Speak the Truth2

“If you really want to help ANIMALS, tell people the truth! They may not like it and they may even hate you; yet again, tell them the truth!”

Exposing “retail rescues” in “the rescue racket” is a necessity in the current climate in donation-funded animal rescues because FAR TOO MANY “animals with issues” are being KILLED and “disappeared” by those that “say”speaking with forked-tongues – that they are “rescuing them”.

The ONLY way to separate the hard working, selfless, compassionate donation-funded animal rescues from those that are nothing more, and nothing less than con-artists and/or animal dealers, traders, and “flippers” USING animals and nice animal loving people as pawns and props for their own personal profit, is to ASK QUESTIONS and EXPECT ANSWERSYES, it really is that simple!

Speak the Truth9

The video at the link below is “tongue-in-cheek” and a ‘spoof” but more TRUE than most people that don’t follow the seedier side of donation-funded for-profit animal rescuing know.


“Work From Home Opportunities
The wave of the future is here! Join the entrepreneurs that found the way from rags to riches in the animal rescue industry”

This video highlights just one tactic of MANY used by scammers in donation-funded and social media fueled “animal rescue”.

The bottom-line for the master-manipulators who run these “showboating” and “image is everything” (to the superficial masses that are impressed with that kind of ‘stuff’) “retail rescues” is for THEM to PROFIT at the expense of ANIMALS.

Since there is currently NO OVERSIGHT and NO government agencies and/or organizations TRACKING WHAT HAPPENS to ALL of the animals that are “rescued” AFTER they are “rescued”, many “animals with issues” are USED for profit in the collection of thousands of dollars in donations BY THE RESCUES and are then KILLED or “disappeared” after they have been USED.

Speak the Truth6

A “crisis rescue” is planned, orchestrated, and marketed to the “animal loving public” in a frenzied flurry of activity that is touted as an emergency of “we NEED your help NOW! Send us your donations because otherwise we can’t help these animals”.

AFTER that flurry of activity of a “crisis rescue” (that appeals to those with short-attention-spans) has died down and animal lovers on the Internet that “helped” with their support, their Sharing, and their $$$$$ have “gone back to their lives”, MANY of the obvious “animals with issues” that can’t be USED for anything and no one wants them, are KILLED or “disappeared”.

The animals with “adoption-value” are marketed as “adoptable-for-a-fee” for a period of time, but if there are NO TAKERS, “the rescue” may first try “waiving” the adoption-fee in order to get out from under paying for the care and maintenance of the animal, but failing that, and in order to make room for “fresh merchandise” animals, animals are secretly killed and disappeared and “the public” that supports “the rescue” is none the wiser because they typically don’t ask about ALL the animals AFTER they are supposedly “rescued”.

The short-attention-spanned general public that love animals aren’t AWARE of this nasty stuff happening because they “don’t have the time” or the inclination to follow up on WHAT HAPPENS to ALL of the “RESCUED” ANIMALS AFTER THEY ARE RESCUED.

Speak the Truth12

Many/most of these animal lovers don’t want to have their “happy-happy-happy-animal-rescue” bubbles burst by KNOWING that donation-funded retail rescue is just plain nasty and is a money-making profit center for swindlers, and it is OFTEN detrimental to the “animals with issues”, or those deemed by the retail rescue as “UN-USEABLE”, that are supposed to be “rescued”, but end up dead or “disappeared” instead.

This is because most people DON’T WANT TO KNOW this is happening and they are participating in it whether they know it or not.

The video at the link above portrays ONLY ONE of the MANY other unethical, nasty frauds perpetrated upon the animal loving public USING animals, these ploys are often ILLEGAL, and at the very least, they are manipulations that USE ANIMALS for scummy peoples PERSONAL GAIN, and they HAPPEN ALL THE TIME in “retail rescuing”.

“Retail rescues” RELY on the USE of the INTERNET, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, they RELY on the “real time” aspects of ramping-up an “emergency” and a sense of immediacy USING SOCIAL MEDIA such as Facebook, message boards, Twitter, Insta-Gram, Tumblr, etc where thousands of people can “help rescue from afar” and then go on with their lives WITHOUT EVER ASKING QUESTIONS REGARDING WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL OF THE RESCUED ANIMALS and WHERE ARE ALL OF THEM? 

MOST animal lovers and “rescuers from afar” don’t want to know these cruddy things because it ruins their illusions of all “animal rescuers” being wonderful, self-sacrificing animal lovers, and it also ruins their sense of helping.

The FACT however is that MANY of the people involved in “retail rescue” – you know the ones, they went from “rags-to-riches” in a few short years, they haven’t been caught scamming (yet) and they will continue to ride the donation-funded retail rescue gravy train until it won’t go anymore – are perfectly willing to do whatever necessary to get what they want (money, material goods, praise, accolades that feed their over-blown egos), inclusive of KILLING and “disappearing” animals that they don’t have further USE for.

Speak the Truth14

This disgusting stuff happens across-the-board in all different types of DONATION-FUNDED-animal rescue (making any and all donation-funded animal rescues look bad when that isn’t the case), and they are common, “text book” scams that low-down con-artists with no conscience, no compassion, no sense of right and wrong, no sense of the difference between truth or lies USE for their OWN profit-and-GAIN – ANYONE and ANYTHING is FAIR GAME for these PREDATORS that have literally infiltrated animal rescue.

There are multitudes of swindlers and scammers that are hardened con-artists that get naïve volunteers and followers to do all the WORK FOR THEM, and entirely for free because they KNOW that all they have to do is shower people with (insincere) praise, and since most people delight in being praised, even when behind their backs the scammers call them “idiots” and “chumps”, people will keep “helping” in the hopes of being praised some more and being included on “the team” (yuck, it hurts to even write those words when animals are being killed because of “the team”).

