO NOT get dinged with having to PAY and ABIDE-BY rules, laws and regulations that will GOVERN ALL HORSE OWNERS for horses that WILL BE considered FOOD CHAIN ANIMALS like cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens, etc.

THAT has already been tried once with the National Animal Identification System (NAIS) that was rolled-out and shot-down several years ago.

But these people NEVER GIVE UP and are most likely busily working on other ways to make ALL horse owners, whether pro- or anti- horse slaughter have rules and pay toward the monstrous annual MULTI-BILLION DOLLAR commercial horse slaughter industry.

Ban Horse Slaughter8

It is up to anti-commercial horse slaughter owners (that are in the majority) to GET INVOLVED, ORGANIZE, SPEAK-UP and GET GOING on putting forth rules and regulations that WILL GOVERN ONLY those people that DO DEAL directly and/or indirectly in the commercial horse slaughter industry so that ALL horse owners aren’t stuck being forced to PAY for things that pertain to horses as food chain animals, and also being forced to abide by rules and laws and pay fee’s that don’t pertain to them in the least because they are completely and totally anti-commercial horse slaughter.
In other words, the anti-commercial horse slaughter folks that are in the MAJORITY should NOT have rules, laws and regulations that only pertain to commercial horse slaughter proponents that are in the MINORITYTHAT would be a completely upside-down and backwards way of thinking and governing!

SLOW DOWN or STOP the “SUPPLIERS” funneling a mass supply of horses into the commercial slaughter pipeline, and the “opportunists” listed above will have NO CHOICE but to look elsewhere for other opportunities to make money that don’t include sending horses to inhumane, horrific, and terrifying commercial horse slaughter.

If these rules, laws and regulations AREN’T put in place that strictly govern those people that directly or indirectly SAVE and/or MAKE MONEY in the commercial horse slaughter industry, then commercial horse slaughter in ANY and ALL countries NEEDS to be BANNED for the very simple reason that there wouldn’t be excess horses if the “suppliers” weren’t able to dump horses they don’t want for FREE.

This includes the export of live horses out-of-the-country for slaughter so that people that are 100% against commercial horse slaughter (this does not include an owner shooting their own horse and consuming the meat) are NOT affected and/or participating with their tax-dollars, or their hard-earned income, in something they believe is not only unnecessary, but is also INHUMANE and CRUEL from the very second the innocent horse enters the commercial horse slaughter pipeline.”

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