Speak the Truth10

Some people figure out there is “something not quite right” with “the rescue” or “the team” when money is ALWAYS being asked for, there is ALWAYS a new crisis, someone is always being attacked and “the rescue” ALWAYS “needs” peoples (the MOBS they ramp-up) “help” in attacking them, they ask questions and get no answers, not all of the animals are accounted for their whereabouts, etc, so they “leave” and won’t support or “help” that “rescue” anymore.
THEN, if they do make any “noise” about the suspected, and also factual, dirty dealings at “the rescue”, they OFTEN become targets for attack by the “True Believers” with their heads-in-the-sand that are loyal to “the rescue”, so they shut-up and walk away

Revolving Door2 Revolving Door3

The TRAGEDY is that people leaving the retail rescue “team” doesn’t really matter all that much when “retail rescues” USE social media to run their scams.

New people that aren’t yet wise to their deceitful patterns of behavior come through the ever-turning revolving-door-of-followers, the players at the “rescue” cajole so earnestly to “give to help save” animals, they run their “crisis rescues” and “social club rescue” on social media, the manipulations continue, and animals continue to be KILLED and “disappeared” in the ever-churning “rescue racket” machine.


The people with sociopathic-leanings in retail rescue that PROFIT and GAIN intuitively KNOW that all it takes to get people to DO things for them, defend them, “look the other way” when they see or hear things that aren’t nice happening (such as animals disappearing from the rescue facility and stupid stories being told of “WHERE they went”), and some things that happen that are downright UGLY– (killing USELESS animals “the rescue” doesn’t want to feed and take care of) – is PRAISE and / or BRIBE people; that’s IT, that’s all they have to do!

Lavish PRAISE on people and/or BRIBE them with something they want, and then human nature takes over and they are IN THE SCAMMERS POCKET!

Tell people “I/we couldn’t do this without you”, and bunches of other sleazy lies, and people puff-up with pride, or they see “gifts” headed their way, and combine it with “helping animals” and the tasty witches brew is ready for consumption by the weak-willed that turn a blind eye to the useless animals that want to live, but instead are being killed and “disappeared”.

Kind and true animal lovers NEED to band together and rally in order to STOP this EVIL CHARADE BEFORE more animals that were supposed to be rescued are killed or “disappeared” instead in the ULTIMATE BETRAYAL which IS NOT a “last act of kindness” at all!


Loyalty to the Soul1

WHERE are the people with loyalty to the innocent and voiceless animals?

Where are the people with loyalty to what’s “right” and what’s “wrong”?

WHERE are those people with loyalty to their OWN SOUL who will SPEAK-UP and ASK QUESTIONS in order to get to the TRUTH?



Speak the Truth

REAL animal lovers and rescuers don’t just walk away from “helping” “the rescue” when they suspect something “not right” is happening.

They instead ASK QUESTIONS that should be VERY SIMPLE and EASY to answer, and if they don’t have their questions ANSWERED in any kind of concise, truthful, and satisfactory way that can be fact-checked and verified as the truth, or if their QUESTIONS are entirely ignored, they walk-away AND:

1.  they make sure the lack of answers are EXPOSED to the public

2. they make sure the lack of answers are also EXPOSED to the appropriate government agencies that govern registered,

3. and also those that are not registered ANYWHERE,

4. donation-funded animal rescues, humane societies, aspca’s and spca’s

so that the government agencies will be forced to DO their JOBS and get answers and also INVESTIGATE animal rescues that *may* be nothing more than hustlers hustling for their own profit and gain and/or are nothing more than RETAIL animal dealers, traders, brokers, and flippers USING the animal loving public AND innocent animals for their own personal GAIN and PROFIT.

Below is the link to a Informational Questionnaire that should be sent to each and every donation-funded animal rescue/welfare organization.

It contains a basic information page of questions that the rescue should have at their fingertips.

The questionnaire is basic “yes” or “no” questions/answers (how much easier can it be to answer questions?) the animal rescue/welfare organization should be more than happy to fill out completely and return to the sender IF they are a completely accountable and “transparent” donation-funded animal rescue/welfare organization.

Speak the Truth3

Please animal lovers in the public, take the time to CARE about ALL of the animals that are allegedly being “rescued”.

Its easy and simple to send your favorite donation-funded rescue/s the questionnaire and if they are truly a rescue that isn’t PROFITING and using donations for their own personal use that isn’t animal rescue, and IF they truly are accountable and “transparent”, they WILL fill it out and return it to you.

**NOTE: it has thus far been sent out with documentation of correspondence of it being sent to 21 different donation-funded animals rescues, spca’s, and humane societies.

The score regarding response so far? ZERO organizations have filled it out and sent it back.

A website will be going online soon that will list the results of the questionnaire being sent out, so stay tuned for those results.**

You can have peace of mind knowing you are supporting an animal rescue organization that VALUES the lives of ALL animals, and not just those animals that they can profit and gain from, if they are honest and transparent enough to answer the simple “yes” and “no” questions posed on the questionnaire.

The link below has a list of the web addresses for all 50 States Attorney General’s offices. The Attorney Generals office is the law enforcement and governing body for charitable organizations registered in their State.

Complaint forms can be found on each and every AG’s website in order for the public to file complaints when donation-funded animal rescues refuse to answer questions from the public regarding their non-profit status, and also the welfare of the animals AFTER they’re “rescued”, that the donation-funded rescue “says” they are “rescuing” using donated funds:



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